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242 Zhan Tengkong (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu began to walk back, taking in some evil spirits as he walked, and freely accumulating divine writing.

      Slaughter [杀] Character Divine Text has been promoted to Tier 2 a long time ago. Actually, there is nothing to be cultivated. Su Yu is not planning to grow to Tier 3. At this stage, Divine Text reaches Tier 3 except to increase the burden. help.

     The "Blood" divine text has been on the verge of advancement since it absorbed some sun and moon divine text last time, and Su Yu didn't dare to continue to cultivate it.

     After walking for a while, returning to the previous position, the person who was practicing before has already gone.

     Su Yu didn't care either. At this moment, the sound transmission symbol vibrated slightly.

     Su Yu opened it and saw that it was the Zhang family information sent by Xia Huyou.

     "Zhang family, the Tengkong family in the northern suburb of the city..."

     Zhang family has 4 vacant territory!

     It's not a weak family!

     Zhang Jiajia advocates martial arts, and his wife Hu Feng has a nine-fold and seven-fold.

     The son Zhang Ming is weaker, Tengkong Sanzhong, but his wife is quite powerful. It is the previous woman, the young woman called Mrs. Zhang, named Chen Lan, Tengkong Qizhong.

     In addition, there is a grandson, the young woman's son, the boy Su Yu saw before.

     This is the owner of the Zhang family. In addition, there's some left who cares for the nursing home. The family of 4 has vacated. It is a large family in the North District. The strength is not weak. The Zhang family has lived here for about 20 years.

     Su Yu watched for a while, and transmitted the sound: "This Chen Lan, Tengkong Qizhong, why did you marry Tengkong Sanzhong?"

     Although there is definitely a strength gap for the cultivators to marry, they are generally strong men and weak women.

      Female strong and male weak are relatively rare.Xia Huyou quickly replied: "I heard that when Chen Lan was practicing, he received the favor of the Zhang family and the old couple, so he married their son."

     "Old couple..."

     Su Yu suddenly thought of the old woman he met on the road, and quickly said: "Old lady of the Zhang family, is there a portrait of Hu Feng? Send me one..."

     "and many more!"

     Whom Xia Huyou might be contacting, after a while, a picture was passed over.

     Su Yu took a closer look. Although it was a little different from the old woman I met before, it was still similar in general, and should be the same person.

     Su Yu's eyes changed slightly.


     Even if you don't know Zhang's family, it is really interesting to meet three Zhang's family members on the road.

     There is another child, maybe it is fake.

     This is even more interesting!

     Xia Huyou quickly said again: "Are you sure you are not mistaken? Zhang Family, I have a brief understanding. On weekdays, Zhang Family Patriarch is still honest, Zhang Family Patriarch has also been conscripted several times to the battlefields of the heavens and killed the enemy, Su Yu, this kind of person who has been on the battlefield is considered to be the heroic family of the Great Xia Mansion.

     "Have been on the battlefield?"

     Su Yu is also somewhat uncertain now. To be honest, in his opinion, if he is taught by ten thousand races, would he dare to go to the battlefield?

     "Also, the Zhang family is also related to the Zhang family in the city. It is a branch, it is the Zhang Hao family!"

     Su Yu frowned, Zhang Hao's house?

     He still knows this. There is a Lingyun Jiuzhong in Zhang Hao's family. In the city, he is actually not a weak family.

     As a result, these two families are still related?Su Yu silent for a while, ignoring Xia Huyou, quickly transmitted Zhang Hao, and asked: "Your family is related to the Zhang family in the north of the city?"

     "You mean Zhang Wu's family?"


     "It's a bit related. Back then, my grandfather came to the Daxia Mansion to study... My grandpa was not from the Daxia Mansion, and my Zhang family was originally from the Da Shang Mansion. Later, my grandpa made a family business here. I haven't gone back, this martial arts family is considered to be my family's relatives over there..."

