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212 Reliable Liu Hong
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu's teammates match, obviously there are some problems.

     At this moment, none of the other students said anything.

     On the ring, the inspector from the Inspectorate suddenly shouted: "Are there any students who match their teammates, have any doubts or other questions?"

     Many people looked at Su Yu.

     Obviously, the inspectorate also found a problem.

     Su Yu smiled. Seeing many people's eyes, he responded: "No, the draws are all drawn, and the game is about to start. I won't raise any questions, lest some people cancel the game directly, then It has delayed many seniors!"

     Su Yu said indifferently and directly.

     I don't doubt it. It is because the competition is held by the single-shenwen first department, lest the single-shenwen first department is shamelessly cancelled and it will delay many other students.

     As soon as this remark came out, many people were relaxed.

     So much the better!

     Some people assigned good students, and their teammates were quite strong. There was obviously a problem on Su Yu's side. Once the Inspectorate is really involved in the investigation, who knows whether the game will be cancelled directly.

     Obviously, this is also what Liu Hong expected.

     If the Inspectorate really wants to investigate, then cancel the game and transfer the pressure to Su Yu.

     In the inspectorate, the inspector stopped talking.

     Except for Su Yu, almost no one spoke.

     Whether luck is good or bad, as Su Yu said, asking questions at this moment will delay everyone's game, and it will offend everyone.On the stage, Liu Hongdan smiled and said: "Since everyone has no objections, what we need to do now is to get acquainted with teammates quickly. On the battlefield, the most important thing is to get acquainted with teammates as soon as possible, understand their respective combat styles, and plan well , Whoever is suitable for what to do, who is the captain at the time of battle, all need yourselves to do!"


     Su Yu ignored Liu Hong.

     Liu He and the others looked at Su Yu with a cold face. After a long while, Liu He said coldly: "Su Yu, we may not be able to get the quota! But with our strength, there is still hope for entering the top ten!"

     Su Yu looked at him and smiled lightly: "Xuechang Liu meant, willing to cooperate?"

     Liu He frowned, and Liu Hong glanced at the stage, struggling.


     The eldest brother and Shan Shenwen arranged him in Su Yu's team. Obviously, they were deliberately holding back. If they cooperate, what do eldest brother and others think?

      Silent for a moment, Liu He said: "I think, as a genius, you should fight for your own style and strength, so that people can see that we have a single line of divine writing, and we should have no less demeanor than anyone, Lin Yao We are weak with Yang Sha, but I am not weak!"

     Su Yu smiled lightly: "Senior Liu meant he would like to play?"

     Su Yu played with taste: "Several people match me, I don't think you are stupid, you all know what you need to do!"

     Liu He became more bored and said coldly: "We are fighting for ourselves, not for others! In the ring, only the enemy and our own people!"

     "hope so."

     Su Yu smiled lightly: "Then follow Senior Liu."Liu He cannot bear saying: "You are the strongest, don't you make arrangements and arrangements?"

     He still wants to play a few games!

     Even if they can't get the first place, their team, Su Yu has the strength of the top 20, and he is also the strength of the top 70 or 80, and Yang Sha is also close to the strength of the top 100. Lin Yao is weak, and Xia Hu is particularly hard to say...

     With this configuration, it is not difficult to play some weak teams.

     In the entire university, there are only one hundred people on the top 100 list. As for the veteran students, there are many strong people, but the truly talented have already been promoted, and now the remaining peaks of nourishment add up to a hundred people.

     There are also trainees from the ten thousand races mixed in, counting, and forming a team, their team, Comprehensive Strength Evaluation should be able to enter the top 50.

     After all, there are several top 100 students in this team!


     Su Yu smiled lightly: "Okay, since we have to make arrangements, then I will give an arrangement. The goal of the three is very simple, staring at the weakest person in the opposing team to fight, winning or losing is at will."

     Liu He was a little sullen!

     Yang Sha was also a little annoyed: "The three of us, Liu He is a true top 100 student. I have also challenged a top 100 student. Would you let the three of us join forces to deal with a student who may not even make it to the top 100?"

