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244 "Shuangwu Heqiao Method" (seeking Monthly Pass Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Soon after Su Yu came back, the assault on him spread in some circles with a wide range of sources.

     Yuanshen Institute.

     Several people are also from a wide range of sources, Jiang Mu frowned and said, "These ten thousand people are courageous getting bigger and bigger?"

     "Not sure yet is it taught by ten thousand races."

     Su Yu smiled and calmly said: "It's okay, anyway, there is no injury."

     Wu Jia was annoyed and said, "Junior, you have to call Master and Master to come forward, otherwise those bastards will keep staring at you?"

     "Junior, it's just a small matter."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "It's okay, I didn't see what happened, Xia Huyou's people clicked and killed them!"

     As he said, he sighed: "Xia Huyou said that he is a branch of the Xia family... I really don't believe it, and the mountains and seas protect the road.

     Hu Qiusheng's eyes were strange.

     You really don’t know what is fake?

     People Xia Huyou is not a branch, he is like a grandson who is called by you, he is not sure, Su Yu in the end is it not knows this.

     As for the attack on Su Yu, he has not received any news yet.

      listened for a while, said: "Be careful these days, don't go out if you are okay."

     "I know."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I'm not ready to go out either. By the way, everyone is here. Don't say these boring words, help me check things."

     With that said, Su Yu described it for a while and said: "There is a kind of grass, three leaves, the leaves are blue..."

     "The three leaves are blue, you mean the sky star flower?"

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, do you all know this?Glanced at Wu Lan, Wu Lan looked proud and said proudly: "What? I've seen this kind of flowers. They are three-leaf and blue, and they will eventually bloom the gypsophila flowers, which are very beautiful."

     "Are there any pictures?"

     "I'll go and search, there should be..."

     Wu Lan ran upstairs, and quickly handed a large toe to Su Yu: "There are 12 copies of the Plant Encyclopedia, and I have read a few. You can see for yourself, isn't it this?"

     Su Yu looked for a moment and soon saw the introduction of Star Flower on one page.

     The picture is exactly the kind of grass in Memory Fragment he saw.

     Su Yu looked for a moment The main producing area, frowned quickly, and the range was relatively large.

     Seven or eight big houses all have this kind of grass.

     Daxia Mansion, in fact, also has it, and there are several big houses nearby.

     Daming Mansion, Dashang Mansion, Daxia Mansion...

     At the same time as Su Yu frowned, he was roughly certain that it should be near the Daxia Mansion. In other areas, this kind of gypsophila almost did not exist.

     At least reduced the scope.

     Su Yu didn't say much, and quickly said: "There is another kind of tree with a kind of fruit. The fruit looks a bit like a watermelon. The fruit is very big and has stripes..."

     He introduced again, Wu Lan resembled a student, and quickly replied: "I know I know, it must be a nine-striped fruit tree. Does the fruit have a nine-striped road?"


     Seeing her joyfully satisfied, Su Yu was a little surprised.

     Great, you will answer.

     Do you think I am testing your knowledge reserve?

     Su Yu didn't say much, and quickly said, "Where are these fruit trees?""Daming Mansion, Daxia Mansion, and Dashang Mansion are all available, and there is no production in other places."


     Su Yu praised.

     Continued: "There is another kind of tree that does not bear fruit..."

     Before he finished speaking, Wu Lan hurriedly said, "I got all the correct answers. Are there any rewards?"


     Do you think I am playing with you?

     Su Yu was speechless, helpless, but smiled on his lips: "Yes! I will continue to write the questions, and if I answer 5 questions correctly, I will reward the gods!"


     Everyone looked at him, Su Yu looked calm, and said lightly: "Employee rewards! Don't look at me like this, as a newly opened research institute, we are short of money, but not short of money, in order to motivate employees , Sometimes I will do some interesting questions and answers, and there will be rewards for correct answers!"

     Wu Lan didn't care much, and she was a little surprised: "Reward the divine orifice? The divine orifice that can be opened at this stage?"


     "Then you quickly ask the question!"


     Hu Qiusheng is tired of a few people, so you don't care. Where did his divine orifice enlightenment method come from?

     Well, you really don't seem to care.

     At this moment, Zheng Yunhui, Hu Qiusheng, and Jiang Mu no longer had any ease, and they all concentrated one's attention completely, looking at Su Yu!

