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192 Returning One After Another (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Director Ji stepped away and took away Bai Feng.

     On the ground, Liu Wenyan smiled, and the next moment... whispered!

     Bai Feng, this kid, said before that he would help me solve the problem of the suppression of the divine text, but it has not been completed.

     That's it!

     Of course, Bai Feng said the method, but now, only Hong Tan can do it.

     My younger brother, whether it is true or false is lost?

     On the ground, Xia Yuwen lay on the ground, not caring about everything, looking at the sky all the time, her eyes lost their expression and no longer domineering.

     Over there, Master Xiahou waved his hand, "Carry it away! Send it back to the city lord's mansion, and let Xia Changqing come to rescue! Can withstand failure, only grow, who can be undefeated?"

     A team of Long Wuwei entered the field and quickly lifted Xia Yuwen to leave.

     Xia Houye smiled lightly and said: "Five generations have been defeated, my old man has been defeated, and Xia Longwu has also been defeated... The King of Zhou has been defeated, the King of Qin has been defeated, and if you can stand up, then there's hope and can't stand up... Xia Jiahui To give you the end of your retirement!"

     It's so cruel, so simple!

     Standing up, you are still a genius in the Xia family.

     If you can't stand up, then you will provide you with old-age care and eat and wait for death forever.

     Genius... there is no shortage of it!

     Shan Tianhao forcibly gathered his body at this moment, but the complexion blanches was still unwilling.

     He is not stupid!

     But he really wanted to catch Bai Feng, more than him, everyone wanted to catch Bai Feng.

     Why can we split so many Dragon Slaying Swords?

     Is this the ability of Bai Feng alone, or is it possible to do it with a single line of multi-sacred writing?

     Will this ability have any huge impact?What has been studied in the polytheistic literature series!

     Too important!

     The multi-shenwen series is already unparalleled in combat power, and now it can split its own divine combat skills. What subsequent impact will this have?

     He wants to catch Bai Feng!

     Shan Tianhao looked at Director Ji flying away, and glanced at Zhou Mingren with his head sideways. The voice transmission shouted: "Zhou Mingren! Are you watching Bai Feng being taken away?"

     The value of Bai Feng has risen wildly at this moment.

     Splitting the Dragon Slaying Sword, how did he achieve it!

     Vaguely... they even had some terrible thoughts born.

     Being able to dismantle the Dragon Slaying Sword means that the divine text combat skills have been disassembled. Can the basic divine text be disassembled?

     If so... Shan Tianhao couldn't imagine what kind of drastic changes would erupt next!

     Many gods are invincible!

     The strongest in its class!

     Everyone is dissatisfied with the multi-sacred texts series, because they consume a lot of resources, because they are too difficult to vacate, and the requirements are too high, and they have to outline more than 10 sacred texts in the air!

     But... what if... there is no need to vacate underneath?

     is it possible?

     they do not know!


     It can only be said that there is this possibility. As for whether it is not, no one has any evidence now, unless Bai Feng is caught, one or two can be known.

     Zhou Mingren is slightly frowned and remains silent.

     Today, he seems to be silent all the time, even if the Director of Discipline speaks, he just backs down.

     "Zhou Mingren!"

     "Five Dynasties Divine Writing is the most important thing!"

     Zhou Mingren said, "Bai Feng, I'll talk about it later! Do you want to offend Ji Hong for a Bai Feng?"Shan Tianhao is still angry!

     Suddenly looked at Lord Xiahou, hiding his anger, and said in a low voice: "Master Xiahou, the Xia family said to open up a war zone and let us fight! We all agree to the conditions of Master Xiahou! What if Master Xiahou said, so what, but now , The director of the Yuqiang Department intervenes, is this in line with the rules of the Xia family?"

     He must say!

     Otherwise, the Xia family keeps intervening, so just stop fighting, it doesn't make any sense!

     Master Xiahou shrugged, "The Xia family did not intervene, don't get me wrong! You should be Ji Hong as their foreign aid. Didn't you invite Xia Yuwen? Look, the Xia family went in and was almost hacked to death, neither did I. speak!"

