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225 Enter The Secret Realm (seeking A Double Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Hong Tan remembered this and hurriedly fluctuated in willpower.

     After a while, a small fur ball appeared in front of Su Yu's eyes.

     Little white fur ball!

     At this moment, two small black spots suddenly appeared on the fur ball, those were eyes.

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, what the hell?

     How can Master do some things out of the ordinary?

     Just thinking about it, Xiao Maoqiu opened his eyes and suddenly revealed a small pink nose. The nose moved. The next moment, he huffed, broke free from Hong Tan's hand, and quickly flew towards Su Yu!

     Before Su Yu had time to react, he felt something digging into the sea of his will!


     Hong Tan angrily shouted, suddenly stretched out his hand and squeaked, pinched the small hairy ball in his hand, and said angrily: "Looking for death!"


     Xiao Maoqiu seemed to be screaming and begging for mercy.

     The two small black eyes looked at Su Yu steadily.

     Hong Tan also looked at Su Yu, and said strangely: "What special divine text have you outlined? This little guy said that he smelled the fragrance and wanted to eat it!"


     Su Yu is speechless!

     What do you mean?

     What is this stuff?

     "This is the Devourer of Gods, of course, I named it myself!"

     Seeing that the fur ball was okay, Hong Tan felt relieved, and smiled: "It took me months and a lot of energy to catch this little guy!"

     "God Eater?"

     Su Yu is surprised, is there this family?Bai Feng said before that a new clan appeared on the battlefield of the heavens. Hong Tan only went to the battlefield of the heavens and did not return for several months. Is the master going there for this little hair ball?

     "Don't underestimate it!"

     Hong Tan said in pain: "This thing is not weak. It is specialized in devouring divine texts. It can penetrate into the sea of will and swallow it directly. Of course, its level is not high, and the corresponding should be regarded as the airborne realm. At present, it can only swallow second-order divine texts. ..."

     He said, with a helpless expression: "In order to catch this guy, I swallowed several of my divine writings, and I swallowed them directly!"

     Eat the Protoss!

     This is the first race to appear on the battlefield of the heavens, very mysterious and powerful.

     Devour God Text!

     The kind that swallows roots directly into the sea of will and swallows it, a terrifying ability.

     Su Yu is also shocked, can he swallow the divine text?

     I go!

     This guy just flew toward his side, and even felt that the sea of will was penetrated by what thing, is it because he wanted to enter his sea of will to swallow the divine text?

     If that is swallowed, I am not finished.

      with great difficulty outlines a few divine texts...

     Just thinking about it, Su Yu's heart moved slightly, this little hairy ball said it was very fragrant, wouldn't it be the golden album?

     Is it so sharp?

     No, this is looking for death.

     Although Su Yu didn't know how strong the atlas was, but if it was a divine text, at least it was truly eternal, and if this little ball of hair could swallow the eternal divine text, it would not be a flying state.


     Xiaomaoqiu is somewhat impatient, looking at Su Yu eagerly, but can't see which face is. He only has two eyes and one nose. He looks very anxious.Hong Tan listened for a while and explained again: "This family is newly presented, and it does not speak lingua franca. The language of their family, I also don't understand, can only make some judgments in general..."

     Su Yu cannot bear saying: "Master, new race, that representative did not appear on the battlefield of the heavens before?"


     Hong Tan explained: "The battlefield of the heavens is a relatively special plane, connecting other realms, and all realms can open an entrance and exit in the battlefield of the heavens. Some realms may have just discovered the battlefield of the heavens before opening an entrance, and some may have been discovered long ago, but there is no strong one!"

     "Without the strength above the mountains and seas, there is no way to get through the entrance to the battlefield with the heavens. If you can open the entrance, it means that this clan or this world has appeared."

     With that said, Hong Tan picked up the small fur ball and shook it for a while and said: "This Protoss should have just opened up the interface channel! I haven't seen it before, this time I spent a lot of energy to find its whereabouts... …The little guy is difficult to entangle, he can dive into the sea of will, can swallow the divine text, and his physical body is between illusions, somewhat similar to civilian soldiers."

     This is also the reason why he only took it out just now.

     I have been busy again recently, and this guy is very honest in his will, he almost forgot.

     Su Yu stared at Xiao Maoqiu curiously, and this Xiao Maoqi also stared at him, his nose twitching constantly, as if smelling some scent, even if he was picked up by Hong Tan, he kept looking at Su Yu.

