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163 The 350 Evildoers (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Everything happened too fast.

     From when Su Yu came on stage to when Zhou Mingren appeared and took away Zheng Yuming, it was really too fast, making people more than one can attend.

     Lingyun Jiuzhong, Shanhaiyizhong, and Ten Thousand Heavens Saints all shot.

     Zheng Yuming, the newly promoted pavilion elder, was directly seriously injured.

     Without the slightest hesitation, Zheng Yuming was directly injured.

     Zheng Yuming...has not really started yet.

     The momentum faded.

     Wan Tiansheng and Zhou Mingren have disappeared.

     Chen Yong was detected by the tingling sensation of the old pavilion, and pulled Wu Jia, glanced at Su Yu on the ring, gestured to the library on the side, and then ran away with Wu Jia.

     Without running, he felt that he was going to be stared at and bleeding.

     I didn't mean it!

     I am really honest!

     Chen Yong had to run, mainly because the previous person said, "Zheng Yuming may just come to pick up people." This was too lethal.


     Everything stopped.

     Whether it is a student or a researcher, at this moment, they have actively ignored the scene just now.

     There are many mountains and seas involved, and there are some things that can’t be seen on the surface, and they don’t know the detailed circumstances.

     In the next moment, everyone's eyes focused on Su Yu.

     Somewhat complicated.

     Su Yu was also shocked in his heart, but it was too late to think about it at this moment, if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves...only this word came to his mind.

     He was worried that Zheng Yuming's fate would make people feel that if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves, which would be implicated in the polytheistic literature.There are even the old elders who feel resentment for the polytheistic literature!

     Before he had time to think about it, it was almost an instinctive reaction. At this moment, Su Yu was already sweating all over the face. His face was pale, and he was half kneeling on the ground, as if he was greatly shocked!

     I was shocked by the momentum of the mountains and seas, shocked!

     As if there was a murderous attack just now!

     The polytheistic text is the victim, he is the victim, and the governor did it to maintain the rules!

     Su Yu at this moment was uncomfortable.

     However, when the students saw his appearance, they didn't have the slightest intention to look down on him, and suddenly seemed to understand. It turned out...just now Su Yu really had a mortal danger.

     Old Zheng Ge is really crazy!

     For a student, he dared to break the rules of the academy in public. Without Chen Yong, Su Yu might have died.

     All of the sadness just gone!

     All students only has one idea!

     Unbreakable rules!

     Once the rules are broken, the genius students will be sniped and killed by Elder Ge. Is there any safety in the civilized academy?

     Can we compete for another top 100 list?

     Everyone, just look at the backstage hard or not!

     This is a matter of self-interest, including those descendants of the mountains and seas and the disciples, who are all keeping a word-to behave!

     The rules are not to restrict them, but to protect them.

     Even people in the single-shenwen department understand that in a school, you must abide by the rules.

     This thing, a crucial moment can save lives.If Zheng Yuming dared to kill Su Yu today, then Hong Tan would come back tomorrow, and he would dare to kill them. This thing must not be broken, otherwise it would be a disaster.

     At this moment, some people even secretly rejoiced, but fortunately the mansion chief took action.

     Elder Zheng... Could it be that there was a problem with cultivation, confusion of willpower, and cultivation deviation?

     In colleges, this situation still occurs a lot.

     This kind of speculation was also whispered: "Old Zheng Ge...has the cultivation deviation gone wrong?"

     Whether it is or not, it must be!

     Otherwise, a senior citizen will have too much influence on the students.

     And if it weren't for the students, Ten Thousand Heavens Sage would have too much influence on the old man.

     This is the best excuse and reason!

     The next moment, in the void, there was a voice from Elder Ge: "Elder Zheng Yuming, the cultivation willpower has changed, and the sea of consciousness is turbulent! The governor has punished him to help Elder Zheng get rid of the chaotic willpower. This matter end here!"

     The sound faded quickly!

