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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Out of the Wanzu Academy, Su Yu chuckled.

     Fish, got the bait!

     Friends, remember that when I go out, go out with me.

     "One mountain and sea, one Lingyun!"

     Su Yu judged in his heart, from the change of perception jade.

     It should be two people!

     One of them is actually a mountain and sea boundary!

     The Yunhu clan is not strong, and I heard that the patriarch is only the pinnacle of mountains and seas, escorting a princess to study, unexpectedly dispatched a mountain and sea realm.

      Detailed circumstances, please check back later.

     "Xia Qing, Niu Zhen..."

     Su Yu muttered in his heart, will Xia Qing come alone, or will he call a few more?

     If there are too many, I can't clean it up here.

     Unless a few big monsters are released!

     Mountain and sea monster!

     But according to the thoughts of those guys, he had to run away with one shot. This Su Yu didn't agree, and he really shot once. It wouldn't be to deal with these guys, using a talented person in an insignificant position.

     I don't care about this anymore, wait until Xia Qing is really hooked.


     Yuanshen Institute.

     late at night.

     At this moment, the research institute has changed. It is no longer empty and desolate before, but is arranged.

     Sofa, TV, coffee table, dining table... everything that should be here is here.

     Originally, it was not enough to move all Wu Lan's things. Wu Jia ran to the library and almost emptied Chen Yong's house, which gave him the warm feeling now.

     On the table, wine and dishes are now placed.Su Yu didn’t say anything, got up, picked up the wine glass, and said with emotion: “I’m just cultivating my nature and founding a research institute. I thought no one would think I could succeed. I felt that no one would fight with me. Unexpectedly, there are so many friends supporting me today!"

     "Cut to the chase, thank you for seeing the truth in times of adversity!"

     Hu Qiusheng and several people raised their glasses, and Xia Huyou smiled and said, "The establishment of the research institute, this is a great joy! What's more, you Su Yu got it out, I'm In the Future We Trust with great prospects for the future!"

     "Let you auspicious words!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I also hope that everyone will work hard together and get results soon!"

     He glanced at the crowd and said: "The Aura is very important. The Aura is only a general direction. If we want to deduce whether the Aura really exists, we still have many difficulties to overcome in the early stage!"

     "We are all cultivators. This meal tonight is our opening banquet. After eating, we have to work!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I hope to have a celebration banquet soon, time is running, I won't waste time!"

     "Jiang Mu, Hu Qiusheng, Xia Huyou, Wu Lan, Wu Jia, Zheng Yunhui and me, 7 people! We haven't vacated, even the strongest Jiang Mu, now he has not arrived at the eighth or nineth level, and his cultivation has improved. Also very important!"

     Several people nodded one after another.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Then I will solve a small problem first, let everyone overcome it, and derive a method of assisting with all the holes, which is a good start..."


     Several people looked at him blankly.

     Damn it!

     Don't make trouble!

     Is this a small difficulty?Xia Huyou sluggishly said: "You mean, let's do the derivation of the assistive method of resuscitation first? It is the kind that can quickly resuscitate, do you mean the method to eliminate repulsive force?"


     "Su Yu..."

     Xia Huyou looked at him worriedly, "Don't make trouble, this human power is also studying, so to speak, He Yuanshen Aperture is almost a difficult difficulty, now you say this is the opening statement?"

     "Human race is powerful, that is the realm, but you can study this thing without looking at the realm!"

     Su Yu calmly said: "My teacher, a research genius! Me too! Let me put it this way, the many years of the innate essence and blood method of the multi-divine literature is more important than you think, including... extracting some innate skills !"

     Everyone nodded, they all knew this.

     Su Yu said lightly: "Stupid! Since we can extract talent skills, we actually have the opportunity to derive the talent skills of some races, including the previous "Soul Eater Art", which is actually extracted through talent skills. Come to deduce it!"