     Su Yu also looked at it, devouring the divine text...very powerful ability.However, he didn't take much care. Hong Tan arrested the opponent, probably for research purposes.

     As I was thinking about it, I heard Hong Tan say: "This thing is not easy to detain. I will build a special cage. You have to retreat. You help me keep it. If you don't eat anything else, you will eat divine writing... Do you know the sacred text room? Get some broken sacred text to eat, don’t starve to death."

     "Eat divine text?"

     Su Yu barked his teeth and said: "It's really hard to serve, how can there be that many Gods for it to eat, and willpower?"

     "Eat too!"

     Hong Tan nodded with a smile said: "This thing is actually most suitable to be thrown in the dead pile! Especially in the dead pile of the civilized master, and the yin still has one hand. Once you fight with the civilized master, the second-order god Come out and be swallowed by it all at once, that's fun!"

     Divine literary master, the main combat style is divine writing. Once the divine writing is swallowed, get trampled on!

     Su Yu touched his chin and said, "Don't say, Master, will this thing devour the divine text, will it make your sea of will collapse?"

     "No, and it's very secretive, you don't even feel..."

     Su Yu's eyes lit up, "Master, this is not for murder, this is a medical beast!"

     Hong Tan was slightly surprised.

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Do you mean that this thing swallows the divine text, and will not cause the sea of will backlash? Now some of us want to break the divine text, but it can be broken. It is a trivial matter that our own divine text is broken, the main thing is backlash Yourself!"

     As soon as this remark came out, Hong Tan also had sharp eyes!

     Yes indeed!I almost didn't expect, or to say, that no one wanted the divine text to be broken and disappeared before, so this thing swallowed the divine text is a curse.

     But now, there are problems with the gods and gods, some people want to give up, but they are not reconciled.

     On the one hand, it is not willing to be reconciled to the shattering of the divine text, and on the other hand, it is also worried that the shattering of the divine text will cause death.

     Backlash is too serious!

     But once it is swallowed by this small hair ball that devours the gods, will it be possible to solve the problem of the conflict of gods without pain?

     Hong Tan's eyes lit up and said: "Yes, there is indeed a medical effect! This thing, swallowing divine texts is actually equivalent to medical anesthesia, numbing your sea of will, so that you can't feel the existence of divine texts, and then be swallowed by it. ...... as a result, it can be painless to solve the problem of divine and literary conflict, and it can also strengthen itself..."

      After talking a while, Hong Tan frowned again; "It's a bit weak, so I can only swallow the second-order divine texts. Now I want to revise them. In fact, they are mainly on the mountains and seas, too powerful divine texts, it can't swallow them. of."

     He himself, that's it, is very strong, even if he throws this thing into the sea of will, it can't swallow it.

     If this thing were there, earlier, Bai Feng didn't need to break himself, backlash, and cause serious injury to himself, so he could selectively let this thing devour part of the divine text.

     Hong Tan said a few words and quickly said: "I will study for a few days first, and then throw it back to the detention area. Don't forget to feed."

     Su Yu chuckled and didn't say much.

     I often forget!

     The batch of monsters downstairs hasn't been fed for almost a week recently, but it's okay, it's not long, wait.Let's talk outside the secret world!

     He was thinking about the small hairy ball in Hong Tan's hand, suddenly struggling, and he kept drilling towards Su Yu.

     Hong Tan was slightly frowned and squeezed this thing.


     Little Mao Qiu squeaked, eagerly.

     Hong Tan frowned, reluctantly distinguished, and probably translated: "It seems to say, you have a fragrance..."

     Su Yu was speechless.


     It's smell of death!

     This little guy won't really look at the golden album, right?

     That's looking for death, understand?

     The small hammer of the God Enlargement Jue is overbearing enough. As a result, I wanted to attack the album last time, but after a long distance, I turned around and ran.

     This little hairy ball still wants to devour his own golden album.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "This thing is used well, and it is also a powerful pet, Master, please study it first, and I will study it later to see if I can get a devouring divine writing."

     As for raising as a mount, forget it, don't swallow up your divine text by this companion pitted.

     Then wants to cry but doesn't have tears!


     I didn't talk to Hong Tan any more. Hong Tan seemed to be interested in this little hairy ball. He grabbed the opponent and went to the research room. I wonder if he will conduct research all night.

     Before leaving, the little fur ball kept drilling towards Su Yu.

