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224 Bad Memory (please Ask For Monthly Pass At The Beginning Of The Month)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

October 24.

     The day before entering the secret realm, Su Yu still did not show up.

     Many people also expected Su Yu to challenge Zhai Feng before entering the secret realm, but they were disappointed after waiting for a few days before Su Yu appeared.

     Is Su Yu closed?

     Still afraid to challenge Zhai Feng?

     After all, Zhai Feng returned this time with the prestige of killing the sky. Although Su Yu is strong, but after all, his body is only a formidable body, some people think that Su Yu may not think that it is Zhai Feng's opponent and chose to retreat.

     This is normal, Su Yu is this kind of personality.

     Last time he felt lost to Zhai Feng, he chose to give up the challenge.

     Disappointment is disappointment. Crowd just feels that there is no good show to watch, but nothing else.

     In the single-shenwen series, some people are relaxed, while others are regretful.

     A lot of regrets!

     Someone regretted that Zhai Feng had no chance to defeat Su Yu and rectify the name of the Shan Shenwen Department.

     Some people are regretful. They can still enter the secret realm without a fight or serious injury. If two people fight, both sides suffer and two places will be vacated.


     There was a lot of disturbance from the outside world, and Su Yu at the moment ignored it.

     Zhao Li's research institute.

     At this moment, on the huge model, 144 red dots are connected in series to form a line.

     Zhao Li takes a deep breath and solemnly said: "It's just a possibility of inference, and it doesn't mean it must be correct! After all, there is no actual connection, and I am not sure whether the four sets of exercises can be combined. It is just after many deductions. This kind of association is the most smooth..."Zhao Li said, looking at Su Yu, and said in a deep voice: "You can learn these sets of exercises first, and form a system separately. Don't complete the association. The deduction of exercises is a very rigorous thing. If there is a slight mistake, just It may cause problems in the Sea of Will!"

     After pondering for a while, Zhao Li said again: "If you don't reach Lingyun, you don't actually have to be connected. It will take a lot of time for you to reach Lingyun."

     Su Yu's eyes were red, and he didn't rest for a few days.

     Like him, Zhao Li, the two of the past few days, were deducing the unity of the five elements.

     When Zhao Li said so, Su Yu nodded slightly.

     It's really not in a hurry.

     When the Ninth Layer is in the air and ready to enter the Lingyun realm, it is necessary to perform the combination of exercises, advanced Lingyun, before then, the five element exercises cannot be unified, and it will not delay his cultivation progress. Of course, the explosive power of willpower is slightly weaker.

     And Zhao Li, after calculating calculated, said: "In fact, if you have 72 divine orifices open, you can try whether the two sets of exercises can be combined. If the two sets are combined, the feasibility will be greatly increased!"

     72 tricks!

     Zhao Li compared them and chose two sets of exercises, which did not overlap very much with the Wan Wen Jing. There were also 72 divine orifices, of which there were only 8 overlapping divine orifices, and 64 divine orifices needed to be activated.

     "The divine orifice is difficult to open, but I have 72 divine orifices, and it won't be too slow to open the divine orifice... It consumes resources, it may be able to open one in five days, and it should be able to open all in one year..."

     Zhao Li thought that maybe he could try it first.

     Open the two sets of exercises and divine orifices to unify. If it is possible, it means that the unification method of deduction is correct and feasible.If it doesn't work... then there is an error in the deduction.

     It's just a model after all!

     One year... Su Yu probably not advanced to Lingyun within one year, right?

     Not so fast!

     Thinking of this, Zhao Li said again: "You should practice first and remember the new method of unity, and I will deduct it again. If it is feasible, then I will let you know!"

     Su Yu was also very tired. He didn't think too much at this moment. He nodded and smiled: "Teacher, it's already very good! At least according to our ideas, this unity should be able to form a new cycle. It is really not good, I Try it slowly later."

     Su Yu is not too worried, once the exercises conflict, it will impact the sea of will, causing chaos and even collapse.

     But in the sea of his will, there's another book golden atlas.

     With this thing in, will the sea of his will easily collapse?


     Try it out!

     Zhao Li didn't say much, and exhaled: "By the way, I will try to practice these exercises, right?"


