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175 Trouble Is Gradually Coming (Thanks To The Silver Of The Feixiang Family Bajie For The Reward)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Wen Tan Research Center.

     There are hōng hōng liè liè outside, but inside the Research Center, it is peaceful.

     In the academy, Su Yu did not have much sense of crisis.

     At least there are rules in the civilized academy, and Wantiansheng is a ruler. Even if he robbed Zheng Yunhui's blood last time, it was because within the rules, it was illegally traded stolen goods.

     Of course, he broke through Hong Tan's blockade and summoned Su Yu directly, which is not very rules.

     At this moment, Su Yu entered the detention area again.


     The basement.

     Several big monsters have long been used to it.

     Feeling Su Yu's movement, and even a little joy, he came so early!

     It was only 7 days, Su Yu actually came!

      Under normal circumstances, didn’t it come in 10 days?

     The original rule of feeding once every three days has become a luxury, and several big demons have never expected it.

     Su Yu opened the door and went down the stairs. The big demons were all overjoyed. All of them were moving. Nothing would work. The fire crow who didn't move for the first time was regretting it and took one less vitality liquid .

     As soon as he came in, Bai Li eagerly said, "Brother Su Yu, did you switch to the merit point for the exercises I wrote you last time?"

     Su Yu patted his forehead and laughed and said, "I forgot! There have been too many things recently. I did research with the teacher, and I forgot to change things. Next time!"

     Baili was extremely depressed!


     He also wondered, this time, could he divide an extra drop of vitality liquid, Su Yu actually forgot, this guy is so forgetful.No wonder, often forget to feed them.

     Su Yu was too lazy to say, a demon and a drop of vitality liquid, and then looked at the cage No. 1, the cage where the water man was.

     "No. 1, how about chatting?"

     The water is transformed into a human form, but the face has no facial features, and the soft voice just as in the past: "What do you want to talk about?"

     "Shui Xing Jue!"

     Su Yu was also not welcome, and said directly: "Recently, at the Research Center, I am going to try to derive the basic texts that can be used by the human race. I mean it can be used in the nurturing stage."

     "The five element races seem to be good at this kind of exercises. Your water exercises are the exercises used to open the divine orifice. You should know that?"

     The water man said softly: "I told you last time that these cultivation techniques are all born to us. We are born to open some divine orifices. We don't know the specific orifice points that we have opened."

     "Furthermore, the Sea of Will and the Sea of Will are different. They can open my divine orifice, but the Human Race can't. You should also know that your Human Race has killed a lot of Five Elements people."

     Su Yu nodded slightly, and smiled: "I understand! But I still want to try. Civilized teachers are like this. Who doesn't want to try? Once the basic literary formula is derived, it is to stay famous through the ages! Wealth, status, and fame can all be quickly Rushing."

     Water people silent for a while.

      after a while, he said: "Do you want me to tell you the meaning of "Shui Xing Jue"?"

     "It doesn't count."words exceede 5100As for why this acupuncture point is opened, why should it be opened here... That is no concept at all!

     These days, Su Yu has also read many books and read many exercises.

     He felt that he could probably write a template, but he didn't have some insights about the real Five Elements Jue. The template he wrote was not very real and could easily be seen by the strong.

     The water person is the best tutor.

     The exercises cannot be passed on randomly or lightly, but that doesn't mean they won't be passed on. Su Yu has some plans in his heart, and some exercises will be passed on sooner or later.

     How to spread the message, whether you can profit, whether you can guarantee your own safety, this is the key.

     Seeing that he was interested, the water man smiled and didn't mind saying a few more words.

     "The sea of will, in fact, is the same as the physical body. Whether the divine orifice or the physical orifice is a channel connected to the outside world, the more channels open, the faster the cultivation speed."

     "Why the nourishment of the human race cannot cultivate the Wan Wen Jing?"

     The water man slowly said: "Because the sea of will at this moment is too fragile, the human race is in the nurturing stage, the sea of will is not as powerful as ours, we can open the divine orifice, it doesn't mean that you can do it too! The orifices are only suitable for flying into the air, and there are also different divine orifices, some are difficult to find, some are opened more intensely, and some will cause turbulence in the sea of will..."

