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202 Su Yu Sees Xiao Er (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Wen Tan Research Center, Su Yu looked surprised.

     Still have this?

     Hong Tan nodded and said, "Five places, four have to be given to others, and one is for your senior sister. As for you... Zhou Mingren is not willing to give it to you, at what time did you offend him?"

     Hong Tan was actually also surprised that Zhou Mingren, a non-vacation student, was actually still concerned.

     Sure not to give Su Yu!

     Su Yu didn't rush to reply, but asked, "Master, what about my master?"

     Can Bai Feng go in?

     "What your master needs now is not an increase in willpower, but a re-outline of the state of divine restoration, an increase in willpower, which will not help him much..."

     Before he finished speaking, Bai Feng complained: "I think it is still very meaningful!"


     Hong Tan glared at him, "Why are you going in? If you are not injured and the divine text is still there, you will be able to advance to the sky nine layers if you enter, and now you can enter the nine layers?"

     "You can't support me with willpower!"

     Bai Feng grumbled: "Teacher, or ask Elder Wu to come back, why does she want a spot!"


     Hong Tan said speechlessly: "People don't have enough places. Why do you want a place? If it wasn't for our business, would Zhou Mingren dare not give her a place?"

     The four places were allocated to four senior patrons.

     As for whether Wu Yuehua and the others can get other quotas, Hong Tan can't control it.Hong Tan said, said ill-humoredly: "If you don't mess around, wait two years for you to enter Lingyun, go to the Xingyu Mansion, and get more Tianhe sand back, our own can also find a way to open it! Now... You want to go in, dream!"

     "It's still early!"

     Bai Feng not to accept as correct, there are still more than two years left.

     Can't recover by myself?

     "What's early!"

     Hong Tan said angrily: "According to the time, the quota will be determined in the middle of the next year, in fact, it will take more than a year! In the second half of the next year, we will focus on training you, and then you will have to go to the battlefield of the heavens, more than a year How much can you recover?"

     Bai Feng shrugged, I how to know.

     we'll see!

     "Xia Yuwen's injury is no lighter than me..."

     "People rely on the Xia family, and the injury is not the main divine text. Do you think he hurt more than you?"


     The two quarreled a few words, and Su Yu ignored them, silently thinking about the matter.

     "Master, is it possible for the whole university to participate in the event?"


     Hong Tan sighed: "Don't fight, give up! There are a lot of veteran students who have not been promoted and vacated. This thing is nothing remarkable. Isn't it just a little Will Power? I will give you a little bit of willpower later , The effect is the same, the purity is higher!"

     The amount is not too big.

     But how much can a non-empty space absorb?Hong Tan explained: "There was no need to quarrel with them for a quota. After all, it was opened by others. We would occupy the secret realm and not their light. Otherwise, none of them would be able to enter. There are not many of them. You have seen your teacher’s laboratory. The willpower is more refined. I will help you get more willpower when I look back!"

     Bai Feng also smiled and said: "Boy, this business is not a loss! It's actually the same. Since your master gave you it, the willpower must be more refined, No matter good or bad is also close to the strength of the sun and the moon. Yeah, that’s it!"

     He also felt that Su Yu didn't need to play any games.

     It's not a good thing to hear!

     The Shan Shenwen series will inevitably target Su Yu, and there is no need to mix them up, just let them go and let themselves play!

     Hong Tan didn’t take it seriously, and smiled: “Go to the City Lord’s Mansion with me in the afternoon and see if you can get the Heavenly Sword. The game is over. The key is to cultivate at home, enter Wanshi, and enter the sky. Others It’s not necessary to outline a few more divine texts, even if you can split the combat skills, it is a good thing to outline more divine texts before taking off."

     Su Yu scratched his head and said with a faint smile: "Master, is the willpower of the sea of knowledge, the vast and limitless kind?"

     "Look at how many resources are burned..."

     "Then if you get it for me, will there be a lot?"


     Hong Tan rolled his eyes. Of course not much. We don't have money. It's a bit interesting. Anyway, you can't absorb much. Boy, the demands are getting higher!

