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257 It’s Too Cold At Night (see Monthly Pass Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the audience, two people left, one person died, and three others no room to advance or to retreat.

     Su Yu smiled as usual.

     In the night, the smile became brighter.

     Kill, punish the heart!

     What is the killing of a few people?

     There is no shortage of people in Shan Shenwen!

     He wants to show Daxia Mansion, this is the powerful single divine text in their eyes?


     Su Yu yelled again and shouted coldly: "If I remember correctly, Sun, Li, Yu, Ma, Fang, and Zhou have all vacated. What about people? It is not limited to civilized teachers or warriors. What about people? Let these wastes Come to die?"

     Su Yu's voice was loud and spread everywhere: "Old Ge family, where did the people go? Scared to pissed the pants?"

     "A group of waste, well-eaten, well-dressed, embezzled academic resources, embezzled resources of the Great Xia Mansion, embezzled resources of the human race, no production, no tasks, first-class treatment, where did the people go at this time?"


     In front of several vacated faces, Su Yu pointed a finger and sneered: "Are you on stage? Do you want to die? Are you fighting for the Terran or Daxia Mansion, or for Sun Xiang?"

     "Who earned the resources for you?"

     "Is it them?"

     Su Yu shouted: "Their resources belong to themselves and their descendants. Don't make any mistakes. Your resources are the military, the Daxia Mansion, the search realm, and the support of the Temple of War! Don’t you know the situation? Do you get a point for the resources they get?"

     "Does the things you take belong to them?"

     In the audience, someone shouted: "Su Yu, don't want to mislead the public with rumors!"Su Yu looked intently and sneered: "I know you, people from the Li family! It doesn't matter if you are in the airspace, the fifth layer or the sixth layer, you come up, I will teach you what it means to speak with strength!"

     The Li family genius in the audience was furious!


     Su Yu slashed his sword and shouted: "Come on stage! I only dare to let these idiots come on stage and die? These idiots, you can find me a biography of the old man! What about the old man? Is there no old man in the school? All dead. Now? Let me put my words here, the old patron's rumor, you can go up to the sixth layer in the air! Which dare to go up!"

     As soon as these words came out, the three of the no room to advance or to retreat suddenly collapsed and said: "Yes, a lot! The lottery is fake, it's cheating! They forced us to die, I don't want to die!"


     The man broke down and shouted, "Why does not have one passed from the old lady? Why me? Why do you want us to fulfill your blood? Are we not human?"

     "We got the least, but we did the most dangerous thing. Why?"

     This man broke down!

     It really broke down!

     He knows that today is still not available, it is all over.

     But he is not reconciled!

     I was irritated by Su Yu's words. At this moment, pointing at the Li family genius, he cursed: "Li Feng, you go up! Why don't you go up? You vacated the sixth layer, you go up, you let us vacate and go low and heavy To die? You are watching a show! You are pretending to be a genius, I will go to you Made!"

     This man cursed!


     Driven crazy!


     The next step is death, one step back...a lifetime suppression.

     He is not reconciled!He was crazy, he roared, he roared, "Where is the grandson and great-grandson of Elder Ge? Why is there no one? Usually the faction divides things, aren’t they the most? The opportunities in the secret world belong to them, and the good things belong to them Yes, all the merits are theirs, and all the rewards are theirs. Why should I go to die?"

     He roared, Li Feng was furious, "Liu Jie, you bastard, he is dividing us..."

     "Fuck you Mad!"

     Known as Liu Jie’s curse without restraint, "Go on stage! You dare to come on stage, I admit it, Lao Tzu admits it! You go, I will follow you, I am willing to be killed, you go! What's he? , You will know let us go up and die, why don't you go?"

     Li Feng complexion changed and changed!

     Take off six layers!

     Not weak anymore!

     But... not sure.

     Really not sure.

     Su Yu's explosive power, at present, seems to be close to the fourth or fifth tier of the sky, but until now, his willpower has not been used much, and the divine writing has not been used much.

     How strong is Su Yu?

     he does not know!

     "Haha... trash, you are the real trash!"

