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250 Changes In Civilized Schools (see Monthly Pass Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Secret realm of vitality.

     Close to the vacated area.

     Su Yu has already opened the acupuncture points required by the top-level fusion method, and he is now in fusion.

     Three days.

     In addition, he had already closed his orifices before. At this moment, his body shook slightly. The 16 orifice points were completely unified!

     The 16 acupoints are unified, which means that he officially steps into Wanshi and advances to the highest level.

     Magnificent rays of light magnificent rays of light!

     Qi and blood surge, bones are tempered, vitality erupts.

     The vitality and blood are mixed, flowing in the body, like the waves of a big river, washing the entire body from top to bottom.


     At this moment, November 20th.

     Not four months after enrollment, Su Yu officially entered the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, the one with 16 orifices!


     Boom a loud exploding sound!

     Under the integration of the acupuncture points, Su Yu's explosive power was much stronger than before, his physical body strengthened a little, and his qi and blood became stronger.

     "Ten Thousand Stones!"

     Su Yu exhaled.

     With regard to the power of this orifice, 16 orifice acupoints were merged, and the 16 orifice acupoints were merged into one. The strength was comparable to the power of 40 orifice acupoints in the ordinary Qianjun realm, and it increased by 1.5 times.

     The ten thousand stones with 10 orifices in one, under the state of 10 in one, are comparable to the thousands of 20 orifices.

     Su Yu's explosive power rose a lot at this moment.

     The real Ten Thousand Stone Realm!

     Those who practice the top level exercises of the heavenly rank can fight across three levels than those who practice the Di Class Qi Method. Yes, it is better than Huang Tier, and can still fight across the triple.In other words, Su Yu at this moment, fighting those who practice the top Huang Tier techniques... For example, his father, can fight across 9 levels of small realms.

     This is still the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique alone, not martial arts, not willpower...

     In fact, Su Yu is much stronger than the ordinary fighters who practice the top-level exercises of the heavenly rank, and has more methods.

     "Daddy is not my opponent when I get to the sky. The sky is about three or four times, provided that I don't use willpower..."

     This is the gap between genius and ordinary person's!

     It's a big stage!

     And Su Yu is even more of the evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil Xia Huyou Xia Huyou who practiced the Heavenly Sword's top-level skills, if not many methods, will inevitably be killed by Su Yu, of course, as the palace lord's son, Su Yu thinks this guy definitely Some means.

     Most of the geniuses of college students practice the top-level exercises of the prefecture level, while ordinary students practice the top-level exercises of the profound level.

     Against those ordinary students, Su Yu can fight across 6 layers, and he has too many skills, and his combat power is stronger.

     Like Zhou Hao, he can be regarded as a typical monstruous talent genius.

     "Ten Thousand Stones..."

     Su Yu felt the flesh, flesh and blood became stronger, flesh and blood was still flesh and blood, but it felt an extra layer of natural protective film.

     This is Wanshi!

     Power has increased a lot!

     When it comes to the sky, it is mainly a strong physical body to prepare for the future. When it comes to Lingyun, it is a key to the transformation of vitality. Like the level of willpower, there are nine changes of vitality. After the nine changes of Lingyun, entering the mountain and sea, the strength will be much stronger.

     "Really!"At this moment, Su Yu has 318 resuscitations. He also not anxious.

     It is best to combine the 144 orifice points into 9 and enter the nine-layer Wanshi.

      As a result, just these 144 acupoints can burst out the power of more than 360 acupuncture points, coupled with the combination of exercises, the acupuncture points of the exercises are also integrated, absolutely more than 400 acupoints.

     This is explosive power!

     Su Yu has many other acupuncture points, but they can't burst together instantly.

     The explosive power is above 400 orifice acupoints, this is the strength of his ten thousand stones and nine layers. At that time, depending on what kind of cultivation technique is being practiced in the air on the other side, if the cultivation's technique fails, Su Yu can leap to the great realm and kill the enemy!

     In other words, he has ten thousand stones and nine layers. If the opponent is cultivating Yellow Rank Cultivation Technique, he can slash into the air with nine layers.

     This is the gap!

     "Hey, father!"

     Su Yu once again sighed that Dad's cultivation's technique was too bad.

     Huang Tier Peak Rank Cultivation Technique!

      If it goes on like this, even if he gets into the air, he might get punched by himself...cough.

