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160 Top Hundred Challenges (please Subscribe Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

words exceede 5100Lin Qing frowned, watched the names emerge on the crystal tablet, exhaled gently, and said, "I should have been ranked 98th last month. See if anyone in front of me has retired after age, or someone vacated the list, maybe How many more places can be promoted."

     She knows how much she ranked last month, but she doesn't know how many people will drop out.

     With that, Lin Qing coldly snorted, "If Zheng Yunhui dares to challenge me, I will let him know that no matter how strong the newcomer is, it will only be a newcomer!"

     The outside world is spreading that Zheng Yunhui may have to challenge her.

     Although she is not First From the Bottom now, 99 and 100 are two veteran students who are about to 30 years old. With great difficulty, they reached the top 100 last month. Everyone guessed that Zheng Yunhui would not choose them.

     That being the case, Lin Qing is naturally the best target.

     Wu Lan doesn't matter, just challenge it. She still wants to challenge, but she is not strong enough.

     Looking around, Wu Lan didn't see Su Yu and said strangely: "Su Yu hasn't come, isn't he ready to challenge?"

     "Su Yu?"

     Lin Qing knew Su Yu and raised his eyebrows and said, "He wants to challenge?"

     "I don't know, he's a top six... I don't know if it's right, ask him, he said no.

     Wu Lan is depressed, how important is it!

     All confused!

     "Six-thin level..." Lin Qing said solemnly, "I'm progressing fast, but I'm not proficient in martial arts, and his willpower is not strong. He wants to challenge the top 100 list, but it's not enough!"

     I feel a little uneasy!

     She is also considered a genius, and has studied under Wu Qi for five years.As a result, after five years, she entered the top 100 list with great difficulty, and now many people are staring at her, making her especially uncomfortable and awkward.

     I can't wait to make it into the top 50 right away, and let these bastards take a look. I can't even challenge them.

     While talking, someone shouted: "Come out!"

     "Zhan Hai is still number one!"

     "Jiang Mu actually made it to third place, Wanshi is seventh!"


     Everyone looked at the crystal monument, the font on it was very large, and Lin Qing also saw his name.

     Ranked 95th!

     There are only 97 people on the list, and 3 people don’t know if they are over or vacated. There is no explanation.

     When I saw that only 97 people were on the list, many people were excited!

     "Retired 3 people!"

     "The opportunity is here!"

     When I saw 3 people were missing, many people were excited.

     By convention, when the top 100 list is less than 100 people, there is no need to challenge the top 100 students at this moment. The students who have not made the top 100 list pay 10 points of merit. The two play against each other. The winner will get back the merits and directly advance to the top 100!

     The loser, this feat does not go to the winner, but confiscated.

     Of course, if you challenge the top 100 students, the merits of the loser should be awarded to the top 100 students.

     As soon as I saw that the list was not full, the next moment, someone ran to a small window on the top 100 building, signed up, prepared to challenge, and entered the list.

     As a result, before many people ran over, they heard a cry from the ring.

     ...Zheng Yunhui carelessly jumped to the ring and said loudly: "What's the hurry! I'm on the list first, kill one, and then both of you, the list is full! You guys who don't even dare to challenge the top 100 mathematicians , Dreaming of being on the list?"

     This guy is crazy!

     Many people are offended all at once!

      Unspoken implication Obviously, other people dare not even challenge the top 100 students, and they still want to play the yu 竽 mouth organ to make up numbers. It is all waste to enter the list, and he will not give you a chance!

     Zheng Yunhui didn't care about their thoughts. He looked at some people around the ring and smiled: "Wan Mingze, Hu Qiusheng... and Su Yu are here? Let's have fun, somehow fill up the college's top 100 list. ! Is it really going to let a group of rubbish on the list, shame us?"

     Below, Wan Mingze smiled and said nothing.

     Let him fan the flames there.

     Zheng Yunhui didn't care about this, and said loudly: "The 350th class is the strongest one! The previous one, haha, except for the old ones, probably no other advantages!"

     As soon as this remark came out, several of the top 100 students in the crowd complexion was ugly up.

     This bastard is crazy!

     You are not on the list yet!

     Zheng Yunhui didn’t care what they thought, he looked around again, laughed and said, “What’s the use of not accepting? I’m telling the truth! I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you anymore, I’ll just come up if you are in row 91! Fight, if you want to fight, you have to hit the limit!"

     These newcomers can challenge up to 91 people.

     Zheng Yunhui directly ignored the next few people, if you want to fight, then fight 91!

     "Too crazy!""The newcomer is so mad, I am not afraid of being beaten to death, and can't get out of bed for several months!"

