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206 Be Cruel (please Subscribe Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Huang Hao pointed out that it was the rumor that Zhai Feng asked him to spread.

     Zhai Feng and Huang Qifeng also admitted, but they resolutely refused to slander other people. They only targeted Chen Yong and Wu Jia.

     The two are different!

     Slandering Chen Yong and Wu Jia is a private grudge, a private grievance, disrespect of the teacher, and crime undeserved of death.

     But now the trouble is so big that even the entire Daxia Mansion is involved. Once the charges are confirmed, it is really possible to die.

     trial room.

     Huang Qifeng's face was pale, and he said loudly: "Guardians, we really don't mean to slander other court masters and universities. Huang Hao is lying, he is lying, we do not have!"

     Qiu Yun had already lost her face, and hurriedly looked at Zhou Mingren over there, "Master, we really don't have one, and we are not crazy. We will do it against Wu Jia and the others, but we have no reason to anger other seniors. Elders!"

     Several old patrons ignored them.

     Elder Qi looked at the elders who accompanied him to inspect, then looked at Elder Huang, and said solemnly, "Huang Hao didn't lie, these people...nor did they lie."

     Yes, they are not stupid, you can tell.

     That is something went wrong!

     But no matter what, these people did create rumors that slandered Chen Yong. According to Chen Yong's words, he was also the strong man of Lingyun Jiuzhong, the curator of Cangshu Pavilion, even if he only slandered Chen Yong, now the evidence is conclusive and he must suffer punishment.

     Over there, Zhou Mingren closed his eyes and did not speak.

     Old Huang said in a deep voice: "These people dare to slander Chen Yong for no reason? There should be someone behind them!"Elder Qi Ge glanced at him and didn't say any more. He looked at Zhai Feng and a few people, and said lightly: "You made the rumors, who made you do it?"

     "no one……"

     "Think about it clearly!"

     Elder Qi Ge calmly said: "A researcher slanders a colleague, this is not too big a matter. A student slanders a high-level academic, this is a very big thing!"

     This is the truth.

     This is an era of strength for supreme!

     The guilt of slandering Ling Yun and Ling Yun slandering Ling Yun are different.

     At this moment, Zhou Mingren suddenly opened his eyes and said indifferently: "I ordered it. I just asked them to find a way to deal with Wu Jia and take the position of curator Chen Yong. As for the rumors, I didn't think much."

     Old Qi Ge and Old Huang looked at him instantly!

     Huang Lao said coldly: "President Zhou, you have to speak responsibly!"

     Several people actually vaguely guessed that it should not be Zhou Mingren's envoy, but Zhou Pingsheng's idiot!

     Yu Hong and Mr. Sun Ge also looked at him one after another. Zhou Mingren calmly said: "I will naturally be responsible. This incident was caused by me unintentionally. I will take this responsibility. I will ask to resign from the post of deputy governor of the university. , Are you satisfied with this punishment?"

     He wants to resign as deputy governor!

     Several old Ge frowned, what is the difference between Deputy Governor and Elder Ge?

     The biggest difference is that once the Saint Wantian falls, or no longer serves as the governor, these deputy governors are qualified to lead the entire Daxia Civilization Academy.

     In addition, the deputy governor is qualified to intervene in other colleges.

     For example, the academy of Shendan and Shenfu, the deputy governor is also qualified to participate.And now, Zhou Mingren's resignation means that in the future, he will only be in charge of the seminary and will no longer intervene in other affairs of the institution. The loss is still great.

     Huang Lao's eyes were cold, glanced at Zhou Mingren, "President Zhou, you must speak responsibly! It is not a good choice to replace others. You are the deputy governor. You really want to say that you did it. We can't continue the investigation..."

     Zhou Mingren admitted it, how can I check it?

     Even if Zhou Pingsheng was found, the other party said that Zhou Mingren said that dealing with a Lingyun is not as simple as dealing with a man.

     They can see that they are lying and not lying. When they are in the air, even the sun and the moon are hard to see.

     It was not that simple at that time to manifest the willpower and increase the intensity.

     Zhou Mingren was as calm as water, "I said it, I ordered it to go down, how to punish and how to punish, what else do you want to know?"