     Zhang Hao briefly said for a while, and quickly said: "Something happened?"

     "Do you know that child in his house?"

     "Zhang...Zhang Mo?"

     Zhang Hao had some impressions, and quickly said: "I know, but I haven't seen it a few times. When I was a child, I practiced ahead of time. Some hurt my body. I spent most of the time recovering from injuries at home. I was 12 years old.

     Never been to a school.

     Is it really hurt, or is it afraid to go, for fear of being discovered?

     Su Yu quickly said: "I suspect there is something wrong with this martial arts family, Brother Zhang, ask you something. If there is a problem with his family, will you be implicated?"

     "This... Daxia Mansion seldom implicates other people, but once it is a person of Ten Thousand Races, if it is confirmed, it proves that my grandfather may have passed some news out, it will definitely be implicated."


     Daxia Civilization Academy, Zhang Hao, somewhat concerned, quickly spread the voice: "Brother Su, is there really a problem?"

     He still has some trust in Su Yu.

     Su Yu suddenly asked about this, what might have been discovered."Not sure, that kid... doesn't look like a kid. Today I went out and met Hu Feng, Chen Lan, and Zhang Mo one after another along the way. They weren't together."

     Zhang Hao quickly replied: "Could it be an accident?"

     "What do you think?"

     Zhang Hao said nothing.

     Being able to enter a civilized academy is still the arrogant one among them. How can he be so stupid and simple.

     After a while, Zhang Hao quickly said: "Brother Su, if it's true, start off leniently! Don't make a decision in a hurry, I... inform my grandfather that this matter must be dealt with by the Zhang family and take them away personally!"

     Su Yu quickly replied: "This is okay, but I am not sure now. So, you guys are prepared. If the other party takes a shot against me, then iron proof as solid as a mountain. If not, let’s be honest, So Many years have passed, and there may not be any evidence left."

     "Then... I will let my grandfather go and pick you up secretly..."

     "No, don't beat the grass to scare the snake. We are all brothers of the mutual aid association. I will say hello in advance to avoid misunderstanding. Brother Zhang shouldn't divulge it first... To be ugly, your grandpa may not believe it. I am a student, although I believe in Grandpa Zhang."

     Su Yu replied and smiled.

     As for believe in Zhang Hao's grandfather, such a saying is fine.

     Those people really didn't take action against themselves, and Su Yu actually didn't bother to bother about it without evidence.

     The strong soldiers and sturdy horses of Daxia Mansion, a few vacated and still couldn't overcome the storm.

     Even if there is Lingyun nine layers, it is the same.However, the probability of Grandpa Zhang Hao having a problem is not high. The other party is an official of the Daxia Mansion and does not work at the Yuqiang Department.

     who cares!

     Those guys, just don't find faults, Su Yu is not interested in exposing anything right now, it's meaningless.

     Xia Huyou already knew the situation, even if the other party didn't make a move this time, the Xia family would still stare at them, that was enough.

     After chatting with Zhang Hao for a few words, Su Yu quickly said: "You two will pay attention later!"


     The water man and the shadow replied at the same time, these two guys are also anxious to do their jobs.

     I hope to jump out of a few guys who don't have long eyes!


     Soon, Su Yu arrived at Wang Zhishan and the others.

     The two of them were cultivating. When they saw Su Yu coming out, they were all relaxed. Su Yu had been there for several hours and finally figured it out. They were all anxious if they didn't come out again.

     "It's done."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "The effect of the cultivating divine writing is not bad, but the rancid smell is too strong. It's hard work for the two. Follow me to smell the smell."

     Wang Zhishan hurriedly laughed and said, "Where to say...we still have taken advantage."

     Several people were chatting while walking out.

     When they left the door, the two Zhangs had already left.

     Su Yu didn't care, waited until the door, reached the place where the dragon beast stopped, touched his pocket, and suddenly said depressed, "Where is my merit card? I won't lose it!"

