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197 Master And Apprentice (seeking Monthly Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Its daybreak.

     Soon after Chen Hao and the others left, the vitality of this place began to dissipate, and the fall of the sun and the moon completely disappeared.

     A sun and moon died, but a lot of students were fattened.

     The strong did not gain much, but for the weak, the gains this time were great.

     The stronger the talent, the greater the harvest this time.

     By his side, Xia Huyou takes a deep breath for a long time, absorbed the last drop of vitality, and said with emotion: "The sun and the moon are good, it feels faster than practicing in the secret realm!"


     Su Yu looked at him silently, you let your father kill the sun and the moon every day to give you a try.

     Su Yu got up and was about to leave.

     Of course, Xia Huyou's shield is indispensable.

     Give the Wen Jue to Xia Huyou, that is to buy life money, buy it more than once, and now use Xia Huyou as a shield, that is no guilt, in the home of Xia’s site, who will protect me if you don’t protect me .

     Just about to leave, there were two more people in front of him.

     Wu Qi smiled slightly and looked at Su Yu.

     Wu Lan looked pleased and a little excited: "Su Yu, my willpower is 80% full!"

     improve rapidly!

     It was only 70% last time, and now it's 80%. Of course, it can't compare with Su Yu.

     If Su Yu didn't open his mind, he might be full now.


     Su Yu congratulated him, let's not slow down, it was very good for the previous class, but this year...Forget it, Su Yu suspected that several people in the class could be promoted to the air, but it was suppressed.

     Wu Lan wanted to say something more, but Wu Qi didn't give her a chance to show off, and smiled lightly: "Come with me!"Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, nodded, and thanked him: "Thank you, Mr. Wu!"

     Wu Qi, he saw it last time at the Shenwen Contest.

     Originally he didn't know is the enemy or friend, but this time he saw Wu Yuehua helping Teacher Liu, fighting bloody battles, Su Yu knew that the Wu family should not be an enemy.

     Wu Qi let herself go with her, I'm afraid it is somewhat protective.

     This time my senior sister didn't come. Su Yu knew that probably the willpower injury was still there. Even if Chen Yong knew about it, he might not bring Wu Jia, and there would be no way of healing properties.

     Wu Qi didn't say much, turned around and left.

     Su Yu took Xia Huyou to follow, Wu Lan looked at the two curiously, how good are these two at what time?

     After walking a few steps, I met someone.

     Zheng Hong!

     Zheng Yuming's grandson, Sun Ge old student.

     At this moment, Zheng Hong followed a strong person in the Lingyun realm, saw Su Yu and a few people, their eyes flickered slightly, nodded slightly towards Su Yu, and greeted Wu Qi again: "Hello Teacher Wu!"

     Wu Qi glanced at him, nodded, did not speak.

     Ling Yun with Zheng Hong also glanced at Wu Qi, then looked at Su Yu, frowned slightly, and speeded up his pace to leave.

     Zheng Hong apologized and left quickly.

     Xia Huyou didn't even speak, Wu Lan said directly: "Not a good person!"


     Su Yu laughed, in your eyes, there are probably not many good people.

      Feeling Su Yu’s disapproval, Wu Lan was unhappy and said: "This was originally so! He is the grandson of Zheng Ge, and Zheng Ge was almost beaten to death because of you. He actually laughed at you. He is definitely not a good person. !""Zheng Ge is always taught by the governor, and it has nothing to do with me."

     Su Yu said with a slight smile: "If Zheng Hong is broad-minded, he should understand that I am not to blame. As a civilized teacher, I think he should be able to think and understand, so he has kindness to me."

     "Su Yu, you are so stupid that you would believe that others are broad-minded!"

     Wu Lan's face don't dare to believe, you are so stupid!

     You actually believe that Zheng Hong is open-minded!

     Su Yu smiled lightly: "They are all classmates and should be kind to others, so that we can live happily."

     Wu Lan snorting disdainfully, with nostrils facing him, no longer ignore him!

     Su Yu was suddenly found stupid!

     In front, Wu Qi continued to walk on his own, and was too lazy to blend in.

     The smiling tiger, the dog that bites doesn't bark, the surface is one set inside...

     These common sayings, don't my stupid sister know?

