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191 I Have A Lot Of Swords! (Thanks To The Wild Boy Big Brother Again For Silver)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Outside the hut.

     Not far away, Xia Yuwen looked calm, standing on a high slope, overlooking the hut.

     Bai Feng...

     He and Bai Feng have known each other for many years.

     A long time ago, someone said that the students of the polytheistic literature are invincible among the same rank.

     The result... proved that this was just a joke, Bai Feng had never beaten him, but when he swept the rankings, he swept Bai Feng several times.

     Of course, some people think it is unfair. Bai Feng is weaker than him, but Bai Feng is weak. That is Bai Feng's business, what does it have to do with him?

     Bai Feng delayed his cultivation for research. That was Bai Feng's business, what did it have to do with him?

     He is already Lingyun Triple, and he has no interest in fighting against Bai Feng. His goal is bigger and stronger!

     Bai Feng, just vacate the sky!

     From the cabin, Bai Feng came out, his face was somewhat pale, he hadn't slept for several days, and his eyes were black.

     Constantly shaken by the powerful divine writing, his willpower is somewhat lax.

     Xia Yuwen was slightly frowned and did not speak.

     With a smile on Bai Feng's face, he walked out of the hut. Behind him, Wu Yuehua, who were strong in mountains and seas, watched him walk out one after another, preparing for the outbreak of a war.

     Outside the war zone, Wu Qi frowned and said nothing.

     She didn't enter the war zone, and grandma wouldn't let her in. That was not something she could mix with.

     But at this moment, seeing Bai Feng on the verge of collapse, Wu Qi frowned. How can such Bai Feng fight Xia Yuwen?

     The gap is huge!

     Take the air eightfold, Lingyun threefold!

     Seeing Bai Feng coming, Xia Yuwen said lightly: "This is the capital you want to provoke Ling Yun?"Bai Feng said with a smile: "What capital do you want? Is Lingyun very powerful? It seems like Lingyun is invincible!"

     As he said, Bai Feng yawned and said: "Xia Yuwen, you don't want to fight for your palace lord, just follow Shan Shenwen's line of messing around! It's so noisy, palace lord is yours?"

     Xia Yuwen calmly said: "Palace lord, I naturally want to fight! I have a single line of Shenwen, I naturally need to win! I can give you the opportunity, if you let Chen Yong surrender the position of library curator, I will not only kill You will fight for a slim chance of survival for you!"

     He said directly, but also said simply!

     What I want is mine!

     Dealing with you Bai Feng is just to accomplish my purpose.

     Bai Feng yawned and said boringly, "It's as if the Daxia Mansion is yours. You are so awesome. You can simply let the Chief Ten Thousand abdicate. You can't let the Chief Xia abdicate. You are the Palace Master!"

     "The road has to be taken step by step!"

     Xia Yuwen didn't seem to hear the ridicule, "If I enter the mountains and seas, why can't I fight for the position of the governor?"


     Bai Feng had nothing to say.

     This guy, still hasn't experienced the beating, the arrogance of talking just as in the past.

     After thinking about it, he suddenly smiled and said: "I have always been curious about one thing, you are so crazy, why doesn't the bastard from the War Academy come to beat you?"

     Xia Yuwen glanced at him and said lightly: "persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together!"

     Bai Feng didn't understand it. It took a long time for Bai Feng to understand something. He was surprised: "You mean, you are a civilized teacher, he is a warrior, so he doesn't beat you? Fuck, why beat Laozi?"


     No one answered.In the distance, Wu Qi rolled the eyes, why did you say he beat you?

     The first time I beat you because of the assessment of the two universities. That was a task.

     The second time, it was because you were dissatisfied and wanted to find fault, and you were beaten again.

     The third time, it was because he did not do personnel affairs, and while he was away, he swept the War Academy's Ten Thousand Stone List once, and when they came back, they had to beat you for the sake of the war Academy's face!

     Why did you say hit you?

     Nothing in my mind!

     Xia Yuwen ignored him, looked at him again and said, "Have you considered it?"

     "Considering what?"

     Bai Feng looked strange, what to consider?

     What did you say?

     Xia Yuwen complexion slightly changed, glanced at him, and did not repeat.

