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169 I Want To Wear A Vest (subscription Required)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu was too lazy to argue with Xia Huyou. If you deny it, then deny it. Then I don't know anything.

     Even if it is really important figures from the Xia family, Su Yu doesn't care too much.

     Xia’s family style comment is pretty good. I haven’t heard of any take advantage of one's position to bully people. He has been in charge of Daxia Mansion for more than three hundred years. With a poor reputation, a large group of strong people have rebelled.

     Without continuing this topic, Su Yu quickly said: "The last time I asked you to purchase the blood of the Five Elements Race, did you buy it?"

     "I got it, not much."

     Xia Huyou helplessly said: "The Five Elements Clan is really too rare, and the strength is also very strong. You only buy the essence and blood of the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, even if it is mobilized from other big houses, there is not much."

     This thing is also very expensive.

     The blood of the Five Elements Race, if Su Yu purchases a drop of Ten Thousand Stone Realm, he gets 50 points of merit.

     Su Yu is going to buy some, start the exercises, and then use the exercises to start the divine orifice.

     As long as 36 divine orifices are activated, he can take the initiative to cultivate willpower without using blood.

     "Stop talking nonsense, how much did you collect?"

     "A total of 60 drops have been purchased so far..."

     60 drops, too little.

     Su Yu judged, and opened a divine orifice, not to mention two or three drops of blood.

     60 drops, about 25 opened to death.

     "Give me 60 drops first, and then buy 40 drops for me, at least!"

     100 drops of the essence and blood of the five elements may be barely enough.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu suddenly said: "Did anyone talk about the soul-eater's talent and blood recently?"Xia Huyou glanced at him, squinted and said with a smile: "Really! Not only inside the academy, there are people outside the academy who are inquiring about this matter. Of course, now the outside world is more concerned about this talent, is it a talent of willpower? , The warrior is useless, because it involves willpower. If not, the warrior is also very concerned."

     Su Yu smiled, and whispered: "This thing is not a talent for willpower, but a special mutated martial skill. It is a martial skill that can harm willpower!"


     Xia Huyou was lost in thought.

     It's martial arts!

     He actually guessed that it was a martial skill, because the Xia family had records of Soul Eater, all kinds of data display, Soul Eater willpower not what kind of, the soul Eater that corrodes willpower, is also very similar to the mutated vitality.

     The Xia family actually has its own research team, and it is impossible to count on outsiders.

     "Martial Skill..."

     Xia Huyou hesitated for a moment, "Su Yu, if it is martial arts, this thing is more precious than willpower talent! You are not stupid, you know what it means, of course, it depends on the cost and the realm..."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I know that if it is pure innate essence and blood, it is actually nothing. But if I said, if we have studied the opening acupuncture point of the soul eater, the human race can also open the orifice and carry out the vitality mutation. how do you feel?"


     Xia Huyou was shocked and hurriedly looked at Su Yu!


     From the exercises of the ten thousand races, the exercises suitable for the human race are deduced. This kind of thing has been done by the human race.

     Many of the exercises and martial arts learned by humans today are adapted from the exercises of the ten thousand races.But under normal circumstances, the human race is more to deduce the techniques of those large creatures, such as the soul eater, the structure of the worm is too far from humans, and the derivation is too difficult, and the soul eater family, nothing else Inherited cultivation method down.

     It is very difficult to get the cultivation technique original manuscript from a group of insects, but some people have encountered the mother insect and after killing them, they obtained a small amount of cultivation technique original manuscript inheritance.

     Xia Huyou was shocked and said: "Can you really deduce this kind of cultivation techniques and martial skills suitable for human race? Are you sure? Are you sure it can make people mutate and cause damage to willpower?"

     He can understand the importance of this exercise!

     Su Yu said indifferently: "It's not perfect yet. My master has been studying the characteristics of Soul Eater since 30 years ago. My teacher is also an elite in this area. No, or a genius, a true genius! He has tried and researched continuously, Nowadays, some operating points have been derived."