     Su Yu was so fierce that he entered the ring and beat the students of the Single God Wen first department like that. You said he was stupid?

     He said he was kind, do you really believe it?

     After a few steps, someone followed. Zheng Yunhui laughed and said, "Su Yu, Fatty Xia, let's be together!"

     As he said, this guy ran over.

     As soon as he ran over, Zheng Yunhui complained: "I said something, so big, why don't you call me! My old man was still regretting that I didn't go, he exploded a few eternal gods before, I went , Even if you can’t absorb it, you will soon reach the peak of your abilities!"

     Su Yu chuckled and said, "Be prepared to call you, next time, next time I have something like this, I call you, Brother Zheng just doesn't mind!""Of course I don't mind!"

     Zheng Yunhui smiled and said: "What is our relationship? That is a good friend. If there is a good thing, remember to call me brother!"

     After speaking, mysteriously said: "I also have something good to share with a few brothers now! Know the Sea of Knowledge Secret Realm, right? Someone is ready to open it. There are a lot of places. After entering, we may be vacated in an instant! A good place!"

     Xia Huyou seemed to know, but didn't say anything.

     Su Yu was slightly surprised, "Knowing the sea secret?"

     "Yeah, don't you know?"

     Zheng Yunhui smiled and said, "It's just..."

     "I know, isn't it hard to turn on?"

     "It's difficult, but now we are ready to open it, Brother Su, we have to find a way to enter!"

     Zheng Yunhui's eyes turned randomly, shot a look at Xia Huyou, then looked at Wu Lan, smiled and said: "Student Wu Lan, you will be in the sea of Secret Realm and you will soon be vacated. It will only be one after Su Yu. Two or three things..."

     Wu Lan glanced at him and said strangely: "how do you know I want to go in?"


     Zheng Yunhui was dull, what do you mean!

     Wu Lan didn't bother to talk to him again!

     So you don't know!

     Su Yu is somewhat astonished, can Wu Lan go in?

     And did you know it in advance?

     Ahead, Wu Qi suddenly said indifferently: "I said it before, but now it may not be! Before, they agreed to give 5 places, that was before this battle, now... Then it is not easy to say, maybe it will Regret it."

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Ms. Wu, did... they started it?"

     "Not bad!"Wu Qi does not turn round, and calmly said: "The secret of the sea of knowledge is very complicated to open, and it takes a lot of Heaven and Earth Treasure! In addition, it needs several mountains and seas to co-host the opening. Several mountains and seas are not difficult, but a lot of Tianhe sand is hard to get."

     "Tianhe sand?"

     Su Yu looked at Xia Huyou, and Xia Huyou explained: "A relatively special treasure can absorb some impurities, which is equivalent to a filter, filtering out the impurities in willpower, and opening the sea of knowledge requires a lot of this treasure. This kind of treasure generally only comes from Xingyu Mansion."

     Before that, Wu Qi continued: "If you really want to run out of wealth, there are also powerful people who can open the sea of knowledge in the university. The key is that Tianhe sand is hard to find!"

     Su Yu looked at Xia Huyou again.

     Xia Huyou shrugged, "A small amount is okay, a large amount is hard to buy. There are few sources of this stuff, and some geniuses get it. Usually they get a laboratory, a research institute, and a research room that produces high-purity willpower."

     Su Yu thought of Bai Feng’s laboratory for divine writing, so there might be Tianhe sand there?

     "So, it is difficult to open the Secret Realm of Knowledge Sea? Is it mainly due to material restrictions?"


     Xia Huyou nodded, and Zheng Yunhui hurriedly said: "You It should be noted, Xingyu Mansion is not accessible to anyone. It will only be so small in 10 years, and not everyone can bring it back. The single gods are powerful It has been decades, so many people have participated in Xingyu Mansion and brought back a lot of Tianhe sand, only then have the capital to open the secret realm of knowledge of the sea. Other people do not have this capital."

     Su Yu said helplessly: "Tell me what's the use? In my case, they can let me in?"

     That's weird!Zheng Yunhui hurriedly said: "That's why I'm looking for a chance to go in! Su Yu, you can't give up the opportunity! We can still fight for it. Isn't your master coming back? Let him go crazy, make trouble, and fight!"

