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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Nurturing Garden.

     Su Yu didn't hide his whereabouts, it was still bright, so he went straight to Zhou Hao's living place.

     On the way, I also met some familiar students, and they nodded and greeted each other. Su Yu still treated people in harmony, as if the recent storm did not affect him in the slightest.

     Some people watched him go over there, and when Su Yu knocked on Zhou Hao's door, some people were suspicious, did these two hook up?

     Last time it was!

     In the battle for places, the two probably had a tacit understanding in advance, and finally faced Zhan Hai together, otherwise they would not cooperate so well.

     The first time they fought to the end, did they hook up?

     I don't understand them!


     Outsiders can't understand, Su Yu will not deliberately explain anything.

     Whatever you think.

     As for Zhou Hao, he doesn't care about it at all.

     Open the door and see Su Yu, slightly frowned.

     After taking a step back a little, his nose twitched, and he whispered: "You killed someone!"

     Su Yu raised her eyebrows, it's a dog nose!

     "No, it was stained with blood before."

     How many days have it been?

     This is all felt, this guy is too keen.

     Zhou Hao didn't say much, so Su Yu denied it.



     Zhou Hao didn't say much, he didn't care about anything, he went straight into the house, and Su Yu followed in. He didn't care too much about being seen by others.

     "In broad daylight, I was seen, your master will trouble you, right?"Su Yu smiled, Zhou Hao sat down, looked up at him, and said calmly: "My master is more atmospheric than you think."

     "I don't believe it."

     Zhou Hao didn’t say any more, don’t believe it. Xia Yuwen and Su Yu are enemies. Su Yu naturally thinks this guy is a villain, but in Zhou Hao’s view, Xia Yuwen is okay. Everyone has different opinions and he is not interested in correcting Su Yu. .

     "Say it."

     When Zhou Hao watched him sit down and pour himself tea, he was a little speechless. We may not be so familiar with each other. This is not your home either.

     Su Yu gave himself a cup of tea, sat down, also without rubbish, and said directly: "Want to take the warrior road or the civilized division?"

     "It doesn't matter, just become stronger!"

     This is Zhou Hao's answer.

     Su Yu nodded, "Then do you think the warrior Dao can make you stronger quickly, or is it a civilized division?"

     "Warrior Road."

     "Then do you want to enter Wanshi?"

     Zhou Hao glanced at him, and said in a low voice: "The Thousand Mountain Art has no way to do it, but it doesn't matter. I am opening the God of War Knockout Points. I currently have opened 168 of the Knockout Points of the God of War. I will soon open them all! "

     Su Yu was a little surprised, "Have you opened up 24?"

     In the first battle, it was only a month or so. This guy actually opened 24 Yuan Apertures. After counting, one every two days?


     "Preparing to use the God of War Technique to advance to Wanshi?"


     "The God of War has 108 know-hows, and only 12 have them in total, don't you think it is too weak?"

     Zhou Hao is slightly frowned, "I don't think how much fit does not represent strength.""We have a lot of insights, we have a good foundation, we can't have a lot of knowledge, why choose the next best?"

     Zhou Hao was a little depressed, and said in a dull voice: "The "Thousand Mountain Technique" cannot be combined. For other Heaven Rank Cultivation Techniques, my teacher only has the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique. This cannot be passed on, and the Xia family will not give it."

     Just so simple, understand?

     Su Yu provocatively said: "Don't make trouble, your teacher will definitely have another Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique. If you don't tell you, I have a lot of books. Will Ling Yun of your teacher Xia family have no Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique?"


     Zhou Hao just looked at him like this, I don't want to talk (about it), not a fool.

     Are you so bluntly provocative?

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Don't look at me like this, your teacher has an enemy with me, I said something bad about him What happened?"

     Without going on to say this, Su Yu quickly said: "Don't talk nonsense, I will ask you to test a set of exercises, the kind of exercises that can make you "Qianshan Jue" have a good effect, the effect is particularly good, this is no doubt! Of course! The operation of the exercise is probably a no problem, but it has only been tested on the model, not the human body. If you agree, you will be the first!"

     Without waiting for Zhou Hao to reply, Su Yu said: "The probability of you agreeing is 100%, I don't doubt this! But agree on three laws, first, the exercises must not be spread!"

     "Secondly, after accepting this time, I will still look for you in the next exercise test!"

