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249 Storm (seeking Monthly Pass Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Having been watching Master Xiahou go away, Su Yu didn't think about anything else.

      At this moment, only has one thought in my heart.

     You still need a big fist!

     Some words of Xia Houye broke his illusion.

     The human race at this moment is in an era of enfeoffment and princes standing side by side. The princes have unified the front line in order to resist the ten thousand races.

     However, there is no one who can Suppress Everything above the princes.

     King Daxia is one of the princes, and the other invincibles are all princes.

     The invincible betrayal is also one of the princes.

     The Five Dynasties are dead, even if they are finally found out, other princes may condemn, be angry, and suppress him, but...other princes may not kill him.

     The Quest Realm and the Temple of War are just two institutions for these princes to discuss matters and unify the front line, rather than a powerful internal institution.

     In fact, the internal affairs of each major government are still managed by the major government.

     "I'm still too optimistic!"

     Su Yu sighed softly in his heart. In fact, Shizu and Teacher Liu had already seen it, so they have been dormant for these years.

     Count on others, but little hope.

     In Daxia Mansion, they can only ask for the support of Daxia King.

     Because the polytheistic literature has the deepest involvement with King Daxia.

     Once the Five Dynasties succeeded in proving the Dao, in many people's eyes, it was a surge in the strength of the Daxia Mansion, not other princes.

     It's best if you can succeed, but if you can't succeed... For many people, they have nothing to lose.

     "Princes join together!"

     This is the situation today!I don't care about the ruins. I'm too far away from myself. Other people are willing to think so.

     The most urgent task is to practice!

     As soon as the acupuncture method came out, the acupuncture of oneself became easier, and it was time to enter the Ten Thousand Stone Realm. As for the other acupuncture points, it counts as much as possible.


     The "Shuangwu Heqiao Method" has not been published in a short time, and the Xia family should have some other considerations.

     Su Yu also doesn't care, to make this, it is considered to be named in the Daxia Mansion.

     On the one hand, it is to help oneself practice, on the other hand, it is to gain the attention of some people. The mediocre is not qualified to be valued. Only the genius who creates value is worthy of attention.

     Even if he arrives in Tengkong, Lingyun, Daxia Mansion may not care.

     It is possible to introduce the method of co-knowledge, and it is possible to continue to introduce basic texts. This is the capital of Su Yu, the capital of haggle over price, and the capital to help protect.

     On November 18th, Su Yu officially closed the door.

     This time, he went to the secret realm.

     On the secret realm of vitality, it is more suitable for him to conjure up his body, and more suitable for him to absorb vitality.


     When Su Yu was in retreat, Daxia Mansion also began to be a little disturbed.

     Xia Houye began to operate.

     The name "Shuangwu Heqiao Method" began to spread in Daxia Mansion.


     Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Mission area.

     A researcher started to give a lecture, after talking a while, excitedly said: "Speaking of Qianjun's entry into Wanshi, everyone should know this. The most difficult thing is to fit in!"

     "The more genius, the stronger the cultivation's technique, and the harder it is to assemble one's body!""There is a repulsive force between the acupuncture points, which everyone knows, and the strong and wise of the human race have been exploring and seeking knowledge from generation to generation. How can the repulsive force of the acupuncture points be reduced?"

     The researcher said loudly: "Let me just say it briefly, it is said that the students who practice the normal version of the God of War tactics need to have 8 skills in one before they can be considered as a complete practice, and the ground-level version requires 12 skills in one!

     "How long does it take, I mean under normal circumstances?"

     The researcher pointed to a student below and said, "For you, the eight-orifice is one, and it will take you from the nine-thousand-thousand-ninth layer. How long does it take?"

     The student who was named thought about it and said, "At least 3 months!"

     "Yes, at least three months!"

     The researcher smiled and said: "Then how long will it take for a total of ten thousand stones and nine layers? 27 months, in fact, more than just three years!"

     "About three years, you can enter the Ninth Layer of Ten Thousand Stones. This is a high-level genius, a technique for cultivating 72 orifices! All of them are combined, not to mention those who combine two or three. That is meaningless!

