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220 Stupid Kid (seeking Monthly Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"No benefit, light is fooling people!"

     Su Yu, who walked down the Xiuxin Pavilion, was a little speechless.

     The dignified governor summoned a student, but he didn't even give him any saliva.

     It's too picky!

     Thinking about it, Su Yu didn't dare to blow up his hair. Boss Wan was too strong to offend.

     At the Academy, I was waiting for Boss Wan to take action at any time to suppress his opponent.

     Thinking of other things in mind.

      very many very many things!

     Chen Yong, Hong Tan, Bai Feng, Liu Hong, Xia Huyou...including today's Saint Wan Tian, many people have told him about the past.

     Talk about the death of the Five Dynasties, talk about the Zhou family's targeting, talk about the invincible rebellion...

      This day and age, Su Yu also has a lot of knowledge about the events of the year, at least he knows the general direction, but he doesn't know who is the enemy and who has friends.

     "Let me properly cultivate..."

     Su Yu sighed, that's right, it should be properly cultivated.

     Especially after this time, after entering the sea of knowledge secret realm and absorbing enough willpower, it is time to outline the divine text and prepare to enter the ten thousand stone realm.

     Now he is not weak in strength, with all his cards out, and the general weaker flight may be his way.

     But Tengkong... Just as Bai Feng said at the beginning, the sky was the beginning.

     The true cultivator always starts with flying into the air.

     This is the foundation of the strong!

     "My background is still too bad, it's time to go to class and read!"

     Su Yu thought in his heart, going to class, reading, learning Wanzu language.

     Today, his atlas has opened many pages.However, he doesn't know many ethnic languages. As a result, Su Yu doesn't know the effect of the technique and the effect of the talent skills, so he dare not try it easily. If it is a self-destructive type of talent skill, he will try it directly instead of seeking death?

     There are some ethnic languages that Su Yu is able to learn, so he can learn the other's exercises. Otherwise, he won't understand them.

     "Be a good student!"

     Su Yu nodded, yes, he is still a freshman, and should be a good student.

     Next time you meet Zhou Pingsheng and them, respect them!

     As for the death of Zhou Pingsheng... Maybe you don't need to go to the pit yourself, the guy first resisted the pressure from the inside of the single god.

     Having caused so much trouble, those people like Mr. Sun will be polite to him?

     Su Yu still remembered many words of Saint Wan Tian.

     The Saints of Heaven may not be all true and all right, but Su Yu feels that it is impossible to be all false. There is no need to use a whole set of lies. Decieve Oneself is a student.

     As for the scene I saw, among the slaughters in the academy, Su Yu frowned slightly.

     is it possible?

     Maybe it does!

     In the war zone that day, Liu Wenyan and the others were besieged, and no one helped. Su Yu threw out exercises and martial skills, and still no one was willing to do it. At that moment, Su Yu felt that this big summer palace was completely without the brightness of his imagination!

     This is the dark Daxia Palace, the selfish Daxia Palace!

     Master also advised himself not to hold too much hatred.

     But Su Yu can't hear it!

     He learned so much, participated in the divine writing competition, and directly defeated many students of the single divine writing series, all because of hatred.Before the change, he dealt with Liu He, dealt with other Shan Shenwen first-line students, except for Huang Qifeng to be cruel, he was not cruel to other people.

     Including Chen Qi, Lin Yao, Yang Sha...many people!

     Even to Zhou Hao, he can shout for cooperation.

     Only for the Shan Shenwen series, Su Yu really resented deeply.

     As for people outside of the polytheistic literature department, Su Yu can't say that he likes it at the moment. The Civilization Academy makes him feel very disappointed!

     On that day, my father returned to the Squadron, talking about friendship and sympathy...

     Although Su Yu didn't say anything, he was still envious in his heart, and he had been fired up.

     When his father returned, he didn't complain much because of this love.

     Now, at the civilized academy, Su Yu didn't feel all of this. If he is strong in such a civilized academy, maybe the scene in the picture will really appear.

     All the way, thinking all the way.

     The grievances a little bit.

     As for the complete abandonment and the opposition of the single-shenwen series... think too much!

     It's just that Lao Wan was right. There is no need to be so public. He has to let the whole school see that he is arrogant to their students.

     In the past, many gods were weak, and the counterattack could win sympathy.

     Now that Su Yu suppresses their younger generation, and if they continue to persevere, other students will feel that Su Yu is reasonable and unforgiving. This is what outsiders think.