     Old Qi Ge frowned!

      glanced at Zhou Mingren, frowning and said: "Old Zhou, there are some things that you and I know in my heart. They are people who are even going to enter the sun and the moon. Some small tricks are really boring! When Zheng Yuming is here, at least everything is in line. Rules, you are all messy and not messy, at least there are rules... Now, haha!"

     Zhou Mingren felt a pain in his heart.

     Don't i know?

     I know!

     But, don’t you know who has abandoned Yuming?

     Elder Huang glanced at Zhou Mingren and calmed down, "Since Chief Zhou admitted that the mastermind was him, Chief Zhou will leave it to Chief Wan to open an old cabinet for a decision! As for Zhai Feng and the group..."Zhou Mingren is willing to carry this scapegoat, and it is not certain now, they actually passed on Chen Yong alone or everyone...

     Huang Lao hesitated for a moment said: "Huang Hao, these executors, corrupted the reputation of the institution and slandered the teacher. From today onwards, they will deprive the institution of all benefits and the right to enter the secret realm. The library and library are forbidden to enter.... 100 points, the file record is bigger than the processing!"

     A few people said nothing.

     Huang Lao continued: "Zhai Feng, Huang Qifeng, Qiu Yun, as the rumors makers, will be fined 100! 1000 points for meritorious deeds! Deprived of all authority in the institution..."

     As soon as these words came out, Zhou Mingren sighed: "I ordered them. They are only executors. They can be punished or deducted and deprived of all rights... They are all top 100 students, vacating the trainees and expecting the Inspectorate. Forgive as appropriate."

     Deprived of authority, it means that the next trip to the sea of knowledge is not theirs.

     Flogging is more painful than imagined.

     Remember, it will be a big trouble in the future.

     A fine of 1,000 points of merit is also a big number.

     However, none of this is miserable without depriving all rights, which means that they will lose many opportunities in the university.

     Why come to a school to study, just to obtain these rights?

     Once deprived, it is equivalent to being expelled from the institution in disguise. These people are all elites of the single gods, and they are completely destroyed at one time. The loss is too heavy!

     Old Huang calmly said: "This is that they have only oneself to blame! At least, I also reserve the right to stay in the university for them. If you have a lot of work in the future, you can offset this punishment!"

     "great merit?"Zhou Mingren silent for a while, he said: "Is it a great achievement to destroy the strongholds of all ethnic groups?"

     "Forget it!"

     Huang Lao eyes flashed and said: "President Zhou has to think about it, the merits can't be transferred privately! It's worthy of merit, but you must behead!"

     "I know!"

     Zhou Mingren looked at Zhai Feng and said softly, "There is still a chance. Daxia Mansion will make great achievements. You will not be far away. As long as you wipe out a few ten thousand religious strongholds, you still have a chance to offset today All of this!"

     Sigh in my heart!

      suffered heavy losses!

     A bunch of idiots!

     As for myself, I lost my position as deputy governor.

     At this time, it was time to shrink the tentacles of the single Shenwen series.

     Before being strong, he was able to intervene in other college affairs. Now, he is also strong in will but weak in power.

     Elder Huang didn't care about him, and continued: "In addition... Zhou Pingsheng, Yang Chao, Min He...there is no way for the followers to make contributions for one year, and they are not allowed to apply for the title promotion assessment within three years..."

     "Huang Chen!"

     Zhou Mingren looked at Huang Lao abruptly, his eyes changed: "They don't know anything at all about this. The penalty is one year, and they can't apply for the title promotion assessment within three years. Is it too much?"

     You can't apply for promotion within three years. This means that even if Zhou Ping is promoted to the director of the curator, he cannot become the chief patron.

     Because, at the minimum, the senior fellow also needs the title of senior researcher.

     Zhou Pingsheng had no such opportunity.Old Huang glanced at him and said lightly: "If there is any dissatisfaction with Governor Zhou, you can appeal! Now, the punishment by the Inspectorate is based on the face of Governor Zhou, and the punishment is lighter!"

     Zhou Mingren frowned and stopped talking.

     Within three years... many researchers have no way to apply for the title of promotion.

     Not only Zhou Pingsheng, but several other researchers, and some are also in the promotion stage. As a result, the voice of the single-shenwen family will be further reduced.