     Shui Ren didn't mind talking to Su Yuduo about this. Su Yu was happy to hear it. After staying for a long time, it would be good to give more vitality liquid.

     It is not afraid of starving to death, but more vitality liquid can accumulate more strength.

     Gradually, Su Yu had a clearer concept.Take out your own little book and record little by little.

     At this moment, Su Yu looked like some students, and the water man became a teacher.

     Watching him record seriously, his face is serious, and sometimes he asks...At this moment, the detention area seems to have become a classroom, and the atmosphere is peaceful, how can it look like a prison.

     "Then if the 36 divine orifices that were opened in the "Water Movement" were named Water One to Water 36, how would it feel after the Water One was opened?"

     The water person Pausing, replied: "Open the first divine orifice. At this moment, the most important thing is to stabilize the sea of will. The opening of the first divine orifice is often accompanied by turbulence in the sea of will. At this time, absorb some scattered willpower. You can feel a trace of pain..."

     "If you open a hole, can you absorb a little bit of willpower?"

     "Yes, but it's passive, just like your Kaiyuan, just a little bit faster than before."

     Su Yu nodded and continued to ask.

     Water people answer one by one.

     After asking for a long time, Su Yu dropped a drop of vitality liquid in, and said with a smile: "Thank you, next time I don’t understand, I will continue to ask you. When I derive the "Shui Xing Jue" applicable to the human race, I will give you a note. great merit!"


     The water man doesn't want to take the call, if you can deduce it, I...I turn myself into sewage!

     He was about to leave, when Zhuanshan Niu saw that he was leaving, he hurriedly said, "Su Yu, mine hasn't given it yet!"

     Su Yu turned his head to look, the cow spoke honestly, but his heart was not good!

     "You haven't, you are hungry for a month!"Su Yu was not polite at all and said: "I asked someone last time, your blood is in trouble! The blood of the Diamond Mountain Bull Royal Family may contain some willpower and vitality, and there is a possibility of Rebirth from a drop of Blood! You don't remind me, why, want to cheat me?"

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "When I am a fool? I don't understand myself, don't I ask people?"


     Zuanshan Niu screamed pitifully, one month!

     That's it!

     I would really starve to death!

     "I just vacated. How can I have the ability to Rebirth from a drop of Blood, Su Yu, even if the drill mountain cows have this ability, it is not something I can master..."

     "Stop talking nonsense!"

     Su Yu didn't bother to care about it, and foul-mouthed: "The more honest fellow, the more insidious! You are not as honest as Su Su, although Su Su is not honest, anyway, he gave me a Heaven Rank Martial Skill!"

     Sui Sui lies innocently with a gun.

     Why am I being honest?

     I have been very honest recently!

     Look at me, I haven't yelled anymore recently, I'm just waiting for you to send vitality liquid, how good!

     Su Yu didn't say much, and left quickly.

     When he is gone, the detention area, silent for a while.

     After a while, the water man chuckles and said: "Stupid cow, you have a disadvantage."

     Diamond Bull don't want to talk (about it).

     Shadow also said faintly: "He may not have much knowledge himself, but as he said, he can ask others. Su Yu... doesn't look stupid. Also, have you noticed? He seems to have improved a lot!"

     "no?"Sui Su questioned: "I observed it, although I can't detect it, but from the physical point of view, it is not good to absorb vitality, right?"

     "In the middle of the millennium?"

     Shadow quietly said: "Definitely not! The water man probably also feels that Su Yu seems to have hidden some acupuncture points, which should be the effect of divine text, which is similar to the divine text of our shadow clan, and the true strength is not limited to the middle stage!

     The water man turned into a pool of water again, and the voice came out: "Yes, it's probably in the late stage!"

     Several big demons were silent.

     That guy, progress is fast.

     With the Heaven Rank Martial Skill, probably in the Qianjun realm, it is also reckoned to be first or second best.

     Very talented!

     "He came to ask about Wen Jue today, is it really intentional to deduce Wen Jue?"

     The shadow is somewhat uncertain. This is difficult and difficult. There are a group of strong people on the search realm who specialize in this, or there are a group of people in each university.

