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184 Powerful Su Yu! (Seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the early morning, there are few people and the air is good.

     Walking on the tree-lined avenue, Su Yu didn't feel in a good mood at all, but a little bad.

     He was thinking, what is Wan Tian Sheng thinking?

     The Divine Literature System is now fighting like this. It is no longer a simple question of competition. It even involves life and death. As the governor of Wan Tian Sheng, does this matter?

     He only staring at oneself's 200 square metre land, and after leaving the university, will he let others mess around?

     Even with some outsiders participating, the Saint Wantian will ignore it?

     If this continues, how much majesty is there in Daxia Civilization Academy?

     Su Yu was thinking, if he were from the perspective of the Saint of Heaven, what would he do and what would he do?

     After thinking about it for a long time, Su Yu sighed in his heart. Maybe his status is different, but his consideration is different. In Daxia Civilization Academy, the most difficult thing for him to understand is the Saint Wantian. It was said before that the Saint Wantian is the civilization of the Daxia Mansion. Teacher leader, not a separate Daxia civilization school

     Today, I don't see the majesty of many leaders.

     Is it because of strength?

     The sun and the moon have not arrived?

     With these in mind, Su Yu has once again walked to the library.

     There are also some students and researchers in the Cangshu Pavilion. Some people see Su Yu and greet them warmly.

     Su Yu didn't care, and said hello, responding one by one with a smile.

     Those who treat each other coldly will ignore it.

     He is not meritorious and cannot be loved by everyone, so the best way is to win over the majority and beat the minority.

     Let the enemy be afraid, let the friend like it, so that the neutral will not be biased towards the enemy.He learned this from Chen Hao's father.

     When Chen Qinghe was the deputy director of the traffic supervision department, he was not the only deputy director in the department, but one of the deputy directors was against him. Chen Qing and wordless and silent drew the other deputy directors together. Be kind to the people below, show the ability to the people above, and report kindness to the other deputy chiefs, except for the deputy chief who is against it.

     The two people made a fuss, and everyone said that one of them was not something, public opinion is powerful enough to melt metal, even if it was Chen Qinghe’s fault, it eventually became that person’s fault.

     In the end, the one who couldn't stand the target of the entire Office of Supervision, left his post angrily.

     So in the academy, Su Yu had to make people understand that it was the fault of the single god text.

     As long as they fight, whether or not Su Yu takes the initiative to find the fault, it is a single-shenwen first-line bullying and their fault.

     Maybe those people won't help him, but Su Yu's reputation is good.

     These days... strength and reputation are all necessary.

     If the reputation is bad, it's hard to do things.

     The guard guarding the gate, seeing Su Yu, all smiled and retreated. Su Yu smiled, bowed slightly, and stepped into the library.


     10th floor.

     This time Su Yu didn't come to Chen Yong, but his senior sister Wu Jia.

     We greeted Chen Yong briefly, and under Chen Yong's surprised eyes, Su Yu and the enthusiastic Wu Jia went downstairs together.

     "Junior Brother, what are you looking for?"

     Wu Jia happily followed Su Yu downstairs, and asked somewhat curiously.In the early morning, what can I do for myself?

     "Sister, it's October now."

     "Yeah, What happened?"

     "As soon as December is over, if you still cannot enter the top 100 list, the institution will organize a second in-depth inspection, even if the uncle has made up some of the previous deficits, it is useless, because then it is not a simple inspection, but Duo Ge Lao joint investigation."

     Wu Jia's face changed, she naturally knew, and she was somewhat depressed and said: "I know, but... Junior Brother, I will try to be on the top 100 list in December!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Senior Sister, in December...there are too many variables."


     Su Yu said slowly: "The first department of polytheistic literature is targeted by others, why can't we counter them? The uncle will be investigated, but what about the others? People in the first department of Shenwen are not included in the top 100 list. Will their teachers be investigated twice, and will they be found out?"

     Wu Jia stared at him blankly, "Junior Brother, what do you mean?"

     "Fight back!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Sister, counterattack is the best defense. You can't sit and wait for death all the time!"

     "However, last time I dealt with Huang Qifeng, I said that there is no big problem with cruelty, but if you rashly attack other people, everyone will think that our multi-sacred literature is too cruel and overbearing.