     "And the civilized teacher, actually slower, because we have to cultivate the sea of will!"

     Many people in the audience nodded, yes, their body cultivation is slower, because they have to cultivate the will, and the physical body is delayed a little. Three years is not enough, just look at the top 100 students.

     There are still a lot of flesh!

     It's not that they can't cultivate ten thousand stones, but they don't have time to body cultivation. Just willpower and divine writing are enough for them to drink a pot.The researcher on the stage laughed and said, "But now, someone has introduced a method that combines the faculties with the auxiliary exercises, which can reduce the time of one third! It was originally three years, but now it takes up to two years to practice this exercise. Complete this practice!"

     As soon as this was said, there was a little noise in the audience, and someone soon said: "Teacher, is it reliable? The human race also has some auxiliary methods, but the general effect is not what kind of, and it requires additional insights. In fact, Sometimes it takes time."


     The researcher laughed and said, "Because this is not from someone else, but from the Xia Family of the Daxia Mansion! The person who created the exercises is not a stranger, but a research institute of our university, the Yuanshen Research Institute. law!"

     The researcher said loudly: "What vision of the Xiahou master of the Xia family, everyone knows! This time, the Yuanshen Research Institute deduced the exercise method. It was just passed to the Xia family. Xiahou invested 300,000 points of merit and made a buyout! 300,000 Point! Everyone, if there is no effect, Xiahouye can buy 300,000 merit points?"

     As soon as these words came out, it was boiling!

     300,000 points!

     The students were shocked!

     This is simply astronomical!

     It's just a set of minor exercises. If it weren't for the excellent effect, who would spend 300,000 points to buy, especially the stingy's Xiahouye, who can make Xiahouye take out 300,000 points, which is simply inconceivable!

     "Teacher, really?"

     "The Yuanshen Research Institute... isn't that the research institute that Su Yu just established?"

     "God, sold so many?"


     The students are boiling!Talking about getting bigger and bigger, a set of exercises, sold 300,000 points of merit, for them, it is simply inconceivable, hard to believe.

     Su Yu just established the research institute soon, right?

     The researcher on the stage pressed his hands, failed to suppress these shocks, and said loudly: "Naturally it is true! Today, the Great Xia War Academy, Longwu Academy, Sea War Academy, and Wind War Academy... I tried my best to fight for the Xia Family's immediate Legacy Skill. I heard that, like the God of War Art, there are two versions, the genius version and the normal version!

     "The regular version only requires 18 resuscitation points, and part of the resuscitation points overlaps with the God of War Secret Art. For most people, it may be enough to regain resuscitation by seven or eight. At least it can save you a year!"

     The researcher said loudly: "Seven or eight, if the speed is fast, one month, if slow, three months is enough! And at least it can save you a year or two, and you can open a few more acupuncture points to enhance your background... "

     The audience is already a little bit overwhelmed.

     Soon someone said loudly: "Teacher, what's the version that day?"

     "That requires 30 resuscitation, which can suppress the repulsive force of nearly 3-February, and the time saved is actually more than 3-February. The original three-year time can be used for nine times, and it may only take one year to cultivate the genius version!"


     The students are really boiling. During the golden time of their cultivation, they can save a few years, which is simply inconceivable.

     Of course, what is more inconceivable is that this is derived from the Yuanshen Research Institute.

     Sold a full 300,000 points of merit!

     It's amazing that one-time buyout can give such a sky-high price.Someone thought of something and hurriedly said: "It's over, isn't the war academy now that the number of Ten Thousand Stones will skyrocket, then we..."

     Suddenly, someone thought of this.

     The Civilization Academy is pretty good, it's fairly restrained, and the situation is already like this, as you can well imagine, this technique spread to the War Academy, it will cause such a disturbance!

     The students of the War Academy are probably going crazy!

     Especially some geniuses!

     It's too difficult to get together!

     Just open some more orifice points, the genius version only has 30 resuscitation, and there are overlapped ones. Normally, it’s ten or twenty. The genius lasts for three months to complete, but it can save them at least two years. Enter Wan Shi Jiu Zhong.