     This person Bai Feng is very annoying.

     He only listens to what he wants to hear and what he doesn't want to hear, he can't hear it at all.

     Xia Yuwen slowly walked down the high slope and said calmly: "Then you are ready ma?"

     "What are you going to prepare?"

     Bai Feng smiled and said: "Are you going to kill me? Are you sure you can kill me? Xia Yuwen, don't overestimate yourself! It used to be too lazy to care for you. If you were not covered by the Xia family, you would have been long ago. People are killed!"

     "To each other!"

     Xia Yuwen not to accept as correct, so are you!

     Without Hong Tan, so are you.

     "That's true!"

     Bai Feng smiled, a long sword appeared in his hand, the Dragon Slaying Sword!

     After arranging the clothes a little, Tu Longjian picked up, Xia Yuwen's face was solemn, even if Bai Feng vacated eightfold, he would not underestimate it.Bai Feng ignored him. He picked up the Dragon Slaying Sword, shaved his cheeks, adjusted his clothes, combed his hair, and said with a smile: "All right, you are ready now!"

     "court death!"

     As soon as his words fell, Xia Yuwen complexion turned cold, cut it out!

     Open the sky!

     The Xia Family's Unique Learning!

     Bai Feng stepped into the air with a bang, the ground burst, and a knife mark penetrated the ground and disappeared until it extended to several mountains and seas.

     "This has nothing to do with me. The Xia family fines him and asks Xia Yuwen to settle the account!"

     Bai Feng loudly shouted!

     For money!

     Master Xiahou, who died for money, probably wouldn't even let Xia Yuwen go.


      Shouting lowly, the sword aura is permeated, and the void is split!

     The sky is falling!

     Bai Feng, who was in the air, wielded the Dragon Slaying Sword at this moment, ping ping pang pang to smash the sword air!


     On the white clothes, the first crack appeared, followed by the second, the third...

     Xia Yuwen was not close, and once again cut out with a single knife, countless shadows of the sword reappear!

     Bai Feng waved his sword for a photo!

     Puff puff……

     Bloodstains on his body keep showing up.


     At this moment, both sides are watching the battle.

     All see the gap!

     There is still one big realm missing, there is still one big realm. Although Bai Feng is strong, but he encountered the same Peerless Genius Xia Yuwen, there is still a huge gap.

     Bai Feng, who had always killed people with a single sword, had no chance of even making a single sword at this moment.

     "Bai Feng, you let me down!"

     Xia Yuwen cut out once again!Void shocks, sea of fire burning the heavens, Bai Feng has a painful look, gasping and saying: "Interesting... Fire God is not weak, it can burn the sea of consciousness!"

     "keep going!"

     Bai Feng barked his teeth with a smile, and continued to wield the long sword, smashing the sword qi, the will power continued to vibrate, and the sea of flames was boiling!

     "Add some fire to you!"

     The next moment, the sea of fire spread, densely between Heaven and Earth. In the fire, Bai Feng smiled, and a group of flames burst out of his body, burning!


     The void seems to be about to be burnt!

      The vitality of all around gathers violently, fire getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger!

     At the moment when the burning reached the peak, there was a puff, as if something had been burnt!

     Xia Yuwen face turn white, looked up at Bai Feng!

     Bai Feng is also look pale at the moment, and smiled: "Is it fun? Is the divine text broken? Children don't play with fire! Haven't heard of a sentence called burning the body? Do you know the principle? Let me tell you, when the willpower around Burned out, vitality burned out, this fire, it will burn the master's divine text, continue to provide willpower, provide fuel, so ah, my fire just now is a combustion aid, I will add fire to you, is it fun? "


     Xia Yuwen's complexion changed a bit. His "Fire" character was burned to death by Ling Yun, but today it was easily broken by Bai Feng, and even severely damaged his divine writing!

     Bai Feng said that it is simple, how can it be so easy to backfire!

     This guy... is indeed a monster.

     They only saw Bai Feng's murderous demeanor with a sword, but ignored the nature of this guy as a genius researcher.Xia Yuwen was silent, and swung the knife again!

     This time, more than just swinging a knife!