     "Shan Shenwen does not care, we must care!"

     Su Yu whispered: "Because we are few people and because we are weak, we still have to care about our reputation, and don't push the weaker us to the opposite of everyone."Wu Jia nodded looking thoughtful and looked at Su Yu curiously.

     My younger brother, thinks a lot.

     "Junior Brother, what do you want me to do?"

     "Sister, you go to challenge the top 100 students!"

     Su Yu whispered: "Challenge the single-shenwen first-line... no, let them challenge you, the single-shenwen first-line side, there is nothing for me now, but it is not giving up to you."

     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Has anyone challenged the senior sister recently?"


     Wu Jia said depressed: "A lot! A large group of bastards who are not on the top 100 list challenge me every day. If it weren't for the teacher to stop me, I would have settled with them, bully intolerably, if I wasn't injured, what about these bastards? Dare to challenge me!"

     "That's good."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Senior Sister, challenge! Don't find girls, find boys! Don't use willpower, you get hurt if you get hurt, vomit more blood, let people know that even if there is an injury, the senior sister will not be timid! "

     "It's better to win. I won. Senior Sister challenges the top 100 students. It doesn't matter if you lose, because you are hurt and you are out of anger, so you challenged the other party, and the other party cruel-handedly destroying the flower again... "

     Wu Jia looked at him blankly, vaguely, already knew what he meant.

     "Junior brother...you mean, let me be miserable?"

     "No, it's really miserable!"

     Su Yu chuckled: "Let everyone in the school see how strong the Shan Shenwen First Department is! A wounded female student, they come to find fault every day, bully people every day, they have all been riding on their necks and shit. Up!"

     "Junior brother...so disgusting, don't say this!"Wu Jia looked depressed, how to talk.

     Su Yu was a little speechless, Wu Jia suddenly said with a grin: "Junior Brother, you are so insidious, are you ready to attack them?"


     Su Yu was slightly surprised, and said with a simple smile: "Sister, it's not that I am sinister, I am..."

     "Don't explain!"

     Wu Jia doesn't care about this, happily said with a smile: "I like the insidious look of Junior Brother, so cute!"


     Su Yu wants to complain, I am not a villain, I am not insidious, I am an honest person!

     My senior sister, there is something wrong, slander me!

     "OK, I understand!"

     Wu Jia is not stupid. There are a few stupid civilized teachers. Some people can only say that they are simple, but they still have IQ.

     "Junior brother... the bottom 10 of the top 100 list, I still have some confidence to be able to make it. What I was worried about is that others continue to challenge me or even lower the ranking to challenge me..."

     Su Yu's eyes lit up slightly and said: "Sister Sister can win?"

     "has hope."

     "That's the best! It's best to let them lower the rankings and fight with the senior sister, or let them send someone to challenge the senior sister a steady flow!"

     Su Yu's eyes lit up and said: "Thus, Senior Sister remembers being a bit miserable, and don't hurt the sea of will anymore. Senior Sister fights a front-line battle, and I will leave it to Junior Brother later!"

     Wu Jia nodded.

     Su Yu looked at her, thought a bit then said: "Sister, dress better, dress better, be a bit miserable when vomiting blood, stubborn, unwilling, angry... It's better to get some skin injuries, I'll buy some for the senior sister The pill can remove scars, not a big problem."

     "Senior sister can endure hardship?"Wu Jia was a little annoyed, and rubbed Su Yu's head vigorously, "Who is underestimating? Your senior sister, I made it to the top 100 list when you weren't here! It was also killed by true blade and true spear, and all injuries were nothing out of the ordinary !"

     very angry!

     This little brother actually looks down on her!

     Wu Jia annoyed him and turned Su Yu's handsome hair into a chicken coop. This was perfectly contented and said, "Don't worry! It's all trivial things, however... Brother, are you sure?"

     "On the top 100 list, only one Zhai Feng is a little difficult to deal with, and the others...not difficult!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "It is not a single divine literary series, will not take the initiative to lower the ranking and cause me trouble, then I will at most be up to ninth ranked Zhai Feng.

     After that, Su Yu said again: "To deal with Zhai Feng, I am not sure yet. Even if I can fight, I can't severely injure him, then there is no need to fight."

