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236 Heavy Debts (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On November 6, apply for the research room.

     On November 8, the university approved and can be established.

     Shan Shenwen's first series did not create obstacles, or that it did not care at the moment, or it was under some pressure, Su Yu had to establish a research institute.


     November 9.

     Su Yu got the key to the new research institute and took a group of founders to the new research institute not far from Wentan Research Center.

     Xia Huyou, Hu Qiusheng, Wu Jia...

     Including Zhao Ming, everyone is here at this moment.

     Chen Yong is here too, to give Su Yu the pressure, and by the way some suggestions.

     main entrance.

     Some desolate feeling.

     Overgrown with weeds.

     The three-storey building has a large courtyard with a plaque hanging on the door of the courtyard, which is somewhat dilapidated.

     I carefully identified it-Blue Sky Research Institute.

     Chen Yong and Zhao Ming looked at each other, Zhao Ming smiled and said: "I didn't expect this place to be awarded to you."

     Su Yu was still looking at the environment, Wu Jia curiously asked: "What happened to this place?"

     "Blue Sky Research Institute..."

     Zhao Ming sighed, and quickly laughed: "It's nothing, just the owner of the year, with a little fame."


     Wu Jia is curious, is she famous?

     "Blue sky."

     Zhao Ming smiled and said: "It's called the Blue Sky Research Institute, of course it is Blue Sky."

     Wu Jia shook his head, not knowing.

     Aside, Hu Qiusheng and Jiang Mu seemed to know.

     Jiang Mu slightly frowned said: "The omen is not good!"

     Su Yu turned his head, "Who is Lantian?"

     "A traitor."Jiang Mu said indifferently: "It happened 20 years ago, and I also saw it in my travel notes. The blue sky...it shouldn't be called the blue sky now, it's called the Master Shimao!"


     Su Yu dazed for a moment, what's the situation?

     He knew that the two strongest clans of the ten thousand clans were the gods and demons.

     And these two clans, only one big name, are also divided into many small clans, of which Primordial God Clan and Shimo Clan are the strongest.

     Master Si Demon?

     Zhao Ming smiled and said: "I don't know? The leader of the first demon really went out here. Of course, the black history, the academy is too lazy to say that this history has been sealed. Blue sky...hey, awesome!

     Chen Yong said calmly: "It's just a traitor, what a great person."

     Zhao Ming laughed and said, "Chan, Director Chen, you can't say that. Traitors belong to traitors. People still have to admit that they are powerful!"

     Seeing that Su Yu was curious, he laughed and said, "Lanlan... used to be the dean of the transformation department. He is not too old. They are in the first phase with Hong Ge and they have already entered the mountain and sea realm. 20 Years ago, the other party was the dean of the transformation department, Shanhai Qizhong, the transformation department was not too strong."

     "This...reformed himself, he was crazy, and finally wanted to change his body... but he secretly replaced himself with the body of the first demon."

     A few people frowned, and Zhao Ming smiled again: "This guy, awesome, disguised as the First Demon, broke into the camp of the First Demon in the battlefields of the heavens, did a lot of great things, and killed some of the strong first demon. ...If so, he is a hero."

     Su Yu nodded, yes.

      If so, the opponent is considered a hero, and he actually pretended to be the Shimozu and got in.But now the other party is the leader of the beginning demon, obviously there is a follow-up.

     Sure enough, Zhao Ming said again: "As a result, Primitive Demon Race's, a strong sun and moon, captured him but didn't kill him... Instead, he told him that his transformation was unsuccessful. Big……"

     Zhao Ming shrugged and said: "We don’t know exactly what happened. Lantian was persuaded by the other party. After that, he returned to the human state and replaced the previous leader of the first demon, becoming a new generation of leader of the first demon. These years, the original god Scramble for power and profit with the Si Demon Sect in the Ten Thousand Clan Sect, the Si Demon Sect vaguely crushed the other side..."

     "He is Sun Moon?"

     "Yes, it's the sun and the moon!"

     Zhao Ming nodded with a smile, "That guy is a genius. It's not uncommon to see the sun and the moon, after all, the old man Hong Ge is here."


