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229 Master, I Am Blocking! (Seeking Double Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Brother Zhou!"

     When Liu Hong appeared in front of Zhou Pingsheng, Zhou Pingsheng was somewhat surprised.

     "Junior Brother Liu, why did you come?"

     Liu Hong sighed, "I realized something unusual about the matter just now. Brother, I listened to my advice...Cultivate with peace of mind!"

     Liu Hongcheng sincerely said: "Brother, now you and I are Practice together. After going out, if someone slanders the senior, I can prove to the senior that you and I are in Practice together, and the seniors can’t do anything else. No one can afford to offend and the only thing they can do. This is it!"

     Liu Hong looked sincere.

     I can't afford to offend Hu Wensheng. I can't help you too much. The only thing I can do is help you prove that you have alibi.

     Zhou Pingsheng felt a little difficult to understand for a while!

      At this moment, the only person willing to prove his innocence was Liu Hong, an outsider!

     Liu Hong admonished: "Brother, you are also in the Seventh Realm of Lingyun. To be honest, it's meaningless to argue about these at this time! When you get to the mountains and seas, even if you don't want something, others will deliver it.

     "Take advantage of this opportunity to practice more, and strive to advance to Shanhai as soon as possible is the right way. Brother is also close to Lingyun Bazhong, why waste time here?"

     Liu Hong expressed regret with a look on his face: "Now, the brothers and the multi-sacred texts have become deadly enemies. They are targeting the brothers, internally... to put it harder, most people are actually a matter of no concern to oneself. Get up!"Shaking his head, Liu Hong sighed and said, "Senior fellow has tossed like this, and his reputation will be completely stinky. If he continues to make trouble like this, the people who enter the secret realm this time are all the seeds of major factions. Does the senior have to offend everyone? It’s not done by brother, does anyone believe it? Does anyone listen?"

     Liu Hong helplessly said: "Brother, after listening to the advice of Junior Brother, I really can't toss it anymore. I am now Practice together with you. I don't know the situation before, but from now on, you and I Practice together, and even shout Several seniors came to practice together, did something happen, or is it your responsibility, senior?"

     Zhou Pingsheng eyes flashed and nodded: "What you said makes sense, but I'm still unwilling and unconvinced. Some people... bully intolerably!"

     He is not reconciled!

     Hu Wensheng left the customs at this time and wanted to get a bargain. He was not convinced!

     He has paid a lot for the Shan Shenwen series!

     What did Hu Wensheng do?

     He did nothing!

     He calm and free from worldly affairs practiced to the sky, after being defeated by Bai Feng, calm and free from worldly affairs practiced to Lingyun, and reap where one has not sown when he came out, and directly entered the secret realm.

     Some of the Tianhe Sand in this secret realm was contributed by him back then!

     Hu Wensheng actually throw stones at sb who fell down a well to him, hateful and hateful to kill!

     Looking at Liu Hong again, Zhou Pingsheng knows that Liu Hong is not a good person either. He is probably also a sensed crisis.

     I was faced with a crisis of trust before, so Liu Hong gained importance.

     Now that Hu Wensheng is out of the barrier, Liu Hong's status is imminent danger!

     He knows that Liu Hong is himself now grasshoppers tied together with a piece of string!Liu Hong was willing to testify to himself, just to resist Hu Wensheng, not to really help himself...

     He understands this, so he thinks that Liu Hong really wants to help himself. It's normal for someone to help you if there is no benefit.

     So Liu Hong suddenly jumped out to prove everything to himself, this is normal!

     "Junior Brother Liu..."

     Liu Hong interrupted him and said sternly: "Brother, keep hope alive in no fear of lack of firewood! If this trouble continues, it will not give a good impression to several senior citizens! There are some things, we can take it slowly, today Brothers are making noise everywhere... if it goes on like this, it’s really bad popularity!"

     While speaking, whispered: "Let's take a few people and find a place to practice together, even including Hu Wensheng's disciple Guo Shengquan! When something happens, others may lie, and his own students will lie and slander him?"

     Liu Hong sneered and said: "Hu Wensheng's ambition is not small, and he doesn't see if he is that piece of material. In the past few years, he has fought against Bai Feng once, and once lost a great deal. And I have fought Bai Feng for so many years , As a result, a few years ago, I was mocking my incompetence!"

     He is angry!

     Zhou Pingsheng feel as if it had happened to oneself at this moment!