     "Third, after practicing this technique, you must not use it on me or my friends and relatives."

     Su Yu simply said: "If you agree, I will teach you. Try the effect on the spot. If you don't agree, then forget it."

     Zhou Hao was silent.After a long while, he opened his mouth and said: "The first is OK, the second is OK, and the third...My master asked me to deal with you..."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Okay, change it, I can only deal with me, I'm not afraid! You are not welcome, you...you are a bit too close! Since you guessed that I killed someone, you should know who I killed, you If I can't stop you if I want to die, there is no need to stop you.

     Zhou Hao silent for a while, nodded, and agreed.

     Su Yu's promise to this kind of person is still somewhat believed. This kind of person is cruel enough and fatal enough, but it's still a little too shameless.

     Of course, if Zhou Hao pretended to be, Su Yu would lose.

     It's just a set of exercises, it's really spread out...what's the matter!

     Su Yu was too lazy to talk nonsense, looked around, and said: "It's not safe here, go to my research institute, lest you be detected by someone!"

     "it is good!"

     Zhou Hao got up without asking what was unsafe.

     What are the effects of the exercises and what are the consequences if something goes wrong.

     Can heal...This can quickly increase his strength, allowing him to enter the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, and advance with the powerful "Thousand Mountain Art", which is only stronger than the ordinary practitioners who have practiced the top-level techniques.


     Soon, the two went out together.

     There was someone on the road, Zhou Hao also doesn't care, following Su Yu, silent.

     Su Yu didn't care either, talking and laughing: "Maybe your master will knows the news now, ready to kill you."

     Zhou Hao was silent.

     "It's boring! Forget it, tell me, your master's communication number."

     "doing what?""Speed up, can I still kill him through communication?"


     Zhou Hao was speechless and reported a number.

     Su Yu took out the communication and quickly dialed the number.

     After a while, a low voice came: "Who?"

     "Hello teacher, Su Yu!"


     Over there, silent for a while, Xia Yuwen said in a low voice: "Something?"

     "The Yuanshen Research Institute has developed a method that can assist in closing the faculties. Maybe it can make the "Thousand Mountains Secret Art" be combined. I want to use Zhou Hao as a test product, but you have to pay part of my development cost, 5000 points. Merit, skill Zhou Hao cannot be taught, I need a promise from the teacher!"

     Xia Yuwen coldly snorted, "I have a big appetite!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I really don't have a big appetite! Teacher, if Zhou Hao succeeds, he enters the Ten Thousand Stones Realm with "Thousand Mountain Jue", his strength, you know, to the Ninth Level of Ten Thousand Stones, the current top 100 list...what? Feng is just a trash, Zhou Hao can kill him with three punches!"

     "Furthermore, now the outside world is not good about teachers, delaying his own students, a strong man who is ready to compete with the palace owner, a genius, but everything for self and selfish profit, for his own students, you still count on someone in Daxia House Will support you?"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Teacher, take a long-term look. It doesn't mean that when you are invincible, someone will follow you! No matter how strong you are, the human race is more invincible. Why should I follow you? Daxia Mansion really gave you Palace Lord, it’s a big deal that I leave Daxia Mansion, wherever the talents arrive, there are people who want them! You can still kill all the talents of Daxia Mansion, really think you can act wilfully when you reach Invincible?"Su Yu smiled and said: "Now, your student is stuck in the world, you may need to be promoted with "God of War Jue", not to mention the time, the strength is not as good as before, a waste of talent, teacher, 5000 points of merit, give you a future May help you fight against the powerful in the Quartet, what's wrong?"


     Xia Yuwen didn't say a word, was silent for a while, and said: "Successfully promoted, I will give it to you!"

     "Teacher, give it now, that's 5,000 points of merit! It is 100% successful, that is 10,000 points, choose yourself!"

     Su Yu said with a smile: "Of course, the teacher can actually not give it, because Zhou Hao is a very good test product. If you don't give it, I will continue to look for him as a test product, but for the teacher... Yes, it’s paid to help students solve their problems, if you don’t give it... Then it’s all my credit. Brother Zhou and I will be a family from now on. We beat the teacher to death. Don’t mind the teacher."


     Behind him, Zhou Hao glanced at Su Yu, feeling bored, just don't want to talk (about it).