     Xia Huyou nodded, Bai Feng is a genius, no one denies this.

     Even if he had just vacated the Sixth tier before, people called him a genius assistant.

     The strength is one point, and the other point is that Bai Feng is also considered a personal character in the field of blood research.

     Xia Huyou takes a deep breath and said: "You and I said this means..."


     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Although this technique has not been deduced yet, I am sure that it will be perfected soon! Once it is perfected, I will be thinking about spreading it or not."

     "Through the spread, the strength of the human race has greatly increased, not to mention that everyone is willing to open additional holes, but at least some people with lofty ideals are willing to open these holes!""It can be spread out, how to guarantee the interests of our research institute? Just like everyone else, collect patent fees for exercises?"

     Su Yu said solemnly: "We mean this thing is aimed at the civilized masters of ten thousand races, but to outsiders, they may think that we are targeting our own people, our own civilized masters, then we are in a difficult situation!"

     When Xia Huyou heard this, he immediately not to accept as correct, and even sullenly said: "What do they do! This Daxia Palace is still the Daxia Palace of the Xia Family! Pass it, you must pass it! If you dare not, then The Xia family will buy it out! The Xia family will be responsible for the inheritance!"

     Enhance the strength of the human race, this is what all the masters of the big government are doing.

     Since some fighters can have assassins when targeting civilized divisions, this technique is extremely important.

     Of course, not everyone can open a part of the acupuncture points.

     However, some talented fighters certainly don't mind opening more orifice points, especially this kind of technique, which is also lethal to civilized teachers.

     Xia Huyou said, suddenly said: "Elder Hong hasn't come back, you have to spread the practice...this...he will not change his mind when he comes back?"

     That would be troublesome!

     After all, he is an eight-fold powerhouse of mountains and seas. You take advantage of his absence and half-buy and half-deceive his practice. If he makes a fuss, even if the Xia family is not afraid, this will make many people chill.

     Especially on the civilized division, someone will definitely push the wave and add to the billows, which is even more troublesome.Su Yu shrugged and said with a smile: "It has nothing to do with me, my teacher said it's okay! He said that most of the materials are perfected by him, and my master also instructed him before he left, and my teacher is responsible for the entire research project and results. ."

     "Yes, yes, that's good, Mr. Bai is responsible!"

     Xia Huyou nodded and said with some joy: "Su Yu, share and take the royalties. That is a long-term business! I will not lie to you. Long-term share will definitely benefit you even more. You will get benefits every year. You live. , Your offspring can get money while they are alive."

     "But the future is hard to say! And you may not be able to live long..."


     As soon as he said this, Su Yu looked at him strangely.

     He found that these bastards seemed to be eager to die soon.

     Xia Huyou coughed dryly: "It doesn't mean that, I mean, this is the result of your research, not personal! So you may not be able to get much, it is better to buy out now, at least you can Get some."

     "How much is the buyout?"

     "5000 Merit Points..."

     Su Yu almost killed him with a punch!

     "you sure?"

     Xia Hu said dryly: "Although the soul eater's martial arts have the effect of vitality mutation, I think it should not be able to get too much! Soul eater is not a powerful race, in this case, unless a member of the legion practices , It can cause large-scale corrosion and burn effects, just like the large-scale gathering of soul eater can have strong lethality.""Extra enlightenment, it was originally exclusive to geniuses. Legion-like cultivation is somewhat impossible, so this technique is actually a bit tasteless."

     It doesn't sound like a lie, it's not unreasonable.

     But Su Yu would never believe this guy, 5000 points, just kidding!

     When Xia Huyou saw this, he said again: "Indeed, the exercises have not been promoted after all. I don’t know how universal it is. 5000 points buyout is not less. You It should be noted, the "Qianjun Jue" series of exercises. Everyone is cultivating now, but in fact they have sold a vacant monster money..."

     Su Yu rolled the eyes!

     Uncle, I know this, it's necessary for you to say?

     "talk later!"

