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166 Innate Divinity
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Research Center.

     The master and apprentice chatted for a while, Bai Feng suddenly remembered something, and said angrily: "Where is the tea?"

     Su Yu laughed, still thinking about this.

     When I gave him a cup of tea in the past, Bai Feng was only satisfied and he was happy.

     While drinking tea, thinking about things.

      After a while, Bai Feng was looking thoughtful and said: "When you used the Soul Eater skill, remember which acupuncture points were opened, right?"


     "Soul Eater... Soul Eater... Vitality Mutation..."

     Bai Feng murmured: "I don't know whether it is the natural skill that causes the vitality to mutate, or the soul eater's basic Yuanjue makes the vitality mutate, but unfortunately you don't know the vitality..."

     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Teacher, I think Soul Eater’s Yuan Jue and the key point of the innate skill, It should be about the same. In fact, from the innate skill, I think Yuan Jue can generally be derived. The acupoints that are opened are the acupoints of the basic Yuanjue."

     The two are generally matched.

     For example, "God of War" and "Breaking the Heaven" are complementary.

     There are 108 repercussions in "God of War" and 96 in "Broken Heaven", both of which have been opened by God of War, with a difference of 12 points.

     "It makes sense!"

     Bai Feng nodded, eyes flashed and said: "If Soul Eater's Yuan Jue can mutate vitality, add burning and corrosion willpower, it will be a huge change for all fighters!"

     "Warriors want to hurt the civilized division. Under normal circumstances, they are close and kill the flesh! However, if they can burn the civilized division's willpower remotely, the result will be different!"Bai Feng moved slightly in his heart: "Maybe...we can use this to hook up a few powerful fighters! Safeguard (sth) for us!"

     Su Yu looked at the teacher, complexion slightly changed.

     Bai Feng said indifferently: "Look at what I do? We are not strong enough. It's normal to find someone to support you? However... Now the soul eater is only in the Qianjun realm. You are only testing the Qianjun, right?"


     "It's okay, Qianjun is enough, the main thing is to look at the opening method of a hole."

     Bai Feng continued to drink tea, lost in thought.

     A method that can make the vitality mutate and harm willpower.

     Is there such a method?

     The world is big, there is no lack of strange things!

     Not to mention the ten thousand races, the human races may also have them, but...people have them, and that is also a secret, at least there is no such exercise method in the publicly disseminated exercises.

     In the Daxia Mansion, except for the Xia Family, other warriors and Dao powerhouses, in Bai Feng's view, did not have such a technique.

     Knock on the table, Bai Feng suddenly smiled and said, "You said, we really want to trade with the warrior, will we be called traitors by the civilized division?"

     Su Yu thought for a while and laughed: "No, that's not our traitor, it's the one who scolds us! We handed over the exercises so that the warriors could kill the enemy on the battlefield and kill the civilized masters of all races, why do we The civilized master of this is afraid of this? Isn't it good to increase the strength of the human race? If you really want to have this idea, then he is a traitor and wants to engage in infighting!"

     "That's it!"Bai Feng sneered and said: "Civilized master...very proud! All civilized masters feel that warriors are not as good as civilized masters. When you give warriors a technique that can hurt civilized masters, they will feel that their status is challenged. "

     The number of civilized divisions is less than that of warriors, and invincible is also promoted physically.

     But the civilized teacher is indeed a group of arrogant guys.

     Even if the overall strength is not as good as the opponent, I feel that the civilized division is higher than the warrior.

     In fact, not only Human Race, All Heavens and Myriad Realms seem to be like this.

     Su Yu shook his head and said: "Then you can't work out the technique, but it turns out to be blocked, right? Just to prevent the civilized master's status from being challenged?"

     "Of course not, the premise requires strength and confidence!"

     Bai Feng smiled and said, "If you are invincible, even if you are preaching in Ten Thousand Realms, no one will dare to say no!"

     Bai Feng sighed: "We see the opportunity and act, boy, since you are going to do research, this is yours first topic! From the soul eater, derive the soul eater!"

     Su Yu muttered in his heart, no need to derive, I will do it myself!

     What kind of derivation!