     Su Yu also wants to do this big project?

     Are you afraid of delaying your practice?

     Others can't give the answer, who knows what Su Yu thinks.


     Just as Su Yu was preparing to write Wenjue techniques to accelerate his practice.

     Xiuxin Pavilion.

     Zhou Mingren's compound.

     Liu Hong sweated all over the face for a long time, struggling to say: "Dean, it's my fault! I quoted Senior Brother Zhou for 82,000 points of merit, but the actual transaction price was 80,000 points. I profited from it. !"

     Liu Hong seemed to be unable to withstand the pressure. Under Zhou Mingren's direct vision, he "candidly" his corruption.

     "80,000 points..."Zhou Mingren repeated a sentence, in fact he had a judgment in his heart.

     80,000 points should not be fake.

     Su Yu couldn't believe everything, but... Zhou Pingsheng came back and said it was 100,000 points!

     Zhou Mingren sighed in his heart!

     He already understood that his student had greeted 18,000 points of merit!

     What a courage!

     What a big appetite!

      With 18,000 points of merit, Zhou Pingsheng is so bold, how dare he?

      It should be noted, a Lingyun realm, it’s not bad to get a thousand points of merit in one year. This refers to the reward on class skill.

     Zhou Pingsheng swallowed tens of thousands of points of merit in one go. If this was known to other patrons, it would be a big trouble.

     Thinking about it, Zhou Mingren said indifferently: "It's normal to do things, some selfishness! 2000 points is not less, I can forgive you once, but...I want to know, that information, is it true or false? ?"

     Liu Honghan dripped, "Dean, I really don’t know! Senior Brother Zhou was watching all the process that day. Senior Brother has stronger eyesight than me, and has more knowledge than me, and it’s not just Senior Brother, Xia Xinyi of the Xia Family Also! Xia Xinyi is also preparing to trade, obviously Xia Xinyi also judged it to be true."

     Xia Xinyi, Xiahouye's son, Xia Chan's father.

     The powerhouse of Lingyun nine layers!

     Moreover, he is a member of the Xia's firm, and he has a wide range of knowledge. He thinks it is true, so can it be fake?

     Zhou Mingren rubbed his temples lightly, for a long time, and said: "Try a period of time again and see, but if it's Su Yu and the others... it's really too small."

     High probability is false!In fact, he had already decided it was fake, only with the last glimmer of hope.

     It can't be said to be fake now, otherwise Zhou Pingsheng, who presided over this matter, would be troublesome. The few old elders wouldn't be able to forget it with a word, a full 100,000 points of merit, which is not a little bit.

     Moreover, there are a lot of troubles now.

     A group of people are now asking him for articles of will, some may not give it, some...must be given!

     Because of a Su Yu, a lot of troubles came out.

     Thinking of this, Zhou Mingren said, "Su Yu...I don't know if it was his own idea, or Chen Yong and Bai Feng's idea, or... Liu Wenyan was instructing behind? no matter what, Su Yu this time If Shan Shenwen's face is shaved, if he doesn't severely punish him, it will lose face."

     Liu Hong hurriedly said: "Dean, he is still nurturing, and he is not on the top 100 list, this... it is difficult for us to shoot him."

     Zhou Mingren said indifferently: "You can't do anything about it? Could it be that a group of people are still stumped by a child?"

     Liu Hong said with an embarrassed look: "This...I have an idea, I'm afraid the dean thinks I'm whimsical."


     "Let him enter into the air!"

     Liu Hong replied: "We are in the nurturing stage, and it is difficult to hold him back! But it is different when he enters the airspace. We have a lot of teaching assistants in the airspace, and in the airspace, they are all researchers, and there are not too many rules. No, when you arrive in the air, throw him to the battlefield of the heavens..."Liu Hong quickly said: "By the way, Dean, I think... it's better to let him enter the sea of knowledge secret realm! He just outlines a few divine texts? If it is an impossible to control and directly enters the sky, it will be interesting and multi-sacred Will Wen Yixi expel him at that time?"