     As soon as these words came out, the soldier looked bad, "If you have no money, don't leave!"

     "..."Su Yu was speechless, "I fell when I should be practicing, then I'll go in and look for..."

     After speaking, he looked at the two of them, and said embarrassingly: "Earth Dragon Beast can't ride, I have to go in and look for it, that...Senior Wang, lend me 5 points of merit, how is it? I'll go in and find it. Go in, I'll pay you back when I go back..."

     Wang Zhishan hurriedly said, "This is a trivial matter. You still have to go in? If it doesn't work, go back and get a replacement one."

     "Let's find it first!"

     Su Yu helplessly said in a low voice: "My card is bearer. You can't lose it. If you lose it, it will be troublesome. Whoever finds it will be taken away by the meritorious service!"

     Wang Zhishan knows it!

     He had heard of such a card, but he hadn't seen it before, but Su Yu actually had it, which is normal.

     Most academic geniuses should be there.

     In order to avoid some transactions with excessive trading volume, they will be monitored by universities.

     Nodded, "Well, we will accompany you to find..."

     "do not!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "No trouble for the two. It's not good to go in, especially Chen Ming. He hasn't been cultivated yet, and his face is pale. If you go in again, you don't need to get up these days."

     Chen Ming looked embarrassed, he really couldn't bear it.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "The two also No need to wait for me. To be honest, I don't know at all when I can find it. In this way, the two of you rent two running horses and go back. The senior lends me another 5 points of merit and I will go in and look for it."

     Earth Dragon Beast, naturally Su Yu will ride back later, this is face.

     The face of genius!

     Wang Zhishan understands, but embarrassedly said: "Or Brother Chen will go back first, I will accompany you in...""No need, I have to go deep..."

     Wang Zhishan smiled bitterly, there was no way, he couldn't go.

     "Well, don't mention borrowing or not. To be honest, Junior Brother Chen and I didn't help much this time. Just give me a few merits..."

     "Senior Wang, is this not giving me face?"

     Su Yu's face is sharp!

      somewhat unhappy!

     Wang Zhishan smiled bitterly and nodded: "Okay, then borrow. The rental fee for Benyun Horse is not expensive, so it is not a loan. We pay ourselves and don't need merits, so Junior Brother Su don't fight with me!"

     "Then... all right!"

     After being courteous for a while, Su Yu borrowed 5 points of merit and returned to the Ten Thousand Clan Pit again.

     Wang Zhishan and Wang Zhishan also rented two Yunyun horses and left early.


     When they are gone, Su Yu sighed.

     These two are too weak. An accident really happened, and there is nothing to do with them. These two may not be able to support them.

     Su Yu also knows that walking with these two is actually more realistic, completely ignorant of the situation, will not be suspected, but use his own person as a target... Forget it, Bai Feng questioned him that day, if Xia Yuwen used it on the battlefield My father is a target, how do I choose?

     Su Yu said he killed Xia Yuwen!

     That being the case, Su Yu would naturally not involve these people if he guessed that he might be in crisis.

     After spending a while in the Pit of Ten Thousand Clan, Su Yu indeed left the merit card here, and found the hidden merit card for over half an hour. Be careful.

     Don't really pick it up for someone, that would be bad, although there is not much money left.

     "Grab the money!"Su Yu sighed with emotion. How much did it cost?

     Two times come in at 10 o'clock, 1 o'clock to stop the monster, 10 o'clock to Wang Zhishan, and 1 o'clock to rent the dragon beast, which is 22 points of merit!

     I always feel a loss!

     Although there were some gains this time, for example, with the wiping of sword air, it seemed that his "sword" divine writing had a tendency to advance.


     After leaving the Pit of Ten Thousand Races, the sky was already dark.

     Good night!

     There were not a few people on the road, and they were steady at the start, and I didn't know if my guess was correct.

     Maybe it was a misunderstanding!

