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235 Yuanshenqiao (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After talking with Hu Qiusheng, the coach came to class.

     Su Yu continued to be a good baby in front of oneself and listened to the class carefully.

     But I was thinking about other things, such as the recent lack of money, and I don't know if I can receive the benefits.

     In the top 100 list, he ranked the highest among freshmen. It stands to reason that he ranks first in the monthly exam. This is 10 merits.

     Squad leader welfare, 5 merits.

     High class students, 3 points of merit.

     In the top 100 list, he is now ranked 29th, previously 24. Recently, some people have dropped off the list and some have been promoted. Su Yu dropped a few places, but according to the ranking, he should also have 10 points of merit.

     Counting it down, Su Yu should have received 28 merit subsidies last month.

     But there is a bastard who said last time that he would cancel his subsidy. I don't know if it is still counted by the university.

     That guy is just an inspector, not the dean of the inspectorate.

     "I have to ask, 28 o'clock is not too much."

     Su Yu's heart is calculated. Now he is very poor and has a foreign debt of 1100 points. Not to mention, he has 130 points of merit on hand, and everything else in disorder is spent.

     And this is considered accumulative merit, some secret realms, you can enter only after accumulating merit.

     Not only the secret realm, but also some exercises. Although Su Yu doesn't need it, he still has to accumulate merits.

     Including receiving tasks, purchasing resources...

     Accumulation of merits represents a person's status in the Daxia Mansion.

     The higher the accumulation, the higher the status and the more things you can do.

     As well as the title of researcher in the future, as well as the promotion of status, and the fight for quota, all merits are accumulated.


      I finished the class absent-minded.After class, Su Yu went straight to the exchange office.

     "Check it out for me, did my merit award last month arrive?"

     As soon as Su Yu entered the door, he asked directly.

     She was still the same young lady from the previous few times. Seeing Su Yu, she no longer smiled the previous few times. She kept her face straight, helping with the inquiry with one strong beat and one weak beats. After a while, she said: "There should have been 28 merits. Reward, but there is a record of punishment, the reward for the first-class students was cancelled, and there are still 25 points.

     Su Yu returned to pondered, and it seems that it was the same. Xia Yuwen only said this that day.

     25 o'clock, a lot.

     But 3 points are missing, this is not a month, there are still many years to come.

     He could enjoy this treatment until he took off.

     The bastard Xia Yuwen, sooner or later he asked him to get the money back. The loss was too heavy!

     Su Yu doesn't care about this woman's face, it is still related to the ten thousand races. Women are all sentimental, to believe in the rain on hearing the wind and reject what they should.

     "Can it be restored?"

     "You can appeal to the Inspectorate!"

     "Understood, transfer me the merits."

     Su Yu didn't say much, handed in the merit card, and soon, 25 points of merit arrived.

     Not to mention, this reward is pretty generous.

     Su Yu thought of the top 100 rewards, the first place, 30 points of merit per month, the original one in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, and the first half of the year, he can also get a drop of blood from the gods and demons.

     Compared to his current 29, the rewards are much richer.

     Continuing for half a year... and the blood of gods and demons.

     A drop of blood of the gods and demons is worth thousands of points of merit.In the airborne realm, generally only 10 drops of the blood of the gods and demons are enough. Of course, this is something that everyone can do with a great cause, and most people have nothing to expect.

     There is really no money, and he has been ranked first in the top 100 for five consecutive years, and he can also get 10 drops of blood of the gods and demons.

     Su Yu thought about this in his heart, and left quickly despite the little sister's contempt.


     Xia Qing said nothing, not stupid, Su Yu was too lazy to explain too much, meaningless.

     After getting 25 points of merit, Su Yu was still satisfied, and finally made some money.


     School of Theology, teaching building.

     Sun Ge is always the powerhouse of the seven layers of mountains and seas, 36 in the mountain and sea realm of the academy, but not many in the later period of the mountains and seas.

     Ge Lao Sun is also the deputy dean of the School of Theology.