     Of course, this cannot be said.

     The talent skills are not bad, after all, someone is researching it, and as a result, you can even learn the basic Yuan Jue of others automatically... It's terrible, and Bai Feng will probably explode.

     Despite his talent, he was about to explode.


     Bai Feng got up and was still stunned when he saw Su Yu, said ill-humoredly: "Let's go, didn't you say you want to study?"

     "That... teacher, now?"

     "of course!"

     Bai Feng frowned and said, "Do you still have to wait for tomorrow?"

     Strange!What is this kid thinking?

     "You kid, why don't you want to work hard at all? I think back then, when your master told me to enter the research room, I was an impatient. I can't wait to go in right away. You still pushed me back!"

     Su Yu's heart is tired.

     Just didn't expect you so anxious!

     Without speaking, he silently followed Bai Feng to Underground Third Level.


     Main research room.

     This was the first time Su Yu had come here, and a huge door stood there.

     Bai Feng pointed to the door and said, "For this thing, the main material for building the ground-level weapons..."

     Su Yu didn't wait for him to finish, and his eyes changed slightly: "Salt Demon Steel! A specialty of the Flame Demon Realm, the main material for building weapons, the laboratory uses this as the gate?"

     "Yes, just know it! Take it down and use it with local-level weapons!"

     Bai Feng proudly said: "It's not an ordinary ground-level weapon. With just such a large piece of material, it's okay to sell a high-level military soldier!"

     High level!

     Mountain and sea peaks are enough, enough and to spare.

      Research Center, really rich.

     After a casual judgment, Su Yu felt that it was not difficult to sell 5,000 merit points. Of course, this was used to build military soldiers, and it would be scary to build civilian soldiers.

     Bai Feng didn't speak any more, a small sword appeared in front of him, turned into a key, and opened the door.

     "Go in!"

     Su Yu waited for the door to open and hurried in.

     When I entered the laboratory, I was somewhat shocked.Countless instruments, everything clear and orderly distributed in a huge hall, around the hall, a laboratory extending vertically and horizontally.

     It’s much larger than the sub-laboratory above, and there are more equipment.

     Suddenly, Su Yu eyes flashed!

     Look to a transparent room!

     That what is?

     In that room, books floating in the sky, Su Yu seemed familiar.

     Seeing Su Yu staring over there, Bai Feng smiled lightly: "Is it familiar? Civilization! The Book of Inheritance contains the gods of the mountains and seas."


     Su Yu said in surprise: "A lot!"

     Bai Feng nodded, "This is what your master, who killed the enemy on the battlefield! Your master has gone to the battlefield of the heavens over the years. He killed 6 strong men of the mountain and sea realm, 3 of whom were civilized divisions. 16 divine texts! Among them, 3 main divine texts and 13 secondary divine texts are all stored."

     Su Yu shocked!

     Killed 6 Shanhai?

      It should be noted, Shanhai is not Chinese cabbage. In general, every encounter between mountain and sea is a life and death fight, unless the strength gap is too big, such as Wantiansheng and Zheng Yuming.

     Master dare to go to the battlefield of the heavens to hunt down the mountains and seas... It's really strong!

     Bai Feng said again: "This thing cannot be called the history of civilization. The history of civilization refers to the inheritance of one's own divine literature after the death of the strong human race. It is hoped that someday, future generations can get some inheritance from it. This is called the history of civilization."

     Su Yu came to be interested and curiously asked: "Teacher, can the divine writings in Civilization be passed on?"

     "No!"Bai Feng shook his head and said: "After the mountains and seas fall, the divine writings will collapse. Unless some special methods are used, they can barely be preserved. They are preserved in the history of civilization. In fact, they have already collapsed. Over time, it will complete dissipation. Around that time, the history of civilization is gone."


     This represents that the fallen mountains and seas, the last mark disappeared in this world.

     Then he said, "But there are also some special circumstances, such as...some mountain and sea peaks, the main divine text is stable! At the last moment, the main divine text is condensed into a semi-eternal state at the expense of life. Such divine text may be passed on. Go down, it's almost the same as eternal divine writing."

     Su Yu nodded.