     Xia Houye smiled and said: "When I speak, it's like spitting a nail in a mouth! In the war zone, I don't care who kills! If you have the ability, I will not care if you kill Ji Hong! Shan Tianhao, you are not as strong as you He, then I can’t do anything. You can ask Zhou Polong to settle the account and tell me, what can I do?”

     Master Xia Hou felt aggrieved, "Look, Xia Yuwen is injured like this, did I speak? In the war zone, you play casually. Just now he shot you and entered the war zone, right? My Xia family still abides by the rules. Don't slander me, slander me again...I No matter good or bad is also Acting Palace Master, you are the mountains and seas of the Great Zhou Mansion, and you slander me again and again, Shan Tianhao...think carefully before speaking! "

     Shan Tianhao complexion changed and scolded in his heart!

     Ji Hong intervenes, is this still within the rules?

      what is this foreign aid?

     Over there, Zhou Mingren slightly frowned, and slowly said, "Master Hou, there will be no more foreign aid, right?"

     "This... don't ask me!"Master Xiahou smiled and said: "I don't care about this, yourselves pull people, pull as many as you want, whoever enters the war zone, then kill it, I can collect the money! It's best to pull in all the disobedients of the Great Xia Palace. One less, lest a group of people toss about every day! Let me put a word, you are the people of the ten thousand races, I will not interfere, I be as good as one's word! Of course, here, out of the war zone, I still have to wipe it out!"

     No one said anything.


     Even if it can be pulled, the people of ten thousand races are not idiots and come to die?

     Whoever is silly!

     "Zhou Mingren, still not taking action to capture Liu Wenyan?"

     Shan Tianhao knew that there was no way to trouble Ji Hong, and the sound transmission shouted again: "You have to wait until at what time! If you don't take any action, if something happens, who will be responsible? If Ji Hong can intervene, others can intervene!"

     There has been a change!

     He didn't understand, what exactly Zhou Mingren was waiting for!

     Hong Tan?

     Hong Tan is rushing here now, do you have to wait for him to arrive before dealing with Liu Wenyan and the others?

     Is Zhou Mingren sick?

     Zhou Mingren glanced at him, and the voice transmission said: "If you want to make a move, then make a move. I will wait for Hong Tan to return!"


     "Shan Tianhao, don't order me again!"

     Zhou Mingren suddenly looked cold and stern: "You don't have that qualification yet, understand?"

     Shan Tianhao frowned, cursing wildly in his heart!

     What is Zhou Mingren waiting for?

     Although somewhat angry, at this moment, there is no time to think about it, and he shouted: "Capture Liu Wenyan, hand over the inheritance divine writing!"When the words were over, Shan Tianhao looked at several mountains and seas, and several of them nodded at the same time, and instantly killed them towards the war zone!

     Capture Liu Wenyan!

     Wait any longer, something is going to happen.

     No one is reconciled if the Five Dynasties Divine Writings are not obtained.

     As for Zhou Mingren...this bastard, who knows what he thinks.

     Next to Zhou Mingren, a few elders from the mountain and sea realm looked at him, and the old Sun Ge spoke through the voice: "Old Zhou, what are you doing?"

     Zhou Mingren slightly frowned, and said: "You can go, lest a long night is fraught with dreams, just capture Liu Wenyan, and you don't have to fight to the last with Wu Yuehua!"


     A few people are a little aggrieved. You said you want to dig the graves. Now it's the crucial moment. You are silent, what the hell!

     Although very angry and helpless, several people looked at each other and quickly joined the battle!

     At this moment, a group of people are gradually joining the battle!

     Single Shenwen one series, here are many mountains and seas!

     Next to Liu Wenyan, He Qi, Wu Yuehua, Fan Gelao...There were also many mountains and seas, and they shot back!


     Xia Houye glanced at Zhou Mingren, raised his eyebrows slightly, smiled and said nothing.

     Over there, Mr. Hu also smiled, meaningful.

     At this moment, Zhou Mingren, who had not been moving, suddenly took a deep breath, and two long gas dragons even appeared in front of him. They were extremely conspicuous in the night.

     Master Xiahou and Lao Hu looked far away.

     In the distance, one person panted exhaustedly, and while walking towards this side, he smiled and said, "Isn't you late?"