     "Fame...personal design...still very important!"

     Su Yu reflected on himself, it is still necessary to be cautious when entering school.When the war in the war zone ended, he no longer kept a low profile. This was related to the recent changes in mood.

     Before doing things, they were all justified, reasonable and compliant.

     Coming from a small place, he has always been careful and prudent when he first entered the Daxia Mansion, and he has indeed been a little impulsive these few days.

     "It is necessary to deal with Shan Shenwen's first element, but it doesn't need to be too obvious. Now even a few elders are focusing on themselves. This is not a good thing!"

     Su Yu reflected on himself for a while.

     Be low-key!

     It doesn't make sense to hurt those students every time.

     Really want to do it, find a chance, go out of college, seduce a few opponents out, and kill each other in the wilderness!

     For example, assholes like Huang Qifeng... It's useless to seriously hurt one or two times.

     People who have money can recover!

     Either kill it directly, or just endure it, find a chance to kill it all at once, cut weeds and eliminate the roots!

     "Father said that on the battlefield, you must learn to be patient! Sometimes it is normal to lie in ambush, dig a hole and bury yourself for seven or eight days!"

     "If you don't make a move, you have to kill your opponent!"

     "Pretend to be grandson in front of big people, and be ruthless in front of small people..."

     Thinking back to the dribs and drabs of these years, Su Yu summed up the gains and losses, and felt that there was no need to violate the rules of Wantiansheng at this moment, otherwise, it would be him who would suffer, and it would be unnecessary to have to go hard.


     October 21.

     The place competition is already finished. The Secret Realm of Sea of Knowledge will be opened on the 25th. In the past few days, the single Shenwen First Element is also determining the final list and preparing to open the Secret Realm.

     And Su Yu, started going to class that day.Try to be a good student!

     Classes are still necessary.

     In class, there are fewer people. Today, many guys don't come to class anymore, and Su Yu doesn't bother to care about them, each has his own way.

     Many people didn't see it, but some evildoers came.

     As the old coach finished the class, Su Yu tidied up his textbooks and was about to leave. There was one more person in front of him.

     With a smile on his face, Hu Qiusheng looked at Su Yu, and said softly: "How many words?"

     Su Yu also smiled, smiling brightly, and nodded, "OK, let's talk while we walk."

     The two went out together.

     The other students in the class glanced at and didn't bother. For these two, the students in the class feel ashamed of one's inferiority. They think they are geniuses, and they are far worse than these two guys.


     Teaching downstairs.

     The trainees rushed to and fro. When they saw two people, many people evaded themselves. Some students in low- and middle-level classes would greet them when they saw them. Both Su Yu and Hu Qiusheng responded with smiles, and both had a gentle temperament , Smile easy going.

     As he walked, Hu Qiusheng said: "You said before that you want to open a research institute. To be honest, opening a research institute is also my hope, or students who are really interested in this area have this idea."

     Hu Qiusheng said, and then some hesitation said: "But you said, studying exercises, divine writing... these things are an old observation thing, the research institutes of universities, Jiǔ are all studying these, then yours Are there any special features?"

     Shenwen exercises, these things are really bad!

     Everyone is studying!

     As a result, few people have developed a flower!Su Yu looked at him and smiled: "Brother Hu wants to join the research institute?"

     Hu Qiusheng smiled lightly: "Depending on the situation, there's nothing about it that attracts me. I actually applied for a research institute before, and now it is open to me. I am still very interested, but the strong over there is more many……"

     Su Yu became curious and asked, "Which one?"

     "Shenwen Arrangement Institute..."

     When Su Yu heard, to think of it, he had heard of this one, and was surprised: "This one! That's not bad. It is a research institute that studies the permutation and combination of divine texts, right? For example, some single divine text combinations form a complete set. The system of this one, right?"


     Hu Qiusheng nodded, "Back then, your department introduced the theory of the fusion of the characteristics of the gods, and then you gave up the research in this area, but the Institute of theological rankings has been pursuing these years. In fact, the effect is not bad. The students of the single-shenwen first series have all joined the combination of the gods. In fact, this is also a system between the single-shenwen and multi-shenwen departments. Of course, it is also included in the single-shenwen first department."

     Su Yu nodded, he really knew this.

     For example, Zheng Yuming's grandson, he actually left this line.

     Including Wan Mingze, several of the Sealed Divine Texts are actually a combination system.

     There are also some differences in the single line of Shenwen.

     Some people are still taking a real divine teaching.

