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260 The Fire Of Civilization (seeking Monthly Pass Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After chatting with Zhu Tiandao for a while, Su Yu walked out of the Xia's restaurant.

      full of vitality!


     This is true. He doesn't know Zhu Tiandao very well, but at this juncture, as the Lord of a Prefecture, he came to talk to him personally. Obviously, he arrived as soon as he received the news, which was enough.

     What else does he need to prove?

     no need!

     Even if I went to Daming Mansion, I was worried, uneasy, and confused about the future. Now, these emotions have been resolved a lot.

     The palace master came to talk in person, this is sincerity.

     The greatest sincerity!

     More important than those promises.

     Sun and Moon Nine Realms!

     A strong man who is close to invincibility, his father is a strong man of the Second Civilization Division, to pick him up personally is sincere.


     Other things are not important. Su Yu is sure to earn it on his own. He just hopes to give himself a little bit time, a little shelter, and more relaxed conditions, and Zhu Tiandao promised all these.

      Full of vitality, in a good mood, some of the depression deep in my heart gradually dissipated.

     This human state, not without a piece of pure land.

     Although this pure land sounds a little unreliable.

     But the Daming Civilization Academy at Zhu Tiandaokou, isn't it what he imagined in the past?

     A group of literati, indulge in loud and empty talk, wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject, talk about heaven and earth, study civilization, decipher the translation, inherit civilization...

     This seems to be the civilized academy in his imagination!

     The Daxia Civilization Academy is very strong, but it gives Su Yu the feeling that this is a battlefield, an abyss, not a holy place in the field of research.Feeling good, Su Yu strode!

     Walking on the street and seeing everything, I feel a little pleasing to the eye.

     The sea of will fluctuates, the divine text fluctuates.

     At this moment, the entangled depression and resentment gradually dissipated.

      "Fire" character Shenwen shines!


     Without losing consciousness, he just walked like this. Gradually, his body seemed to be ablaze, and outsiders couldn't see it, and the weak couldn't see it.

     But at this moment, there seems to be some feeling above the sky.


     Xia's Restaurant.

     The third floor.

     Zhu Tiandao watched Su Yu leave, he saw it!

     His mouth is slightly open, this is... a natural god?

     The "flame" was burning, like a saint coming to the world, Su Yu at this moment, in his eyes, the whole body is transparent and shiny, without a trace of dust.

     He walked in the crowd, only that ball of flame was blazing everywhere!

     At this moment, some people around Su Yu seemed to be thinking about the problem. Suddenly, the problem (bamboo) splits when it meets the knife's edge!

     At this moment, someone seems to have encountered a bottleneck, suddenly opens up to a wide panorama!

     "Fire of Civilization..."

     Zhu Tiandao mutter to oneself, dumbstruck.

     This... Is this a natural civilized teacher?

     This divine literary has just been promoted to Tier 2, can this affect the people around it?

     In fact, Su Yu doesn't pay much attention to this "Fire" character divine text, including talking about it with others before, just to fool everyone.

     However, at this moment, Zhu Tiandao took it seriously, even shocked!


      at the same time.

     Summer House.Master Xiahou stand tall and see far, I saw that side, I saw the flame, burning fiercely, blooming!

     Flames are blazing everywhere!

      Fire of Civilization!

     Master Xiahou opened his mouth for a long while, speechless.

     Next to him, General Manager Hu complexion changed, and for a long time, he sighed: "Should not let him go!"

     This is a born civilized teacher!

     This is the sign of the saint's coming!

     Su Yu...what is he passing on!

     Master Xiahou’s throat was dry, some were uncomfortable, some were uncomfortable, some were uneasy, suddenly, his eyes shone with the sun and the moon, the light burst, and he looked at the Xia’s restaurant!

     Fuck your uncle!

     Zhu Tiandao!

     In the distance, similarly, the sun and the moon rise, Ethereal Shift, Zhu Tiandao and him, seem to face each other instantly, but one is still in the Xia’s restaurant and the other is in the City Lord Mansion.

     Master Xiahou gnashing one's teeth!


     A huge loss of business!

     With a smile on Zhu Tiandao’s face, he said leisurely: "if you have to use force to break a melon off the vine, it won't taste sweet opens up to a wide panorama, the grievances dissipate, stay again, and you will become enemies!