     He glanced at Huang Chen, his face a bit unsightly.

     The previous inspectorate was not like that.

     Elder Huang ignored him and continued: "In addition, the students have misbehavior. As a teacher, they have a great responsibility! At the end of this year, the inspectorate will conduct a thorough investigation. The inspectorate also wants to see. where is it!"

     As soon as these words came out, Yu Hong's people also changed color, and Yu Hong shouted: "Huang Chen, what does it mean?"

     "What does it mean?"

     Old Huang looked at her and said lightly: "Inspector! Don’t understand? The duty of the Inspectorate! Yu Hongge always interferes with the work of the Inspectorate? clean person knows oneself is clean, the impure naturally impure! I hope you all go back. , Supervise others carefully! This year’s supervision will be thoroughly investigated! Including treasury, accounting, school hours, research projects, fund accounts...all will be thoroughly checked!"Huang Lao said coldly: "I would like to see why colleges have so much input every year, why there are insufficient funds, and students are hard to find! Daxia Civilization Institute, I think there should be no shortage of money! Including the text of will, Even if the students cannot observe every day, once a week or two weeks, it is still possible. Nowadays, many students, half a year or even a year, show signs that it is hard to find anything!"

     "Including the God Pill System, the God Rune System, the Forging Soldier System, the Beast Taming System...It is also best to go back to self-inspection and self-examination, don't wait until the end of the thorough investigation, and I will grab the handle!"

     Elder Huang looked at everyone and said coldly, "I hope that by the end of the year, I will still be able to see the figure of the old Ge! Don't be punished directly to the Pioneer Camp and deprived of the title of the old Ge, it would be a shame!"

     As soon as these words came out, the old Ge changed their colors.

     Including several elders who supervised together, it was also complexion fluctuates.

     This fellow Huang Chen was not like this before!

     Huang Lao looked indifferent, "Everyone, remember the lesson! In addition, the old cabinet will give a plan as soon as possible. I will inform all parties, punish the students, punish in public, and let the outside world see that Daxia Civilization Academy has rules. Fight, you can fight, don’t overstep the rules! Once the bottom line is exceeded, punish severely!"

     Everyone was silent.

     Public punishment, whipping in public.

     The inspection at the end of the year will require a major inspection!

     This pile, one thing, will change the power structure of the entire university.


     The inspectorate moved quickly, and the Great Xia Civilization Academy moved quickly too!

     On the afternoon of the 15th, the punishment plan came out!

     Open to the entire Daxia Mansion!Zhou Mingren, as a half-step sun and moon powerhouse and deputy governor of the Daxia Civilization Academy, bears the brunt and became the focus of everyone's attention.

     Zhou Mingren was fined three years and deprived of the post of deputy governor.

     Zhou Ping promoted several researchers and was fined one year in salary, and he was not allowed to be promoted within three years.

     Zhai Feng and Huang Qifeng were sentenced to 100 lashes, fined a thousand points for meritorious deeds, and deprived all institutions of rights and benefits.

     People like Huang Hao are also punished.

     Including some students who spread rumors, they were all punished by fines and merits, ranging from a few points to as many as a hundred points. Some of the students who spread the rumors were recorded and dealt with, and even deprived of some secret realm access.


     As soon as the news came out, it shocked everyone.

     There is nothing wrong with the students being punished!

     The point is that a half-step Sun-Moon realm powerhouse was actually deprived of the position of deputy governor. This is not a trivial matter. Half-step Sun-Moon realm is also the top high-level powerhouse in the Daxia Mansion.

     Because of a rumor, almost ruined a top powerhouse.

     Daxia Civilization Academy, pass like thunder and move like the wind, and the results were given in just half a day, which also made the crowd of Daxia House a lot of fun!

     The key is that it is too shameful!

     Zhou Mingrentang, a half-step sun and moon powerhouse, was actually involved in spreading rumors, which was a major blow to his reputation.

     Fines for salaries, fines for meritorious service...These losses seem to be insignificant at this moment.


     in the afternoon.

     Mission area.

      Vast crowd, today, will be whipped in public!