     This is the best method to settle an issue, whether it is or not, at this moment, Zheng Yuming, he has cultivated deviation!


     Countless people were relieved when these words came out.

     Regardless of whether it was really relieved or fake, everyone was relieved. Many students said with emotion: "Cultivation deviation, no wonder! Practice path is really too dangerous, even if you get to the mountains and seas, you can't avoid it!"

     "Yeah, I just said, so that's how it is, I hope Zheng Ge will recover soon!"


     Everyone blessed Mr. Zheng for a while and hoped that he would recover soon.At this moment, Su Yu also slowly stood up.

      Glanced at Huang Qifeng, who was still in a coma, Su Yu didn't say much, turned to look at Zhao Ming and said, "Teacher, I'd better give him some treatment, lest he really die!"

     Zhao Ming glanced at him, are you ashamed to say?

     Just scared me to death!

     What the hell today, frightened and flustered, he can't stand it.

     Not much to say, white light appeared in Zhao Ming's hands, and the white light fell on Huang Qifeng. The broken limbs no longer bleed, and the bones seemed to be healing.

     But his willpower was severely damaged, even if his limbs recovered, Huang Qifeng would have to lie down for a few months.

     More serious than Wu Jia!

     Zhao Ming shot a look at Su Yu, tit for tat!

     This guy is out of the multi-shenwen series. I really don’t know is it fortune or misfortune. At least after today, the single-shenwen first series have to pay attention to this kid. Next, the big show will begin!

     On the top 100 list, Huang Qifeng is just a student of the single Shenwen first series ranking behind.

     There are several in front, even the top ten.


     Su Yu stepped off the ring.

     Huang Qifeng was also taken away by people from the Shan Shenwen line. A Lingyun flew over and took Huang Qifeng away.

     This time there was no momentum, nor did I watch Su Yu. The scene just ended, and the ghost knew if there was another momentum outbreak at this time, would it be misunderstood.

     The two schools of single and polytheism have fought for many years, and this time it was a big loss.

     The genius student was seriously injured, the old man was seriously injured, the governor personally took action, no one knew whether it was a warning or a rule.Moreover, the governor is a bit terrifying. It is also the mountain and sea. Although it is a peak and a newcomer, the gap is too big. Zheng Yuming was beaten before he could even speak.

     "Su Yu!"

     At this moment, some people are still thinking about what was just now, while others are playing down what was just now.

     Wan Mingze took a step, his eyes faintly rising in fighting spirit.

      Lightly shouted, attracting a lot of attention.

     "You are strong!"

     Wan Mingze looked at Su Yu with a big voice: "But those of us, we don't fear that you are strong, we only hope that you are stronger and stronger, so that we can be full of fighting spirit!"

     Wan Mingze no longer kept low-key this time, leaped up on the ground, and fell to the ring!

     "The 93rd senior, come to the stage for a battle!"

     91 is Zheng Yunhui, 92 is Wang Peng who has just been defeated by him.

     Since Wang Peng had lost once, Wan Mingze did not challenge him, but focused on the next person.

     Wan Mingze said loudly: "Since the 350th year of today has already made a move, then I, Wan Mingze, also want to learn about the brilliant tricks of seniors!


     Su Yu looked at him without saying a word.

     Wan Mingze is about to make a move!

     On the one hand, it was because of seeing Su Yu's strength and fighting spirit, on the other hand, it was also to play down the matter just now. As a member of Wanjia, he has the responsibility to stand up at this moment and play down some influence.

     The 93rd student is also on the scene at the moment.

     Never again doesn't have any carelessness, any underestimation!

     New students are weak?

     Just kidding!Su Yu defeated Huang Qifeng, ranked 71. Just like playing, the real combat power may be close to the top 50 students. Is this weak?

     "Junior Brother Wan, let's discuss it!"

     The next moment, a boy came onto the stage, not daring to take the slightest care, as soon as he came to the stage, the civilians and soldiers appeared, the willpower broke out, and the acupuncture points opened.