     Su Yuhan smiled and said: "Master, I absorb willpower very quickly, too little, not enough!""Quick? How fast?"

     Hong Tan not to accept as correct, Su Yuhan smiled and said, "As far as the willpower of the teacher's laboratory is concerned, I can finish it in about half an hour."


     Hong Tan looked at him, and Bai Feng looked at him.

     Bai Feng looked at it, and suddenly said: "You bastard, did you secretly inhale it? Last time I felt that the willpower inside was suddenly less. You did it?"

     Su Yu coughed dryly: "No, sir, I won't do this kind of thing! You probably absorbed it by yourself accidentally."


     Bai Feng cursed!

     Who is fooling!

     "Did you have any unexpected harvest? What basic writing technique did you get out?"


     Su Yu looked at him, Bai Feng looked at him, and said with a calm expression: "What are you doing! What are you looking at! You can get a Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique today, you can get a Heaven Rank Martial Skill tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow can get a soul eater? Jue, the day after tomorrow I can get a talented essence...Is it surprising that you can get a basic writing technique?


     Do you think I will be surprised?

     I tell you, stop dreaming!

     I guessed it!

     If you have the ability now, let me see it right away, otherwise what did you say I will be indifferent!

     Hong Tan looked at Bai Feng and Su Yu, he thought these two were crazy.

     Seeing that Bai Feng was so calm and unable to respond, Su Yu nodded and said, "The teacher is amazing, so smart! Yes, I know the basics!"

     "How many tricks do you have?"

     Bai Feng was indeed calm, with a calm expression: "Nine? 18? Or 27..."

     "36!"Su Yu replied.

     Bai Feng said in his heart, but calmly said: "Yes, it's okay, although it's a bit worse than Wan Wen Jing!"

     Hong Tan kept silent and looked at Bai Feng.

     You pretend!

     Continue to install!

     Wanwenjing can only be cultivated in the air. Can the 72 magic tricks opened up be the same as the basic literary arts?

     Bai Feng didn't care about him, and continued: "How many magic orifices have you opened? Four, eight, or..."

     "All 36 are open!"

     Su Yu actually drove 40, but it’s not good to say too much. 40. Where did the remaining 4 come from?

     Hard to explain!

     36 is enough!

     "Cough cough cough..."

     Bai Feng suddenly coughed wildly, he wanted to vomit blood, yes, he really wanted to vomit blood!

     He was horrified!

     Damn it!

     I only opened 32, yes, yes, he only opened 32 magic orifices, so he is the eightfold.

     Open up to 36, that is Kunkong Kunou.

     Of course, Su Yu is different. He has not reached the level of willpower. Although the divine text has the second-order, it has not reached the second-order peak, so even if Su Yu enters the sky, it is not considered as the sky nine.

     But as long as his willpower rises and the divine writing level is reached, he will be the Ninth Level!

     This is the importance of basic writing techniques!

     As for the Wanwen Scriptures, you can continue to practice. After opening the 36 divine orifices, you can practice the Wanwen Scriptures again. It is easier to open 36 Wanwen Scriptures and then enter the Lingyun Realm with the Wanwen Scriptures!

     There is no way for Su Yu to enter Lingyun with the basic literary arts, unless there are more than 36 magic tricks.

     ...Aside, Hong Tan didn't say a word.

      a detached point of view!

     I am quasi-riyue!

     I want to calm down!

     I'm very calm, a mere student, only 36 magic tricks, what's it!

     Not only did I have 72, but I also got it right. Not only did I get it right, but now I have a magical eye. Are you afraid?

     I am quasi-riyue!

     Sun Moon what is?

     God and body are one, bright as the sun and the moon, seize the stars and catch the moon, this is the sun and the moon.

     The same is true for the physical body and the Tao, the primordial orifice is united, the acupuncture points become the sun and the moon, and the physical body can Rebirth from a drop of Blood, which is the physical sun and moon.

     A mere student... nothing!

     Hong Tan looked calm, even calmer than Bai Feng, but in his heart he was thinking, should he go out and wait for a while, and come in after they finish talking?