     Su Yu smiled and said, "If the teacher needs it, the fifth set of exercises can also be provided to the teacher."

     "Forget it, there is too much invigoration, 4 sets are enough for me to drink a pot!"

     Zhao Li said, suddenly said: "How many numbers are there today?"

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, after thinking about it, and quickly said: "No. 24, now is..."

     He looked at the big clock on the wall, 11 o'clock!

     Look out the window again, it should be night.


     Su Yu suddenly became relaxed and almost forgot. He had to enter the sea secret realm. It will be the 25th tomorrow.There was also Chen Hao, who had finished his cultivation and sent a sentence back to the university, and he had no news, and he didn't know the results of his cultivation.

     "Tomorrow you have to enter the sea secret realm, right?"

     Zhao Li also remembered this, and reminded: "It's almost done. I will try the deduction again to see if it is consistent. Now go back and rest early. It is not easy to open the sea of consciousness once. Now you need to open the divine orifice. It helps you a lot!"

     Su Yu nodded.

     In the past few days, he hasn't practiced, but that doesn't mean he hasn't gained anything.

     Together with Zhao Li, he deduced the method of divine orifice association, at least let him know more about divine orifice, the opening sequence and position of 144 divine orifices know sth like the back of one's hand, and he has more knowledge of the five elements. Sentiment.

     These things are very big help for his next cultivation.

     Zhao Li didn't say any more, let Su Yu write down the new connection route that he performed, and soon, a flame appeared in his hand, and the model was completely burned!

     After the model was burned, the divine text shook all sides, turning the remaining material into powder.

     Then, collect all the powder, and while collecting it, he said: "Look back I will handle it, so are you, pay attention, some powerful gods are very special, and you can even go back in time! Don't leave any traces, this technique Once it spreads out, it will be a great disaster!"

     Su Yu hastily nodded, he is also very careful about this.

     Not dare to leave traces easily!

      "All right, you go back first!"As Zhao Li said, thinking of something, a golden crystal chip appeared in his hand and threw it to Su Yu, saying: "Incorporate into the sea of will, once someone uses tracking, monitoring, and spying-type divine writing to track you, spy on you, this anti-reconnaissance soldier will change color to remind you. You! Different colors are given out according to different levels."

     "White is the second-order divine text, blue is the third-order divine text, red is the fourth-order divine text, and purple is the fifth-order divine text..."

     "Fifth Tier, there is the Sun and Moon Realm to spy on you!"

     "Once it becomes purple, don't think about anything, don't do it, because if you think about it, it's easy to be perceived by others."

     Su Yu played with this thing somewhat curiously, a very practical thing.

     Also very precious!

     Even the exploration of the sun and the moon can perceive it!

     This thing is probably of great value, and it even gives Su Yu the feeling that it is not inferior to some mysterious rank top or even ground rank civilian soldiers.

     "Teacher, what is this level of civilian soldiers?"

     "Auxiliary nature, don't care about the level, the name is Perception Jade, it is a kind of literary soldier, in fact, it has perceptual effect..."

     Although Zhao Li said lightly, Su Yu still understands that this function alone is really awesome!

     "Teacher, can I detect the willpower of the strong person?"


     Zhao Li nodded and said, "This thing is for warning, of course it can be sensed!"

     Su Yu surprised!

     Really good stuff!

     Especially in the wild, if someone snoops in secret, you can quickly discover a treasure for your life.

     Otherwise, it is very difficult for Su Yu to find out if the strong spy on him, unless the opponent has weak willpower or exhibits deliberately."Teacher, do you still have this thing?"

      This won’t be Zhao Li used it for his own life, right?

     "Nonsense, I built this, of course I can continue to build it!"

     Zhao Li said lazily, impatiently: "All right, go back, rest at night, adjust your state, and go to the secret realm tomorrow to absorb more willpower."

     Even though Su Yu wanted to say a few more words, seeing Zhao Li say this, he stopped being hypocritical.

     The jade of perception is incorporated into the sea of will, and it is easily integrated into the sea of will.

     Zhao Li also without rubbish, the divine text fluctuates a bit.

     The perception jade turned blue instantly!