     Then he said: "Teacher, don't our colleges have some eternal divine texts? Are these divine texts actually usable?"

     The mystery is the result of a god culture.

     In fact, there are many secret places in the university.

      So many years, the university has also developed some sun and moon realms.


     Bai Feng looked at him and said, "You mean, use the divine text for your own use?"

     Su Yu nodded, "Well, I mean, if the divine writing is eternal, can we collect and use ourselves?"

     He was thinking about the book in his mind.

     So somewhat curious, can eternal gods receive and use for oneself?

     Bai Feng shook his head and said: "No, let me explain briefly, it is a question of matching! For example, you sketched the blood'blood' character, but I can't outline it. You are dead. Give me this god , I may not be able to use it either."


     Su Yu's face was strange.Teacher, what you said...too heartbreaking.

     What do you mean if I die for you?

     The example is really good!

     "Is there a match?"

     Su Yu didn't say much, and asked again.


     Bai Feng nodded, thought about it, and said: "My uncle can do it! There's some left so can people! The match may be less than 100%, but it is rare to be included in the divine text, and it is usually only for geniuses. Happened! Because of this genius, he might have sketched this divine text!"


     Bai Feng reminded: "Think about whatever happens must not. Think about it yourself. How much burden does it have on your will sea if you are a cultivator and include the eternal divine text? It is possible to burst your will sea! Unless you really His unordinary natural talent, the sea of will is extremely powerful, and that eternal divine text matches you with a high degree of matching, there is a little hope!

     After thinking about it, he added: "Furthermore, the single divine text is more difficult than the multi divine text! The multi divine text forms a combat skill framework because of the many divine texts, so you can barely use the combat skill frame. To suppress the divine text, it can be a single series of divine text... extremely difficult!"

     Su Yu nodded.

     But there was something else in my mind.

     The teacher said, his uncle can...

     Before contacting Bai Feng, Su Yu suddenly said: "Teacher, does Mrs. Liu have such a spiritual heritage?"


     Bai Feng was too lazy to conceal it, and said: "Five generations of the governor once left a divine writing, and later it was taken away by his uncle. It may have been brought into his own sea of will by his uncle. I am not too clear about the details. ""But you, Teacher Liu, used to be a rarely seen monstruous talent genius from Daxia Civilization Academy, but later it was abolished. It may have something to do with this divine writing."

     "And I, some small guesses, this may not only be a divine writing, maybe... it is a talented divine writing!"

     Su Yu blinked, talented gods?

     No way!

     We haven't researched it yet. So, the five generations of prefects have already condensed the innate divine writings?

     Doesn't that mean... he really has the hope to prove the invincibility, or the invincibility of the civilized division?

     Bai Feng ignored him, and walked forward on his own, pointing to a large machine and said: "This is a centrifuge, used to separate the blood! The blood is coagulated, and once it turns into blood, there is almost no way to take it apart. Only this centrifuge can separate the blood."

     "This is a willpower test machine..."

     Su Yu became interested in the machine Bai Feng introduced.

     Willpower test machine?

     It's like a small house, and I don't know how to test it.

     Bai Feng smiled and walked into the small house.

     In the small house, there was a sudden burst of willpower.

     Lines of text were displayed on the machine connected outside the house.

     "Level of Willpower: Tier 2 Top

     Turn on the magic: 30-40

     Number of divine texts: 15-25

     Comprehensive rating: Tengkong Nine"

      What the hell?

     Su Yu looked at Bai Feng who came out somewhat astonished, "Teacher, can this machine measure the number of divine texts and divine orifices?"

     "Just test it out in general!"Bai Feng smiled and said: "The main purpose is to test the guys who have been arrested, in case they have hidden strength, It should be noted, some races are very special, even the mountains and seas may not be able to observe anything, including some hidden gods. "

     Su Yu nodded, some be eager to give sth a try and said: "Teacher, can I try?"

     "Yes, you are so weak. Go in. The strength test will be more accurate. You can explode your willpower later. If you want to be more accurate, then explode the divine text. The weaker the strength, the more accurate this thing!

     Su Yu was a little excited, very funny.