     Yes, he also said that Liu Hong is incompetent a few years ago, but now think about it, is Liu Hong incompetent?


     It's very powerful!

     Ordinary people have long been crushed by Bai Feng and can't lift their heads. Liu Hong can still make Bai Feng suffer a few small losses, which is already very good.

     Hu Wensheng fought with each other once, and the result was so miserable. I am embarrassed to come out and fight for what?

     "Junior Brother is right!"

     Zhou Pingsheng nodded, "Then find a few people to practice together...""Brother, take a few people to the sky together!"

     Liu Hong eyes flashed and said: "Give him trouble! He probably is not close to Tengkong's training ground. After waiting for him to make trouble for a long time, we are all together. The only people who can do this are the two, he and Xia Yuwen! You say, At that time, everyone thought he or Xia Yuwen did it?"

     Liu Hong had an idea.


     Good show!

     Gather all the vacancies together, Su Yu can do it hard, don't provoke Hu Wensheng and Xia Yuwen, they probably didn't care about him either.

     As for Zhou Pingsheng, he must have thought that Hu Wensheng did it.

     And Hu Wensheng was sure that Zhou Pingsheng did it.

     Even if it is finally proved that these people and Zhou Pingsheng are together, Hu Wensheng's character may be thought that Zhou Pingsheng bought them, and together they used false testimony to slander him!

     This matter, say unclear.

     Unless it is proved that Xia Yuwen did it, or Su Yu.

     Su Yu...I don't believe it, can you believe it?

     Moreover, Su Yu's bastard stuff may not reveal everything.

     According to Zhou Pingsheng, the movement of the previous few absorptions was comparable to Ling Yun, and Su Yu's speed, in his opinion, also emptied three or four levels of absorption speed, which was comparable to Ling Yun.

     Although he was suspicious, he was too lazy to speak.

     Get people away first and make trouble for Su Yu.

     It's not too big to watch the excitement!

     Anyway, he just eats melons, and at the peak of the sky, he doesn't have the mind to break through here now, and he has no ideas about cultivation, and it's a big deal to cultivate a divine text.

     ...Liu Hong's efficiency is still leveraged.

     Zhou Pingsheng was actually fooled by him to call someone Practice together!

     Testify to him!

     Of course, he didn't say clearly. Anyway, he brought those people together and didn't plan to let them leave. Let them all watch. Lao Tzu stayed here all the time. With you, something happened, but I didn't do it!


     Su Yu also received the transmission soon.

     Look dazed.

      so simple?

     I go!

     Hu Wensheng and Xia Yuwen are cultivating in the huge secret realm now, and the two of them stayed there without moving. Doesn't it mean that this place is now their own world?

     As for the others... Su Yu didn't care too much.

     I don't even get into the air, what do I care about.

     "I thought I won't have a chance to properly cultivate until tomorrow, now this is letting me let go of sucking!"

     Happy Su Yu!

     At this moment, he has a total of 58 enlightened minds!

     And time, it has now passed nearly 12 hours.

     Opened 14 divine orifices, and later because of run this way and that, the speed was a bit slower.

      Despite this, for half a day, 14 magic orifices were opened, and the speed was very scary!

     Su Yu grins, this is Lao Tzu's world!

     After a while, a vacuum area appeared in the secret realm.

     Su Yu directly did not leave the root cause, after he absorbed it all at once, he turned his head and hid on Zhang Hao's side and began to mutely practice.

     Half an hour later, Su Yu mobilized again, swept one side, and continued to run to Zhang Hao to hide.



     Secret outside.A loud sound came out, the secret door creaked, Zhou Mingren was in a hurry, and Yu Hong was complexion changed.

     Old Sun Ge said angrily: "Bastard thing, are you crazy?"

     How much did it cost to open this secret realm!

     It is to let the people of the single divine literature improve and dominate the school again.

     It turned out to be good, a bastard who was making troubles frantically.

     At this moment, in the entire secret zone, there are several places where the absorption of willpower is large, but it has been very stable, and the absorption of the three places is not small.

     But those people are in sequence, step by step, and they didn't catch fish.

     Drain it all at once!

     But there is a bastard, who is too much, every time he drains it directly, this is comparable to a strong person in the Lingyun realm. He drains his willpower at one time, and suddenly a huge hole appears in the secret realm.

      time and time again, they are angry!

     This time, in order to open the secret realm, the resources consumed exceeded 100,000 points of merit, and the single Shenwen series was about to go bankrupt.

     Still so noisy?