     Yu Hong is also the Seventh Division of Shanhai, but he is not the deputy dean, but the director of the resources department. This position is also very important, even more real than the deputy dean. The resource division of the seminary is almost always in charge of Yu Hong.

     They all have offices in the coaching building, unless they are closed, they usually stay in the office.

     Su Yu was not polite at all and went straight to the deputy Dean's Office.

     Knock on the door.

     In the office, Elder Sun Ge was talking with people, and when he heard the knock on the door, he felt a little strange in his eyes.

     "Come in!"

     Su Yu pushed the door in, smiled and greeted as soon as he entered the door, "Hello Sun Ge..."

     With that said, he looked at the old man in the office, a little familiar, and quickly recognized Lin Yao's grandfather!

     "Hello Teacher Lin!"

     Su Yu has a well-behaved face, and Mr. Sun raises his eyebrows slightly. He hates Su Yu very much.

     In other words, he didn't hate it, didn't pay attention to it, and didn't care.But the fellow Bai Feng killed his student, and he now hates being a related person with Bai Feng.

     Su Yu actually came to the office to find him... it was beyond his expectation.

     "Elder Sun, I'll go first."

     Lin Yao's grandfather smiled and got up to leave.

     Old Sun Ge said with a faint smile: "It's not over yet, what's the hurry! Su Yu, what's the matter, just say it."

     "Last time Elder Sun Ge promised to apply to me for a research base..."

     Su Yuhan smiled and said: "I have been injured in the past few days and have been recuperating, and I have not cared about it. Now my injury is better, Mr. Sun Ge, look..."

     Old Sun Ge was a little speechless.

     This guy really dare to apply!

     Lin Yao's grandfather glanced at Su Yu in surprise, and said with a smile: "Su Yu, you really want to build a research institute?"

     Su Yuhan smiled and said, "Of course! What can't be said before is nothing? Su Yu, I am not the kind of person to grow fat eating one's words, I can't afford to lose that person!"

     In this case, some to point at the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree!

     Old Sun Ge snorted and said directly: "Behind the Wentan Research Center, there is a disused research institute. The place is huge! You have to apply, right? Yes, you can get a vacancy, plus 5 students or teachers. If you meet the application criteria, apply again! In addition, research the topic, submit it to the research group, and the topic is passed, Naturally no problem!"

     Su Yu barked his teeth and said with a smile: "Ge Lao Sun, once you have successfully applied for the institute, will the institute have the start-up funds allocated?"

     "Have!"Old Sun Ge said lightly: "Are you sure you want to accept? If you accept, your research results can also be used by the university for free! In addition, within the time limit, doesn't have any results, this start-up capital needs to be recovered!"

     Although it is only literal to recover this statement.

     But this year, it's hard to say.

     The Inspectorate is ready to make big moves, and the research institute is also the top priority!

     Maybe some funds will be recovered this year!

     "Free use?"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Ge Lao Sun, right? The academy just has the priority, but it doesn't use it for free."

     Old Sun Ge snorted and was too lazy to argue, and said casually: "Do you want to apply for start-up funding? Recently, there are too many projects. The university wants to cut off some useless research projects. Let's just say it, I can't apply!"

     Just so simple!

     Just don't give you start-up capital!

     You can't accept it!

     Su Yu sighed helplessly, "Forget it, Elder Sun, so as long as I have enough people and the subject is over, I can open a research institute?"

     "Not bad."

     Old Sun Ge said indifferently: "I'll apply again when I'm done!"

     "Thank you Elder Sun!"

     Su Yu looked grateful, "I must open the research institute. I will have achievements in the future and benefit mankind. It is the strong support of Mr. Sun Ge, I can have such good luck..."

     Old Sun Ge impatiently glanced at him, smiled, and disdain to answer.

     Waiting for you to benefit mankind!

     Su Yu stopped talking and left soon.

     As soon as he left, Lin Yao's grandfather smiled and said, "Elder Sun, do you really approve him?""An empty shell, there is not much money to build."