     The researcher on the stage didn’t care about this, and laughed: “And Su Yu is also applying for research at the end of the year. The young will be redoubtable in the years to come. I think he has a high probability of passing. Once successful, he will be able to become a researcher! Others, such as Wu Jia, Wu Lan, Hu Qiusheng, are applying for the title of assistant researcher because they are co-developed, our university, I am afraid that there will be more researchers next !"

     This remark caused a sensation again!

     Researcher, research assistant!

     Those talents went in for a few days!

     too terrifying!

     Someone cannot bear saying: "Teacher, it was really developed by the Yuanshen Research Institute. How many days have they been listed?"The researcher smiled and said: "Really, that's why I said they are all geniuses! In just one week, Su Yu and the others collected thousands of exercises and checked tens of thousands of materials. I also thought that the research institute established by students... The joke is bigger, and it turns out that don’t underestimate anyone!"

     "This method of co-aperture is now officially named "Shuang Wu co-aperture method". It is also Su Yu's commendation of Wu Jia and Wu Lan for their contributions. It is the two people who discovered the key elements... The law is out!"

     "What I mean by this is to let everyone learn from them. At the Institute of Civilization, we should remember our identity. We are civilized teachers, explorers, not rashers!"

     "No matter how powerful the war academy progresses, and no matter how strong there are, they must know that this technique is not researched by them, but by our civilized teachers!"

     The researcher was excited, happy, and loudly said: "Remember, we are civilized teachers! Civilized teachers do not look at strength. Although strength is important, don't forget our essence. We are a group of people who are seeking. I hope you don't forget your original intention. I believe that every new student who entered the school had a belief that we are a group of people who analyze civilization, explore Life Essence, pursue a strong civilization, and inherit Fire of Civilization!"

     "I'm very gratified that Su Yu and others have come out of the university, and they don't forget the essence!"

     "I'm very happy, the civilized teacher inherits, the fire of inheritance will never go out!""Today's universities, in my opinion, are too impetuous. It is true to pursue powerful strength, but each person has their own speciality. Many students who are not good at cultivation have given up on pursuing others, and instead just stuck on the practice path. This is not the original purpose of the Civilization Academy!"


     This researcher is a kind of old scholar.

     He has great opinions on the current civilized academy, which focuses on the pursuit of strength improvement.

     Genius pursues strength, this can understand.

     But many people are not the geniuses of the practice path, but the geniuses in the field of research. Some people have mastered hundreds of languages and are proficient in all kinds of civilization knowledge. After entering the university, they have put aside their expertise and rushed to focus. After cultivating, the cultivation base cannot be improved, and the original things are also lost.

     Today, we are publicizing Su Yu's research institute and publicizing Su Yu's group. His purpose is very simple, just to set things right!

     Let everyone know what we should do!

     300,000 points of merit, is it enough to excite you?

      Is Historical Record Preserved Name enough to make you tempted?

     It's not that the cultivation base will gain the respect of others.


     The news spreads not only in Daxia Civilization Academy.

     In fact, the major war schools are more excited than them.

     Some genius students, who have obtained the second version of the inheritance, quickly began to practice in retreat.

     Get to know!

     Then minor, and then enter Wanshi.

     Those who have entered Ten Thousand Stones can also practice, including some students who hadn't been able to complete their abilities before, and they also began to practice.Even some flying into the air, Ling Yun... are cultivating right now.

     Strive to merge the previously unconnected points.

     It is easier to fight when entering the mountain and sea boundary.

     Of course, Xiahouye is not a philanthropist.

     The charge is not low!

     The elementary, because it is not the essay of will, one will charge 20 points of merit, and the advanced one will charge 50 points of merit.

     If it is the text of will, the price is higher.

     It is a pity that there is no civilized teacher in this area at this moment. Mastering these cultivation techniques Mastering through Fusing and Linking, write it out.

     Simple text, so many charges, is also amazing.

     Because it has just spread, the charge is much higher. After the later stage, the price will drop. Everyone knows that, but many people under impatient, how can they care about some merits.

     This thing, take the amount.