     "Normal, he belongs to the Zheng family! He came from the War Academy, his muscles are more developed than his brain!"


     A group of people discuss spiritedly, and at this moment, Su Yu just arrived.

     He went back to wash, changed his clothes, and ate something before he rushed over.

     Hearing the discussion, and then looking at Zheng Yunhui on the stage, Su Yu laughed.

     It's crazy!

     very good!

     This guy Zheng Yunhui, sometimes it is difficult for you to understand him. If you really think he only has muscles, then think too much.

     He is crazy, and it depends on whom he is targeting.

     Just thinking about it, Zheng Yunhui also saw Su Yu, who was fluttering in white clothes on the periphery.

     Zheng Yunhui's heart is inwardly cursed!

     School uniforms are black, white, gray, and cyan.

     He is big, strong, and ugly in white, so he always wears black school uniforms.

     This guy Su Yu, like Bai Feng, wears white, looks as brilliant as a sun, bellyful of evil tricks!

     Coupled with that guy's smile, how insidious it looks!

     "Su Yu, when I enter the top 100, would you like to try it?"

     Su Yu saw that he suddenly called to himself, couldn't help showing a smile, waved his hand and said, "Don't toss me, brother Wan and they are all here, Yun Hui, I didn't offend you, don't keep slaps on me! "


     Zheng Yunhui despised it. Over there, Wan Mingze and several people saw Su Yu, and they all smiled, nodded slightly.

     They talked fiercely, and the veterans were so angry.This group of freshmen is crazy this year!

     Obviously it is their home court, but the freshmen talk and laugh cheerfully. They don’t pay attention to everyone, which is really annoying!

     At this moment, a young man in the crowd said, "Since Junior Brother Zheng wants to challenge, then I will become a complete junior!"

     "Wang Peng!"

     "He's here, I thought he didn't come, it's good, Wang Peng, fuck this guy!"

     Someone yelled!

     Wang Peng, ranked 91, is a top eight, the peak of nourishment.

     The so-called peak of nourishment means that the willpower accumulation reaches more than 90%, and these people are regarded as the peak of nourishment.

     The top 100 list is the weakest and has ten thousand stone combat power. The physical body may not be too strong, but it generally has some killers.

     Zheng Yunhui glanced at the other person and said with a chuckle: "Wang Peng, right? Come on stage! As for the merits, I will say if you win! But I guess, you have no chance to take it, and I don't bother to go and hand it in!"

     It's crazy!

     Obviously, this guy didn't think he would lose at all.


      at the same time.


     Several people gathered together in long robes and cloaks, looking a little mysterious.

     Under the cloak, if someone saw it, I am afraid many people would exclaim.

     Some people have horns on their foreheads, while others are simply bullheads.

     Some have some fluff on their faces, some have sharp ears.

     Ten thousand students!

     At this moment, seeing Wang Peng coming to power, some of these 10,000-nation students chuckled lightly: "Daxia Civilization Academy... the top 100 list... I feel quite weak!"

     Very weak!An eight-fold physical body, at the stage of nurturing, the combat power is generally comparable to ten thousand stones, but... it's really weak.

     Even if it is just a list below the sky, at this moment, Zheng Yunhui and Wang Peng in their eyes are not strong.

     "Weak? Not weak anymore!"

     But some people just said: "There are many universities like Human Realm, and there are dozens of them in Daxia Mansion alone! It's just a list under the age of 30, not the entire Human Realm. Don't be confused! What really looks at is the top ten, but the weaknesses behind are normal."

     "I heard that the top ten have the strength to fight Tengkong, I don't know the true or false."

     "The entire human condition, under 30, can gather a hundred people and can fight into the air. Is this still weak?"

     As soon as this statement came out, several students did not speak.

     Those who can fight and vacate are evildoers, and they are everywhere.

     The human environment can easily gather a hundred people, which is not weak!

     How could the top ten races be weak.

     Daxia Civilization Academy is nothing more than an institution.

     "Then we challenge?"

     "Wait a second to see if there are any top-ranked players!"

     Several Wanzu practitioners communicated in a low voice, and nearby, two old men yawned and looked bored.

     Ten thousand students are too vigilant!

     Go straight up, see if they are weak, hit them directly, and bring out a few of the top ten, that's fun.

     How boring now!

     Still have to see, wait!


     During the conversation.

     On the arena, a Rising Clouds Realm referee appeared, looking at the two who had already been on stage, and said seriously: "Zheng Yunhui, are you sure you want to challenge Wang Peng, ranked 91st?"There are referees in the battle for the top 100 rankings.