     Old Sun Ge not to accept as correct.

     Lin Yao's grandfather pondered for a while and said, "If you really get some results out, it won't look good."

     "No problem!"

     Old Sun Ge smiled and said: "Let him go, it is a good thing to delay cultivation!"

     If you Su Yu can't get into the air, you can toss these all day long, that's not bad, just toss about it.

     The two chatted a few words, and stopped talking about Su Yu.


     And Su Yu is also very efficient at this moment.

     It's best to get it done today!

     5 students, 1 vacated.

     It's not difficult for students. Sister Sister counts one, Hu Qiusheng counts one, counts one herself, and finds two more.

     Take off...

     Looking for Liu Hong is nonsense. Be careful to swallow your own research institute by this companion pitted.

     Soon, Su Yu found the Top 100 Building.

     Zhao Ming!

     Yes, this is the referee.


     He consulted with Zhao Li, Huang Lao and Nie Lao, and they both gave their opinions. It is best to find a neutral researcher, so that he can be unbiased and give a few merit points a year.

     Zhao Ming dared to intervene in the research institute, and the neutral department would punish him.

     Today, no one is on the list.

     Zhao Ming also did not stay in the ring, but rested in the top 100 building, by the way, chatting with several young ladies who were in charge of doing business.

     Su Yu has hardly entered the Top Hundreds Building, and has left after playing in the Top Hundreds several times.

     This is the first time he has actually walked in.Zhao Ming quickly sensed the existence of Su Yu, turned his head to look at Su Yu, and said in surprise: "Su Yu?"

     This guy didn't show up yesterday, but he did show up today.

     "Want to hit the list?"


     Su Yu smiled and said, "It's something to find the teacher."


     "Put a name, 30 merits a year."

     Su Yu also simply quoted directly.

     Zhao Ming understood it as soon as he heard it. At this moment, in the lobby of the Hundred Strong Building, several students passed by and looked at them.

     Su Yu didn't bother to care about them, and Zhao Ming didn't care, and said amusedly: "Institute?"


     "Find me, then you know the importance of me!" Zhao Ming smiled and said, "I am, the rules! Say as much as you want. Never do everything in disorder. 30 o'clock is too little. College, it’s hard for you to find someone to name, and if you find one, you may not be able to trust..."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Brother Liu Chuan is also good."


     Zhao Ming knew who he was talking about, the student of Liu Wenyan, but he was not too young, and he still vacated.

     Zhao Ming curled his lips and said: "Are you going to pull someone into the water? Those few people forgot about the last time and didn't care about this little person. Now they are going to give you a name for the research institute, and they will float up all at once. Are you happy to go? "

     Su Yu smiled and said, "That's why I came to see Teacher Zhao, but I do have a lot of choices, Teacher Zhao, right?"

     "100 points!"

     Zhao Ming also don't give a crap and quote directly.

     "50 o'clock, every year, don't have to do anything, the teacher does not agree to forget it."

     "also!"Zhao Ming happily agreed and said with a smile: "Small things, talking about money hurts feelings! Do you study the topic what is? Do you want me to help you fake it? Just pick a topic that can pass the test, don't worry, the university won't care."

     "The fee is not expensive, and the audit is included!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Currently, I am preparing to study the Yuanshen Aperture."


     "Origin Aperture!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "According to my theory, the human body has an acupuncture point that connects the Yuan Aperture and the Shen Aperture. Once it is found and located, people can avoid passive cultivation in the Kai Yuan stage! Directly cultivate the Yuan Shen Aperture! , You can practice together vitality and willpower, maybe there will be no Kaiyuan in the future, just normal practice."

     Zhao Ming dazed for a moment.

     Looking at him, he didn't say a word for a long time.

     He thought that the child was playing around, but he turned his head and threw a super incomparable gigantic topic!

     Yuan Shenqiao!

     Su Yu has named it!

     Once it is really discovered that this acupuncture point exists, from then on, the human race enters the age of the Yuanshen Aperture, Su Yu...may be able to rewrite history and leave a fortune in history!

