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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Kill two in a row!

     Assault the five-fold boy and kill the youth, which is a frontal killing of the three-fold!

     This is the flight inside and outside the academy!

     In the academy, Su Yu may not be able to kill the one who empties, but outside the academy, it is easy to kill.

     At the same level, the gap is still huge.

     Educational institutions are the real gathering of elites. Another place is the military, where the strong are also frequent.



     The middle-aged Shanhai was shocked!

     What did i see?

     Divine text combat skills?

     Am I wrong?

     In the end what happened!

     Su Yu has completed the magical combat skills?

     He was lost in thought, something was wrong, not because Su Yu was too fast, but because there were too few divine writings outlined. There were only a few divine writings, and the power of divine writing combat skills was too weak, this shouldn't be!

     In fact, it is not weak, but Su Yu has so many second-order divine texts, indicating that he has not outlined many divine texts in total.

     Is this a combat technique?

     "Impossible... It is impossible for Su Yu to have only a few divine literary combat skills..."

     "What exactly is it?"

     "What's the change in the multi-sacred texts?"

     The face of the middle-aged mountains and seas changed again and again. This was more shocking than Su Yu's Tengkong. After the shock, he couldn't help but think of the situation of Bai Feng's Dragon Slaying Sword that day.

     The middle-aged face changed, and he vaguely guessed something.

     No way!

      if so ……There will be huge changes in the entire field of civilized divisions.

     The series of polytheistic texts is becoming more and more mysterious!He quickly contacted Mr. Hu and explained his guess. Mr. Hu stayed silent for a long time. Obviously, he was also in deep thought at this moment.

     It was not shocked by Su Yu's vacancy, but from the change of Shenwen combat skills.



     Su Yu looked around and quickly said, "Thank you to the predecessors who secretly defended the way. I hope that the predecessors will not leak this out!"

     It was not the Xia family who came to protect the Dao at this moment, but it was arranged by Saint Wan Tian.

     Therefore, it is not important to leak something on both sides.

     Maybe we can fight for more benefits!

     And above, the middle-aged heart trembled, saying me?


     Impossible, how can it be found me?

     I am Shanhai, nearby without other Shanhai. So, is he really talking about me, or is he just fooling people?

     No matter what he thinks, Su Yu continued: "Senior, after some time, I may have to go out again. At that time, it is very likely that Shanhai will attack me. If Senior is worried, you can ask about it. If you need to change it. People?"


     Middle-aged Shanhai to bare one's fangs, are you talking about me?


     This is absolutely true!

     I don't admit that you have discovered my existence. If you have discovered all of me, I will have no face to live.

     He chose silence!

     But in my heart I complained, what do you mean, you are going out in a few days, and you have not yet gone out, you will know someone is going to kill you?

     Or is it mountain and sea?

     Fuck, can you seer, see the future?

     Don't tease me!

     ...Su Yu briefly said a few words and said nothing more.

     I reminded you!

     As for discovering the other party... nonsense, how many times the perception of jade has changed, if you still can't find it, it would be really silly.

     From the inner city, I actually discovered it, but I wasn't sure if I was here to protect myself.

     Now, it's largely determined.

     The other party is so courageous, flying in the inner city, and will not attack or leave after the battle broke out. This is not to protect yourself, then there is a ghost!

     It's really an enemy, he has already shot himself.

     Perceived jade... has to say, this piece of jade given to him by Zhao Li is really easy to use, a treasure, a complete treasure, so that a lot of things, in the eyes of Su Yu, is not a secret, open to him.

     Su Yu is sure that this piece of perceptual jade, in terms of level, may be a level, maybe not made by Zhao Li, but made by a stronger caster and given to Zhao Li, and he gave it to himself .

     I don't care about the mountain and sea anymore, I remind you, next time you go out, you may encounter the mountain and sea, it is not possible, it is almost certain!

     If you can't carry it, think about it for yourself.

     Killing two vacated, and the other three vacated, they were all controlled.