     Su Yu didn't think about it anymore, riding on the Earth Dragon Beast, and quickly left the Ten Thousand Clan Pit.


     On the way back to the inner city.

     On the side of the road, the Zhang family has a small courtyard. This is the main road between Wanzu Pit and the inner city. The Zhang family has a courtyard here, which is also convenient for some movement.

     In the other courtyard.

     Several people talked via voice transmission. While eating, the old man said via voice transmission: "The other two students left early, did Su Yu find something wrong?"

     The young woman said in a voice transmission: "No, I met him, he didn't react at all, and no protector followed. What can he find?"

     "Don't forget, they are geniuses!"

     The old man said in a voice transmission: "There are so many genius methods, maybe something abnormal has been discovered?"

     "But our Zhang family has been here for decades, even if he discovers something, our identities are true, what does he suspect?"Several people chatted, and the old man hesitated and said: "Forget it, give up the task! Even if we really catch him, we have to transfer it immediately. 8,000 points are a lot of contribution, but discarding the Zhang family's family business...it may not be worth it!"

     "Hall Master!"

     At this time, the boy said: "There is no need to run. Su Yu is missing. We only need to clean up the beginning and the end. Who knows what we did?"

     "Can't be careless!"

     The old man quickly said: "It's a real shot, you have to go! Can you hide from Lingyun, but also from the mountains, seas and sun? Su Yu is a genius. Once he is really missing, Hong Tan may leave customs. Once you leave customs, you He will be found to be abnormal, and he will definitely check around."

     "Then I will feign death. Anyway, I keep saying that I'm hurt..."

     The boy still didn't want to give up this opportunity. The young woman said through the voice: "If you can't, just give up here. To be honest, I caught Su Yu and saved us seven or eight years. Together with the savings over the years, we carry precious things. Going together, the loss is actually not much."

     Some valuables are taken away, and the rest is nothing.

     What real estate, real estate, and minerals can be worth 100 million?

     not worth!

     And these things can't become contribution points or merit points. Even if they are sold, there are not many merit points in hand.

     The old man glanced at a few people, 5 of them, at least 3 of them were heart-stricken.

     The boy has the most greedy heart, and wants to make a move, but also wants to stay.

     Others understand the danger and plan to withdraw after doing this.The old man put down his job and continued to smoke the hookah. He groaned for a while, and said through the sound transmission: "If you don't give up, or catch him, evacuate immediately! This is the outskirts of the city, walking fast, and soon you will reach the wilderness. Once in the wilderness, Daxia Mansion doesn't know at all where to find us!"

     As for the boy's idea, they did not consider it.

     Looking for death!

     Really took a genius away, really thought Daxia Mansion can't discover spider's thread and horse track?

     "Crazy woman, do you want to make a move?"

     The old man asked that the young woman wanted to take action, and the mad woman was also a civilized teacher in the late stage of the flight, and asked her opinion.

     The old woman hesitated for a moment, the sound transmission said: "You said...what kind of primordial orifice he used, will he be targeted by the Daxia Mansion? Will the Xia family arrange someone to protect him?"

     She is worried about this!

     The Ten Thousand Clan Religion cares about the Yuanshen Aperture, doesn't Daxia Mansion care?

     She some hesitation!

     The old man nodded. He was actually worried about this. As for the protector, there is definitely no one now.

     The young man who has not said a word said: "This is just an outing in the suburbs and inner cities. Will the Xia family send out the strong to protect it? It's not going out to practice!"

     So far away, will the Xia family dispatch mountains and seas to protect him?

     The boy said impatiently: "Have you not decided yet? If you drag on, he will leave. Once he returns to the Civilization Institute, will he come out? Next time, maybe it's just vacated, and we won't have a chance!"

     Su Yu has too few opportunities to leave school!