     Chen Yong looked at him like that!

     I always feel that this is a curse.

     What does it mean that my master is approaching the sun and the moon?

     Zhao Ming laughed and quickly said: "To say that he is a great man, this is also the truth. At the end of the transformation system, he transformed himself into the Shimozu. It really has some ability. The Shimozu is physically strong, how can this guy transform? Successful, in fact, still have a lot of reference. Unfortunately, this guy defected after the transformation was successful, otherwise, we will definitely know a little more about the Shimozu now."

     Su Yu said strangely: "Mansion Chief Wan does not care?"

     This kind of traitor will not kill the other party?

     "What the hell!"Zhao Ming shrugged and said: "That guy is in the Sun and Moon realm, and his whereabouts are secret. He doesn't come to Daxia Mansion to make trouble. Do you think the governor will go to the whole world to arrest him? Besides, the governor's open power is the pinnacle of mountains and seas. Grab!"

     A look of playfulness!

     Public strength, the pinnacle of mountains and seas.

     Su Yu frowned and said, "If this kind of traitor is not killed, does that institution still have prestige?"

     "If the prefect doesn't kill, the Xia family won't kill?"

     Xia Huyou answered: "What to kill, King Da Xia can't find him! This guy to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost, and to the outside world, he is actually a spy inserted by the Ten Thousand Mansion Chief. Deliberately targeting primitive gods, let everyone give him some convenience."


     Su Yu was surprised, and Wu Jia also curiously said: "He is a spy? Is he a good person? How dare you say it everywhere?"

     Xia Huyou smiled bitterly: "Spy, he said that on purpose, and the meaning is very clear. Tell us, ignore him, he will not trouble us, only fight with the primitive god..."

     Su Yu also wondered: "Only fight against the Primordial God Cult? That is indeed a good thing..."

     "What's so great!"

     Xia Huyou said speechlessly: "This guy, don't underestimate him! He wants to unify the religion of the ten thousand races and really establish a power behind the human race, and even establish a big mansion. This kind of person is the most troublesome!"

     Xia Huyou sighed: "If you are shouted hit and kill, to be honest, this kind of person is not terrible! The scary thing is that this guy is the criminal ringleader, main offender who promotes peaceful coexistence, including the establishment of self in the human environment. The trade zone is his suggestion!"Xia Huyou shook his head and said: "He is a person, the high-level people know that his heart is dark, the guys at the bottom... Really some people think he is a good person! He preaches that he is innocent with the Human Race Qiu, and the Human Race should accept more opinions and political opinions. Some people who don’t want to fight should be given a chance. He is willing to save them..."

     Xia Huyou had a headache and said: "This person, of course the Xia family wants to kill him, even if he kills the primitive leader! Other people of ten thousand races will cause chaos or kill the innocent, he doesn't, he The idea you preach sounds reasonable at first, but it's actually a sophistry!"

     He looked at Su Yu and said helplessly: "He said that the Human Race should establish a free trade zone and should accommodate the ten thousand races, because the human state has no oppressive power, and everyone will work together to make the human state the center of the ten thousand worlds. What do you think?"

     Su Yu frowned. Someone talked to him about this, Wan Mingze said.

     That day, Su Yu cursed for a while.

     Today, Su Yu still cursed: "This kind of person should be killed!"

     "That's not it!"

     Xia Huyou shrugged and said: "However, some people think what he said makes sense! What is going on in war? Isn't it good for everyone to be a family? Isn't it good for people to fight for war? How good are polite and amiable? The core of the world, how wonderful!"

     "He said that the ten thousand races are here, they are not here to kill people, but to help us build a human environment! The human environment still has a lot of room for development, away from war, everyone is like a dragon, what do you think?


     Su Yu is speechless, this person... has to say, really difficult.

     Not afraid of bad people being cruel, not afraid of bad people being poisoned.

     Just afraid of bad guys!No matter how strong the strength is, even if it is invincible, the human race can be killed!

     But people don't kill, punish the heart!

     Daxia Civilization Academy... It's awesome, even the guys who defected are sinister villains.