     Just a divine text!

     A strong person who focuses on a divine text is actually not weak, because the opponent has enough time and energy to accumulate this divine text.Without talking about this, Su Yu explained: "The research institute I want to establish has something to do with this aspect. I also want to involve some combination of divine characters and test their compatibility. Of course, because we are not empty, so divine writing It cannot be realized, and it should not be the mainstream at present, and the mainstream is still the practice."

     "Gong Fa..."

     Hu Qiusheng slightly frowned: "It's too broad, do you have a smaller plan?"


     Su Yu nodded and said: "Before then, didn’t Wentan Research Center derive "Soul Eater"? Although Soul Eater is only a Yellow Rank Cultivation Technique, it is very specific and can burn and corrode willpower. , Let the vitality mutate! Including my last time in the Divine Writing Competition, my willpower entered the secret realm, and the result still has this effect. I am considering one thing, the versatility of vitality and willpower."


     Hu Qiusheng was taken aback, "You mean, the transformation of vitality and willpower?"

     Su Yu nodded, "In fact, some people have studied this aspect a long time ago, but they have not put forward any feasible solutions before. It is the appearance of "Soul Eater Art" that gave me an inspiration. Maybe it can be found through the Soul Eater family. feature!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Of course, the only one project has not made any progress yet! My one person is unable to do this, and my teacher is about to leave the university, and the master will also retreat and practice..."Su Yu sighed: "I can only open a research institute, find some like-minded friends, and do it together! If I can successfully research something that allows willpower and vitality to communicate, it can make the boundary between warriors and civilized divisions. Fuzzy! The gap between the civilized division and the warrior is now very serious..."

     Su Yu earnestly said: "Of course, this is a big research. I think many fighters, including civilized divisions, may be doing it, but we have one advantage, that is, we have derived the "Soul Eater Art" and have this foundation to do it. In addition, there are actually some races that can communicate between the two."

     Hu Qiusheng raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

     Su Yu is a cultivator and wants to do this big project, has to say, a bit whimsical!

     The small point is just to study a technique, and the big point is to break the barrier between the warrior and the civilized division.

     "Su Yu, are you sure you want to study this direction?"

     Su Yu nodded, "Yes! Not only is it certain, but I have some left thoughts, you know mine, I have a lot of resuscitation, when I have a lot of resuscitation, I found one thing, when my yuan orifice has opened hundreds, if it is a divine orifice, Turn it on a bit more, I suspect that the two will eventually have a line, connecting in series!"

     Su Yu said earnestly: "In other words, it is not a line, but a hole! There is a hole, maybe it can be related to the divine orifice and the yuan orifice. If I assume that the acupuncture point exists, it means that once the acupuncture point is opened, civilization The division is the warrior, and the warrior is also the civilized division..."

     Hu Qiusheng felt a slight shock in his heart, "Really?"

     "Just speculation!"Su Yu smiled and said: "To do these researches, first make a hypothesis, work hard in this area, and really enter the research, before you know is true or false!"

     Hu Qiusheng takes a deep breath, "Is this brought by Teacher Hong or Teacher Bai?"

     Su Yu rolled his eyes, "I guessed it myself! When I reached 300 orifices, I discovered that this acupuncture point might exist!"

     "300 tricks..."

     Hu Qiusheng don't want to talk (about it), from the rise of the strong more than three hundred years ago, to the present, there have been more open minds than Su Yu, is there?

     Not sure!

     There may be, but I have never heard of it.

     "Su Yu, if this orifice exists, will our ancestors not find it?"

     Su Yu said silently: "Then I how to know! Maybe it's secretive, maybe no one has noticed it, maybe the conditions that need to be achieved are too harsh, for example, the Yuan Aperture opens more than 300, the Divine Aperture opens more than 100, and even more! It’s easy to open it, isn’t it easy to open it?

     "Then... even if it is researched out, there is no promotion significance."

     Su Yu was speechless, "Brother Hu, are you an idiot? If we really find the acupuncture point, maybe we can try to open it first!"

     Su Yu said solemnly: "Hundreds of years ago, our human races practiced the nine orifices before they could formally practice! But other races are not like that. They can generally practice directly. According to a broad view, human races do not. Suitable for cultivation, nonsense, human race is not suitable for cultivation, why can it be invincible, why can it be in the top ten races?""So, I think, maybe our excavation of the human body is not enough. You said, if one day, the acupuncture point that I guessed is discovered, the acupuncture point can be opened directly instead of passively opening the yuan. That would be good for the whole human race. What is the impact?"