     Wu Jia nodded, "I understand!"

     "Junior brother, then at what time?"

     "Just today!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "You first challenge, I will look for artificial forces to let more people come to see! Let more people know that it is not that we have nothing to do to find the difference, it is a single series of gods... -spirited!"


     Wu Jia gave him a slap, and said unhappy: "Junior brother, don't scold anyone!"


     Su Yu helplessly, Wu Jia said with a grin again: "Smile happily. You look good when you smile. Okay, I understand, I will go outside for a while, those bastards see me, don’t have to provoke me. Will take the initiative to find the fault!"

      "Un."Su Yu nodded, "Senior Sister, I'll go first. You and the other party will not be there. I may not be there. When you finish the fight, I will go over again. Sister herself, be careful. Don't hold on. If you fail, you will give up... or You can vomit blood and fall to the ground..."

     "I know, I know!"

     Wu Jia said impatiently: "Why is it like my teacher, so chatty!"

     Su Yu laughed, no longer said much, and soon left alone.

     Watching him leave, Wu Jia sighed.

      feeling somewhat wronged!

     I'm so weak!

     Even the younger brother couldn't beat it, so shameful.

     I have to rely on my younger brother to vent my anger!

     Going upstairs, entering the own room, changing herself into a beautiful new dress, Wu Jia walked out of the room.

     In the lobby, Chen Yong was reading a book, and when Wu Jia came out, he was surprised: "Go out?"


     "Be careful, don't leave the school, don't bother if other people provoke you."


     Wu Jia nodded, a good girl.

     Ignore it and start the fight!


     In the school, Su Yu didn't find anyone else, but Xia Huyou, and made a brief arrangement.

     Then Su Yu returned to the classroom again and started today's class.

     There are not many advanced class students here today.

     None of Wan Mingze came, and I don't know if he was practicing or playing the rankings.

     Su Yu was in class attentively, looking serious, but his mind was far away.

     Sister...what happened?

     Gradually, some students in the class began to lower themselves to communicate with others, and many of them received the communication.Above, the old coach is still continuing to teach.

     At this moment, someone outside the classroom was eagerly knocking on the window, ignoring the old coaching, and hurriedly said: "Squad leader, Shan Shenwen is challenging Senior Sister Wu Jia, Senior Sister Wu Jia is about to be beaten to death! "

     It was a student from the intermediate class, Su Yu knew him, but he was not very familiar.

     At this moment, Su Yu stood up suddenly, killing intent boiling!

     The coach facing upwards bowed slightly, Su Yu suppressed his anger and said, "Teacher, I want to ask for leave!"

     The old coach sighed!

     It's a series of Shan Shenwen again!


     Wu Jia...Wu Jia was seriously injured last time, and the sea of will of his injuries has not recovered so far. Why did he find Wu Jia again?

     Thinking in his heart, nodded, and quickly said: "Go and see, Su Yu, don't be impulsive, there won't be any students who die in the college..."

     "Thank you, teacher!"

     Su Yu nodded and quickly left the classroom.

     At this moment, there are more and more people outside the classroom.

     Many people saw him come out and said eagerly: "Squad leader, Senior Sister Wu is about to be beaten to death, those bastards are too human..."

     Su Yu's vitality exploded, speeding up.

     Even though it was he who asked Wu Jia to act, but his senior sister... really put it down, so easily admit defeat?

     Hard to say!

     Su Yu got off the teaching building. At this moment, many people were running towards the ring area.

     Someone saw Su Yu and yelled: "School Su, go and persuade Wu Jia to surrender. If you don't surrender, she will be abandoned!"

     Su Yu didn't reply, stepped up on the ground, and shot towards that side.A large group of people ran over there, and someone still does not know what happened, and hurriedly said: "What happened?"

     "What else! Shan Shenwen's first element suffered a loss on Su Yu's side. In the morning, Wu Jia wanted to go to the exchange office to change some medicine, but was stopped on the way. Many people provoke her and insist on challenging her... "

     "Wu Jia's temper, you still do not know, you are not so angry, you fought with injuries, defeated a few guys, and he was hurt more!