     When the figure moves, it disappears instantly!

     Local a loud sound!


     Bai Feng coughed, blood pouring from the air, and the long sword pressed against a knife.

     Bai Feng continued to fall downwards under the tremendous force, and with a bang, it fell to the ground, and a big hole appeared on the ground!


     Xia Yuwen took the knife and cut it again!

     Cut across the air with one blow!


     A sneer came, Bai Feng's divine writing broke out, and the ground all around froze instantly!

     With a loud sound, the ice on the ground was cut!

     Bai Feng jumped up from the ground and fled quickly!

     "Bai Feng, you are too weak!"

     Xia Yuwen walked on air, stepped on black boots, held a long knife, and chased him step by step, with a tone of just as in the past, "You can escape from the war zone, I will not kill you, if I become the palace lord, I can even How about recruiting you into the City Lord's Mansion?"

     "No way!"

     In the distance, Bai Feng fled on the ground, said with a chuckle: "persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together! You are really the lord of the palace, I'm still alive, I would rather go home to plant the land than follow You fucking!"

     Xia Yuwen stepped into the sky and said coldly: "Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends, Bai Feng, there are many geniuses, this World, there is no shortage of geniuses!"

     "Then kill me and try!"

     Bai Feng made a backhand sword and slammed at him through the air!


      With a loud sound, the long sword flew back, Bai Feng coughed up blood again, retracted the long sword, and flee again!

     One escaped, the other chased.Xia Yuwen kept swinging the knife, and the sword aura spread in all directions, with amazing murderous aura and lethality. Once Bai Feng encountered these sword auras, he was instantly cut by countless sword auras, and the range of escape was smaller and smaller!

     Nearby, Wu Yuehua frowned.

     Wu Yuehua said in a voice transmission: "Bai Feng is not his opponent, the gap is too big, even if Qi'er is on, he will not be his opponent! Xia Yuwen is very strong!"

     Bai Feng was able to kill Lingyun Erzhong in a second, and as a result, under Xia Yuwen, there was no chance to fight back.

     Of course, Xia Yuwen has not been able to win Bai Feng for so long, which is enough to see that Bai Feng is extremely strong.

     But the gap between the two sides is still too big!

     There is still a lingyun in the middle of the four levels!

     Liu Wenyan didn't say a word. Since Bai Feng wanted to try, let him try.



     Zhou Mingren calmly watched the chaos in the field. By his side, Old Sun Ge said coldly and sternly: "This guy, he was arrogant when he killed Zhang Yu before, and now he is just a stray dog!"

     Before, he didn't hate that much, but now he hates Bai Feng a lot!

     Last time, Bai Feng said nothing and killed his apprentice with a sword, which made him angry!

     It is not easy to train an apprentice in Lingyun Realm!

     Zhou Mingren ignored him and looked into the distance, where many strong men were there.

     Old ghost of the Zheng family, Xiahouye, General Hu, General Zhao, Director Ji...

     A group of people are watching silently!

     Zhou Mingren remained silent.By his side, Shan Tianhao from the Great Zhou Mansion suddenly said: "Fallenger Zhou, since you have already arrived, why let Xia Yuwen kill Bai Feng, instead of capturing Liu Wenyan directly, so as not to waste time!"

     Zhou Mingren said nothing.

     Shan Tianhao slightly frowned, "President Zhou..."

     Zhou Mingren glanced at him and said softly, "No hurry."

     "Not urgent?"

     Shan Tianhao was angry!

     Not in a hurry?

     What are you waiting for?

     "Zheng Yuming is still injured, doesn't Chief Zhou want to save him?"

     Zhou Mingren glanced at him again and ignored him, turning his head to look at Bai Feng and them again.

     At this moment, Bai Feng was suppressed and couldn't fight back.

     Xia Yuwen is too strong!

     "The Dean..."

     The old couple of Sun Ge also looked at Zhou Mingren, they are also unclear, what are they waiting for?

     Now that Zhang Ruoling's grave was dug directly, the polytheistic literature would never agree, and the war broke out, it wouldn't matter if Liu Wenyan was captured directly and straightforward!

