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170 Opening Of The Show (big Chapter For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

October 6.

     Schools are making a comeback.

     Early in the morning, hearsay is flying all over the sky.

     "Heard? Su Yu is out of customs today and is about to fight!"

     "Does anyone challenge him to know? Su Yu is not weak. Look at Huang Qifeng's fate, at the second stage of Wanshi, the pinnacle of cultivating nature, he was beaten into that ghostly appearance, and anyone dares to take action?"

     "Yes, don't you want to live anymore?"

     "That guy Su Yu is not a soft persimmon, anyone can pinch it!"

     A group of people talked with each other in a low voice.

     Su Yu is not weak!

     Is Huang Qifeng strong?

     How is the result?

     I'm still in a coma, and I'm afraid I'm out of action in a few months.

     Huang Qifeng's true strength should be from the fourth to the fifth of Wanshi, and he was beaten like this by Su Yu. Whoever comes under the top 50 of the top 100 list will probably be a fate.

     Those who are really sure to win against Su Yu are probably the top 30 students.

     Almost all the students in the top 30 have the strength of Wanshi late stage.

     Of course, it's hard to say about nurturing.

     If you encounter a divine text aimed at you, the other party may be weaker than you and can beat you. The list of the top 100 civilized schools is not as intuitive as the war academy. Some people restrain the divine text, some are a rune type, and even tame animals. One series, this thing is hard to say.

     The crowd talked in whispers.

     Wu Lan hanging one's head dispiritedly behind her sister, her face depressed, no longer her previous pride.


     Wu Qi chuckled, seeing her students around, hurriedly said hello and left in a hurry.

     The Great Demon Wu Qi!Stay away!

     Wu Lan said frustrated: "No, sister, I'm just wondering why I sketched such a stupid divine writing."


     Wu Qi smiled lightly and said: "If you really outline'stupid' then you are stupid!"

     "Isn't this stupid?"

     Wu Lan was somewhat depressed, "Why is the character'weak', I want the character'strong'!"

     No face to meet people!

     What kind of divine text is not easy to outline, it is too shameful to outline such a divine text.

     Wu Qi was tired and said lightly: "How about the characteristics?"

     "Weaken others!"

     "Is this stupid?"

     "Isn't it stupid?" Wu Lan said unhappy: "I don't want to weaken others, so that others are rubbish, I think others are very strong, and then I am stronger!"

     Wu Qi doesn't want to talk to her anymore.

     She was afraid of being angry!

     The word "weak" is not that you are weak, but that it weakens the opponent's strength and weakens the opponent's strength. Do you feel bad about this?

     Don't outline the divine text at all!

     Too lazy to pay attention to her, Wu Qi walked to the Baiqiang Building, and today, there was another show there.

     Su Yu was a turning point in the struggle between the monotheistic and polytheistic lines, which made the struggle fierce and open.

     Today, there are probably a lot of researchers watching the show.

     Bai Feng injured Hu Wensheng, Huang Qifeng injured Wu Jia, Su Yu injured Huang Qifeng...

     The struggle between the two sides has become increasingly fierce.

     If it is not restricted by the rules, and Bai Feng and Chen Yong have not come forward, I am afraid that the struggle will rise above the sky.

     At the moment, the polytheistic literature has no play.Hong Tan is not in the university, can he count on Su Yu?

     The first department of polytheistic literature also used the rules of the institution to avoid some blows.


     Top 100 House.

     There are indeed many people watching the theater.

     In other words, there are many students and many teachers.

     Some coaches, researchers, and veteran students rushed over.

     After the 3rd, Su Yu never showed up.

     Until today, there was news that Su Yu would face the students who challenged him, and I don’t know if the scene of No. 3 will be staged today.

     The crowd was gathering, and many people suddenly whispered: "Zhan Hai is here!"

     The first person in the sky, Zhan Hai!

     His arrival surprised many students. The teachers came to watch the excitement. Zhan Hai came to judge Su Yu's strength. This means that Su Yu has attracted Zhan Hai's attention.

     "Jiang Mu is here!"

     "A lot of people have come, and most of the top 100 students have come. Look, is that Li Minyu?"

     One by one, the top 100 students arrived, and the atmosphere was three points hotter.

     Several of the top ten have come this time.

     These people, usually Shenlong showing the head but never the tail, are harder to see than those researchers, but now a large number of them have come.