     Bai Feng coughed frantically for a while, Su Yu stepped forward to help pat his back, Bai Feng finished coughing, and looked back at Su Yu with a melancholy expression!

     Really melancholy!

     "Where did that thing come from?"

     "You deduced it yourself, didn't you say it last time? Let me deduce it by myself. It is deduced. You worship me as a teacher... ahem, of course, the teacher is kidding, I won't take it seriously!"

     "You...derived it?"

     He has no power to complain!

     Don't tease me!

     "Thank you, teacher, for providing me with the Blood ‘血’ character divine text!"

     Bai Feng looked at him silently, grandson, if you say it is my divine text, I will kill you, now!

     Even if Lao Tzu is injured, it is not difficult to kill you now.

     "Blood" word god!

     Go lie to you!On the side, Hong Tan couldn't hold back any more, and said, "Did you derive it yourself?"

     Do you consider me an idiot?

     Can you deduce it?

     Su Yu said with a smile: "Not all, the teacher also helped me deduce, and some information left by the master is also very helpful to me. By the way, the water people in the detention area also gave me very Big help, as well as the teachings of Teacher Liu in the past, are also very helpful to me, so I can derive the "Shui Yuan Jue" suitable for human cultivation."

     "Open 36 magical apertures?"


     "Are you sure you have opened 36 divine orifices?"


     Hong Tan looked at Bai Feng, then Su Yu, and then Bai Feng... After a long time, he sighed and said: "I am old, but a little bit better than King Da Xia. I haven't had dementia yet. I found out. I'll be back this time. , You both fooled me as dementia!"

     Two unfilial children!

     These bastards, they are swindling him as an idiot!

     A method to easily derive the innate verses and split the tactics.

     One derives the basic literary tactics and teaches 36 divine abilities, and another one who devotes himself to hurt willpower.

     According to your research results, am I a waste?

     After decades, I have also made a fusion of gods and texts and made a talented blood?

     Your results in a few months are better than mine in decades?

      Shot a look at Su Yu, Hong Tan said tiredly: "Do you know how many magical orifices the human body has?"

     Su Yu is speechless, I don't know.

     "Do you know the division of divine orifices?"

     I do not know.

     "Do you know how the gods are united?"I do not know!

     Su Yu looked innocent!

     "What do you don't know at all, you said that you deduced Wen Jue, do you think Shizu is really idiot?"

     Hong Tan was speechless!

      rolled the eyes, Su Yu seemed to understand, and instantly understood: "I understand!"

     What do you unserstand?

     "Congratulations, Master, deduced the "Shui Yuan Jue" basic essays, 36 magic tricks, Master is mighty!"

     Su Yu quickly congratulated!

     Hong Tan a mouthful of blood almost squirted out!

     Do you understand this?


     Tired, Hong Tan thought a bit then said: "Does anyone else know?"

     "No...No, Palace Master Xia's son Xia Huyou took away 35 acupoint opening plans, there is still one and didn't give it to him."

     "Xia Longwu's son?"


     Aside, Bai Feng said in surprise: "Do you still know Xia Longwu's son?"

     "Just that fat man, little fat man, Xia Huyou, you have also seen teacher."

     "He is Xia Longwu's son?"

     Bai Feng was shocked and ruined the three views!

     I go!

     No one believes this. You said that Lord Xiahou’s son, I can barely believe it.

     Hong Tan became weaker, and said angrily: "Is this the point?"

     Can't these two distinguish the point?

     The point is that this kid can actually derive the 36 magic tricks, what about him, you are talking about Xia Longwu's son, what is there to talk about?

     Haven't I seen it?

     Isn't it just a little fat guy?I haven’t seen anyone from Daxia family, and Daxia King has seen them. What the hell do you both care about? Why is the brain circuit different from mine?

     After cursing a few words, Hong Tan saw that the two of them stopped speaking, and then said ill-humoredly: "Xia Huyou, right? Don’t say, it’s a bit like Fat Xia. Xia Longwu probably doubted it himself, so he threw it to Fat Xia. Haha..."


     Su Yu and Bai Feng looked at each other, unable to respond.