     The gap in the exercises becomes more obvious in the later stages.

     Fortunately, I didn't advance with the Di Class Qi Method at the beginning, otherwise, it would be hard to clean up after encountering those enchanting evildoers.

     "Even if I am now, I can actually see it as a vacancy for the civilian class."

     Su Yu had some assessments of his own strength. Before he killed the Zhang family members and killed the three in the sky, it could actually be seen.

     Su Yu continued to get together while thinking.

     He was thinking about his next path.Regardless of the way forward, there are a few things that must be required. The strength must be enough, the background must be strong, the backing must be strong, and you must be stronger, but it takes time.

     "I'm afraid I can't sit still anymore."

     I can't sit still if I change to myself.

     Suppressing the polytheistic writing series So many years, and as a result, Su Yu is tossing these things. Only when he can sit still will there be ghosts.

     "Single divine writing, most of the people have become cancerous, but Daxia Mansion, Wan Mansion and they can't make up their minds, or think there are medicines to save, but in my opinion, it is incurable!"

     He didn't know the specific thoughts of the Saint Wantian and the Xia Family. He might be reluctant to let these powers of mountains and seas be consumed. He might be worried about causing a counterattack from the entire human realm single-shenwen element.

     But in Su Yu's view, these people are cancers.

     Different angles, different issues are considered.

     Especially Su Yu still holds a real killer!

     Bai Feng's split method!

     This is the ultimate strategy for determining the outcome of the trip, which is stronger than the few exercises that Su Yu has made now. It is actually more effective than a few separate exercises to split the divine text combat skills and fill in the divine text.

     New exercises are suitable for those newcomers.

     But for many elderly people, even if they practice new exercises, the help is not that great, and the more important thing is the separation method.

     Split, merge, fill, combine, and combine Shenwen combat skills...

      As a result, Su Yu believes that if it really spreads out, the multi-divine literature will rise again in an instant.

     "The teacher is the real research genius, it's a pity..."It is a pity that the Academy did not feel it, but there were some feelings in the Daxia Mansion. For example, Ji Hong and the others actually wanted to gather Bai Feng, but Bai Feng refused.

     At the moment, Su Yu is considering, at what time it is more appropriate to release this big killer.

     "Kill some opponents, purge some people, and some people start to stand up and oppose it. When they feel that the strength of the human race is weakened, then letting go... is the most appropriate!"

     He judged the timing. Once he launched a counterattack and killed some people, many people would inevitably jump out to blame!

     At that time, the split method can block their mouths!

     "It takes time and strength!"

     Su Yu thought in his heart, he doesn't care what Wan Tian Sheng thinks, they have their plans, and Su Yu also has their own plans.

     "I'm afraid... that invincible will start with me!"

     Su Yu frowning, sighed in his heart, what actually lacks in the polytheistic literature is an invincible.

     Otherwise, how could it be so difficult.

     I still can't attract the attention of the other party. Once the single divine text line is cleaned, he may be attacked by the other party, and even some powerful people in the ten thousand races will be killed.

     According to Wantiansheng’s words, the multi-divine literature series may be promoted to the invincible civilized division and open up the human realm forbidden power, which is intolerable by all races.


     Su Yu knows that he can actually ignore it. There are still many people in the polytheistic literature. He is not the only one, but he may share some pressure for Liu Wenyan and the others. Su Yu is also willing to do it.

     No longer think about it, retreat, practice!

     Including the previous statement that I would go to the top 100 list... let's talk about it.That fellow Zhai Feng, boil him a period of time.

     Having been unwilling to break through, Su Yu roughly knew his thoughts, or Zhou Pingsheng's thoughts.

     Let him suffer by himself!

     Probably wishing to trouble him quickly.


     Time passed day by day.

     In November, it gradually came to an end.

     Top 100 Challenge.

     Taiwan is closed on the 25th of every month.

     Today is the 25th. After playing today, the top 100 students no longer take up the gauntlet.

     With this year's New Student Enrollment, this year's top 100 list has changed greatly.

     On the stage, Zheng Yunhui had already entered Wanshi. He did not modify the exercise method, or that he did not modify it now, instead he practiced the highest version of the Qiqi method and officially entered the ten thousand stone realm!

     Ten Thousand Stones with 12 Orifices in One!