     Zheng Yunhui said carelessly: "Of course it is!"

     "You can admit defeat, you can jump off the ring! If you don't admit defeat, you can't get off the ring. Unless there is a mortal danger, the referee won't take action! If you are seriously injured, don't blame you for not being reminded!"

     Zheng Yunhui laughed and said, "Why surrender if you have played, but... of course you have to admit defeat!"


     There was a boo in the audience.

     Uncle, I'm not afraid of embarrassment when I speak so frankly.


     The competition for the top 100 is about to begin.

     But at this time, there was one more person beside Su Yu, Xia Huyou, as soon as this guy came, he jumped and said, "Su Yu, who do you think will win?"

     "Zheng Yunhui."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "They are all superb, but Zheng Yunhui is a descendant of Shanhai after all, I think he has a greater grasp!"

      "Is that right?"

     Xia Huyou said with a chuckle: "It's good if he wins. If he wins, I can win a few hundred points of merit..."

     Su Yu looked at him, this guy at what time is going to open again?

     "Don't look at me, I didn't open this time, they were too anxious to fight, I will go to someone else to bet him!"

     Su Yu nodded, a little moved, should I also go for it?

     Forget it, he was afraid of being swept away by the university.

     That's a big loss!

     There was not much merit in the first place.

     "Su Yu, are you ready to challenge today?"

     Su Yu ignored him, looked around, and asked, "Is Yang Sha here?"

     "Yang Sha?""Liu Sensei's student, didn't he hear that he had challenged the top 100 list before? The list is not full today, he won't come to try?"

     Xia Hu is very speechless, you are really good, you still remember him.

     "Here, the one over there!"

     He pointed to the person next to the ring and whispered: "Are you going to fuck him?"

     Su Yu smiled and said, “I’m the kind of person I’m talking about? Go ask him, or stimulate him to see if you’re willing to fight me. It’s best to challenge me actively. Kind of, it would be better to give me a few hundred points of merit, I am nine you one, how is it?"

     Xia Huyou looked at him and said, "Hundreds of points, do you really think everyone is rich? But having said that, this guy is really rich!"

     While speaking, whispered: "Then I'll give it a try, you really want to compete with him? Is it immoral to keep catching Liu Hong's pit?"


     Su Yu looked at him, immoral?

     Do you still have morals?

     Xia Huyou was speechless, what eyes!

     "Yes, I'll give it a try, look, nine-one is nine-one!"

     He ran over there, Su Yu didn't care about him anymore. As for whether Yang Sha accepts it, he will not take the initiative to challenge himself, that doesn't matter.

     The top 100 list... is a good thing.

     Some secret realms can only be entered by the top 100 students, this Su Yu also knows.

     He has now cultivated the Heaven Rank Martial Skill, and he is not prepared to be too low-key. He still needs to show it when it is time to show.

     And just when Su Yu thought about it.

      Battle Start!


     On stage.The carelessness Zheng Yunhui said was actually not careless at all.

     With the referee's "start", Zheng Yunhui's figure instantly enlarged!

     This is a technique of the Zheng family, and Su Yu is not clear what it is, but Zheng Yunhui, who has grown in shape, will indeed be greatly improved.


     Accompanied by a shout mixed with sound attack, Zheng Yunhui's sound killing rune broke out, and the Kill Character rune was attached to the long knife at the same time!

     Acupuncture points were ignited!

     Bloody sky!

     Murderous, bloody, mixed together.

     Zheng Yunhui came here to make an all-out effort without the slightest intention of keeping his hands. His eyes opened wide and his eyes were full of murderous aura!

     The momentum is pressing!

     Do not fight, the strong wins three points.

     On the opposite side, Wang Peng is also a strong man who has been fighting for a long time.

     The rapier shot out and went straight to Zheng Yunhui's belly button.

     That's where the Acupuncture Point of the Purple Mansion is.

     Break the hole, break the yuan!

     Zheng Yunhui didn't seem to care at all. He pressed his feet and kicked up on the ground. The huge body was like a mountain, holding knives in both hands, rushing down!

     Wang Peng frowned and moved aside while manipulating the civilian soldiers.

     The rapier stabbed at Zheng Yunhui's Purple Mansion again. Wang Peng was also a long-fighting student. After a judgement, Zheng Yunhui avoided the fall point afterwards, his figure flickered, appeared on the spot, and punched out!

     Get ahead!

     According to his experience, Zheng Yunhui evaded and would fall into this place instantly. He hit his chest with a punch, and broke a few bones!


     In the audience, Su Yu saw this with emotion.

     Why underestimate the opponent?