     Both eyes kept looking at him!


     It smells so good!

     If you eat it, you can definitely become so powerful.It's a pity that Su Yu didn't understand its meaning, Hong Tan just distinguished it roughly, and couldn't understand the specific meaning.


     This night, Su Yu took a short rest, adjusted his state, and waited for the next day's trip to the secret realm.


     October 25th.

     Su Yu woke up early in the morning.

     Not alone, Chen Yong and Wu Jia also came early in the morning.

     Hong Tan also walked out of the experiment excitedly.

     If he hadn't remembered to open the secret realm today, he wouldn't be ready to come out.

     As soon as he came out, he said excitedly: "Su Xiaozi, what you said is right. I tried that thing again. It does have the effect of paralyzing the sea of will. I went back to Wu Yuehua and asked if I could extract some substances. A pill of paralysis effect, it is powerful, it can be used as a poison and paralyze the will of the civilized master!"

     Su Yu thought for a while, and it seemed right.

     This thing can really painlessly remove the divine text, and it can indeed paralyze the sea of will. Once the poison is really manufactured, it may directly poison the civilized master to the unable to move.


     Seeing the teacher's excitement, Chen Yong had to speak: "it's about time, it's time to go to the secret zone!"

     "Yes, yes, I almost forgot about it!"

     Hong Tan smiled, mood was very good, the newly caught God Eater was very good, he felt that he had a way of making money.

     Once cultivated in the mountains and seas, it can swallow the gods of mountains and seas, and maybe it can be used as a profitable beast.

     Specially help people remove those unnecessary divine texts!

     No backlash yet!

     What a good monster!Su Yu didn't care about them, and whispered to Wu Jia: "Sister, have you learned the Shaking Sutra?"


     "Then after entering, don't run around, follow Xia Huyou!"

     Su Yu reminded in a low voice: "Lest you absorb willpower too fast and you will be found abnormal."

     Xia Huyou opened the divine orifice, and the absorption speed was not slow.

     Wu Jia followed him, but didn't worry about being found out of anything abnormal.

     It would also be a trouble if she followed other nourishment students, absorbed willpower too quickly, and found unusual places.

     As for Su Yu himself...

     See if there are any guys who have just entered the emptiness in the single Shenwen one line, and you can follow those guys yourself. It is too strong and inappropriate. Just entering the emptiness, the absorption of willpower is definitely not as fast as him.

     And it can hide some abnormalities!

     As for the other party's feeling that something is wrong... You said it doesn't count, you suck it yourself, and you have to say that Su Yu sucked it. Are you trying to slander me?

     The guys of the single-shenwen department originally wanted to target themselves, and I don't need you to target them, I will fulfill you by myself!

     I go in and get close to you!

     Wu Jia hastily nodded, expressing understanding.

     Ahead, Chen Yong smiled, Hong Tan also smiled, and the sound transmission said: "Su Yu, this kid is still talented and has a brain. Are you going to match him with Jiajia?"

     "Let nature take its course!"

     Chen Yongchuan said: "Master, what happened to juniors, look at themselves. It seems that Su Yu hasn't improved in strength in the past few days, but his willpower has improved a lot. This is to understand. Isn't he honing a bull's horn? ""He wants to understand, I don't know either."

     Hong Tan is also speechless, who knows how this kid wants to understand.

     This is a good thing!

     Otherwise, he didn't bother to ask anything.

     After that, Hong Tan said again: "Your uncle and your junior are going to leave soon. I don't worry about them. Once I enter the sun and the moon, I will soon go to the battlefields of the heavens. On your side... or you break into the mountains and seas, Go to the battlefield of the heavens to help one or two, I'll guard the Academy..."

     "Master, you go, even if I break through the mountains and seas, I can't help Uncle and the others if I go."

     Chen Yong shook his head, and quickly said: "Shenwen War Skill Wall, Cangshu Pavilion, and Wentan Research Center are all watched. Xia Yunqi and several uncles must help sort out the divine writing. If you are not here, I will do it. It's okay, I'm really gone. This Daxia Civilization Academy has nothing to do with us."

     Hong Tan sighed, glanced at him, and said nothing.

     After walking a few steps, he suddenly said, "Master knows that you have a heart knot, but is it useful to stay in Lingyun forever?"

     Chen Yong said nothing.