     Blue, that represents Lingyun Realm.

     The next moment, Zhao Li's willpower fluctuated, and Su Yu didn't feel anyone spying on him, but the perception that the jade turned red.

     Red, represents the fourth order, represents the mountains and seas!

     Su Yu knew that Zhao Li's divine writing was of Tier 3, but his willpower had entered the mountain and sea realm, so a red warning appeared.

     This means that the mountains and seas are eyeing themselves!

     What a magical thing!

     What a sharp insight!

     Su Yu in the heart is astonished, he didn't find any abnormal anyway, if it wasn't for Zhao Li to show it on purpose, he wouldn't feel Zhao Li spying on himself.

     As a result, perceiving jade is perceiving it!

     "Perception jade doesn't mean everything..."Zhao Li suddenly reminded: "For example, some powerful texts, except for the main text, other texts are not strong, even if there is only a white change, the god text that monitors you is a second-order, you should not think that the secret enemy is the airspace. It may be the mountains and seas, it may be the sun and the moon, it's just the other party's supervising divine writing, it's only second-order, do you understand?"

     Su Yu nodded!


     I almost ignored this. It seemed that even if it was only white, I couldn't care about it. Who knew if it was a strong Sun-Moon realm, but the divine text used for monitoring was of second-order.

     The white ones are not necessarily vacant, the purple ones must be the sun and moon!

     It is not the sun and the moon, and there is no way to outline the fifth-order divine text. Of course, there are exceptions to everything. Anyway, if you encounter this situation, you should be careful to save your life.


     It was late at night outside the Zhao Li Research Institute.

      in the dead of night.

     The Civilization Academy is very quiet.

     Su Yu held the sound transmission note in his hand and looked for a moment information record.

     Xia Huyou left a few comments, which is not important. Su Yu saw Zhai Feng's affairs and didn't take it seriously.

     If you kill a Tengkong, you may enter the sea of consciousness...

     What's my business?

     I am a low-key person!

     He was not prepared to challenge Zhai Feng at all. He was very boring. If he didn't say he might not win, even if he really won, he was injured and missed the sea of knowledge secret realm, that would be a real loss.

     People like Zhai Feng hurt him once and it was useless.

     Last time I was punished by the Inspectorate, I didn't see him with long memory.

     According to Chief Wan, if you don't do it, you must do it!As for whether Chief Wan had said it was not important, Su Yu understood it this way.

     In addition to Xia Huyou's message, other people also sent messages.

     Su Yu has two sound transmission symbols, one is used by members of the mutual aid association, and the other is used by him to open a trumpet, specifically to fool people.

     On the side of the mutual aid association, except for the news from Xia Huyou...Although Xia Huyou himself did not know the existence of the mutual aid association, his sound transmission symbol was in the mutual aid association system.

     In addition to Xia Huyou, other people also heard news.

     "A complete list of sea-knowledge secret realms..."

     This is from Lin Yao!

     Not only that, but also added a message to remind Su Yu, being more careful, this time in the secret realm, someone may want to target him, surround him, absorb willpower, and let Su Yu find a way to contact some people to solve these problems as soon as possible.

     Su Yu moved slightly, can this happen?

     One line of single Shenwen, but I thought of it.

     However, now that he has 44 resuscitated, he really absorbs willpower, and may not be slower than those who vacated.

     "But it can't be too obvious..."

     No problem!

     A lot of people will go in. It's a big deal that you are close to Xia Huyou and others, including people like Wan Mingze. Do you dare to target me and the descendants of Wan family?

     Or Xia Chan, approaching by himself, how dare those people?

     Stupid strategy!

     Su Yu didn't take it seriously. This plan didn't work at all. He wasn't stupid. He had to fight with them and get close to Xia Chan and the others. Unless these people didn't practice for Xia Chan, wouldn't he be afraid that Xia Family would hammer them to death?In addition, Lin Yao said one more thing. His senior brother Yang Sha is currently undergoing his assessment and has not yet been admitted to the mutual aid association. He will only be admitted if he passes the assessment.


     Su Yu not to know whether to laugh or cry, it’s up to you.

     This guy is really serious about it.