     Su Yu said indifferently: "Brother Yang, then what do you think? Will your single-shenwen first department make me enter the finals?"

     A few people were silent.

     After a long time, Lin Yao said: "Su Yu, otherwise, we met students from the non-single theology department, we tried our best, as for the students of the single theology department..."Liu He hummed: "That also make an all-out effort! Su Yu, don't think that all the students of the Single God Literature Department are targeting you. Whoever has the spare time will pay attention to you. Except for the main department, everyone else is too lazy to take care of you!"

     The so-called main line refers to Zhou Mingren's line.

     Su Yu didn’t care what he said, and smiled: “So be it! If you are willing to contribute, it’s okay if you don’t want to. I don’t want to force them to avoid being squeezed out by the monotheistic literature. Once I win, some of you will contribute more, haha... I think you will have a hard time in the future."

     Su Yu's face is playful!

     Liu He didn't take it seriously, win a fart!

     Forget it, Su Yu is not worried that they are normal, and there is nothing to say, let's not say!

     Let's talk about it when I get on stage!

     After a while, on the stage, Liu Hong shouted again: "It's about time! Today's game, there are more people, a blitzkrieg strategy! There are 20 arenas, each time 40 teams come on stage! After 40 games, the first round. It's almost over, the winner stays and the loser eliminated!"

     For 40 games, one game lasts at least three or four minutes, and the first round takes more than two hours.

     Everyone has no objection. Longer time is good. If the previous time is too expensive, the strength can be restored later, so as to avoid successive battles and decline in state.

     "The battle is also very simple, 1 team vs. 2 teams... and so on, the first game, the top 40 teams are on stage!"

     Off the stage, a team quickly came to the stage, according to the serial number, they boarded different arenas.

     The referees of the tribunal are all in place.Su Yujian looked for a moment, the top 40 teams, but there are a few strong teams, all those who have top 100 students or those who are at the peak of cultivation are considered strong teams.

     On the side, Xia Hu is even more curious about who is Su Yu’s last player.

     Everyone thought it was him... he was too lazy to explain, you thought it was what you thought.

     Su Yu must know does not belong to oneself, this guy doesn't ask, does he know who it is?

     He didn't ask, glanced at the 40 teams on stage, and quickly said: "Team 16 should be the strongest, three of them are strong, of which two are the top 100 students and one is the veteran top 100 students, just over the age!"

     A team with three players has the top 100 strength, such a team is indeed very strong.

     The game just started.

     It's crisp and fast.

     With the referee's order, the roar and shouts continued!

     Only at this moment can we clearly see the gap between top 100 and non-top 100 students.

     The 16 team that Xia Huyou said almost easily defeated the opponent instantly!

     Three students with the strength of the top 100, each faced one person. At the beginning of the other ring competition, their opponents were defeated in the blink of an eye!

     Some cultivating students do not have too strong combat effectiveness at all.

     Unlike a warrior, even if a warrior is a mighty fighter, the combat effectiveness is not too weak, but a civilized division, some people don't even have a divine writing at the stage of nurturing, and there is almost no way to fight.

      This kind of person comes to the competition, it can only be said to join in the fun!


     There was a roar, and on the 8th ring, the battle between the 15th team and the 16th team had a result. The five people of the 15th team fell into the ring in the blink of an eye!"Team 16 wins!"

     The referee quickly gave the result, this end, over there, on the 1st ring, the referee shouted: "Team 1 wins!"

     Su Yu then turned his attention to there!

      somewhat surprised!


     Xia Huyou was also surprised: "The students of the Sealing Department are quite strong. They directly sealed all their opponents. Five of them were completely suppressed. Very strong, Su Yu, be careful!"

     Su Yu didn't say anything, both sides ended, and another team ended!

     With a huge roar, an incomparable gigantic monster suddenly appeared on the 6th ring.

     Bang bang bang!

     The long leopard-like monster, extremely fast, shot down the five people on the opposite side of the ring in the blink of an eye.