     A punch was exploded, vitality exploded, and an old student was knocked off the ring by his punch.

     In the audience, boos!

     Strong is strong. The key is that this is the top 100 list, not the ten thousand stone list. Zheng Yunhui, the brash man of the war school, has always been fighting physically when he comes to power. Even if he wins, many people are not convinced.

     Zheng Yunhui didn't bother to care about them, he smiled and said: "I am making rapid progress, it is great, I finally ranked 79!"

     At this moment, he has reached the top 80.

     For freshmen, this result is very impressive.

     Zhao Ming didn't bother to look at him, and quickly said: "If you don't fight, you will step down!"

     On the 25th, there are more people playing the list.

     How can I take care of you!

     Zheng Yunhui smiled and took the stage, and stopped fighting, just hit 79.

     "next!"Zhao Ming called, in the crowd, Zhou Hao jumped directly without looking at other people, and said, "91!"

     Seeing Zhou Hao going up, many people were shocked.

     This guy, this is his second time on stage.

     After being beaten half-dead by Su Yu for the first time, he never made it to the Top 100 Challenges again, and he actually came again today. They had seen the opponent and Zhan Hai during the battle last time.

     Very strong!

     No one ranked below 30 is probably his opponent.

     Even though they knew they weren't opponents, the 91st student wanted to try it.

     Zhao Minggang said start!

     Zhou Hao is like a fierce tiger, the tiger rushes forward, blood rushes into the sky, what divine writing, willpower, all shattered, suppressed!


     With a punch, the 91st student was blasted off by him and fell off the stage with a broken rib.

     too strong!

     Zhou Hao also without rubbish, quickly said: "The 81st student!"

     In the audience, many people were shaking, this is going to sweep the list!

     At the end of the month, people usually came to sweep the list, but just like that, Zhou Hao came to sweep the list today, but it felt a little scary.

     One punch, easily defeated 91 students.

     No one said anything.

     Zhou Hao frowned, "If not, then 82 students!"

     "Not yet?"

     "Then 83!"


     He went down one by one, and soon, someone couldn't stand it, coldly snorted, and jumped into the ring.

     "Zhou Hao, you are just..."

     "Referee, can you start?"

     Zhou Hao ignored it and was not interested. He just wanted to kill more rankings and make money.He doesn't have the means of making money like Su Yu, he only knows that the top 100 list will earn more merits.


     Zhao Ming's voice fell, same like before, almost the same this time, Zhou Hao did not rely on willpower, his willpower is very weak, relying on strong blood and vitality to destroy everything, and blast out!

     The opponent fell to the ground, life and death do not know!

     Very easy!

     Zhou Hao continued to fight, and soon the ranking jumped forward. He played 7 games in a row until he reached the 31st place. Zhou Hao chose to step down.

     7 games!

     7 wins!

     The 31st student encountered Zhou Hao. Zhou Hao blasted out 13 punches in succession. The opponent broke his ribs and kicked off the ring.



     On Wan Mingze's side, a few people gathered together, feeling a little bit.

     Wan Mingze looked at Hu Qiusheng, and said with emotion: "He has advanced to the "Thousand Mountain Jue" and entered Wanshi. The "Thousand Mountain Jue" is originally domineering, and in line with his evil spirit, there is no one with the nine-strength Wanshi in the school Guy, I’m afraid it’s hard to restrain him."

     Hu Qiusheng smiled, and Wan Mingze said again, "What about you? Have you learned Su Yu's method of fusion?"


     "How is it?"

     "not bad."

     Hu Qiusheng said with a smile: "What about you? Mingze, you want to do something, you need fame, you need some people to follow you, you keep hiding, it's not a thing, meaningless, if it goes on like This, do you think someone will listen to you, follow you, and work with you to accomplish the almost impossible goal?"After Hu Qiusheng finished speaking, he said, "Originally, when I enrolled, I was thinking that this year's students will be able to make a few top 100 students, but now it seems...soon, this year will change. Up!"

     Too much!

     Now many people can kill the top 100 list, some people are still dormant.

     People like Xia Huyou, you don't even know his strength.

     If we continue to follow the original idea, Wan Mingze's current strength is not enough to be convincing, and it is difficult for him to get the follow of some people, whether it is a war school or a civilized school, students and teachers will only follow those strong, family background Useful, but not very useful.