     Immediately ran into the small room.

     Willpower bursts!

     Around the small room, there seemed to be countless magical runes, quickly absorbing his willpower.

     Then, Su Yu's divine writing broke out.

     At this moment, outside, Bai Feng was also watching the data.

     At first glance...a bit dazed.

     "Willpower Level: First Tier Top

     Full storage: 68%

     Number of divine texts: 5

     Divine text level: two second-tier

     Comprehensive rating: the peak of nourishment"

     Sideways glanced at Su Yu, Bai Feng blinked and shouted, "Come out!"

     Su Yu hurriedly walked out, "Teacher, What happened?"

     "You at what time outlined the fifth divine text, why don't I know?"


     Su Yu scratched his head, didn't I say?

     Did not say!

     The "yin" divine writing is too embarrassing, it doesn't match my temperament, I forgot to say no?

     "That... sketched out the other day."Bai Feng rolled the eyes, and then said in amazement: "Your level of willpower is actually the first-tier top level. It’s strange. It stands to reason that you are less than 90% full, so it’s not the first-tier top level! This thing, 0 -30% is considered inferior, 31%%-60% is considered medium, 61%-90% is considered advanced, and 90% or more is considered top."

     He looked at Su Yu and said strangely: "You are only 68% full. It is reasonable to say that it is a high-level or a newcomer. Why is it top-level?"

     He said and said: "I thought you had cultivated the God Enlargement Technique before, and it seemed that you didn't have it. Otherwise, it shows somewhat, you kid... strange!"

     Su Yu's willpower level is very strong!

     This means that his willpower is no worse than some peaks of nourishment.

     That's why he can compete with Zheng Yunhui and others, doesn't fall into a disadvantageous position.

     The ratings given by the machine are the peak of nourishment!

     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "I told you before, I was hammered by Teacher Zhao with a big hammer, you forgot?"

     "I remember that!"

     Bai Feng rolled his eyes and said: "The effect is so good? You have reached the top from the top, hell! Why doesn't Zhao old ghost hammer me?"

     "It's no wonder that you can play against the guys who are at the pinnacle of cultivation. Your willpower... is equivalent to them!"

     After that, he was somewhat surprised and said: "Why are you improving so fast that you are 68% full?"

     Did he remember that a few days ago, didn’t he just nurture him?

     "Teacher, that Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, after every confrontation, great progress has been made!"

     In fact, it was also related to the fact that Su Yu had taken the blood of the Five Elements race before and absorbed some willpower. That time, it improved a lot."I forgot about it!"

     Bai Feng nodded.

     Looking at Su Yu, he became more surprised and said: "You kid, okay! Find old Zhao to beat you again, maybe at the peak of nourishment, willpower can be comparable to the tenacity of the sky!"

     Su Yu confided, and quickly shifted the topic and said: "Teacher, aren't you also a second-tier top?"


     Bai Feng said without helium: "I, No matter good or bad is also a strong one of the multi-sacred text, must be stronger than the ordinary Tengkong Eightfold! Under normal circumstances, Tengkong Eightfold, the level of willpower is higher than the second level."

     Su Yu nodded, not an accident.

     Bai Feng who vacated the seventh layer could defeat Hu Wensheng, not to mention that he was already eightfold.


     Next, Bai Feng introduced other machines to Su Yu.

     Su Yu looked dazzled!

     Really willing to spend the money!

     Everything is worth thousands of merit points, even over 10,000!

     I really made a fortune by selling Research Center.

     Don't talk about the results, just talk about these things, sell 200,000~300,000 meritorious services, right?

     Rich man!

     Shizu was really willing to spend money, and if he changed to Su Yu, he would definitely be reluctant to spend it.

     Walking on, I arrived in a small laboratory.

     Bai Feng exhaled lightly, pointed to the laboratory and said, "This place is where I usually do research! Come in with me and let you see, your teacher, my recent research results!"

     Su Yu hurriedly followed in.

     Upon entering, Su Yu found that there seemed to be full of willpower!

      somewhat astonished!Of course, this willpower is not irritable, but a soft one that feels absorbing.

     Of course, he hasn't activated his divine orifice now and cannot absorb it.

