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217 One Generation Is More Black Than One Generation (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Liu He team wins!"

     These words made Su Yu want to laugh a little, and Liu He, who was beside him, turned red face, a little collapsed.

     My elder brother actually said that his team won...

     At this moment, he couldn't wait to get into the ground and sew it!

     What a shame!

     From morning to night, the game went on for a day, and he did nothing except as a background board.

     Excuse me?

     Do you have a face?

     Liu Hong has a thick face, but he doesn't care about this.

     After announcing the news directly, he quickly said: "The first team will get 5 places in the sea of knowledge, and other team rewards will be issued soon! The team that has not achieved the top ten results should not be discouraged. The team with excellent performance this time will also get Some rewards!"

     Liu Hong said with a smile on his face: "If students who performed well this time have no teachers, even if they are over 30 years old, the researcher of the School of Theology will accept a group of students as appropriate!"

     As soon as this remark came out, the audience was full of noise.

     Accept students at this time?

     Is it because the Shan Shenwen family feels that the people below are not enough, or want to use it as cannon fodder?

     Elder Sun and the others didn't speak. Obviously, this was not decided by Liu Hong without authorization, but by a few Elders.

     Although it may become cannon fodder, these words still attracted a lot of attention.

     Someone in the audience immediately said, "Ms. Liu, are there any requirements?"

     "Look at each researcher himself!"

     Liu Hong smiled and said: "The main reason for accepting disciples is to look at the fate!"

     This is bullshit!

     Insufficient talent, insufficient strength, who will look at you.Although I don't know what the conditions are, at this moment, many people are still moved.

     When Liu Hong was speaking, Su Yu ignored him. He had already stepped out of the ring and was communicating with Chen Yong. Su Yu whispered a few words when he heard Liu Hong's words.

     Chen Yong slightly frowned, thought for a while, nodded slightly, agreed.

     Upon seeing this, Su Yu was not polite, and said loudly: "The Polytheistic Literature Department has been banned, and it is now banned, but the Polytheistic Literature Department is preparing to open an after-school tutoring class. The direct point is that it is strong and strong, and it seems that we are many. men, a great force, if you are interested, you can register with me!"

     Su Yu said loudly: "Let us curator Chen, curator of Xuefu Library, senior intermediate researcher, knowledgeable, experienced and knowledgeable, and those who have ideas and are not afraid of being suppressed, you can try! Of course, we need to be polytheistic. One series of small things as far as one's capabilities extend will not let you dim-wittedly get on stage and die. It may be running errands, collecting some materials, collecting some data and so on..."

     Su Yu's voice was loud, and he directly overwhelmed Liu Hong. Liu Hong glanced at him and smiled without paying attention.


     The head is coming!

     The first series of polytheistic texts has been streamlined for many years, and there are not many people. Su Yu actually helped the first series of polysacred to pull people's heads.

     Are these people useful?

     Su Yu didn't care about him, and continued: "I've said it in advance, we don't have any benefits, no merit rewards, don't enter the remedial class, saying that we don't give benefits... Knowledge is priceless!"

     "Come if you are interested, forget it if you are not!"

     "The like-minded generation is worthy of us to make friends!"He said a few words, and someone in the audience hurriedly said: "Do you need to learn the divine warfare skills of the multi divine literature?"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Then you have to outline more than 10 divine texts before flying into the sky. Not everyone can do it, and I don’t fool you. If you can do it, after the multiple divine texts are investigated, just not a big problem, it shouldn’t be difficult to pass on sacred war skills!"

     "If you can’t do it, it’s meaningless to delay everyone’s promotion and vacate! The decline of the polytheistic writing system, everyone has seen it, in fact, it is mainly due to the high threshold of the polytheistic writing system. At least the same level is stronger!"

     Su Yu said loudly: "Including some talented students from the academy, even if there are teachers, as long as you think you have the hope to outline more than 10 divine texts, you can apply to me to learn divine texts and warfare skills! Multiple divine texts are compatible, just check If you pass it, you will teach it without any restrictions on any school!"

     Su Yu said again: "You have learned divine warfare skills. After you go out, you can deny that you are a multi-divine prose. We don't accept disciples, just pass on Fire of Civilization!"

      Last of the last, Su Yu looked at the students of the single-shenwen first line and shouted: "This, including the single-shenwen first-line, can also come! Especially some students who have become the gods, I think Come to learn divine art combat skills, there should be hope to increase your strength!"