     Hu Qiusheng trembled slightly, and for a while, his throat hoarsely said: "The number of Terran cultivators has skyrocketed! Without the time of passive renewal, you can directly enter the cultivation, and you will not miss the golden time of cultivation! Starting from the elementary school, to You can practice in middle schools. At that time, when you entered a higher school at the age of 18, it might have been a huge amount or even vacated!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "That's right!"

     Hu Qiusheng takes a deep breath and said: "Your guess, I have never considered it before! So, I will go back and check, if there is any research in this area, including the search realm, you will wake me up, the strong human I don’t think about skipping the Kaiyuan stage directly. I suspect that someone is doing research in this area. Maybe we can refer to..."

     This is us!

     Su Yu laughed, this guy, has this decided to join his research institute?

     Hu Qiusheng backs to the Hu family, which is a big family.

     Mr. Hu is even more of a sun and moon powerhouse, and he is not the kind of newcomer.

     As Hu Qiusheng said, he looked at Su Yu a little strangely, "Su Yu, are you sure you haven't seen the research plan in this area, the conjecture that you put forward?"

     This conjecture is terrifying!

     Even if there is no evidence to prove that the acupuncture point mentioned by Su Yu exists, this speculation itself is a huge research direction and has a huge research value.Su Yu smiled and said, "This is a natural idea for people who have a lot of know-how. You don't know much about it, so naturally you don't understand."


     Really heartbroken!

     Hu Qiusheng had the urge to vomit blood.

     And Su Yu said more deeply: "Your cultivation talent is good, but I'm not looking for this kind of person, Brother Hu, don't blame me for speaking badly. Good cultivation talent is a warrior, a spiritual teacher, not necessarily a civilization. division……"

     If you want to come, I may not accept it yet.

     Hu Qiusheng didn't mind, and quickly said: "I have mastered 77 ethnic languages so far. I have read 1082 exercises through childhood. Of course, it is not a text of will, but a translation! I have improved a skill. The method, Huang Tier advanced, originally had 27 resuscitations. Instead of increasing the number of resuscitations, I reduced the number of resuscitation points by one, opening 26 resuscitations. The explosive power was the same!

     Su Yu is somewhat astonished!

     Improved exercises?

     Reduce the acupuncture points!

     Reduction does not mean that it becomes weaker. It is just that some exercises are bad. Although there are 27 resuscitation, the real power may only be 26 acupuncture points. One of them is the abduction of the acupuncture. The effect is the same.

     He has mastered 77 languages and knows 1082 techniques... as expected, he is from a big family!

     This guy is only 18 years old. Even if he started studying at the age of 6, he has mastered more than 5 language courses a year after 12 years, and he observed more than 90 exercises.


     Su Yu's eyes lit up and said: "Then you are qualified to enter my research institute, although this institute has no shadow yet!"Hu Qiusheng sighed: "It's a pity...I think you should concentrate on your research. As for the dispute between schools and factions, you can manage so many things. If it doesn't work, when we have results, I let my grandfather recommend you to pursue further studies... "

     "talk later!"

     In the past few days, many people have advised themselves.

     Su Yu is somewhat surprised, has it really changed a lot?

     Even Hu Qiusheng had the idea of letting himself avoid these struggles, but he had never mentioned it before.

     Moreover, the two are not very familiar. Is it Hu Qiusheng's meaning, or... That Manager Hu's meaning?

     Not so sure, Mr. Hu will also pay attention to small people like himself?


     Farewell to Hu Qiusheng, Su Yu is also thinking about his next plans.

     Cultivation is the first one, and it is also one thing to set up the research institute. In addition, it is to add chaos to the single gods, and to find an opportunity to go out to hunt for treasures, the treasures of the gods!

     That's a great teacher!

     The leader is a strong man in the sun and moon realm!

     But he was beheaded, and now the body is still in the pit of ten thousand races, I don't know how to get it.

     If it doesn't work, it is better to bring Xiahu.


     Just as Su Yu was busy reflecting on it.

     Eighteenth Middle School, Houshan.

     At this moment, the back mountain is already a forbidden area, and the teachers and students of the Eighteenth Middle School will not come here either. They all know that there have been several strong people here recently.

     Bai Feng once again helped Liu Wenyan sort out the divine texts, and exhaled: "Uncle, you have blown up that many Gods texts, how come there are so many! You have been too free these years, every day light outlines the divine texts! "Liu Wenyan didn't bother to pay attention to him, and felt the divine writings that were no longer so chaotic, and said: "There are only 8 divine writings left by your master!"