     Outside the crowd, Wu Jia came with Chen Yong, looking around, worrying: "Teacher, do you really want to come? I heard people say that this time there are top-ranked students who shamelessly lowered their rankings and prepared When fighting against Junior Brother, the academy does not care about it, and the loophole is too big!"Chen Yong said helplessly: "How can I manage this? The students themselves want to lower the ranking. So many years it is the first time, and I can't manage it."

     The top 100 list is for competition!

     Not to weaken oneself!

     But this time it was a coincidence. Su Yu's ranking made many people ineligible to challenge him and could only lower their rankings.

     "Can Junior Brother win?"

     "do not know."

     Chen Yong is speechless, I how to know.

     He came here because the kid Su Yu told him to come.

     Thinking of what this kid said to him last night, Chen Yong was helpless. If he did... in the eyes of others, I would really become a sinister person, but I am really honest.

     For so many years, I have been nesting in the library, Su Yu, this kid, must make my reputation bad!

     As I was thinking about it, the crowd made a sensation, and a passage was let go.

     "So handsome!"

     Many girls suddenly whispered!

     Behind the crowd, Su Yu still wears clothes whiter than snow, with a soft smile on his face, nodding to thank the students who gave way to him.

     After staying up for a few days, my face looked slightly pale, but it felt more comfortable, with some scholarly aura.


     This is the civilized teacher!

     "Thank you!"

     Su Yu thanked a girl who gave way to him and walked forward step by step, neither servile nor overbearing, calmly and calmly.

     Go straight to the top 100 ring ahead!Su Yu stepped onto the stage, looked at the people below, and said with a smile: "Sorry, I just entered the top 100 list, and I don't know the rules. I just happened to be doing research in the laboratory with my teacher these few days, and I didn't care about anything else. "

     "When I left the research room last night, I realized that a senior was going to challenge me. According to the school's rules, I should face it."

     Su Yu apologized: "Before I take up the gauntlet, I have something to clarify! This is a grievance between me and some people. Other people are nothing more than a good word, and there is no need to hurt the harmony. Challenge and discuss in a proper manner, I don't have any objection."

     After that, he said: "But if there are some people who are unruly and want to take the opportunity to sell to some people, take my Su Yu as a vote... Sorry, I will not start off leniently to the enemy. Everyone think about it. Think about whether to be on stage!"

     The audience was silent.

     At the next moment, someone shouted: "Good point! Junior Su Yu, come on, let them see how good you are!"

     Those who can shout like this are only those female students.

     She's not young anymore, and she doesn't look good at her. In fact, she doesn't care much about whether others are hostile to her.

     Not many people agree.

     Here, after all, there is still a single line of divine writing, and there are many strong ones, and it is easy to offend people if you speak at this moment.

     And many top 100 students are there, and these people want to take advantage.

     The referee is the last one, Zhao Ming.

     But today are two referees!

     There is another, the young man who admonished them last time, Su Yu is not familiar with him, and he forgot to ask Chen Yong last time, feeling that he still has some kindness towards him.Zhao Ming looked at Su Yu and said with a smile: "Su Yu, there are many people who challenge you, you can pick one!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Teacher, do I have 10 points for winning?"

     "of course!"

     "Teacher, is there anyone who challenged me who was ranked 30-70 before?"

     "Let me see……"

     Zhao Ming picked up the little jade charm in his hand, glanced at, and smiled: "Yes, more than one, a total of 3 people! Wang He, previously ranked 38th, fell to 75th in these two days."

     "Hu Yu, who was previously ranked 44th, now fell to 77th."

     "Huang Yun, previously ranked 48th, now she fell to 81st."

     All three are in the top 50!

     In the past two days, the ranking was lost, and the purpose was obvious.

     A low hiss sounded from the audience.

     In the crowd, a few people looked a little strange, but they didn't say anything.

     The will of the mountain and sea!

     Since other people can't let go of their faces, they will try it first!

     No one dropped the rankings below 50, not too big significance, not necessarily Su Yu's opponent, top five ten, they are all somewhat certain.

     Between 30-50, under normal circumstances, it is not a big problem against Wanshi 5-6.

     As for Su Yu, who defeated Huang Qifeng before, his combat power was probably around Ten Thousand Stone Fifth Layer, and his speed was too fast. In fact, Huang Qifeng didn't display his full strength.Su Yu was also not polite, and said lightly: "Then the winner will be divided into the ring! Since these people are so caring about me, I said ugly, if I lose, I will give up, otherwise... I will not be polite. , It's all deceived to me, and I can't really let anyone else handle it!"