     The shadow almost covered Zhang Wu's whole body. At this moment, Zhang Wu's eyes were full of horror and horror. It was not until this moment that he had the opportunity to speak and screamed: "I admit it, I admit that I have been wicked towards you. I want to kill you by robbery! Su Yu, I admit it, whether you hand me over to Long Wuwei or the army, I admit it!"

     Su Yu ignored him.

     He took out the sound transmission note and said a few words.

     After a while, two figures broke through the air!No, it was an old man grabbing Zhang Hao and came here.

      Glanced at below, with a sigh.

     As he said, he suddenly looked overhead, in the void, the middle-aged mountains and seas inwardly cursed, and quickly disappeared in place.


     The old man beside Zhang Hao, relaxed, secretly transmitted a few words.

     Soon, looking at Su Yu, and then at the two dead bodies that had been killed, his eyes changed slightly.

     Without saying more, the old man said simply, "I am Zhang Zhonghe! Thank you for your reminder!"

     After that, he looked at the entangled three people, and said in a deep voice: "These three, handed to me, are all the spoils of the little friends! Kill an enemy in the sky, reward 100 points of merit for low weight and 300 points for high merit. …… these all are from my little friend! I copied the Zhang family, and the gains belonged to my little friend! In addition, in order to thank my little friend for his contribution and the importance of his talent, I personally gave the little friend 5000 points of merit to make excitation!"

     Su Yu glanced at the old man, smiled and said, "Grandpa Zhang is polite!"

     Zhang Wu said loudly: "Brother Zhonghe, I be possessed, and I have a bad heart for Su Yu, I admit my mistakes, punished, and Brother Zhonghe... For the sake of my family, save my life!"

     Zhang Wu at this moment is extremely frightened!

     He is not stupid!

     When Zhang Zhonghe appeared, he suddenly realized...that he might be dying!

     Su Yu actually contacted Zhang Zhonghe!

     In order to wash away some things, that Zhang Zhonghe would not spare him lightly, never!

     He will kill himself!Su Yu also knows this, so he accepted Zhang Zhonghe’s 5000 points of merit. This is a deal. People handed it to Zhang Zhonghe. The reward counts for me, the merit counts for me, and the spoils are mine, but these people Su Yu does not want to dispose of it.

     As for Zhang Zhonghe, he had nothing to do with Su Yu, whether he was killed or caught.

      Kill a witness to silence them is okay, dig more things to make up for it, anyway, it has nothing to do with Su Yu.

     He collected the money and sold his personal love to the Zhang family.

      No matter good or bad is also a strong man in the Ninth Realm of Lingyun!

     Zhang Zhonghe was relaxed, glanced at Su Yu deeply, also without rubbish, and quickly broke out in divine writing, banning a few people, and did not give Zhang Wu a chance to speak again.

     Whatever moves your heart, what you want to rob...He doesn't take it seriously.

     At this moment, these people are taught by ten thousand races!

     Regardless of whether it is recognized or not, all the same!

     Whether he is killed or caught back for interrogation, he must take the lead, so as not to fall into passiveness. Although the Daxia Mansion is still peaceful, he can fight everywhere. This time he may fall. Once these people fall into the opponent's hands, For him, it was a big trouble.

     Fortunately, the person who was considered his own clique just now...

     Looking at Su Yu again, his eyes were a little strange.

     It was the one who was protecting the road in secret!

     Does it mean the manager or the Xia family?

      no matter who, Su Yu at this moment is a huge potential stock in his eyes.

     Moreover, he is a brilliant man!

     Su Yu didn't ask, no matter what, he came forward and easily agreed to give people to him. This is wisdom.Even if I paid 5000 points of merit, I owed his one person love.

     Zhang Zhonghe didn't say anything, looking at the two corpses on the ground, shaking more and more.

     Kill the air!

     Cultivation cut into the sky!

     Liu Wenyan in the past was also merely this.

     The descendants of this generation of polytheistic literature are too strong, and a bit more low-key than Liu Wenyan of the year. In this period, low-key...that also means more secure.

     At that time, Liu Wenyan was very public, and it was related to the environment at that time.

     At that time, he was regarded as the next generation leader in the polytheistic literature.