     As he said, the boy gritted his teeth and said in a voice transmission: "If it doesn't work, let the people above cooperate with us, the big deal is less..."The old man knocked on the table and suddenly said, "You said, there are people without others who want to take action? After all, we are not the only ones lurking near the Daxia Mansion. Su Yu is a fat sheep. Are we all tempted?"

     As soon as these words came out, several people fell silent.

     Have it?

     This is hard to say!

     The fat sheep with 8000 contribution points should be more than just them, right?

     Will anyone else do it?

     The boy quickly said: "Even if you are fancy, you may not have the strength to catch him! We are different, the five of us get together, it is not spent a day or two, but many years, everyone else is straggling and disbanded soldiers!"

     "How do you know, are they straggling and disbanded soldiers?"

     "Hall Master, don't you want to do it?"

     The boy was dissatisfied. He was worried about this and that, so just don't do it.

     The old man tapped on the desktop and said through a voice transmission: "I just don't want to ruin everyone here. It took decades to gather here little by little. The first is to abandon this foundation. I still does not know where I am going. , The second is that once it is discovered, you will undoubtedly die...

     The boy said unhappily: "Then give up!"

     Having said so much, I still don't want to do it!

     "What are you in a hurry!"

     The old man was dissatisfied, frowned and glanced at him, and slowly said: "I am actually afraid that someone else around him will start his idea, but it is a bad thing!"

     Thinking of this, he thought for a bit and said: "Do it, then do it safely! So, boy, you are good at disguising. Help us disguise and pretend to be a dragon!"The old man eyes flashed and said: "We open and aboveboard and escort Su Yu along the way. If there are other colleagues watching Su Yu, as soon as we appear, Long Wuwei appears, these people will retreat by themselves! Escort Su Yu together. , If Daxia Mansion really has a strong escort secretly... pretending to be Long Wuwei, crime undeserved of death, we are fakes, even if we are found out, we will say that we really have bad intentions towards Su Yu... we won’t be hacked. , The big deal is sent to the battlefield of the heavens!"

     He finished the worst case plan!

     I was really caught, anyway, I couldn't admit that I belonged to the Ten Thousand Clan Sect, so I said I had bad thoughts about Su Yu and wanted to attack him.

     There is still a way to survive.

     Thousands of people...must die!

     "When caught, will they believe it?"

     The young woman asked anxiously, and the old man said silently: "I can't say anything, you are not reconciled! I say it, and I will say frustrated before going out, this is just in case! If there is no mountain and sea escort, it will not be found! There are mountains and seas escorted, as soon as we appear, the other party may appear. If we are not given a chance, then the shot will be dead. It is better to seek life in death!"

     Disguised as Long Wuwei... This is bold.

     In Daxia Mansion, almost no one dares to do this.

     "That was discovered, the boy can't pass this level, his strength has been exposed, who will believe our words..."The old man not to accept as correct said: "Then confess, it's a disguise. We are actually bandits. We were not unprepared back then. We were bandits who hijacked traders along the way. Crime undeserved of death. These years, we are also bandits. Hidden status ……Exposure this identity, seized, sent to the Pioneer Camp, there is still a chance to survive, yourselves consider whether or not to do it!"

     It is still necessary to add a layer of disguise to yourself.

     The identity of the bandit is also true.

     After finding this, probably Daxia Mansion will not check it again for a few small people.

     Bandits, if they don't kill many people, they will be sent to the Pioneer Camp. This is the policy of the Daxia Mansion. In order not to waste the lives of these powerful men, you have to kill several enemies if you die.

     The old man has already prepared for the possibility of revealing one day, and seeking a living is also their preparation.

     When it comes to this, several people nodded their heads after No More Hesitation.


     This sale is worth the income of seven or eight years.


     The earth dragon beast is running wildly.

     The sky is dark.

     The pedestrians on the side of the road can't be seen anymore, just a few passersby scattered around.

     Su Yu has been paying attention to the changes in the perception jade. At this moment, the perception jade suddenly changed color, and a small group of Long Wuwei rushed forward.