     "Your background is too deep, and Mortal Body Strength is not enough. Once you are promoted, I am afraid that your body will burst. At that time, you will not succeed on the road of civilized division invincible, and the physical body is almost hopeless!"

     "Teacher, that is too far away from me."


     Hong Tan Chuanyin scolded: "What is far away! When you accept you, it is because your talent is amazing. I even think you are my second brother, stronger than me. You have been in college for 40 years, and you have broken through to Lingyun. For decades, if it weren't for the stuck, it would have been heavy for Shanhaiba Jiǔ!""Wait!"

     Chen Yong said softly: "It's not the time yet!"

     After speaking, Chen Yongchuan said: "Master, I have cleaned up a lot of the guys who shot back in those years, and there are still a few people who haven't shown up. The mastermind who ambushed me that day was definitely in the mountains and seas! So many years, maybe already. The sun and the moon are coming, even if the sun and the moon are not there, the difference should be small.

     "I can help you……"

     "No, he knows that I'm waiting for him to show up, so in these years, Master, you are here, he hasn't appeared, a few months ago you went to the battlefield of the heavens, it's a pity... you came back too soon.

     Chen Yong regretted that something went wrong, otherwise Hong Tan would spend a period of time on the battlefield of the heavens.

     Hong Tan is here, and the mastermind who ambushed him did not dare to show up.

     Over the years, I have killed a lot of people, and the person who persecuted him had to stay dormant. This time Hong Tan's departure was actually a good opportunity to pull a snake from its hole.

     Having said that, Chen Yong said again: "This guy may be related to the invincibility behind the scenes, or may be related to the Shan Shenwen element. Master, you have shown your strength now, and he dare not show up. Waiting for you to go to the heavens. The battlefield is also the time for me to break through the mountains and seas..."

     Take advantage of that day, kill the enemy!


     Hong Tan sighed and did not persuade him.

     He felt that it was actually better to break through more safely. Obviously, Chen Yong didn't think so.


     During the conversation, the secret zone arrived.

     A hall much larger than the mysterious realm of vitality.At this moment, students and teachers who were about to enter the secret realm arrived one after another, Zhou Mingren also appeared, several elders of the Shan Shenwen department were all there, and many other elders also came.

     As soon as Hong Tan and Chen Yong arrived, the hall instantly became quiet.

     Su Yu saw Zhai Feng at a glance!

     That look...that look...

     As if wishing to fight him to death right away!

     Su Yu lowered his head without looking.


     Many acquaintances, Zhan Hai, Xia Huyou, Wan Mingze, Hu Qiusheng, Xia Chan...

     A familiar student was present at the moment.

     In addition, I also saw Wu Lan and Liu Ke.

     It’s not surprising that Wu Lan can enter. Su Yu is not surprised. That little Liu may enter, but Su Yu is somewhat surprised. The other party is also a Shendan student, but this time it seems that there are not many places assigned to the Shendan department. This woman, Either the talent is too strong, or there is someone in the family.

     As for Zhang Hao from the rune system and Lin Yao from the single god language system, none of this is at all surprising.

     Entering the Secret Realm this time, there are many new students.

     There are not many old students!

     Su Meng, the descendant of Dean Su, Hu Qiusheng, the descendant of General Hu, Wan Mingze, the family of Chief Wan...

     Those with backgrounds can easily get places.

     There is also a girl who is somewhat familiar, Su Yu remembers her, she seems to be the daughter of the Director of Yuqiang, and she is also in the crowd at the moment.

     The other party is also an honest person!

     Last time I said that I wanted three books and only three books. I didn’t need too many of them, but I didn’t need one too much. There was only one series of divine texts. Last time, many people didn’t give me the texts of the will, but this one was only one. A lot!

     Three books are three books!This time, there is no exception. There is no strong person in the Ji family who works in the school, but Ji Xiaomeng still easily captures one quota without pressure.

     Shan Shenwen dared to provoke Hong Tan, but did not dare to provoke that one.

     "Everyone is there, right?"

     Zhou Mingren was too lazy to say something, glanced at Sifang, and said indifferently: "We have all the materials needed for the secret realm, enough to open the secret realm and maintain it for three days! My grandson and I can hold on for one day, and the rest Time needs someone else to do it..."

     Hong Tan smiled and said, "I can hold on for one day!"

     Among the crowd, Qi Ge said lightly: "I also insist on one day, and strive to be full in three days, don't waste Tianhesha!"

     "That's good!"