     Su Yu didn't haggle over price and said, "It hasn't been deduced yet. When it's really perfected, or after I've practiced myself, I'll look at the effect again!"

     Xia Hu was particularly anxious, and hurriedly said: "Su Yu, 10,000 points, it's really a lot! Sell it to the Xia family... Don't give it to the academy. The academy is full of civilized teachers and may be sealed directly. Get up, there's nothing about it for the human race to help."

     "Academy shouldn't be so short-sighted, right?"

     "This is hard to say!" Xia Huyou shook his head and said, "Civilized division and warrior said they are a family, do you really think they are a family?"

     "My own brothers also score high and low. You still count on two large cultivation system peaceful coexistence, there is no discord?"

     Su Yu nodded slightly, so is it.

     The world of cultivators has two big different systems. If you want to tell the truth about family-like close relationship people, that is a lie.

     Civilized divisions despise warriors, and warriors despise civilized divisions.One scolded each other for recklessness, and one said that the other was weak.

     If it is a general exercise method, it is fine, many of the exercise methods are researched and provided by civilized masters.

     But this kind of exercise that is harmful to the civilized masters themselves may not be shared by the civilized masters.

     Su Yu was too lazy to say, and said, "Look again, I haven't studied it yet, but you have to help me figure out how to suppress some messy sounds outside, so that no one will make us think."


     Xia Huyou promised happily, and hurriedly said: "No problem! I will mention to some of the strong Xia family, let your research continue smoothly, I hope you can produce results as soon as possible!"

     "it is good!"

     Su Yu nodded and said this to avoid some external factor interference.

     The Xia family... is the family of the first warriors.

     As the controller of the Xia Family, that is the more the better, the strong in the territory, everyone can improve their combat power, but they don't care too much about whether they are warriors or civilized divisions.


     The two chatted for a while, and Su Yu didn't mention Xia Huyou's entry into the circle.

     The important figures of the Xia family...This identity is a taboo.

     Xia Huyou is experienced and knowledgeable, his identity is important, and there are big people behind him. At this moment, Su Yu, dare not talk to him about getting him into the group. The other party does not need your help. Some things you take out may even cause him Try to guess what.

     It's okay to derive one or two exercises, and derive dozens or hundreds of books. You are so good, why don't you go to heaven?

     Really think everyone else is stupid?

     "Give me the blood of the five elements.""In my living place, go get it with me."

     The two talked about the essence and blood, and Xia Huyou hurriedly said: "60 drops, but the value is as high as 3000 points of merit. Last time you divided your 7000 points, there are 4000 points of merit left."

     Su Yu nodded slightly, did not say anything.

     "In addition, buy me some soul eater essence blood. By the way, there are Mingguang bird essence blood and Poshan cattle essence blood."

     Su Yu exhorted a few words, he should purchase more of this kind of blood, it is best to make his own talented blood.

     When the talented blood is really produced, it can be said that after a lot of research, the exercises have been deduced backwards, so as not to be doubted.


     When Su Yu got the five elements essence and blood, he secretly relaxed.

     I hope I can open up more magic tricks!

     Even if the literary tactics of the entire system are not formed, one more divine orifice can be opened, and some willpower can be passively absorbed, so that the willpower can be strengthened faster.

     He wants to get into the air as soon as possible!

     It was not Su Yu's purpose that he had been stuck in his cultivation for a few years. Originally sketching multiple divine texts was a waste of time. If his willpower is not strong enough, then he may really need many years to vacate.

     When I thought that I was like Teacher Liu, vacated after decades... Su Yu shiver all over though not cold.

     That's horrible!

     Before leaving, Xia Huyou hurriedly said: "By the way, you are sure to show up tomorrow and challenge those students?"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Of course! By the way, it's better to meet again after I defeated a few people, so they might observe and find that I really want face and refuse to give up, Fight to the last, these people Probably it will be comfortable!""When I saw I was fighting to the end in the ring, I was satisfied with their vanity. I finally stumped Su Yu. They are in a good mood, and they probably won't care about it anymore!"