     On the huge square, teachers and students surrounded the entire square.Chen Yong also came, taking Wu Jia with him, looking at the students in the square with a calm expression.

     Not far away, Zhou Pingsheng complexion blanches.

     Several of his students are here at the moment.

     The teacher was punished, he himself was punished, and his students were also punished for meritorious deeds and whipping in public. For Zhou Pingsheng, it was ashamed and unable to show one's face!

     Not only that, this time, in the eyes of the old Ge, he has completely become a waste.

     The teacher and a few elders naturally knew, who is it.

     Zhou Pingsheng looked at the students who kneels down on the ground, panicking, but also extremely angry!

     He just asked these bastards to solve Wu Jia, why did it spread like this?

     Attracting the attention of the entire academy and even the strong people in the Daxia Mansion!

     Inventory at the end of the year!

     What does this mean?

     It means that they have to make up for all the deficits this year. There are too many suffered heavy losses to the extreme. This is not comparable to the thousands of confiscated merits.

     Aside from other things, a bookstore alone must at least fill the deficit with more than 30,000 points of merit!

     There are other places too!

     Including college treasury, research institute, mission office, exchange office...

     The entire single-shenwen series, I briefly checked today, and at least 200,000 points of merit will be enough!

     And before then, they already lost hundreds of thousands of points of merit!

      from now on, Shanshenwen Yixie really wants to tighten his belt to live.

     Some research institutes had to give up.

     Some projects had to be stopped.This is still a financial loss. Once something is verified, it is likely that some researchers will be punished to the Pioneer Camp. If you are lucky, you can come back alive. If you are lucky, you can only die on the battlefield of the heavens!

     Now, the researcher of the Shan Shenwen Department hates him to death!

     Researchers from more than the Shan Shenwen Department, other factions of the academy, saw him and hated him!

     Because of his actions, many researchers are heart alarmed, trembling in fear!

      trembling with fear!


     Before today, he was still thinking about becoming the master, curator, and patron of this year!

     And now, everything has become flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake!

     On the square, Mr. Huang, as the Dean of the Inspectorate, made his first appearance in front of everyone.

      A cold shout came: "Execution!"


     Several guards, riveting enough, drew out with a whip!


     Screaming in unbroken succession, blood marks appeared on the backs of the students, skin opened and flesh splited!

     Huang Lao looked around and said coldly: "In the school, there are rules! There are rules in the military, Daxia Mansion has Daxia Mansion rules, and Daxia Civilization Academy also has Daxia Civilization School rules!"

     "Whether it is a student or a researcher, you must abide by the rules!"

     "This is where the human race can stand among the top ten races. There are no rules and chaos on the battlefield. Is there still the comfort today?"

     "If there is no reward for merit, and if there is no punishment, who will contribute to the human race?"


      a cold shout, those guards are getting harder!

     The inspectorate has inspectors supervising!

     Without effort, they all have to be punished.Blood splattered!

     It is not allowed to use elemental power and willpower to resist, and relying solely on the physical body to bear it, the civilized master's physical body is not too strong. Huang Qifeng, who has been injured before, is even more stunned at this moment and is already unconscious.

     Not only him, the weaker students, such as Huang Hao, were completely unconscious at this moment, letting the whip draw blood marks on his body!



     Chen Yong looked for a while, shot a look at Zhou Pingsheng not far away, turned and left with Wu Jia.

     Wu Jia whispered: "Master, don't you watch?"

     "I don't look at it, my mouth is smelly, it has been cleaned up, so I won't dare to do it next time. Unfortunately, some people have not received the punishment they deserve.

     Zhou Mingren?

     Chen Yong shot a look at a tall building in the distance, where a silhouette stands.

     Smiled, but a good teacher, for your students, even this sin was carried down.


     Zhou Mingren is also looking at him, his eyes are deep, Chen Yong... but you are underestimated!

     This time, the single Shenwen series suffered heavy losses reached the extreme.


     Including him Zhou Mingren, as a half-step sun and moon powerhouse, such a powerhouse would rarely be punished publicly in the entire human situation, and he... pioneered the Daxia Mansion!

     Zhou Mingren did not look at Chen Yong anymore, but looked at the person sitting next to him in the chair, and said softly: "Yu Ming, do you think the single-shenwen first series is abolished? so many people, even how many people fight ..."