     Hong Tan!Next to the broken hut, Liu Wenyan saw Hong Tan and suddenly cursed: "You rubbish, only now, I thought you lost it!"


     Hong Tan is a lot of age, and at the moment he laughed and said: "Brother, I have been so many years, or is it this temper, okay?"

     After speaking, glanced at Zhou Mingren, the old face gradually regained his youth, straightened his waist, flicked his robe, and smiled: "Old Zhou, are you waiting for me?"

     "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

     Zhou Mingren calmly said: "If Shan Tianhao kept talking nonsense with me, I would have killed him! Shanhai Jiuzhong, nothing else is great! Hong Tan, I have actually been waiting for you for many years!"

     Hong Tan walked step by step, and each time he took a step, he was younger, and gradually, his thin body became stronger.

     He smiled and said: "Older Zhou, why bother! You really want to learn from each other, I'll accompany you! If it doesn't work, go to the battlefield of the heavens and force me to take action. Isn't it all right?"

     Zhou Mingren's momentum has gradually become stronger, and he said in a deep voice, "Some things are holding back, in the end still to be vented! The dispute between single and multiple has been a long time, but for me, that's it!"

     Zhou Mingren's words caused the strong men who were participating in the war around to gradually stop.

     Look at them one after another!

     The old couple of Sun Ge complexion fluctuates uncertain, What does it mean?

     Zhou Mingren still calmly said: "I want to eliminate the first line of polytheism, but... it doesn't make any sense to solve an abandoned Liu Wenyan! Others say that you Hong Tan concentrates on research, and your strength lies in the one. The department is just average, but I... don't think so!"Zhou Mingren walked towards Hong Tan, every step he took, the momentum was strong!

     "I still want to see if you can reach the sun and the moon! I also want to see if you can let me go to the sun and the moon!"

     The momentum is stronger!

     Beyond the peak of the mountains and seas, it is vaguely inferior to the previous Director Ji.

     Zhou Mingren is taking steps, Hong Tan is also taking steps, his momentum is getting stronger and stronger!

     Over there, Shan Tianhao was inwardly cursed in his heart!

     He finally understood!

     Zhou Mingren has been waiting for Hong Tan, hoping to face Hong Tan with a prosperous attitude and help him cross the threshold of the sun and the moon!

     Zhou Mingren, did not step into the sun and the moon!

     Only one step away!

     At this step, he chose to face Hong Tan. He felt that Hong Tan could help him take this step!

     "Bengshanhai, how can you seize the stars and catch the moon happy!"

     Zhou Mingren walked, with a very strong aura, the mountains and rivers appeared illusory, and he said as he walked: "Wu Yuehua can't do it, He Qi can't do it, and Shan Tianhao can't do it... You Hong Tan, the most suitable!"

     Hong Tan smiled and said: "Old Zhou, you are the same generation as my teacher. You have been aiming at me, and I don't bother to pay attention to it. There is no need to come to me for so many days and months, right? Where are there so many hatreds? I said. On the battlefield of heaven, there are a lot of mountains and seas, why bother to find me!"

     "Because... I am Zhou's family!"

     Zhou Mingren responded.

     Because I still have involvement, and cause and effect, so I can only find you.

     Hong Tan helplessly said with a smile: "Okay, since Mr. Zhou wants to use me as a whetstone, I will play with Mr. Zhou, Sun and Moon... not that good!"After all, the momentum is getting stronger!

     Gradually, the mountain and the sea, the peak of the mountain and the sea, the next moment, there was a bang, in fact, the skyrocketing, the mountain and the sea!

     "Shan Hai Jiu Zhong!"

     Many people whispered!

     This guy, at what time broke through?

     Zhou Mingren's eyes are sharp, this is what he is waiting for!

     Hong Tan, not weak!

     Others don’t know, does he still know?

     "not enough!"

     "Then be stronger and satisfy Mr. Zhou!"

     Hong Tan smiled, his aura became stronger and stronger, and after a while, his aura changed again!

     The nine peaks of mountains and seas, which is the peak of mountains and seas!

     "Is it enough?"

     Hong Tan smiled and said: "There is no way if it is not enough, so, almost there! A series of multi-divine literature, in the end still better than you!"