     This Liu Jie, curse without restraint, suddenly pulled off a medal from his body, stepped on his feet, and roared: "I'm not doing it! The big deal is going to the army, you suppress me? Let me go to death, they just said bloody, said Glory... Killing Su Yu is glory?"

     "Fuck you Maade! A bunch of dogs, don't take Lao Tzu's life as his life, draw lots to die and cheat, damn your ancestors!"

     He was also angry, scared, and tired!

     Hate it too!He didn't know if there was any cheating in the lottery, but he felt that way, why didn't the disciple of Elder Ge be drawn?

     Why are no descendants of Ge Lao been drawn?

     36 choose 6, the probability of one-sixth, why not one?

     Of course, he wouldn't think about it. There are not many descendants of Elder Ge. He doesn't care. He needs to give himself a reason, an excuse, and an excuse to gain everyone's understanding.

     It's not that I'm afraid of death, it's them... practice fraud!

     At this moment, Liu Jie let go, cursed for a while, turned around and left, shouting: "I'm going to join the army, whether it is the Demon Squad, or Long Wuwei, Hu Fang, you are not leaving? Are you not leaving and waiting to die? Either you will be on stage or you will be suppressed for a lifetime!"

     He called the other two!

     Can't you go?

     Go, the three vacated, more or less a bit emboldened, do not go, only one person, the goal is too big.

     Of course, two ran ahead, he had to find them and run together.

     At this moment, the remaining two complexion fluctuates left for a while without saying much or cursing.

     That's not how you look for death!


     The academic institution may not be able to stay any longer. The single-shenwen faculty does not dare to kill, but it will always target you unless you don’t want to make progress all your life.

     Several people ran away!

     In the audience, Li’s family, Li Feng, complexion was ugly.

     Around, there are still several Lingyun realm single gods and 1st line powerhouses around, but no one is speaking at this moment.

     Take off and have somewhat connections.

     Whether it was Wang Zhen who died or Liu Jie who ran away, everyone had some contact with each other on weekdays.Now that Wang Zhen is dead, do they still force these people to die?

     Several descendants of the old patrons did not play, and there were no dead people. This made them feel uncomfortable. Together, the dead people are not yours. Don't you feel bad?

     People's hearts have changed!

     Su Yu sneered!

     I expected it long ago!

     Shan Shenwen first fought like that, he didn't believe how many people were willing to die for Shan Shenwen first family.

     This has not yet reached the end of the road.

     Those who vacated have a way to go, and they were not forced to go nowhere, they could only go to the stage to die.

     It's just life and death, if you don't fight, no one can force you to fight.


      all around, the students talk in whispers.

     "Single Shenwen One Series... why is this happening!"

     "Hey, shame!"

     "It's more than shameful. At this juncture, those old patrons actually cheated and excluded dissidents. At this time, what kind of draws were made. I really want to find face. Each family will give one. One of the old patrons will vacate. , If you're not dead, kill Su Yu... how about this!"

     "Cut, people descended from mountains and seas, big shots, can you die just like us?"

     "Hey, that's true. Didn't Su Yu say it? Eat well and drink well, take the bulk of the resources, replace me, I don't want to be killed by Su Yu, it's not worth it..."

     "Yes, this is the descendant of Shanhai!"

     "Hey, the Xia family is more bullish than the Xia family. There seems to be many people killed in the Xia family. The previous generation of Palace Lords died in battle."

     "Are they worthy of the Xia family?"

     "thats right!"

     "..."There was constant discussion and not much ridicule, but a group of people were saying that at this moment, a strong man of monotheistic literature flushed with excitement, look pale.

     Where are the descendants of Ge Lao?

     Where's Li Feng!

     Take the six-fold, Su Yu let you go, you go!

     Are you on stage!

     Did you dare to scare your courage just once?


     On stage.

     Su Yu is very comfortable, refreshing, and at ease.

     Of course, the follow-up is very troublesome.

     It doesn't matter!

     Before leaving, he was uncomfortable without a breath, and he left with stubbornness, how could he bear it.

     After sweeping, no one should be on stage.

     Wang Zhen's death completely scared this group of people.

     It's too easy to kill!