     Zhao Ming smiled and said, "I don't care about this, Su Yu, which one do you want to choose?"

     "Wang He!"

     Su Yu was not welcome, and said lightly: "Rated 38, right? I also want to see how strong a senior is ranked like this!"

     Of course, there are now 75 people.

     In the audience, a young man, also dressed in white, smiled when he heard the words, jumps up suddenly, and said, "School Su Yu, don’t say I bully you! Replace it with you, a text of the will of the mountain and sea. In front of you, will you get it?"

     Su Yu nodded slightly, smiled and said: "Yes! Of course, it doesn't make sense to say these. Since you want to take it, then show your skills! Since you are in the ring, you must rely on your skills, within the rules, winner is the king! "

     "well said!"

     Wang He smiled and said: "I have no grudges with Junior Brother, so let's talk about it. I saw your fight against Huang Qifeng, Junior Brother is extremely strong!"

     Raise Su Yu!

     This doesn't seem embarrassing.

     Su Yu is too lazy to say something, just forget it if he doesn't lower the ranking, and challenge him by lowering the ranking. This kind of person's intention is too obvious.

     Zhao Ming was also unambiguous, and when the two of them were in place, he quickly said: "Start!"


     This time, Su Yu doesn't have any hidden.

     The literary soldiers are presented directly, and the five divine writings directly enter the literary soldiers, all 153 acupoints are opened, and the acupoints quickly absorb the vitality of the four directions!Knife out!

     Legs out!

     The speed is amazing!


     With the sound of breaking through the air, Wang He can become 38, and he is not a weak one. Fleshly Body Realm has the Four Thousand Stones and has reached the peak of nourishment!

     The acupoints were also opened one after another, and a long sword of civilian soldiers appeared.

     Mirage now!

     Shadows out!

     Thunder burst!

     Several of Su Yu's divine writing characteristics broke out one after another, Wang He was also unambiguous at this time, his willpower broke out, the divine writing broke out, and the void became red!

     The flame is all over the audience!

     Flame god text!

     The illusion is on the verge of collapse, and the thunder is quickly extinguished, the murderous spirit is burned, and the fighting spirit is diluted.


     Su Yu whipped out with one leg, Wang He's afterimage shattered, but he had disappeared in place.

     "Speed type divine text!"

     At this moment, someone in the audience said something.

     Wang He, he has more than one divine text.

     Very fast!

     Even if it was not as fast as Su Yu, because of preparation, he avoided this leg in an instant.

     Su Yu whipped out with one leg, the air burst, and his vitality exploded.

     At this time, a thin sword fell from the sky!

     Wang He stepped into the void and stabbed with a sword!

     Fight against Baihui!

     Before the sword arrived, strong willpower had already surged, and there was a chill from Su Yu Baihui!

     Break the hole!

     Broken yuan!


     He is fast, Su Yu is faster, sideways, stepping on the ground, volley!

     Kick away!

     Bang bang bang!

     Wang He shot back, fists and feet, banging endlessly.Two civilian soldiers collided in the void.

     Su Yu kicked and kicked, taking advantage of the volley, kicking out with both legs in turn, the rumbling sound continued, and Wang He was kicked back continuously.

     Originally not so much, but every kick of Su Yu gave him a sense of Ethereal Shift drop.

     Can't avoid it!

     In the audience, a group of researchers was also a little dazzled, this is extremely clever martial arts!

     "Heaven Rank Martial Skill!"

     Many people have judged that this is definitely a Heaven Rank Martial Skill!

     The strength of Wang He Wanshi Quadruple is not weak, and it is a real Wanshi, combining 10 orifices into one, although not as good as the true top fighter with 12 orifices, he is also a strong one among civilized divisions.

     Otherwise, there would be no more than 38 kills before.

     But his acupuncture points were not as much as Su Yu, his vitality was not as pure as Su Yu, and his martial arts were not as strong as Su Yu. At this moment, the two sides were fighting physically, and Wang He did not take advantage of it.

     The two sides played against each other one after another, constantly fighting each other!

     On Wang He's hands, cracks quickly appeared, and blood flowed!

     But at this moment, Wang He realized that something was wrong, and the blood flow was extremely fast, amazingly fast!

     It was originally just a small wound, which didn't affect him too much.

     However, at this moment, the blood flow continued, making him feel a little weak instantly.

     "Damn it!"