     Zhou Mingren frowned slightly, and said after a moment: "The people are not there yet! Hong Tan will not come back and won't take Hong Tan, should Hong Tan be allowed to cause trouble outside? Beat the snake to death, don't you understand the reason why it will suffer ?"

     Shan Tianhao hurriedly said: "After taking Liu Wenyan, Hong Tan will definitely come, and Hong Tan will not be able to escape by then!"

     I have to wait, what should I do if something unexpected happens!

     Zhou Mingren was silent again and ignored.

     Shan Tianhao was a little frustrated!

     Zhou Mingren suddenly said: "You can try, I cannot make a move, I will make a move, if Hong Tan strikes, no one can stop him!"

     "you……"Shan Tianhao looked at him coldly, and suddenly said, "Zhou Mingren, don't think too much! Do you really think they can block us? You come to Dingding and determine your position as the leader of the Civilized Master of the Daxia Mansion?"

     He saw through this guy!

     Zhou Mingren obviously felt that these people might not be able to win the multi-sacred literature series. He wanted to come to the battle of the tripod and become himself!

     Zhou Mingren said nothing.

     No reply, let alone ignore.

     "Did you forget Chief Zhou's instructions?"

     Shan Tianhao speaks again!

     This Governor Zhou is not Zhou Mingren, but the Governor of the Great Zhou Civilization Academy, Zhou Polong.

     Invincible son!

     Zhou Mingren was still silent, so three times, Shan Tianhao was already unable to restrain one's anger, this guy really thought that if they had left him, they would have nothing to do with Liu Wenyan?


     On the hill in the distance.

     Master Xiahou was not standing, but sitting, drinking tea, and eating melons, and almost got a maid to fan.

     While eating, he smiled and said, "Xia Yuwen and Bai Feng have broken so much soil and made a fortune!"

     Beside him, a tall, middle-aged gentleman, glanced at him, smiled lightly and said: "Xia family's money, fall down, is not your own!"

     "That's different!"

     Xia Houye smiled and said: "Xia Yuwen can earn money by himself, and he is not a kid anymore. The Xia family subsidizes him 3,000 points of merit a year, you see, he has crushed hundreds of squares of earth, hundreds of thousands of merits!"

     "He can't afford it!"

     "It's okay, his grandpa can afford it! Evergreen became the deputy governor of So many years, rich, not afraid!"Master Xiahou laughed and said: "Old Ji, sit down and chat, aren't you tired to stand? What are you doing with Lao Hu Xue?"

     Director Ji ignored him and didn't want to talk to him.

     Xiahouye couldn't bear to be lonely, and said: "Old Ji, who do you think can win?"

     "Zhou Mingren and Hong Tan?"

     "No, I mean these two!"

     He pointed to Bai Feng, who was still running away. At this moment, Bai Feng’s white clothes had already become bloody, unable to fight back, so he could only escape, barely save his life, but the more or less the Vietnam War, if it goes on like this, more or less Xia Yuwen will be beheaded within a minute!

     Director Ji frowned slightly, his eyes gradually brightened, as if he was watching something. After a long while, he smiled lightly and said: "Bai Feng is dead, Xia Yuwen is hurt!"

     "Are you looking at the future?"

     Xia Houye suddenly smiled and said: "This thing is inaccurate, even if you are the sun and the moon, you may not be able to see it accurately! Let alone the sun and the moon, it is invincible. A possible future, not an accurate future!"

     Director Ji turned his head, looked at him, and smiled lightly: "Then what do you think?"

     "I think?"

     Master Xiahou smiled and said, "So, what about betting, betting...your daughter?"


     Director Ji's eyes turned bad instantly!

     "What are you doing? What do you think of our tigers?"

     Xia Houye smiled and said: "Simple, honest, practical, hardworking..."


     Director Ji just said!

     Too ugly, not worthy of my daughter!

     Xia Houye complexion not good, "People say that my tiger is more like me!""So ugly!"


     Master Xiahou was furious and annoyed: "Okay, you don't want to fall down, and you still look down on your daughter! A small new Sun Moon, marrying my Xia family, that's your blessing, you still pretend to be a calf, don't do it Pull down!"

     Director Ji said lightly: "Is the sun and the moon very weak? Besides, I'm the daughter of someone and I don't accept second-hand goods!"