     I go!

     Say it earlier, and we will answer too!

     Su Yu smiled and continued: "A kind of tree, fruitless, but the tree is very tall, about seven or eight meters, with big leaves, like lotus leaves..."

     "There are three!"Hu Qiusheng was rushing to talk. He didn't even finish. Wu Lan screamed: "I know, lotus leaf sandalwood, blue maple birch, cloud leaf wood... Which one are you talking about? Are there spots on the trunk? "


     Su Yu was stunned, Wu Lan hurriedly said, "Are the leaves blue?"

     "It doesn't seem to..."

     "That's lotus leaf sandalwood!" Wu Lan hurriedly said, "rich in the three major palaces of Dazhou, Daming, and Dashang!"


     Su Yu blinked and looked at Hu Qiusheng. Hu Qiusheng nodded helplessly. I know this too, Wu Lan grabs talk!

     Su Yu smiled, "Where are the lotus leaf sandalwood, sky star flower, and nine-patterned fruit tree?"

     "Daming Mansion!"

     Wu Lan continued to rush to answer, and quickly said: "Daming Mansion has it. I still know the place. It is not far from Daxia Mansion. Yes, it is not far from your Nanyuan. It is called...Xingluoshan!"

     Wu Lan joyfully satisfied, very proud, "I got the correct answer, four questions, continue!"

     Su Yu didn't say anything.

     Damn it!

     I just ask casually, is this a judgement?

     Stars fall!

     "Wu Lan, how do you know so much?"

     Wu Lan was proud, proud, joyful, and somewhat reserved: "In general, I like to look at these flowers and plants. I used to look at these when I was fine. It's much better than watching monsters."

     In other words, don't ask me about monsters, I don't know.

     "Is the star set big?"

     "It's huge!"

     Wu Lan hurriedly said: "Is this a problem? Do you want to talk about the specific area? Xingluoshan... I have to look through the information to know..."He said that he was going to check the information. At this time, Jiang Mu smiled, said: "Xingluoshan has one main vein and six branch veins! It's in the direction of Nanyuan to the south, and it's about 350 miles. It's a big house. The boundary line, the mountains are undulating, and somewhat dangerous. There are some Wild Fiend Beasts in the mountains, as well as bandits and bandits. There are even some patriarchs lurking in them..."

     Wu Lan looked sad and angry!

     This is my question!

     You rush to answer!

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, there are thousands of followers living in the mountains, the gods of Tianyi?

     Could it be that this Great Teacher was originally near Daxia Mansion?

     Also, the Quanjiao entered the Daxia Mansion and attacked the Daxia Mansion. The actions of so many people could not have come rashly. Even if it did, it should be fast. Maybe the other party was not far from the Daxia Mansion.

     Xingluoshan...no matter the zone!

     Su Yu was really surprised, and he didn't expect to determine the location so quickly.


     In this research institute, everyone is talented, except for Zheng Yunhui, who is stupid and blank, and the senior sister who listens to heavenly scripture...

     The two of them didn't say anything from start to finish, which was really miserable.

     Su Yu was pleasantly surprised and quickly said: "What is the highest level of danger among them?"

     At this moment, Hu Qiusheng looked at him somewhat surprised.

     It seemed to vaguely understand what he was doing.

     Su Yu... seems to be inferring a location.

     Stars fall!Su Yu didn't care, Jiang Mu smiled and said, "This is not very clear, but it generally does not exceed the mountain and the sea, which is a high-level dangerous place. If there is a threat from the mountain and the sea, the major government will send people to clear it!"

     Su Yu nodded.

     Maybe you can go to Xingluoshan to look around!

     No more questions, but Wu Lan looked depressed and said, "Aren't you asking?"

     The fun quiz is very interesting!

     And I only answered 4 questions correctly, and there is one more question. I answered 5 questions correctly before I rewarded a divine orifice opening method.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Then ask one more question, you go out with someone in a team, someone in the team wants to deal with you, but they dare not kill you, afraid that your aunt's grandmother will ask her to settle the account, how to force her to take the initiative to attack you... "

     Wu Lan blinked, this problem is so difficult to answer.

     Others are looking thoughtful and no one says anything.

     After a while, Wu Lan hurriedly said, "Are you going out together to hunt for treasure? Or do you deal with the enemy?"