     If Su Yu fights fiercely, then maybe someone will come to the stage, maybe a few people can be killed, it is meaningless, it is not the purpose to kill people, look at people like Liu Jie, these people are really damning!

     In order to get rid of one's own responsibility, in order to find an excuse, want to trample on those old patrons to death, this is interesting!

     Outsiders scold a thousand sentences, how can one's own curse be strong.

     Su Yu always has a smile on his face, just as in the past elegant and easy-going, but at this moment, many people are chilling.

     This guy...really cruel!

     Shan Shenwen's first element is not good enough to provoke anyone, and provoke this guy, but now there is no way to get him.

     Today Su Yu said that the air could come, after today, you will not be able to shoot him in air!

     Under the air, let alone the single divine text, it is the Daxia Mansion, or even the entire human realm, how many people can he rival?Today is the stage for Su Yu alone.

     He sang a big show here!

     Daxia Mansion Celebration Day, the shame day of the Shan Shenwen series, such an important day, for the rest of his life, as long as Su Yu does not die, even if he is dead, on this day, the people of Daxia Mansion, when thinking of the celebration day, will Think of Su Yu, and think of how embarrassed and shameful the Shan Shenwen series is today!

     No one is coming!


      A snapping sound, that was the end of the day, and the bell from Daxia Mansion was only one.

     The celebration day is over!

     Su Yu smiled, and slowly walked off the ring, stepping forward without leaving any words.

     I am leaving!

     The clothes are new, and the hydration does not lose the slightest amount of clothes.

     Killed two people, by the way... interrupted your bones.

     Kneel and be a human!

     Standing, unworthy.


     At this moment, people are watching everywhere in the building.

     Look at Su Yu!

     Some are hated, some are glaring, some are sorry, some are sighing, some are helpless...

     The celebration day was ruined.

     Su Yu didn't save face to Shan Shenwen's first department, nor did he save face to Daxia Civilization Academy, let alone leave face to Daxia Mansion, this is the consensus of everyone.

     On this day, it is best not to see a sword soldier.

     It's a pity that not only did they meet, but they also died and shed blood.

     Su Yu left, the crowd along the way gave way to a passage.

     Su Yu just as in the past, bends slightly, has impeccable manners, smiles, not to glance sideways, and walks away.

     Behind him, someone followed.

     Many people seem to have seen that year!I saw Liu Wenyan back then and left with a group of people.

     No, at that time polytheistic literature like the sun at noon!

     Today, there is only Su Yu.

     Not the same, or not the same.


     Walking towards the Yuanshen Research Institute, there are still people on both sides.

     Students followed silently.

     Suddenly someone shouted: "Su Yu, kill classmates, kill teachers, is that okay?"

     Su Yu looked sideways. She was very young, a little girl who looked less than eighteen years old.

     Su Yu smiled and said softly: "Send you a word...Don't go out for the rest of your life, don't travel far, don't go to the battlefield!"

     Su Yu continued on.

     The girl behind her was a little annoyed, and looked at the people around her, many of them turned away from her.

     After a while, her teacher came, a mentor who was flying into the sky.

     She heard it!

     Said his students' doubts!

     At this moment, she looked at her students, somewhat grudgingly, with some regrets, "Do research, practice and fight... Give it to others, I don't want to have grown old, but give it to the student."

     Stupid words!

     Teacher, classmate?

     Not any more!

     Are you still unable to discern?

     That is the enemy, even more hatred of Su Yu's enemy than 10,000 ethnic religions, persuade people to be kind, not knowing people's suffering, this is stupid, naive, hypocritical.

     In this situation, I went to the battlefield... The enemy's begging for mercy may make you feel soft, you will die, it does not matter if you die, you will also implicate your teammates and your comrades in arms.

     We are the enemy!

     Lack of discernment!The pig teammate is more terrifying than the enemy.

     Daxia Civilization Academy, in the end still clever people are mostly, nerds... do your research!

     It may not be a bad heart, but a good heart is even more stupid. Her teacher would rather she be a bad heart, and be good at the single divine literary line, and don't want this to be her original intention, otherwise, she will definitely die if she is on the battlefield. .