     Zhao Ming also sighed at this time, this year... it is really going to be a storm.

     In the first two months, there was not much movement this time. Although there were a lot of evildoers this time, many people didn't care too much.

     Now...who dares to care?


     When the voice fell, Wan Mingze's willpower broke out, and the divine text broke out!

     Three second-order divine texts broke out at the same time!

     Others can't see the divine writings, and they don't know how powerful his divine writings are, but Su Yu has suffered.

     The student with a ranking of 93, just wanted to make a move, suddenly mind shook, and willpower was sealed!

     With a shock in his heart, blood boiled, and the acupuncture points exploded, trying to break free of this divine text blockade.

     However, Wan Mingze, who is really full of combat power, is not really lacking the strength even to truss a chicken.

     84 acupoints light up!


     Taking advantage of the moment when the opponent's willpower was blocked, a small knife appeared in Wan Mingze's hand, extremely fast, and instantly approached that person!

     The knife on his body crossed, puff puff puff!

     There was a soft noise!

     The vitality of the acupoints spilled out one by one, and the acupoints were wounded. Wan Mingze discovered his weakness and broke through several weak acupoints.

     Suddenly, most of this person's vitality disappeared instantly!

     Under the turmoil of willpower, he was completely blocked by Wan Mingze!His body was limp to the ground and his willpower was blocked. At this moment, he could only blink his eyes and it was difficult to speak.


     Wan Mingze helped him up and unlocked the divine text blockade with an apologetic expression.

     This person is complexion pale at the moment, his acupuncture point is broken, at least he has to cultivate a period of time, of course, he is stronger than the willpower that has been hit hard, and he will soon recover.

     But... the defeat was too miserable!

     "Junior Brother Wan...excellent!"

     When this student spoke, his voice was bitter.

     I haven't done anything yet!

     What the hell is this this year?

     Zheng Yunhui, who took the first shot, was the weakest.

     First, Su Yu shocked people's hearts, and then Wan Mingze showed of skill, defeating the top 100 students strongly.

     what's the situation!

     The students can no longer discuss things about the mountains and seas, because they are too far away, and the top 100 list is true.

     Another top 100 student lost!

     Wan Mingze replaced 93.

     Just now, this person fell to 94. This kind of unranked student challenged victory, and the loser would not fall out of the ranking, only one would drop.

     Lin Qing's ranking dropped from 95 to 97.

     Liu He is now ranked 100th.

     Su Yu did not occupy the position, he replaced Huang Qifeng's ranking, and Huang Qifeng replaced Liu He's ranking, but Liu He was about to fall out of the top 100 at this moment.

     However, Huang Qifeng was hit hard, as long as someone challenged Huang Qifeng at this moment... Huang Qifeng was removed from the ranking.However, probably no one will do this today, but Huang Qifeng has been unable to recover for a long time, and the people behind will not leave him for too long. No matter how strong the single line is, it is useless. If you don’t challenge it now, it’s staying. Just save face.

     After two days, people from behind will go up, and Huang Qifeng will soon fall out of the top 100.


     "Win again!"

     At this moment, Lin Qing's expression was complicated.

     Won again!

     The freshman defeated a top 100 student again. She climbed to 95 with great difficulty, and fell to 97 in the blink of an eye. Liu He will definitely challenge tomorrow. So, she will have to lose another one tomorrow.

     After two months of fighting, she felt that she had to be a goalkeeper again soon!

     Just as she was thinking about it, the two suddenly appeared on stage at the same time.

     Hu Qiusheng glanced at Xia Chan, smiled, jumped off the stage and said: "You first!"

     Xia Chan didn't say a word. When he stepped down, his voice was a little hoarse and said, "The 95th senior, please enlighten me!"

     94, is the one who just failed.

     The audience was a complete sensation!

     Will this freshman completely overturn the top 100 list today?

     The 95th-ranked student's expression was also ugly. In the blink of an eye, his ranking dropped several places.

     He really doesn't believe it, the students in this class are so strong!


     The two took the stage.