     Zheng Yunhui urged: "Your Master has shown great power this time. Even two half-step Sun and Moon were defeated by him. They are better than our governor. Let your Master barge in and let them give you three or five places. ...I book one, how about 2,000 merits?"


     Su Yu looked at him and didn't speak, but smiled with a soft face.

     Zheng Yunhui's scalp was cold when he was laughed, too, this guy is a dangerous villain, and it is obviously useless to encourage him by himself.

     With a dry cough, Zheng Yunhui said again: "Then hold a meeting of senior patrons! Try to let them vacate a few places! There are 42 senior patrons in the academy, and now there are less than 30 in the academy! As long as half of them agree, unless they Don’t open it, or you still have a chance."

     Zheng Yunhui smiled and said: "You said, if a senior patron can win a place, would the patrons be willing? I am definitely happy! The Secret Realm is not a single divine text, but strictly speaking is still yours, they are out. Money is open, but the secret realm is public property!"

     Zheng Yunhui hurriedly said: "Those senior patrons, one person fights for a quota, only about 20 people, generally can get 50 people, the other party can get about 30 people."

     As soon as these words came out, Xia Huyou whispered: "This one can be manipulated!"

     A group of non-empty students are discussing and manipulating the old meeting of the Pavilion at this moment. When this was heard, they probably laughed out loud!

     But Wu Qi, who walked in the front, didn't feel anything wrong.The three behind him represent the three sides influences.

     As for my sister...just make soy sauce, she may not understand.

     Xia Huyou smiled and said: "Zheng Yunhui's words still have room for manipulation! Hold a senior cabinet meeting to fight for the interests of each senior senior citizen, and these senior senior citizens will not refuse! Although the single god text is strong, it can Don't dare to offend the anger! And the elders can also contribute their efforts to open the secret realm together for longer!"

     "On the side of Shan Shenwen's first line, only four patrons Zhou, Sun, Yu, and Li can move, Zheng Ge is injured, Zhao Ge is in retreat, Ma and Fang are in the battlefield of the heavens, and the four are also It's just that it can keep running. It won't last long, and the other Elders can contribute!"

     Then he said, "Zheng Yunhui, who can you call for help?"

     Since Zheng Yunhui proposed this, he must be supported by the old man.

     Hearing Xia Huyou's question, said with a chuckle: "My master!"


     That's right, Su Yu nodded, and then forgot that this guy also has a master, just remember that he is from the Zheng family, this guy seems to have indeed worshipped a teacher and father.

     Zheng Yunhui excitedly said: "I, you, Su Yu, Wu Lan...plus Hu Qiusheng, Zhao Shiqi...we, we people, contact each other, contact one or two old patrons is still possible! Try to get a place, then no Just to everyone's delight and satisfaction! As for the single divine literary series...unless the secret realm is not opened! Can not open the secret realm, to be honest, people who do not open the secret realm to promote them are not strong enough, we are targeting them!"Zheng Yunhui laughed and said, "If you don't let us in, we won't open them up. The next step will be to learn from Su Yu. Everyday the people who catch them will fight. The students of the first class of the single gods on the top 100 list, wait every day to be beaten ! Can't beat the front, can't beat the back?"

     This guy is not a good person!

     He doesn't bother to blend in faction disputes, but it's about his own interests, so he has to blend in!

     Zheng Yunhui continued: "Knowing the Sea of Secret Realm is of great help to us non-empty students. The willpower there is pure. Although we haven't opened our minds, we don't absorb much, but even if we passively absorb it, it is better than watching the exercises. It’s much stronger! Staying in the sea of knowledge for a day, I’m afraid it’s better than reading the 30 articles of will. The key is to look at the articles of will. It takes time and money..."

     Of course, if the magic is opened, it will help even more.

     Su Yu thought for a while and nodded: "I'll tell my master, you have a wide network of contacts, so you can find a way to inform some of the senior students and see if you can fight for it!"

     He wants to go in too!

     But fighting for a place... My senior sister Severe injuries, pure willpower, it's good to help her restore her will.

     What if I can only get one spot?

     Of course, this must be facilitated first.

     On the side of the magic rune system, Zhang Hao can tell, Hu Zongqi and Lin Yao, they may not have the opportunity to enter.