     If family history can decide everything, I'm afraid everyone will go to Xia Chan, isn't this stronger than Wanjia?

     Speaking of Xia Chan, Hu Qiusheng eyes flashed and said: "Xia Chan, I'm afraid I will enter Wanshi soon!"

     Earlier, Xia Chan had also entered the Ninth Layer of Qianjun.

     People have disappeared in the past few days. Not surprisingly, they have received the inheritance of the Harmony Method. The most advanced one, the Xia family's direct line, can obtain these inheritances according to Su Yu's decision.

     He looked at Wan Mingze again, "Mingze, everyone convinced you before because you were strong enough! Now... you didn't show this, if it goes on like this, including some people who convince you, you will soon Hesitating is no longer firm."

     At the moment, Wan Mingze ranks 86th in the top 100 list, which is not high or too low.

     Putting it aside in previous years, this strength is enough, and few new students have killed the top 100.

     But this time, the difference is too much.

     The previous sea of knowledge secret realm also gave some freshmen powerful strength.People such as Su Meng and Wu Lan all entered, with strong willpower, and Zhang Hao and Lin Yao also entered. Even Lin Yao's current strength is not weak, and he feels that he has made rapid progress.

     New students are getting stronger and stronger.

     Hu Qiusheng suspects that in a few more years, when he hits the list next month, dozens of freshmen may make it to the top 100 list.

     As for the old students... those who can enter the top 100 are not weak, but some have been promoted and some have been stuck at this stage for some years. To be honest, the qualifications may not be very strong.

     Those strong like Zhan Hai have been promoted and left.

     Jiang Mu didn't advance to Tengkong, it was because he was now closing his orifices, closing the remaining orifices, and preparing to enter into the air in a fully closed orifice posture.

     Wan Mingze nodded slightly, "It's me who underestimated the heroes of the world, Qiu Sheng, are you not going to move further?"

     Hu Qiusheng smiled and said, "Do you want to see? Okay, then I will throw out a brick and get jade thrown back, Mingze, if you want to fight, then don't hide it, it will really delay you..."

     When the words fell, he took the stage.

     He did not hide, the willpower of the peak of nourishment broke out, and the breath of Wanshiyihe broke out!

     In an instant, many people were suppressed!

     It's a freshman again!


     The top 100 competition continues, and today's top 100 competition is much more intense than before.

     Most of the top 100 students arrived one after another.

     At the end of November, the new students broke out.

     Hit the list!

     Not alone, including some students who have not played the rankings before, this time they have been on the stage to play the rankings.

     Even Jia Mingzhen, who fish in troubled water, is now following the charts and fighting all the way up.The top 100 arena had to open a few more arenas.

      even Xia Huyou, this time also appeared, he who officially entered Wanshi, is also playing the list this day, and everyone knows that there will be an outbreak of middle and low-level geniuses.

     If you don't stand up right now, it may be more difficult to play the rankings next.

     Without revealing outstanding talent at this moment, it will be more difficult in the future!

     There are five Jia Mingzhen, Hu Qiusheng, Wan Mingze, Zhang Hao, Su Meng, Zhao Shiqi, Zheng Hong, Xia Chan, Xia Huyou, Zheng Yunhui...

     Add Su Yu and Zhou Hao, and wait until the top 100 challenge time is over.

     On November 25th, 23 people made it to the top 100 list!

     Shocked inexplicably!

     Even Wu Lan, at the last juncture, came to play the rankings. After several struggles, Lin Qing finally stood at 99th place. After a long time, he almost knocked Lin Qing off the stage. Just one trick.

     Lin Qing is not weak, but Wu Lan has been to the Sea of Knowledge Secret Realm, and she has made a lot of progress, and her physical strength is not strong. Although she can meet the Aperture Method, it is not helpful to her at the moment. Now, progress will not be slow.

     A newcomer revealed outstanding talent, and Wan Mingze quickly charged today and reached the 32nd place on the top 100 list, second only to Zhou Hao, before stopping.

     The list is swept!

     The strongest is Su Yu, ranked 30th. He hasn't been on the list recently.

     Next came Zhou Hao, followed by Wan Mingze, and then Hu Qiusheng ranked 44th.