     When the words fall, the two afterimages disappear on the spot!

     Boom, world-shaking!

     "Capture Liu Wenyan!"

     Zhou Mingren shouted!

     In the void, the two played against each other, and the others could not see anything at all, fast, incomparable fast!

     Shan Tianhao didn't care about scolding at this moment, and shouted: "Kill!"

     A group of mountains and seas were also shocked in their hearts, but they knew that it was not for them to participate, so they killed Liu Wenyan one after another, grabbing Liu Wenyan first!


     The war broke out instantly.

      at the same time.

     On Xiahouye's side, two silhouettes came, Su Yu hugged Xia Huyou...Yes, hug!

     It's not a hug, but he put his arm around his shoulder and pressed it firmly on Xia Huyou!

     Xia Huyou looked stunned and depressed!After shaking his shoulders, Su Yu didn't care. She still hugged him tightly, almost stuck to each other, even his head was stuck to him. People who didn't know saw it and thought it was a young couple.

     The auction, logically speaking, only started in the morning.

     However, Su Yu couldn't wait.

     When Bai Feng's communication passed, Su Yu knew that the next trouble was coming.

     Then you can't wait!

     He is afraid of death!

      Especially now, it feels too insecure outside. He doesn't want to go out of college, not at all.

     But he must come out!

     So here he is!

     At this time, he clung to Xia Huyou. This was his amulet, his protective shield, and his one's last hope.

     He was afraid of death and did not dare to run around.

     But... The Xia family is not afraid.

     Xia Huyou, if you guessed right, whoever dared to kill Xia Huyou, the 18th generation of his ancestors would have to be killed!

     So Su Yu called him to come together!

      arms around each other's shoulders, clinging to his shoulders, no, locking his neck.

     My brothers, have a good relationship and be affectionate!

     At this moment, Su Yu also saw the scene of the battle and Liu Wenyan, who was still smiling in the crowd, but Bai Feng...he was somewhat concerned.

     Can't care much!

     This is not something he can participate in, he cannot afford it.

     With his arms around Xia Huyou, Su Yu was still a little worried. The strong would kill, even if they hugged them, it was not too safe!

     He wished he could become a trouser belt and hung on this guy.I got close to Xia Huyou again, Xia Huyou's greasy face almost stuck to his mouth, and Xia Huyou looked helpless, "All right, we are here, Su Yu, can you let me go?"

     "No, brother, brother should be so close!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's best, it's too insecure here, I'm afraid you have an accident!"


     If you don't hold me, I will never have an accident!

     Xia Huyou complained inwardly, inwardly cursed, secretly suspicious, do you know who I am?

     You have to take me with you when you go out, how afraid of death you are!

     Su Yu looked around and saw a face that was somewhat familiar, not really familiar, but a shadow!

     The shadow of Zheng Yunhui!

     "Is that Chief Zheng?"


     "go there!"

     "Don't go to Master Xiahou?"

     "Don't go!"

     Su Yu refused to contact the fat man not far away!

     That's a profiteer who cannibalize people without spitting out bones. Everyone in Daxia Mansion faces become pale. If he doesn't go, he will look for Hanzi!

     Doing business with smart people is too tiring!


     When the war broke out, Zheng Ping was still watching the show, and suddenly someone walked by his side.

     When he looked sideways, he recognized Xia Huyou. As for who was carrying Xia Huyou... Oh, I read it wrong, I didn't carry it on my back, just sticking to it, who is this?

     Posted so close!

     How can the Xia family have such a good relationship with men?

     "Grandpa Zheng!"

     Grandpa Zheng, Zheng Ping was stunned. Do I know you?This was not what Xia Huyou called, but the person next to Xia Huyou!


     Are we familiar?

     Su Yu’s mouth is very sweet, "Grandpa Zheng, my name is Su Yu, Yun Hui’s good brother, I made tens of thousands of exploits with him last time, did Yun Hui tell you?"

     "It's you!"

     Now Zheng Ping knew who the other party was!

      Somewhat surprised, I quickly thought of something, "You come here..."

     "sell things!"

     Su Yu said sweetly: "Has Grandpa Zheng received the news?"