     "Students of the Beast Taming Department! And also outlines the monster beast space, it is a horn!"

     Su Yu suddenly said, "Beast Taming students, can they still bring the monster beast into the sky?"

     Xia Huyou glanced at him, speechlessly: "What do you want! You have to tame yourself, and only allow trainees of the beast taming system to bring monsters to battle. The so-called beast taming system is what the monster mounts can accommodate. Can a strong monster be admitted into the divine text?"

     Xia Huyou quickly said: "Those who don't outline the monster's space are not considered to be trainees, they are only preparatory students, understand?

     Su Yu nodded slightly, glanced at that team.

     Trainees of the Beast Taming Department!

     This was the first time I met a student who used a monster to fight, Su Yu glanced at, but knew that leopard, the wind leopard, not a very strong race, mainly because of the fast speed, which is also the first choice of many students.Probably the strength of the five or six layers of Wanshi is already very strong!

     There are more teams, Su Yu is also dazzled, and feels that he has gained a lot of knowledge!

     He saw the students of the rune system and threw some runes directly. The mire appeared out of thin air on the ground, and directly plunged all the opponents into the mire. The other teammates cooperated and instantly defeated the opponent.

     He saw the Shen Dan system student, threw a poison pill, brought down all his opponents in the blink of an eye, and even brought his teammates down!

     "Fatty...cough cough, Huyou, is this the god pill? They ask some elders for some poison that can kill the mountains and seas, wouldn't it be impossible to fight?"

     Xia Huyou said strangely: "Aren't you familiar with the school rules? Why don't you know this?"

     "There are rules for the top 100 competitions, the key is...fuck, who knows what the situation is, the rules are just out!"

     Su Yu is also speechless, how to know.

     As for whether Xia Huyou can know, he probably doesn't know!

     Sure enough, Xia Huyou shrugged, how do I know how they arranged it.

     Fortunately, the Inspectorate seemed to have quickly figured out the situation and shouted: "Beast Taming students, you can only bring monsters you tamed! Shendan students can only use their own Refining the Medicine Pill, the same is true for runes in this way……"

     Su Yu was too lazy to complain, so that's okay, otherwise, if you get a mountain and sea poison pill, it will be impossible to fight.

     If a student is capable of refining the Poison Pill of Mountains and Seas, then he is not a student.

     "Follow-up teams, according to the number plates, continue to come on stage, one end, and immediately come on stage!"The referee shouted once, the speed of each team's fighting is different, it is impossible for the first team to delay the entire game.


     Of the 40 teams in the first round, there were still a few strong teams.

     But at this time the gap is relatively large, strong teams against weak teams, almost as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, nothing to look at.

     The strengths are not much different, but they are all weak teams.

     Teams of students took the stage, the winner advanced, and the loser lost.

     The gap is too big!

     As long as there are top 100 students in a team, they can almost win.

     In the blink of an eye, half an hour passed.

     The speed is faster than expected. At the moment, No. 590 has arrived on stage.

     In half an hour, 295 teams were divided.

      If it goes on like this, the first round will be over in about two and a half hours.

     And at this moment, it was almost Su Yu and the others.

     At this moment, the referee shouted: "Taiwan No. 8, 593 and 594 are on stage!"

     When the two teams took the stage, many people whispered.

     The strong one!

     Jiang Mu!

     The third student in the top 100 list!

     It was also the first Top 100 student that Su Yu met after enrolling in school. The scene that day, I still remember that Guard Captain of the Nurturing Garden gave way to him. It was so majestic!

     As soon as Jiang Mu took the stage, the result was destined!

     Su Yu was just a dazzling effort, Jiang Mu's fast speed only left afterimages, and with a few bangs, all his opponents fell into the ring!

     None of his teammates took action, and the battle was over.Jiang Mu walked off the ring, his face was indifferent, he didn't show anything, he even felt that he was just on the stage and turned one round at will, and the game was over.


     "No. 599, No. 600 is on stage!"

     When the number 600 was called, it once again attracted the attention of many people.

     They heard it before, and Su Yu's team is No. 600.