     "Treasure hunt."

     "Then get a big baby, you and him want it, if you two are together, he can't help but want to kill you..."

     "That will be known by my patrons and kill her!"

     Wu Lan had a headache, "Then you won't let your supporter know, or if you know, there is no way to kill him. Others prove that you died by yourself."

     "how to prove?"

     Wu Lan was still thinking, Hu Qiusheng smiled faintly: "As long as the benefits are large enough, no proof is needed, and no one can see it! See if the benefits are enough to make people's heart move! It can make people's heart move... kill, kill. Who has evidence that it was homicide?"

     Su Yu nodded, the benefits should be large enough.Su Yu thought for a while and said: "For some people, what is the best interest..."

     "For the ten thousand races, what they want most is the ruins!" Hu Qiusheng smiled: "Or something that can change the overall situation, such as the Yuanshen Aperture we studied, such as the method to break the invincibility of the Civilized Master, such as... "

     He said a lot.

     Su Yu nodded again, "Then what will happen if I kill her?"

     "Be careful of being retaliated by her clan, beware of the hatred of the students of the ten thousand races, anger against a common enemy, to deal with you..."

     Hu Qiusheng smiled meaningfully, "You can take a few more students from the Ten Thousand Races, kill some of them, draw some of them, let the races prove themselves, it's meaningless! Separate them internally and let them prove that someone's death cannot wipe out the crimes! "

     "If you are not of the same race, the interest demands are different. As long as you can meet the interests of some people, then you can solve the dissatisfaction of the other part! Thus, it is very simple to let some of the Wanzu students become vested interests and draw differentiation!"

     Su Yu looked at him with a smile, and Hu Qiusheng also looked at Su Yu with a smile.

     Zheng Yunhui looked at the two of them and looked up at the ceiling.

     Does it fit?

     You two discussed open and aboveboard, and almost understood how to kill Xia Qing's gang. Is it really appropriate?

     Are there any girls?

     Doesn’t it seem that we are too insidious?

     Let’s take a look at the two girls again... Okay, go ahead, they didn’t understand, you two continued to talk, these two girls thought you guys really were discussing the problem.Su Yu didn't say this any more, and quickly laughed: "Wu Lan, if you pass the level, 4 questions are also very powerful. You also gave the idea for this question, rewarded a divine orifice to open the plan, continue the struggle, I will reward the researchers with outstanding contributions!"

     Wu Lan is happy, there is a reward!

     Motivated to work!

     Su Yu smiled and stopped talking about this, and the previous attack seemed to have been forgotten by everyone.

     They all assumed that Xia Huyou's people killed the opponent, and Su Yu... nothing happened.


     The assault and killing of Su Yu is a major event, not a major event.

     After all, Su Yu didn't have anything. Instead, five of them vacated and planted. The Daxia Mansion was conducting a thorough investigation, and the remaining three were quickly dragged to the Ten Thousand Clan Pit.

     The exposed patriarchs do not have much fishing value.

     Under normal circumstances, Daxia Mansion will not stay for too long, so it will be cut directly.

     The undisclosed, the patriarchs of all ethnic groups who were secretly mastered, these people might catch big fish.

     There is nothing unusual about Su Yu.

     It's just that Daxia Civilization Academy has some whispers, and Su Yu and Zhang Hao from the Magic Rune Academy are a little unhappy.

     Without him, the few guys who attacked Su Yu were actually from the Zhang family.

     What Zhang family means is that those few people have moved their minds, seeing riches provokes evil designs, they are not the people of all ethnic groups, but Su Yu was beaten into the people of all ethnic groups. The old man was also punished by the above.If it were simply seeing riches provokes evil designs, it has nothing to do with the Zhang family, but now it’s a little troublesome. Although the old man of the Zhang family dealt with it immediately, it was said that Su Yu made a false accusation in front of Xia Huyou. Crowd.

     This led to a few people being regarded as cultists of thousands of races, and they were killed directly!


     Su Yu no longer cares about all this.

     After some rumors were released, he didn't care about it, from start to finish, his goal was not to kill anyone.

     But to make yourself stronger!

     As some of Xia Huyou's essence and blood gradually came in place, Su Yu also began to try quickly.

     Open the atlas and test the exercises.