     The old man laughed so happily!

     Dare to say this, aren't you afraid of being beaten to death by the Xia family?


     Hong Tan quickly recovered his dignity, barely maintained his dignity, and quickly said: "Turn around to me, don't pass it on! I'll help you adjust one's head and turn one's face, what "Shui Yuan Jue", nonsense! It's called " "Thirty-Six Gods-Shaking the Sky", it took me 50 years to research your master!"

     Su Yu hurriedly laughed and said: "Yes, exactly like this!"

     Hong Tan was speechless, waved his hand and said, "Go out!"

     Su Yu gave a dry laugh and hurried out.

     As soon as he left, Hong Tan said solemnly: "What's the situation?"

     Bai Feng said briefly, and quickly said: "Probably some of his own chances may have acquired some spiritual heritage, or Memory Fragment. Over the years, I have also stripped out a lot of Memory Fragment, what may he have gained A complete Memory Fragment is also possible!"

     "Memory Fragment?"

     Hong Tan pondered for a while, and then said: "I ask brother, even if I got it by accident, I'm afraid... it's not an accident! Don't forget, we still have an invincible opponent..."Bai Feng said speechlessly: "I didn't know before, who told you not to say it, I think it is a high probability that it is not the right place."

     "Stop talking nonsense, be careful!"

     Hong Tan grave expression, not much to say, communication is also inconvenient to say, he went directly out of the Research Center and went straight to Liu Wenyan.

     A top-level genius, who had the opportunity to join the declining polytheistic system, had to be careful in case his opponent got in.

     If it was...I can't stop it now.

     My stupid apprentice, I have said everything, including the separation of divine art and combat skills, talent divine art, and divine art unity...

     This is all confidential!

     As a result, now Research Center what else is there that Su Yu doesn’t know?

     Hong Tan sighed, his apprentice is too easy to believe in people!


     Eighteenth Middle School, Houshan.


     "I guess so!"

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "Don't worry too much, if your opponent arranged it, your brother is not that stupid, then you will be deceived! Besides, if it is so, there is no need to insert it. Now that you know everything you need to know, this time , That guy should regardless of costs and directly eliminate us!"

     "Brother, that is to say he's okay?"

     Liu Wenyan nodded, "There is a high probability that there will be no problem! The small probability is that there is a problem with the ruins, just don't be occupied by some ghosts."

     "You mean the soul of willpower?"

     "Correct!"Liu Wenyan nodded and smiled: "But this thing is rare! It's usually a confusion of consciousness. After all, the relics are not known for many years in the past. Even if someone left behind in the past, they are generally abandoned. Su Yu By the way, it should not be, maybe some past video records of the ruins were accidentally obtained."

     "He mentioned it several times at the beginning. In his dream, a monster killed him. I suspect that if there are any relics of Nan Yuan, it should be a research room. It is similar to the current animal taming system. Many monsters have been domesticated."

     Su Yu entered a secondary school at the age of 13. From that time on, Liu Wenyan was teaching him.

     13-year-old Su Yu, who has not thought so much now, met Liu Wenyan, who was experienced and knowledgeable, and admired him, and also asked about his doubts and encounters.

     Su Yu learns Wanzu language, which Liu Wenyan recommended him to learn. He has some foundation knowledge to identify the race of monsters who hunted him down.

     Therefore, Liu Wenyan knows a lot about Su Yu.

     If the soul of willpower is really not so stupid, it will expose the identity.

     "I understand!"

     Hong Tan exhaled: "It's not a spy! By the way, Su Yu asked me before, was Liu Hong the person I planted, brother, you planted it?"


     "Liu Hong, a genius teaching assistant in the university, a genius in the Shanshenwen First Department, a student of Lao Zhao, who was studying at No.18 Middle School before, said he was a disciple of Zhang Ruoling."

     "Ruoling's disciple?"

     Liu Wenyan thought for a while, quickly shook his head, and smiled: "Impossible! If he accepts a disciple, he will tell me!"

     "That's a liar!"Hong Tan also said speechlessly: "These days, everyone has! He is a genius of the gods and literature, and deceived a student, saying that I inserted it, this dog thing, dare to say!"