     Su Yu from head to toe, exudes the light of wisdom!

      talk idly about important matters said: "Now, everyone's task is to collect all the information about the co-qiao, I need a lot of information, a lot of exercises, to deliberate!"

     "It is even necessary to provide a batch of blood of the corresponding race to extract talent skills, or even Memory Extraction, to obtain some skills!"

     Su Yu said in a deep voice: "Yuan Shenqiao, if you talk about helping, it can certainly help many people, but... it may not be very helpful to ourselves, but once the co-acupuncture method is developed, it will not help others. ourselves!""Even in the mountains and seas, it will be a huge help for us to get together!"

     Su Yu looked at a few people and said in a deep voice: "I have confidence and confidence, what about you? If you don't think it can be done, then forget it, you can withdraw now, and I will return all the funds previously advanced!"

     Su Yu quickly said: "There are 7 of us, including Teacher Zhao, a total of 8 people, we are the first batch of veterans of the Yuanshen Institute! If you really get something good, I announce that you can use it for you personally... Of course, rumours can’t work. Everyone disagrees with this, you can opt out!"

     Xia Huyou nodded and said: "This is what it should be. I really want to spread it casually. This is something that everyone cannot tolerate. Otherwise, all the research institutes will be closed down, and the research institutes need to make a profit."

     This is normal operation.

     Free of charge...No one will generate power for love unless there is official support for money.

     After he finished speaking, Hu Qiusheng said solemnly: "Su Yu, are you sure you want to do this for the first item? This thing, to be honest, the human environment has risen for many years, and many people want to do it, and some research results have even come out. , But there is still no specific solution to solve it. It really has to be that simple...it won’t make the number of real Wanshi so few."

     Su Yu raised his hand and interrupted: "Don't question! Our research institute can make comments, but this is when we encounter problems, not when we just start making decisions! When making decisions, even if you question, you are bored in your heart. If you feel wrong, you can not participate in this project!"

     Su Yu looked at several people, "Who doesn't want to participate in this project, you can temporarily withdraw and focus on other directions!"Wu Lan hummed: "Of course you have to participate! If you are incapable, don't pour cold water!"


     Hu Qiusheng was speechless, and Su Yu was really good, and got this guy in.

     It's like being beaten!

     If you don't do it for her now, she has to turn your face on you.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "If not, then this project is officially launched! Xia Huyou is responsible for providing the necessary blood, Wu Lan, you are responsible for inquiring about the information, and Hu Qiusheng, you are responsible for sorting out the corresponding exercises. It’s all necessary."

     "Jiang Mu, you are responsible for searching some travel notes. Some things may not be recorded in the official book, but the travel notes will."

     "What about me?"

     Wu Jia looked at him, and Su Yu smiled and said, "Sister, you can help Wu Lan. Her one person may not be busy."

     Wu Jia was a little unhappy, but this was what the younger brother said, she nodded and agreed.

     Wu Lan is happy in her heart!

     Sure enough, I was the team leader, and Wu Jia had to listen to her.

     Zheng Yunhui replied: "What about me?"


     Su Yu smiled and said: "Your task is very simple, go to the fight! Don't you like it?"



     "One line of singles divine writing?"

     "No!" Su Yu said indifferently: "A few guys from the Ten Thousand Clan, did you kill them? Don't let them sit idle, bring a little rhythm, Daxia Mansion is easy to bring them, repel them, repel them If you go out, someone will applaud you when you die!"


     Zheng Yunhui was stunned, looking at him, what do you mean?Su Yu said with a light smile: "Why, you are not good at it? I think you are very good at this job! Don't look at me like this, this is what the research institute needs to do. Ten thousand students interfered with your director. Interfering with the research progress!"

     The others still looked at him, Wu Lan looked at him strangely, Su Yu...what does this mean?

     Su Yu looked at the time and was too lazy to say, "Go into action, starting today, working overnight, the sooner you can get the method of co-aperture assistance, the better it will be for everyone!"