     Zhou Mingren's voice calmly said: "This time, 33 people entered the cultivator, 5 people vacated, and 3 people in Lingyun. The secret realm should be able to accommodate."

     41 people!

     There are less than 50 people. Because of the flight and the entry of Lingyun, these people consume more things than nourishment. They all stay in the secret realm and cause great pressure. The mountains and seas outside will increase the difficulty of maintaining the secret realm.

     Among the five people in the air, Liu Hong was present.

     In addition, there are three males and one female, both of which are single-shenwen. It may be that several senior citizens divided up the quota.

     As for the three in Lingyun Realm, Su Yu didn't see anyone.

     Elder Qi Ge was also curious: "Ling Yun, who are entering?"


     At this moment, a silhouette blocked the sunlight at the entrance of the hall.

     Xia Yuwen's face was calm, her injury had recovered, her face was slightly pale, as if she had completely adjusted, stepped in, and said lightly: "I want to enter this time!"Everyone was somewhat surprised and looked at him a little strangely.

     Didn't Xia Yuwen dared to go out to heal at home?

     It came out!

     At this moment, someone smiled and said, "I will go in too."

     "Hu Wensheng!"

     Everyone was surprised at first, and then suddenly, Hu Wen was promoted successfully!

     This guy and Xia Yuwen fellow sufferers empathize with each other, both of them couldn't be beaten by Bai Feng. But speaking, Hu Wensheng is better than Xia Yuwen. At any rate, he was defeated in the air battle. Although it is also ugly, compare Xia Yuwen. Hu Wensheng should be fortunate.

     Three Lingyun, two appeared.

     All are Bai Feng’s first generation Heaven pride!

     It's a pity that Bai Feng is not there, otherwise it would look good today.

     Hu Wensheng not only came by himself, but also brought his two students, Chen Qi and Guo Shengquan.

     Chen Qi's side is okay, this time he was assigned a quota, but Guo Shengquan...

     The old couple of Sun Ge looked a little strange.

     Guo Shengquan, there is no quota allocated!

     Although this guy is currently the strongest group of students in the single god text.

     "Wen Sheng..."

     Elder Sun glanced at Guo Shengquan. Before he could question, Guo Shengquan said respectfully: "I am a student recommended by Elder Hu, and Elder Sun, I will not occupy someone else's place."

     As soon as this remark came out, Old Sun Ge's face was not very good!

     Zhou Mingren is also slightly frowned!

     The Elder Hu Ge in his mouth is a low-key Elder Ge in the college, the so-called third-party faction Elder Ge.

     This time, they were also assigned quotas, and they were actually given to Guo Shengquan!Elder Qi Ge was much lazy to say, and said, "The two Lingyuns are here, who is there still one?"


     Among the crowd, Zhou Pingsheng, who had been ignored, suddenly spoke.

     As soon as this words came out, many people looked strange!

     Elder Qi Ge frowned and said: "Curator Zhou is all Lingyun Seventh Layer, so forget it! First, the improvement is limited, it is better to give some newcomers a chance! Second, he entered, the secret is too much pressure, responsible for maintaining the mountain and sea , The pressure will greatly increase! If Director Zhou doesn’t go in, it’s okay to change five cultivators.

     Some are beyond their expectations!

     They didn't expect that Zhou Ping would be promoted.

      It should be noted, he is all seven-fold Lingyun, and he is considered a high-level academic, but in the end he even wants to go to this secret realm. Isn't this not giving newcomers a chance?

     Xia Yuwen and the others are good to say, after all, they are not very old.

     Zhou Pingsheng, that was really shameless!

     Zhou Mingren said indifferently: "What's more, some of these materials for opening the secret realm belong to Pingsheng. In the past, he entered the Xingyu Mansion and seized a lot of Tianhe Sand. Without him, it may not be possible to open the secret realm!"

     Zhou Pingsheng was also a genius student in the past, otherwise he would not have been accepted by Zhou Mingren.

     He has also been to Xingyu Mansion!

     Captured Tianhe Sand!

     This was also the key to opening the secret realm. Obviously, Zhou Pingsheng had made up his mind to enter.

     When he was about to go in, Hong Tan frowned, did not say a word, but quickly transmitted Su Yu and said, "Be careful, this guy might target you!"

     Su Yu nodded invisibly.Indeed, Zhou Pingsheng entered the secret realm with limited help. He had to insist on entering, or even a few places, which might be to deal with Su Yu.