     The old can't beat Hong Tan, the next generation can't beat Chen Yong, and the student can't beat Su Yu...

      many men, a great force?

     is that useful?A few people in the family made you go round and round, the mountains and seas were abolished, the governor was deprived, researchers were not allowed to be promoted, and students were publicly whipped!

     And that huge deficit!

     Once they make up for these shortfalls, it will be difficult for them to even open the secret realm this time, but they can't explain it if they don't open the secret realm. At this moment, it is no longer impossible for them to open it. Those who have obtained the quota will not agree!

     But once the secret realm was opened, Zhai Feng and others were punished and not allowed to enter. The key was that the cost was huge and it would also drain all their savings.

     Zheng Yuming lightly sighed and somewhat grudgingly said: "Teacher, we underestimate those guys! Now we are being tricked around, not only that, but also offended many other factions, especially this year-end inventory..."

     Zhou Mingren nodded, yes, this is the benefit of everyone, but others will not resent the Inspectorate, they will only think that it is the trouble caused by their single-shenwen.

     Otherwise, the Inspectorate will do a good job of making an inventory!

     "Teacher, the merits are gone, the supplies are gone, these can all be solved... I ask the Great Zhou Mansion!"

     Zheng Yuming gritted his teeth and said: "The Great Zhou Mansion must provide these losses to make up for our losses!"

     Zhou Mingren silent for a while, nodded slightly.

     "In addition, Ma and Fang, the two elders, call it back..."

     "Lao Ma was punished to go to Shanhai Pioneer Camp! It just so happens that I can take care of you, Lao Fang, I will find a way to recall it!"

     "Lao Ma was punished to go to Pioneer Camp?"Zheng Yuming still does not know about this matter, Zhou Mingren nodded and said: "The day Hong Tan came out, he was punished. It just so happened that I wanted them to take care of you alone. There is no reason, and it's not bad now!"

     "It's me who is dragging the teacher!"

     Zheng Yuming sighed.

     Zhou Mingren said indifferently: "It doesn't count. You were sure that Chen Yong calculated you last time?"

     "It should be him!"

     Zheng Yuming sighed: "I was watching the battle. What I saw was not Qifeng was injured, but was already dead. I was outraged and prepared to ask for an explanation. As a result..."

     "Can he interfere with your will?"


     Zheng Yuming nodded, "He was the strongest person on the top 100 ring, not his interference, no one can do it! He should have created an illusion for me, not necessarily interfered with me, but interfered with the ring. Small area!"

     Zhou Mingren nodded and stopped asking.

     There is no evidence for this, and Zheng Yuming's words are useless.

     Just like this time, Huang Hao's memory has definitely been tampered with, but there is no evidence. Unless an invincible comes to investigate, otherwise, nothing can be said.

     It is impossible to start with a Lingyun Jiuzhong without evidence!

     What's more, Hong Tan is still in the academy.

     "Teacher, I have been dormant in the Polytheistic literary system before. Since this year, it has repeatedly fought back. Isn't it that the Great Zhou Mansion... can't be suppressed?"Zhou Mingren whispered: "It's been 50 years. It's not that it can't be suppressed, but it's suppressed to the limit! Liu Wenyan and others are returning one after another, Hong Tan is about to be promoted...Plus someone behind it is pushing the wave and add to the billows. It will make the polytheistic literature series continue to fight back...


     Zheng Yuming silent for a while, said: "Are we going to continue?"

     "carry on!"

     Zhou Mingren whispered: "to pull chestnuts out of the fire, this is our chance! If there is no polytheistic literature, nor our current glory! If we can't suppress the polytheistic literature, then we will lose a lot of things......"

     Zheng Yuming nodded and said: "Then continue to suppress them! At least we can't let the polytheistic literature stand up again. Teacher, we should fight for more things from the Great Zhou Mansion, otherwise, we will not be able to continue!"

     "You don't need to say this, Shan Tianhao was killed, Zhou Polong would not let go! Daxia Mansion is not his territory yet, he can only rely on us!"

     Zhou Mingren said, and said: "Since we don't use the secret realm for our people, then borrow it! Let the Great Zhou Mansion send a few eternal divine texts over there!"