     It's not okay to admit defeat when you come.

     Peace of their hearts.

     I am Su Yu, genius!

     Don't admit defeat!

     If you admit defeat, it will kill me, and I will fight for victory!

     Xia Huyou to bare one's fangs, fuck off, your heart is so black!

      Thus, even if there is some movement outside, these senior citizens may not go to probe again.

     Thinking of this, he suddenly said: "Should you call your uncle tomorrow? He is the Ninth Level of Lingyun, or simply let him seal off the area of the ring. In order to avoid the last incident, the old patrons even sensed some movement. , I don’t dare to rush to explore with willpower!"


     The heart is so dark!

     Su Yu's heart is inwardly cursed, you are ashamed to say me, you bastard has a darker heart!


     Also, last time Zheng Yuming’s matter was still ahead, and now Chen Yong is here again, even if the ring is noisy, even if the old pavilion of Xiuxin Pavilion meeting is sensed a little bit differently, as long as there is no major incident, will someone come to investigate? ?

     Will not!

     Are you really afraid of the last scene?

     At that time, when they come out after the meeting, everything is over!

     Su Yu glanced at him, the two smiled at each other. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu said: "My uncle, the appearance fee is very expensive, how about 3000 points of merit?"


     Xia Huyou blinked, "You said I was out?"


     "Is this enough for you to make a lot of money for Shan Shenwen? I'm just drinking some soup, so let Ling Yun Jiu Zhongbai show you the scene?"


     There is nothing wrong with that!

     However, Xiahu Youpan calculated, sir, I have paid so much without getting anything, can I make a profit in the end?

     Looking at Su Yu speechlessly, Xia Huyou said ill-humoredly: "Then what if we can't get anything in the end?"

     "Is there no risk in doing business?"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "How can I do big business if I don't even dare to undertake some initial investment?"


     Xia Huyou takes a deep breath, and said in a deep voice: "Su Yu, how about you come to Xia's firm how is it? Give you a high position, rest assured, the position will never be low, and you will be in charge of the transaction in the future. No problem!"

     "Not interested in!"

     Su Yu shook his head and became a businessman?

     Stop it!

     I am a man destined to become a strong man!

     Thinking of this, Su Yu thought of a question and said: "By the way, do you know where Zhang Hao lives?"

     "Huh? Are you looking for him?"

     "No, look for someone from the rune system, Zhang Hao just met."

     "Runes, do you want to buy runes?"

     Su Yu smiled and looked at him, Xia Hu was sceptical. Forget it, it was not good to ask the bottom line. He quickly told Su Yu where Zhang Hao was.


     Health garden, special zone.

     Zhang Hao, these enchanting students, all live in this area. Not only them, but some veteran talented students, many of them live here.The fellow Xia Huyou didn't run here.

     At this moment, it was dark.

     After the entrance guard, Su Yu walked on the trail in the special zone and sighed with emotion. The environment is so beautiful and full of vitality.

     It's a good place to practice!

     No wonder these guys are running here one by one, 100 points a year, not a small amount.

     Villa 189.

     Su Yu knocked gently on the door.

     Soon, someone responded: "Who?"

     "Brother Zhang, Su Yu is here to visit!"

     As soon as this was said, the door was quickly opened, Zhang Hao looked surprised, Su Yu came to visit him?

     "Su Yu!"

     Zhang Hao saw Su Yu and said somewhat astonished: "Why did you come..."

     "Brother Zhang doesn't welcome me?"

     "Not at all!"

     Zhang Hao smiled and said: "It should be an honor. A large group of people have been looking for you in the past two days, but they haven't seen you. I can see, how honored!"

     "Brother Zhang, don't laugh at me!"

     Su Yu laughed, and Zhang Hao quickly said, "Go in and sit!"

     Su Yu walked into the door and sighed, rich people are really extravagant!

      So big room, you live alone, it’s a waste.

     The lobby on the first floor is nearly 100 square meters.