     Angry old man!

     Old Sun Ge complexion was ugly extremely, over there, Hong Tan frowned and said: "Don't hold on, I can't come!"

     Zhou Mingren ignored him!

     Zhou Mingren judged it. The two Lingyuns were practicing steadily. Several others might have gathered together in the air. That fellow Zhou Pingsheng was making trouble?

     damn it!

     Bastard stuff!

     If you support it any more, you can't hold it anymore. If you come to Hong Tan and the others, several Lingyun and Tengkong can't be taken care of.


     They were holding on, Su Yu didn't know that it was difficult for them to hold on.

     14 hours, 16 hours...Almost every half an hour, he went out once.

     Go suck a place!

     When nearly 20 hours had passed, Su Yu had already activated 68 divine orifices!

      The one day period has not arrived!

     Su Yu is so happy!

     That's great!

     It's cool that he can't wait to live here forever!

     Benefiting from Su Yuyi's willpower, Zhang Hao did not progress slowly. He opened 5 of his orifices, and got 6 of his orifices, only one was not activated.

     And Su Yu did not stay here for long.

     Soon, Su Yu found Wu Jia.


     At this moment, Wu Jia is practicing.

     Not far away is Wan Mingze.

     When he saw Su Yu, Wan Mingze's eyes were a little strange. Zhou Pingsheng had chased Su Yu for so long, but he didn't even catch him.

     This guy can really hide!

     Su Yu didn't bother to care about him, looked at Wu Jia, and smiled: "Senior Sister!"

     "Junior Brother!"

     Wu Jia opened his eyes, also a little surprised, and hurriedly said: "Then the old dog didn't find you, right?"


     Su Yu smiled and said, "I'm playing around with him..."

     "Didn't that delay your cultivation?"

     "It's okay!"

     Su Yu smiled and walked over and said: "Senior Sister, stop harassing Brother Wan here, I will take you to other places!"

     On Wan Mingze's side, he didn't know whether he was a saint or a hypocrite, so stay away from him.

     If you have trouble, go here.

     No trouble, no need to lean on his side.

     Not far away, Wan Mingze smiled and didn't care.Watching Su Yu take Wu Jia away, his eyes changed a little, and the willpower spilled was very strong!

     Su Yu, I'm afraid there is a basic writing technique!

     Just don't know how many magic tricks have been opened!

     And Wu Jia, maybe also.

      When cultivating on his side, Wu Jia's strength was not weak, but she couldn't conceal the sight of the willpower being absorbed by her. He saw some of them. At the end of the day, Wu Jia had at least 3 magical orifices.


     On the way.

     Su Yu whispered: "Senior Sister, how many tricks did you do?"


     Wu Jia happily said, "Junior brother, if I enter Tengkong, I will soon be at Tengkong Second."

     "It's boring to be in the air, absorb more willpower, and open up more divine apertures. This opportunity is rare... still have two more days.

     After all, Su Yu took Wu Jia to Xia Huyou's side.

      also without rubbish, said directly: "Give you a little willpower to come over, take care of my senior sister, or trouble you!"

     Xia Huyou is speechless!

     Do i need it?

     I have opened my mind 25 times, did you know?

     I'm so awesome, did you know?

     He had learned the Xia family's literary arts before, and he had opened his mind to almost 18. These days, he was also cultivating. This guy is extremely talented, and his enrollment is all nonsense.

     Now, 25 have already opened!

     Entering into the sky, that is the sky seven.

     1-4 is one-fold, 18-24 is six-fold, 25-28 is seven-fold, 29-32 is eight-fold, 33-36 is nine-fold, and 36 is nine-fold peak, which is also the peak of the sky.Of course, when he was just promoted, the strength of the divine text was not enough, and the strength of the willpower was not enough, he was not considered to be the seventh of the sky.

     Su Yu actually underestimated himself?

     Still give yourself a willpower?

     Xia Hu was especially sure that except for those who vacated the air, there were more divine awakenings than himself, none of them!

     The next moment, he didn't say a word.

     The face is swollen!

     Slapped by Su Yu!

     A wave of willpower came surging, covering a large area, swept over, and piled up around several people.

     Xia Huyou's heart is inwardly cursed!

     Damn it!

     How much is this?


     Absolutely more!

     Don't think of me as a fool. He looked at Su Yu with extremely strange eyes. There are definitely more than 36. What's the situation? Does Su Yu also have other techniques?

     Of course, he does.