     Girls somewhat at a loss, am I wrong?

     But she... really felt that Su Yu was too cruel.

     But at this moment, it seems that the whole world is repelling her.


     Yuanshen Institute.

     At this moment, someone is there.

     Chen Yong.

     Seeing Su Yu entering the door, Chen Yong looked at him, and Su Yu was also looking at Chen Yong.

     After a while, Su Yu bowed and bowed to the end.

     Chen Yong stepped forward and helped him up, look complex.

     After watching Su Yu for a long time, he gently stroking the top of his head and murmured: "Sorry! You are smarter than Jiajia, you think more than her, you are more sensitive than her... I didn't think about it and ignored it."

     "I'm thinking, Jiajia is okay, and you will be so... Jiajia is okay, she doesn't understand, and you... understand everything."

     Chen Yong is bitter, yes, you know everything.

     If you don't understand, you won't be so depressed, won't be so desperate.

     It is precisely because you understand everything that you have made today's decision.

     Chen Yong self-depreciating smile, "My junior...accepting a fine apprentice, what a headache! I wish you were stupid, wish you were stupid, wish you were like Jiajia, heartless!"

     "Uncle...I'm sorry."

     "No, needless to say sorry!"Chen Yong laughed bitterly, "We are implicated in you, you are still young, dormant... dormant year after year, that is us, not you. You are right, wrong, this damn world!"

     Chen Yong didn't say any more, and said softly: "Where are you going?"

     "Daming Mansion."

     "Not bad's choice."

     Chen Yong nodded and said with a smile: "Zhu Tiandao...Zhu family! I have met several times when I was young, a very interesting family. Go, yes, go, don’t trust anyone easily, don’t go to the Bai family, If you encounter difficulties, you can go to them, and don't usually go."


     Chen Yong silent for a while, and said: "How to go?"

     "Go hunt for treasure."

     "Treasure hunt?"

     "Well, the ruins!"

     Su Yu calmly said, "The ruins, such a powerful ruins of me, are in Xingluoshan."


     Chen Yong sighed: "Leaving peacefully, it is safer, you... why bother!"

     "I am not willing to just leave like this!"

     Su Yu looked at him, looked at this institute, looked out the window, "I am not willing to, I don’t think I should go, at least I should not leave in such embarrassment! My heart is not peaceful, my teacher, my Enlightened Respected Teacher is gone, my father is still fighting for the Xia family... and I, maybe betrayed them, I don't regret it, I just don't accept it, I'm not angry, I'm not reconciled!"

     "Yes, it should!"

     Chen Yong nodded, becoming more bitter.

     Yes, it is not reconciled.

     When Su Yu entered the school, he was full of enthusiasm and became strong. He went to join the army and went to the battlefields of the heavens. He worshiped Xia Longwu and thought about entering the dragon Wuwei...Just the day before, just yesterday, he said that he worshiped King Daxia, and today... he wants to leave.

     Because here, he saw no hope, only despair.

     Despair again and again!

     Chen Yong grinned and said: "Then... be careful, you are a smart person, find a way out for yourself, don't go wrong, don't miss your life, contact the Zhu family well in advance, don't contact the wrong person... now people, If your heart is black, be careful that you are a false messenger. This is troublesome."

     Su Yu nodded and smiled: "Uncle, rest assured, I will distinguish clearly."

     "That's good, that's good... Your master... is in retreat, I'm afraid I can't send you off. Your senior sister... is too weak and too impulsive, I won't add burden to you, she followed me and paid Be safe."

     Chen Yongxu talked and smiled: "Daming Mansion is good, it's good, of course, there is not strong strength there, and there are not many geniuses. If you go, that's the first person in Daming Mansion. They will value you!

     "I'm worried about your being there and forgetting the pressure, or I have to put some pressure on myself, you know?"

     "Zhu Tiandao wants to change, but unfortunately, geniuses look down on them, and mediocre people are not willing to cultivate. When you go, you must show your talent, show your strength, and show some there's no problem. The more you show up, the more important the Zhu family will be! "

     Chen Yong smiled and Su Yu nodded.