     Fight instantly!

     The word "Bao", this is what Su Yu knew. Xia Chan mastered the word "Bao" in the protoss divine writing, and may have advanced to the second level.

     And Xia Chan's physical strength is also seven-fold, comparable to the top 100 students from the bottom ten.This time it was not so easy. Xia Chan fought his opponent for 7~8 minutes, and finally took advantage of the first cut of Xia's unique "Open Heaven Sword", and smashed the opponent with one blow, and he was also on the verge of collapse!


     Although it is not so easy to win, the newcomer to kill the top 100 list, this is the performance of evildoers!

     Lin Qing fell to 98.

     Liu He, officially withdrew from the top 100 list!

      one after another!

     Hu Qiusheng waited until Xia Chan's battle was over and went straight to power.

     People like Xia Chan who defeated the top 100 students all had three days of immunity. They didn't need to take up the gauntlet, so they didn't mean to fight again at this moment.

     Hu Qiusheng, who came to the stage to challenge the 97th ranked students.

     Although the other students who were defeated dropped one place in the ranking, no one was going to challenge them at the moment.


     Wan Mingze is strong, Xia Chan is brave, Hu Qiusheng that is God secret.

     He belongs to the kind of civilized teacher in the true sense!

      From start to finish, he was remotely controlling his civilian soldiers to fight, very indifferent, a thin sword shuttles through the Void, covering the ring, ranked 97th student, fighting with him for 5 minutes, his sword pierced the shoulder blade .

     Seeing that Hu Qiusheng's willpower can continue to fight, the other party has no choice but to admit defeat.

     He almost never got close to Hu Qiusheng!

     Hu Qiusheng, ranked 97th, and Lin Qing dropped to 99th.


     Lin Qing's expression changed.

     In order, if there is a challenge for a freshman, she is the next one!

     Because ranked 98 is the one who was just defeated by Hu Qiusheng.Not to mention the goalkeeper, she might lose her position in the top 100 this time.

     Zheng Hong, Zhang Hao, Su Meng, and Zhao Shiqi have not yet challenged the four evildoers!

     "The top 100 list is really going to change!"

     Many veteran students sighed. In the blink of an eye, five students reached the top 100, and the top 100 list is about to change.

     Before Zheng Yunhui clamored for kicking out the top ten, now he is about to do it.

     Zheng Yunhui also recovered at the moment, no longer shocked, and roared: "Come on! Zhao Shiqi, what are you guys waiting for! There is still a position, kill 99, there are more positions!"

     As for the last few remaining after the 99 is killed, they have all been challenged.

     With the pride of the evildoers, if they were defeated once today, no one would challenge them again.

     So, the location only has one!

     That is to defeat Lin Qing, who was 99, and let Lin Qing continue to guard the goal.

     Below, Lin Qing is a bit sad and angry!

     What the hell!

     Next to him, Wu Lan seemed to be somewhat regretful, and muttered: "Sister Qing, it's a pity, otherwise I want to be on stage too!"

     The strength is a bit weak, otherwise she wants to be on stage.

     It just so happened that the opponent was Lin Qing, very good.

     Lin Qing's heart is inwardly cursed, you... If you really want to be on stage, I have to be happy.

     You stinky girl!

     You said that the people in your class are average, average, and rubbish...

     Is this the trash student you are talking about?

     They are rubbish, what are we?

     Just thinking about it, the other four evildoers looked at each other and looked at each other.

     Today, it should be the last battle of the top 100 list.Who is on?

     The previous ones have won. If they lose, it would be too embarrassing. Sometimes face is very important, and they are not sure. When they are on stage, it would be embarrassing!

     "Let me do it!"

     At this time, Zhang Hao smiled, "No one of our Runes is on stage yet, and you can't let your School of Theology be unique!"

     "Senior ranked 99, come on stage!"

     Lin Qing inwardly cursed!

     Are we nameless?

     Even though she was frustrated, she was relieved a lot when she saw people who weren't from the divine literature system. The runes, strength shouldn't what kind of?