     Bai Feng reminded: "The willpower in this place has been purified countless times and is not allowed to be absorbed! This is used for the Containment of Gods. The Gods of the Sky Realm can be manifested, but it cannot last. After being stripped off, it needs to be like this Your willpower will not dissipate. Even if your kid enters the sky, you are not allowed to suck. Whatever it is, it costs a lot. If you suck, I will kill you!"

     Su Yu laughed dryly, "Teacher, I won't, I'm not that kind of person!"

     "Fuck off!"

     Bai Feng cursed, if you vacate, you must have sucked it for me.

     Bai Feng ignored him. At this moment, he walked to an experimental platform and waved to Su Yu.

     Su Yu walked over hurriedly, his eyes moved slightly. At this moment, there are a few divine writings floating on the experimental platform!

     "this is……"

     "The divine writing of the fire dolphins!"

     Bai Feng introduced: "Most of the fire dolphins are warriors, and there are very few civilized dolphins! in ten-thousand does not have one, your master and I went to hunt countless fire dolphins, and only killed three fire dolphins. Dolphin civilization teacher."

     "Reluctantly stripped off their gods, but they can't survive forever, they can only survive here!"

     "Boy, you are optimistic!"

     With that said, the 5 divine writings on the table float up.

     Bai Feng is very serious at the moment, and Su Yu is also unable to take one's eyes off watching.

     I saw that the 5 divine writings gradually began to merge, a small part merged, and gradually began to change, and after a while, they became like a pig!Su Yu looked in a trance, as if he really saw an incomparable gigantic pig!

     He has seen a pyrotechnic body!

     At this moment, it seemed that a real fire dolphin appeared in front of him.


     A foreign language sounded in Su Yu's mind, like the language of the fire dolphins.

     The next moment, Su Yu hurried backwards!

     Ahead, 5 gods and cultures became pigs, suddenly bumping into him!

     Su Yu sensed a strong momentum and hurriedly retreated. The next moment, saw a flash, everything disappeared!

     Divine text or divine text!

     The 5 divine texts were much dim and scattered.

     Bai Feng was also sweat all over the face, and quickly said, "Did you see it? I combined these 5 divine texts in different ways, and finally found that there is a combination of ways that can make the divine text appear similar to The role of talent skills!"

     "What does this mean? This means that after the combination of divine texts, talents can really be formed!"

     "Of course, most fire dolphins don't have divine texts, so why can they burst their talents?"

     "I guess that there is actually such a hidden divine text in their sea of will, but it has not been inspired! The use of talents by civilized teachers is definitely stronger than non-civilized teachers!"

     "So I concluded that the talent skills must be related to the divine text and the sea of will!"

     Su Yu hastily nodded!

     He saw it, and hurriedly said: "Teacher, do you think...very like..."

     "Did you find it?"


     Su Yu nodded and said somewhat astonished: "It's very similar to the mode of divine text combat skills! A combination of several divine texts!""Yes, I found out a long time ago!"

     Bai Feng sighed said: "If so, that means, divine warfare skills...In fact, it may be a way of using talent divinity discovered by our predecessors, but the predecessors did not connect with the talent divinity."

     He turned the head and looks to Su Yu, "So, our innate divine writings have actually been shown in general! The multi-sacred writings have already walked ahead of others. As long as we think of a way, the divine writings Combat skills are converted into innate divine texts, just like a fusion of the orifices, and one, and there may be a real talent divine text!"

     Bai Feng somewhat agitated said: "At that time, we can display our true strength, all strength! How many acupuncture points and divine texts you have, you can explode together, not just strength and no lethality!"

     Just like Su Yu, 153 acupuncture points, but can he burst out all the power of these 153 acupuncture points in an instant?


     Even the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique can't do it, but Su Yu can only burst out the acupuncture points opened by the God of War Technique, plus the power of the additional acupuncture points opened by the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique.

     Su Yu, at most, can burst out the power close to 100 points, and some of the points opened by the God of War Art cannot be connected with the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique.

     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Teacher, what do you mean is that our current willpower is not used enough, so is the divine text, so is the acupuncture point! But when we master the talent divine text, we may be able to burst out 100% strength ?"