     Su Yu didn't say much, and walked directly to the stage.

     Lin Yao and the others also followed. Lin Yao suddenly looked back at Xia Huyou who was still eating, cannot bear saying: "What are you doing, come on stage!"


     Xia Huyou looked at him like a fool.

     Nonsense, I'm not your team member, why am I on stage?


     Lin Yaogang wanted to speak, but on the other side, one person had already jumped into the ring.

     Zhou Hao!

     As soon as Zhou Hao took the stage, many people looked surprised. This guy...Although he has only shot once, many people know his toughness. This guy is number 599?

     But soon, when all the 5 people on 599 came on stage, everyone was surprised. I went, this guy is from the Su Yu team!

     What the hell!

     Where is Xia Huyou?

     Many people looked at Xia Huyou. Xia Huyou continued to eat his own food and see what I did. I didn't say that I was number 600.


     Watch the battle zone.

     The old man Sun Ge was slightly surprised, looking at Liu Hong who had just stepped down, and said, "How did he get him into Su Yu's team?"

     Zhou Hao is very strong!

     The key is not a single line of gods!Liu Hongchuan explained: "Xia Yuwen wants to take the spot on their side, and Zhou Hao arranges it to another team, and it is really possible to get it. I don't think Zhou Hao and Su Yu can't deal with each other. Let them be a team and you can directly one arrow. , two golden eagles, get them all down, lest outsiders get the quota."

     Old Sun Ge frowned, "Zhou Hao, his strength is not weak, once he cooperates with Su Yu..."

     "He was almost beaten to death by Su Yu last time."

     Liu Hongchuan said: "Lao Sun, Zhou Haozhen and Su Yu can't win cooperation, and... he is Xia Yuwen's apprentice, Xia Yuwen was almost scrapped by Bai Feng, and his students cooperated with Su Yu in a blink of an eye... Personality will inevitably find trouble with Zhou Hao, and Zhou Hao and Su Yu cooperated, with a multi-divine character, it is their own person who helped themselves... Hey, I am afraid that I will have to intervene in Xia Yuwen’s internal affairs at that time. Their conflict has intensified!"

     Old Sun Ge's eyes moved slightly, glanced at him.

     Liu Hongchuan said, "Lao Sun, Dean Zhou and Xia Yuwen are not optimistic about the cooperation! After all, there is a difference between closeness and estrangement. The palace lord has sons, but he doesn’t have no sons! The palace lord wants to abdicate at what time. , We intervene in the battle for the palace lord of the Xia family...I think it is too dangerous, even if Xia Chan is accepted, if this is the case, it is better to let the multi-sacred texts fight with them!"

     Sun Gelao nodded slightly.

     Just about to talk, I suddenly looked on the stage!


      A loud sound is coming!

     Su Yu's side, Su Yu simply and directly, shot instantly, leaving behind shadows, kicking out, leaving dozens of afterimages, even if the five people on the opposite side were scattered, all five of them fell into the ring in an instant!Old Sun Ge frowned and said through the voice transmission: "This guy became stronger again! A series of multi-sacred writings... really a genius!"

     As he said, thought a bit then said: "The next round will start to arrange a few strong teams to collide, don’t be too conspicuous, slowly weaken Su Yu, wait for him to consume almost there, let the students of Xiao Zhou... Su Yu!"

     Liu Hong looked at him, nodded slightly.

     Of course, Mr. Sun wanted to abolish Su Yu. This had nothing to do with Su Yu, it was an anger. Bai Feng killed one of his students in the Lingyun realm, and Mr. Sun did not relieve his anger.


     On the ring.

     Su Yu is direct and straightforward, and he doesn’t bother to delay. The first round is only. For a few weak people, can he still have hidden strength?

     That's really a pig!

     After defeating the five opponents with one blow, Su Yu bowed his hand and stepped down directly.

     This time, Zhou Hao came with him.

     Lin Yao's faces were in a trance. It is not surprising that they won. The key is that Zhou Hao is his teammate, I will go!