     Xia Houye looked depressed, and over there, Mr. Hu held back a smile.

     second hand……

     Be it!

     Xia Huyou had a marriage partner when he was a child, the Liu family's direct line, but unfortunately... the Liu family was completely defeated, and the Xia Huyou married daughter died in the battlefield with her parents not long after she was born.

     It was still a marriage contract made during pregnancy, half joking, half true.

     When Director Ji said this, he was only deliberately angry with Master Xiahou.

     Xia Houye was angry and quickly said, "I bet that Bai Feng, this kid, must have a killer's magic. Only one of his two dragon-slaying swords has appeared now! What about another?"

     Director Ji raised his eyebrows slightly and said softly, "Where did he get the two handles? Where did he get the handle?"

     "Perhaps I directly outlined two handles back then, this kid is hiding!"

     Master Xiahou reckless and impulsively guess!

     Director Ji said indifferently: "I'm wondering, did he take apart his dragon sword?"

     "Isn't it?"

     Master Xia Hou said unsure: "The divine literary combat skills of the multiple divine literary elements can't be taken apart! Do not rule out this possibility, this kid all day long drilled in the research room, who knows what the hell was made? ...Will you step in to protect him later?"Director Ji smiled and ignored him.

     Over there, Old Hu also chuckled: "Master Hou, you have a bad habit of watching people serve food. You don't care who was killed last time!"

     Master Xia Hou said dismissively: "Business exactly like this, watching people serve food! Watching him deserving or undeserving meddling, it's not worth it, then you fight you!"

     Several people ignored him.

     You have to intervene, intervene by yourself.


      The strong all around are watching silently.

     In the war zone, Bai Feng's white clothes were stained with blood, and he has exhausted one's limited abilities!

     Bai Feng is not good at fighting for a long time!

     Many people know this.

     At this moment, it has been delayed for so long, the more the battle is getting weaker, anyone with a discerning eye can see that he is no longer good, and if he drags it on, the final sword can't be cut.

     Xia Yuwen calm and unhurried, narrowing his escape space step by step.

     Defend his final sword!

     Double swords!

     Until now, Bai Feng has only made one sword, but still one sword.

     The sword spirit is permeated, and Bai Feng has a space to escape smaller and smaller!

     Xia Yuwen step by step!

     He is very strong and arrogant, but when fighting, he has his own rules, calm and unhurried, not chaotic, not in a hurry.

     To deal with people like Bai Feng, you have to be steady.

     Otherwise, the ship may capsize at any time.

     "Bai Feng, are you still struggling? let me see your second dragon-slaying sword!"

     "As you wish !"

     Bai Feng haha smiled, growled, kill with one sword!

      at the same time, another sword to drop from the sky!

     One strong and one weak!

     "This handle is too weak!"Xia Yuwen lightly laughed, and the probing hand grabbed the weak sword directly. At the same time, holding the sword in his right hand, slashed the sword that was flying towards the front, that was the main sword!

     Bang a loud sound, the main sword flew out!

     Xia Yuwen pinched the secondary sword in his hand, and Xia Yuwen briefly explored it, slightly frowned, and burst of willpower, shaking this secondary sword, which is a bit strange, where are so many dragon-slaying swords!

     Is this his magical combat skills?

     Or, it's just another combat skill.

     As he was thinking about it, Bai Feng suddenly swallowed a drop of essence and blood, roared, his body grew stronger, and he slaughtered him!

     "Innate blood?"

     "Too weak!"

     Xia Yuwen responded faintly, a shocking secondary sword lost its color, lost its luster, and dropped it casually, holding a knife to kill Bai Feng who had come from crazy!


     One after another, Bai Feng's body was densely covered again.

     The white robe was broken, revealing his body, revealing a hideous wound.

     "Still still?"

     "Struggle with your uncle!"

     When the words fell, the two long swords in the distance suddenly fuse into one, killing him again!

     Xia Yuwen sensed that the sword behind him was powerful and somewhat uncertain. It was not as strong or weak as expected. It might be able to kill those weak Lingyun, but for him, it was too weak.

     Even if he is still flying, this sword can't kill him!