     Liu Hong said excitedly: "Their department, if they don’t complete the outline of the divine literary combat skills, they will enter the sky, then it is not a multi divine literary series! Su Yu's willpower has reached the peak of nourishment, and he can stand it. Enter into the air? Will you expel him at that time, or continue to take him in? If you take him in, will the polytheistic or the polytheistic one? That becomes a joke!"

     Liu Hongyue said more and more, "Su Yu advanced by leaps and bounds is used to it, let him stay at the peak of nurturing for a few years or even more than ten years, can he be willing? At that time, Bai Feng and the others will not give him promotion, maybe both sides will become enemies Up!"

     Zhou Mingren frowned slightly: "Then what if he can stand his temper?"

     "President, he didn't draw the divine text so quickly..."

     "Divine text..."

     What did Zhou Mingren think of!

     Wan Tiansheng said that if he wanted Su Yu to outline human divine texts, if he only outlines human divine texts, then Su Yu can only outline this kind of divine texts, and the speed will be slowed down. You have to crush it yourself, as a result, Su Yu wants to outline more than 10 divine texts, which is more troublesome.

     "How many basic divine writings did you know?"

     Liu Hong shook his head and said: "I don't know, but I think this guy is more talented than Bai Feng, at least 12 or more! You see, Chen Yong has been unable to get out of it, and now he has come forward to give him a safeguard (sth ), this kid is absolutely talented!"Zhou Mingren nodded, which is true.

     Let him advance to the air... Liu Hong's idea is interesting.

     Liu Hong said: "The dean, in fact, our goal is not Su Yu now. Su Yu is still very strong, but his senior sister Wu Jia is the key! The dean and the two children are actually not our goal. Our goal is Chen Yong, the position of Chen Yong as the curator of the library is our original goal!"

     Sniping Chen Yong, this is the goal.

     Wu Jia and Su Yu, no matter how strong they are, they cannot be vacated.

     Zhou Mingren lightly sighed and nodded, "Yes, Chen Yong's position needs to be vacated! Xia Yuwen has already entered the Dazhou Palace, and will be back in about a month."

     "Xia Yuwen is coming back?"

     Liu Hong was shocked, not showing his face, he just hesitated: "Dean, after all, he is not a member of our single-shenwen line, really want to cooperate with him?"

     "He has great hopes to become the next Palace Master of the Daxia Mansion. In Daxia Palace, the Xia Family is the king! As long as he becomes the Palace Master, there is hope of striving to improve!"

     Liu Hong can't say anything, and nodded: "I understand! Dean, then we will prevent Wu Jia from making the top 100 list again?"

     "Well, the previous mission has been cancelled, and Wu Jia is not allowed to enter the list for the students of the First Department of Shenwen! If it can't be done, all quota benefits next year will be cancelled!"

     No benefit to you!

     There is only punishment.

     I have spent so many resources training you, and it's useless at all. What are you still training you for?

     Liu Hong cautious and solemn said: "Dean, then I...the 2000 points I have won, I will hand in later..."As he said, he looked nervous and said: "Can you explain to the other elders? I really didn't take that much. It was really 80,000 points of merit. Su Yu just wanted to kill me..."

     "I'm not that stupid!"

     Zhou Mingren waved his hand, some awe-inspiring might, do I believe whatever Su Yu said?

     Liu Hongxin vowed to say that 80,000 points were spent, and asked Zhou Pingsheng to find out.

     Of course, Zhou Pingsheng... My own student, Zhou Mingren has a headache and has a really big appetite, and his mouth is 100,000 points. It is indeed a big trouble if the other cabinet elders pursue it, especially now when he is about to promote him to the position of curator. .

     As for Liu Hong's 2000 points, it is not a big deal for Shanhai.

     Liu Hong's quota in the single-shenwen department is a bit smaller than the others, so take it when you take it.

     Trouble, one after another!

     After a deficit of 100,000 points, Liu Wenyan returned, and other students asked for the will, Zheng Yuming was seriously injured...

     At this moment, Zhou Mingren only feels badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire).

     I originally wanted to retreat and try to hit the sun and the moon. Now that I am so troubled, how can I retreat? How can I have time to retreat?