     Xia Huyou, the bastard, had stood by them for so long before, and he didn't even say anything.

     As a result, they even talked to Xia Huyou for a while!

     Liu He looked at Zhou Hao, slightly frowned, but Zhou Hao looked doesn't look at him, staring at the strong players in the field.


     In the first round, no team was too strong.

     In the only round, two top 100 students led a team to encounter each other. The two top 100 students fought fiercely. It was a small peak, and the battle was 7-8 minutes before the winner was determined.In the middle of the battle, a few students with cloaks participated in the battle. Su Yu didn't look much at them. They should be from the ten thousand races, but they didn't show their faces. They were fighting with cloaks and were fighting in a conventional combat style, and they couldn't see much.

     Soon, it arrived at number 888.

     Wu Jia's team!

     Su Yu glanced at him and lost interest. Wu Jia seemed to be lucky, and he was actually assigned to Li Minyu's group. Li Minyu, fifth on the top 100 list, is very strong!

     Wu Jia is not weak, but also a top 100 student.

     It seems that Liu Hong didn't target Wu Jia either. This team is quite strong and is even expected to hit the top five. I don't know if it's the fear of Chen Yong or what's going on. Anyway, Liu Hong should not have a black hand.

     Fifth in the top 100, against those non-top 100 students, it is also as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, winning each other in the blink of an eye.

     The gap between the students is the extreme saturation reflected at this moment!


     Just when the first round of the game continued.


     A team of 5 people.

     Jia Mingzhen said with a smile and said: "How many, do you want to take the first place later? Lao Wan asked us to stimulate the students. Now there is no need for stimulation at all. They are like crazy dogs, yelling, do we still need to take action? ?"

     5 old patrons!

     It's not luck, it's not a coincidence, it's cheating that it's all in the first team.

     Even if Mr. Sun Ge looked down, they cheated open and aboveboard, one to five... You see a bird!

     "Old Jia, don't patronize and play!"

     Among the crowd, the only female old Ge said: "The five of us pretend to be freshmen, but it is not for fun. How can you have so much time to play with the students? How is your progress now?"Jia Mingzhen said with a smile: "What's the hurry! I found that we were a little misguided. We shouldn't pretend to be students of Elder Ge, because there is Elder Ge as a teacher, but it makes some people jealous. But that's okay... Recently I Selling some of the private possessions of the old man in the black market, doing it very secretly, and earning a fortune, should soon be discovered, as long as enough handles are thrown out, someone will come to me sooner or later."

     "This method is not bad, then you take your time, we have some discoveries..."

     With that, the old Nuge said: "The Ten Thousand Clan Sect actually has an order to kill Su Yu, and the price is not small! How about we get Su Yu out of the school and try to fish as a bait?"

     Jia Mingzhen glanced at a few people, "You guys are quite dark-hearted, but I think it's boring to be a bait, or we force Su Yu how is it? Let him join the Ten Thousand Clan Sect, with his talent, he will definitely get Ten thousand ethnic religions attach importance to it, maybe it can attract some mountains and seas and even the sun and the moon!"

     "You guy..."

     A few people were speechless, and they were embarrassed to say us.

     Jia Mingzhen is not joking. The sound transmission said: "I mean serious! Of course, Su Yu is staring at a lot of people. In fact, I think Huang Qifeng and others can join the Ten Thousand Clan Sect. What do you think? Or come here. Heavyweight, how about Zhou Pingsheng?"


     Several people looked at him and frowned.

     Jia Mingzhen explained: "These guys are full of resentment now, and the people of Ten Thousand Races also know that, I suspect that someone has secretly drawn in!"

     "Lao Jia, whether you have it or not, you can't take the initiative to push people from the college to the Ten Thousand Clan Education, your idea is very dangerous!"Jia Mingzhen not to accept as correct said: "Some people in the school have changed a long time ago! Forget it, if you disagree, forget it, I feel that if it goes on like this, it’s not betrayed by polytheistic literature, or betrayed by monotheistic literature. , This is to be expected!"