     Soon, Lin Qing realized what rune bombing is!

     What Zhang Hao used was not an ordinary rune, but an explosive rune split from his own divine text. Su Yu suffered a big loss that day, and the bomber had to be a tortoise.

     This kind of rune split from its own divine text is not expensive.

     Zhang Hao is fighting a protracted battle!



      from start to finish, there is only such a trick, no physical body approaching, no martial arts bad, just explode!

     Lin Qing's strength is not weak, after all, he studied under the talented assistant Wu Qi.

     However, when faced with such an unreasonable opponent, Lin Qingkong had a powerful martial skill, but he still couldn't get close.

     After being bombed hundreds of times, Lin Qing fell out of the ring dazedly!

     She doesn't know at all, she was blown down at what time!

     And Zhang Hao, also panting heavily, wiped the sweat from his forehead, secretly rejoicing, fortunately, he did not shame the new students!

     Almost emptied of willpower.When it was exhausted, Lin Qing approached and he was finished.

     His physical strength is not strong!

     Lin Qing was much better than him, and if he stabbed him with a sword, he would be finished.


     Zhang Haoke said, elatedly stepped down.

     At this point, Lin Qing returned to the top 100 again and became the goalkeeper of the top 100 list.

     Zheng Yunhui, Wan Mingze, Xia Chan, Hu Qiusheng, and Zhang Hao entered the bottom ten of the top 100, and Su Yu ranked 71.

     On October 3rd, the 350 freshmen staged a shocking drama!

     Top 100 list, changeable situation!


     The drama on the 3rd came to a complete end.

     No one will challenge anymore. Today's gains are too great. Many people need to go back and rationalize their ideas and think about the future.


     Su Yu, at this moment is preparing to go to the library.

     Others can forget what just happened, but he can't.

     And next, he might be in trouble. Huang Qifeng was directly crippled by him, and the single-shenwen first-line pavilion was also severely injured. If this can be held back, the single-shenwen first-line is a saint.

     I might not dare to break the rules, but within the rules, Su Yu's trouble is definitely not small.

     As he was walking, Xia Huyou secretively caught up behind him.

      glancing to left and right, cautious and timid.

     Su Yu glanced at him, and Xia Huyou whispered: "Su Yu, I suspect that someone is eyeing me! Just now someone from the security team informed me that they were going to fuck me again!"


     Su Yu is sluggish, you even bought the guards?

     "Don't look at me, I confiscated it!"Xia Huyou explained: "My elders bought it..."


     Su Yu is helpless, is there a difference?

     Xia Huyou didn’t bother to explain. Of course, there was a difference. In fact, it was not a bribe. Although it was the strength of the Academy, it was actually the strength of his Xia Family. The Guard Army not only obeyed the instructions of the Academy, but also accepted the command of the Xia Family .

     To be too lazy to say this, Xia Hu said aggrieved: "Sure enough, there is really a shameless old man staring at me! It must be an old man, at least an old man! Fortunately, I am clever and witty and speak with IOUs! "

     Not far away, Jia Mingzhen passed by "unintentionally".


     I am the shameless old man!

     Too lazy to trouble you today, he has to go to Wan Tian Sheng, Wan Tian Sheng suddenly shot Zheng Yuming, he has to ask detailed circumstances.

     When you are finished, Fatty, wait for death!

     Jia Mingzhen left quickly, and Xia Huyou and Su Yu didn't care. Su Yu didn't bother to take care of it, and asked, "How much did you make?"

     "Su Yu, you are too cruel!"

     Xia Huyou said helplessly: "You said you could solve the battle in one minute, so you can make more money, didn't you say three minutes?"

     "Be conservative, don't be too rampant!"

     Su Yu smiled honestly, he should be low-key, of course he can't be too full.

     Say three minutes, 30 seconds to solve the battle is normal.

     Xia Huyou was speechless and whispered: "Can you sell your Heaven Rank Martial Skill?"