     As soon as this remark came out, the people of Sun Ge looked at Su Yu and Chen Yong!

     His face has changed!

     What kind of remedial class is this? This is the spread of the influence of the polytheistic system in disguise, increasing the number of people.

     Old Sun Ge said coldly: "According to the rules of the institution, non-school, no Legacy Skill, martial arts..."Su Yu said directly: "Understood! I said, it's not a school inheritance, I also said that you don't need to enter the polytheistic literature, it is for everyone's welfare, the divine war skills wall is our polytheistic literature. Without a doubt, we are willing to share it with some people. It is our own people who share it. This can be regarded as a gift!"

     Su Yu said loudly: "Gu Lao Sun, including your students, want to come to learn, I welcome too!"

     Su Yu smiled!

     A soft face!

     Come, I welcome you to learn divine art combat skills.

     A series of polytheistic texts how can it be destroyed?

     Will not!

     As long as you have the pursuit of strength, ideas, and ambition, the polytheistic literature will not be destroyed.

     Today, Bai Feng has developed a method to fill the divine text in the air, which is simply a stroke of genius!

     Other students, if they come to learn divine text combat skills, they can study for a few years, even if the outline cannot be completed in the air, it does not matter. Grammar, that's it.

      recruit soldiers and buy horses!

     This is the main thing Su Yu does today!

     Of course, it’s not a faction to accept disciples. On the other hand, he doesn’t have that quota. On the other hand, Su Yu can’t be the master. He just solicited Chen Yong’s opinion to see if he could win a group of people, even if he couldn’t. , And let these people remain neutral.

     Geniuses will come to learn divine art combat skills!

     And geniuses are generally descendants of the old man or disciple and grand disciple.

     Your family members are all learning divine warfare skills, are you embarrassed to suppress?Old Sun Ge frowned, and shouted: "Many people have forgotten about the fifteen years ago! Don't miss yourself for a lifetime! If you delay too much time in the sky, can you get into the sky? More than 10 divine texts, countless wills Wen...History has proven that the so-called divine art of war is a drag!"

     Su Yu smiled and said nothing, faintly said: "Maybe, so our school, the one, three, five, and three generations of the prefects are all strong in the polytheistic literature, and my master is just half the sun and the moon. , Before the sun and the moon, many of the divine texts have really fallen, and the strength is just like that..."


     Old Sun Ge almost vomited blood.

     This beast, taking several generations of governors as examples, how should he refute?

     Old Sun Ge was annoyed, and Liu Hong suddenly said: "Let’s judge by yourself, Su Yu’s strength is very strong. Everyone has seen it, but Su Yu spent tens of thousands of merits in the air. Not everyone can get along. The same as Su Yu!"

     As soon as this remark came out, many people looked shocked!

     How many?

     Tens of thousands of feats?

     I go!

     This guy swallows money!

     At this moment, many people are relaxed, so that's how it is, I said, how can this guy cultivate so fast.

     For a while, some people even thought that I can come here!

     Su Yu didn't mind, and smiled: "Why don't you thank Teacher Liu and Director Zhou? If it weren't for you, I also can't do anything about it. It's a waste! By the way, private Granting merits is actually not allowed, but I'm running out, Dean Huang, don't supervise me!"Su Yu smiled, bowed to Liu Hong, and said with respect: "Teacher Liu, thank you! If it weren't for you, I also can't do anything about it, it's not you, I also can' t do anything about it, get the quota for this sea of knowledge..."

     Su Yu said loudly: "Thank you, Teacher Liu, for your cultivation! Today, I toss a peach, get back a plum, Brother Lin and the others, all got the quota. I am very happy and I can return the teacher's help!"

     Liu Hong stared at him!

     I'm an undercover did you know?

     Our family did you know?

     You cheated me!

     A smile appeared in Su Yu's eyes, undercover your uncle!

     Lao Tzu asked, Master did not know this, Liu Hong, this bastard, was shameless to the extreme.

     Thousands of people watched them acting.

     I know that Su Yu is acting, but at this moment, many people still look at Liu Hong and the others with strange eyes. They are all merits from Liu Hong?

     Can this be sent too?

     How did you send it?

     Give us some!

     Don't tens of thousands, just give us a hundred feats!

     Liu Hongyou said quietly: "You can eat rice but you can't talk nonsense, Su Yu, who gave you merit? It's illegal, you know?"