     Jia Mingzhen didn't say much. According to his judgment, if it goes on like this, if it goes on like this, the two sides fight you die, I live. Sooner or later, the one who suffers will hook up with Ten Thousand Races.

     Many people are staring at a few university houses!


     They talked about them, and Su Yu's competition continued.

     In the first round, there was not much suspense, and there was no dark horse.

     Lasted for two and a half hours, the first round of the game ended.

     Of 1666 teams, 833 teams remained.

     Liu Hong took the stage again and said with a smile: "The first round is over, and there are more than 800 teams left. All of them are the pride of the students. Congratulations! But this is just the beginning. The next battle will become more and more intense. , Everyone remember, knowing that you are losing, it is stupid to fight to the death! Of course, the rules of the next game will be more cruel, in order to increase everyone’s adaptability, the rules of the previous round will not be continued..."

     After all, Liu Hong smiled, said: "In the second round, take a defensive battle! With 20 arenas, 20 teams will be on stage to defend the arena, and three consecutive victories can advance to the third round! Those who are confident can go to the stage to defend the arena and fail. Yes, it was eliminated once!"

     "Thus, it can also highlight the strong team, and rounds of battles are boring!"

     Just after he finished speaking, the people from the Inspectorate shouted, "Assistant Liu, this is unfair and it is too maneuverable!"Liu Hong smiled and said, "Why is it unfair? We are trying to select the strongest team and play when defeated. Why is this unfair?"

     "Then if there are three strong teams, challenge one team in a row..."

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "Then there are problems with these three strong teams? Or if this team is not strong enough, it is really strong enough, then it can be won! This is a game organized by the School of Theology, as long as it fits the general direction, then There is no problem, right? As for how the students choose by themselves, that is their business. Using their brains well is also one of the battles of civilized masters!"

     Liu Hong said indifferently: "For example, if anyone is capable, let the three strong teams fight against Zhanhai and their team to consume their strength. This is also capable and conforms to the rules. The civilized division is not a warrior. Dogma, fight to the end?"

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "I am also for the good of everybody, saving everyone's time! Thus, the winner's team, each team can eliminate three teams, this is the least, the end of this round, the most stay If there are about 200 teams that have won two games and lost one, then more teams will be eliminated, saving everyone time and allowing the strong to advance quickly!"

     Liu Hong said, and laughed: "This is also an opportunity for a weak team! Think about it for yourself, maybe there are a few teams that have to collide with each other? That's your chance! You have to collide with each other. , It’s themselves who have no brains and brains, it is normal to survive until the end, this is reality!

     "Strength, luck, and brain are all important, not a single one is dispensable!"Liu Honglang said: "As long as you seize the opportunity, you will use your brain. In the end, you may be able to win as long as you challenge three extremely weak teams. This is opportunity and luck. Otherwise, think about it, do you really have a chance to win? If there is no chance, why are you still participating in the competition? You are being beaten up as a foil?"

     "How many people can beat Zhan Hai and the others by strength alone? Then just give them the quota!"


     The audience is silent.

     Liu Hong smiled and said, "Are there any students who oppose it? If not, then everyone agrees to the rules. This is called fair and just, not nothing serious!"

     From the inspectorate's side, he looked at Huang Lao quickly.

     Old Huang frowned and looked at Su Yu.

     Liu Hong suddenly came out like this, with obvious pertinence!

     He originally thought this guy would cheat secretly, but... Liu Hong didn't even have this idea at all. He didn't cheat secretly, he cheated directly!

     And probably no one among the students would object. For the strong, this saves time, and for the weak, there is a chance to speculate.

     It can also prevent some strong teams from encountering unexpectedly!

     Old Huang looked at Liu Hong, who was smiling and calm.

     "Liu Hong..."

     Old Huang frowned and said: "Although it is a competition organized by the School of Divinity, I hope you don't keep changing..."

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "Dean Huang, I am practicing this in practice. You see, everyone is very satisfied! The rules that make everyone satisfied are the rules that conform to human nature! Only one game, if everyone is making trouble Not satisfied, what is the purpose of this game?"Huang Lao was silent for a moment, and he was very annoyed when he encountered someone like Liu Hong who came by irregularities!