     Wang He was shocked. Except for Su Yu's fight with Zheng Yunhui to show the blood-sucking characteristics, he didn't show it at other times. Few people knew that his divine writing could still suck blood.

     And it's a second-order divine text!

     At this moment, the blood sucking speed is amazing!Wang He sensed a wave of weakness, but Su Yu was stronger with each battle. The 153 acupoints extracted vitality from all around. Wang He couldn't even recover his vitality.

     With a bang, Wang He flew upside down, rolled over, and quickly climbed up.

     Take the opportunity to get rid of Su Yu's martial arts entanglement!

     A drop of vitality liquid was quickly swallowed by him, and the wounds in his hands began to heal, and the bleeding rate dropped.

     Wang He complexion blanches, glanced at Su Yu on the ground, frowning.

     At this moment, his white clothes are already covered with dust, and Su Yu, except for some sweat on his forehead, still clothes whiter than snow.

     Wang He is wary in his heart!

     Sure enough!

     It’s no wonder that the Shan Shenwen series offered such a price. He originally thought that even if Su Yu was strong, he was definitely not his opponent, but now he realized that this guy looked like a mighty man, but in fact he was not weaker Wanshi!

     Even if the War Academy is stronger than Su Yu in the Qianjun Realm, you probably can't find one, it is the flesh!



     The students were also surprised and shocked.

     Su Yu defeated Huang Qifeng before. Everyone knows that he is very strong, but at this moment, he can suppress even the 38th ranked Wang He, which is beyond many people's expectations.

     Soon, a researcher curiously said: "He has stronger willpower than last time. He is now 70% full, and he is even tougher than Wang He looks!"

     The civilians and soldiers of both sides have been fighting each other, but Su Yu doesn't fall into a disadvantageous position at all, and can also make the "blood" divine writing time to suck blood. This guy's full willpower and strength cannot be equal.

     And the progress is fast!In the blink of an eye, they have already arrived, 70% full.

     They were surprised, and a few people in the crowd were even more surprised.

     People like Liu Hong and Wu Qi have seen Su Yu before. During the Divine Writing Competition, his full charge was less than 60%. In the blink of an eye, this is 70%?

     This guy has improved too fast!



     Zhao Li was watching the show with his arms in his arms. The strongman in the casting department who had presided over the Shenwen Contest stood aside and whispered: "Teacher, do you really pass on his God Enlargement Technique?"

     "Mind your own business!"

     The middle-aged was helpless, some not to know whether to laugh or cry, and said: "Teacher, you are not going to accept him as a descendant, are you? He is a man of many gods..."

     "None of my business !"


     The middle-aged became more helpless, and whispered: "Teacher, be careful of being hated by others. Now many people are saying that Su Yu has learned your divine enlargement technique."

     Zhao Li had a good temper in front of Su Yu, but in front of others, it was really bad temper.

     Suddenly he cursed: "If you learn it, learn it, how is it? Let Zhou Mingren come to me, you let him try it! Whatever he is, I don't care about anything, what do you care about me! I beat my civilian soldiers, who dares? Take care of Laozi? It’s a big deal. Lao Tzu takes his belongings to the Xia’s family as a guest clerk. The Xia’s family takes care of Laozi. Laozi goes to the Zhu’s house of the Daming Mansion. If he can’t go to the Dazhou Mansion, how can he manage Laozi?"

     After cursing a few words, Zhao Li didn't care about other people's eyes, and said contemptuously: "I don't owe a school! I have earned everything I wear, eat and drink all these years! By his skill Earn it! After passing the God Enlarging Technique and how is it? If you love passing it, then pass it, and it's up to him to take care of it!"With that, Lao Zhao moved towards the Xiuxin Pavilion, raise(s) middle finger, foul-mouthed and said: "Hey, I've been mad, and you guys will return the vitality secret realm to Laozi, if not, I will bring Come and ask for it!"



     Several nearby single-shenwen first-line powerhouses avoided one after another.

     Several strong neutrals began to speak one after another: "Lao Zhao, calm down, no one says you are not, don't care about those people."

     Zhao Li was coldly snorted and ignored him.

     I love it!

     Is it your turn to take care of it?

     I don't owe you a dime!

     His students also looked embarrassed and did not dare to speak anymore. Shan Shenwen didn't say anything. He was somewhat worried that his teacher was involved. As a result... Forget it, the middle-aged man shook his head.


     Anyway, the teacher is free to come and go, and he can eat anywhere, but there is no need to be worried.