     Zhao Ming's face solemnly said: "Yuan Shenqiao... the related acupuncture points between Yuan and Shenqiao?"


     "Does it exist?"

     "do not know."

     "Then you still study..."

     "After studying, I know that there is no existence!" Su Yu smiled: "Everything is discovered in the unknown. Over the years, I have discovered that the path of the civilized master has not progressed forward and explored less. Searching for the realm, searching up and down... ...The current civilized division..."

     Su Yu smiled and didn't say much.Lest you knock everyone down!

     But has to say, in Su Yu's view, in the past few years, there has not been much progress in the field of civilized divisions. They are all topics of old observation.

     Zhao Ming looked at him and said for a long while: "Then you always have an origin, and you have this idea. How did this idea come about?"

     "Born after opening 300 acupuncture points."

     Su Yu said indifferently, like Hu Qiusheng, Zhao Ming was unable to respond.


     Who are you so exciting!

     A bit sour, Zhao Mingyou said quietly: "What's the use of having so many resuscitation, but it can't be completely connected."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "If you discover the Yuanshen Aperture, there is hope! Even the Yuanshen Aperture can be combined with the God Aperture! I even wonder whether the Yuanshen Aperture is a key to the invincibility of the civilization master!"


     At this moment, Zhao Ming was stunned.

     Su Yu... blinked.


     What did i say?

     No way!

     It's just bragging, Su Yu eyes flashed. Divine text and combat skills are the key to invincible promotion, and human divine text is the key to invincibility. Why isn't the original spirit?

     Doesn't it really exist?

     He thinks it is still possible!

     When he has a lot of resuscitation, he really has a vague feeling that there is still one extremely important acupuncture point in the human body that has not been discovered.

     Su Yu's thoughts are far away, and Zhao Ming, at this moment, is also somewhat erratic.

     After a long while, he suddenly said: "I will give you a name for free! But I hope I can join your research institute!"

     At this moment, a person next to him suddenly said: "Su Yu, can I join?"Jiang Mu!

     Su Yu noticed him, looked at Jiang Mu at the moment, smiled: "I just said casually, are you serious?"

     "No, I didn't take it seriously, I didn't take the invincible thing! But the soul..." Jiang Mu seriously said: "I think it may really exist! I have read a travel note, and it has been recorded that there was one in the early days of Anping The strong, once broke out a heaven startling strike, and killed a mountain and sea with the Ninth Realm of Lingyun..."

     Zhao Ming was surprised: "You said Baihao Hao?"


     Jiang Mu nodded, but Su Yu was at a loss.

     Don't know, never heard of it.

     Zhao Ming explained: "Taiwan Hao, a figure in the early days of Anping's calendar, counts... it still has something to do with you. Even if your teacher Bai Feng is a descendant of Tian Hao, there is a record in history that once killed the mountain and sea in the Lingyun realm, but After the eruption, it fell quickly, and the specific truth and falsehood...now it is difficult to distinguish, usually only through travel notes and the like."

     "Daytime Hao?"

     Bai Feng's ancestor?

     Su Yu was surprised and looked at the two of them, "What do you mean is that he opened the Yuanshen Aperture and the acupuncture points were unified, so he killed the mountain and sea by the higher level?"


     Jiang Mu said seriously: "You just said that you had some feelings after opening 300 acupuncture points. I think this conjecture may be true. In the early days of Anping Li, many people opened hundreds of acupuncture points. Of course, most of them died. Because the resuscitation was chaotic at the time, there was no system, and later died of old age, some died in battle...The rumor that Tiantian Hao also opened a lot of acupuncture points, maybe there is a Yuanshenqiao!"Of course, he may not have discovered it. Perhaps it was a battle before his death, when he suddenly discovered the location of this acupuncture point, and he merged into one, bursting out unprecedented combat power!"

     Su Yu was speechless, I just made a random guess, so it might really exist?

     He doesn't care much about being known.

     Just kidding, maybe opening hundreds of acupuncture points is an experiment, almost crazy!