     "Who is ahead?"

     On Long Wuwei's side, one person yelled, and Su Yu hurriedly said, "Su Yu, a freshman at Daxia Civilization Academy!"

     Surprised, Long Wuwei came.

     Daily inspection?

     Or was it Xia Huyou who sent someone?

     It's not enough, didn't you say you want to set off with yourself?Is it a coincidence?

     Su Yu was still thinking, and the voice of the water man came in his ear: "Be careful, the water structure...something like the boy I met before..."

     You can change your appearance, your body shape, your breath, you can pretend, and no one will be too idle to give yourself some water.

     Even the flesh and tissue have changed!

     Except for those madmen in the transformation department!

     You don’t even know him after the transformation!

     Su Yu's heart shook slightly, so bold, I'll go!

     No way?

     To be honest, when he saw Long Wuwei, his first feeling was to be relieved. Even if the opponent was not strong enough, no one would dare to make a move.

     This is also the inherent concept of Daxia Mansion!

     Long Wuwei, the strongest army in Daxia Mansion!

     They are here, Daxia Mansion is unharmed!

     He immediately, really didn't have any suspicions, if it weren't for the reminder of the water, he might not care too much.

     Su Yu's heart was shaken.

     I... still too lax.

     Knowing that someone might have taken a shot against him this time, he didn't have any doubts about a few people at all. It was too careless.

     Just when Su Yu was a little scared, several people disguised as Dragon Wuwei quickly approached.

     As soon as I approached, I couldn't see the slightest difference, I couldn't see how many people I met before.

     Five people, three men and two women.

     Long Wuwei has women, which is normal, after all, there are many female cultivators.

     They all look very young!

     Several people stopped quickly, and the leader, looking at the clothes, was still a centurion.Like Xia Bing of Nan Yuan, he was only ten people in the early days of his flight.

     The leader of Long Wuwei, Su Yu guessed, wouldn't he be the head of the Zhang family?

     Tengkong Kunou's existence?

     He was thinking, and the leader quickly said: "Student? Don't run around at night, Su Yu... Is it the strongest freshman of the Daxia Civilization Academy?"

     "it's me……"

     Su Yu cooperated, these guys are so bold.

     Pretending to be Long Wuwei!

     It is also absolutely!

     The man looked around, frowned and said, "If there is no one to protect the road, you dare to leave the city? Don't die! You are a genius student who is on the list in the Ten Thousand Cultivation Church. If you encounter it, you will kill it. Although it is safe, there is no guarantee that someone will be inspected at any time!"

     "Many thanks to sir reminder!"

     Su Yu knew what he meant, so inquiring about the news came.

     "I thought I was just coming to the outskirts of the city, and I was still in the palace, so I didn't let my uncle escort me..."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "With the lord of Long Wuwei, those ghosts and sprites, how dare you be presumptuous! This is not far from the inner city, I will go back soon."

     "Have you brought your student ID?"

     Su Yu was still riding on the Earth Dragon Beast, smiled upon hearing this, got off the Earth Dragon Beast, and took out a student ID, "My lord, this is my student ID!"

     Su Yu handed over with the student card.

     "Fifth, distinguish!"

     Among the crowd, one person walked out, and it was the water man who reminded himself that it might be the boy.

     The boy took the student ID and seemed to look for a moment carefully, and quickly said: "My lord, really!""It's not far from the inner city... You are a talented student, running around at night... Forget it, we will escort you back..."

     The old man in the lead said with a stern face, and then said: "Next time you go out, especially when you go out of town, it is best to follow the team! Genius is not so good, you must pay attention at all time..."

     The old man procrastinated for a while, seeing them there, and hearing what they said, even if someone secretly made an idea, he should leave now.


     Several people don't know, at this moment, in the sky, a mountain and sea are looking down at them.

     Stared at a few people for a while, rubbed the temples, how old!