     But the decision made by this guy is within the rules.

     There was a moment of silence, and Huang nodded and said nothing.

     Liu Hong smiled and said loudly: "In that case, the second round is set! The civilized division uses more brains! Observe who you restrain and target, don't be restrained, target it!"

     At this time, in the audience, Su Yu opened his mouth and said: "Teacher, the defensive battle, you can't step down if you have won, or if you have won a game, you can step down and choose the opportunity to fight again!"

     "Also, if you win two games and there is no team that hasn't participated in the third game, what should you do?"

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "You won one game, you are not allowed to step down, and you will defend until the end of the three battles! As for winning two games and no one is challenged, how simple it is. You can pick one of the remaining teams and win. , You have won three games!"

     "After winning three games, you are naturally possible to advance!"

     At this time, someone in the crowd suddenly said: "That is to say, even if you win three games, it's not a safe win! If there is no team to fight in the end, you can still challenge the teams that have won three games, right? "

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "In simple terms, for example, in the end, two teams have won two games, then the two teams will play against each other, so in the end, there will be only one team that will win one or two games. If you have a team, you can challenge at will, you may be eliminated directly, you may eliminate two teams that have won 3 games, so simple! Not to mention unfair, strong enough, you can win!"

     "The team that has won three games will fight one more game!"

     Some people questioned.Liu Hong smiled and said: "But the last team is also a fool. The weak team in front doesn't fight, so we have to pick the strong team. At that time, we will choose the strong team. It's better to find a few weak teams to fight a game! I can’t talk about who makes the cheapest!"

     No one will ask anymore.

     What Liu Hong said was right. In the beginning, there were no wins for three games. In the end, there was no one to challenge a three-win team. There are no weak players who can win three.

     "If there is no objection, then let's start!"

     "Being on stage first is not necessarily a disadvantage. Some strong people like the finale. The later, the harder it becomes!"

     Liu Hong smiled and shouted: "The second round of competition begins!"

     In the audience, everyone looks at me and I look at you.

     Come on stage first, or wait and see?

     And Su Yu, too lazy to say anything, walked directly towards the ring.

     After finishing the fight first, you can still have the power of Time Resume. If the opponent wants to target himself, sooner or later, there is no need to wait.

     Liu Heji's face changed slightly!

     This guy, really didn't follow the routine, no strong team came on stage from the beginning, and the others, including Zhan Hai, were all on the sidelines at the moment.

     Get on stage first, it's easy to be targeted!

     Is Su Yu confident or stupid?

     At least wait for Zhan Hai and the others to make a decision after winning three games. In this way, you can avoid playing against these strong teams!

     There are many people with such thoughts!

     It turned out to be good, Su Yu was the first to be on stage!

     Su Yu didn’t care about them, and went straight to the arena, looked down, and smiled: “We’re throwing out a brick and get jade thrown back. Those who want to challenge can come on stage! If you want to compete normally, it’s easy to say, deliberately aiming at... that it is not easy to say!"After all, he cast his sight on a team in the crowd!

     The strongest team in Shan Shenwen!

     Zhou Pingsheng's two students were among them, and Zheng Yuming's students were among them.

     At this moment, the Quartet is quiet.

     Many people looked at the team composed of students from the single theology department. Will these people play?

     Or wait for Su Yu and the others to fight twice before they come to power?

     The others are not stupid either, at this moment they are not willing to use Shan Shenwen as a pathfinder to test Su Yu's strength and consume their strength.

     Therefore, the greatest possibility for Su Yu and the others is to encounter three teams composed of students from the first department of the single god.

     Watching the battle zone, Old Sun Ge's lips moved slightly, and the sound spread quickly.

     In the case that a team of several students are from the Department of Single God and Literature, they will not be there at this time, and we will wait at what time!

     Solving Su Yu, this is the best opportunity!

     Liu Hong did everything right, and he actually won this opportunity for them by opening and aboveboard!
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