     Master Casting Soldiers won’t say anything. The Secret Realm of Vital Energy belongs to the teacher, even if he can’t take it now, he really brings invincibility to ask for it... King Daxia has nothing to say, you can still prevent the son of the four generations of the governor from getting back to him. Home stuff?

     The Secret Realm of Vitality is a good thing, many people want it.

     Su Yu made rapid progress, except for the album, it was because of the secret of vitality.


     The battle on stage is still going on.

     Few people knew that the old Zhao was angry.

     Xiuxin Pavilion.

     The meeting was about to begin. Before the meeting started, some people spied on the situation there, and some heard Zhao Li's words and saw his actions.Many people looked at Zhou Mingren. Zhou Mingren frowned and said, "Who is the biography of Zhao Li? It's his business, it has nothing to do with me!"

     That old guy, there is no need to provoke him.

     Even if Su Yu learned the God Enlargement Technique, he was not prepared to use it to make a fuss, it was purely that Zhao's apprentice was too worried.

     In the meeting room, an old man also said, "Zhao Li, don't get involved with him! No matter how you fight, it involves Zhao Li. The four generations of Yu Yin are still there, so consider the consequences for yourself! "

     No one said anything.

     The old man said again: "The first series of polytheistic literature has declined, and the fourth generation of the first department has not yet fallen! The governor of the Great Zhoufu Zhubing Academy is a student of the fourth generation. Zhao Li didn't bother to leave his homeland, he really forced him to leave. He, I tell you, be responsible for the consequence of one's action!"

     Keep quiet.

     The four generations of the prefects also have students. They are still alive. They are the same generation as the ten thousand days and the five generations of the prefects. However, the Daxia Mansion can’t cast soldiers. Has become the governor.

     Zhou Mingren somewhat of a headache, he said after a long while: "No one is fighting with Zhao Li, Lao Qi, let alone these useless!"

     Who fought Zhao Li?

     This terrible old man, he himself is cursing, who has offended him?

     The old man called Lao Qi, coldly snorted, said: "Then don't mention these! Today I asked the governor to hold this meeting, which is related to the curse of the gods..."

     He said and shouted: "All right, when a student competes with each other, it distracts you? Can't tell the difference? Give me back my willpower, and then in two minds about sth, the meeting will not be held, and the meeting will not be held in the future. Call me!"Several senior patrons somewhat embarrassed, have withdrawn their willpower.

     Isn't this somewhat curious?

     Old Qi, this guy has a temper.

     At the Central Station, Wan Tiansheng didn't say a word. He didn't hold today's meeting. He didn't bother to care about it, just listen.

     Lao Qi said that he found the curse of the gods...Look at it and talk about it.

     He didn't find anything, what could Lao Qi find?

     But it’s hard to say, after all, it’s been many years, and maybe something has really been discovered.

     In the next moment, Saint Wantian won't bother to take care of things over there, just listen, lest Lao Qi gets angry, it's all mountains and seas, and it's not good to annoy Lao Qi.


     On stage.

     Su Yu and Wang He fought for another three or four minutes.

     Wang He became weaker and weaker as he fought, and his wounds kept bleeding. Su Yu was also panting heavily, his face was pale and sweat profusely.

     At this moment, a click!

     The war between civilians and soldiers, there is a result!

     The long sword breaks!

     With a puff, a mouthful of blood spouted from Wang He's mouth, Su Yu would not show mercy!

     Just wait now!

     When he moved his feet, he appeared in front of Wang He in an instant. Wang He was shocked, but his willpower was backlashed by the fragmentation of the civilian soldiers. He was in a hurry and thought of Huang Qifeng's fate!

     It's too late to cry out!

     Su Yu raised his knees high and pushed one knee out, hitting his chest!


     The sound of bone cracks came out!

     With a bang, Wang He fell to the ground and fell off the ring, blood overflowing from his mouth, frantically pouring out.

     Su Yu looked calm and sighed lightly.Withdrawing the civilian soldiers, at this moment, the civilian soldiers smashed a long sword of the civilian soldiers, and the murderous aura became stronger.

      Slaughter [杀] Character The divine writing is killing.

     Smashing a civilian soldier is also killing!

     At this moment, the military knife became more and more cold and secluded.

     In the audience, many people changed color and civilian soldiers were crushed. Wang He suffered a great loss this time, and his willpower was also traumatized. It was not as serious as Huang Qifeng, but he didn't have a few months of cultivation. Don't want to recover.