     "On the Shan Shenwen side, it's too shameless. Wu Jia's clothes were stained red with blood in a large group of men. As a result, he won a few games. Zhu Hong, ranked 98, deliberately stimulated her. Wu Jia was also stupid and insisted on challenging her. Zhu Hong, ranked 98... is still fighting, when I just left, it was almost gone..."

     "Fuck, Shan Shenwen is getting more and more excessive!"

     "That's right, I targeted Su Yu last time, but I lost so many articles of will and didn't admit it. With thousands of merit points, I sent us away with the public class. Come again!"

     "It's disgusting!"

     "Does the prefect ignore it?"

     "It's getting shameless!"

     "Originally, I only thought Huang Qifeng and the others were shameless, but now it seems that the entire Shan Shenwen series is like a bird, he doesn't care about the shit..."

     "Don't talk nonsense!"


     A group of people, righteous indignation fills one's breast, ran towards that side one after another. As for the one who just spread the news, he ran to other places to continue spreading the news.

     Many people have to know!

     Go the more the merrier!

     Earn money!


     Ring area.At this moment, he was surrounded by students. On the stage, Wu Jia was covered in blood. On the other hand, Zhu Hong frowned, didn't he admit defeat?

     Fight again, I really want to kill Wu Jia!

     If Wu Jia was killed, it would be a big trouble. As for the referee...today's referee is still Zhao Ming, but Zhao Ming looks like he is watching a play, and he has no intention of stopping!

     Wu Jia coughed up blood, holding a long sword in his hand, look pale, and stood up shaking again, "Zhu Hong, you are really waste! I don't need willpower and divine writing, you can only do this with waste!"


     Zhu Hong was coldly snorted, and also used a sword to stab Wu Jia!

     A snapping sound locally!

     Wu Jia waved his sword to block, the tiger’s mouth burst, and the opponent’s willpower was suppressed, making her unable to breathe, shouted in a low voice, Wu Jia’s long sword entangled Zhu Hong’s sword, quickly got close, turned his left palm into a fist, and blasted out a punch. !

     Zhu Hong's eyes were cold, and he didn't care, the divine writing broke out, and a sharp aura broke out from him, puff puff... just like Ten Thousand Swords Piercing the Heart, Wu Jia's clothes were broken, and there was another wound on his body.

     "Wu Jia, give up!"

     In the audience, someone shouted: "You can't use willpower, don't fight with him, Wu Jia, don't be stupid, someone is looking for Su Yu, hurry up and give up!"

      in the end still someone unable to put up with it any longer!

      too mean-spirited!

     Wu Jia couldn't use his willpower. Before, he fought four unlisted students from the Shanshenwen first department in a wheel fight, and defeated four people one after another, and then he challenged Zhu Hong!

     Zhu Hong is too embarrassed to fight?

     I am also ashamed to bully Wu Jia who has not recovered his willpower!

     Below, a group of girls are even more angry!Seeing Wu Jia's body stained with blood, someone clenched their fists and shouted angrily: "That's how the top 100 students got up? Just watching him, Zhu Hong, bullying an injured girl?"

     "Have the ability to challenge Su Yu, what is the ability to bully Wu Jia who is seriously injured!"

     "They don't have that's all in this line? They only dare to bully the weak, how can they dare to draw their swords against the strong? Su Yu, why don't you see some of them asking for trouble!"

     "Zhai Feng is even more shameless. He is ranked ninth. He dare not fight against the first eight people. Just knowing that he will fight against Su Yu, who has only been enrolled for over two months, is embarrassed to say that he is a genius. Pooh!"

     This group of girls has no scruples at the moment.

      Too mean-spirited, it's too miserable!

     Even if Wu Jia is not familiar with them, seeing Wu Jia being bullied like this, they think it's time to speak up!

     At this moment, Zhu Hong naturally heard those voices.

     Sullen in my heart!

     Wu Jia doesn't admit defeat, can it be that he admits defeat?

     Feeling aggrieved, Wu Jia has no combat effectiveness at all. He has to hold on and the referee doesn't stop, what can he do?

     As for playing the ring, he had this thought several times, but Wu Jia avoided it.

     "Then kill you, if you don't believe the referee, you can't take action!"