     Master Xiahou said nothing.

     Zhu Tiandao laughed, and said leisurely: "I found the treasure. This is a heritage divine text. Arrange some people to practice on his side. It seems that they can have some insights and breakthroughs. This is a moving perception type. God text!"

     Master Xiahou gritted his teeth, you still make sarcastic comments!

     He is so angry!Zhu Tiandao grinned, watching the flame spreading all the way, all the way far, his smile became more and more brilliant, the next moment, the figure disappeared, leaving a smile: "Xiao Er, brother is gone, don't read it!"

     Master Xiahou gnashing one's teeth, with a bang, punched through the void!

     Void shock!

     There is no news.

     Master Xiahou was lightly snorted, and couldn't help cursing: "This guy, he's cheap and he's a good seller!"

     On the side, Manager Hu smiled bitterly, and said softly, "Master Hou, it's useless to care about these things with Palace Master Zhu, and he doesn't care about them either."

     This is a shameless palace lord, no less than Xiahouye.

     Master Xiahou is shameless, but Master Xiahou is a bit shameless. He is also confined to a set of rules. That... he has no rules, or the barefoot is the wave, barefoot, and nothing to worry about. It's powerful, with a backing behind... Zhu Tiandao sometimes doesn't even care about the rules.

     Lord Xiahou coldly snorted!

     The relationship between him and Zhu Tiandao is fine, but he just can’t understand this guy. There is no way. He Xiahouye is also a slutty, but due to the restrictions of the Xia family, he is not as sloppy as Zhu Tiandao. He is very sad, otherwise, this invincible two The first prodigal son should be himself.

     Regardless of Zhu Tiandao, he looked at Daxia Civilization Academy again.

     At this moment, over there, a flame is getting bigger and bigger!

     Tengkong had some reactions, Ling Yun had some feelings, and Shanhai had some senses, so the sun and the moon could see clearly.


     At this moment, Su Yu smiled, with a bright smile!

     I will travel far and reopen a new world.The shackles of the Daxia Mansion, the struggles of the Daxia Mansion, and everything in the Daxia Mansion, he remembered in his heart for tomorrow.

      wide sea and sky leap by fish!

     Today’s Daxia Mansion, I am impotent, today’s mentor is punished by the sinner camp, all of this cannot be changed.

     Today's uncle, resentment is in the heart, hatred is in the head.

     I haven't changed!

     Everything today is impotent.

     Now, I will leave, Coming Back Anew, Daming Mansion...I will be born again.

      Fire of Civilization Burn!

     Willpower becomes more transparent!

     Like colored glaze, like holy light, like bodhi.

     The body is like colored glaze, the divine orifice is radiant, the sea of will is consolidated, there is a sign of full charge, and the small hammer vibrates.

     At this moment, at the Xiuxin Pavilion, Wan Tiansheng looked down at the Academy, saw the fire, and could not tell whether it was regret or regret.

     Born to God!

     A born civilized teacher!

     This divine text is not drawn from the outline, not from the condensed text of the will, this is a naturally born divine text, that is a natural divine text.

     So far, Su Yu's 8 divine writings have all advanced!

     All second order!

     In the sea of will, surrounded by divine writings, the brilliance is shining. This weakest "Fire" character divine writing before has a vague tendency to become the main divine writing. Su Yu has never determined the main divine writing, and he will cultivate it as the main divine writing.

     At this moment, this "Fire" character divine text is vaguely surrounded by other divine texts, all the stars cup themselves around the moon.

     Even if the first "blood" divine writings were born close to the third-order existence, the "Fire" character exists at this moment. Each divine writing is burned by the fire, becoming more transparent and bright.Not only that, but Yuan Qiao is also changing.

     There are 320 yuan orifices, 80 of which have been unified into 5 yuan orifices, with five tens of thousands of stones.

     Yesterday, Su Yucai was promoted to Wanshi Five.

     Today, there are 16 yuan orifices that are rapidly merging and merging. Under the light of fire, the fusion speed is extremely fast.

     Divine Aperture, 106 previously opened.

     At this moment, the 107th divine orifice is also being opened.


     Inside the school.