     Knock on the table, Zhou Mingren said: "Bai Feng and Su Yu, you continue to stare at them! Your two students are pretty good, and the elders are also our lineage's researchers. Don't keep picking and searching. spend some thoughts cultivate..."

     Liu Hong looked embarrassed and helpless, and whispered: "Dean, I...I really can’t afford it. My younger brother has cost me a lot of resources. I also want to enter Lingyun as soon as possible. They...I I really don’t have too much thought to take care of...""you guys!"

     Zhou Mingren somewhat of a headache, a researcher of his own clique, can't even support his own students, so what's the point of being a teacher?

     Under such circumstances, do these students still have a sense of identification with the Shanshenwen series?

     Could it be that these years have really deducted Liu Hong too much?

     Liu Hong’s student Yang Sha also isn’t bad. He is expected to enter the top 100 and advance to the sky. The freshman Lin Yao is also not bad. Moreover, Lin Yao’s grandfather is also in the Lingyun realm of the single divine text. This is genuine self people.

     "Your two students will have a 30-point merit quota every month from now on. Don't even hit your own students!"

     "Will not!"

     Liu Hong looked surprised, 30 o'clock, a lot!

     Researchers in Tengkong Realm actually took so much. It should be noted that Chen Yong's basic quota per month is only 50 points. That's the curator, Ling Yun Kunou.

     Of course, Chen Yong only gave the basic quota, and did not give the excess, otherwise Lingyun Jiuzhong would not be so miserable.

     Zhou Mingren exhaled gently and became somewhat impatient.

     There are a lot of troubles. After he became the peak of the mountain and sea, he actually seldom took care of these things. Before that, Zheng Yuming was dealing with it, and he was the master of the pulse.

     Now all these troubles have fallen on him, for a while, he doesn't know who will take over as the master of the pulse.

     "By the way, how has Xia Chan behaved recently?"


     Zhou Mingren thought a bit then said: "Xia Chan, let her prepare, and let her enter the sea secret next month!"

     "Dean, this... Xia Chan and Xia Yuwen are not in the same group. Will Xia Yuwen..."

     "It's okay!"Zhou Mingren waved his hand and said lightly: "It's all about the two-tier investment, it's all the Xia family. It doesn't matter which department loses. Even if Xia Yuwen wins, I dare not do anything to them. I really think that King Daxia and Palace Master Xia must be him?"

     Even if Xia Chan's system fails, nothing else is a big deal, the big deal is lost the position of the palace lord, nothing else.

     Zhou Mingren still understands this. No matter how strong you Xia Yuwen is, even if you reach invincible, would you dare to kill Xia Chan?

     My grandfather is Xiahouye, grandfather grandfather is Daxia Wang, a prostitute, don’t die!

     Liu Hong nodded and said quickly: "Okay, then I will notify him when I go back! By the way, is Brother Wen Sheng going in this time? He is one Step Away away from Lingyun, this time he entered, I think Lingyun is stable, I have to Congratulations to Brother Wensheng in advance!"

     Speaking of Hu Wensheng, Zhou Mingren couldn't help but think of Bai Feng, who defeated him with a sword, and became more irritable and headache.

     Things are not going well!

     "Look again, he hasn't got out yet."

     Speaking of this, he said: "I'm going out in two days. If something happens, if the other patrons are not there, you can go to the Chief Xia!"

     "Got it!"

     Liu Hong hastily nodded, suspicious, go out?

     Where to go

     Zheng Yuming hasn't been sent to the battlefield of the heavens recently, but he is healing. Zhou Mingren should not be able to go away at this moment, so he can heal his injuries. Go out now?

     Also, several old patrons seem to be absent today, where did they go?

     I always feel that Zhou Mingren is somewhat anxious today.

     Zheng Yuming Severe injuries, go out, can't you take Zheng Yuming out with you?One by one clues are connected in series, but the main thing is still a bit short. Liu Hong can't guess the detailed circumstances. He just thinks that Zhou Mingren seems a little messy.

     "President, if you go out, if someone else finds..."

     This other person is talking about those students who have won the will.

     Those who can be found are not simple characters.

     "You come forward to delay a period of time!"