     As for the list of the Sea of Knowledge Secret Realm, Su Yu saw many acquaintances, but this time Zhai Feng and the others, only Zhai Feng got the opportunity to enter. Huang Qifeng and Qiu Yun did not get the chance.

     Because killing one vacate is not enough to offset the charges of several people.

     After reading the Mutual Aid Association’s sound transmission, Su Yu began to watch the Shanhui’s sound transmission again.

     Su Yu had sent out a sound transmission talisman on the side of the Suppression Meeting, which belonged to Liu Hong.

     At this moment, a message that has just been released is displayed in the sound transmission note.

     "Huang Jiujiu: Newcomer report, what can the seniors give me any advice?"

     "Tianqi: Everyone is cultivating, there is no time to pay attention to you!"

     "Tianer: Chatting with an old man, don't disturb!"


     A few messages, except Huang Jiujiu, the others are auto reply with a fixed template.

     Now that there are few people, the problem is not big.

     There are too many people, I am afraid it is easy to be dismantled.

     For Liu Hong, a unique and unmatched newcomer, Su Yu set up a few fixed templates to answer, the question is not too big.

     "Huang Ninety-Nine..."

     Su Yu is speechless, you are really low-key.

     After thinking about it, I replied a message: "Eight eight: Did you give me any advice, give me a warning, don't provoke the Chief Ten thousand, the powerful Sun-Moon realm, be careful of being choked to death!"After a while, there was a reply.

     "Huang Ninety-Nine: The governor is in the Sun and Moon Realm? The data says it is the pinnacle of mountains and seas!"

     "Di Eight: It's really stupid for the newcomer to believe in the information!"

     "Di Eight: The governor has broken through the sun and the moon for a long time!"

     "Twenty-two: The newcomer doesn't know that it's normal. Since I don't know that the governor has broken through to the sun and the moon, he is definitely not a strong person, little rookie. I also tell you a secret. Have you practiced the gods of other races? , The human gods are the strongest!"

     "Land 8: Twenty-two, new talents join the club, don't talk nonsense!"

     "Di Twenty-Two: This is not a secret to the strong, the peaks of the mountains and seas have some insights..."


     The trumpets were chatting with each other, but Liu Hong of Huang Jiu-jiu was surprised at this moment.

      What does it mean?

     He really didn't know!

     Is the human gods the strongest?

     Stop it!

     With some fluctuations in his heart, Liu Hong quickly asked: "Why?"

     "Di Twenty-two: Why? When you reach the mountain and sea, you will know if you are stuck at the peak of the mountain and sea! Of course, you should be a rookie. The mountain and the sea are still early. Maybe you won't be able to reach the peak of the mountain and sea for a lifetime. ."


     Liu Hong was speechless, but his heart was fluctuating, What does it mean?

     Are you the pinnacle of mountains and seas?

     Don't tease me!

     There are not many people in the entire university, mountain and sea peak.

     The four governors are, Hong Tan is now, and there are several Head of Houses, and some are the peaks of mountains and seas.

     Is it possible that there are peak-level powerhouses among them?"Huang Jiujiu: A few seniors, I am a newcomer, please take care of me. Isn't the human gods the weakest? Why is it the strongest? Newcomers don't understand."

     "Twenty-two: Call grandpa, let me give you some pointers."


     Liu Hong almost died of anger and called you uncle!

     But my heart is really scratching like a cat, why?

     I don't know the situation!

     Struggling for a while, forget it, anyway, no one knows who Huang Jiu-jiu is. Of course, Su Yu may know, but he has observed it these days. Not only is he a newbie joining the meeting, but a few others have joined the meeting in the previous few days.

     Su Yu may not know who he is!

     He also waited a few days before he dared to bubble.

     At this moment, a cruel heart, at this rate everyone does not know each other's identity, just shout it.

     "Huang 99: Grandpa, please give me some pointers!"


     Su Yu is speechless!

     Damn it!

     This is definitely because Liu Hong hasn't run away. The sound transmission note should still be in his hands. Fuck, except for him, Shan Shenwen, Sun Ge is embarrassed to call someone else's grandpa?

     no kidding!