     Bai Feng smiled and said: "Not to mention 100%, even if it breaks out to 80%, it is better than it is now! Now, we have extremely low utilization of our own strength development!"Su Yu takes a deep breath and looks at the floating divine texts.

     The teacher really found something!


     Bai Feng continued: "I'm only trying on the fire dolphins, and I haven't entered the stage of human experiment! This thing, the multi-sacred text is the best experiment, but unfortunately you didn't enter the sky, it seems that I can only take it for now Little white mouse!"


     Su Yu not to know whether to laugh or cry, together with me into the air, am I yours?

     "Teacher, you can relax a little, this thing, if you make a mistake in integration, something will happen!"

     Su Yu is no longer a noob, can understand the risks.

     Bai Feng said indifferently: "It's okay, it's normal to research something wrong! When I get it out, let you see what is meant by flying against Lingyun!"

     With that said, he himself was excited!

     "Fighting into the sky and fighting Lingyun! The big stage of flying into the sky, the higher the level of battle, since ancient times, not many people have been able to do it, you, teacher, and I... are about to be the next one!"

     Su Yu flattered: "The teacher is mighty, powerful, domineering..."


     Bai Feng cursed and somewhat depressed said: "I just don’t have a reference, you have to go and tell your uncle that I want to study him! I think he has the prototype of the talented divine writing, otherwise, without reference, I’m afraid I killed myself, and I didn't combine it."

     Su Yu unable to respond.

     Teacher Liu...

     Not to mention, it is really possible to get some enlightenment from him.Bai Feng said again: "My uncle has always been troubled by this. If it is really a gifted divine writing, then the uncle's own divine writing will inevitably be rejected, unable to merge, and unable to form a whole!"

     "Even though the uncle is highly talented, he may not have as much knowledge of divine writing as me!"

     "There are also a lot of his own divine texts, and now this divine text takes the main position. Without fuse together, he can't display his true strength, let alone receive and use for oneself! "

     "Only in unity, in my conception, maybe I can find a way to integrate his own divine text with this foreign divine text, merge, unified, and completely turn into my own divine text, so that it can be truly utilized!"

     Bai Feng said, shook his head, and said with contempt: "My uncle, a muscle! His mind is not very flexible. I suspect that he has been forcibly integrating in the past 50 years and has no rules. I really think that it is enough to make a meat ball. Up?"

     Shaking his head, despise!

     This is similar to dough kneaders, people kneaded into various shapes, all kinds of dough, you kneaded dough, do you want to sell it in person?

     He suspected that Liu Wenyan did it!


     Fake civilized division!

     I despised it again for a while, the uncle didn't know anyway.

     On the side, Su Yu looked at him and sighed inwardly, Teacher, where am I, do you really think I can't tattletale?

     "Ms. Liu...innate talent..."

     Su Yu's mood was also ups and downs at this moment.Over the years, he actually knows some things. Liu Wenyan doesn't seem to care about anything, but sometimes it inevitably ends. He has seen it a few times, and Liu Wenyan looks at a certain direction and takes a long time.

     Now I want to come... Isn't it the direction of Daxia Civilization Academy?

     He still can't let it go!

     "Innate divine writing, left by the five prefects!"


     And just in this brief moment, Nan Yuan.

     Liu Wenyan sighed. In the sea of will, the small sun in the center became brighter, and the divine texts around them were squeezing into the sun.

     Just as Bai Feng said, he... is forcibly blending in and nurturing!

     As for the constitution...Why does Liu Wenyan have any constitution? Who knows how to cultivate this stuff?

     Completely rely on his own experience and feeling!

     Anyway, I feel that the divine texts left by my teacher have become stronger. This is enough. Maybe when my divine texts are completely squeezed in, they can use it by themselves?

     Liu Wenyan is not in a hurry. Take your time. If this generation does not work, the next generation.

     That kid Su Yu, he is doing well now, maybe he should look for the next person to observe, be honest, reliable, and be able to stand loneliness.

     If your own generation is not good enough, it will be better to come from generation to generation.
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