     Zheng Yunhui is not a guy who has never seen blood. It is a guy who really killed people. He was sensed last time and was cruel enough to himself. The key is a healing god.

     Wang Peng's choice cannot be wrong, but he underestimated Zheng Yunhui's ruthlessness.

     as expected!

     Just as Su Yu chanted, Zheng Yunhui in the eye flickers disdain!

     The rapier puffed through it, but it didn’t touch the acupuncture point. Zheng Yunhui directly clamped the rapier with his abdominal muscles, and his movements remained the same, as if he had been prodded by a toothpick, slightly frowned, a long knife. Fell suddenly!

      A trick to make an all-out effort!

     Wang Peng was also punching at the moment, but he slammed into the air. Just after he punched, complexion changed, he hurriedly wanted to evade, but it was too late!

     The vitality broke out instantly!

     The long knife had already fallen, with a bang, breaking the vitality defense, and slashing it down!

     Many people exclaimed!

     The referee just wanted to take a shot, glanced, and stopped instantly.

     Sword back!

      then forget it.

     Bang a loud sound!

     The back of the knife hit his left arm with a click, and the arm bone broke. Wang Peng was directly knocked into the air. He fell to the ground with a heavy thump again, and fell off the ring, his left arm was full of blood.

     Even if it is the back of a knife, the broken bones will be badly mangled or mutilated!

     Zheng Yunhui just landed, he drew out the rapier in his abdomen and threw it to Wang Peng's side, curled his lips, and said depressed: "91? 910! Not as good as Su Yu, I won with a single blow! Top 100 list? Haha!"Some disdain, some mockery!

     If you get a small toothpick, you think I will avoid it?

     What do you want!

     Didn't penetrate my body, even if it penetrated, trivial matter!

     Some blood flowed down my abdomen, the light on my body flickered slightly, and the wound healed instantly!

      quiet and noiseless!

     Many people dumbstruck dumbstruck watching Wang Peng dropped on the ground, is this defeated?

     Top 100 students!

     Was this lost to Zheng Yunhui?

     It's not that you can't lose, but it's too easy and too shameful!

     It's really just being slashed by someone!



     A group of old students, complexion fluctuates are uncertain.

     Some of the top 100 students were also grave expressions. Some people whispered: "Wang Peng, this fool, overestimates himself!"

     I believe my prediction too much!

     I think Zheng Yunhui will hide, who knows that people didn't care about your civilian attack, Straightforward, just like this, defeated Wang Peng in one shot!

     If Wang Peng is...

      there are no ifs!


     "Sound killing, slaughter, healing, powerful eightfold, physical strengthening martial arts..."

     An instant summary of Zheng Yunhui's strength is indeed not weak, but between Wang Peng and Wang Peng, but the first shot, Wang Peng overestimated himself and underestimated his opponent, so the defeat was too miserable.


     On stage.

     Zheng Yunhui said with a smile: "I won, now I am 91? I thought I could meet an opponent that made me feel better, but it's a pity! Forget it, that's it for today, I don't need to be challenged today, right?"The referee glanced at him, this kid, that's really crazy!

     "No, new students can not accept any challenge for three days!"

     "That's good!"

     Zheng Yunhui smiled and jumped off the ring, looked doesn't look Wang Peng, looked at Wan Mingze, then Su Yu, smiled and said, "They are so weak, don't you come to play? 91 all fell to 92 Now, the next few are weaker!"

     As soon as these words came out, the complexion was ugly incomparable!



     Lin Qing complexion was ugly, Wu Lan looked a bit as it should be by rights, and whispered: "Sister Qing, you are so weak!"


     Lin Qing almost died of anger!

     I'm not on stage, what makes us so weak?

     That idiot Wang Peng is ashamed!

     At this time, Wan Mingze and Hu Qiusheng looked at each other and smiled. Just as Wan Mingze wanted to speak, someone over there suddenly said angrily: "Su Yu, dare to come on stage?"

     At this moment, the next person jumped up and went directly to the ring!

     Looking at Su Yu in the audience, he said angrily: "I heard people say, you humiliated my teacher in the Divine Writing Competition?"

     "Yang Sha!"

     "What's his situation?"

     "Su Yu humiliated his teacher... It seems to have heard that Su Yu seemed to say that Liu Hong was assistant teacher in the divine writing contest, and hoped that his ability to teach students is as strong as other skills..."

     "What other skills? Hey, these words... meaningful!"

     "What are you thinking about, what else can you do if you say Liu Hong's shameless ability!"Many people still know about this. There are many people who participated in the Shenwen Contest, and Su Yu did say this in the contest.