     Liu Hong was helpless, but still quickly said: "Okay, I understand."

     He just vacated!

     How do you feel that Zhou Mingren used him as the master of the pulse, is it really going to let me be the master of the pulse, and I can't hold it, Lingyun is not, there are many single Shenwen first series Lingyun, let alone he is not his direct line.

     Seeing that Zhou Mingren hadn't given any instructions, Liu Hong stayed too soon, retreating cautious and solemn.

     Secretly relaxed, but fortunately, not much trouble.

     Mainly Zhou Pingsheng's back!

     That old boy was a lot of greedy, but he was also Zhou Mingren's student. When Zheng Yuming was injured, he was Zhou Mingren's face, and he was planning to push him to be the curator. At this moment, it was not too good to reprimand him.

     Otherwise, Zhou Mingren's own face would be lost.

     Liu Hong sneered in his heart, knowing that this would be the case. Zhou Pingsheng was in front of him. When there is trouble, Zhou Pingsheng is even more troublesome. Zhou Mingren can only turn the big things into small things.

     While walking outside, thinking about other things.

     Zheng Yuming was deposed, Hu Wensheng was in retreat, Zhou Pingsheng was presiding over the research of talent essence and blood, and Zhou Mingren's protagonist was trapped. It seemed that the position of the pulse master might fall on the heads of several Lingyun Jiuzhong.The teacher of his younger brother Liu He is Lingyun Jiuzhong, and there is still hope.

     "Unfortunately, I am not Lingyun Jiuzhong, otherwise, maybe I can fight for it!"

     "No one is available, now I think of my two students..."

      Faintly shook the head, Liu Hong sighed with emotion, Shan Shenwen is very strong, and there are many people. But the people who have been fighting over the years have lost their hearts. Several patrons also fight openly and maneuver covertly, but Zhou Mingren does not I'm too relieved of the disciples of Old Ge.

     It was an outsider myself, this time it seemed that he had a chance to get Zhou Mingren's attention.

     At the beginning, Liu He was invited to be a teacher, and the teacher he worshiped was also an independent department in the Shan Shenwen. The strength of Ling Yun Jiuzhong was not the direct succession of several other patrons, but the hope of becoming the master of the vein this time was greater.

     While thinking about this, he also thought of Su Yu.

     He wants to laugh!

     When Zhou Mingren encounters so big trouble, he has to start with Su Yu. If it weren't for Su Yu and Zheng Yuming, no one would have a chance!

     "Bai Feng's waste, So many years did not spend any money, but Su Yu...it is fun to get into the air!"

     "Knowing the Sea Secret Realm...Be sure to let this kid in, you have to notify the other side, enter the sky early, that's fun."

     You have to inform Su Yu!

     As for whether he can get in, it depends on his own ability, and he doesn't lose anything anyway.

     "Xia Yuwen is coming back..."

     I thought of this guy again, the guy who kept pressing everyone's head.

     This is troublesome, but fortunately, it is not a single line of gods, and it is only cooperation at present.


      at the same time.In the Daxia Mansion, some ten thousand ethnic religion strongholds received a message.

     "Su Yu, a student of the Daxia Civilization Academy, a nine-fold, mid-term cultivation, ten thousand stone combat power, defeated the 38th student in the top 100 Daxia Civilization Academy..."

     "Task: Kill Su Yu!"

     "Reward: 500 contributions!"

     500 contributions!

     In the later stage of Killing Tengkong, this reward was also given. In an instant, in the Daxia Mansion, some of the ten thousand clan experts were surprised, so high?

     That's right, the cultivating students have not yet left the university.

     Entering the academy to kill...No one would go for this meritorious service, it was almost like killing him.

     But even if it is difficult, doesn't Su Yu always come out?

     500 points contribution is a lot!

     Quests are only issued to and above the sky, and many of the sky realm experts are a little moved. 500 points are contributed, which is really a lot.

     This Su Yu, what did he do so that he would actually make a kill order against a student?

     More than that, I also added one later, which is better to catch alive.

     However, it is very troublesome to catch alive, it is easy to kill, and to lead someone to escape may be not so simple, even if the contribution point is higher.
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