     Zhang Hao is very polite to Su Yu. As an evil student, Zhang Hao is of course also very proud, but it depends on whom he is targeting, even if the evil spirits of the previous year or Wan Mingze of this year, he doesn't care too much.

     Su Yu was different. He defeated him during the Shenwen match. The first two days were even more fierce and defeated Huang Qifeng in the blink of an eye. He admired Su Yu a bit.Heroes cherish heroes, probably this is the reason.

     Sitting down and chatting for a few words, Su Yu also without rubbish, and said: "Brother Zhang, last time I swallowed the soul-devouring insect essence and wounded you, do you remember this?"

     Zhang Hao was embarrassed and came to tease me?

     "Brother Zhang, don't get me wrong!"

     Su Yu sighed: "That's it. The last soul eater blood was the only finished product of our research institute. It was considered a test product! Later we re-manufactured it, but found that there were frequent problems. Stable and easy to burst."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "In the case of many failures, I thought of the rune system and of Brother Zhang! The last time you dealt with my explosive divine writings, I looked for a moment, it was not too stable, but you It can be manipulated, and the divine text will burst before it burst..."

     This is also some inspiration from Su Yu himself, talented blood, who said that the Divine Literature Department must do it alone?

     The rune system seems to be very good at sealing some things.

     My teacher, all day long thinking about being self-sufficient.

     Speaking of this, Zhang Hao became interested in an instant, and hurriedly said: "Soul Eater talent? Do you want to create the essence of the talent, and the outer envelope layer is not stable enough?"

     "Yes, it's easy to explode!"

     Zhang Hao smiled and said: "Yes! Soul Eater's talent skills, I tried it last time. It corrodes and burns. This thing is like a burst of divine writing, and it must be unstable! Last time I thought you had solved this problem, so it can be successfully manufactured. It doesn't seem to be right now, it's just an accident?"

     "Correct!"Zhang Hao suddenly face light up with delight and said: "Don't tell me, I am really good at this! In fact, I am also studying this topic recently, or the talents of essence and blood, many civilized masters are studying! Because of your talents Blood, I don’t have a sample. I can only make some judgments. You should have extracted some talent marks and other things, and then wrapped them in another layer of essence and blood..."

      has to say, Su Yu really admires these guys.


     The students are so smart, what do those guys Zhou Pingsheng think, why are they fooled?

     Su Yu was a little speechless, thought about it, and a little bit amused.

     He probably understands it!

     The first is that he really broke out, and the second is probably related to the fluctuations in the divine text he said casually. He said that the fluctuations in the divine text changed some of the internal structure of the essence and blood. Those guys are probably studying this recently, not the internal talents. Imprint extraction.

     They may feel that using divine text fluctuations can change the internal imprint.

     Su Yu suddenly felt that... it might not be a method!

     If it is really possible not to break the essence and blood, extract the talent imprint from the air, and crush the rest, wouldn't the original essence and blood layer be better?

     Now... Su Yu was stunned!

     This... may not be a good way!

     And the manufacturing method is simpler and more complete, no need to separate the blood!

     At this moment, Su Yu was a little lost and in a daze!

     "I'm really a genius!"This thought suddenly occurred in his heart, "If I can really cut off the internal talent imprints and break the grievances and Memory Fragment remaining, then it will be a drop of talent blood!"

     Su Yu swallowed, if so, then I really created a way to create talented blood!

     "However, the essence and blood are not separated. It seems that there is no way to penetrate into the essence and blood for imprint separation!"

     Su Yu rubbed his head, unless there is a special divine text, he can directly enter the essence and blood to peel off those marks!

     "Don't say it, it's really a way!"

     Su Yu was a little surprised. I was too powerful. At this moment, I suddenly understood why many people could be deceived. These guys probably think so too?

     He hadn't really thought about it this way before, mainly because he didn't understand the process at all.

     As for the materials he used, they may have understood it as a process of softening the essence and blood. In this process, allowing the essence and blood to pass the divine text or willpower!

     "Maybe that's it, vinegar, soy sauce, these things, they may really think it is used to soften the blood!"