     Su Yu is also willing to try the exercises of more than ten thousand races, including some of the human races. He has a lot of resuscitation, and he can try almost ordinary exercises, and almost all of them include those exercises.

     Even if there are a few acupuncture points, Su Yu can't open a few more.

     It is not difficult for Su Yu to open a few points. He cultivated the tactics for strengthening the body, and the speed of resuscitation was very fast.

     In the blink of an eye, 5 days passed.

     November 15th.

     The sixth day of the establishment of the institute.

     At this moment, Su Yu had 308 resuscitations. After trying various exercises, some of them did have some weak effects, which accelerated his resuscitation speed. Now Su Yu has 4 resuscitations in one.

     According to the previous judgment, it took three days to reconcile one orifice, and one week had passed, and he should have just completed the reconciliation of two orifices.

     But has to say, there are still some exercises that can be accelerated."The Human Race's "Hyperfusion Method" and "Integration Technique" have some effects. They are considered to be good auxiliary cultivation techniques. One has 15 infusions and the other has 24."

     "Flying Eagle Clan's "Break Between Two Extremes" also has a good effect, opening up 28."

     "The Red Frog's "Aperture Legitimacy" is also effective, opening 22 of them..."

     Su Yu commented one by one on these methods that were helpful for the healing of the body, and fell into contemplation.

     There are quite a few exercises that are helpful for the healing of the body.

     For example, if you take out both "Two Extremes" and "Aperture Law" to practice for other people, everyone should be very satisfied, the effect is good, there is not much resuscitation, and it is much easier to use than some human exercises.

     At least it can save everyone one third time.

     But this is not what Su Yu wants!

     too slow!

     The efficiency is too bad!

     Save one third time?

     No, this can't meet Su Yu's needs. It's better to use the kind of exercise that can completely solve the repulsive force and let him quickly get together. This is a really good exercise!

     A drop of Golden Blood in his hand!

     This is the last race he hasn't tried yet, the Tianlong tribe, just this drop of blood, from the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, expensive and scary, 300 points of merit, Su Yu purchased 3 drops, and this one cost a lot of money. Full 900 points of merit.

     Su Yu knows the Dragon language.

     This day dragon blood, it is not too long.

     "I have tried dozens of exercises, and some have no effect at all. I have also tried hundreds of exercises for thousands of races, and there are not many effective ones. What about the Tianlong tribe?"

     Su Yu No More Hesitation, swallowed in one bite essence and blood.With his current physical strength, he can actually try to swallow the blood of the sky. The blood of the Ten Thousand Stone Realm does not have much pressure on him.

     Soon, a new page of atlas was opened.

     This means that the Tianlong clan also killed him.

     In a dream!

     Until today, Su Yu sometimes dreams, and there are thousands of people chasing him down, but very rarely, only once in a while.

     Without thinking about it, a new page opened.

     "Tianlong Clan (Wan Shi Jiu Zhong):

      Racial Skill: Broken (Essence and Blood on), Dragon Fury (Essence and Blood on), Rejuvenation (Essence and Blood on)...

     Basic Yuan Jue: Tianlong Jue (Essence and Blood Open)"

     Su Yu took a breath. This was the first time he had encountered a race with so many racial skills.


     He didn't watch the latter few, but mainly looked at the "Rongqiao". Is this the method of fusing the acupoints?

     It is actually the other's talent!

     This means that the Heavenly Dragon tribe doesn't even need to practice this technique, and they didn't even realize that they still have this talent. Anyway, the Heavenly Dragon tribe only knows that it's very simple to blend in.

     In their eyes, maybe this is a talent, not a talent skill, or a technique.

     Tianlong clan, born with this!

     "The "Rongqiao" method..."

     Su Yu is a little excited, the top ten big clans, of course, the human race is special, the other top ten big clans, who has nothing to do with it.

     He still has two drops of blood.

     One drop of preparation is used to open the "Rong Qiao" method, and one drop of preparation is used to open the basic Yuan Jue "Tianlong Jue".The top ten big clans have strong skills, right?

     At least stronger than "Strong Body", right?

     Maybe 144 can be opened!

      No More Hesitation, Su Yu quickly swallowed a drop of essence and blood. This time, he wanted to start the "Mixed Aperture" method.

     The essence and blood are swallowed, and the talent is activated.