     Speaking of Su Yu's 36 Soul Devouring Aperture Points exploded and connected into one, a layer of black flame was instantly attached to his willpower.

     "This can not only be attached to willpower, but also directly attached to hands and feet..."

     After that, Su Yu's palm suddenly turned black!

     Hit Zheng Ping with one blow!

     "Grandpa Zheng, you always feel it!"

     At the peak of the mountain and sea, even if it is a warrior, the willpower will not be too weak.

     Zheng Ping didn't care, the point was...what did you beat me, and why did you pull that little fat man!

     I didn't see the little fat guy, he was almost killed by you!

     Not far away, Master Xiahou didn't look, and turned his head to look no more.

     Mr. Hu also shook his head, this...Is this the young man of the polytheistic literature?

     Is this life-saving?

     Know the identity of Xia Huyou?

     How don't you believe in outsiders, even if you sell something, you have to take Xia Huyou with you, and you want to tie Xia Huyou to your waist!


     With a muffled sound, Zheng Ping didn't make a move, nor did he fight back. His willpower was guarded outside his body, and he instantly sensed the slight pain of a needle stick!The weak black flame burns on his willpower.

     Zheng Ping didn't care too much, it was a little bit painful... but it was not easy!


     My mountain and sea peak!

     Even if it is not a civilized teacher, the willpower is very strong, and the ordinary Lingyun realm civilized teacher may not be comparable to him.

     There is a slight pain!

     If this is hit on the same level, what's the deal?

     "Soul Eater..."

     As he said, his eyes lit up, he looked at Su Yu, the divine light in his eyes burst out, and he suddenly looked towards Su Yu!

     Su Yu instantly blocked all the acupuncture points and said with a smile: "Grandpa Zheng, the exercise method does not depend on which acupuncture point is opened. Simply put, the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique will be useless. If you don't use it, it will spread?

     Zheng Ping became interested and smiled: "I heard, you don't sell money?"


     Su Yu pointed to the battlefield over there, "My bid is not high, it is Grandpa Zheng who killed a mountain and sea!"


     Zheng Ping laughed and said: "Killing a mountain and sea... You said it simply! Even if the mountain and sea are heavy, it is not so easy to kill! Besides, these people making up a group, forming a troupe, also have backers, I can kill it casually Soul Eater, it's not worth the price!"

     Su Yu nodded, pulled Xia Huyou and bowed slightly without saying much, and continued to pull Xia Huyou towards the other person.

     Xia Huyou looked depressed!

     Zheng Ping raised his eyebrows and said: "Are you not selling it?"

     "Sell!"Su Yu turned his head and smiled: "Grandpa Zheng, don't sell it to you, lest you be embarrassed! Yunhui is my brother, and I can't make his grandpa embarrassed! I went to General Zhao to ask, I think I should need this in the army!"

     Not far away, General Zhao raised his eyebrows slightly, and said directly: "That's a person from the divine literature system. Killing one will cause a lot of trouble! Although I am not afraid, the army still needs a civilized division. Killing them will easily lead to The civilized division collectively boycotted my Long Wuwei!"

     Su Yu nodded slightly, did not speak any more, and walked towards another person.

     Over there, the governor of Longwu Academy whispered: "Longwu Academy is the reserve officer of Long Wuwei. If General Zhao doesn't accept it, I can't accept it!"

     Not far away, Manager Hu opened his mouth and said: "Little classmate, a Soul Eater Secret Art. If you want to trade mountains and seas against mountains and seas, you are still a system of civilized teachers. It is difficult, too difficult!"

     After that, he said: "Moreover, what is involved in this is not simply interest, otherwise, there will be no war zone! The accounts left by the Five Dynasties need to be paid back by you. This is the fundamental!

     Su Yu whispered: "I understand, thank Grandpa Hu for mentioning something! But I still don't understand, the invincible in the Great Zhou Mansion was not dead in the hands of my great master, why should our lineage take care of all this? Need information, we do not have, did the great master say that he should be repaid with divine writing?"

     Manager Hu shook his head and stopped speaking.

     There are some things that can't be done just by saying a word!

     Su Yu looked around, the battle was still there, and more and more people participated!

     Ling Yun even started to participate and approached Liu Wenyan with the mountains and seas entangled.