     Zheng Yuming's eyes flashed, teacher...the appetite is not small!

     "Literature soldiers, medicinal herbs, exercises, and the literary of the will...we all want it!"

     Zhou Mingren said indifferently: "We have lost too much this time, and we can only let them contribute!"

     Zheng Yuming nodded and said nothing.

     Zhou Mingren suddenly said: "There is a pulse master, who do you think is more suitable?"

     Zheng Yuming glanced at Zhou Pingsheng in the distance, and sighed. He, his junior, was embarrassed by the task, obviously not!"Don't set up a pulse master first, but you can find a few people to take charge..."

     "How about Liu Hong?" Zhou Mingren said suddenly.

     Zheng Yuming frowned and said, "Teacher, he has just vacated, and this person...slips in mind..."

     "All you want is to be wicked!"

     Zhou Mingren calmly said: "Other people represent the interests of several other senior patrons. Old Zhao is in retreat. Liu Hong no one to rely on... Lingyun realm can be managed by other senior patrons, Liu Hong, what about Supervisor Tengkong and under Tengkong?"

     Zheng Yuming said solemnly: "He can, but the point is, I think he is not thinking about suppressing others, but about improving himself. Liu Hong, a typical egoist, will do what is good for him. heart."

     "Then tie him to death. It will be beneficial to the Shan Shenwen first element, and it will be beneficial to him, and it will not be beneficial to him if it is not beneficial to the Shan Shenwen first element!"

     Zhou Mingren didn't care about these, and said casually: "Everything depends on strength and research results! Without strength, everything is empty."

     Zheng Yuming nodded, thought a bit then said: "Teacher, do you want the position of the director of the library?"

     "Chen Yong..."

     Once again he cast his gaze to Chen Yong, who was about to disappear, "Our people, don't take any more shots! Or within the rules, don't let people get a handle. I will look back for Xia Yuwen... If he doesn't fight, then Don't fight for this position!"

     Xia Yuwen's injury is almost healed.

     It is not physical injuries that are hitting him now, but spiritual injuries.

     Bai Feng's sword destroyed his belief!

     This is the most terrible!Bai Feng, who took the eighth layer into the sky, defeated him. This was the biggest blow to Xia Yuwen. If Bai Feng was the third one of Lingyun, it wouldn't make Xia Yuwen feel ashamed.

     Zheng Yuming nodded and didn't say any more.

     Next month, he will have to leave the school. Up to now, his injury is not healed, the main divine text is broken, and he does not know if there is a chance to walk out of the battlefield alive.

     The two said a few more words, and finally, Zhou Mingren suddenly said: "The news spread throughout the Daxia Mansion overnight! There are only a few people in the polytheistic literature? Even if Huang Hao's memory is tampered with, it is still easy to say in the school. Outside the university, there are still people coping with Chen Yong!"

     Zheng Yuming moved slightly and nodded: "Yes!"

     "Hundred-legged insects dead but showing no signs of rigor mortis! There's some left hand is outside. This time Chen Yong also exposed some. Follow this line and check it down. I want to see it too. Look, how many people are still dormant!"

     With that said, Zheng Yuming suddenly said: "Teacher, I'm optimistic about Junior Brother Zhou!"


     "That Wu Jia was admitted to the school at the beginning, and you know the reason. Before enrolling in the mansion, Chen Yong had been sponsoring her school. Chen Yong was a daughter to raise. The younger brother committed his taboo this time. I am worried about the younger brother. Something happened."

     Zhou Mingren frowned, looked at Chen Yong, and said nothing.

     After a long time, suddenly faintly said: "Ping Sheng is dead, can Commander Wan take it seriously?"

     Zheng Yuming's heart is shaken!

     But I dare not say anything!

     These words...too much meaning!

     Teacher...he...does he want...Zhou Mingren has turned around and left, sound faint said: "It’s not enough to spoil everything! Of course, your teacher is not so ruthless, but I will retreat next, and I’ll be fine. He continues to be stupid. I Can't save him!"

     Use Zhou Pingsheng for Chen Yong!

     Zheng Yuming's face is a bit strange, is silent, is it worth it?

     Worth it!
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