     Now Su Yu doesn’t know that in the end is it not born at the wrong time, in the heyday of polytheistic literature. At this time, I am afraid that a large number of Tengkong and Lingyun will be used by him, and he will be the next generation successor. .

     These thoughts disappeared in a flash.

     Zhang Zhonghe smiled and said: "If the little friend needs anything in the future, please let Zhang Hao come to me at any time... as far as one's capabilities extend, not to refuse to !"

     As soon as he said this, Zhang Hao's face changed slightly.

     When Grandpa's words came out, it was a bit serious.

     This favor seems to owe a lot.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Grandpa Zhang is polite, Brother Zhang and I as close as one's hands and feet, the exertion of lifting one's hand!"

     Zhang Zhonghe smiled and nodded. He grabbed the banned three people with his hands and floated the two corpses with him. He smiled and said, "My little friend is frightened today, Ahao, you can chat with my little friend. , I have to deal with these people..."

     After speaking, he said: "I will immediately dispatch personnel to block Zhang Wu's house and check the family assets. Then, according to the value, I will give it to the little friend!""Grandpa Zhang, you are busy with you, Brother Zhang will just be with me!"

     Su Yu was smiling and soft.

     Looking at him and then at his grandson, in the past, he felt that his grandson was well versed in letters and military technology. Even the children of the big tribe like Zhao Shiqi, Zhang Zhonghe felt that his grandson was not bad at all.

     Looking at it now, compared to Su Yu... It's not that grandson is too wasteful, but it is inevitable to be a little embarrassed.

     Zhang Zhonghe didn't say anything, and took a few people and left.

     As for the water man and the shadow, they have returned.

     As soon as Zhang Zhonghe left, Zhang Hao looked at Su Yu for a while before sighing, "The gap is getting bigger and bigger!"

     It's amazing!

     Cultivation cut into the sky!

     Killed two at once, not the kind of first-timers, but flying triple, flying five.

     Zhang Hao feels complicated.

     At this moment, the gap was really found.

     Su Yu smiled and said, "It's just a coincidence, so can you! Brother Zhang, we are on one side, isn't that so?"


     Zhang Hao smiled, nodded slightly.

     He is actually not weak.

     He opened 6 magical orifices, and at this moment, his self-cultivation has reached the peak. His physical body is very important. He hasn't played the list recently. He really played the list. On the top 100 list, he has no problem in reaching the top 30.

     Freshmen, at this point, they are already amazing!

     It is related to the sea of knowledge secret realm, and those divine orifices.

     "Your news has spread, it's simply..."

     "I hope Grandpa Zhang keeps a period of time secret!"Su Yu smiled and said: "You help me convey these false names... completely meaningless! It will only make my opponent, my enemy, pay more attention to me next time and be more cruel!"

     "I understand!"

      Beautiful Tree In The Forest!

     Su Yu at this moment is really only one branch of the tree is thriving.

     Array cut into the sky!

     This news spread, I am afraid it will cause a shock in the Daxia Palace.

     Unlike Zhai Feng, who killed a vacant, who didn’t know that it was because of the strong team, many people joined forces, and finally a few top 100 students shot together, which gave Zhai Feng the opportunity to kill a vacant.

     This is having no way to compare with Su Yu.

     Su Yu also had a strong presence on his side, but he could kill two of them and fly into the air without the help of anyone.

     As Su Yu walked, he smiled and said, "Good luck, it seems that I still have some gains this time, at least the capital is back."

     made money!

     900 points of merit in the late three flight stages.

     One mid-term, one early, 300 merit points.

     This is 1200 points of merit!

     The kind that accumulates meritorious service!

     In addition, if the Zhang family was ransacked, there were also many vacant realms, even if they didn’t give all of them to Su Yu, it’s okay to divide one or two thousand points of merit.

     Plus the 5000 points promised by Zhang Zhonghe...

     Do the math, Su Yu thinks that there may be around 8,000 points. With good luck, there is hope for tens of thousands of points.

     Making money... it's easy.

     Just kill five to fly!