     Chen Yong was too babbled. He said a lot of things, Daming Mansion is good, and Daming Mansion's human geography. This time, Su Yu knew how well his uncle had a lot of knowledge.

     He even knew how to get to Daming Mansion and which trail to take.

     He told Su Yu, where is there a refuge, where is an escape...He said very many very many!

     He didn't save a word, didn't say a word that he should not leave.

     Time to go!

     Here, in Daxia Mansion, Su Yu has no day in his life, unless Xia Long proves his martial arts, otherwise, Daxia Mansion at this time is low-key dormant.


     Until dawn, Chen Yong just left the Yuanshen Institute.

     Nothing left.

     No need to leave anything.

     Su Yu sat on the sofa, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

     True or false, false also true!

     This morning, he was hopeful. The words he and Huang Lao had said before were half temptation and half sincere.

     He just wanted to say that he wanted to tell the Saints of Heaven and tell some people that I don't want to be like this. I am useful to you, I can give you more things, and I can change more things.

     I still want to stay here!

     Including the previous conversation with Xia Houye, he was saying that the method of co-presence is nothing, this is for you, there’s no problem!

     I have more!

     He was risking, telling them, reminding them, giving me some room to grow, giving me some time, my value is far greater than the single-shenwen series...

     Did they see it?

     See it!

     But... what they have to face is not the Daxia Mansion's single-shenwen series, but the whole world single-shenwen series.

     Su Yu alone, no matter how heavy it is, but everything.

     Therefore, they can give asylum, but they cannot do all that Su Yu needs.


     Sighed gently, Su Yu smiled and returned to normal.Perhaps this is the new beginning!

     pretty good!

     Zhu Family... Zhu Tiandao.

     This is not the first time he has heard this name, but several times.

     The evaluation seems to be good, not bad, but not good.

     He is a funny person, but also a slick person.

     For Su Yu, Zhu Tiandao is still far away from him, in fact, not far away. He is not an ordinary cultivator. For Su Yu, some of Zhu Tiandao's personality and decision-making all affect his choice.

     Whether to go to Daming Mansion or not, it is not necessary to choose him.

     "After today, my name should be spread more widely!"

     Created the combination method, launched the soul-devouring technique, established the Yuanshen Research Institute, killed several geniuses in the air, multi-shenwen first-line genius, single-shenwen first-line enemies, opened 320, and the gods were all second-tier. ...

     And this is not enough.

     Su Yu feels not enough!

     Before I leave, I still have to give a big gift to Shan Shenwen, and to some people who want to cheat me.

      eyes flashed, Su Yu thought of Xia Qing.

     Plan to continue!

     I need your help!

     Because... I need stronger strength to deal with the possible revenge of the Shan Shenwen family at any time. Under such circumstances, I need to go to the ruins and accept the second inheritance!

     I have to go!

     But I have nothing to rely on!

     So... I thought of you!

     I need help from my friend!

     Su Yu smiled and left in no hurry.

     This plan needs to be perfected and completed, and it is time for myself to make some preparations for leaving.The decision to leave this was too sudden.

     He didn't expect it himself!

     He thought about going, but never thought it would be this time. It was too sudden, and suddenly arrived. He and Daming Mansion had only briefly touched once, normal digging.

     In the time of departure method, the person on the other side briefly touched himself once, and probably never thought that he would leave.

     To leave one's native place, esp. against one's will, to leave one's native place, esp. against one's will, to leave one's native place, esp. against one's will. This is not a genius choice.

     Genius, only go to more powerful places!

     Daming Mansion has been digging people, of course, almost no people have been digging. They look down on the bad ones, and the strong...people ignore it.

     I met myself!

     Su Yu thought, he laughed.

     It's not a last resort, and I can't even think about going to Daming Mansion, this Zhu family... looks pretty miserable.


     Many people did not sleep well this night.

     No rest!

     At dawn, many people get up.

     Many people didn't sleep all night!

     The news continued to spread.

     Daxia Mansion is a strong mansion, a genius came out, but a different genius, news spread quickly, just like the single god genius of the Great Zhou Mansion, all the way south, sweeping the square, many people are paying attention to him.