     On the other side of the communication, Xia Yuwen also took a sigh of relief and said coldly: "Are you threatening me?"

     "The teacher misunderstood!"

     Su Yu said innocently: "I just told Brother Zhou that his teacher... is not as good as he thought. He also told me that his teacher is very good, so I can't say bad things about you. I thought, he might be too innocent. , I misunderstood you..."


     Xia Yuwen sneered: "Su Yu, sharp tongue, it's not a good thing!""Teacher, it’s a bit tolerant. Sharp tongue is a bad thing? Does Daxia Mansion only need to fight? No need for foreign negotiations? No need to earn money to do business, no need to appease the people? Just fight? If the teacher thinks so …I don’t think it’s really a teacher’s turn for the position of the palace lord. I really think that the high-levels of the Daxia Mansion are all idiots? If you have the strength, I will be the palace lord for you? Sliding from the top three to the end!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Teacher, do I make sense? You hurt my teacher so badly before. I didn't say that I have never dealt with the teacher ever since, and I helped your students get promoted. The teacher doesn't think I am this kind. of person, is it suitable for you to be an assistant or something? The teacher will really become the lord of the palace in the future, and I think it is actually quite good for me now as the manager of Hu. It can help the teacher effectively establish prestige , Even the enemy can be brought under his command and entrusted with important tasks!"

     Su Yu said with emotion: "The teacher has recently lost the competition. In my opinion, the most crucial point is the lack of an aide-type figure, the teacher, to recruit a talent, don’t all day long just know the violence, Master Xuexia, Then I have to learn more, Palace Master Xia also asked General Hu to take the helm!"


     Xia Yuwen was a little annoyed, coldly snorted, and said coldly: "5000 points, trade, you inherit Zhou Hao, Su Yu, don't irritate me, and it's just a trade, Zhou Hao...don't owe you anything!"

     "no problem!"Su Yu smiled and said: "Okay, then so be it! Me and Zhou Hao were a deal. I really didn't expect him to owe me anything, but the exercises should not be passed on. Teacher, you It should be noted. In the human environment, the exercises are If there is a patent right, if it does not go through my permission, I can sue it if it is privately transmitted. Teacher, don't ruin your reputation for a set of exercises!"

     At the next moment, Su Yu added, "Although the teacher's reputation is not what kind of!"


     "Su Yu, don't provoke my patience again and again!"

     Xia Yuwen replied coldly!

     "Well, I admit it wrong!"

     Su Yu confessed his mistake. It was a happy one. He laughed and said, "Teacher, I was wrong, I shouldn’t say that, loyal advice jars on the ears... Maybe the teacher doesn’t like to listen, I’m too troubled! But it’s true. One more thing, the teacher... really silly! Shan Shenwen's first series clearly has a relationship with the Great Zhou Mansion. The teacher is in the Great Xia Mansion and wants to be the mansion of the palace, but he still contacted them and cooperated with them... You are not afraid of the summer mansion The lord left the customs and slashed you with a knife? Ah! Hey, I don’t understand the truth of so simple, but Deputy Chief Xia didn’t even remind you, did you think it didn’t matter, or thought that Palace Lord Xia and Xiahouye There are a large number of adults, don’t you care about these? King Da Xia probably doesn’t like Da Zhou Mansion’s involvement in Da Xia Mansion, right? People outside can understand it, but you don’t?”

     Su Yu spoke sharply and quickly said, "Teacher, did you pretend to be on purpose? Want to confuse the Great Zhou Mansion?"


     Xia Yuwen hung up the communication directly, making noise!

     Annoying guy!Su Yu smiled and looked back and glanced at Zhou Hao, "Look, your teacher is very good to you. After paying, you don’t need to owe me favors, don’t feel sorry for you. If you want to deal with me in the future, don’t show mercy, neither will I Start off leniently, kill you if you should."

     Zhou Hao was silent.

     After walking for a while, he suddenly said, "My teacher paid, then I will experiment with the exercises. You should pay me some reward!"



     Su Yu was stunned, you... actually haggle over price?

     Destroy the three views!

     Zhou Hao calmly said: "Under normal circumstances, helping people experiment with exercises is paid."

     "Your exercises are confidential and good for me. I didn't need to pay, but my teacher paid for it!"

     Said it really make sense!

     Su Yu seems unable to refute!