     The long sword in his hand flew out and appeared directly behind, with a bang, entangled with the long sword, fighting together!Xia Yuwen's empty hand, empty fist was still extremely powerful. In the blink of an eye, she hit Bai Feng one after another, and Bai Feng who killed Bai Feng continued to bleed. At this moment, he was basically unable to shake Xia Yuwen.

     Bai Feng didn't care, swallowing a few drops of blood again, and screamed at him!

     At this moment, a terrifying murderous aura emerged from him!

     The next moment, another dragon sword appeared!


     More powerful than the fuse into one sword behind!

      all around, some strong men are stunned, and there is a third one?

     what's the situation!

     Xia Yuwen was relaxed instead, that's right!

     He knew that Bai Feng was not that easy to kill, and there must be assassins, sure enough!

     This sword is very strong!

     It’s enough to kill Zhang Yu, and everything before that is rational and clearly structured.

     "Open heaven!"

     Xia Yuwen didn't care too much and shouted violently!

     Nine light spots flashed on the body!

     The Nine Apertures after Reunion!

     These nine light spots are extremely powerful. At this moment, Xia Yuwen's body is faintly transmitted from the ancient aura, the spirit of the gods and demons, which is made of the blood of the gods and demons!

     Take your hand as a knife!

     Xia Yuwen shout loudly, cut it down with a knife!

     This knife shocked the sky with murderous intent!

     Bai Feng also gritted his teeth, roared, and leapt directly into the air, holding the third Dragon Slaying Sword, his vitality and willpower kept pouring in, and he roared violently, "Smashing Yuan!"

     The third type of breaking the sky!

     This sword is extremely gorgeous!

     Murderous spirits rushed into the sky, divine writing broke out!

      a sabre and a sword, they collide together instantly!

     silent!Only a light wave swept away in all directions!

     The two were fixed in midair, and the swords fought each other. Xia Yuwen used his hand as the sword. At the moment, the right hand was brilliant, the whole body was golden, and it was also incomparably tenacious, click...

      A snapping sound came, and the sword in Bai Feng's hand was shattering at this moment.

     A crack also appeared in Xia Yuwen's hand!

     Blood, dripping.

     Xia Yuwen chuckled, "It's very strong, it's enough to kill Lingyun with the higher level, Bai Feng, you are very strong, but unfortunately...I am stronger!"

     It's just a minor injury!

     Bai Feng's strongest sword didn't hurt him seriously.

     And Bai Feng, at the moment, his eyes are full of don't dare to believe, angry, unwilling...


     So strong?

     "Go to hell!"

     Xia Yuwen said softly, turning the knife with his left hand, and slashing towards Bai Feng's head!

     "I am not willing to!"

     A roar of torn by grief and indignation resounded everywhere!

     Wu Yuehua and the others were preparing to take action. Over there, Shan Tianhao and the others broke out and suppressed them one after another, saying that they were about to go to war.

     "I'm Bai Feng, I am extremely talented, I am not willing to, I am not convinced!"

     Bai Feng roared in despair!

     The long sword in hand has been every inch shattered!

     Xia Yuwen is lightly sighed, not much to say, his left hand has already been cut towards his head!

     You... can go to hell.

     "I am not willing to!"

     Bai Feng roared crazily, his willpower broke out, his vitality broke out, he was struggling, and he was making the final counterattack!

     At this moment, outside, Zhou Mingren's eyes moved, opened his eyes, and instantly looked somewhere in the void!

     At this moment, a strong person discovered something wrong one after another!At this moment, the two-in-one Dragon Slaying Sword that was still entangled with Xia Yuwen's weapon was originally weak, but at this moment, it broke out with incomparable brilliance!

      a ray of light, illuminating the world!

     The long sword is burning!


     There was a loud noise that broke through the world, and with a bang, Xia Yuwen's military knife was instantly crushed!


     Xia Yuwen, who was about to slay Bai Feng, was complexion changed. His willpower was turbulent. The divine text was broken. He couldn't look back. With a violent roar, his hands were united and turned into gold, and the sword was instantly cut at Bai Feng!

     "I look down on you!"

     Xia Yuwen roared!