     Sure enough, after decades of hustling in a school, nothing is simple.

     Even if Zhou Mingren, who seemed to be turned around by them, was really serious, it was extremely easy to solve the difficult situation. These days, he has solved a lot of hidden dangers within the Shan Shenwen family.

     The Shan Shenwen series, which was about to be broken, seemed to be united again these days.

     The position of a pulse master is not in a hurry to let people go to the top, but to dangle everyone's appetite, so that some Lingyun, including several old patrons, behaved.

     There is a big bone here, I haven't thrown it out yet, you guys behave, I might give it to you.

      As a result, these days, the single-shenwen series is more united than before.

     "This person..."

     Su Yu thought for a while, and then said, "It's time to kill! And it's time to kill early! Shimajiao, should he have a good reputation now?"


     Xia Huyou sighed: "We call it Ten Thousand Races in Daxia Mansion. Everyone has no idea, but in some big houses, Ten Thousand Races are Ten Thousand Races, and Shimozu is Shimozu... By the way, their official name is not Shimojiao, but Shengjiao!"

     Xia Huyou murmured: "Some guys, really follow to call Shengjiao, do you think this guy is troublesome?"

     "Then you haven't dealt with him in these years?"Xia Huyou depressed and said: "Of course we have, our Palace Lord, once personally chased him for more than three months, but in the end, no one was left, and they could not be found in life or death. When the Palace Lord came back, they appeared again. Now! He is a powerhouse in the transformation system, and he can transform himself into the Shimozu. Think about it for yourself, how powerful his hidden ability is, just change it, and he is yet another person!"

     Su Yu was speechless, too.

     "Then you can't track it?"

     "Locked by Invincible, he can't escape, the key is that he can't lock it, this guy can hide too much!"

     After Xia Huyou said, he looked at the courtyard in front of him and said with a curl of his lips: "It is actually his research institute, so I said, Wentan Research Center is a research institute of veteran researchers. It is so kind to assign a large-scale research center. The institute gives you, it turned out to be him, it's really bad luck!"

     The old research institute occupies a large area, but the new research institute occupies a smaller area.

     The Department of Shan Shenwen assigned a research institute of a veteran researcher to Su Yu. Now, it seems that I am afraid that it is too bad intentions.

     Su Yu didn't care, and smiled: "It doesn't matter, the place is bigger and better, maybe the blue sky can leave some good things down..."

     "What do you want!"

     Zhao Ming interrupted: "don't be dreaming, after he defected back then, people from the Search Realm, the Temple of War, and the Great Xia Mansion all came, and checked his research institute and residence upright! You can take it away. All the things were taken away, and the rest was sealed by the university, leaving only an empty shell."

     "Invincible even led a team to investigate, do you think it can leave you with good things?"

     Su Yu smiled, and he just said such a saying.Naturally, I didn't expect to really leave anything to myself.

     Blue Sky Research Institute... Su Yu also without rubbish, with a punch and a bang, the already ragged signboard was directly shattered by his punch!

     "Starting from today, this is the Yuanshen Research Institute!"

     Su Yu smiled and turned his head and said: "Xia Huyou, this task is entrusted to you, turn around and get me a new brand!"


     "Just hang it up, there is no listing ceremony."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Go, go in and take a look!"


     Just as Su Yu brought people in to see the institute.

     Xiuxin Pavilion.

     Saint Wan Tian suddenly smiled, "Boy, I am not so courageous, I smashed other people's signs...interesting!"

     Talking and laughing pondered some.

      So many years, Blue Sky Research Institute, no one has moved since it was sealed.

     Now, Sun Xiang assigned this research to Su Yu accidentally or deliberately?

     The university has kept this research institute for many years, and it is a bit of tempting Lantian to come back and take a look.

     He walked in a hurry back then and hardly took what thing away.

     When searched later, no information about Primitive Demon Race's was found.

     The Search Realm, the Temple of War, and the Great Xia Mansion all felt that if there was something in this research institute that was not discovered by them, and Invincible did not discover it, that is a big secret.