     Otherwise, Shanhai and Lingyun would not be so stupid, even this kind of research method of everything in disorder can be believed.

     Zhang Hao kept looking at Su Yu, and was distracted when he saw him talking, not surprisingly.

     Geniuses are like this!

     Researchers often have an inspiration in one sentence and fall into their own world. He can understand completely, because he often does this himself.

     Just admire Su Yu more!At the same time of great force, he still does not forget the duty of a civilized teacher. It is indeed a monster and a genius!


      After a while, Su Yu became sober and apologized: "Sorry, I just thought of something..."

     "It's okay!"

     Zhang Hao didn’t care about this, and smiled: "Su Yu, you just said that there was a problem with the blood wrapper, but when you came to me, I thought, did you have some other thoughts, such as replacing this wrapper with Runes to wrap?"

     Su Yu nodded and said with a smile: "Yes! That's what I think, or add a protective film to the wrapping layer, something like a capsule, which can ensure that it won't explode."

     "You have found the right person for this!"

     Zhang Hao face light up with delight and said: "This thing, if you find someone else, the cost is extremely high! The stable rune shell is not without, but the price is too high, you know, my divine writing is a special feature Divine text, I can continuously peel off small one-off divine texts."

     "As long as I eliminate the explosive characteristics, the disposable divine writing shell I stripped out can be used as a capsule!"

     Su Yu frowned and said, "You? You haven't found the stationery..."

     "This doesn't need to be present, it is manifested by willpower!"

     Zhang Hao hurriedly said: "Su Yu, in this way, as long as you promise to provide me with some soul eater talented blood, I will help you stabilize the blood for free, how about?"

     Su Yu glanced at him, and suddenly said: "I was thinking about a question. If the talented blood is not swallowed, but instead is guided and exploded with the characteristics of your divine text, will it directly explode talent skills and corrupt others' willpower? ""..."

     Zhang Hao's eyes were sharp, "It's possible! If so, then I'll be awesome! Controlling hundreds of drops of Soul Eater essence and blood, even if you deal with the sky, hundreds of talent bursts can corrode the opponent's willpower and severely damage the opponent! "

     Zhang Hao swallowed and said, "Don't say, Su Yu, your idea may really be realized! At that time, I will be an army of soul eater. Of course, it depends on how much I can peel off, willpower How strong, the number of times I can really explode now is about 100 times."

     "Hundreds of divine writing explosions, because my divine writing is not too strong, I can actually blow up the weak like Lin Qing, but once the soul eater essence and blood are attached, let alone Lin Qing, it is Zhan Hai, who was blown up by me. A hundred times, I probably have to cry!"

     Zhan Hai hasn't vacated yet!

     Using the soul-eater's essence and blood to burst corrosive skills, corrode him, burn him, can Zhan Hai not cry?

     Thinking of this, Zhang Hao blushed with excitement!

     It seems to have started a new life!

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Don't get excited, there are many difficulties! In addition, the cost of talent essence and blood is also high. The Soul Eater talent is actually a martial skill, mainly for vitality mutation. Of course, there is essence and blood around it, which can provide vitality, and it will affect nothing else. ."

      Despite this, Su Yu still said: "The main issue is the cost. Even if you can do this, you need to know how much a drop of talented blood costs? If you explode a hundred drops at a time, then you can hurt people like Zhan Hai. how much is it?"


     Zhang Hao was sluggish for a while, as if so too!

     What about him, talent and blood are very expensive, right?

     "How much is a drop...""Even if this thing is manufactured on a large scale, the essence and blood itself will cost 3 points a drop of merit. Moreover, the essence and blood are only materials. The extraction process in it, the amount of essence and blood that failed and wasted... Even if it is manufactured on a large scale, there is no 10 points. I can't take any meritorious service."

     10 o'clock is actually not too expensive.

     But Zhang Hao suddenly shiver all over though not cold!

     Then I blow a hundred drops at a time, 1000 points of merit... Forget it, Lingyun feels a loss if it doesn't blow up!