     Liu Wenyan was also looking at him. He had seen Su Yu long ago, smiled, and moved his lips."go back!"

     This is not Su Yu's battlefield!

     This is not a battlefield that Su Yu can blend in!


     Su Yu is still too weak to qualify.

     Su Yu suddenly felt a little desolate and sad.


     Daxia Mansion, don't care?

     He looked at Lord Xiahou over there. Within the Daxia Mansion, it was not the religion of the ten thousand races, but a group of civilized teachers. They were besieging another group of civilized teachers. Does the Daxia Mansion leave it alone?

     He was suddenly disappointed!

     So disappointed, disappointed!


     He saw Wu Yuehua bleeding, he saw the powerhouse guarding Teacher Liu being besieged, his body bursting!

     Mountains and seas are missing.

     In the dark, more and more powerful people participated in the war, wordless and uncommunicative, no one signed up, no one said who they were, they participated in the war silently and stood by.

     Not far away, someone smiled and stepped into the air.

     He handed over to Liu Wenyan and joined the battle group with a smile!

     Someone gave a thumbs up to Liu Wenyan, with only eagerness in his eyes, no unwillingness, and instantly integrated into the battle!

     Su Yu knew that it was the strong man who came to aid.

     Someone has been waiting for Teacher Liu to return!

     Su Yu just watched, he knew that Soul Eater seemed to be unsold!

     These people are unwilling to blend in.

     The so-called warriors have no brains and are all jokes.

     But, just not reconciled!

     Xia Huyou's shoulder was pinched blue and purple, and he scratched his head, he didn't understand, he didn't understand!

      The second grandfather glanced at over there, he showed an inquisitive look, do you really care?

     More and more people are participating!words exceede 5100Su Yu roared: "Is no one in the Daxia Mansion willing to take action? What about the other mansion? Since the Xia Family doesn't care about it, the Xia Family is not qualified to take care of it! Is anyone willing?

     "Wen Jue?"

     In the void, someone finally spoke, "Really is the literary technique under the sky? Can 36 magic tricks be opened?"


     Su Yu roared: "As long as you kill a mountain and sea, is yours! Soul Eater, method of making innate essence and blood, and basic text! It's all yours!"

     Su Yu roared: "Isn't it enough? Is it enough to add another Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique?"

     At this moment, countless people gaze come together!

     "A person with a lot of spirituality?"

     "My name is Su Yu, teacher Bai Feng's direct biography! Is that enough?"

     Su Yu roared: "If it's not enough..."

     "Enough, is the seller selling ancestral properties?"

     At this moment, someone chuckled, "Stupid boy, do you have to sell out the family background of many gods?"

     "Stupid kid, don't take it seriously, we are so poor in the polytheistic literature, how can we have these things!"

     In the darkness, a young man walked out, holding a spear, and said with a smile: "Don't be fooling around, go home! It's a joke, there is nothing wrong!"

     The youth walked out step by step, and someone whispered: "Xia Yunqi!"

     Xia Yunqi, one of the legendary figures of the past, one of the evil spirits of the polytheistic literature.

     At this moment, Xia Yunqi is a youth, very young, complexion blanches, but full of smiles. He looked at Su Yu and smiled: "If you are playing around, don't make a noise..."When the words fell, he shot and stabbed at random, and said with a smile: "Brother Wen Yan, what are you doing back so early! I am here, Brother Zhang's grave, can someone really dug up?"

     When the words fell, in the distance, a strong mountain and sea suddenly shot out the tip of a gun!


     The spear shattered his body!

     Xia Yunqi smiled, drew his spear, his figure flickered, and slammed his spear towards a powerful man with seven layers of mountains and seas!


     Void burst!

     The seven-fold powerhouse of mountains and seas, complexion changed, just wanted to avoid, a divine text flashed!


     Shenwen spears merged, spears were like dragons, in the void, an incomparable gigantic golden dragon appeared and swallowed the opponent in one bite!

     It instantly turned into a spear and fell into Xia Yunqi's hands!

     Xia Yunqi smiled, the spear vibrated, and inside vaguely saw a strong man roaring, constantly bombarding the spear, the spear vibrated violently!