     "Half Profound Soldier!"

     Someone sighed, somewhat envied.

     The last time Su Yu and Huang Qifeng fought, they also smashed the opponent's civilian soldiers. It was too fast at that time and everyone hadn't noticed.

     Today, they can see it thoroughly.

     This is not a Huangjie civilian soldier, but a semi-profound soldier about to advance!

     Many people looked at Zhao Li over there, no need to ask, such a powerful civilian soldier was 100% made by Zhao Li himself. Sure enough, Zhao Li had really taught Su Yu from his aunt.

     Wang He was seriously injured!

     At this moment, the expressions of other people changed.

     The other two students who dropped out of the rankings were both complexion was ugly at the moment, and Wang He actually lost!

     Not only was it defeated, the civilians were shattered, and the willpower was traumatized. This is probably comparable to the loss of a text of will.

     Not only did it not take advantage of it, but it suffered a lot.

     The civilian soldiers that have been nurtured for several years are so broken, and they have to be re-purchased and nurtured again. I'm afraid it will delay the time for promotion and flight, and it will take a lot of time!

     Su Yu gasped for a while and then spoke again: "Don't look at me like that, I said, if others don't provoke me then I won't provoke others! Since I will not be polite by lowering the ranking to deal with me!"No one said anything.

     Zhao Ming smiled and said, "Su Yusheng! How about taking a break and continuing?"

     Su Yu nodded slightly.

     In the audience, someone suddenly said, "Su Yu, do you only dare to take the challenge from students after 30?"

     Su Yu looked at the person who spoke!

     Zhao Ming happily explained: "Didn't you ask who dropped the ranking in 30-50? This is not, his name is Zhai Feng..."

     Su Yu said calmly: "I know, Zhai Feng, ranked ninth! Disciple of deputy curator Zhou Pingsheng, right?"

     In the audience, Zhai Feng calmly said: "Now ranked 72! According to the rules, you can challenge you, and you can't refuse, unless you voluntarily give in..."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I have a challenge. According to the rules, I can pick it up, and according to the rules, I can refuse the challenge after playing up to three games a day. Do you have any comments?"

     Zhai Feng looked at him and said lightly: "Are you scared?"

     "Stimulate me?"

     Su Yu laughed and said, "You guy who has practiced longer than Huang Qifeng, to stimulate me a student who has been in school for two months, is it interesting?"


     Zhai Feng said nothing.

     Saying this is just empty talk. Su Yu just doesn't accept his challenge. What can he do?

     "Unless you play three games every day, otherwise, before the 25th, if you still don't accept my challenge, you will lose!"

     Su Yu didn't bother to care about him and looked at Xia Huyou below.

     Xia Huyou nodded invisibly.

     Get it done!

     No problem!Su Yu lightly laughed, too lazy to care about Zhai Feng, and suddenly said: "Hu Yu, Huang Yun...are you still going to challenge me? Give up, and I will charge 10 points for the accomplishment. Otherwise, unless you think you are better than Wang He, otherwise, wait a minute. You are the ones who are seriously injured!"

     In the audience, a man and a woman looked gloomy.

     Admit defeat?

     Give up before you fight?

     But when they thought that Wang He was defeated, Su Yu's legs were so fast that they might not be sure to retreat all over.

     The two said nothing.

     Su Yu was not in a hurry, recovered for a while, swallowed a few drops of vitality liquid, and almost half an hour passed, Su Yu said lightly: "Then go on, Hu Yu, come up!"

     Hu Yu, ranked 44th before.

     At this moment, some if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off.

     On stage?

     After thinking about it, sighed, to go!

     Even if he loses, the big deal is to concede defeat on stage, and concede defeat without being on stage.

     The gap between him and Wang He is not too big, and he may not have a chance to win.


     The battle broke out again!

     But this time, Su Yu completely changed his style of play.


     Really tough!

     Just like when dealing with Huang Qifeng that day, Su Yu Wenbing didn't show up, his willpower stuck to the sea of will, and when the battle broke out, the acupoints were fully opened and charged!


     Fast, quick moves, incomparable fierce.

     At this moment, no one thinks that he is a civilized teacher, he is a mob in the war school!

     In less than a minute, many people exclaimed!Su Yu allowed a knife to penetrate the shoulder blades and grabbed Hu Yu with his right hand. Before he yelled to admit defeat, Su Yu whipped out with a bang, and this leg broke Hu Yu more than ten ribs!