     Other people look at each other in dismay, they have to work on the first day, it's miserable!

     Su Yu doesn't care about them, and when they get the information almost there, he should be one by one experiments.

     He threw down a copy of "Jing Yuan Jue" and said: "This is for everyone to practice normally, and there is no result after three months. The Zheng family is authorized to sell, and the copyright belongs to the Zheng family!

     After that, he said: "As an original creator, I can teach freely. This point is no longer limited, Zheng Yunhui, is this okay?"

     Zheng Yunhui was overjoyed, "No, of course not!"

     This is a good thing!

     When the Zheng family got it, they definitely made more than 20,000 meritorious deeds, and they could eat it for a lifetime.

     Su Yu is too lazy to say that Jingyuan Jue is just a foundation merit method. He has some and spreads it. When the time comes, the Mutual Aid Association will not be too conspicuous.

     Su Yu got up and was about to leave, Xia Huyou hurriedly said, "Where are you going?"

     We all went to work, how about you?

     "There is something, you do yours, ask the director what do you do?"

     Su Yu responded badly. Now that everyone is a small group, he is not so polite.

     Ask what you should ask!Do you understand the superior and inferior?

     Xia Hu is particularly depressed. I am the son of the palace lord, not your son. This bastard, really considers himself a part-time job?


     As soon as Su Yu left, Wu Lan didn't care about them, and said a little excitedly: "Go, go to work, check information, and overcome the first difficulty!"


     Everyone is tired, and if you don't give you money to work, you are still so enthusiastic, and you have served Su Yu.

     I found a group of part-time workers for free, but I had to pay for it.


     They are working, but Su Yu is actually not idle.

     While walking, chatting with people using sound transmission.

     "Zongqi, have you found the mission to the Ten Thousand Clan Pit?"

     "Found... but this task... is a bit tricky."

     Hu Zongqi quickly replied: "A few days later, there is a researcher from the Shendan Academy who will lead a team to extract some Qi of Death from the Pit of Ten Thousand Races and refine the poison pills. The reward is not much, only 3 points of merit, and the students need help. Looking for some Qi of Death rich corpses..."

     "Aren't you forbidden to study corpses?"

     "It's not to study corpses, but to extract Qi of Death. This is allowed."


     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Report me a name first... forget it, wait a moment."

     Wouldn't it be too conspicuous if I signed up by myself?

     However, if you don’t go, first of all, extraction of blood essence is not something that everyone can do, and then separation of Memory Fragment, which may need to be done on site.

     After leaving the Pit of Ten Thousand Races, there is usually a survey to prevent someone from taking something away.Tap the thigh lightly with the finger, go, I must go.

     Be low-key, no one may find anything.

     But... better for a reason.

     After a mere three points of merit, he ran away, and the fool knew he had other goals.

     "Except for the dead, there is nothing left in the Ten Thousand Clan Pit..."

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment, after thinking for a moment, suddenly walked towards the mission, and even if he took the mission, see if he could send a mission and lead the team by himself.



     Su Yu entered, and there were many people in the hall.

     There are teachers and students.

     Different realms have different areas.

     Su Yu went straight to the fertility area. There, someone recognized Su Yu, and even Su Yu saw some intermediate class students. At this moment, someone hurriedly said: "Squad leader!"

     Su Yu looked sideways with a smile on his face and nodded: "Chen Ming, you are here."

     At this time, many people saw Su Yu, somewhat curious, why did he come here?

     In this place, there are not many tasks in the cultivating area. For geniuses, these small tasks of chicken feathers and garlic skins are nothing, they take a lot of time, but they don’t give much benefit.

     The student known as Chen Ming smiled and said, "I'll take some small tasks and supplement the petty items, monitor, you come here to take the tasks, but there is nothing suitable for you..."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "It's not a task, it's a task release!"Su Yu said with a headache: "Didn't I have a "killing" divine writing? Recently, I have always felt that the murderous aura is not strong enough. I am thinking about finding a suitable place to hone it, polish it, and ask, there's nothing about it is the right place for me to go..."