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "He dare to say it, you will recognize it! Liu Hong... is vaguely impressed. Bai Feng seems to have mentioned to me before. He is also a genius... Lao Zhao's apprentice... Lao Zhao..."

     Speaking of Mr. Zhao Ge, Liu Wenyan shook his head and said, “I was an old man of Master’s generation in the past. It’s not a good relationship, but it’s not bad. How was your relationship with you in the past few years?”

     "It's okay, the well water doesn't offend the river water. This old man is thinking about the sun and the moon. He had to overwhelm Zhou Mingren before, but he didn't dispute those false names. It's a pity that the sun and the moon are hard to break. I'm afraid... the deadline is coming! "

     "He's not reaching the limit so fast, is he?"

     Liu Wenyan frowned, and Hong Tan sighed: "I have failed several times to hit the sun and the moon, and the backlash is too serious, so the deadline is almost here! If you follow the prescribed order, it would be too early."


     Shaking his head, Liu Wenyan quickly said: "The struggle of these students, let themselves fight, crafty plots and machinations, don't go to see how to know how to respond? Don't worry, see how Su Yu responds!"


     After that, Hong Tan looked at him and said, "Brother, what else is there to guide you?"

     "Guide...Guide shit!"

     Liu Wenyan cursed and said with a smile: "I will retreat early and enter the sun and the moon, and don't leave school before the sun and the moon! By the way, is your repulsive force serious? No one has entered the sun and the moon for many years..."

     People like Zhou Mingren and Jin Yuhui, according to the situation in the past, should have entered the sun and the moon.This is also true of Mr. Zhao, who is in retreat.

     Unfortunately, none of them succeeded.

     If not, a big summer palace alone would have at least three or five more sun and moon, and the entire human realm would have at least 70 or 80 civilized divisions, and it is hopeful that they would enter the sun and moon, instead of now, the sun and moon would be reduced.

     These years, it seems that the person who has entered the sun and the moon in the true sense is also the Director of Discipline.

     As for General Zhao, that is the way of warriors, and General Hu was the sun and moon in his early years, otherwise he would not be the general manager.

     There is also Saint Wantian... Maybe he entered fifteen years ago, and Liu Wenyan didn't bother to count him.

     Master Xiahou didn't take a long time to advance, but he was also promoted physically, and the civilized division is still unclear.

     "The repulsive force is great!"

     Hong Tan nodded and said: "Fortunately, it is the divine text combat skills, so the divine text is forcibly integrated. Although it has repulsive power, it can still be suppressed. It is also difficult for us to have multiple divine texts and single divine texts. Ascend to the sky!"

     "Do you have a good grasp on this side?"

     "Not a big problem, but Invincible is hopeless. Of course, it's still early to talk about that."

     "Let's see it later!"

     Liu Wenyan nodded, it was still early.

     "Don't worry about anything else these days. Help me sort out the divine writings and bring Bai Feng with you. After I leave, you will retreat and practice and enter the sun and moon!"

     "Got it!"

     Hong Tan nodded and said through the sound transmission: "The brother went to the battlefield, will that guy take action against the brother?"

     "Not that there are many invincibles on the battlefield..."

     "Brother, don't be careless, don't forget about Brother Liu!"

     Hong Tan grave expression!The Liu family is to learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor. The Liu family stationed directly on the battlefield of the heavens, and ended up with a family bankrupt and the people dead. This is what happened under the eyes of Invincible!

     Liu Wenyan closed his eyes.

      silent for a while, opened his eyes and said: "I know, it will not be careless! My elder brothers are not me after all! My attention is higher, and Invincible can't control the entire battlefield of the heavens, but the Vanguard Camp is invincible. The center, and I am the center in the center, but safer."

     "That's true, but..." Hong Tan was still worried: "But the vanguard camp has a very high mortality rate. It is a group of criminals. It is the cannon fodder camp, the death squad. Brother, you are in this state... and Bai Feng... !"

     He also has a headache!

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "It's okay, I am entering the mountain and sea camp, and Bai Feng is entering the Tengkong camp..."