     This Blue Sky Research Institute has been sealed for many years, until the first two years, after 18 years of blockade, it still doesn't have any movement, and it was unlocked.

     Now, Elder Sun actually gave it to Su Yu.

     Is it disgusting Su Yu, or... I want to lend sb a knife to kill sb!At this moment, Saint Wan Tian's willpower is scattered, searching the entire college, and muttering: "Are you still in the college?"

     That guy, the ability to hide is a must!

     Who knows if he has sneaked back to Daxia Mansion and sneaked into the Civilization Academy.

     At this moment, his signboard was smashed into pieces. Will he appear?

     Will it reveal the clues?

     After investigating, Wan Tiansheng smiled and withdrew his willpower.

     ignore him!

     Even if he did, he didn't dare to show up.

     That guy also understood that many people actually let him do it, to gather the ten thousand ethnic religions. When the ten thousand ethnic religions unify, it is his death date, a good opportunity to catch everything in the one net!

     There are a few old guys, but they are just waiting for him to do this.

     To gather all ethnic religions, it is best to arrange an enthronement ceremony for you, that is even better. At that time, I am afraid that many invincibles will be chasing him.

     Wan Tian Sheng smiled, closed eye meditation, no matter what.

     This guy Su Yu... didn't know if it was good luck or bad luck. If that guy was really in the academy, he would see Su Yu smash his sign and probably never finished with Su Yu.

     "It's okay to get him out!"

     Blue sky...

     There was a silent voice in Wan Tian Sheng's heart. The spies I arranged... arranged for your uncle. I borrowed my reputation these years and didn't bother to pay attention to you.

     Someday I will find out that invincible, and then settle accounts with you!


     "Cough cough cough..."

     Opening the dusty door, a bloody air rushed into the minds of several people.

     Wu Jia coughed for a while, clutching his nose and said: "It smells so bad!"Zhao Ming smiled and said: "Normal, the transformation department... there are too many things to kill. Cut an arm today and a claw tomorrow. Back then, more monsters died in this research institute than Wentan Research Center."

     "We don't kill..."

     Su Yu and Chen Yong had different mouths, same voice. Then, they looked at each other. Chen Yong and Su Yu both smiled and stopped speaking.

     The others looked at them strangely.

     Are you two serious?

     Where did the talent and blood come from? Yourselves bought it?

     Especially Zhao Ming, speechless, how many big monsters Hong Tan brought to the Research Center back and forth, did you two really have no points?

     now what?

     The bones are gone!

     Su Yu ignored him, walked in and glanced at, the place was huge.

     But it is also very empty!

     The blood is not a big deal. It kills too much. The smell of more or less a bit is also present in the detention area, but it's not so strong.

     Underground Third Level, Underground Third Level.

     The structure is almost the same as Wentan Center.

     The first floor is the living area. In the hall, everything is almost removed, leaving some tattered furniture, tattered sofas, tattered tables, and everything that is tattered!

     For decades, everything that can be moved has been taken away, and everything that is unnecessary has been abandoned.

     Also doesn't have any biological existence, not even a mouse, dare not come, too murderous.

     Su Yu glanced at Xia Huyou.

     Xia Huyou looked at him strangely.

     What am i doing?

     "Clean up!"

     Su Yu said silently: "You are a professional! You forgot, you have a divine writing about cleaning!"


     Fuck!You still remember it!

     Xia Huyou said speechlessly: "You pulled me here, isn't it just for this, right?"

     "of course!"


     Xia Huyou is speechless, don't you know who I am?

     This is your attitude towards Xia Longwu's son?

     Are you really asking me to clean up for you?


     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "This place is simple, clean it up, and move in soon!"

     Xia Hu is very depressed, fuck, really let me work!

     Su Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him, and gave him a command, then said: "Sister, later you go to Wentan Research Center and bring my packed book. Senior Jiang, you and Brother Hu's task is to buy some books and buy some materials to fill up. Scene... Teacher Zhao, your task is to help us get a batch of instruments..."

     "What instrument?"