     8 of them are all human gods!

     Have entered the Sun and Moon Realm!

      In other words, at this moment, he has mastered 8 sun and moon divine writings.

     Bai Feng nodded, "Uncle, this is actually an opportunity to integrate your own divine texts into it, recombine divine texts combat skills, if you explode some before, almost there will wipe out the mark of the master! Otherwise, repulsion It’s huge, and it’s hard to incorporate your divine writings.


     Liu Wenyan nodded, "My previous combat skills were sword-shaped, and your master's was an axe, because your master's divine warfare skills overwhelmed me, and I could only use the axe... the axe is so ugly..."


     Bai Feng was speechless, and said that I did not honor the master and respect his teachings. How about you?

     Actually dislike the ugliness of the five generations!

     This is an invincible axe!

     "What kind of reorganization of Uncle Uncle?"

     "Of course... why tell you?"

     Liu Wenyan was too lazy to talk to him, telling you what's the use!

     He did not continue, he quickly said: "I felt it, but I still can't use all of it, because my divine texts are only second-order, and there are no third-order divine texts, which leads to a large deviation. the power of……"

     "Uncle's willpower and divine orifice have actually kept up. The difference is the level of divine writing. If you have strong willpower to accumulate, you will soon enter the third rank!"

     Tier 3 is Ling Yun.

     Bai Feng pushes the calculated value up to about one year.Entering Tier 4, Liu Wenyan can enter the mountains and seas without hindrance, and it will be very fast.

     Within three years, he will definitely be able to enter the mountains and seas, and it's just himself. His 8 human sun and moon divine writings are not incapable of moving. They can still show the power of the sun and the moon again by using the crucial moment.

     Even if the Duration is not long, the strength of the uncle's will is a little bit weaker, and the physical body is also a bit weaker.

     Liu Wenyan nodded, "I'm not in a hurry. I should still be sure to enter the mountains and seas within three years. It's you, you should recover your strength earlier, otherwise, it would be uncomfortable to be in the Pioneer Camp."

     Bai Feng didn't care, what anxious.

     I didn't entangle this, but shifting the topic and said: "Uncle, we are all gone, and my master will also retreat, what about the kid Su Yu?"

     Liu Wenyan smiled and said: "It's okay, I have asked some old friends to take care of him, not a big problem. You should recover sooner, otherwise you will really be caught up, as your master said before, he is even a student at the peak of cultivation. I have defeated many people, I think, it won’t be long before hope will be vacated!"

     Bai Feng was depressed.

     I'm not going back to school anymore, this kid is still trying to irritate him!

     It seems that I really have to work hard to improve my realm!

     The two chatted a few more words, and Liu Wenyan suddenly said: "Xingyu Mansion, you better be able to catch up and go there! I have never been to Xingyu Mansion. Your master has been there and told me when he came back, I guess that this mansion is a relic left by an invincible civilized master! It is very likely that it belongs to the human race, but it may actually surpass the invincible...Of course, I have not been there, it is hard to judge!"Liu Wenyan said sternly: "Don't delay your practice. Although your theory of segmentation and filling is reasonable, it may not be perfect! At least it seems that I am not a big problem in the sun and the moon, but I am invincible... To be honest, I feel confident Not big."

     Bai Feng nodded, too. After all, the human divine text has not found any eternal divine text, so he still lacks some reference.

     It's best to get an eternal realm of human divine writings to study and delibrate before you have enough confidence.

     Otherwise, it is a gamble on luck.

     Bai Feng turned his head and glanced at the Daxia Civilization Academy. It's a pity that when the kid entered the sky, he might not be by his side. I really wanted to cut him open and take a look!

     "Eternal Divine Text?"

     He looked over there and said something that he had not said to anyone.

     Su Yu... Did he inherit a true eternal divine text?

     Human kind!

     He had such a guess that his stupid apprentice kept fooling himself with the "blood" divine writing, nonsense!

     Sun Moon God Wen, he saw it, Liu Wenyan has it.

     Not so perverted!

     So Su Yu, is it eternal divine text?

     High probability is Human Race!

     Otherwise, how can we reject other race gods, and can only outline human gods.

     "This stupid guy... exposed me too much, I hope you be careful!"

     Bai Feng muttered in his heart, stupid kid!

     I'm too lazy to expose you!
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