     Nowadays, Daxia Mansion has also produced a genius, not to mention the cultivation of the soul, and also introduced a number of exercises, very useful exercises. At this moment, there are also many people who follow Su Yu.


     Qian Zhihua.

     An ordinary student of Daxia Civilization Academy is nothing special. To say special, he probably comes from Daming Mansion.Of course, he is also responsible for making some extra money by the way.

     No big deal!

     Just to recommend Daming Mansion to some geniuses. Our Daming Mansion is good. Our palace owner values talents and geniuses.

     Many people know him, and Daxia Mansion also knows.

      This kind of person is not one or two, and every university has it.

     Pull the head!

     Can fool one...cough cough, can poach each one away.

     There are still some geniuses who have been unhappy.

     A genius is a reward. Although Qian Zhihua has been in the mansion for three years, he didn't get one. He didn't care too much. He came to Daxia Civilization Academy. It was provided by the Daming Mansion. thing.

     To be selected by the Daming Mansion is that he looks honest and reliable. The Daming Mansion always feels that his work is unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory in attracting people.

     Zhu Tiandao even thought about arranging a group of female students to win over people in good looks.

     After thinking about it, I was criticized and finally gave up.

     As for Su Yu... he did it.

     Qian Zhihua never thought that he could really pull Su Yu away.

     It's almost a set!

     What a joke, people have the master who is about to sun and the moon, the uncle who is about to kill Lingyun, many people value, there are seniors, geniuses, and a lot of friends, and they are extremely powerful.

     Can you take such a student away?

     Last time, when I saw Su Yu, I was just going to get close to it, not the name of the Daming Mansion. For these geniuses, he didn't have much right to get close.

     He also knew what happened last night.

     Went there too!

     Cool!The genius of the Shan Shenwen first series dared not look up, too domineering, too domineering!

     Then Zhai Feng, staying at the Daming Academy of Civilization, it is also the top-level existence, no way, our Daming Mansion is just a bit close, not to mention Zhai Feng, the top ten, to their side, it seems that there is hope to be the first.

     If not, why should Zhu Tiandao be pitifully pitifully, with a cold face on Xia Longwu's hot ass, and want to let the geniuses of Daxia Mansion take their people from Daming Mansion to Xingyu Mansion in a few years.

     Even if Xia Longwu's frigid irony and scorching satire are insignificant, Zhu Tiandao doesn't care about it, just post it upside down.

     No way, weak.

     Go alone, the death rate is too high.

     Qian Zhihua never had any hope of pulling these geniuses. He just got a close look and familiarity. There is a real chance in the future, and maybe he can still build some relationship.

     What happened yesterday has spread today.

     Qian Zhihua didn't care too much, I saw it all, and used the one you passed.

     As for the collection of intelligence for Daming Mansion, every big mansion has this kind of person, no, he is not a spy, he is here to pull people, and he is not responsible for other things. It is not his turn to write intelligence, and he does not need him. Today Probably all the information has arrived at Daming Mansion.

     "Su Yu... awesome!"

     In the Nurturing Garden, Qian Zhihua also mixed a small room with public funds, so he wouldn’t be able to live in a villa. It’s a pity that the Daming Mansion has no money, so stingy, we public officials don’t even live in the villa. How can those geniuses believe us rich powerful?

     No PR at all!

     Listening to the noise in the next room, a few people are chatting, no one is talking about the celebration day, they are all talking about Su Yu, he is also depressed, haven't you seen it?What are you talking about!

     "The method of resuscitation... It's a powerful technique. Unfortunately, I can only practice 18 resuscitation methods. I heard that there is a genius version with 30 resuscitation methods... I don't know if the Daming Mansion has obtained the original authorization, Palace Master. Your lord must get it back, otherwise it will get worse and worse than Daxia Mansion!"

     In addition to the genius version, it is said, but it is said that there may be another version, the super version!

     I heard that what Su Yu used for his own cultivation was limited to a few people. The auxiliary ability was terrifying, so he couldn't covet it.