     Su Yupan calculated: "The cage where the big demon is detained, the magic rune formation, the divine text storage room... It's just a little bit simpler. When it comes to divine text, I can go to the Wentan Research Center to get it. Our main direction is Yuanshen. Well, some models are still needed!"

     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Especially now the most high-end human body model, the kind that is completely simulated, including the kind that the Sea of Will has..."


     Zhao Ming was surprised and said: "I want to buy this too? This thing is very valuable and it is completely realistic. The technology of our school is not mature, but the technology of the Great Zhou Mansion is mature. It will cost hundreds of feats to purchase a ten thousand stone realm. Point, a vacant one, at least thousands of points..."

     "Get some back."

     "What about the money?"

     "Account on credit, the teacher will hold it first.""..."

     Zhao Ming looked at him, and Su Yu looked at him.

     After a long while, Zhao Ming smiled and said, "Well...Is it too late for me to quit?"

     "Teacher, you are not short of money, I know, you have a lot of money, when I get the money, I will pay the bill immediately!"

     "Xia Huyou is a black market business, why don't you let him pay in advance?"

     Su Yu said helplessly: "I still owe him 1100 points of merit. In addition, if I need something in the future, I have to ask him to buy it. Can't I just buy one person's wool?"


     Zhao Ming is tired, glanced at Chen Yong, are you all like this?

     Chen Yong didn't look at him, don't look at me, I have no money.

     Do you love to borrow!

     Su Yu said seriously: "Teacher, most people don't borrow money. I don't borrow money. That's because I believe in teachers, and teachers have to believe in me. I don't want to lose money when I sell something, so I don't want to sell it to others!"

     "Co-authoring is worthy of me?"

     "The teacher joked, this is worthy of you!"

     Su Yu smiled, and Zhao Ming raised his eyebrows and said: "If I don't borrow...Is it because this research institute will produce results in the future, and there is nothing wrong with me?"


     Zhao Ming smiled, "Okay! Your kid is ruthless! The same is true for Hu Qiusheng and Jiang Mu. Buying materials at your own expense?"

     "Yes, pay the bill first, I will pay it back if I have money!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'm not a bad guy. I really don't have money to pay back. I still have some treasures. I will sell you a few, and you will also earn!"

     As soon as these words came out, Xia Huyou hurriedly said: "If there is a good thing, sell me first, I will pay a high price!"Su Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him, and while walking around the hall, he said: "We mainly focus on exercises and divine writings. The cost will not be too much. I have calculated it by myself. When all the expenses are added together, it will not exceed 5000 points. !"

     Everyone is speechless, isn't it too big?

     Your tone is really good.

     "I went to the library in the past few days, and I talked to the library to copy thousands of books for me. The price is not high, about 300 points of merit, all we need next..."

     Su Yu glanced at a few people, and finally looked at Wu Jia, Wu Jia looked at him pitifully, don't look at me!

     I have no money!

     I am really poor!

     Su Yu touched her chin, and then said for a while, "I thought about it for a bit, our research institute, there is still a shortage of staff. Wu Lan and I are old friends. I have to give her a hand. I will invite her back. Books Those books in the library...she will pay in advance, is that okay?"

     Wu Yuehua's niece, count her own people, so she has to give her a hand!

     Seeing her progress so slowly, Su Yu is unbearable!

     Several people are unable to respond.

     Xia Huyou curled his lips and said: "If you say you are rich, the Shendan type is really rich, and the other is the magic rune type, which is also rich. By the way, the casting team actually has money, and non-combat majors are the rich masters. ."

      "Is that right?"

     I did not think!

     At least the old man in the casting department, he is quite poor.

     Xia Huyou curled his lips and said: "Don't talk about Teacher Zhao Li, it's meaningless, the old man has a bad temper, and when he is in a good mood, he will give someone a weapon. If he is in a bad mood, he will not shoot once in six months. Otherwise, how could he be so poor!"Su Yu didn't bother to care about him, so he had to pull Wu Lan.

     It's not easy for women!

     Grandma is rich again!

     Although Wu Yuehua and Teacher Liu have a good relationship, it doesn't mean that I can borrow money at random.