     Beginners, with 18 repercussions. Not to mention that everyone is willing to learn. Those who can enter the government are probably willing to learn if they have the opportunity to learn more.

     There are hundreds of thousands of students in major war schools.

     If everyone learns, the income alone is millions!

     And this is only the Daxia Mansion.

     Human environment, there are other big houses.

     Of course, this is a long-term promotion and requires a lot of manpower and material resources, including some academic commissions, and the profits will be less. But everyone with a discerning eye knows that this time Xiahouye has made a lot of money.

     In a short time, the merit points earned far exceed 300,000 points!


     At the same time that Daxia Mansion was spreading everywhere.

     At Xiuxin Pavilion, another round of the meeting of the old patrons has begun.Old Sun Ge patted the table and said angrily: "Did Su Yu forget that this research institute was awarded to him by the academy and the academy! He came up with the method of combining knowledge and should immediately report to the academy and academy! Instead of arbitrarily trading , Even if the other party is the Xia family!"

     "According to the rules, the university should also have the priority to buy out. No one coveted his research results, but he just sold it. Isn't it against the rules?"

     As soon as this remark came out, several old men nodded.

     This is not to find fault deliberately, to find fault for no reason.

     According to the school rules, there is such a saying.

     The research institute, after all, was awarded to you by the school, and you are still a member of the school. If you have the results, you should contact the school immediately instead of selling it to an outsider, even if the outsider is from the Xia family.

     Elder Sun Ge was furious, on the one hand because of this, and on the other because once the Harmony Method spreads, the Yuanshen Research Institute and Su Yu become famous, and it is possible for the multi-sacred texts to ashes burn once more!

     Before, Su Yu's reputation was a bit stinky.

     Collusion with 10,000 ethnic students!

     But now, as soon as the holistic method is released, some of the previous things are instantly insignificant!

     Especially in the war school, now the exercises have just come out, and the results have not yet been seen. Once the results come out, Su Yu is a myth in the eyes of many people in the war!

     The plan of the Shan Shenwen series is completely bankrupt!

     These days, Su Yu has been silent, including the ten thousand students' side, he did not come forward to explain, which made Sun Ge very happy, this guy was finally suppressed.

     The result was not bad. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu became a model for civilized academies!If it goes on like this, a series of polytheistic texts may really ashes burn once more.

     Elder Sun looked at Wan Tiansheng, and said in a deep voice: "I know, now it is said that Su Yu is unparalleled in talent and a new-generation genius in the field of research. But rules are rules. Chief, shouldn't they be fair and just? "

     Wan Tiansheng nodded, and just about to speak, someone smiled and said, "Old Sun, why are you so impatient! Next time you read the regulations carefully, come to find the difference. According to the rules of the institution and the results of the institute, the first priority is not provided by the institution, but It’s a member of the institute."

     "Xia Huyou, at this point, there is no need to say anything, Palace Master Xia's son, he represents the Xia family!"

     "Su Yu provided the exercises to the Xia family, and the Xia family bought it out. This is reasonable and fair!"

     Old Qi Ge laughed and said: "Not only him, even if it is provided to the Wu family, Zheng family, and Hu family, it is reasonable. The internal personnel have priority, which is greater than the priority of the university. I hope you can understand this!"

     As soon as this remark came out, Ge Lao Sun stopped slightly, and soon said in a deep voice: "Xia Huyou and the others are not the holders of the institute..."

     "Who said no?"

     Old Qi Ge said with a smile: "Su Yu's R&D funds and materials were provided by others, including Hong Tan. They owed 300,000 points of merit before. Su Yu is now promoted by Hong Tan as the spokesperson of the polytheistic literature. ...... They are all the main line, although this line is gone, but Su Yu also took over these debts, those people actually paid out the funds, even if they are partners, this is a fact, so Su Yu did not violate any rules ."After all, Qi Ge said indifferently: "Old Sun, don't just think about yourself, dignified, and have been struggling with the students, don't you think you have lost your share? If you are dissatisfied, go to Hong Tan to settle the account! Su Yu may be afraid of the school rules Knowing better than you, he is not sure, will he do this? Asking for nothing!"