     "Tens of thousands of feats are a huge amount. Once confirmed, all your feats will be frozen!"

     Aside, Huang Lao didn't bother to say anything.

     There is a high probability of such a private transaction!

     As for the deal... he didn't bother to ask.

     Such a large amount of transaction must be an important item. Obviously, the powerhouses of the two lines know that if they have not caught the current situation, it is useless to pursue them now.

     The universities also turned a blind eye to these things.Some things on the black market are indeed cheaper!

     The resources of academies are not too sufficient. The black market is actually a supplement, and the general direction should be under the control of the universities.

     Su Yu smiled and didn't bother with this.

     Looking at Lin Yao, he smiled and said, "A few, you are welcome to study at any time in the First Department of Divinity Literature! This time I got a place in the Sea of Secret Realm, so be careful not to be taken away! Some people did it Yes, especially Brother Lin, the strength is weaker, maybe someone took your place with high-sounding..."

     Lin Yao dully looked at him, is it appropriate to say this in this situation?

     It looked like planning for me... the next moment, I vaguely understood what Su Yu meant!

     This is deliberate, but dispel the suspicion of others?

     I feel that Su Yu deliberately gets close to himself, but in fact it is impossible to get close...just like him and the teacher?

     Who would believe that the teacher and Brother Su are in the same group?

     Lin Yao seemed to understand what he meant, and shouted: "Mind your own business! I'm happy to give the quota to others..."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "It's up to you! You send it, in fact, you can't keep it if you don't send it. I really hope Brother Lin can go in... After all... Brother Lin is a little weak, he needs improvement!"


     Lin Yao looked angry, as if he had received some insult, and looked at Liu Hong over there.

     Liu Hong's heart is inwardly cursed!

     You talked with Su Yu secretly, really thought I didn't know?Liu Hong didn't say a word. Over there, Elder Sun suddenly said coldly: "Su Yu, you don't bother to worry about this matter! Lin Yao, as a genius student of the single Shenwen first department, is his talent. There is no shortage of places for the Shan Shenwen series!"

     Want to use this to slander our reputation?


     It’s just one quota, this was originally so given, and now I have taken back 3 of them by my own person, but it saves the one I was going to give Liu He.

     As for Lin Yao, he was too weak. He did have an idea before whether Lin Yao's quota could be taken back.

     But... the reputation is not good, and Lin Yao's grandfather is also an important member of the faction.

     That being the case, there is no need to toss about a quota, but his grandfather saved the quota instead, which is great!

     The two sides are arguing, and Su Yu is not afraid of the others.

     Several old patrons thought about their strength and disdain to argue with him a little man constantly. This is the key to Su Yu not afraid to talk to them.

     These old patrons are very shameless!

     As for having a face without a face, that's another matter.

     Elder Sun didn't pay attention to him either. Just as Su Yu thought, arguing with a student would be ashamed if he won, and even more ashamed if he lost. arguing with him all the time, it was ashamed of Elder Ge!

     Old Sun Ge left directly!

     The game is over, and there are still jokes left?

     Su Yu smiled and suddenly said: "Ms. Liu, I will visit you at night, so don't avoid meeting somebody!"

     Liu Hong frowned!

     What is this bastard doing?

     "Su Yu...""Teacher, you forgot. You are the general instructor of our freshmen. Isn't it normal for me to visit my door? I am a top 100 student. How do you feel that the teacher is very biased against me!"

     Su Yu smiled brilliantly, Liu Hong frowned and looked at the couple of Sun Ge not far away.

     The next moment, Old Sun Ge said in a voice transmission: "It's okay, see him! See what he wants to do!"


     Liu Hong replied, and quickly smiled and said, "Well, Su Yu, let's get close at night!"

     But I was suspicious, why?

     Want to pit me?

     It's not good for me to say meeting me under the public place with numerous people. It's better to come to see me furtively.

     Then he deliberately revealed the cloven foot and was discovered by others, so that the pit would be even worse. Now I come to see you directly, but nothing is wrong. What does Su Yu think?


     It was dark and the game was over.

     Su Yu and Liu Hong argued for a few words, did not stay long, and quickly returned to the Research Center.

     Hong Tan is drinking tea at the moment, and Bai Feng hasn't come back yet, probably still sorting out the divine writings for Liu Wenyan.

     Seeing Su Yu's return, Hong Tan felt a little embarrassed!

     This guy is amazing!