     In the first fifty years, several new students entered at this moment, which shocked the entire civilized academy, and the old students felt a sense of crisis!It's not just Jia Mingzhen who fish in troubled water, but the students of the ten thousand races, this time there are also many people on the list.

     Seven of them have entered the top 100 list!

     In addition, the new Human Race, 30 students, occupy the bottom half of the top 100 list.

     Lin Qing, Wu Qi’s apprentice, struggled again and again, fighting up again and again for half a year, and his strength continued to improve, fighting back and forth... from 100 to 99, he fought at least dozens of times. Up.

     The ranking just can't go up!

     No matter how strong you are, the people in front are stronger!

     As for some of the students who originally ranked behind the top 100 rankings, they have fallen and cannot be beaten back.


     Late at night.

     The battle of the top 100 came to an end.

     Xiuxin Pavilion.

     The 35th floor, the residence of Wantiansheng.

     Jia Mingzhen walked in sneakily, walked in and said with emotion: "Lao Wan, I don't think we need to pretend to be a new student. There is a Su Yu in this session, and now there are a few more ruthless people. We are completely useless. Look, the old students on the top 100 list have been beaten!"

     I planned to let them stimulate the new students before, but now... do I need stimulation?

     no kidding!

     The new students themselves were irritated and crazy. Today’s battle of the top 100 is a clear proof. At the end of today, more than 20 freshmen made the top 100 list, which is terrible. This was absolutely impossible in the past.

     Then he said, "Old Wan, do those guys from the war academy dare to come? Our freshmen are really cruel. I'm afraid they will be beaten to doubt life!"

     According to the agreement, the other party will be coming next month, not a few days away.

     Why are you here?Are you afraid of being abused?

     Saint Wantian is still reading the book, head does not raise, and said lightly: "I really thought that only your civilized academy has evildoers? There are also a few guys in the war academy. The strength is not weak. It seems that all Nine-Layered Newborns have cultivated the 108-Aperture Technique, but the strength is not weak, and Zhou Hao may not be sure if he meets it."

     "That's hard to say, don't forget, how many other guys are there, Su Yu is, once he makes a move, those people will be his opponent?"

     Jia Mingzhen said a few words, somewhat worried: "Old Wan, do we still pretend to be new students? It really doesn't make much sense. By the way, you asked us to hook up with people who are religious. Few things, someone contacted me, but... it seems that they are all outside, and the other party may not know that he is a member of the ten thousand races."

     This kind of peripheral, who doesn't know who he serves, is to do things with money. Such people are not very useful if caught.

     "That's your incompetence!"


     Jia Mingzhen was speechless, "Why am I incompetent? You have the ability, you go and catch it!"

     "Do you think I can't catch it?"

     "Then you caught it, let me go?"

     "I don't catch those little characters, it's meaningless!"

     Saint Wan Tian said indifferently: "Our school, at least one Lingyun, even Shanhai is taught by ten thousand races!"


     Jia Mingzhen grave expression, "Really? Has it penetrated to this point?"

      "Un."Wan Tiansheng smiled and said: "Normally, we have a lot of mountains and seas and Lingyun, I am investigating! I have judged that there are high-level people lurking before. When Nan Yuan was attacked, Hong Tan and the others happened to be in trouble. Going out... the other party seized this opportunity, how can ordinary people know where the mountains and seas are."

     "And Su Yu was attacked before... The arrested Zhang Wu also confessed before he died. Someone from the university passed on information to them. Su Yu's outing is not a secret. There are many people who know that he's out, but... you can directly contact 5 A vacant person, who knows their stronghold, do you think it will be a small person?"

     Jia Mingzhen hesitated: "Will the news be relayed, and then passed to them by the powerful people of Ten Thousand Races?"

     "The probability is not high. When it comes to a genius like Su Yu, the general news is direct. Of course, all possibilities are not ruled out!"

     Wan Tiansheng said softly: "Lao Jia, So many years, I let the school be infiltrated, let the school struggle constantly, has pros and cons, now I don’t talk about merits and demerits, I have posterity to say! , I mean, thoroughly clean up all the unstable elements of the academy, prepare for war, and let the civilized academy go to the battlefields of the heavens at any time..."

     Jia Mingzhen frowned and looked at him, what do you mean.

     Sage Wan Tian didn’t look at him, and said quietly: “The war is not far away, I think it will come soon! Although the human race has been a bit comfortable, too enjoyable, and infighting in the past few decades, now there are more and more sober people. Up!"