     Recently, he is preparing to study the method of accelerating the integration of the acupoints. Once this method comes out, it will be a boon to the thousands of stone realms!

     For Shanhai, that is also the gospel!

     "Right, and Zhou Hao..."

     Su Yu touched his chin and said with a smile: "Single Shenwen first line, or other factions, sooner or later plan to shoot a few spies in, or take the initiative to pull Zhou Hao, he is a poor ghost, but his master is rich!"

     The Xia family is too rich.

     Zhao Ming nodded, and Chen Yong said quietly: "Xia Yuwen may not be rich anymore, besides...Su Yu, don't mess around, we are one department, and now we are still carrying a lot of foreign debts."


     Su Yu is weird, is it a deficit?

     Was it not enough that I gave you so much money last time?

     Chen Yong looked at him, and said for a long while: "When the master was in retreat, he told me that the multi-sacred text was handed over to you, and even the Wentan Research Center was handed over to you, including our debt... don't you know? "



     Chen Yong calmly said: "Your master trusts you, then I won’t say anything, not much. The Eighteenth Middle School that I got last time was almost destroyed. In the end, we need to compensate 1.2 million points for meritorious service. 800,000, Xia Yuwen alone compensated 100,000, and we compensated 300,000, which is actually a small amount. Don’t you know that Master Xiahou takes care of us?"

     Su Yu was shocked!I do not know!

     Su Yu stammered, "That...Single Shenwen...Is there any money to lose?"


     Chen Yong smiled and said: "The Jiutian Academy is responsible for the compensation of 300,000, the people from the Dao Academy are responsible for the compensation of 100,000, and the Dazhou Mansion is responsible for the compensation of 300,000. These guys in our academy are responsible for paying less than ours, 100,000 enough."

     "We pay 300,000 yuan, which actually includes the debts of many people, but people risk their deaths to support us. You can't let others lose money, right?"

     Chen Yong smiled and said: "Just say Mr. He Qige, Mr. Wu Yuehua, Senior Zhao Mingyue... these people, don't we pay, let them pay?"


     Su Yu swallowed, and smiled dryly: "Just kidding, so many, who can pay for it!"


     Chen Yong laughed, Zhao Ming and the others laughed.

     Xia Huyou said speechlessly: "Do you think the Xia family will make a joke? Do you think the Xiahou master will make a joke? Su Yu, if you lose money, you have to pay, not lose... Your Wentan Research Center will soon be gone!"

     Xia Houye likes to make jokes, he doesn't make jokes when it comes to money!

     Su Yu was speechless!

     1.2 million points of merit!

     It broke a little place in the Eighteenth Middle School and foreign countries. These people have to pay 1.2 million points of merit, Xiahouye...Xia Xiaoer, that is really eating people without spitting bones!

     "Really pay?"

     Su Yu is still a little hard to believe, isn't it a joke?Xia Huyou laughed and said: "Of course it is true. The money from the Great Zhou Mansion has been paid to the account! Okay! After a single Tianhao died, they have to lose money, not money... Your Great Zhou Mansion came to our house. If you break our house, if you don't lose money, then our Dragon Wuwei will go to the Great Zhou Mansion to grab the treasury and make a fuss. Who is afraid of whom!"

     Su Yu was dull.

     "At the Jiutian Academy, Chief Jin Yuhui, the pants are almost on sale, and the money has arrived."

     Xia Huyou smiled and said: "Who made them fight hard? President Jin Yuhui destroyed a lot of places and lost money! Your master also broke many things. It is cheap to take 300,000 contributions from you!"

     "That single series of divine writing..."

     Su Yu is strange, is there still money to lose?

     Xia Huyou smiled and said: "Don't worry, they have money. Although they are actually out of money, let's make up a few old pavilions. One hundred thousand points of merit can still be made up! If it doesn't work, go to the Great Zhou Mansion to ask Ah, the Great Zhou Mansion is rich!"


     Su Yu was speechless, he now suspects that the Xia family deliberately, deliberately allowing Zhou Mingren and the others to mix up with the Great Zhou Mansion and use it as a cash machine!

     Go for a fortune when you are fine!