     Combining the two exercises together, he can also unlock 45 divine orifices.

     But the other 9 do not match the 36, which can only make him stronger willpower and faster recovery. As for the explosive power, there is not much difference.

     He doesn't know if Su Yu has mastered the second literary trick, anyway, there are definitely more than 36 tricks!

     Wu Jia didn't feel much at all, she just opened a few magic holes, and couldn't tell the strength from the weak.

     I just think Junior Brother is really amazing!

     Xia Hu especially glanced at Su Yu deeply, and said nothing.

     He is a wise man, so he naturally knows what to ask and what not to ask.

     Until Su Yu was about to leave, he still whispered: "Are you interested in changing it? Change my family's 18 divine orifice cultivation methods..."

     Su Yu barked his teeth and smiled!If you didn't reply, just ran away.

     Change the fart!

     The rubbish of 18 magical orifices, maybe there are overlapping magical orifices, why do I want this rubbish!

     When all my 180 divine apertures are turned on, maybe they will all overlap for you.

     I didn't bother to care about him. Senior Sister gave it to this guy. The problem shouldn't be big. Xia Huyou knew that he had a literary tactic, and he got it. Senior Sister was more at ease when she practiced, so that no one would be worried about it.


     When Su Yu ran away, Xia Huyou looked regretful, glanced at Wu Jia.

     As a result, Wu Jia ignored him, minding one's own business and sat down to practice.


     With a sigh of emotion, Xia Huyou looked speechless, why didn't he pay attention to me?

     I don't owe you money!


     Look at Su Yu's disappearing back, tuts, and it looks like this guy is going to make trouble again.

     The point is, no one knows yet.

     And I, but be very clear about sth!

     "Not only is there me, there must be someone helping him in this secret realm!"

     Xia Huyou thought, somewhat skeptical, who is helping Su Yu?

     Where did this guy come from?

     Shaking his handshake, Xia Huyou raised his eyebrows. This guy gave Chen Hao the sound transmission last time. He felt that this guy had prepared a lot of the sound transmission. Maybe the one holding the sound transmission may be his person. .

     That works!

     Just under my nose, a group of people developed.

     "Chen Hao..."

     Thinking of this person, Xia Huyou pouted, the bad guy with strong features!

     The second grandpa was right, you can't judge a person by appearance!It is also right to join the Civilization Academy!

     Joining the Civilization Academy is because of the chaos here. According to the second grandfather, you can experience brotherhood and robes in the War Academy, but you cannot experience crafty plots and machinations, and you cannot see the dark side of society.

     It is not a good thing to take charge of Daxia Mansion in the future.

     You are the palace lord, not the general.

     Even if you are a general, you must know how to deal with these and understand them.

     Several generations of palace owners all came from civilized schools.

     Not a war college!

     It is to let them know how to control a large government.

     The war academy trains soldiers and generals!

     As for civilized schools, if they are really in the dark, they are handsome.

     "Su Yu..."

     Xia Huyou murmured in his heart, good fellow, he really became the palace lord, and he had to draw in.

     He has brains, strength, and talent...not to mention, many positions in Daxia Palace are suitable for him now.

     But as a peer of the same age, if the future Palace Master himself was suppressed, he would lose face.

     Others are better than themselves, and they can talk about the past.

     But Su Yu is better than himself, cannot be justified!

     "There are 14 co-apertures, do you want to re-enter Wanshi with 16 co-apertures?"

     Xia Huyou sighed, if he got 14 and was promoted, he would be Wanshi already.

     But what he learned was also the top-level Heaven-opening Sword of the sky rank, with 16 orifices in total, which was the perfect combination.

     It's hard!

     As the future palace lord, if you don't practice, you have to learn from the old man and get to the top when you open the sky sword."That guy Su Yu, he's also cultivating a Heavenly Sword... Don't worry, it's also difficult for him to get in touch, I can wait!"

     Just don't give Su Yu the lead!

     Su Yu didn't have a good fit now, and he had all 14 of his own. This was enough for Su Yu to drink a pot.

     As for the divine orifice...I opened a few more this time.

     "Su Yu is not as good as I am. I have nine thousand stones, go home and get some blood from the gods and demons, and build a foundation to the flesh to vacate three or four times in one day. It depends on how you chase it!"

     Xia Huyou to bare one's fangs laugh!

     This is the invincible descendant!

     Not convinced!

     You have to spend money to buy it, and you have to find a way to collect it. I don't need it. I will take it directly when I go home. Once I take it, I will build the foundation.