     Elder Qi Ge was not polite, and said directly: "Ask Deputy Chief Xia, is it reasonable to sell to the Xia family?"


     Xia Changqing is a little speechless, you ask me?


     What can i say?

     I say unreasonable?

     Then I'll wait for Master Xiahou to find the fault, his cousin is not annoying.

     It's reasonable, it's face-slapped Sun Ge old.

     As Elder Qi Ge said, someone laughed and said: "Old Sun, stop making trouble! Su Yu now means that you can learn the single-shenwen first department. You really annoy the other party, he doesn't authorize the single-shenwen first department. , Once it spreads out, you will be criminal ringleader, main offender, stealing learning...that’s illegal! If you have a single line of divine writing, no one wants to learn it?

     As soon as these words came out, several single-shenwen first-line pavilions changed, and Sun Ge anger said: "how can this be so?, using the power to spread the exercises to restrict students, does he Su Yu want to rebel?"


     Some sneered, some looked at him faintly.

     After a long while, Saint Wan Tian said lightly: "Don't say this, the exercise is his. Although it was bought out by the Xia family, it is also his. He still has a part of the dominant power. He does not authorize the Xia family to teach it to him. Shan Shenwen a series... You can condemn him, you can hate him, but you have no right to interfere with him or not to spread!Having said that, Wan Tiansheng said again: "Sun Xiang, don’t give you any more tricks for the single-shenwen series. You have to make head and face filthy with grime? Don’t forget, the single-shenwen series involves various Dafu, once the students of the single-shenwen first-line students in other Dafu Unable to learn, they will hate Su Yu first, and hate you second. Do you want to carry this black pot? Maybe you are the first to hate!"

     Sun Ge's old face changed slightly!

     Yes, once the single divine writing system is restricted, there may be more people who hate him than Su Yu.

     The single-shenwen series of the Daxia Civilization Academy may soon become the object of rejection by the single-shenwen series of the big houses.

     Saint Wan Tian said indifferently: "This matter end here! If you approved a part of Su Yu's start-up funds at the beginning, we still have some control, but everyone knows that Su Yu only got an empty shell research institute. Such a research institute is worthless. It's a big deal to move away. Do you think that no one else welcomes them to settle in the Yuanshen Research Institute? You have to squeeze out Su Yu and the others to be content?

     Yu Hong somewhat unwilling said: "President, then he spreads the exercises, which will benefit the institution of nothing else..."

     Saint Wan Tian looked at her and said lightly: "You have eyes obscured by a single leaf! He has produced results, the school is more famous, and the exercises are also spread in the school. This is the benefit, not only the benefit of the school, but also The interests of the Great Xia Mansion, and even the whole human race! It is not the interests of the single-shenwen family, but the interests of the entire academy. Don’t always substitute the single-shenwen family into the entire academy!"

     He looked at the other elders and said calmly, "Everyone, what do you say?"

     Old Qi Ge laughed and said, "The governor is right!""Yes, the exercises can be spread, which is beneficial to everyone. That is the interest of the institution. The Yuanshen Institute of the Daxia Civilization Academy is famous. The first thing everyone thinks about is the Daxia Civilization Academy, which is also famous for us!"

     Yu Hong and Mr. Sun Ge looked at each other and stopped talking.

     Going on, that really meant to separate the single-shenwen faculty, making it an enemy of the entire high-level school, and even the Xia family.

     Before, I wanted to win over some elders and attack Su Yu together.

     As a result... the wind direction has changed!

     This is a very dangerous signal!

     The old man Sun thought that Su Yu was sold to the Xia family, and the whole institution was not profitable. He thought everyone should fight together. As a result, Mr. Qi Ge made a sound and Wan Tian Sheng was also a little biased... The attitude of the senior staff has changed.

     Everything is out, now it's useless to say that.

     Who made you the School of Theology, did not approve any start-up funds before, this is actually a rare situation for all research institutes, and other research institutes and universities will give some start-up funding help.

     Su Yu has nothing here!

     To blame, you can only blame yourselves. Otherwise, even if Su Yu does not accept it, you can send a little money to it, Su Yu can’t refuse, refuse, that’s not know how to appreciate kindness. Leave aside the universities.