     Don't say it, he didn't notice immediately.

     Just thinking it happened, I met a team of Long Wuwei.

     But... now I'm aftertaste.

     These guys... aren't these guys from the Zhang family?

     "I'm old!"

      The middle aged man sighed with emotion, I am really old.

     The disguise is better, and the strength is stronger. When he reaches the Lingyun realm, he really may not be able to see anything, damn, he is a bit embarrassed.

     "I found it, I found it a long time ago. I deliberately looked at Su Yu's reaction to let him feel the complexity of people's hearts. The society is very complicated..."

     I found an excuse for myself!

     The next moment, it was a little embarrassing.

     He sensed a shadow, and with Su Yu's footsteps, the shadow gradually overlapped with Zhang Wu's shadow!

     Obviously, Su Yu found out!


     Fuck!I found out about my home before myself, so I can’t forgive it, my own mountains and seas are a bit shameless!

     Now that Su Yu found out, he didn't take action anymore, waiting for follow-up.

     Su Yu has two big Lingyun monsters, and these people can't beat him.



     The shadow moved, and Su Yu was not in a hurry. This was the first time I met an opponent who could act. It was so interesting.

     It’s a long time to learn from experience!

     "Several adults, isn't this too inappropriate? Bother a few adults..."

     Zhang Wu said with a cold face: "Too much nonsense! If you are not a genius student of the Daxia Civilization Academy, who will care about you! We still have a task, hurry up, we will send you to the gate of the city, we are going to perform the task soon!"

     Su Yu said embarrassingly: "Then I...I'll bother a few adults!"

     Su Yu just wanted to turn to the Earth Dragon Beast. Behind him, the boy just wanted to stun him. Su Yu suddenly said, "By the way, how many adults have their names?"

     Su Yu said gratefully: "Although a few adults may not care, they may still be comrades in arms when they can, so can a few adults tell me?"

     The boy is somewhat impatient, just about to shoot directly, Zhang Wu lightly coughed, and said: "Zhang Wen..."

     Su Yu gave a salute respectfully, and everyone else had to introduce them individually, which was really troublesome.

     Hurry up and turn around, give you a simple one, stun you with one blow, and take you on the road!

     After procrastinating for a while, even if someone is secretly, it is time to leave.

     When he was the boy, Su Yu was the closest to him. The boy impatiently reported his name and it was almost over. Su Yu saluted again and bent over...This bending, the next moment, a hammer, a hammer hammering down towards the boy!

     Wenbingdao appeared in an instant, with a faint flame!


     Incredibly fast!

     The Open Heaven Sword broke out, and the fire crow's natal fire hidden on the civilian soldiers was directly activated!

     Su Yu really wanted to try, under his surprise attack, can he kill and fly!

     As for the consequences... the two big monsters are there, what are you afraid of!

     The sea of boy will shake instantly!

      saw a flash, a little black, and yet to woke up, Su Yu was too close to him, at this moment, bending over, a knife appeared in his hand, braving the flames, and stabbing his heart!

     In the sky, the middle-aged mountain and sea have a toothache!

     The dog that bites doesn't bark!

     So cruel!

     People are wearing Long Wuwei's clothes anyway, are you sure they are bad guys?

     Just hit the killer directly?

     "The God-Expanding Technique...Open Heaven Sword...Huoya Clan's life fire..."

     The middle-aged Shanhai is a little staggered, this is not the key, the key is, are you or the other hammer too fierce?

     Is this willpower too strong?

     The five-tier civilized division who drove others into the air with one hammer smashed directly into dizziness!

     You just cultivate your sex!

     Are newcomers so scary these years?


     These thoughts of him disappeared in a flash.

     And Su Yu, the start was extremely harsh.

     A knife directly pierced the boy's heart!

     Flames emerged from the boy, and the thunder exploded with a bang. The boy is a civilized teacher, and his body is not strong, so he was directly blown up all split up and in pieces!When the civilized division was attacked, the willpower was shaken, and the physical body faced Su Yu... without any advantage, he was directly killed by him!