     Several people discussed for a while and reached an agreement.

     Wu Qi hasn't spoken yet, but can only sigh in his heart that the students in this class are indeed not quite the same.They are still freshmen, one by one, reckless, and even the senior meeting of the highest level of the university wants to control.

     In fact, it seems to have been manipulated last time.

     Otherwise, Su Yu would not be so miserable last time.


     Su Yu and the others are on their way back.

      at the same time.

     Yuqiang Department, Director's House.

     Hong Tan frowned and looked at Bai Feng, who was about to rot, and said gravely: "The gods are destroyed?"


     "The main divine text is gone?"



     Bai Feng is weakly and without strength, even if he is lucky if he is not in a coma, fortunately Director Ji has helped him stabilize his will, otherwise, he probably won't be able to wake up now.

     Hong Tan's face became more ugly, "Xia Yuwen did it?"

     "He doesn't feel good either..."

     Bai Feng smiled, "Master, that guy was smashed through the nine orifices with my sword, and shattered a few divine texts. I don't think it is necessarily better than me..."


     Hong Tan frowned, your main divine text has been broken, and what crazy talk is there!

     "Xia Yuwen..."

     Frowning, Hong Tan suddenly turned his head and said, "Director Ji, if I remember correctly, there will be a prefectural election at the end of the year, right? I want to participate! Deputy Governor I want to participate in the election! Challenge Xia Changqing!"

     Not far away, Director Ji was drinking tea at leisurely. Hearing the words, he raised his head and said, "You want to challenge Xia Changqing? He is the Xia family, who was introduced by the Xia family, and used it to pierce nails at the Civilization Academy.

     "Xia Changqing..."Hong Tan smiled and said: "Xia Changqing’s grandson, made my apprentice like this. A Lingyun triple challenged the sky to eightfold. He did a beautiful job! I used to think he was Brother Yunqi’s eldest brother, so I didn’t want to pay attention to him. , Really thought I was afraid of him?"

     Hong Tan gritted his teeth and said: "For the sake of his brother Yun Qi, I will not kill him. He is just like his apprentice, and his master divine writing is abolished!"

     He is very annoyed!

     very angry!

     His apprentice, talented and unparalleled, was abandoned by Xia Yuwen. He didn't know before. At this moment, he was almost angry!

     As for Xia Yuwen's almost abolished, what's up with him!

     A Lingyun, known as invincible among the same rank, was almost beaten to death by his apprentice. It was his waste, and does not belong to oneself to challenge him.

     Director Ji said lightly: "If you are sure, then Naturally no problem, it's up to you!"

     Hong Tan was coldly snorted, looking at Bai Feng again, and couldn't help cursing: "Can't you pretend to be a grandson? For a Xia Yuwen, you ruined yourself, you stupid, really stupid!"

     Bai Feng pouted, I was so hurt, you still scolded me!

     "The Xia family... forget it, the Xia family can't afford to scold it, Xia Changqing's line, he made it to die!"

     Hong Tan couldn't help being cursed again!

     "Is there any divine text?"

     "A few more."

     "The Sea of Will is very injured. It’s hard to say whether you can recover or not. If you recover, you will also have to drop. If you can recover to the third or fourth level of the air, even if you are lucky, but that many Gods are gone, and the main gods are all abandoned. Divine text combat skills are also abolished..."

     He is somewhat unspeakably sad!It's the fate of brother again!

     It's worse than the senior brother. From a genius to a mediocre, it may not be comparable to ordinary flying.

     This blow to the apprentice is too big!

     Bai Feng said too much. Although Director Ji saved him, but who knows what happened to him, at this moment, he had to silently accompany his master to grieve. It’s really miserable. It’s abolished that many Gods article, and I have to redraw it. It's so miserable!

     "Master, my divine text is abolished, and I will have to spend money to buy the text of will in the future to outline the divine text. Would you like to give me some money, I am penniless now..."

     Bai Feng said bleakly, Hong Tan gritted his teeth and said: "Don't worry, I will help you get the essay of will! How much you want! Even if you sell the research institute, it will help you recover!"

     "Thank you Master, Master is so kind..."

     After all, Bai Feng silent heart, you can also sell the institute!