     Su Yu walked step by step. In the shadow, the shadow clan and the water man wearing his shadow were all sensed the kind of warm fire at this moment. The fire light does not exist in reality, but it burns in the sea of their will.

     The shadow is distorted and the mist rises!

     It is not torture, but a kind of cultivation, a kind of comprehension, a kind of comprehension.

     The water man and the shadow were injured too badly. So many years, the foundation has been vaguely injured, but at this moment, there are signs of recovery.

     Neither the shadow nor the water man said a word, but they had realized everything.

     Su Yu... enchanting!

     The fire of inheritance!

      Fire of Civilization!

     Is this a sign?

     Or is it just because of the special characteristics of this divine text?

     Su Yu didn't care about this. He had good thoughts and was in a good mood. Everything Alright, the fire gradually became restrained, slowly, vanish from sight.

     And Su Yu at this moment has somewhat changed from the previous moment.

     It's softer!

     At the last moment, his heart was depressed, and he felt a bit of a stranger not entering, mixed with the evil spirits that killed the two flying into the sky, making many people intimidate at the first glance.But at this moment, Su Yu was completely transparent, his depression dissipated, and he felt softer and kinder.


     When Xia Qing saw Su Yu, she immediately thought that Su Yu was a good person!

     Really nice person!

     The intimacy that can't help made Xia Qing somewhat intoxicated.

     Soon, Xia Qing became sober, and her heart shook slightly.

     How does Su Yu feel a little different from before?

     "Brother Su... Did you break through?"


     As Su Yu spoke, he quickly laughed and said: "One divine text has been promoted, so I have 8 divine texts, and now they are all second-order divine texts!"

     Just 8 divine texts!

     The word "just" makes people want to die.

     8 pieces, really a lot.

     It's all second order!

     The key point is that you are not vacant, you are nurturing!

     Xia Qing sighed and was shocked. A real genius, Peerless Genius, even the Second Clan of Gods and Demons, is rare, and even only the Primordial God Clan and Primordial God Clan may have such enchantments.

     Human race, the top ten races, name is not in vain.

     "Brother Su, you are looking for me..."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "My difficulties, Princess Qing may also know, and now, I need stronger strength! But I dare not go out, I need to improve myself, but there is no way! Before, I still want to wait. Now it seems that I can't wait any longer!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "So I want to go to a place to explore treasures. I received a message that there may be treasures somewhere that can make me vacate quickly, so I want to go and see."

     Xia Qing raised her eyebrows slightly, "Treasure hunting?"

     Go to the ruins!

     Accept the inheritance?This is because I feel that I am not strong enough, and I want to improve again.

     This ruin seems to have not been fully harvested yet, and it is normal. Su Yu is too weak to digest completely before the sun and the moon.

     "Brother Su means..."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "I want to meet His Royal Highness Qing, but I have to bring a guardian!"

     Su Yu said sternly: "I'm afraid...danger!"


     Xia Qing pretended not to know, "Is it far?"

     "It's not too far..." Su Yu hesitated for a moment, "Near a small town, near Nanyuan town. Of course, Princess Qing may not know."

     I know!

     Xia Qing's heart was shaken!

     I know, your hometown is really there!

     She guessed it was nearby!

     "Nan Yuan?"

     Xia Qing wondered: "I seem to have heard that you...are from Nan Yuan, right?"

     Su Yu nodded, "I got this treasure location a long time ago, but I haven't been there...it's not that I didn't go there. I wandered around the periphery. It was too dangerous. When I was a child, my father and I went to collect some medicinal materials..."

     Xia Qing quickly judged!

     Medicinal herbs!

     When I was young!

     Is it a mountain?

     Or what canyon?

     Not in Nanyuan, so that's how it is, but near Nanyuan, no wonder no one has discovered it until now.

     Xia Qing hesitated and said, "Brother Su, what do you mean...will it be dangerous if you go out?"Su Yu struggled and nodded, "There will be, I am very worried, so I need some people to help me! Of course, I am not unprepared, my master tamed a mountain and sea monster, I will take this mountain and sea monster Go with the demon, but I'm afraid that one mountain and sea monster is not enough, and the other party may not be obedient. I need someone to deter him!