     The physical body vacates three or four layers, and then the Civilization Master vacates seven or eight layers, or even nine layers, you Su Yu... hey, fight with me!

     When I entered the air, I would change the mysterious rank top civilian soldiers!

     Use money and background to crush you!


     This disdain made Xia Huyou laugh with a grunting sound it stops!

     Damn it!

     I was despised by Wu Jia?

     He turned his head and glanced at Wu Jia, with a gloomy expression on his face, before he said for a long while: "Do you know the strength of your junior brother?"

     Wu Jia glanced at him, speechlessly: "You don't know? Invincible under the air!"


     That seems to be fine!

     Forget it, Xia Huyou didn't bother to care about her, sat down cross-legged and continued to practice.

     This mystery is good!

     Daxia Mansion should also get one. The one at home is not very good. Next time the old man hacks people, he should hack one of this kind. It is best to get invincible and get back in the invincible secret.This is only sun and moon!

     Some low-end, the effect of Lingyun is not great.

     To slash an invincible, at least it can use mountains and seas.


     When Xia Huyou was indulge in flights of fancy, Su Yu acted again.



     The people of the single god text want to cry!

     Zhan Hai who is about to vacate wants to cry!

     What about him, what exactly is going on?

     Is there something wrong with this secret?

     Suck some willpower, intermittent, they almost made trouble a few times, what the hell!

     The daughter of the Director of the Yuqiang Department... Su Yu also took care of it.

     Sucking her willpower several times.

     Everyone has been killed. If you are not killed, I am so sorry for you. I know that you are an honest person. After you go out, you may still make Zhou Mingren lose some money.

     Ji Xiaomeng also simply. The willpower around him was sucked several times, so he didn't practice anymore, and ran away to find Zhou Pingsheng!

     The strongest here is Zhou Pingsheng!

     I'm going to find Uncle Zhou to help me practice, help me gather willpower, and help me protect the law. Uncle Zhou is so good, he will definitely agree!

     Ji Xiaomeng was not depressed at all, and naturally chose to ask for help.

     No help... Zhou Pingsheng can retire early.

     If it doesn't work, just go to Xia Yuwen, just like, she can always find help anyway, so she is not depressed at all.


     Su Yu didn't bother to care about this, and continued to wander around, absorbing willpower everywhere.

     In the blink of an eye, one day and one night passed.

     In 24 hours, 71 were rejuvenated.The second set of exercises, only the last divine orifice, was almost opened.

     "Strive for three sets of magic tricks within three days!"

     Su Yu has set a goal for himself. My goal is not high, so I only need 108 divine orifices.

     There are a total of 180. I will open three sets. The requirements are not high, right?

     Originally 44 opened, 64 more would be enough!

     There are only about 20 a day, is this still difficult?

     Su Yu's small goal for oneself began to work hard, absorbing willpower everywhere.


     Secret outside.

      one day one night passed!

     The old man Sun Ge couldn't hold it long, and Zhou Mingren couldn't hold it either, glanced at Hong Tan.

     Hong Tan smiled and looked at the few old Ges who had just arrived and said, "Come on, help, and just keep it for a day!"

     Hong Tan stepped forward to take over the control of the secret realm.

     Zhou Mingren didn't say a word, I'll let you go, see if you are uncomfortable, there is a bastard in it sucking willpower everywhere, you are comfortable watching by now, and I will see what you do later!

     He and a few others quickly retreated, Hong Tan brought a few elders onto the court and took over the secret realm.

     Once he got started, Hong Tan was shocked by willpower!


     Zhou Pingsheng?

     I just came up, will you give me power?

     Improper son of man!

     As soon as he took over, there was an area that was sucked out of willpower.

     Hong Tan was speechless and not polite, and quickly dispersed several places where there was a lot of willpower.

     Why take advantage of those guys!words exceede 5100Several vacated also without rubbish, drilled directly into the mountain, and Su Yu also drilled into it.

     As soon as he got in, Su Yu's eyes flashed, and a small knife emerged, blazing a path in the misty hill.

     "Sure enough, the master did it!"

     Su Yu was overjoyed, followed the knife all the way in, and soon separated from the others.

     He didn't care about others. When the knife stopped, Su Yu looked around and was very happy. It seemed that the surroundings were directly blocked by strong willpower, and outsiders could not enter.

     Master is still great!

      Thus, even if other people see that they have strong willpower, they can only scratch the outside.