     "The Temple of War and the Search Realm allow people to fight and fight within the territory, but they are also making some decisions, such as... it's time to unify the will!""Decentralized human races, although the front line is unified, but the major government has not achieved the same order!"

     Once the human race is truly unified, the human race is powerful, the interior is cleaned up, and the two races of the gods and demons can work together, and they may not be able to stabilize the human race. Even if they can win the human state, they will suffer heavy losses!

     Jia Mingzhen looked at him and frowned, "Then what do you mean..."

     Wan Tian Sheng smiled and said: "Pretend to be a student, let you try the water! As a result, you guys, I am a little disappointed. My idea is to let you infiltrate, and then form a ten thousand clan... The leader of the cult was killed, this is the opportunity. Including the extinction of the previous Tianyi Sect, that blood crocodile, even a small Lingyun dare to recruit soldiers and buy horses, won't you?"

     "The blood crocodile is not dead yet?"

     Jia Mingzhen was surprised. Shanhai went out to hunt him down before, so why is he still alive?


     Wan Tian Sheng said with a smile: "Hidden is very powerful, now I don't know where to hide, Daxia Mansion is also very big, where to find it."

     Jia Mingzhen nodded, didn't say much, and quickly said: "Then you mean, we better get a sect by ourselves..."


     Jia Mingzhen is speechless, what does it mean to follow me.

     Ignoring him, Jia Mingzhen continued: "In addition, the dispute between singles and multiples does not seem to be very fierce now, but I think it is to brew a bigger outbreak, Lao Wan, if it goes on like this, I think the two sides really have to fight until one side is completely extinct, don't you have any thoughts?"Wan Tian Sheng Youyou said: "Then fight, fight until one side is extinct! If you win, unify your will, or else, the differences are too big, you hate me, I hate you, do you really think you can fight all races together? It seems to have lost a group of people, but in fact, it may make the strength stronger!"

      The human race like a sheet of loose sand may not be comparable to work with a common purpose, but the human race with fewer strong ones.

     This is the idea of Wantiansheng.

     Jia Mingzhen couldn't bear to say: "In fact, these struggles should have been suppressed long ago, and now comes without enough time..."

     "It comes without enough time, the grievance is deep."

     Wan Tiansheng smiled and said: "Press it down earlier, and it will not work. If this thing does not burst out, he is a malignant tumor! It burst out, let people know the suffering of internal strife, naturally these things are missing, another point, the external pressure is not strong enough. Ten thousand races are also smart people. They don't put too much pressure on the human race and cut the flesh with a soft knife!"

     This is really a soft knife to cut meat!

     When the external pressure is great enough, people will be united, such as more than 300 years ago.

     And more than three hundred years later, a large-scale full-scale invasion has hardly erupted. The ease of more than three hundred years has made many people forget that there is still war outside, which has lasted for more than three hundred years!

     The heart of the invasion of gods and demons is immortal!

     Jia Mingzhen said helplessly: "It's simple...the hearts of the people are the same...Anyway, I am not optimistic! The strong races of gods and demons are not stupid. At this time, looking at your infighting, is he uncomfortable? Why do you want to take action! Look! The Ten Thousand Races religion is supported by them. Let your Human Race and the Human Race fight on your own. It is your Human Race that will die. After hundreds of years, now everyone hates the Ten Thousand Races religion, which is more serious than the hatred of the Ten Thousand Races..."To the Jagged faction, the ten thousand races have a repressive attitude.

     For the pastel, that is the well water not the river water.

     Great palaces such as the Great Zhou Mansion, now in the battlefield of the heavens, there are few major battles, but the Great Xia Mansion has been fighting for years.

     Saint Wan Tian was too lazy to talk about this, and quickly said, "Su Yu may be going out soon. Pay attention to others. The others are not moving. You guys, it's best to keep up with the method. He might be worthwhile now. He has been promoted again. If you really want to deal with him, it is possible for both mountains and seas."

     And the possibility is not small!

     It is inevitable that Su Yu's value in Ten Thousand Races has been promoted again.

     Su Yu has benefits as well as disadvantages in one book of holistic method.

     Jia Mingzhen nodded, "OK, I understand!"

     After speaking, he stopped talking nonsense, and quickly retreated, noiselessly.
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