     It’s only a few days since I enrolled, and I actually won the top 100.

     "I understand what happened today, do you want to open a research institute?"

     Su Yuhan smiled and said: "Master, what kind of research institute is it? Just find a group of people to win over. We have too few people. I mean, find someone, even if you don’t work, you can be strong. It's also good to do miscellaneous work!"Hong Tan nodded slightly, thought a bit then said: "Strong momentum... In fact, the multi-divine literature is not as miserable as you think. There are still some people in the school... Cough, but forget it, that's your uncle They own the manpower, if you want to recruit a group of manpower, it's up to you."

     He didn't bother to care about it.

     There are still some helpers in the polytheistic literature.

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, is that right?

     He thought that there were many divine writings, and he really belonged to them.

     "Master, those people who were expelled before..."

     It is not about 50 years ago, but some people who were expelled because of the failure to reach the standard of the gods in these years. Are these people their own?

     Hong Tan said with a smile: "These people... actually have my responsibilities. If they didn't teach them well, some people couldn't help but went straight to the promotion and vacated. The outline of the magical combat skills failed... Your uncle was all expelled in anger! "

     "But part of it was inserted by other factions, and part of it really came into our school..."

     Hong Tan said a few words and sighed: "The means to expel these people was still too tough! Wait and see, when your master's splitting and filling method is perfected, I will see if I can find a few people back. "

     "Are they still in college?"

     "Some people are here, some people are gone."

     Hong Tan didn't say much about these things. Chen Yong had some arrangements of his own for these things, and he didn't care too much about them these years.

     On the contrary, Bai Feng's method of splitting and filling, once perfected, is the foundation of the rise of the polytheistic literature.Otherwise, no matter how good you say it, no matter how much you do, there will be fewer and fewer people in the polytheistic literature, and gradually decline, that is inevitable.

     Hong Tan thought for a while, looked at Su Yu, and said solemnly: "You are still weak, don't provoke those guys again and again, be careful these guys give you black hands! Still have to keep a low profile..."

     Su Yu disagreed and said, "Master, I know, but even if we don’t move, these people won’t get along with us in peace! Being low-key and not low-key is the result. As you can see the fate of Senior Sister, she generally doesn’t get along. What is the result of these?"

     Wu Jia rarely participates in major events within the faction, that is, dim-wittedly practicing, becoming stronger, playing the rankings...

     How is the result?

     Sometimes, it's not that you can solve the problem by keeping a low profile.

     Su Yu still wants to keep a low profile!

     I want to practice with peace of mind!

     Hong Tan thought for a while, nodded slightly, "When I enter the sun and the moon, there will be fewer things like this, unless Zhou Mingren also enters the sun and the moon."

     He was silent for a while.

     Into the sun and the moon...

     He entered the sun and the moon, in fact, there are some troubles, of course, there is no need to tell Su Yu.

     As he enters the sun and the moon, Zhou Polong may come to him.

     Hong Tan looked at him for a while, and smiled: "Forget it, make your own decision! You are a person with an idea, toss it by yourself! You are better than your teacher, and your teacher... is actually quite good!"

     Bai Feng doesn't like calculations very much, but there is an advantage that he is rarely calculated by others.

     There is still the ability to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

     If it is good for him, he will listen, if it is not good, he will not hear it. Whatever you say, it will be the result.He rarely fights with Liu Hong. When Liu Hong competed with him in the past, he was often cleaned up by Bai Feng.

     It feels like you are hurting me... I will cut you off!

     When encountering such a master, Liu Hong also very helpless.

     Su Yu also laughed, and stopped talking about it, and talked about another thing, "Master, Chief Ten thousand asked me to find him before. I haven't been there. Chief Ten thousand, do I need to go there?"

     "The Saint Wantian is looking for you..."

     Hong Tan heard about this last time, thought a bit then said: "You can go! I can’t see what he is thinking about this person, but he can generally rest assured! Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t forget what was taken care of by Fatty Xia last time!"


     Su Yu was speechless.

      cannot bear saying: "Master, can they see through their minds?"

     "It's not that you can see through it, it's because your willpower is weak and your mind fluctuates. They can sense one or two. Once it comes to themselves, the sense is more obvious!"

     Su Yu nodded, that is to be careful.

     In the future, if you encounter these strong people, even if you hate them in your heart, you have to think about loving them!