     He didn't want to fight anymore. Wu Jia's injuries heavier and heavier really killed Wu Jia. The referee is unlucky, he is even more unlucky.

     What's the situation with Zhao Ming? At this time, Wu Jia obviously has no combat effectiveness and has not announced the result?

     Aside, Zhao Ming didn't say a word.

     Announce the result?

     How boring!Wu Jiaming said that he wanted to fight to the end, even to death...Although he wouldn't let her die, but the more miserable the better, later...maybe there is still a big show to watch!

     Yu Guang looked into the distance, a silhouette has stepped up into the air, stepped up and down.

     Very fast!

     The Lord is coming!

     "The big show has opened!"

     Zhao Ming muttered in his heart, the next moment, he suddenly shot, grabbed Zhu Hong's long sword, and slightly frowned said: "Okay! Zhu Hongsheng, just kick off the ring, really kill!"

     Zhu Hong frowned and looked at him, without saying a word.


     I can play and use you to teach me. No matter what Wu Jia said, it is also a great strength, that is, willpower can't be used.

     On the stage, Wu Jia was already groggy at the moment.

     Too much blood loss!

     Zhao Ming waved off a white light, and the wound gradually began to heal.

     At the next moment, a silhouette came out of the sky!

     With a bang, it fell on the ring.

     Su Yu quickly helped Wu Jia, took off his white robe, and put it on Wu Jia. He turned his head to look at Zhu Hong, and said in a low tone: "You are fine! The single divine texts are all very good! Bullying the soft and the hard, constantly insulting a person The seriously injured female students continue to provoke and agitate..."

     Su Yu hugged Wu Jia and looked at the people below, unemotionally said: "time and time again! We are here to learn, not to be brave and relentless! Even if brave and relentless, find someone better than yourself to learn Bidou, why do you bully an injured girl again and again?"

     "Has the single-shenwen elementary system fallen to this point?""You only know how to do such a dirty and shameless thing?"

     "My teacher, the challenge will only challenge those who are stronger than him, and never bully the weak!"

     "I, Su Yu, will only challenge people who are stronger than me, not people who are weaker!"

     "I am weak because of my many divine literature and few people, but this is not the reason for your repeated humiliation and bullying!"

     Su Yu shouted coldly: "Since I don't care about my face anymore, why should I save you face!"

     "I hurt my senior sister again today, you beasts, you completely angered me!"

     Su Yu looked at Zhu Hong abruptly, with murderous intent bursting in his eyes, "You rubbish thing, bully dog thing, I want to challenge you, do you dare to take it?

     Su Yu looked around and shouted: "Dare you pick up the waste of the Shan Shenwen series?"

     "Go on stage!"

     "Aren't you brave and fierce?"

     "Don't you want to challenge our lineage?"

     "Come on stage!"

     "Today, I'm going to be on the top 100 list again, and abolish your group of trash, scum!"

     There are more and more people in the audience!

     Su Yu shouted: "A group of dogs only dare to bully my senior sister? Because she is injured, do you dare to bite someone? A dog is a dog!"

     At this moment, no one thought he was scolding unpleasantly, except for the people of the single gods.


     Is too mean-spirited!

     I only dared to bully Wu Jia. When Wu Jia wasn't hurt, I didn't see you guys coming up!

     On the stage, Zhu Hong's face turned blue!

     Accepting Su Yu's challenge... Su Yu even defeated Huang Qifeng, how is he an opponent!Su Yu sneered and looked at Zhu Hong, "Trash! Scum! I know you dare not! You dogs will only fight in the nest and bully the injured. How dare you fight me!"

     At this moment, the person in the audience said coldly: "Su Yu, then you challenge me to try!"

     Su Yu looked at him, coldly snorted, "Zhai Feng, you count what thing! If you want to die, I will fulfill you sooner or later, but, just like Huang Qifeng that day, when I get there, I will come and find your dog stuff!"

     When the words fell, he ignored him and shouted: "Since Zhu Hong is not afraid of this rubbish, the rubbish who just fought with my senior sister, come together! Come together! Come on stage with the rubbish Zhu Hong!"

     "A group of rats, if one dare not come on stage, then all come!"

     When he said this, many people looked at him in shock.