     As for the human divine writing, Su Yu is not alone. Many people know about it. Hong Tan also said it before. Someone at the old cabinet meeting raised this matter.

     Su Yu also without rubbish, reply soon.

     "Twenty-two: Good grandson! Really good! Grandpa tells you, although the gods and demons are powerful now, when you reach the peak of the mountains and seas, when you break through the sun and the moon, there may be some rejection problems, leading to the failure of promotion to the sun and the moon!"

     Liu Hong's heart is shaken!

     is it?He really doesn't know this!

     That being said, the senior officials in the institution might have known the news?

     I want to ask a few more questions. This senior who is willing to take care of him quickly replied.

     "Di Twenty-two: Good grandson, grandpa is out, let's talk next time!"

     Liu Hong is depressed, you are the grandson!

     But this guy ran away, and other people didn't reply to him. This made Liu Hong also very helpless. Forget it, next time I look at the opportunity, I will bubbling again when there are many people, or I am familiar with him.

     Unexpectedly, the first time I bubbling, I got a few important messages.

     First, the governor is the Sun and Moon Realm.

     Second, the mountains and seas break the sun and the moon, and the gods and demons have an influence... Then why didn't the sun and the moon have this problem?

     Unfortunately, before this problem came out, the other party ran away and no one took care of him.

     "Dandan will..."

     In the villa, Liu Hong’s eyes flashed, eliminating a few messages, lest Cha Gang discover his dark history next time!


     "This guy... really shameless!"

     Su Yu was also speechless, and he could call out grandpa.

     It's not easy to dismantle now, or expose the facts, does this guy still have a face alive?

     Probably, Liu Hong is really shameless anyway!


     I didn't care about Liu Hong anymore, the Suppression Club was just a random product.

     Looking back, I randomly sent some sound transmission notes to expand the scale, which might have some effect. What top-secret information and important information I want to get from Liu Hong now is nonsense.When this guy gets the bait himself, he will be interested in Miaodanhui, and may reveal something.

     Back at the Research Center, Hong Tan actually came back.

     Seeing that Su Yu came back, he didn’t ask anything, and quickly said: "I will enter the secret realm tomorrow, and I will also go there, open the secret realm with Zhou Mingren and the others, and keep the secret realm open for a longer time. In the secret realm, in principle, it is not allowed to interfere with each other , But once you enter the secret realm, these people may not abide by the rules. Be careful yourself!"

     "I see, thank you Master for reminding!"

     Su Yu said, "Master, I have entered the secret realm, can I stay till the end?"


     Hong Tan nodded and quickly said: "But the secret realm is open, and the willpower you can absorb is limited. The first is to enhance your willpower, and the latter is mainly to accumulate willpower and divine text. When you can't absorb it, don't absorb it again, so as not to Break the sea of will!"

     "Well, I understand!"

     Su Yu hastily nodded, Hong Tan said again: "Wait for you to come out of the secret realm. It's probably a few days. It will be next month soon. Your master and my brother will leave Daxia Mansion and go to the battlefield of the heavens... …"

     As Hong Tan said, he sighed and sighed: "I hope they are all right, don't run around these days, take the time to talk to them."

     Su Yu felt a little uncomfortable when he said this.

     Go to the battlefield of the heavens, that is nine deaths and still alive, especially the pioneer camp!

     Six months ago, he sent away his father.

     Six months later, his two teachers are going to the battlefield of the heavens, and Su Yu is not happy.

     The people I was close to were all sent to the battlefield of the heavens...If it is a normal recruitment, then nothing else, but now it is not, but was punished, Su Yu naturally did not feel like it.

     It was all caused by the single divine text!

     Sooner or later let them look good!

     Hong Tan also fell silent. The brothers and apprentices went to the battlefields of the heavens, which made him feel a little uncomfortable. There is no way to predict life and death!

     They just came back from the battlefield of the heavens, so they went, hey...

     Thinking of this, Hong Tan suddenly thought of something!

     Did I forget something?

     Yes, I just came back from the battlefield of the heavens, so why did I go to the battlefield of the heavens?

     At the next moment, Hong Tan's face looked strange!

     Damn it!

     I actually forgot, that thing is not dead, right?

     If I die, I will lose a lot!

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