     Dang Shanhai Yae, just so capable?

     It seems that I am really poor, not pretending to be poor!

     I can’t count on my master, but my student... Tsk, I saw it last time. There are dozens of articles of will in the warehouse. The apprentice can’t finish it. I’m a master, tackle a difficult job and help in the future. Take a look!

     It seems that you have to count on the apprentice to raise it!

     On the side, Director Ji smiled faintly: "If it is discarded, it will be discarded. The civilized division is not famous by force! Bai Feng, uninterested, came to Yuqiang Office as the Director of the Shenwen Research Institute, an intermediate researcher, and belongs to your own independent research and development team. , Independent research institute, only need to provide corresponding research results every year..."

     He threw an olive branch to Bai Feng!It’s okay if you are abolished, the skills are still there, the insights are still there, and the knowledge is still there, come to the Yuqiang Department to directly promote you to an intermediate researcher!

     This is the treatment that Ling Yun can only enjoy in the later stage!

     Even Chen Yong is now only an intermediate researcher, non-Shanhai cannot serve as a senior researcher.

     At this moment, Hong Tan also looked at Bai Feng. He felt that if Bai Feng was really abolished, maybe... it would be better in the Yuqiang Department. Here, the Shan Shenwen Department dare not find faults, and others dare not, Yuqiang The bureau is an official organization directly under the Daxia Mansion.

     And it is also governed by the realm of search!

     Ji Hong has now entered the Sun-Moon Realm again. It can be said that this guy is a region's Overlord-level figure everywhere.

      Strictly speaking, people like Wantiansheng and Zheng Ping are all under his control. Of course, the schools have great powers, and Ji Hong can't control them. It's not a big problem to control the elementary school.

     But that was before, Ji Hong was not the sun and the moon, now... Ji Hong really wants to intervene, that is also right and proper, it depends on whether people like Wan Tian Sheng and Zheng Ping can fight him.

     "Yuqiang Department..."

     Bai Feng smiled and said, "Director Ji, what is the salary of the Yuqiang Department?"

     "Intermediate researcher director...thousands of merits a year is not difficult!"


     Bai Feng pouted, too little, although I am poor, but a thousand points of merit, forget it, I might as well go back to the school to pit Liu Hong.

     No, I am abolished in their opinion now, is that bastard Liu Hong still willing to be cheated by himself?Just ask casually, he didn't plan to enter the Yuqiang Department, Bai Feng smiled and said: "Forget it, thank Director Ji for the promotion, I'll go back to the school to take care of the old. Even if the divine text is destroyed, I still vacate, and I am not out of combat power!"

     Ji Hong didn't force it. He continued to drink tea and calmly said: "I want to ask you something, your divine literary warfare skills are split, can the divine literary basic points that outline combat skills be split?"


     Bai Feng said in surprise: "how can it be! This base point is fixed, it is completely fixed, can it be split? how can it be!"

     "Can't it?"

     Director Ji frowned slightly, "Bai Feng, if you can, you can study it from this aspect, and maybe it can solve the trouble of your divine art combat skills being broken! If the base point can be disassembled, then you can fill it up later. The literary and combat skills are fixed, you can actually split this..."

     Bai Feng explained: "It's not about splitting the divine text combat skills, or a reorganization of characteristics. I condensed the divine texts with similar characteristics to form a new dragon sword. In fact, it is still a sword in essence, not multiple ones! Make a feature transfer..."

     He explained for a while, of course, nonsense.

     It makes sense on the whole, but it's just bullshit.

     This thing, it’s useless to say it now, still does not know Director Discipline’s situation, he first resumes and sees it himself, and after success, it’s not too late to go back and pass it to his teachers and apprentices. As for outsiders, wait until we can make it public. Let's talk about it when

     "Is it just a feature transfer?"Ji Hong was a little disappointed. Although this is also a very strong technology, it is not worth mentioning compared to splitting the base points of the gods!

     Bai Feng lie through one's teeth and said: "Well, it's amazing! Thus, in the future, if we have more divine writing systems, we can transfer similar characteristics. As long as we get a few more civilian soldiers, it can be used as multiple divine combat skills! "

     Hong Tan said ill-humoredly: "Then, like you, exploded divine writing?"