     "So, I have 300,000 foreign debts?"

     Not Anping coins, but merit points!


     He to think of it, it’s no wonder that the ancestor told him before the retreat that he had pledged the Wentan Research Center without the blood of the gods and demons, and co-authored it... Actually, the Wentan Research Center was almost gone?

     Maybe there is only a little amount of blood of the gods and demons left?

     By the way, get some benefits?

     Su Yu continued to be dull, glanced at Chen Yong, Uncle, you are the master!I am not!

     Chen Yong said indifferently: "What we gave to Wentan Research Center is actually the information, not the place! Of course, in order to set up those big arrays and buy those instruments, it costs a lot! If you really want to sell it, you can sell it for hundreds of thousands. Since Master has let you be the master, if the Xia family urges the account, you will sell the Research Center and the account will be settled."

      Research Center is about to sell!

     I go!

     Why don't you sell it yourself and let me sell it?

     This is making me a sinner!

     It was not until this moment that Su Yu knew that he had become a big bearer and was heavily in debt!

     Worse than Teacher Liu!

     Full debt more than 300,000 merit points!

     With a burst of pain in his head, Su Yu smiled bitterly: "Xia Yuwen and the others actually have no money?"

     "Roughly the same!"

     Chen Yong smiled and said, "Of course, it's okay to spend a little money on training students even if you are poor. You can bring that Zhou Hao over and use it as experimental materials by the way. It's good!"

     "Of course, don't expose the key information. Actually, Zhou Hao, I probably don't understand it. If you show it to him, he may not understand the information."

     Chen Yong joked, this is the truth.

     Zhou Hao...How many languages does he speak?

     Most of the materials of the institute are original texts, not translations.

     After finishing speaking, Chen Yong said: "You have to buy a better large-scale defensive array, not to prevent attacks, but to prevent people from sneaking in and being eavesdropped! It's best to interfere with the detection of the sun and the moon, which is of great value. , You can't buy it without tens of thousands of merits!"

     "..."Su Yu is tired, so I have to buy this, so I really have to find someone to take advantage of, or to dig for treasure!

     If you don't buy it, the strength of Wantiansheng can be explored at any time, and you may not be able to find it.

     "Uncle, I suddenly don't want to get a research institute..."

     Chen Yong comforted: "Let's do it, Wentan Research Center may not belong to ours anymore. If you don't get one, you will have to move in the future. It is also good to get a nest in advance."

     He was quite in favor of a research institute, somehow there was a living place, lest the master left the customs and there would be no place to live.

     Su Yu is a good student, wait for your master to leave the customs, and you pick it up to live for a few days. After all, his library belongs to a school, not a private place.

     How poor!

     At this moment, Su Yu sensed poverty!

     We have many divine texts. Now this means that we don’t even have a living place, let alone meetings and research.

     Look at other people's houses, and have meetings in your own building!

     "Master Xiahou will not come to the research institute?"

     "Not so fast..."

     Xia Huyou explained: "Even if you want to collect the account, Master Xiahou will usually give you a little bit time, and let you collect money. If you don't collect enough, you can collect more than 300,000 yuan. I think I will give you at least half a year to a year!"

     He has to explain to Grandpa Second, Grandpa Second is not the kind of person who can push people to a dead end.

     Give you time to collect money!

     From half a year to a year, your family has a half-step sun and moon, and you can kill the big demon every day, and you can almost make up enough money.Killing one big monster of mountains and seas in one day, killing 180 in half a year...Forget it, killing one in 10 days, 18 in half a year, you can almost fill this hole, the second grandfather is still very humane.

     Su Yu rolled his eyes wildly!

     piss off!

     He found out, the Xia family... no, Master Xiahou, it was really black!

     In the last battle, none of the families took advantage, but Daxia Mansion really took a huge advantage.

     These people will have to think about whether to start a war in Daxia Palace next time.

     Don't end the battle, you won't be able to compensate for the loss of the Daxia Mansion after the pants are sold.

     Black-hearted Xia Xiaoer!

     My heart is cursed again, what's wrong with you, I didn't scold you in front of you again!
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