      It should be noted, the one who just played against Wu Jia, even if he is not as good as the top 100 students, is still close, too weak to dare to play against Wu Jia, who is very weak.

     Su Yu...is too arrogant?

     Everyone knows that he is strong, but Su Yu hasn't reached Ten Thousand Stones after all, and his two fists are hard to beat four hands.

     In Nanyuan, Wan Shi, who taught by the ten thousand races, was killed by a group of Qianjun!

     "A bunch of trash, don't you dare?"

     Su Yu shouted: "Do you only dare to bully the weak?"

     "Single Shenwen first line is this kind of waste? That single Shenwen first line is simply cancelled, and on the battlefield, it is just a group of ten thousand sects reserve, deserters, waste!"

     "Does Daxia Civilization Academy cultivate this kind of stuff?"

     "A group of people dare not fight me alone?""You scumbags are destined to become traitors of the human race. They are on the battlefield. Once All Heavens and Myriad Clans arrive, they will probably be the ones who kowtow and surrender!"

     With a sound of words, some of the students of the Monotheistic Literature department flushed under the excitement!

     Zhu Hong is also complexion was ugly extremely!

     Zhai Feng coldly looked at Su Yu, Su Yu looked at him and sneered, "Zhai Feng, do you think what I said is wrong? Don't worry, quickly will go you, I want to call up one by one, you wait for me, Don't worry! I want you to have a single line for one's face to reach rock bottom, and no one dares to fight, step by step, and let you see that waste is waste!"

     Zhai Feng said coldly: "Su Yu, you defeated Wang He, now you will challenge others again..."

     Su Yu directly interrupts said: "Sorry, I am not a top 100 student! As for why I fell on the list, isn't it because of you shameless people? Now, do you have to pour some sewage on me, Su Yu Why should I lower my ranking?"

     Su Yu ridiculed: "All the truths are said by your single gods! I am on the list, and you shamelessly lowered the ranking to challenge. I am not on the list. You said that I am too strong and should not challenge the weak. ... disgusting?"

     "It's disgusting!"

     Su Yu bah'ed, "It's disgusting that makes me want to vomit! Just this group of trash, I bind my hands, and can also beat them. You make me sick, otherwise, I don't bother to fight with a bunch of bugs! He too Match?"

     Su Yu pointed at Zhu Hong and shouted: "Is he worthy? If it wasn't this villain who hurt my senior sister, is this kind of bug worthy to stand in front of me?"

     Zhu Hong said he was also a student of the top 100 list, and he was killed with great difficulty.In the past few days, the top 100 list has been constantly changing.

     Some people were eliminated, and some were on the list. He made it into the top 100 with great difficulty. Today, he was so humiliated by Su Yu. He suddenly turned red and shouted, "Su Yu, don't think you really have no one Enemy!"

     "Kill you rubbish, with no difficulty!"

     Su Yu, Awe-inspiring Murderous, looked at him and shouted: "Waste things, you guys go up together, dare you?"

     Zhu Hong was shocked and took a step back, only to feel that there was a mountain of corpses and sea of blood in front of him!

     The next moment, I was sober, I just felt ashamed, ashamed and unable to show one's face!

     He... was actually scared!



     "Be timid before fighting, sure enough, really scared!"

     In the audience, many people booed and booed at this time!

     What a shame!

     "Go, there are 4 or 5 people before, all of whom are close to the top 100 list. I'm afraid, it's really useless!"

     "Yeah, I don't dare to do this, as he knows about bullying the injured, Wu Jia is a severely injured person, and the single Shenwen First Element is really going back!"

     The students were excited loudly!

     Some researchers have already arrived. Some Lingyun experts looked at the students who talked about life. Some were afraid, some didn’t care, and some were even more provocative: "Why? Ling Yun is going to beat me? Also, the traditional style of single-shenwen. That's it! Ling Yun's killing cultivator is so powerful!"

     No one else, it was Zheng Yunhui who spoke!Zheng Yunhui looked excited, wishing to make a fuss, looked at the researcher and laughed: "What are you looking at? What are you looking at? Am I wrong? The big guys are watching, your guys are... so weak Chicken, staying at the War Academy, even if it is lost, he would have gone to work long ago!"