     Su Yu glanced at him and said nothing."Relax, no secrets! The Xia family has a hobby of collecting various martial arts, and they will be handed over to the Xia family, and the Xia family will seal them up. Only a few people will not be passed on, even if the strong man who inherits the martial arts is still alive, it is generally not accounted for. ."

     Su Yu is too lazy to care about him, want to eat it!

     "Stop talking nonsense, how much did you make?"

     "Not much, your odds of winning are too high, and in the end, you made about 25,000 points."

     Xia Huyou to bare one's fangs smiled, "But for these 25,000 points, I still have to take out some up and down, and there are still many people who haven't paid, and they are giving IOU..."

     As he said, Le Zizi said: "But it won't be without you, three or seven points, how about 7000 points?"

     7000 points of merit!

     Quite a lot!

     In other words, very many very many.

     No business!

     Xia Huyou is reluctant to account, Su Yu has nothing to say. At this moment, he can divide so much. I can only say that this fat man is not a big profiteer. Su Yu smiled and said: "Okay! I don't want these meritorious points. You can buy me some five element races. Essence! There is also the Essence of Poshan Niu..."

     "you still want?"

     Xia Huyou looked at him in surprise, you bought so many, do you want more?

     "Mainly the blood of the Five Elements Race!"

     Su Yu said, "It's not me who wants it, but my teacher needs it!"

     Su Yu sternly said: "The teacher is currently working on a big project and is in urgent need of these things! The essence of the five elements race, I heard that it is helpful for the practice of literary arts. The teacher is studying whether to open some features so that the strong can directly use the essence and blood. Improve your willpower... this is very important!"Xia Huyou was surprised: "Teacher Bai has studied willpower? Didn't he only study essence and blood skills before?"

     "It's a related item!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "So except for Poshan Niu Essence Blood which I use, my teacher uses everything else."

     Xia Huyou glanced at him sympathetically!

     You are so pitiful, you still have to raise your teacher, Bai Feng, this guy... really shameless, ashamed to keep squeezing his students!

     Think about it, that's right.

     So much blood, Su Yu how can it be used up.

     But Bai Feng is not bad, and the results of the research are probably used on Su Yu, otherwise Su Yu would not be so strong.

     "Wentan Research Center..."

     Xia Huyou muttered in his heart, this place, no matter how open it is, I am afraid that some amazing research results will appear!

      But still I feel a little unreliable, not Su Yu, but Bai Feng.

     Can you find it out?

     Eating apprentice soft rice is shameless. If you can’t find it out, you’re wasting resources!


     Wen Tan Research Center.

      Underground Third Level.

     Bai Feng was overjoyed and was about to continue, when suddenly there was a cold war!

     "I haven't slept for too long, the body is weak?"

     I'm in the air!

     How do you feel a little imaginary!

     Also, what the hell seems to have erupted outside just now, and it disappeared in a flash. Someone was fighting?

     Scratching his hair like a chicken coop, Bai Feng didn't bother to take care of it.

     Forget it, leave him alone!

     Your own research is more important!

     "Innate Divine Text... Innate Divine Text..."Bai Feng mutter to oneself, a bit crazy, and the joy in his eyes became more intense.

     "Innate divine text may not be a single divine text, but... a combination of multiple divine texts, and finally formed a talent divine text!"

     "Which divine texts are needed? No, the divine texts that may be needed are different, and the resulting divine texts are different. Do you need human divine texts?"

     "Divine text combat skills?"

     "Divine text combat skills of the multi-sacred text, are they prepared for talented texts?"

     Bai Feng is a little crazy!


     If it is true, not only will the multi-sacred texts be indestructible, but they must also become mainstream. Only in this way can the human talent be developed!

     "Not necessarily, a single line of divine texts may also be combined into talented divine texts, but it may cost a greater Cost Required..."

     Bai Feng became more excited!

     Teacher, if you are not here, I am about to work out the results of shaking All Heavens and Myriad Realms'!
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