     "Too much underestimated!"

     Bai Feng suddenly laughing heartily, behind Xia Yuwen, a long sword broke through the air!

     Divine text is burning!

     At this moment, Xia Yuwen gathered countless vitality on his back, he did not look back, he was going to cut Bai Feng!

     Even if he was injured, Bai Feng would be killed!

     "stupid guy!"

     At this moment, when Xia Yuwen's vitality gathered, another long sword suddenly appeared in Bai Feng's hand!

     Dragon Sword!

     Fourth handle!

     Different from the previous one, this sword, dull at this moment, but at the next moment, 18 brilliant spots of light burst out on this sword!

     18 divine texts are burning!

     "Send you back to heaven!"

      a severe shout, resounding everywhere!


     Cut out with one sword!

     What the first sword, the second sword, the third sword... are all fake.It's not fake, each sword contains two divine texts, a total of 6 divine texts, in order to disguise as a powerful dragon slaying sword, all the divine texts are burned!

     Bai Feng has outlined 28 divine texts in total!

     Among them, 12 are basic divine texts and 16 are divine texts outlined later.

     At this moment, with the sword in his hand, 24 divine texts have been smashed, leaving only four divine texts, floating alone in the sea of will, forming a small sword, that is what he intends to leave Dragon Sword.

     The divine text burns, the sea of will shakes, and the divine aperture collapses and closes!

     The word "cut" resounded throughout the world.


     Fast, too fast!

     With a puff, Xia Yuwen's golden hands, which were like diamonds, encountered this sword and were instantly cut off!

     The blood was too late to gush out and was instantly evaporated!

     Xia Yuwen's complexion big change, roared crazily, 9 acupuncture points all over his body, suddenly boomed and exploded!

     An incomparable vitality burst out!

     In the void, a huge long sword appeared and collided with Bai Feng's burning long sword!

     Swords collide again!

      wordless and uncommunicative!

     In the next moment, an extremely powerful force erupted from the center, and an aperture spread out, smoothing out all obstructions all around!

     A hill was cut in half instantly!

     In the distance, several Lingyun powerhouses, complexion big change!

     Just about to escape, he snorted, the light circle crossed, and with a bang, a strong Lingyun realm directly burst his chest and his body was cut in half!


     A clear drink came, and the overflowing aperture was instantly suppressed!Zhou Mingren frowned, suppressing the spilled energy, and grabbed the cut-in-half Lingyun with his bare hands. A white light emerged in his hand, forcibly pinching the other party's burst body.

     After a while, this Lingyun Realm had lingering fears, his face was pale, he looked to the center, and then he looked at his injuries, wants to cry but doesn't have tears!

     The flesh is broken!

     Only aftermath!

     I almost died, even if I didn't die, I wouldn't be able to recover to the past within half a year or even a year!

      The strong all around, at this moment, they are determined to look over there!

     In the void, Bai Feng barked his teeth and smiled!

     The long sword in his hand was completely broken, inch by inch broke apart, the sea of will was severely injured, the divine orifice was closed, the divine text was shattered, the flesh continued to explode, and blood splashed everywhere.

     In front of him, Xia Yuwen's arms were severed, just like his apprentice, he broke both arms directly.

     This is not important. The key is that at this moment, his nine orifices burst and his vitality is exhausted, so he can withstand that sword!

     With a bang, the center of the eyebrows burst open!

     Blood gushes out!

     Xia Yuwen didn't say a word, looked at Bai Feng Mumudi, the two of them met, and fell from the air at the same time!



     The two fell to the ground at the same time, Xia Yuwen seemed to be cut open!

     At the center of the eyebrows, a crack spread!

     From the center of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, to the lips, to the chest... spread all the way!

     Xia Yuwen looks at the sky, not dead, but at the moment there is a blank in his mind.

     He didn't understand why... there was a fourth sword!

     Bai Feng, what did you do?As for Bai Feng, the Sea of Will is almost mashed at this moment, even including the main divine text is broken. At this moment, big mouthfuls of blood overflowed from his mouth, and the ground was instantly dyed red.

     "Uncle...Save me..."

     He felt that he could still be rescued, why did he land, no one saved me!