     Su Yu's thinking is simple, but in fact knows that for many people, it is something that can't be accomplished in a lifetime, even if Ling Yun's first and second layer, dare to be guaranteed to win these five people?If it is won, there will be no 5,000 points of merit sent by the Zhang family.

     It was handed over to Zhang Zhonghe, Su Yu had no objection, and an extra income was very nice's.

     As for the guy Xia Huyou...I believe he is also staring at Zhang Zhonghe now, and Su Yu will ignore it. If Zhang Zhonghe has a problem and can’t escape the Xia family’s eyes, he has doubts now. If there is a problem, then Much easier to find.

     As for what Zhang Wu said about robbing and killing, for money, this has nothing to do with Su Yu, whether it is real or fake, it will definitely be clear when it comes to Zhang Zhonghe.


     Along the way, I quickly reached the gate of the inner city.

     Su Yu tidyed up his clothes, holding the earth dragon beast, clothes whiter than snow, looks even more elegant under the night.

     White clothes are not bloody!

     Killing two into the air, some blood sputtering reached the body, but it was cleaned up by Su Yu with the "blood" divine writing. At this moment, he is not at all unable to discern. He was wild and fierce just now.

     Zhang Hao, who was beside him, felt a little bit emotional and didn't say anything, he said, "We still don't act together. I'll leave first, lest people think too much!"

     "Brother Zhang, do it yourself!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "If Brother Zhang is not too troublesome, please help me build momentum recently, not today. The university recently pushed the wave and add to the billows. Clan students...it should be killed! Can be killed! Must be killed! Not the same race, their hearts must be different!"

     Su Yu smiled lightly and said, "Simply put, even if you die, you will die in vain, and if you come to the realm, there must be big plans!"

     "This...President Wan's policy..."Su Yu smiled and said: "It's okay. The Chief Wan may not care about them. The academy keeps them safe and they are out of the academy... who cares?

     Zhang Hao eyes flashed, nodded, and quickly said: "I really have this thought. Take a few people, your own people, or your own people who seem to be enemies, to prove it for yourself!"

     "Very dangerous!"

     "It's okay, if Brother Su needs, you can call me!"

     Zhang Hao didn't care too much, and whispered: "By the way, this matter will be exposed sooner or later. You can build momentum in advance. On your side... just say that Long Wuwei took the shot, or someone else took the shot, you are killed. The Zhang family is going to harm you..."

     Zhang Hao said with a low smile: "It is indeed the Zhang family branch who is going to kill you. You and me are enemies, that should be!"

     Su Yu nodded, smiled, and waved to him.

     Two people to take different roads and urge the horses on.

     Things will be exposed sooner or later. Needless to say, nothing else. Your accumulated merit points have skyrocketed. If you expect others to be unclear, you are thinking too much.

     "Fatty Xia..."

     Su Yu smiled, "Fatty Xia was with me. His people killed each other, but I made up for the knife. So accumulating meritorious service counts me. Does anyone believe this?"

     The next moment, Su Yu's sound transmission note appeared again.

      After a while, Xia Huyou was picked up by an old man and drove over, panting and saying: "I'm busy, call me why!"

     "Come with me into the city!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Brother, naturally we want to enter the city together. We met halfway through the road. You saved my life and gave me a great contribution. If we don't enter the city together, do we have to separate?

     "..."Xia Huyou dazed for a moment, then said ill-humoredly: "Damn! Who do you want to pit? Your heart is really black!"

     Su Yu laughed and said, "I don't cheat anyone, unless the other person is not a human! Anyone who wants to kill me or has malicious intentions on me is not a human being! I am a genius, a research genius, and I exist. , Will bring help to the Daxia Mansion, not a disadvantage. Our Highness Xia must be clear about this and value talents, so that the Xia family can be in peace for a long time!"

     Xia Huyou curled his lips, saying... nothing wrong.

     The point is that you can't hold back such a big movement all day long.

     Without saying this, Xia Huyou was also a little surprised: "You are really good, you did it?"

     He was actually nearby before, but he didn't get close, he didn't see clearly.

     Su Yu... Beheaded!