     The blood ran down from Su Yu's shoulders and dyed his clothes red. Su Yu didn't seem to know the pain, so he let the knife turn, and once again made a wound on his back, and stepped on it!

     With a click, Hu Yu's sternum was broken.

     With a kick and a bang, Hu Yu fell under the ring like a tattered one.

     Su Yu grabbed the small knife belonging to Hu Yu casually, smiled, thrown it at random, and threw it to Hu Yu's side, moved his shoulders a little, and smiled lightly: "The academics are too soft, so I should be cut off directly. I’m underestimating my Su Yu!"


     No one said anything!

     Some female students couldn't bear it. Before, they always felt that Su Yu was soft, but today, they experienced his violent and cruelty again.

     It was the same with Huang Qifeng last time, and it is the same today.

     Not only is he cruel to the enemy, Su Yu is also cruel to himself.

     Some of the top 100 students' expressions became completely solemn.

     They always feel that Su Yu has no experience and grows strong too fast, but at this moment, Su Yu tells them that you are not opponents either!

     People who have suffered it will know how painful the shoulder blade is penetrated.

     Su Yu is okay!


     In the audience, Zheng Yunhui curled his lips, a group of silly forks!Su Yu is not an inexperienced rookie. This guy has a lot of lives in his hands. He checked Su Yu’s information last time. Even if some of the information is kept secret, he also knows the situation. This guy hasn't gotten to the point. People of less than ten thousand ethnic groups.

     Desperadoes, OK!

     Who said that Su Yu is an elegant scholar, let's talk about how he beat that guy!

     "Huang Yun, admit defeat?"

     Su Yu looked at the girl in the audience and said with a smile: "Today's three games, the last one is you, give up?"

     Huang Yun's face was stiff, she still has not spoken.

     "Then wait for me for half an hour!"

     Su Yu laughed, but the smile at the moment was a bit cold in Huang Yun's eyes.

     Obviously, Su Yu has been completely angered!

     The fate of the opponents is worse than one!

     Huang Yun sensed the pressure, and also sensed the crisis. After a long while, she gritted her teeth and said: "I admit defeat!"

     She has no confidence to fight Su Yu!

     She was afraid that she would follow in the footsteps and be severely injured by Su Yu, that would be uneconomical.

     Even Su Yu is already injured!

     "Thank you Senior Sister, I have accepted it!"

     Su Yu calmly, girl?

     If the girl wants to take advantage, she has to beat her to get out of bed!

     At this time, he doesn't care about those!

     The effect of Liwei is obviously achieved, which is very good.

     Some students seem to be somewhat feared.

     This is not what Su Yu wants, I'm a good man, I'm an honest man, everyone's friend, don't look at me like this!

     It's time for Wei Li to benefit everyone!At the next moment, Su Yu smiled, and suddenly said: "I know that everyone's purpose is not for a book of will? If you are good to talk, I Su Yu is not a hard-to-talk person!"

     "It's tempted to lower the ranking to fight me, this kind of person... disgusting!"

     "Mr. Zhao, I will not accept anyone who challenges me! I have already fought three battles. Now, I am going to start the battle of the top 100!"

     Below, some people's hearts trembled slightly.

      What does it mean?

     Su Yu said loudly: "The essay of will? Everyone has a copy? It’s okay. After today, every one has a copy! I, Su Yu, would like to learn from all non-Tengkong students! Give me a bit of merit and hard work, and I will keep on learning with everyone. You must win!"

     "Of course, as to whether you can get it... I'm sorry, I won't make a promise. I don't think the mountains and seas will be so shameless. In the end, someone can get it!"

     Su Yu said with a smile: "Top 100 students must not challenge you. It doesn’t matter. Starting today, I won’t be anymore! I will be challenged by Lin Qing, who is ranked 100th, and put me on the top 100 list. After that, all students can challenge. I!"

     As soon as these words came out, the crowd became a sensation!

     At this moment, Chen Yong suddenly burst of willpower and shouted: "Quiet! Come in line! Register one by one, in order, hand in 1 point of merit, in exchange for a essay of will, whether you can get it, no promise, this is also Not what we promised!"

     "Jiajia, charge!"Chen Yong looked at Wu Jia who was still somewhat dull, and shouted, "What are you doing? Others, queuing to sign up, there are still opportunities. The probability of getting it is very high. You can't get a copy of the mountain and sea. More than a hundred points of merit! Many men, a great force, who is still afraid of it? No, see you at the Yuqiang Department!"