     "The battlefield!"

     "It's too expensive, and I don't have money to go, let alone accumulating merits less than 200 points."

     Su Yu smiled, someone next to him said: "There are not many places to polish the ‘killing’ divine text in Daxia Mansion, either on the battlefield, or in a place where there are many dead and murderous..."


     Su Yu nodded and said with a headache: "I'm looking for it too."

     "Chen Ming, I've been recovering from my injuries these days, do you know any suitable places?"

     Chen Ming was embarrassed, he really didn't know, and a boy next to him smiled and said, "Don't tell me, I really know one region/place is suitable for you! Do you know about Wanzu Hang?"


     "It's the Daxia Mansion, where we captured the ten thousand races and killed (ed) them, the heads were rolling, murderous, lifeless..."

     Su Yu said in surprise: "Won't the body be burned?"

     "No, just let them expose the corpse here, so that the other ten thousand races are afraid!"

     Su Yu said in surprise: "This...a bit inhumane..."

     The person who spoke was speechless and said: "Student Su, this is an enemy, a traitor, and a traitor. What are you doing to them humanely? You are too kind, so there have been some rumors recently... what……"

     As soon as this remark came out, more people followed them.

     I want to know what Su Yu said.Su Yu was slightly frowned and nodded: "I know what the seniors mean, and I have heard about it, but...I don't want to refute anything. To be honest, I am all if others don't provoke me, Then I won't provoke others. Xia Qing, I know, she met me and was very polite, and I would naturally treat each other warmly. If I can survive in the human race, I think I can make friends. If it is a true enemy, such as the patriarchs , Then I will not be merciless to kill!"

     "As for the thing she said to get out of my head..." Su Yu smiled: "I don't know either situation, whatever, anyway, to be honest, I don't have any good feelings for Shan Shen Wen Yi Department, I don't I know either what does it mean, whether it’s really kind or malicious, I accept it, and I’ll take it as a reward for teaching the single gods."

     The student who was speaking sighed, "Student Su...you, you are still too young! You just acquiesced in this way. I am afraid it will be a little troublesome in the future. Many people in the army are opposed to associating with the Ten Thousand Clan. , Then trouble."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "If others don't provoke me then I won't provoke others, I don't really care about these outside views, so I can sit down right!"

     He didn't say more about this, and quickly said, "Can the seniors tell me more about the pit of ten thousand races?"

     "it is good!"


     This senior is also very enthusiastic. Anyway, he thinks that Wan Clan said that Su Yu's friend is untrustworthy.

     Su Yu is still too young!

     He felt that the other party was not malicious, but in his opinion, the other party was very malicious!

     So proud!

     Young geniuses are like this. They don't suffer any losses, and they don't know where they suffer.After speaking for a while, Su Yu suddenly said: "There is such a place in Daxia Mansion...You are indeed a good place to cultivate murderous intent!"

     Su Yu hurriedly said, "Senior Wang, if I want to go, what conditions do I need?"

     "This is simple, you just need to declare it, but you need the university's approval. You should be no problem, post a task, and the university will approve it, but it usually takes three people to make the trip..."

     Su Yu nodded and thought for a while and suddenly said: "Chen Ming, Senior Wang, are you two busy? If you are not busy, how about accompany me? I will do... 5 points of merit alone!"

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "I don't know other people either. To be honest, other people, I'm still afraid of being cheated. I am familiar with Chen Ming. Xuechang Wang just enthusiastically pointed out, otherwise I don't know at all. Well, if 5 points of merit are not enough, I can add more..."

     At this moment, other people heard the sound and moved consciously.


     Five points of merit!

     Su Yu, idiot, do you post a mission and call us.

     Just 3 o'clock!

     Just accompany him to strengthen his head.