     Hong Tan suddenly changed his color and said, "How did you arrange your brother to Shanhaiying!"

     "Nonsense, I exploded with the power of the sun and the moon and killed the Jiuzhong Mountain and Sea. Of course, I must count on the basis of the mountain and sea. Can I count as I vacate? Bai Feng is actually vacated, but he will not be arranged to Lingyun Camp."

     "Then...Brother, let me go with you..."

     "No need to!"

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said, "Just stay here. Daxia Mansion is safer, and it is safer in the school. I don't bring anyone over here. My uncle is still alive. He will accompany me."

     "Uncle Liu is still... alive?"

     Hong Tan looked surprised!

     Liu Wenyan nodded slightly, "I was seriously injured and dying, not dead. I found someone to rescue him. This time my uncle accompanied me. Although I fell from the sun and the moon to the mountains and seas, it was enough.""Uncle, he... dropped out?"

     "Well, it would be nice to save your life. Come with me, or pay more attention to it, so as not to be tricked!"

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "It's better to be killed on the battlefield than to be murdered."


     Hong Tan gritted his teeth and said: "If I can be invincible, I won't let those bastards go!"

     "Let's talk about it in the sun and moon!"

     Liu Wenyan smiled lightly: "I'm out, and the focus is on me. At this time, you are still safe. I can wait for you to become stronger! Yunqi and the others are not good now. They are not completely integrated. You are here. Take care of one or two while helping to sort out the divine writing."

     "What about Ruoling their graves?"

     "It's okay, the Xia family is still there. Digging the grave...I've said it once, but everyone didn't know before. If you come back now, do you really think the Xia family will still acquiesce?"

     After that, he said lightly: "What's more, really digging, you will know the divine text is still there?"


     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "Don't ask, don't know, the multi-sacred text is not so easy extinct! Those old brothers in those days, although most of them are dead, does not mean that they really cut off inheritances, and it is not convenient to show up. I have a list in my mind, if I die... then take it away! Let them remain anonymous for a lifetime!"

     "Senior brother...they continue to pass on?"

     Hong Tan looked surprised, crying tears of joy, and suddenly sadness came again!

     Once upon a time, the descendants of the polytheistic scriptures all needed to remain anonymous!

     If the master is there, I am afraid it will dying from an excess of anger!

     "Don't be like a child!"Liu Wenyan got up, kicked him, no longer smiled, "Of course it hasn't stopped! In the past 50 years, everyone has been struggling, I am also struggling, so are you, but we are not dead yet, that is victory!"

     "The search for the realm and the temple of war are not left unattended. It's just that it's not easy to come forward, and it's not easy to tear up the face with King Zhou!"

     Liu Wenyan said indifferently: "I don't care about King Great Zhou's thoughts. If he doesn't, just forget it, if he...sooner or later, he will settle this account with him!"


     Hong Tan sighed and calmed down, "Then I won't say anything. Later, I will take Su Yu to find Fatty Xia to ask for a Heavenly Sword. I don't know if Fatty Xia will give it..."

     "I will give it!"

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "It's nothing more than asking for money, give it to him! That guy, it's the habit, even if you give it to you, he has to ask for something, otherwise I feel uncomfortable..."

     "No money!"

     Liu Wenyan helpless, poor ghost!

     "Look for Wu Yuehua to borrow..."

     "It's much better!"


     Liu Wenyan had a headache. "Then ask Hu Ping and Zhao Mingyue to borrow them! Mr. Hu and General Zhao both have money. Borrow a little and count as a little, and then pay it back if you have the money!"

     "okay then!"

     Hong Tan said with emotion: "Fortunately there are still a few sisters-in-law, otherwise we will starve to death."

     "Fuck off!"

     Liu Wenyan cursed, with an unhappy expression on his face, this rubbish thing, I don't know how it has been mixed in the past few decades, it is almost the sun and the moon, and it is so miserable!

     Hong Tan was also speechless, no way.

     Poor, what can be done.He was poor and white. He was able to cultivate until he was close to the sun and the moon. How many resources he spent, he earned it by himself. No one was reliable.