     Thinking about going out for a walk, the door rang.

     Qian Zhihua was slightly surprised, who is here?

     In academy, he is not too worried.

     Open the door, no one is outside.

     He dazed for a moment, just about to say who is so boring, the next moment, like a stream of water, a silhouette appears.

     At this moment, Qian Zhihua was stunned!

     Su Yu!

     Damn it!

     Why did he... come to me?


     For a while, he didn't know what to call him, he was called Junior Brother.

     He is called senior, and he is younger than himself.

     Calling an adult, too flattering!

     I... what should I call it!

     Qian Zhihua's dizzy is really a little dazed. It's as if everyone is talking about a big person, and that big person suddenly came to his own home. This feeling...somewhat overwhelmed by favor from superior, somewhat shocked.

     "Shall I go in and sit down?"

     "Oh oh oh... sit... hurry up..."

     Qian Zhihua hurriedly greeted, Su Yu smiled, stepped into the door, and the door closed automatically.

     "Are you from Daming Mansion?""Yes...no, yes...I belong to Daming Mansion, but I study in Daxia Mansion..."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Don't be nervous, Senior Qian."

     "not nervous!"

     Qian Zhihua exhaled, not nervous, nothing, didn't he just kill a few to fly?

     I can also... blame it!

     not nervous!


     "Just call me Su Yu!"

     "Su Yu..." Qian Zhihua was relaxed, his face was honest and kind: "Well, I was somewhat surprised just now, you came to me, yes..."

     "Can you contact someone who has a greater say in Daming Mansion?"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "I was very interested in the proposal of Senior Qian last time."

     Qian Zhihua was stunned!


     What proposal!


      I remember!

     You... wouldn't you say it was going to Daming Mansion?

     He is about to explode, I am nothing serious casually, really, I never thought about digging you, it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you are too awesome, I never thought about digging away!

     "Su...Su Yu, don't be kidding me, I..."

     "No joke."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Of course, I don’t want to be known by too many people, and I have to be reliable. To be honest, it’s better to talk to the top! Or just Zhu family! I’m Su Yu, although my strength is average, my strength is not my strength. , Speaking of it, I should be the one who has made the most outstanding achievements in the field of gongfa derivation in recent years. Even in Daxia Mansion, I think that soon I will be a researcher or an intermediate researcher..."

     Qian Zhihua wants to cry!

     Don't make trouble!Your strength is extraordinary, really extraordinary, if you say that, I will want to die.

     Su Yu smiled and said, "I'm just looking for you today. If you got in touch, you can contact me!"

     After speaking, a sound transmission note was thrown to Qian Zhihua, and he smiled: "Senior Qian, I'm tired of it."

     "Good, good..."

     After he finished speaking, Su Yu disappeared quickly like a stream of water.

     Qian Zhihua was really stunned!

     Damn it!

     What kind of exercise is this?

     No, is this a natural skill?

     No, Su Yu doesn’t seem to take the blood...

     He is dizzy!

     The next moment, he was sober again, and his whole person was shocked, Su Yu...want to defect...Bah, want to leave Daxia Mansion and go to Daming Mansion?

     I... I actually dug a super genius!

     After swallowing, Qian Zhihua's heart was beating.

     Am I going to make a fortune?

     I poached Su Yu!

     Su Yu why are you leaving, he doesn't want to guess or think about it. He only knows that this news transmission will definitely get Great Character's attention!

     As Su Yu said, his strength is one aspect, his talent is one point, another point, he is a super genius in the field of research!

     "I... got rich!"

     Qian Zhihua to bare one's fangs, ecstatic in his heart, not only to make a fortune, but also, that poor self-esteem, my Daming Mansion will make money!


     People are strangers in foreign land!

     Daxia Mansion is powerful and prosperous, but he still misses that land and the people there, mother, Daxia Mansion is too insecure and terrible, maybe this time, I can go home too!Qian Zhihua was so excited that he left the university cautious and solemn for fear of being discovered.

     This matter must be reported in person!

     It is not possible to report to the small person. It must be the big person. The safest is naturally the envoy of the Daming Mansion in Daxia Mansion!
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