     This guy is a bit horribly excessive.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "You can come here, you can open your mind so much, is it difficult to kill a weak and vacate?"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "If we have enough willpower, we can all be the nine-tiered fighters, kill one warrior, and unlock 60 waste warriors. Is it difficult to kill?"


      unable to respond.

     On the side, the old man corner of the mouth twitches, the next moment, he immediately disappeared.

     I don't want to listen anymore!

     When the two nurture your nature and tell you that it is easy to kill a few and vacate, the feeling is somewhat unbearable even if the mountains and seas are.

     Su Yu didn't care. The person Xia Huyou brought should be a direct line of the Xia family, not the Xia family, or a loyal general. In Daxia Mansion, don't treat the Xia family as an enemy, otherwise it will be ugly to die!Xia Huyou didn't bother to talk about it anymore, and Su Yu jumped on the air when he went to the earth dragon beast.

     The earth dragon beast runs quickly!

     Soon, I entered the inner city. At night, the inner city was still overcrowded, and the inner city of Fucheng was a city that never sleeps.

     Su Yu and Xia Huyou sat on the Earth Dragon Beast and talked in a low voice.

     Su Yu put some blood on Xia Huyou by the way, regardless of whether Xia Huyou cares or not, people, you killed it, I will get it!

     "Regardless of whether there is a problem or no problem with Zhang Zhong and the old man, it is best to adjust the position."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Only one suggestion, besides, the Zhang family scared our Highness, so we won't be punished. This cannot be justified, right?"

     Xia Huyou murmured: "Su Yu, you weren't so yīn at first!"


     Su Yu smiled and said: "I'm just following the trend, so how come I'm yīn? What's more, this civilized academy...does not give simple people the space to survive, or it's just like everyone else, or learn survival of the fittest! "

     Xia Huyou was speechless, too.

     If you don’t learn how to adapt quickly and integrate quickly in a civilized academy, you will soon become an alien among them, struggling every step of the way.

     Unless, someone covers you.

     Otherwise, wait for everyone, a group of dangerous guys, waiting at any time to kill their rivals and get to the top by themselves.

     Su Yu smiled in a good mood.

     Without saying this, he quickly said, "Have you purchased the blood that I asked you to purchase?"


     "how much is it?""There are several kinds of expensive blood, especially the dragon essence and blood that day... that is not weaker than the gods and demons, the king race in the dragon clan, a drop of essence and blood, it depends on luck, good luck, hundreds of feats, no luck Okay, not worse than the blood of the gods and demons."

     "About how much is needed in total?"

     "At least around 2000 points."

     Really expensive!

     Su Yu was speechless, thought a bit then said: "Calculate 1,900 points, plus the previous ones, owe you 3,000 points of merit. If I get the money back, I will pay the bill first. I am a person, so I can borrow and pay it back!"

     If you have money, you can pay back a little, especially Xia Huyou, who pays it back now and borrows more next time.

     As for Zheng Yunhui...it depends on the situation, if there is no money, he will not pay it back.

     A copy of "Jing Yuan Jue" is enough and to spare, and it is a good thing to pass it on to the Zheng family.

     As for the auction, the risk is too great, and Su Yu doesn't want the rumors from his side.

     Su Yu kept thinking about this, and suddenly felt that his "yīn" divine writing had some signs of being promoted... dazed for a moment.

     What do you mean?

     Damn it!

     what does it mean!

     I just thought about a little bit more, you suddenly want to be promoted at this time, what's the situation?

     At this moment, his blood, thunder, and killing all have been promoted to the second rank, and the sword, break, war, and yīn are all in the promotion stage, and the previous "Fire" character divine writing, but there is no sign of advancement.

     So down, Su Yu will soon have 7 second-order divine writings.

     As for the promotion of "yīn" divine writing, it can be regarded as to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly. I have absorbed those sun and moon divine writings before, but there is actually a trend of promotion, but I didn't expect to start advancing after World War I.At this moment, Su Yu was thinking about those things, it seemed as if he was thinking about it very dangerously, and he was only promoted. This made Su Yu speechless.