     He also fed Chen Yong, Bai Feng, and the Research Center...

     He is very poor!

     Often have to go to the battlefield of the heavens and kill some monsters to supplement the family.

     Brother it's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter!

     If I had a few soulmates, I wouldn't fight anymore, and I would often run to the battlefields of the heavens. How miserable!

     Liu Wenyan also thought of this, "It has been difficult for you all these years. It's not bad to survive. Where did your cultivation resources come from?"


     Hong Tan said with a smile: "Selling blood!"


     "In the detention area, I have raised a few big monsters of the mountains and seas, and they regularly draw blood to sell them. The biggest black market merchant in Daxia Mansion is me, who specializes in selling the blood of the mountains and seas. Selling blood, you can't live!"

     "How many?"

     "It's just three, now I'm going to die, hey, what a pity, I haven't drawn blood for a few days, let's see if I can recover!"

      unable to respond!

     Su Yu and Bai Feng are not at this moment, otherwise they have to startled to fall the chin.

     The detention area is behind the cage. There are indeed a few rooms, but it is quiet. Su Yu and Bai Feng can’t get in, and they have never been there. Before, Bai Feng guessed whether there is a big monster in the mountains... Yes!

     The black market merchant of Daxia Mansion, the most mysterious one, specializes in the existence of the essence and blood of mountains and seas-Hong Tan!Liu Wenyan was also speechless, and he said after a long while: "It's almost enough, but it's not enough to kill people. The same is true for the Yaozu. It really can't be slashed. Don't sell it all day long!"

     "Got it!"

     Hong Tan said with a smile: "I was also forced, too poor."

     Liu Wenyan waved his hand, too lazy to talk about him.

     Hong Tan didn't say much, and left quickly.


     in the afternoon.

     Daxia City Lord Mansion.

     Magnificent and spectacular!

     For the first time, Su Yu came to Daxia City Lord’s Mansion, the core area of Daxia Mansion, where a legendary figure was born.

     King Daxia, Xia Longwu, Xiahouye, and the father of the previous generation of palace lord, Xia Longwu, were also a top powerhouse, and died in the battlefield of the heavens.

     Su Yu came with admiration!

     The reputation of the Xia family is still very good in Daxia Mansion. Except for the reputation of Lord Xiahou, this one usually only picks up the rich. He is too lazy to care about the poor, he normally won't do This matter.

     Under the leadership of Hong Tan, Su Yu entered a hall and waited for the arrival of Lord Xiahou.

     He met Lord Xiahou once, on the day of the previous war, but he didn't chat or talk.

     For Xiahouye, I still remain in the legendary impression.

      Black Heart Merchant!

     Pick-up merchant!


     Often doing bad things, but with the Xia family's bottom line, generally there is no consequence.

     I heard that Master Xiahou washes his hands with vitality liquid, rinses his mouth with vitality liquid, uses civilian soldiers as carpets, uses magical runes to keep warm, uses Shendan as broad beans to eat, and uses Wanzu cultivation technique original manuscript to wipe his butt...However, no one said that Lord Xiahou was very strong, but he was very strong when he saw him last time!

     Fight against the spirituality of a top powerhouse and win!

     By the way, he seems to be called Xia Xiaoer!

     At this moment, a fat man stood behind Su Yu with an ugly face, Xia Xiaoer!

     Kid, did you know?

     You are nurturing, what do you want in your heart, and what is related to me, I can know!

     I am Riyue, you know?

     With a bang!

     The first time I met officially, Su Yu fainted!

     Was attacked!

     A sun and moon attacked him!

     Stunned him!

     Hong Tanbai turned his eyes and flew up, I wiped it, you are a sun and moon, and sneak attacked a cultivator, I have served you, how can you be so shameless!

     Su Yu, pitifully collapsed on the ground.

     No one cares!

     Master Xiahou scolded with a dark face, "You brought this bastard thing? If it wasn't for you, I would bury him tonight!"

     Bastard stuff!

     Xia Xiaoer...That is the shame of my life. If I can't beat my dad, I will beat my dad!
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