     "Look, even a woman is inferior, Wu Jia is injured, Zhu Hong provokes, even if seriously injured, dare to go up for a fight, this is the real maiden! You have a single line, not even a maiden!"

     Many girls stared at him, and felt that what he said was really reasonable.


     Isn't the single-shenwen department the strongest department in the university?

     that's it?

     Several researchers spoke quickly.

     Change it to someone else's provocation, don't care, but Su Yu...

     If you ignore it, the Shan Shenwen series will really lose face!

     "Zhu Hong, you should fight! After taking the stage, you feel invincible, so quickly surrender!"

     "Since he asks you to go together, go together, one person is definitely not his opponent!"

     "Can't resist the fight, otherwise... the heart of the single Shenwen family will be shaken!"

     At this moment, several researchers obviously felt something was wrong!

     Many new students of the single-shenwen first series have been shaken, with struggle, hidden contempt, disdain, and disappointment in their eyes!

     This is the strongest single divine text series?

     Even if it is lost, go!

     Look at Wu Jia!

     People are still wounded, even if they lose, they will fight to the end!

     But Zhu Hong, these people, only make them sensed endless shame!Being guided by Su Yu again, the new life is vivid, the old students are disappointed, and even some researchers feel a little bit awkward and ashamed and unable to show one's face, if it goes on like this, the single divine text will become the entire Daxia Palace What a joke!

     It's okay to lose, even if you don't dare to fight, that's what the hell!


     Several researchers quickly made a decision, and a few trainees of Voice Transmission, challenge!

     The next moment, Zhu Hong gritted his teeth and shouted: "Okay! Su Yu, since you want to challenge, you said you want to challenge the 5 of us, let's go together!"

     Off the stage, the other 4 students jumped onto the ring one after another!

     All are somewhat angry and embarrassing.

     It's so shameless!

     And Su Yu, smiled, hugged Wu Jia, walked off the ring, and put Wu Jia on the ground. Wu Jia was already sober, Su Yu whispered: "Thank you, senior sister!"

     When the words fall, turn around and jump into the ring!

     Disable you!

     Zhao Ming also came to be interested, and shouted: "Don't say much about the rules, can you start?"

     "Su Yu, are you sure you want to challenge five people?"


     "Okay, then...start!"

     With a sip, Zhu Hong five people, instantly blacking out!

     The next moment, the willpower was corroded, and they exhaled in pain!


     too painful!

     It’s painful that they just feel prefer death over life!

     A hammer, before others can't see, a hammer blasted into Zhu Hong's sea of will, the sea of will was violently turbulent, willpower was corroded, blacking out...

     The gap is too big!

     In the blink of an eye, the five people screamed again and again, corrupted by Su Yu's Soul Eater.The little hammer blasted out, and these people didn't even scream, and they were a little dizzy!

     The killing intent in Su Yu's eyes broke out, and his feet moved, almost at the same time as the bombardment of the small hammer, he flew out!


     With this leg, Zhu Hong's bones all over his body seemed to be broken, and he slammed heavily on the ground, but he still did not recover his wits, and his willpower injury was even more serious!

     The other 4 people, almost at the same time, Su Yu whip out all fours and fell to the ground at the same time!

     Like 5 puppets, when they came to power, the five were instantly defeated!

     There is no counterattack!

      A long sabre appeared, and Su Yu slashed at the place where the five were lying down!

     Zhao Ming was about to stop, Su Yu shouted: "No murder!"

     Zhao Ming dazed for a moment, close your hand, the next moment the long knife slashes in the air!


     A series of screams came out!

     In the void, scattered willpower overflowed, and Su Yu smashed their willpower with civilian soldiers!


     One foot after another, five people were kicked off the ring, all five people were dead, stacked together, lying in front of Wu Jia!



     Su Yu was coldly snorted, looked around, looked at the researchers with disdain!


     I know Su Yuqiang, but Su Yu is stronger this time than the last time, and it is terrifying. There are 5 students and the top 100 students, completely without any counterattack power, and he didn't even call out the words of surrender!



     Some researchers also changed their faces.

     This guy is stronger!

     More terrible!

     Soul Eater!Corrupted everyone's willpower!

     The nemesis of the civilized division!

     PS: Asking for a monthly pass is too difficult!
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