     Bai Feng was speechless, too lazy to talk about it, I exploded the divine literary, it was purposeful, who told you that he would always explode the divine literary!

     Hong Tan thought a bit then said: "Forget it, don't worry too much! I have also studied some divine texts a few years ago. When you outline some divine texts again, it is similar to the previous ones. Let me see if I can Find a way to integrate the new divine text into the divine text combat skills and help you repair the divine text combat skills."

     Ji Hong glanced at him, surprised: "Can it be repaired?"

     "Depending on the situation, if the characteristics are similar, you can try it!"

     Hong Tan said solemnly: "You can strip off the characteristics first and incorporate the non-characteristic divine texts into the base point, so that the repulsive force will be weakened to a minimum. After the integration of a period of time, I will transfer the characteristics again. I still hope to succeed!"


     Ji Hong glanced at these two masters and apprentices, has to say, these two masters and apprentices are both very deep in divine studies.

     Among the civilized teachers, not many people still have the energy to do these advanced studies.

     When civilization and Taoism flourished in the past, there were many such people.

     But as the technology continues to mature, the exercises are constantly being deduced and studied. Now, too few can focus on research, because a lot of things are mature!When a system matures, many people stop thinking about making progress and follow the path of their predecessors.

     Thinking of this, Ji Hong suddenly said: "If Bai Feng wants to re-outline the divine texts, it is best not to outline the divine texts of the ten thousand races, especially the gods and demons!"

     Bai Feng looked at him in surprise!

     What's the matter, you also found something wrong?

     Hong Tan didn't care, and sighed: "You also found out? Yes, you have all entered the Sun and Moon realm! The repulsive force has increased, right?"


     Ji Hong said indifferently: "It has grown a lot. After that fifteen years ago, I am afraid that I was actually taken off by someone! It was not like this before, now...the gods and gods have some repulsive forces, and I almost failed! Fortunately, crucial At the moment, I abolished a few divine writings that I sketched over the past few decades, and this breakthrough succeeded!"

     Bai Feng blinked, cannot bear saying: "What are you talking about?"

     Hong Tan shook his head and said: "You don't understand, forget it, let me tell you, we suspect that the texts of the will of the past few decades have been manipulated by people. In the past 50 years, the words that outline the divine text, especially the gods and demons, The repulsive force will intensify, which will greatly increase the difficulty of advancement!"

     Bai Feng dazed for a moment, these decades?

      It's not right!

     In his opinion, this is not a matter of the past few decades, but the gods, demons and divine writings, which have always had this drawback!

     But now it sounds like the repulsive force has intensified in the past few decades.

     "Double-layer routine?"

     This thought suddenly came up in Bai Feng's mind!

     When everyone thought that only the divine writings of the past few decades had problems, they ignored them. The previous divine writings actually had problems too!as a result, those strong men in the Sun-Moon realm, or even the invincible realm with their bodies, would never have thought that the divine texts they outlined before also had problems!

     "So, you are not afraid to beat the grass to scare the snake?"


     Bai Feng suddenly realized what, so that the older generation of strong can not be promoted to invincibility, so that the new generation of genius, cannot outline the divine writings of the gods and demons, as a result, the older generation of strong can not go further, the new generation is strong The person becomes weaker in the same order.

     This is... ready to break the inheritance of the civilized division?

     "Did the gods and demon strong race deliberately? Let everyone know that we have set you up and abolished the gods and devil gods... as a result, the strength of the new generation of human race will be greatly reduced! The only way is to use the gods The combat skills balance this gap!"

     "However, many of the gods have been killed by a large number of powerful people, and even those who have been suppressed are almost unable to survive..."

     There was a thought in Bai Feng's heart that the suppression of the polytheistic literature was definitely not a matter of the Da Zhou Mansion!

     It is not personal grudges, it may be someone pushing the wave and add to the billows, secretly there are thousands of people’s handwriting, suppressing the polytheistic literature!

     Thinking of this, Bai Feng suddenly said, "Director Ji, can you ask something?"


     "How many people are there in the multi-sacred writing family now?"

     "You mean flying above the sky?"


     Under the air, that is not too much divine writing.

     Director Ji quickly calculated, "About 500 people, the specific data is not clear."

     "What about 50 years ago?"