     Xuechang Wang also embarrassedly said: "Don’t, Junior Brother Su, too many! Normally, two or three points of merit are enough for this kind of mission to leave the school, because it’s not from Daxia Mansion and the journey is not far, nothing Else is dangerous. In fact, people will go at 1 o'clock, but the Ten Thousand Clan Pit is a bit suffocating. 2 o'clock is enough...

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Don't, I don't take advantage of people! Senior Wang just pointed me for a long time, and I learned that there is such a one region/place. If it weren't for seniors, I would run around. This saves me so much. time!"After saying that, Su Yu looked at the time and said: "It probably won't work today, tomorrow, how about we go together tomorrow? I'll post a task later, five merits a person, recruit two people... the time will not be too long. After a long time, I will cultivate the sacred text of the word'kill', and it will come out soon."

     Xuechang Wang and Chen Ming were a little embarrassed.

     But did not refuse.

     Five points of merit!

     Mission merits are still accumulative merits.

     Just take a trip and make a lot of money!

     This person Su Yu...atmosphere!

     Xuechang Wang also sighed with emotion, that is, unable to put up with it any longer, and just pointed a few words casually. Su Yu, as expected, has a general demeanor, just a bit straightforward!

     The Wanzu students should stand up and deny it as soon as possible.

     Otherwise, if the wind continues to brew like this, the reputation will be ruined.

     Su Yu is exceptionally talented, but he is a little too not bother about trifles.

     And Su Yu, also very simply, quickly released the task.

     For publishing tasks, the university actually charges a fee, which requires 1 point of merit, which is cheating!

     Counting it down, there are 11 points of merit in total.

     After posting the task, two people took it, although others could take it, but Su Yu obviously only needed these two people and the other people took it, so it would be a bit slapped, and no one did it, although a little jealous.


     After Su Yu released the task, Chao Wang Xuechang and Chen Ming waved their hands and said, "We will see you at the entrance of the Yuanshen Research Institute tomorrow. We will go in the morning. Try to come back in the afternoon. Half a day should be enough!"

     Having said that, Su Yu said loudly: "I went out to accumulate divine texts, and I was still in this mansion. Something happened, that is, the single divine texts murdered me, and ask the university to call the shots for me!""..."

     In the hall, many people heard it.

     The people of the Shan Shenwen family want to curse!

     Fuck you fuck!

     Who is he, all day long, want to kill you?

     You are in this mansion, do you really think that the Xia Family in Daxia Mansion is vegetarian?

     The Pit of Ten Thousand Races is within the city, which is regarded as the outskirts of the city, but isn't it still within the scope of the city?

     Who will take the risk to solve you?

     Unless it is taught by the ten thousand races, that is the other side's death!

     Su Yu was too lazy to say that the movement was a little bit more quiet, but furtively was not good, which made people suspicious.

     As Su Yu said, he walked out, "Let Zhai Feng wash his neck and wait, let the first position come out, and he is also worthy of the first? Wait for me to'kill' the word Shenwen Dacheng, I hope he won't be scared to pee. pants!"

     As soon as these words came out, everyone finally knew why this guy wanted to cultivate Slaughter [kill] Character, in order to deal with Zhai Feng!

     Zhai Feng is indeed the first place. After Zhan Hai went down, Zhai Feng challenged his original second place. As a result, the other party was not in the university and the person was not there. Last month, even if the other party gave up, this made Zhai Feng the first place. .

     And Jiang Mu, who ranked last, didn't challenge him either. He is still the third, and currently the first one is Zhai Feng.

     Several students of the Shanshenwen first department eyes flashed, and Su Yu left one after another as soon as he left.

     Go and notify Zhai Feng!

     Su Yu has gone to accumulate the divine text, and the murderous Slaughter [杀] Character divine text, went to the Wanzu Pit, this divine text really needs to be cultivated and strengthened, Fiendish Qi Collides With The Heavens, it is still very powerful .