     At this moment, Su Yu realized!

     In the body, 32 acupoints are opened.

     It's very secretive. There are nine acupuncture points, which Su Yu has never opened.

     The moment the 32 acupuncture points were opened, an oppressive force was quickly formed, which was also very secretive, but Su Yu didn't care about this, and quickly began to try to heal the acupuncture points!

     Su Yu overjoyed at unexpected good news!

     The repulsive force becomes smaller!

     No, it was suppressed by the power formed by the other 32 acupoints!

     Suppressed that repulsive force!

     "At least suppressed 3-February!"

     Su Yu was overjoyed and suppressed 3-February... It is already very good, much stronger than the previous sets of exercises. This set of exercises has been sorted out and suppressed 3-February repulsive force, which does not mean the time of resuscitation. Saved 3-February, but saved even more!

     The original repulsive force is 3, and it takes 3 days to rejuvenate one.

     Now the repulsive force is 1, and it takes only half a day to rejuvenate one orifice, because the repulsive force is smaller, the speed is faster, and it is easier, and it consumes less vitality and willpower.


     Su Yu was happy in his heart and had a good set of exercises. When he continued to practice, he felt that it would take at least 45 days to reunite himself, but now it may only take half a month.The practice lasted for about half an hour, and Su Yu didn't care too much when the energy was exhausted in the next moment.

     The fifth acupuncture point is about to be successfully combined!

     "I have to open 9 acupuncture points..."

     Su Yu thought in his heart, suddenly moved slightly, and quickly brought several sets of exercises with obvious effects in front of him, watched for a moment, and muttered: "These sets of exercises, the one of the Tianlong clan that has the most resuscitation, and The one with the least resuscitation is the Human Race’s "Acupuncture Method."

     "Up to 32 resuscitation, and at least 15 resuscitation."

     Looking at the other exercises, Su Yu's eyes changed slightly. It was not obvious before. After turning on the "Rong Qiao" method, Su Yu suddenly discovered that these cultivation techniques have many overlapping acupoints.

     "So, the acupuncture point that suppresses repulsive force is actually fixed!"

     "Some acupuncture points are invalid, some are effective, and at least the overlapping parts should be effective."

     Su Yu quickly searched for various exercises. The exercises he had tried before were like finding a treasure!

     He felt that he had discovered a new world!

     "The repulsive force should be fixed and suppressed by some acupoints. It may be possible to deduce a more suitable exercise method than the "Rongqiao" method. Under normal circumstances, 36 is the best, but the "Rongqiao" method is only open The 32 acupuncture points may not be the best..."

     "Maybe there are some acupuncture points in the "Rongqiao" method that are not needed!"

     "In other exercises, there may be some acupuncture points that need to be added."


     Su Yu muttered and fell into a carnival. The exercises are all created by humans, and created by the strong, which does not mean that they are perfect.Just like Hu Qiusheng, he has improved a set of exercises in the past, reducing an unnecessary acupuncture point.

     Su Yu has more things than others!

     He had cultivated dozens of methods of combining the acupuncture points of the ten thousand races, and the location of some acupuncture points was very mysterious. I am afraid that it would be difficult for the human race to find the existence of those acupuncture points, and they were all opened by the album.

     Now he is not considered Self Created Cultivation Technique, just doing some repair and improvement work.


      After 3 to 4 hours.

     Su Yu drew a picture of a new exercise method on the drawing!

     Open 36 meta-aperture pictures!

     He looked for the overlapping acupoints, and constantly experimented with other acupoints, sensing the power exerted by the acupuncture points, and he could feel some of the acupuncture points that were of little use, so he eliminated them.

     In the end, 36 acupoints were sorted out.

     Including the "Rongqiao" method, he has eliminated several useless acupuncture points.

     "36. According to the law, this should be the most suitable method. With 36 acupuncture points, the operation plan is not difficult to derive. After all, the operation plans of these sets of exercises are similar... But... will it be dangerous? ?"

     Su Yu was lost in thought. To tell the truth, although it was just checking the omissions, after all, this was the first new set of exercises he had compiled, and it did not operate according to the original exercises.

     If something goes wrong, it will be troublesome if the acupuncture point explodes!

     After a long while, Su Yu eyes flashed.

     "Zhou Hao!"

     Shall we find a test product to come in?