     I'm here!

     Su Yu was so happy that he no longer had any hesitation, 71 divine orifices burst out with all their strength, and countless willpowers were instantly removed!


      at the same time.

     Hong Tanzheng pityed his disciple and grandson, the next moment, his heart was shocked!

     Damn it!

     Did you get the wrong person?

     Damn it!

     Who is this?

     Suck so fast!

     Don't make trouble, isn't this the guy who just suspected Zhou Pingsheng?

     Do the same thing!

     But... But I used the brilliance of the sun and the moon to mobilize the divine writings of a generation of prefects. That small area is a place where we have many divine writings!

     After all, this is a secret realm left by a generation of prefects, and the multi-sacred texts have a certain degree of control.

     He was sure that only people with polytheistic literature could enter.

     Zhou Pingsheng is a series of divine literature?Or...everyone actually misunderstood. Su Yu had always done good things before?

     Hong Tan's heart was shaken, how did this happen?

     Is it Su Yu?

     He used his great strength to cover everything, and he didn't even give Zhou Mingren a chance to spy, and he pretended to be calm!

     It's okay!

     Little thing!

     Even Su Yu did it...Master is here, don't be afraid!

     I will help you stop!

     Hong Tan used his great strength to Suppress Everything while complaining in his heart, is it Su Yu?

     Did you do it?

     Are you sucking too fast?

     It feels like a Lingyun is sucking wildly!

      wave after wave!

     One after another!

     Every ten minutes or so, Hong Tan has to shake once, and he wants to curse in his heart, is it Su Yu?

     It’s too fast!

     Are you afraid of exploding if you smoke so much?


     At this time, Su Yu was so happy.

     Master is so good!

     I actually made a small circle for myself and sucked it by myself. It's cool!

     Now, he was not afraid that others would find out, it was a madness.

     Part of his willpower is not used up, he can't use it to activate the divine orifice, and he does not waste it. He frantically beats the sea of will with a small hammer, compresses the willpower, beats the divine orifice, and purifies the willpower.

     Anyway, I can't use up my willpower, so I'm afraid of anything, but just absorb it!

      One hour later, with a bang, the last hole in the second set of exercises was opened!

     This last trick is a bit difficult to open.Su Yu didn't care too much, and continued to absorb frantically, starting the third set of exercises.

     And this time, the speed is fast.

     72 divine orifices, providing willpower with all their strength, the divine aperture opens faster, and the willpower is unlimited. In less than half an hour, 73 divine apertures are opened.

     74, 75...

     The divine orifices were opened one by one, and Su Yu kept absorbing them.

     And Hong Tan at this moment, already numb!

     He felt that he couldn't last a day!

     Damn it!

     I'm close to the sun and the moon. I still have a lot of divine writings, a lot stronger than Zhou Mingren. That's it, he feels that he can't last a day.

     This crazy suck in the end is it not Su Yu?

     In the entire secret realm, at least 50% of the willpower is supplying Su Yu.

     The single divine literary series, this time to open the secret realm, the cost is huge, if it is Su Yu, this is the end of everyone's hair!

     "Should not be?"

     At this moment, Hong Tan doesn't know at all. Do you want to look forward to it? Is this Su Yu?

     The more you suck, the more!

     It used to be comparable to Lingyun's six or seven heavy, and now it is comparable to Lingyun Ba Ji's absorption speed.

     If it goes on like this, is it still comparable to mountains and seas?

     This secret realm does not support mountains and seas!

     "Fuck... won't be sucked and collapsed, right?"

     Hong Tan is a little guilty!

     There are a lot of people in it, kid, don't speed up, if it's you, you really sucked this secret to collapse, and others will kill you!

     He was thinking about it, he was really going to collapse, whether he should drag Su Yu and run away.

     What a terrible feeling!

     I block, I block again!I'm very calm if I don't let you see or feel it!

     It wasn't Su Yu who sucked it, definitely not, Zhou Pingsheng was making trouble, yes, it was him!


     At this moment, none of Zhou Pingsheng had noticed this.

     Because most of the willpower is gathered here, a few people are practicing outside at the moment.

     Zhou Pingsheng glanced at Hu Wensheng not far away, sneered in his heart!


     I didn't care about this guy before, and there were accidents everywhere, but now he came here and everything was fine outside.

     No more exclamations!

     No more screams!

     I didn't feel any willpower was emptied!

     Hu Wensheng...huh!

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