     Except for someone doing this in the early days of Anping Li, no one will such do in the later period.

     "Both are interested in joining?"

     Both of them nodded!

     Zhao Ming smiled and said: "A very interesting subject, there really needs to be the Yuanshen Aperture you mentioned. Now you may need to open up hundreds of them to find out, but once you find out, you need to locate and derive backwards. , You can directly open the Yuanshen Aperture!"

     Jiang Mu also nodded and said: "A very meaningful subject, and besides you...maybe no one can do this kind of experiment at the moment! Su Yu, if this Yuanshen Aperture really exists, then Human Race will rewrite it in the future!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I'm just a guess, you want to join..."

     Su Yu considered and nodded: "Yes, but I'm going to take the lead. You are just the researcher of the research institute, not the management!"

     "no problem!"

     Both of them nodded, they were very interested in this subject.

     Even Su Yu's topic may be reported, and it may arouse the attention of many bigwigs.Of course, because of the particularity of the subject, only a few hundred acupuncture points can be sensed. Probably no one would want to experiment. First, it is too difficult to open a few hundred acupuncture points.

     Second, it consumes too much resources and takes too long. It may take years or even ten years to re-train such geniuses now.

     Thirdly, since he is so genius, he can get a few hundred resuscitation, why not promote him?

     As for Su Yu... he is a pervert.

     Who knows how he opened so many acupuncture points so quickly!

     Thinking of this, Zhao Ming suddenly said: "Su Yu, I think you can find someone, Zhou Hao! He opens up quickly, with 144 acupuncture points, but his Qianshan Art... has reached this point, it is difficult to go further! At this time, he does not enter Wanshi, but can only continue to resuscitate, strength enhancement!"

     He said with a smile, "Didn’t you team up with him last time? You can pull it over as a test sample, let his teacher show up for him to practice, open up, no problem! Once the topic of Yuanshen Aperture comes out, Xia Yuwen must I'm also interested, I can't wait to step in. You ask him to spend some money to open up his apprentice. He may not be happy before, but now... I guarantee that there is no problem!"

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly!

     Makes sense!

     Maybe it can make a fortune.

     And he has some special characteristics. In addition, he has opened his mind, but Zhou Hao hasn't opened his mind. If he didn't get his mind, would he have this kind of feeling?

     Yuan Shenqiao, he used it to fool people.

     But now, Su Yu is really interested.

      Thus, the vest of self-study genius is officially put on.People like Zhao Ming are interested when they hear it, and so is Hu Qiusheng, which shows that these people are very interested in this.

     Su Yu thought for a while and asked, "Do you two have any special skills? Fighting doesn't count."

     Zhao Ming was speechless, "Does the treatment count? I am a doctor, and you often get hurt when you experiment!"

     Makes sense!

     Su Yu nodded, you count.

     Where is Jiang Mu?

     I'm not familiar with Jiang Mu, but the opponent is also a member of the neutral department, so I can get in.

     However, you have to be a bit capable?

     Fighting... Fighting is not enough for you.

     Although it will be vacated soon!

     Jiang Mu thought for a while, and said: "I like to read travel notes for a while. I have read thousands of books over the years, don't you think?"


     Su Yu was dull, and nodded for a while, "Forget it!"

     This has to count!

     Take a look, when people heard about the Yuanshen Aperture, they immediately thought of Tianhao Hao, and immediately thought that there might be a Yuanshen Aperture. This is what it can be.

     Some unofficial history and some legends are reflected in the travel notes.

     Su Yu didn't read many books in this area, mainly because he didn't have enough time, but Jiang Mu was very idle.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu curiously asked: "My teacher, is there still a glorious time for the family?"

     Ling Yun killed the mountains and seas!

     Zhao Ming smiled and said: "How normal! Ordinary family, it is also difficult to get out of genius, this is the truth. Although the Bai family is not too strong now, it is still not bad. There are still several Lingyun in the family, but there is no mountain or sea. ."

     This Su Yu is really unclear.