     With his current strength, Baidi exploded, and Zhan Hai would be killed even if he was lucky.

     He can't even blow up into the air!

     Su Yu smiled and said: "It can't be used as a common tactic, but it is still very useful as a killer. When your willpower becomes stronger, you can sort out more one-time runes, 500 pieces at a time, 500 pieces of Qianjun level. Soul Eater, spray the Soul Eater together, can it kill the sky?"

     "That won't work, at least a thousand!"

     Zhang Hao said, but his eyes lit up: "Don't say, I hope to separate thousands of one-time runes before I take off. If it really works, I can kill Tengkong. This is... very awesome. !"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "So I said, being a killer is still very powerful! It's just a great deal now, if it's possible to extract some soul eater essence and blood from Ten Thousand Stone Realm, if you can control it, tens of millions of Stone Realm's bites Soul insects, spray together, do you think you can kill Lingyun?"

     "Probably not, but those in the late stage of the flight will be seriously injured and dying!"

     Zhang Hao got excited and hurriedly said: "Su Yu, let's don't fight, won't make friends, are we friends? Cooperate! I will provide you with a protective film, you don't need to give me blood, sell I'll do it, but a large amount!"Su Yu smiled. He has the skill of Soul Eater, but it doesn't mean that everyone can open the acupuncture points, so the talented blood is still valuable and great.

     This thing, like the magic rune, is a one-off product.

     For example, Zhang Hao, even if he opens the acupuncture points by himself, it is not very useful. How great is the damage of a person's explosive power?

     As for Zhang Hao's divine writing, once it can control a hundred drops of blood to explode and explode innate skills, then the lethality is scary!

     "Let's go back and try to see the effect first. If it succeeds, it will be useless, right?"


     Zhang Hao nodded, not so eagerly.

     Su Yu was thinking about whether to take this opportunity and pull the first evildoer of the rune system into his mutual aid association.

     Looking back, even if Zhang Hao cooperates with him to stabilize his blood, I am afraid he will have to enter the Research Center up close, and he has to consult Bai Feng.

     However, today's harvest is not small, and there may be a way to fix the soul eater's blood.

     "Mutual Aid Association..."

     "Wen Jue..."

     "Innate blood..."

     Su Yu murmured in his heart, he had to put on himself a coat of research genius!

     For a civilized teacher, sometimes Ling Yun and Shan Hai may not be comparable to a genius with outstanding talent in research!

     In other words, for a whole human race, all the same.

     Zhao Li has a high status!Even the old man did not dare to provoke him easily. It has nothing to do with the four generations of the prefects. The main reason is that he is the second master of the military casting system of the Daxia Mansion. If you build a civilian soldier, you may be asked to him.

     Zhao Li is the Seventh Layer of Lingyun, a strong man with many academic institutions.

     But none of them are higher than him.

     If Su Yu puts on himself a researcher coat of talent and blood, then, even if the university can't be mixed, there will be people in Daxia Mansion and even the entire human environment who are willing to recruit him and train him.

     Today's Su Yu is already thinking about the arrival of these possibilities.

     On the Daxia Civilization Academy's side, the struggle was very strong, and the polytheistic writing system was really a bit weak in Su Yu's view, and it felt like he had been under pressure.

     He is a genius, and it's useless until he takes off.

     However, if he is a research genius, he is not worthy of the sky.

     "Also, my previous Shenwen changed the essence and blood and directly created the talented essence and blood method. You can also try more deeply. If you find the fault in the first line of the single Shenwen, I will directly manufacture the talented essence and blood on the spot and swell their faces. It's fun!"

     "I, Su Yu, don't lie!"

     Su Yu was happy, if there was such a day, it would be fun.

     Everyone thought it was fake, but I just really manufactured the talented blood, are you shocked?

     Teachers, they all think it is fake, but I really succeeded. Are you dumbfounded?

     At that time, countless people must have been shocked by jaw drop.

     This method... is actually true!
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