     Su Yu was silent for a while, and said: "I hope that Princess Qing will not go to rumor and find you because... You are not a human race, not a human race, Speak Your Heart, I am not afraid of you seizing my treasure, because you can't seize it. But other people... hard to fathom a person's mind, including the Xia family, the Hu family, the Wu family, and the Zheng family. The treasures are touching, and they have the background. Once they are robbed, I am afraid I can't get them back!"

     Su Yu earnestly said: "I will not treat Princess Qing ill. If Princess Qing agrees, I will give the princess 10,000 meritorious merits. In addition, I will give the princess a mysterious soldier. If the princess still needs it, just say it!"


     10,000 meritorious service, a mysterious soldier.

     At this price, hiring Shanhai is enough.

     Some of Xia Qing’s doubts were also resolved instantly, so that’s how it is, because I am a member of the ten thousand races and cannot stand firm in the human realm, and Su Yu’s remains can’t be taken away at once, so he felt that I could only find A person who will not occupy the relics.

     Others, including his allies, Wu family, may invade his ruins.

     Xia Qing thought for a while, this logic was fine.

     According to properly speaking, I do not dare to invade, even if it is invaded, the Yunhu clan is not qualified to invade, and it is in Daxia Mansion to invade other people's relics... It's looking for death!

     The premise is that Su Yu is alive.If he dies, no one knows, then...Of course, she has to go back to the school, unless... an old clan pretends to fall and hide in the ruins.

     Various thoughts arose.

     Xia Qing said solemnly: "Brother Su, of course I am willing to help you, but to be honest, if we go out, it will definitely attract the attention of many people! Even the attention of Daxia Mansion!"

     "And we can't go without a proper reason."

     Su Yu nodded, "I know, so I found a reason and excuse, my hometown Nanyuan, there are monster activities recently, there are ten thousand ethnic religion activities, hometown people are too weak, as a genius from Nanyuan, I have to go back !"

     Su Yu eyes flashed and said: "I have contacted some people and created some chaos in Nanyuan. I am a genius. I will go back. I will post tasks. No one is restricted. You can join in. This is rational and clearly structured. Up!"

     Xia Qing was slightly startled, and after thinking about it, it was a good way!

     South yuan crisis!

     It is normal for Su Yu to return. As a genius who came out of Nan Yuan, he had just left Nan Yuan, and now he is the first person to respond to the powerful strength of his hometown when he asks for help.

     Even forced!

     He had to go back!

      as a result, it’s not obtrusive, on the contrary, it seems that Su Yu is helpless. Many people understand that he may not leave at this moment. It is dangerous to leave the university rashly, but he has no choice, he can only go back, or he will be prodded. Spine!

     Su Yu, that's probably what I mean!Xia Qing hesitated for a moment said: "I am worried about the religion of the ten thousand races... well, don't look at me like this, my Yunhu clan has no sect, I am worried that those guys will deal with you, and our university Here, the Shan Shenwen series... Are you sure they can't start?"

     "I came to Human Race this time and brought two elders, one Lingyun and the other Shanhai. However, according to the school rules, I can only leave one at most. The rest are...hostages. Brother Su understand what I mean. ?"

     Su Yu nodded, understand!

     Terrans must also ensure that these people will not run together, hiding in the mountains and rivers, leaving one person behind is normal.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "One mountain and sea is enough. I also have a great mountain and sea monster with two mountains and seas. I don't believe it. In order to deal with me, three or four mountains and seas can be dispatched? Take the liberty to ask, you How heavy is the mountain and sea?"

     "Shanhai Sanzhong!"

     Xia Qing said quickly: "Your side..."


     Su Yu said helplessly: "In fact, there was more than this strength, but my master ancestor had drawn countless blood, and the current strength slipped a lot, only this strength."

     Xia Qing is depressed!

     The Yunhu tribe is also a demon tribe.

     Draw blood, tame, tame...

     These words made her feel uncomfortable.

     Su Yu, it seems that he didn't realize this problem, or the Human Race didn't realize this problem.

     Xia Qing felt a little uncomfortable, her face remained the same, and she still said with a smile: "The two mountains and seas, it should be enough, but I am afraid that the senior Shanhai who brother Su led will suddenly turn back... Brother Su, it will be troublesome then. !"Su Yu frowned, thought for a while, nodded and said: "There is a possibility, I have no use forbidden demon ring..."