     Su Yu thought for a while and nodded: "It makes sense. In this way, I will teach you the Jingyuan Jue as a reward! Liangqing, the exercises I teach are all limited to your own cultivation, how about?"

     "it is good!"

     He didn't even ask what this exercise was for, but he probably understood it from the name, it should be good.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "If you spread my practice, I will kill you, and the open and aboveboard will kill you. For this, Daxia Mansion will not pursue me, I will explain it in advance!"

     Zhou Hao said nothing.

     Whatever you say!

     He also doesn't like talking to Su Yu very much. Anyway, if you can't talk about him, then don't say it. If you really kill it, just cut it when you go up. There is no need to talk to him.


     Continue walking, the Yuanshen Research Institute has arrived.Su Yu sighed again, making money seems to be quite simple, just find the right person, find the right way, Xia Yuwen... is very cold and arrogant, and very rich.

     Ask him for money, and he will probably give it.

     Of course, it's not for no reason to ask for it, or someone will hack you to death.

     No reason, it was robbery.

     There is a reason, that is an exchange of benefits.

     Come in.

     In the hall, Zheng Yunhui and Xia Huyou are playing cards, and there is Zhao Ming!

     Su Yu was speechless!

     These three wastes do not do any work!

     Free food!

     Seeing Su Yu leading Zhou Hao into the door, Xia Huyou smiled and said: "What's wrong, bring this guy here, are you ready to be a guinea pig? Are you ready to test the exercises?"

     Test exercises are very common.

     These days, after all dozens of exercises have been obtained, Su Yu wants to find someone to try it?


     Su Yu complied, ignoring him, and quickly said: "Zheng Yunhui, go to open the big array, prevent eavesdropping!"

     Zheng Yunhui was taken aback for a moment, then turned his head and said, "Did you make a new exercise?"

     If it is old, there is no need to be so cautious.


     Several people looked at him at the same time, don't make trouble, it's only a few days now.

     Then, a few people suddenly looked at Zhou Hao with sympathy, I went, Su Yu was really ruthless, and only studied for a few days, so I will practice the exercises by myself, this is not a person!

     Anyway, Zhou Hao tried!

     Zhou Hao originally had nothing else. At this moment, these people looked at him sympathetically, looking at him as if he were dead, somewhat uncomfortable.

     Somewhat awkward!Zheng Yunhui even more directly said: "Su Yu, although this guy is your opponent, he is also a good subject for experimentation. You just pit him to death, okay? Even if he is not pitted to death, he exploded a few tricks. He has to recover for a long time to delay things!"

     Su Yu smiled, said: "It's okay, he's done, you will be the next test subject!"


     Zheng Yunhui doesn't say anything, fucking, What are you thinking!

     I'm stupid!

      Lightly coughed, Zheng Yunhui smiled and said, "I don't care, let alone, there are many people in the war academy who can try it. There are still a lot of people who are not afraid of death. Just give money. There are guys who specialize in helping people test the exercises."

     Su Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him, and while walking to the basement, he said: "Open the formation!"

     "it is good!"

     Zheng Yunhui complied, and Xia Huyou stood up curiously, "Can we go and see?"

     New exercises!

     It's okay to derive new exercises. Randomly make dozens of acupuncture points, and make a random route to run it. That's also a new exercise. As for the dead or the dead... it doesn't matter.

     So Su Yu came up with a new exercise method, it's really not surprising that several people.

     I was just wondering, would it break Zhou Hao's hole?


     Soon, everyone ran in the basement.

     Wu Jia saw Zhou Hao, coldly snorted, and soon face light up with delight, and felt that the younger brother was deliberately taking revenge, which is good, she likes this, and if there is any grudge, she has to take revenge!

     Just let you experiment with new exercises!

     Zhou Hao is stupid, he deserves it!Wu Lan held up her head and frowned, "It's only a few days, can I use the new technique now? It doesn't matter if Zhou Hao is dead, the key is that he is dead, will we get into a bottleneck?"

     Xia Huyou smiled and said: "It's okay to try it out. Su Yu has done a lot of exercises these days, and he has tried a lot of it himself. There may be some problems with the first set of exercises now, but Zhou Hao knows how to do it. Many, you won’t die if you blow up a few. Don’t always scare him!"


     In the small laboratory, Zhou Hao lowered his head and said nothing.

     He heard it!