     Bai Feng never mentioned it.Zhao Ming said again: "The Bai family is not a member of the Great Xia Mansion, it belongs to the Great Xia Mansion. Bai Feng can come to the Great Xia Civilization Academy. In fact...it also counts the merits of the Five Dynasties. The Five Dynasties are so famous that Bai Feng entered school. Coming for the Five Dynasties, so honor does not allow one to glance back to join the polytheistic literature, even at that time, the polytheistic literature has been extremely declining."

     Su Yu raised his eyebrows.

     Have it?

     I didn't think that the teacher worshipped the five generations, but... after thinking about it, maybe it was for the esoteric research project of the first series of polytheistic literature. This is known by seeing Bai Feng's all day long living in the research institute.

     That person is a technical house, if it is not for the struggle, he is probably too lazy to get out of the door.

     "The Bai family still has Lingyun...Then my teacher will be dispatched to the battlefield of the heavens this time..."

     Su Yu thought for a while, and said no more.

     Zhao Ming knew what he meant, and smiled: "The Bai family... how to say it, Bai Feng joined the polytheistic literature, it means that it is involved in the struggle, and the Bai family does not blend in, which is actually very good. So as not to be involved. However, the Bai family didn't say anything to break away from him. Generally speaking, it can be regarded as a wait-and-see state."

     "My master's parents are still there?"

     Zhao Ming said speechlessly: "You really don't know enough about your first department. The situation of your teacher's family doesn't know at all."


     Su Yu is speechless, who would ask the teacher this.

     Your students will ask if your parents are still there?

     "Yes, his father is still a strong person in the Lingyun Realm, not Bai Clan's Patriarch, but the younger brother of the Patriarch, and now he is the commander of the army in the Daming Mansion, and he is considered a side person."

     Su Yu didn't ask any more, but picked up two people here for nothing, but it was unexpected harvest.Now that there are almost all the people, the subject is what he just said, and now it is time to apply for research.


     On the afternoon of November 6, Su Yu sent an application report to the Research Institute.

     Submitted his own research project.

     Zhao Ming is the guidance teacher, and Su Yu, Hu Qiusheng, Wu Jia, Jiang Mu, and Xia Hu are especially students who applied for the establishment of the institute.

     As soon as Su Yu's research report was submitted, it caused a sensation and attention from the top.


     Daxia House.

     Palace Lord's Hall.

     Master Xiahou got the report, which was submitted by Daxia Civilization Academy. Before then, he actually received a report.

     Xia Huyou sent it.

     "Origin Aperture..."

     Xia Houye murmured, multi-sacred text, has to say, his mind is full of life, Su Yu, put forward the concept of "Essence Aperture", but he has some ideas.

     "Old Hu!"

     Xia Houye quickly said, "Let me find out if there has been any research in this area in the Search Realm and the Temple of War in these years."

     Manager Hu actually received it before, and Hu Qiusheng knew about it a long time ago.

     Hearing this, Mr. Hu touched his beard and smiled: "Yes! 320 years ago, there was actually the first exploration, but it failed and died without a disease."

     "The second time I mentioned this topic again, it was brought up by the Daqin Mansion 180 years ago. Some people did an experiment back then and it failed."

     "The third time, 80 years ago... King Daxia proposed it."


     Master Xiahou dazed for a moment, my father mentioned it, why don’t I know?Manager Hu smiled and said: "Actually, I tried it on Uncle Xia back then. In the end, Uncle Xia had 180 resuscitations, and he couldn't do it afterwards. If I didn't have the energy to open up, I gave up, and this project ended without a problem."

     "Boss tried?"

     Master Xiahou was surprised. I really didn't know this. He hadn't been born yet.

     "Yes, but it all failed."

     Manager Hu smiled and said: "Of course, they didn't actually put forward the concept of Yuanshen Aperture, only one idea, and they all failed. There are too many failed projects, so few people care."

     "Then do you think Su Yu has any hope?"

     "Hard to say."