     In the hall.Someone laughed and said: "Wang Zhishan, you guys picked up a bargain, and you took a good job with just a few words. Five o'clock merits are a lot of merits, and a treat at night!"

     Wang Zhishan laughed and said: "No problem! Su Yu is a man! To be honest, I can't see it too. Don't forget, we had all gained a lot when we conceded more than 8,000 games. Now... At the college...hehe! Su Yu, if you don't make him an enemy, he is both polite and amiable, and everyone is a friend. Then Xia Qing said he is a friend, do you believe it?"

     Chen Ming also hurriedly said: "Squad leader Su is this kind of person. You don't irritate him. He treats everyone very well. At the Ten Thousand Races College, the squad leader just treats him normally, and it turns out that someone deliberately cheated him. Or what Xia Qing think for oneself and act accordingly! Anyway, I don’t believe that the monitor will have in-depth contact with each other!"

     The two took advantage, and at the moment they also helped Su Yu to promote and clean up.

     The others smiled and no one refuted.

     It's useless to say so much. Some people don't believe it, and it's useless to say it. Some people know that they are fake in their hearts, but they have to believe that having evil plans, these two kinds of people, it is unnecessary to explain.

     They didn't talk about this anymore, but talked about the pit of ten thousand races.

     "Ten Thousand Clan Pit is very evil, Wang Zhishan, go be careful, don't be impacted by the sea of will."

     "Su Yu is back, will you challenge Zhai Feng?"

     "It's hard to say, I think Zhai Feng may not be his opponent!"

     "Su Yu was very low-key, and he played several top 100 matches, all of which were forced to go up...""By the way, people from the War College are coming early next month. These people won't provoke Su Yu? This year's first freshman, Su Yu is not weak. You can be the first in the top 100. Don't be stupid. Provoke him!"

     "I hope that the other party will provoke him. That's interesting. We all suffered before. The brash men of this war academy dare to babbling nonsense and be careful to be blown by Su Yu!"


     Everyone discuss spiritedly, but they didn't care too much about Su Yu's going to Wanzu Pit.

     Before they didn't know at all Wanzukeng, Wang Zhishan mentioned it when it came. Who would think it was wrong.

     That place is indeed suitable for cultivating divine literature.

      very nice's place!


      at the same time.

     Zhai Feng also received the news, coldly snorted!

     "Ten Thousand Clan Pit... Contains Divine Literature!"

     Su Yu is ready to come back to fight with him?

     Beside, Huang Qifeng said in a low voice: "Brother Zhai, do you want to stop it?"

     "What to stop!"

     Zhai Feng said coldly: "I'm still worried that he would not dare to come to me! It seems that he is indeed guilty. Now I have to improve my strength before I dare to come. What can I do to stop him? If he is blocked, he continues to lie down, should I continue Wait for him?"

     If Su Yu is not cleaned up, Zhou Pingsheng will probably not let him advance to the air.

     His task is to suppress Su Yu!

     After defeating Su Yu, he can naturally level up.

     Zhai Feng wanted Su Yu to challenge himself!

     "Let him go! Ten Thousand Clan Pit... Yun murderous, really thought I had never killed anyone, I had seen blood?"Zhai Feng was coldly snorted. He didn't kill anyone, he even killed him in the air!

     You Su Yu, with a bit of murderous aura, you think you can scare me away?

     That's too small for me!

     Huang Qifeng whispered: "Brother Zhai...You said he is going out now, is there something wrong with him?"


     Zhai Feng glanced at him speechlessly!

     yīn See you uncle!

     You are a risky villain. See everyone who has ideas. People open and aboveboard to accumulate divine texts. He doesn't know at all where to go. He still asks on the spot. There are also brain issues. You have brain issues. ?

     Too lazy to pay attention to him, after Zheng Yuming left, this generation, he Zhai Feng respected, there is no need to pay attention to Huang Qifeng.
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