     Having said this, Hong Tan said again: "Your master is recuperating recently. By the way, he helped my brother sort out the divine writings. He won't be back in a short time. I will have to go to the battlefield of the heavens next month. Circumstances, your uncle will not retreat. If you have anything to go to him..."

     "Uncle, he..."

     Su Yu whispered: "Uncle Uncle's recent state is something's wrong. Jin, Master, isn't the practice unsatisfactory?"

     "The state is wrong?"Hong Tan really didn’t notice, thought a bit then said: "What about Jiajia? Your uncle...hey, it’s hard to say, your uncle was killed by a man who taught by ten thousand races, Jiajia’s parents In order to save him from dying in that ambush, your uncle owed Jiajia a lot, and had always been a daughter of love. The last time Jiajia was injured, your uncle felt that he did not teach well and Jiajia was taught by him. I don’t know how to work around, but I was hit hard..."

     "As a result, those people put their ideas on Jiajia again, and probably annoyed your uncle!"

     When Hong Tan mentioned this matter, he also sighed and sighed: "Zhou Mingren, these guys, once is enough. They provoke your uncle again and again. Actually, I thought, let your uncle give up the position of curator. Now, I will enter the mountains and seas as soon as possible. There is no need to guard this library."

     "give up?"

     Su Yu was depressed, "Master, if you give up the library, we will have nothing!"

     Hong Tan smiled and said: "Things are not important, people are still there. I don't really care about these things, things are dead, people are living, isn't that so?"

     For the position of the director of the library, Chen Yong is not a big problem, and Wu Jia will always be targeted.

     Today's Shan Shenwen series suffered a big loss, but they may not give up.

     Wu Jia has not yet entered the top 100 list!

     Su Yu nodded slightly, and then said: "Master, in a conspiracy to frame a researcher in a college, will he be tracked down?"


     Hong Tan just looked at him so surely, boy, what do you mean?

     Make it clear!Su Yu looked honest and honest, "I'm just making an analogy. If someone framed a researcher and said that the researcher was in collusion with Ten Thousand Races, what would happen?"

     Hong Tan frowned, "Don't do it, be careful not to close the field! People are not stupid, unless the evidence is conclusive, otherwise there must be a flaw in the framed thing. Once it is found out, it will affect you, and you will have to be sent away if you die. Pioneer Camp!"

     "Then you can't find it out?"

     "There is nothing I can't find out!"

     Su Yu faintly said: "But we have never found out the invincible opponent!"

     Hong Tan looked at him, frowned, his disciple... really unlike Bai Feng!

     Not like his father!

     I have seen his dad on the battlefield, what an honest person, wrong...Is it true?

     Not necessarily!

     Hong Tan sighed, hesitated for a moment and said: "Some things will have results sooner or later. You don't need to do everything. Don't underestimate us. If something happens, we will solve it! You just need to practice with peace of mind!"

     Su Yu smiled and nodded. Hong Tan didn't know if he heard it.

     And Su Yu waited for him to finish, and then said: "Master, I understand! The single divine text is our shield. You have always felt that way, and that way, but in my opinion, after a long time, they have forgotten. This fact! You have to let them suffer a bit, knowing who is the master! Too soft, the end is that the senior sister was seriously injured, the master was seriously injured, the teacher was seriously injured, and the seniors of Xia Yunqi were seriously injured..."Su Yu looked at Hong Tan, "Master, if we never fight back, others will think we are bullied! I originally wanted to practice low-key and peace of mind, but you have also seen that tigers are not hurtful, and people hurt their hearts!"

     Hong Tan frowned slightly, "Don't make trouble too much, or I won't be able to hold on to your master, don't forget, there is still someone in the school! He can protect you from others, as well as other people. , He will not care about some trivial matters, once there is a matter of life, he will not ignore it!"

     Su Yu nodded, he knew this.

     Hong Tan didn't say much anymore. The young people nowadays are cruel and have dark hands. They are much darker than their generation. Forget it, let's not say.

     Their generation is fairly simple.

     In the generation of Chen Yong, it began to change somewhat, and in the generation of Bai Feng, the changes were even greater. When it was in the generation of Su Yu, he felt that he could not keep up with the rhythm.

     They can only fight and engage in research.

     Su Yu didn’t bother Hong Tan anymore. He went upstairs to practice. He went to meet Liu Hong at night. As for the Saint Wantian, he should also go and meet him. Not to mention, he hadn’t seen him for a few months in the university. I have only seen phantoms in the past.
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