     Manager Hu thought a bit then said: "He is the newcomer who has had the most resuscitation over the years! He has opened more than 300 acupuncture points. Few people do this. Even if they can do it, they usually don’t do it. With this time for resuscitation, there will be thousands of stones and empty space long ago."

     In Qianjun, with a resuscitation of more than 300, it is idle and nothing to do.

     Xia Houye couldn't figure out what Su Yu thought.

     I can only say that the talent is too good, and I am idle when I am idle, and I just want to play a few tricks...that's what I mean.

     Xia Houye hesitated for a moment and said: "This subject is still very meaningful. The search for the realm and the Temple of War, including the Daqin Mansion and the Daxia Mansion have all raised it. It means that Invincible is actually paying attention to this. It should be the same as Tianhaohao. That blow is related, right?"

     "should be!"

     "Notify Daxia Civilization Academy and ask them to quickly approve it. Don't trouble me now!"Xia Houye lazily said: "Su Yu may be the closest person to the Yuanshen Aperture at present, let him give it a try! If you really need the existence of the Yuanshen Aperture, you can open the Yuanshen Aperture in advance, from then on, the human race does not need to experience Kaiyuan. It’s the passive stage. It can save everyone five to eight years. This is no small matter!"

     Manager Hu nodded, "Do you need someone to protect him?"

     Xia Houye silent for a while, thought a bit then said: "Arrange, don't be discovered by him, someone really took action, kill a witness to silence them, don't let people know that we arranged for someone to do it!"

     "it is good."

     Manager Hu said with a smile: "Do you want to invest?"

     "Forget it."

     Xia Houye curled his lips and said, "Nothing yet, let alone this kid... To be honest, I think he may just be talking nonsense, but he doesn't actually have a clue."

     Manager Hu nodded.

     Xiahouye didn't say this any more, and continued: "How about Liu Wenyan and the others?"

     "It's going well. Someone made trouble on the road. It looks more like a temptation. The Ten Thousand Clan Religion also took action. Several Lingyun died. Now it has stopped."

     "How long will it take to reach the battlefield of the heavens?"

     "About ten days."

     "That makes people keep watching. Long Wuwei is ready to take action at any time, telling the big mansions, to clear out the followers of the ten thousand races along the way, they can't eliminate them...Daxia Mansion sends troops to help!"

     Master Xiahou faintly said: "Even the security within the territory cannot be guaranteed. Is there a need for it? Tell them directly that the ten thousand ethnic religions in the territory are very active, which means that the human environment is unstable. We will send troops directly to assist!""To be idle is also to be idle. Recently, there have been fewer battles, and their soldiers are not enough. In a few days I will withdraw the Demon Squad Army to help them clean up the local disaster!"

     Manager Hu smiled and nodded, "This is okay, Thus, it's hard for the big government to shirk anymore."

     Master Xiahou sneered!

     Some disdainfully said: "They are all things that are not too big for watching the excitement, and I hope Daxia Mansion will fight with people! Some guys are also thinking about the gods of the five generations...the beauty of thinking!"

     After talking for a while, Lord Xiahou ignored Manager Hu, drove people away, and went back to the back house to rest.


      at the same time.

     Su Yu's research topics are also spread among some high-level powerhouses.

     Yuan Shenqiao!

     This is the first time that some people have heard of this term, this concept is somewhat astonished, and some people do not to accept as correct and think Su Yu is whimsical.

     But no matter what, Su Yu can put forward such a theory at this moment, and many people label Su Yu as a research genius.

     With this time, if you don’t practice, if you are unordinary natural talent, you don’t want to get promoted, you go to get more than 300, has to say, you’re crazy if you have capital!

     Dozens of others are too difficult to resuscitate, there is a bastard who resuscitates 300!

     People are really incomparable.

     Suddenly, the saying of Yuanshen Aperture quickly spread to all around. There was this concept before, but now, it is proposed by a newcomer, perhaps also the young man who has the most enlightenment over the years.

     PS: There is no limit to five double monthly passes, so let's give more!
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