     Not soundproof!

     Can you shut up?

     He was really not worried at all before, but at this moment... he was panicking!

     Su Yu was also speechless, and said: "Stop talking, not a big problem, besides, Zhou Hao may not be able to open it now, he may not open the acupuncture points I need!"

     With that said, Su Yu gave Zhou Hao the diagram of his exercise operation, and asked, "How many tricks did you do?"

     Zhou Hao took it and glanced at it. He opened 168 of them. In fact, they were not too few. He saw it at the moment, compared them, and quickly said, "26 were opened, they overlapped, and 10 were not opened. "

     "so much?"

     Su Yu frowned, "How long does it take to open?"

     "At least 20 days!"

     "Just fix it?"


     Su Yu was speechless, outside, a group of people were speechless.

     Get hit!


     You're just so hard to open up, you finished it in 20 days?Su Yu couldn't wait, "Fatty...hehe, Huyou, go and get 5 earthen fruits. With the help of this thing, he can open it soon!"


     Xia Huyou looked at Su Yu in surprise, and said with a serious face: "Are you serious?"

     Zheng Yunhui had taken this thing before, and it was given by Liu Hong.

     500 merit points!

     Can help you open one or two tricks, the key is too expensive, 5 pieces, 2500 points of merit, Zhou Hao himself needs 20 days to open, which is equivalent to one day of cultivation, representing 125 merits, killing one flying low weight, only 100 points of merit .

     "The money from his teacher is fine!"

     What Su Yu wants is efficiency, he doesn't care about it, 20 days is too long, he can't wait.

     Asking Xia Yuwen for money is basically something that needs some assistance.

     Zhou Hao was silent.

     Xia Huyou sternly said: "Did you really deduce the practice?"

     Otherwise Su Yu is crazy!

     A set of random exercises, spend thousands of points of merit, to enlighten Zhou Hao?


     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "I'm giving money, not without money, you can get it! Speed up, this guy usually doesn't use these things to practice, he should be quick to resuscitate with 2500 points of merit. ...... He may be able to resuscitate successfully by tomorrow morning!"

     Reduce 20 days to one day, resuscitate 10, and spend an extra 2500 points of merit.

     This transaction is a profit or loss, I am afraid that in the eyes of Riyue, Su Yu is sick and spend money like running water.

     For Su Yu, 20 days... really long, if the exercise is successful, it is confirmed 20 days in advance that this is far more important than 2500 points of merit.Xia Huyou was speechless, and quickly dialed a communication and gave a few words.

     Soon, everyone in the basement became serious.

     This is not a joke!

     Su Yu is serious, he really wants to try a new exercise, not to pit Zhou Hao, he really did it!

     Xia Huyou finished the communication and quickly said, "I'll send it to you later, Su Yu, can I see the exercises?"

     Su Yu glanced at everyone, nodded and said: "You can watch it, but let me say that it is not a rumor! Whose rumor, I found out, this is the last cooperation, we don't need to cooperate in the future! In addition, even if it succeeds There is a high probability that this set of exercises will not be spread, because I still have a few reduced versions, and those may be auctioned off to raise funds for further research!"

     When these words came out, several people were very solemn.

     So important?

     Xia Huyou didn't say much, and quickly snatched the exercise diagram from Zhou Hao, looked at it for a while, frowned and said, "36 holes! Isn't it too much? Auxiliary cultivation technique, all 36 holes Superb!"

     "Yes, it is the best!"

     Su Yu believes: "If it succeeds, it may directly suppress all repulsive forces. At that time, it will be easy to consolidate the three or five orifices in one day, and there is no problem in one day. First, enter Wanshi Nineth in a month!"


     Xia Huyou looked at him like a fool!

     Damn it!

     Do you really think that our house is rubbish?

     How long have I been cultivating, and now it’s just 15 people, and the last one has to wait at least a period of time.Do you say that you will end up in a month and enter Wanshi Nineth?

     Su Yu didn’t care about him, and continued: “If it’s in that case, I suggest that everyone switch to the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique! If you didn’t do the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique before, it’s because it’s difficult to get together, but it’s not difficult to get together. At this time, if you cultivate Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, your strength will be much stronger!"

     "As for the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique...just look for the Xia family, there is still hope for the Xia family to inherit the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique!"