     At this moment, all the students were in a daze.

     At this moment, the powerhouses of the single gods have changed colors!

     "Chen Yong, you guys..."

     Chen Yong's willpower broke out and coldly said: "Why, do you have any opinions? There are also holding back! This is not what we are looking for, yourselves promised, I hope you can complete it, otherwise...then you will have a bowel movement!"

     When the words fell, someone suddenly rushed over there and said loudly: "I sign up, just one point of merit? Su Yu will definitely admit defeat?"

     "for sure!"

     On the stage, Su Yu smiled and said: "I like to watch some people go bankrupt. I hope everyone will sign up!"

     As soon as this word came out, this person also without rubbish, and hurriedly said: "I didn't make the top 100 list. It stands to reason that you and I challenge the ones that don't count..."

     "That person didn't say that he must challenge me publicly, but in order to prevent him from squandering his bills, wait until I fall to the top 100 list. The students behind me in the top 100 are qualified to challenge me. Will anyone be willing to come on stage? ?"

     At this moment, some top 100 students, look at each other in dismay.

     Among the crowd, Zhang Hao pushed a person next to him. This person looked at Zhang Hao and whispered: "Ahao, this will offend..."

     "The rune system is still afraid of this? Brother, does the teacher make you afraid of the single god text?"As soon as these words came out, this person complexion slightly changed, stopped talking nonsense, jumped up instantly, and said: "ranking 88th in the top 100, Wang Qing from the Magic Rune Academy challenges!"

     "Admit defeat!"

     Su Yu is called one simply!

     Here the words fell, and over there, Zheng Yunhui shouted: "I, you fell to 88, I can challenge, count me, Su Yu, quickly surrender!"

     Su Yu laughed and said, "Fit!"

     "Hahaha, I'm ranked 88!"

     Over there, Wang Qing is still in a daze, am I ranked 71?

     I didn't even fight!

     That's a rise of 17 places?

     Zheng Yunhui opened his mouth, and over there, Wu Lan hurriedly pushed Lin Qing aside, Lin Qing a look of sluggishness, glanced at her teacher.

     A playful smile appeared on Wu Qi's face, nodded slightly.

     Lin Qing hurriedly said: "The 100th place in the top 100, Lin Qing challenges Junior Brother Su Yu!"

     "Admit defeat!"

     Lin Qing is also sluggish, I am ranked 91st, so fast!

     "Anything else? I'm on the 100th place, just come to a personal challenge and I will fall off the list!"

     With that said, Su Yu looked at the person who had just signed up, and smiled: "This is the senior, you now are on the top 100 list, I give up!"


     The audience was speechless!

     In the next moment, students look at me and I look at you. They are all somewhat agitated. Do you want to go?

     Maybe not, but... did you get it?

     At this moment, several powerhouses of the Shan Shenwen family changed their colors and hurriedly walked towards the Xiuxin Pavilion area!

     In trouble!At this moment, a smile appeared on Xia Huyou's face. In the next second, many people in the crowd suddenly shouted, "Challenge Liu Bo from the Academy of Soldiers!"

     "Give up, remember to pay 1 point of merit!"

     Su Yu responded with a smile!

     "Wang Hao from Shendan College challenges..."

     "Give up..."


     "Admit defeat!"


      The surrender of in unbroken succession sounded. At this moment, the whole school was a sensation!

     Wu Jia started charging, her face was dull, how can it be like this?

     Isn't the younger brother fighting?

      Won with great difficulty, how can it suddenly become like this!

     Junior brother... fell out of the top 100 list!

     And yourself, collecting money here?

     One point, two points...

     People keep coming to pay, more and more.

      collective responsibility means irresponsibility!

     At the beginning, many people were somewhat scared, but gradually, as more and more people participated, at this moment, the students were flushed with excitement excitedly. What are they afraid of?

     Afraid of a ghost!

     It’s a big deal, the Chief Minister of Zhou is ruining the bill, and the cost is not big, everyone hesitated a moment at 10 o’clock, 1 o’clock...it’s gone!

     Really have to pay, that is a text of the will of mountains and seas!

     Such a grand event, do you still count as a person without participating in it?

     Wu Jia has been dumbfounded, glanced at his merit card, the number on it has arrived more than 1,000 points!

     Wu Jia is almost crying!

     I have never seen so much money. Today I actually saw a merit of more than 1,000 points, and many people gave me money!
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