     Su Yu's eyes are cold, looked doesn't look, the small hammer has been activated again long ago, and killed yet another youth, the other three...he can't kill, he knows it, it's the late stage of flight!

     Zhang Wu's eye socket wants to crack, everything happened too fast, he didn't expect Su Yu to make a move. Just when he wanted to make a move, a shadow moved under him, and his legs exploded directly. The next moment, a black shadow followed his leg. Cover up!

     Zhang Wu's eyes showed despair, what is this?

     The young woman and the old woman were directly entangled by two lumps of water at this moment!

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Give me a try!"

     He didn't let the water man take action. The young man, who was Zhang Wu's son in the information, only vacated San Zhong. Su Yu wanted to try if he could kill him!

     The genius of the civilized academy, the mediocre to the ten thousand races!

     Can't it be killed?

     Zhan Hai should be able to kill him easily!

     Otherwise, it is not a genius among geniuses.

      Invincible among the same rank, it means that these wastes should be killed if they are all evildoers!

     The young man roared, and some acupuncture points flashed on his body.


     Su Yu sneered, "Waste, waste of 60%..."

     Kai Qiao 60, even if it's vacated, that's it!


      shouted in a low voice, the little hammer slammed down. The young man didn’t want to kill Su Yu. He wanted to turn around and run, but his movements were stagnant for an instant. The next moment, blood rushed into the sky, and the little hammer barely shook back, head is somewhat dizzy!Just about to leave, saw a flash, Su Yu was in front!

     The youth was shocked, at what time did you arrive?

     The next moment, suddenly realized something, and shouted: "Broken!"

     With a shout of anger, the vitality blasted through the illusion!

     It's an illusion!

     However, it was too late.

     Behind him, Su Yu was holding a civilian soldier, more than 300 acupuncture points, and his power burst out, [Unbroken Blade Slash]!

     The young man was furious and turned around to fight with a knife!


     Two knives hit, there was a huge rumble!

     Su Yu's willpower shook, and the small hammer hit again!

     Murderous spirit is boiling, fighting spirit is boiling!

     The youth also took a step back, a little shocked, is this Qianjun?


     This is Qianjun?

     too strong!

     He just wanted to kill again, Su Yu sneered and the long knife started again. Suddenly, the eight divine texts merged instantly, and in the sea of will, the eight divine texts merged into a small knife for a short time!

     Shenwen combat skills!

     Use 8 divine texts for the first time, blend them into divine text combat skills, try it out!

     Split method, his first attempt!

     "Breaking the sky!"

     Su Yu shouted in a low voice, Breaking the Heavens!

     Civil soldiers are integrated into divine combat skills, their power soars instantly, and their willpower is rapidly consumed!

     With the integration of the 8 divine texts, the divine text combat skills are extremely powerful, not inferior to the divine text combat skills of the ordinary multiple divine texts when they first entered the sky. After all, Su Yu also has many second-order divine texts.

     Willpower is also comparable to flying.

     This blow is equivalent to a full-power attack of a multi-divine civilizationalist in the airspace realm!


     A few meters away from the opponent, cut it down!

     The young man roared, who also wanted to fight back, swung his knife out, but saw a flash, swung his knife to cut the air!

     "I'm a civilized teacher, idiot!"

     Su Yu complexion blanches, lightly snorted, the civilian soldiers directly concealed in the void, the next moment, with a chuckle, penetrated through the young man's neck!

     The opponent's willpower collapsed instantly!

     As he vacated, the warriors also had the willpower. The young man looked at him, blacking out, with a bang, his head fell, and he saw his body still standing, holding a knife in his hand...

     "So weak!"

     Su Yu curled his lips, is this vacant?


     Overestimated vacated!

     Am I so awesome?

     I just knew it!
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