     Su Yu was thinking, and Hong Tan said, "I think, in order to give the students more opportunities, it is better to add a layer of The Big Dipper and throw them into the secret realm, so as not to be disturbed by others..."

     After speaking, he said: "In addition, the Sea of Knowledge Secret Realm doesn't have any dangerous. I hope that no student will have an accident, otherwise..."

     He glanced deeply at Zhou Pingsheng and said, "There is only a dead end to murder a student! Not only will he die, but his family, teachers, and students will all be implicated, Mr. Zhou, what do you think?"

     Zhou Mingren said lightly: "Nature!"

     "That's good!"

     Hong Tan smiled and said: "Then add a layer of The Big Dipper array?"

     Having said that, Transmission Su Yu said: "Forget it on the first day. On the second day, I will take over the secret realm to open, open a small stove for you, and move this guy away from you. You follow the traces I left, and I will make one. The place with high purity of willpower is for you to practice!"

      Unspoken implication also prevents Su Yu from fighting with these people the first day, so as to avoid trouble.

     "Isn't it necessary?"

     Zhou Mingren said indifferently: "The secret realm is so big, why waste energy?"

     Hong Tan smiled and said: "It is still necessary. I am not worried about the cultivating students, but worried about those Tengkong and Lingyun. Once they are promoted, they are disturbed, then it will be troublesome! The students have nothing else eyesight, once they break into them. Breaking through the zone, that’s troublesome, right?"As he said, he looked at Su Yu and smiled: "Su Yu, don't run around! Some people will break through. Once you run in, the other party can't kill you. You don't dare to hurt you seriously. That's troublesome!"

     Su Yuhan said: "Master, I understand, I will pay attention!"

      Unspoken implication is nothing more than saying that once you enter, if Zhou Pingsheng interferes with you, you should stop practicing and interfere with others!

     See who loses more!

     Zhou Mingren frowned slightly and quickly said, "Okay!"

     Zhou Pingsheng is Lingyun Qizhong, and it is easy to find Su Yu.

     Really want to get together, get together, Su Yu ran to interfere with others, then this time the secret realm was opened for nothing.

     Zhou Mingren also stopped talking nonsense, appeared out of thin air in front of countless materials, and shouted: "Then all go in! Remember, you must not innocently interfere with other people's cultivation!"

     When I said this, I glanced at Su Yu!

     After looking at Zhou Pingsheng again, you should stop cultivating. The task this time is to make this kid unable to cultivate!


     Zhou Pingsheng responded with a smile on his face.

     Others have very different eyes, don't ask, they also know what will happen after entering.

     This time the single divine literary elementary department directly allowed a Ling Yun Qizhong to enter and interfere with Su Yu. This would also be a big price, otherwise a few more students would be admitted.

     Of course, it was also related to the fact that many students from the other party were dismissed by Su Yu.

     It hasn't recovered until now, and I can't cultivate even if I go in.

     Hong Tan didn't say a word. He didn't practice on the first day. On the second day, he would naturally take action to solve this problem. Su Yu was enough to absorb one day.Everyone stopped talking nonsense, and in the hall, the Channel Portal was opened.

     Several strong men in the mountain and sea realm took action one after another, and their willpower burst to maintain the portal present.

     "Go in!"

     With a clear drink, everyone walked towards the door.

     Su Yu and Wu Jia entered separately, Wu Jia entered first, Zhou Pingsheng calm and unhurried, waiting for Su Yu.

     And Su Yu didn't say a word.

     Until someone was about to enter, he suddenly inserted in the middle, followed by walking into the door.

     Xia Chan!

     He and Xia Chan ran in together!

     Zhou Pingsheng cursed in his heart and hurried to follow in. At this moment, Hong Tan suddenly sneezed!


     After a sneeze, the entrance to the secret realm trembled, and Zhou Pingsheng was instantly blocked from his way!

     Zhou Mingren frowned and glanced at Hong Tan. Hong Tan said with a smile: "I am not feeling well. Someone must be scolding me, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Keep on opening, sorry!


     The others were silent.

     The fool knew he did it on purpose!

     But has to say, this guy is too strong, just a sneeze, and the entrance to the secret realm maintained by the mountains and seas actually trembled!

     Zhou Pingsheng was also inwardly cursed in his heart, he didn't dare to speak, and only when the entrance stabilized again, he quickly penetrated the door.
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