     How many people looked at him, it's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter, don’t take time to get things done?

     Xia Huyou didn't care too much, and said in a deep voice, "If you really want to weaken the repulsive force, it won't be too late when you reach Wanshi's resuscitation. Now you will enter Wanshi Ninth Layer, not vacate for the time being, and you will reopen afterwards and then rejuvenate. of!"


     He fell into suspicion, and Wu Lan curiously asked: "Did you deduct this yourself?"

     "That's right, I have found a few powerful people to help, mainly because the collected data and materials are useful, which gave me a lot of inspiration!"

     Su Yu praised him, and quickly said: "If the exercise is successful, I will think it over. The name will be "Shuangwu Heqiao Method" to show that Sister Wu and Wu Lan have made great contributions to this exercise. The exercises are enough to change the training history of whole human race..."

     When these words came out, the two were stunned!

     Double Wu's method!

     Others also looked shocked, I'll go, would you like this?

     The next moment, Wu Jia said in surprise: "Junior Brother, is this really called this?"


     "Junior brother... you are so cute!"

     Wu Jia was overjoyed, and Wu Lan was stupid.Sister, grandma, I... I have created the exercises!

     Change the technique of whole human race!

     I... Historical Record Preserved Name!

     She has stayed completely, at this moment she has no idea what she is thinking, careless, she just feels that she is too great, this research institute is the place to change her life's destiny!

     No one will ever say that he will only rely on the Wu family!

     I am a genius!

     The exercises I created changed the history of whole human race cultivation!


     But Su Yu didn't care about this at the moment. Soon, Xia Huyou's people came and sent 5 earthen fruits.

     Su Yu also without rubbish, and threw it directly to Zhou Hao, "The speed is absorbed, and the body is opened!"

     "If the vitality is not enough, go to the secret realm to practice..."

     "No need to!"

     Zhou Hao licked his lips, a little excited, Di Yuanguo, he had heard that, here, he got 5 at a time!

     Obviously, Su Yu has high hopes for this exercise!

     The previous anxiety disappeared instantly.

     Su Yu spent the price of so big, so he won't be joking with him.


     Zhou Hao began to cultivate, Su Yu also without rubbish, he was also cultivating, opening the acupuncture points that had not yet been opened.

     Since he has practiced the tactics of strengthening his body, he has also practiced and regained his body quickly.

     Both of these two practiced at an amazing speed.

     The other people glanced at the two of them, and Zhou Hao didn't care, he was devouring the earth element fruit, so he was very fast, but Su Yu... what the hell, the vitality nearby was swallowed by him, this guy is terrible!

     More than 300 enchanting evildoers, really terrifying.The two of them practiced, and the nearby vitality was not enough, and a large amount of vitality liquid was consumed. The vitality liquid was also necessary for a research institute, and the soul research institute also had a lot of talent reserves, all provided by Xia Huyou.

     One hour, two hours...

     Everyone maintains silence, and it's a big deal to go up and down, no one is speaking, they are all waiting.


     15 hours later.

     Zhou Hao opened his eyes.

     All 5 Earth Element Fruits were swallowed.

     At this moment, Su Yu also opened his eyes. In 15 hours, he consumed a large amount of vitality liquid and opened two acupuncture points. At this moment, he opened 310 orifices.

     If you go to the secret realm, it's actually faster, but Su Yu hasn't bothered to go there recently. There are many people over there, which is very troublesome.

     "Is it over?"


     Zhou Hao exhilarated, "The effect of the earth element fruit is very good, the first one helped me open 3 tricks, the latter effect is a little bit worse."

     Xia Huyou rolled their eyes!


     They have also taken it, generally the first one can resuscitate two of them, but he actually took three!

     Su Yu didn't care, and said quickly: "Then don't waste time, try it!"

     "it is good!"

     Zhou Hao didn't say more. He had read the exercises before. Although it was not a text of will, it was just a simple diagram of the acupoints, but for him, the acupoints were all opened, and the text of no will was the same.

     To show the effect, his acupuncture points are lit.

     One, two...

     Everyone's hearts are also raised!

     Whether it can run is the first hurdle. Whether it will work or not depends on the run.words exceede 5100Everyone has seen it!

     That huge repulsive force was actually directly suppressed!


     The gasping sound came from the basement.

     A series of gasps came out, everyone was in shock, This is impossible!
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