     Of course, it was Liu Hong who first troubled Su Yu.

     But at this moment, Yang Sha used this as a reason to trouble Su Yu, and it was normal. Su Yu did mean to humiliate Liu Hong.

     Many people looked at Su Yu with somewhat curious eyes.

     There are a lot of dramas today!

     Zheng Yunhui, who had just stepped down, glanced at Yang Sha, looked at Su Yu again, and suddenly smiled: "Su Yu, this rubbish also challenges you? Are you too low-key, just come to rubbish and feel better than you? It's not as shameful as it is. !"

     Yang Sha's face instantly flushed!

     Short of breath!

     Zheng Yunhui, you dare to humiliate me so!

     And Su Yu, who is fluttering in white at the moment, looks very good, slightly frowned and said, "This is Xuechang Yang? It's a bit humiliating, and somewhat excessive. I know everything between Teacher Liu and I should know and understand. I also understand! As a freshman, would I offend a teaching assistant for no reason?"

     Yang Sha no longer cares about Zheng Yunhui, and looks at Su Yu coldly, "a teacher for a day a father for life, in a school, the teacher is the student’s parent! I don’t know whether the teacher and you are right or wrong, I Just know, didn’t you say you want to learn about my strength? Then I will perfect you and come to power!"

     He doesn't cover up, whether Liu Hong is right or wrong, he doesn't care, he doesn't help his relatives, it's so simple!

     There is no harmony between the single-shenwen one line and the multi-shenwen one line. It is normal for Liu Hong to find fault.

     Su Yu looked at him silently.Yang Sha sneered: "Didn’t the outside world say that you love money? Lack of money, too poor! It’s normal for people from Nanyuan to be poor! Come on stage and win me, I will give you 100 merits. If you lose, you don’t need to give me anything. Thing, kneel down and apologize to my teacher!"

     "Kneel down to apologize?"

     Su Yu frowned, looked at him, and chuckled: "It's okay to apologize. Kneel down... Let's pass it! Senior Yang, I don't provoke people, and people don't want to bully me. Are you sure to trouble me?"

     "There is so much nonsense, I can't get on stage!"

     Yang Sha is angry!

     The words that Xia Huyou said to him just now are exciting, and he is still on fire!

     Su Yu is too mad!

     It's hateful to humiliate my teacher and myself in public!

     Of course, he is also a little cautious.

     Before the others were on stage, he defeated Su Yu. According to the rules, he could make up the top 100 list and become 99 on the top 100 list.

     However, his seize every opportunity way does not enjoy the right of newcomers to refuse to challenge for 3 days.

     If someone challenges him next, he has to get on stage, and only if he wins can he remain 99.

     Even if he finally falls off, he will have an extra mark on his resume. He has been in the top 100 list, 99th!

     that's enough!

     Taking this opportunity to challenge Su Yu, no one will fight with him and humiliate his teacher. This hatred can be deepened. He challenged Su Yu to be reasonable and fair!

     "100 points of merit..."

     Su Yu has calculated in his heart, it's okay, not less.

     Make a fortune before entering the top 100 list.

     Without saying anything, Su Yu slowly stepped onto the ring.People like Wan Mingze became interested in an instant. Not only them, but there were more people outside the crowd. People like Huang Qifeng arrived and looked at Su Yu one after another.

     Good, let Yang Sha try the water!

     Although Yang Sha didn't make the top 100 list before, he challenged the top 100 students, but he was a bit disappointed. He was considered the strongest group of students outside the top 100 list.

     Even if Su Yu is talented, can he really be better than Yang Sha after such a short time in school?

     Huang Qifeng, who had just arrived, smiled and said faintly: "If you lose, that's a waste! If you win, just in time, he will be able to enter the top 100 list. It's good, I hope he can win!"

     Only if you win!

     If you really lose, then Su Yu can't make the top 100 list, it's not fun!

     Several people around him smiled. Not far away, Chen Qi frowned and looked at Su Yu.

     Won...you are in trouble!

     But lost... he was somewhat unwilling again.

     If Su Yu loses, it’s not as good as Yang Sha, and he and Yang Sha were both students who were preparing to challenge the top 100 list. Among the best, Su Yu won and lost to Yang Sha. Then he really has no face to see. People!

      It should be noted, that was Su Yu a month ago.


     When Su Yu stepped onto the ring, he also had a little emotion.

     Two months!

     Top 100 Challenge!

     Faster than expected, thanks to Shan Shenwen Yixie for providing me with a lot of resources, extremely grateful.

     I hope today, I can gain more.

     After all, I have no money.
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