     Xia Yunqi smiled, a ball of flame appeared in his hand, and the spear was burned!

      a blood-curdling screech resounds through the world!

     Xia Yunqi coughed, looked around, and smiled: "Go away! Another sun and moon, I don't care, if you don't come, Zhou Mingren...he is not enough!"

     After that, he looked at Su Yu again and said with a smile: "Go back! Go to the university, fool around, sell what thing! Ancestral property, can't sell! Sell it, I'm sorry Ancestors! I'm sorry those teachers!"

     Su Yu was surprised!

     A strong man in the multi-sacred literature!

     No, the strong who were expelled in the past are back!

     At this moment, behind Xia Yunqi, a palm suddenly appeared, and a palm patted him!

     Shan Tianhao!Xia Yunqi frowned. At this moment, the spear in his hand trembled even more, and he restrained him!

      At the same time, a heavens frightening sword glow falls!

     Go straight to Shan Tianhao!

     Shan Tianhao frowned and retreated instantly, avoiding Jian Mang!

     "Xia Yunqi, you are fast!"

     A female voice came out. In the darkness, a woman stepped into the sky. Over there, Wu Yuehua, who was fighting against a strong man, suddenly yelled: "Hu Ping, you came late on purpose. See my joke! "

     "It's ridiculous, make trouble without reason!"

     In the void, a woman holding a long sword snorting disdainfully, "Look at your joke? You are a joke, what's so good about you!"

     "Bapo, wait for me to kill this bastard, I will never end with you!"

     After all, she was completely mad, the huge cauldron bombarded the four directions, and black smoke appeared from the cauldron!

     Several mountains and seas touched the black smoke, and their bodies rotted instantly!



     Xia Yunqi, Hu Ping!

     The two strong men who were expelled in the past have returned one after another!

     And Su Yu, looking at them dumbfounded at this time, suddenly smiled, there are still people!

     At the next moment, Su Yu said excitedly: "Thank you two seniors, the other seniors forgive me. I was just kidding. Xia Huyou's genre has not been given to me. I want to sell it and can't sell it. Don't get me wrong..."


     Xia Huyou dully looked at him, what do you mean?

     Many people looked at Xia Huyou for an instant, someone recognized him, and then slightly stagnated, Su Yu... was selling Xia's Wen Jue?


     What about him, what this kid said true or false, pit us?Almost pitted to death!

     Do you dare to take the Xia Family's Wen Jue?

     Xia Huyou looked at Su Yu, still sluggish, this bastard really knows who I am!

     What's the situation with the Wen Jue you mentioned?

     When did I tell you that Wen Jue let you sell it?

     Su Yu, not a word or movement, squeezed his shoulder, "You have, you really have!"

     Xia Huyou's eyes flashed for a moment, instantly bright!

     I have got!

     I really have?


     This guy... has this?

     At the next moment, Xia Huyou said with a smile: "That...seniors don't mind, I am really going to give it to Su Yu, sponsored by a personal friend, don't get me wrong, whoever bought it just now, I will bring it out! Su Yu is My brother, best brother, Wen Jue is nothing..."

     Master Xiahou couldn't help but look at him!

     you have?

     You have 18 holes. You even told Su Yu this, are you crazy?

     Want to send him?

     Xia Huyou smiled, apologized, squeezed Su Yu, and whispered: "I won't give it to you, you are not stupid, I let you sell it secretly, if you shout so loud, you know I will give you Yes, pay me back, or my family will be unhappy!"

     Su Yu glanced at him, smiled, took out a jade charm and handed it to him.

     Xia Huyou got it, her hands were shaking!

     Damn it!


     Seeing Grandpa Second looking towards him, Xia Huyou bared his teeth and smiled, embarrassed: "Fake, fake, I didn't dare to get it out! I just lied to Su Yu, I didn't expect that he would really sell it... …do not be angry!"Master Xiahou looked at the two of them in surprise, what's the situation!

     Xia Huyou was so excited at the moment, fucking, is it really a literary technique?

     Where did Su Yu come from?

     Fuck, really, I made a lot of money!

     PS: The writing is a bit messy, maybe I should take a day off and adjust it. Sorry, depending on the situation these days, I may have to ask for leave!
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