     Now... I can't say this anymore.

     Elder Sun Ge stopped talking, and if he continued speaking, it would only arouse more boredom.It’s not necessary to talk about the cultivation method. Ge Lao Sun still talked about something else, “The matter of Su Yu’s application for a researcher, I think it needs to be seriously considered, strictly reviewed, and the method of combining abilities is derived, but in the end is it Not deduced by Su Yu, I remain skeptical. In less than 10 days, I believe that everyone has some doubts..."

     Can't let Su Yu become a researcher!

     As it was, Su Yu became a researcher under the prestige of the polytheistic literature department. According to the rules, he was able to lead the students and was assigned to his name.

     Perhaps soon, there will be more than 10 people in the polytheistic literature department, and the department will be opened again.

     The suppression of the previous years has become a joke.

     "I'll talk about this until the end of the year!"

     Saint Wantian doesn't care about this, "Moreover, the Department of Education and Strengthening will also review, so don't worry about Mr. Sun, take care of your own affairs!"

     The attitude of Wan Tiansheng is a bit strange today.

     Elder Sun frowned. In the past, the Ten Thousand Heavens Saints were not mixed up. No matter what they were fighting, today they interrupted him several times.


     "The meeting is over!"

     Some impatient said: "Every time these chicken feathers and garlic skins are trivial things, a waste of everyone’s time, a group of mountains and seas, time and time again for some students, they go out of customs, let go of research, let go of research, just To discuss these things?"

     "Sun Xiang, Yu Hong, if you are really idle, train the students. The number of outstanding students in the single-shenwen first department is better than anything else. Instead of doing this, you will go to the battle again and again!"

     Isn't it shameful that Shanhai goes into battle in person?

     The old man Sun Ge was silent.Cursed secretly in my heart!

     Can the students beat Su Yu, and still use them to come forward?

     The key is not to fight!


     The meeting broke up.

     Elder Sun Ge left in silence.

     On the way, Elder Sun suddenly said: "If it goes on like this, all our previous efforts have become useless!"

     Several old patrons were silent.

     Old Sun Ge said again: "The above cannot hold down Hong Tan, the middle cannot hold down Chen Yong and Bai Feng, and now even Su Yu and Wu Jia can't deal with it... What about many men, a great force, as a result, nothing is useful How many people are there, let you head and face filthy with grime, what are we fighting over?"

     It's not a taste in the hearts of a few people.

     "Lao Zhou didn't come this time."

     Old Sun Ge said solemnly: "What does it mean?"

     Yu Hong opened the mouth and said: "In order to enter the sun and the moon, he retreats. He can really enter the sun and the moon. This is also a good thing.

     After that, he said: "Hong Tan is also in retreat, and we can’t take it seriously. Hong Tan has become the sun and the moon, but the old Zhou has not. Then we still fell into the downwind, so Su Yu and the others can only come here. solve!"

     Zhou Mingren retreats, this is a good thing.

     At least you have to wait for Hong Tan!

     Otherwise, in the later stage, Hong Tan will leave the customs, and the trouble will be even greater.

     Old Sun Ge didn't say any more, he sighed in his heart, and the sound transmission said: "Su Yu's troubles must be resolved. It is not convenient for us to come forward. Let the guys from the Ten Thousand Race Academy come forward. It is best to gain lasting repose by one supreme effort! Let them think. The way is to survive in the human realm without paying a price. Those who are weak, want to be the allies of the human race, how simple it is. If it succeeds, we recommend some single gods and sun and moon powers for them!"Terran is still very strong.

     In the eyes of Mr. Sun Ge, those weak people, as allies... That would be a little flattering.

     Some tribes where the kings of mountains and seas are kings, they can destroy a few of them in a single line.

     This is the Shan Shenwen series of Daxia Civilization Academy!

     Neither Yu Hong nor Li Ge said a word.

     Several people walked all the way, silent all the way, suppressing the polytheistic literature system So many years, and was actually tossed by Su Yu to waste all one's previous efforts. This is something that several of them cannot bear.
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