     Uncle... What a shame!

     At this moment, all around, the strong awakened one after another!

     Still sluggish, still somewhat don't dare to believe!

     "Bai Feng... broke his divine text combat skills and burned his main core divine text..."

     This... Immortality is completely abolished!

     Does this kind of life still make sense?

     Maybe there is. Zheng Yuming is similar to him, but Zheng Yuming still has a lot of divine writings unbroken. Where is Bai Feng?

     How many more Bai Feng?

     Can his sea of will bear such a backlash?


     "Xia Yuwen didn't win!"

     At this moment, Wu Qi outside was also shocked!

     Lingyun Sanzhong's Xia Yuwen was almost cut in half by Bai Feng!

     He guarded the first sword, the second sword... guarded against coming and going, but he didn't guard the final sword!

     Xia Yuwen, who had broken nine orifices, was also crushed by civilian soldiers. Can such an injury be cured?


     At this moment, Master Xiahou also with an odd expression.

     Director Ji murmured: "Four-handled Dragon Slaying Sword, don’t tell me, there were 4 out of it at the beginning, and he split the Dragon Slaying Sword... 4 times!"

     Bai Feng, how did he achieve it?

     The next moment, he suddenly probed his hand and grabbed it over there!And at the same time, Shan Tianhao and several others shot one after another, grabbing at Bai Feng's side!



     How Bai Feng split the Dragon Slaying Sword, they were so interested!

     "He's scrapped, give me a thin noodle..."

     Director Ji said lightly, in the blink of an eye, a big golden colored mark directly smashed Shan Tianhao and several people!

     Dayin getting bigger and bigger!

      At the same time, a bright moon rises in the sky!

     This bright moon rises in an instant, falls in an instant, and the moon falls, hiding the sky and covering the earth, hitting Zhou Mingren!

     Zhou Mingren frowned, Wei Wei retreated several steps!

     With a loud sound, Shan Tianhao and several people were smashed into the air by the big seal. Director Ji grabbed Bai Feng and instantly retracted the giant palm. Bai Feng fell in front of him, his eyes were a little loose, and the mouth was bleeding. Hearing: "Fuck... lightly..."

     Director Ji smiled and stopped talking. Over there, Zhou Mingren stepped back, looked at Master Xiahou, and said calmly: "If you want to intervene, then say it earlier. Why wait until now. If the Xia family doesn't allow it, This battle will not break out!"

     Master Xiahou shrugged, "It has nothing to do with me. Old Ji is going to make a move, you find him!"

     Zhou Mingren said nothing, Shan Tianhao said angrily: "Yourselves has drawn out of the war zone, now you want to grow fat eating one's words?"

     "Old Ji did it!"

     Xia Houye repeated again, thought a bit then said: "Punish money, no more shots! Another shot, punishing you to go to the battlefield of the heavens to kill a sun and moon, what do you think?"

     "Hand over Bai Feng!"

     Shan Tianhao was furious!

     Director Ji ignored him, grabbed Bai Feng, turned his head and left!

     What to pay!He is curious now, how did he achieve it?

     How did you take out the four dragonslaying swords?



     Before Shan Tianhao had finished roaring, Director Ji suddenly turned his head, his figure moved quickly and incomparable, and instantly appeared in front of him, a bright moon appeared in his hand, and the sun and moon brilliance was split with one hand!


     Body burst!

     It was another blow, and with a bang, blood flew across and the bones exploded!

     Director Ji coldly watched him forcibly recover his flesh and blood, and said lightly: "Is this kind of explanation enough? If not, let Zhou Polong come to me!"


     Director Ji looked around calmly, "You hit yours, I want mine, I want to protect him, then you can protect him! In Daxia Mansion, you want to stop me Ji Hong?"

     Sideways glanced at Zhou Mingren, and said lightly: "President Zhou, if you are not satisfied, you can try!"

     Zhou Mingren didn't say a word.

     "I, Ji Hongbao, will vacate, and anyone dares to compete with me?"

     Director Ji looked around and said lightly: "Someone else wants to say isn't that so?"


     "Then say goodbye!"

     Director Ji smiled, mentioned Bai Feng, and walked away.
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