     I'm not that kind of person!

     You divine text, deliberately against me.


     Just when Su Yu returned to the school.

     There was some movement in Daxia Mansion.

     Talented student Su Yu was attacked outside the city!

     Five free shots!

     Two were killed on the spot, and the remaining three were arrested and brought to justice. As for the people of Ten Thousand Races, or other people, it is not clear at present!

     And soon, there was news that those idiots had the Xia family present when they attacked Su Yu. Those idiots went to die by themselves. They had never seen such a fool!

     The Xia family is here, do you dare to make a move?

     Looking for death!

     Originally, the not-so-famous Xia Huyou had a little fame at this moment. It turned out that there was also Xia Huyou in the Xia family. The upper class knew that it was Xia Longwu’s son, but many people didn’t know it. This person is only.


     Daxia Mansion, in a secret room.

      An old man sits still, his hand flickers.

     "These idiots, Xia Huyou was present, and he actually attacked Su Yu and found himself dead!"

     The old man is somewhat angry.

     That's stupid!

     Of course, he knew that, in fact, it was no wonder that these people, Xia Huyou's identity, were top secret, and not many people knew it.

     I don't know the identity of Xia Huyou, it's just a student, just kill them all together. This is what he guessed the thoughts of those fools of Zhang Wu.But this time it's alright, I hit the iron plate!

     Big trouble!

     Once the Xia family moved really angry, it would be a big trouble.

     Su Yu was actually with Xia Huyou, which he didn't expect.

     "Immediately shrink everything, everyone must not move anymore. All those related to Zhang Wu and the others are cleaned up! Zhang Zhonghe is conducting a thorough investigation and wants to clean himself up from the Xia family and find a chance to kill Zhang Wu and the others. Don't let them have a chance to speak...Forget it, don't take the risk, the Xia Family may be staring at them, just talk to them, it's useless, shrink everything, don't have any movement recently!"

     The old man gave the order quickly and felt a little painful.

     Lost five vacancies!

     They are all eyeliners that have been dormant for many years. Now, he is also distressed.

     "Su Yu's side, raise the level. After this time, beat the grass to scare the snake! Adjust to Lingyun to take the task. In addition, add 5000 points to contribute. The Xia family and him are mixed together. He has a strong talent. On the one hand, it may be his Yuanshen Aperture Theory, and it is really possible to produce results!"

     The old man gave orders one after another!

     For Su Yu, Hazard Classification was also raised.

     After this time, Su Yu will be more careful and contribute 13,000 points... very many very many!

     All five failed to vacate. Although there were unexpected factors, this was Su Yu's luck.

     In terms of luck, repairers attach great importance to it.

     Good luck is also one type of ability.

     Since Su Yu just escape from calamity, it's all right, it might be difficult to take him in the air, and let Ling Yun do it. As for the mountains and seas, the goal is too big and easy to be spotted.

     "Su Yu probably won't go out of school anymore..."The sound transmission note vibrated, and someone responded.

     The old man hesitated for a moment said: "Not necessarily, look at it again, don't rush for a moment! The Yuanshen Aperture Theory has just come out, and there is no such thing as a result. Su Yu is only possible because there are too many Yuanshen Apertures..."

     The subordinates don't ask any more, and this is also the case.

     This kind of large-scale project research, even if Su Yu is really genius, hasn't been ten years or eight years, it is difficult to produce any results.

     The old man thought for a while, and suddenly said: "Su Yu's father is in the Demon Squad. Who is the nearest rival race of the Demon Squad? See if we can get in touch. It's best to let that clan catch his father alive on the battlefield! Leave it to us. Click here! Once Su Yu really produces results, Daxia Mansion must immediately control Su Yu and control the Yuanshen Research Institute, unless Su Yu himself refuses to say... Then it needs capital!"


     The subordinate replied that the old man was relaxed and ready with both hands.

     Su Yu can really produce results... In fact, it is also a good thing. Ten thousand races teach, that is also Human race, and can be cultivated.

     But this achievement cannot be taken away by the Great Xia Mansion, otherwise, it would be a big trouble.

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