     "50 years ago..."Without Director Ji's words, Hong Tan said: "50 years ago, there were 162 institutions of human civilization, and many of them specialized in multi-sacred literature. It is not counted below the sky, and there are about 10,000 people above the sky!"

     Bai Feng said gravely: "Ten thousand people! So, almost all of them died these years?"

     95% dead!

     Hong Tan nodded and said: "In that battle, the strong died too much. Later, the back was weak and the inheritance was weak. In the past 50 years, some people died, some died in the battlefield of the heavens, some were abandoned, some were crazy... So there are fewer and fewer people!"

     Bai Feng frowned and said: "It's impossible to die so many, right? They are all strong people above the sky. Is this proportion of deaths too high?"

     Director Ji frowned and said: "Gao...There have been many battles in the battlefields of the heavens. In the past few decades, there have been thousands of wars in various big palaces. The number of warriors who died is a hundred times that of you. ..."

     "But the ratio is too high, I didn't say the number of people!"

     Bai Feng explained, in 50 years, 9500 people have died, is that too many?

     Not counting!

     There are less than 200 people in a year, or the whole human situation, 36 big houses, and six or seven people die a year, too much?

     Not much!

     However, the ratio is too high!

     The number of people who die every year in Daxia Mansion is at least 10,000!

     Among them, there are many civilized divisions. It is normal for hundreds of civilized divisions to die. The Daxia Civilization Academy alone will provide dozens of civilized divisions a year, and there are still nine days to ask how many, and it may be possible to maintain a balance. This is the most battle. The fierce Daxia Mansion is actually not bad.

     A few of them are polytheistic and unremarkable.However, Bai Feng felt that very probably may be someone deliberately targeted it!

     No, I have to look back to see if there is anything wrong with the death of those multi-sacred texts and one-line civilized masters.

     Maybe... can deduce something.

     For example, which battles did these people participate in, where they died, the outbreak of the war, which invincible was sitting...

     Maybe...may be able to deduce the invincible identity of that traitor in the human realm!

     Bai Feng stopped talking, and didn't dare to say any more!

     Director Ji frowned and looked at him without saying any more. Hong Tan was looking thoughtful and the death rate was very high. To be honest, in a big mansion, a few civilized masters of the gods and cultures died in a year. He also felt that It's normal.

     There are fewer people, which is caused by poor inheritance.

     If it is the same as the single-shenwen first series, recruiting a large number of new students a year, then there is nothing unusual.

     But now that Bai Feng asked, he had some ideas.

     Without saying this, Hong Tan looked at Bai Feng and said, "Is that going back with me, or recuperating here?"

     "go back!"

     Bai Feng said to chop the nail and slice the iron, of course go back.

     Outside, who knows what the situation is, who knows who is the good and the bad, who is the invincible person!

     He understood at this moment why the news hadn't spread to the outside world.

     He now looks like the invincible person, even Ji Hong is unbelievable.

     This is still him. If everyone knows and is spreading it, then probably no one but himself can believe it.

     Suspicious, this is human nature!

     He is so, once those invincible doubt each other, the trouble is even greater.No wonder, many people would rather carry pretending to be unaware, this thing... There is no conclusive evidence, before digging out the other party, there is really no need to publicize it, it's too easy to disturb people!

     Hong Tan didn't say much, grabbed Bai Feng and looked at Ji Hong and said, "Director Ji, thank you this time!"

     Ji Hong waved his hand casually, not too concerned.

     Hong Tan did not linger, and left quickly with Bai Feng.

     As soon as they left, Director Ji was silent for a while and murmured: "Is the ratio too high?"

     It is high, but not too many people die.

     More than nine thousand people, fifty years!

     There are also people who die of old age, those who practice cultivation deviation, those who have collapsed the sea of will...

     Compare the death toll of the warrior to the death toll of other civilized divisions, not worth mentioning.

     Many divine writings have few people, and that is almost cut off inheritances in the past few decades.

     He didn't think about it before. Everyone felt that there are few people and that is as it should be by rights. You don't have inherited it. It's strange that there are many people!

      Gently knocked the table, Director Ji thought for a while...Forget it, don't report it, check it yourself.

     Among them, maybe... there is really something tricky.
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