     Let him try it!He has a lot of resuscitation. This new 36 acupuncture points, the guy may open a few or more than ten, maybe he is doing it now, maybe it will not take long to complete the acupuncture points, and then run a test test.

     As for he exploded... that was his business.

     To be honest, Su Yu still has a certain degree of certainty, but he didn't dare to let him try his own new method.

     He exploded 36 acupuncture points, even if he did not die, he would have to stay in bed for half a year.

     "That fellow Zhou Hao cultivated the "Thousand Mountain Art", because the repulsive force is too great, it is almost impossible to succeed. If this technique is really effective, for Zhou Hao, it will be a life-changing event!"

     "And it is effective for the "Thousand Mountain Jue", which means it is effective for other people, then it can completely prove that this set of exercises is feasible!"

     Zhou Hao, in Su Yu's view, is still more suitable to take the path of warriors.

     The willpower has improved a bit last time, and it hasn't been cultivated yet.

     This guy is now relying on his physical strength.

     Really speaking of willpower... Intermediate class students dislike him.

     In terms of willpower, his talent is not too strong, or the contact is too late, the willpower is the same as Su Yu, more tenacious, but too weak.

     "That guy is Xia Yuwen's apprentice, so he can't tell it to others?"

     Su Yu and somewhat worried this problem!

     Maybe I can talk to Zhou Hao. He thinks that Zhou Hao is a more suitable test item. Maybe the future Yuanshen Aperture can be tried with him. This guy can open the Yuan Aperture very quickly.I heard that it was not long before Xia Yuwen discovered that he had never practiced before, and soon opened up 144 of them, completing the practice of "Thousand Mountain Art".

     Xia Yuwen... is an unqualified teacher.

     If Zhou Hao was sent to the War Academy, even if he was rebuilt, he would most likely enter Ten Thousand Stones soon, or vacate.

     As a result, Xia Yuwen took him to the Daxia Civilization Academy and wasted his talent.

     Many people have somewhat regretful sympathy, but this is Xia Yuwen's student, and no one is involved in this matter.

     "This guy... is really going to be sent to the War Academy, maybe the next Huang Teng!"

     Huang Teng, the genius of the Great Xia War Academy.

     The unlucky genius who beat Bai Feng several times!

     This name, Su Yu also heard people say, now he is already a strong man in the Lingyun realm, he is no longer in a school, I heard that he has gone to the front line and fought on the battlefield of the heavens.

     With these in mind, Su Yu eyes flashed for a while, and talked to Zhou Hao.

     As for Su Yu himself... there is no need to take risks.

      Devil knows the route I deduced is correct!

     If there is a conflict, what should I do if I blow up the acupuncture point? Maybe I can ask Teacher Zhao to reconsider it, be safer, and then let Zhou Hao try the effect. I am a person who is quite righteous.

     If you want to change your own destiny, how can you not take risks!

     To agree or not, it depends on you Zhou Hao... Su Yu thinks that he will probably agree, that guy is ruthless.

     "The new exercises have come out, and the auxiliary methods that are in harmony with the body have to be named."Su Yu touched his chin, groaned for a while, and laughed, somewhat bad taste said: "It's called "Shuangwu Heqiao Method", the senior sister and Wu Lan know that they are very happy, maybe they can't wait to work for nothing... …"

     Su Yu has some understanding of these two.

     Have to carry it!

     Got to coax!

     Have to hold it!

     Let them feel that they are very powerful, very awesome, and very important. Even if you do a day job, they feel refreshed and they can't wait to do a day job for a lifetime.

     A technique that may spread to the entire human realm and change the technique of the entire warrior realm is called "Shuangwu Heqiao Method", which is worth it, these two can probably laugh crazy!

     Su Yu thought about it and laughed.

     Am I too bad?

     Even if they don’t pay for work, they still have to post money. Even if they post money, they have to make people delighted to (do sth, idiom) to work for nothing. Hey, I can’t see it myself!

     "Everything is for the rise of the human race!"

     Su Yu talk to oneself said that they are all for the human race. As scientific researchers, we must have this belief.

     Part-time job...inverted money...Anyway, I didn’t do, the elder sister and Wu Lan were happy to do it.

     In fact, a practice that allows them to do nothing for a lifetime, in the eyes of countless people, should be worthwhile, too precious!
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