     Xia Qing was taken aback, you are useless!

     You dare... she's taken it!

     But all kinds of thoughts flicker in my heart, so bold, so confident, do you really think that people will not betray?

     You don't even need the Forbidden Demon Ring!

     Su Yu not to accept as correct said: "It's okay, my master tamed it, it won't happen! Of course, you such a saying, I am also somewhat worried, it will be troublesome if you really want to rebel, but..."

     He frowned and murmured: "Except for you, I can't find anyone else to believe. The heart of the human race cannot be tested. It has offended allies. The old man Wu Yuehua is trustworthy, but I dare not take it... ...Some treasures to test them."

     "Where is Curator Chen?"

     Xia Qing asked, Su Yu shook his head and said: "You can't let the uncle go, I'll go back to rescue, the big demon mountain and sea don't know, you go, it is necessary to take the guardian, but take my uncle to go... What's that? You fools guess there will be some problems!"

     Xia Qing's eyes flashed, "Well, how many other classmates can you ask for help at Ten Thousand Race Academy?"

     "No way!"

     Su Yu shook his head, "I trust Princess Qing. That's because we have been in contact. I think people's eyesight is okay. You used to stand up for me. You offended Shan Shenwen. Other people, to be honest, I don't know Su Yu. Stupid, how can you really believe it completely!"

     In and out of words, I was telling Xia Qing that I only trust you.Xia Qing showed a touch of emotion, but still said: "But this way, the senior mountain and sea on your side may not be reliable. I have really encountered trouble on my side. Only one person is difficult to resist. Brother Su, it is too dangerous!"

     She said again: "You killed the strong people of the single god text, they will let go of this opportunity to retaliate against you? You created the method of holism, I know too well on the ten thousand clan religion, other big clans will not let If a genius like you continues to grow, he will definitely make a move. It may also be a mountain and sea!"

     "Once you encounter two mountains and seas, forget it if there is no accident. If there is an accident, there is a problem with the senior Shanhai on your side. Although the elders of our clan are strong, they can't beat four hands with two fists."

     Su Yu frowned, "Let’s think about it again, Green Princess, please help me keep it secret. You can’t leak it at the moment, and don’t notify other students of the ten thousand races. I said about the general process. I’ll consider whether to pull others... …"

     Xia Qing said again: "Or I don't have to tell them! When you form a team, everyone will definitely accept the task..."

     "Single Shenwen is not good!"

     Su Yu interrupted.

     Xia Qing nodded, "Even if they can't, there may be other classmates following by then. If it doesn't work, I will sign up. Maybe there will be students from the ten thousand races who will join me. When the number is confirmed, how about we disclose some as appropriate?"

     Su Yu condensed his eyebrows, "That can't be against me, close to Shan Shenwen, otherwise it will be troublesome!"

     "Of course not!"

     Xia Qing smiled and said, "I signed up, and the one who was with me must also be my friend."Su Yu frowned and said: "I can't afford that much money, this...I think it's better to think about it again. I think the two mountains and seas are enough. I just go to the border of Daxia Palace, not to the battlefield of the heavens. I am a cultivator. Bringing two mountains and seas to protect me, already arrived, the ultimate."

     What Su Yu said actually made sense. No matter how genius he was, he took the two mountains and seas to go out, and that was the treatment comparable to the son of the palace master.

     Even if the enemy raises the mountains and seas, it will not be possible to raise many people.

     With so many mountains and seas gathering, it has long been targeted by Daxia Mansion!

     But Xia Qing didn't worry, so she took a protector by herself, too few.

     On Su Yu's side, there is also a great monster of mountains and seas.

     In the past, I am afraid that it was not only the triple layer of the mountain and the sea.

     As for whether to help Shan Shenwen first line, or help Su Yu, until this moment, she has not been sure, can only say, see the opportunity and act!

     "Then Brother Su is going to leave at what time?"

     "It's still early."

     Su Yu explained: "At least I have to wait until my senior sister is here to stabilize the top 100. I am here, which is a deterrent! After that, I will choose to travel. These days, I can still prepare and make a little preparation."

     "That's fine, I can do it anytime!"

     Xia Qing smiled and said, "Brother Su trusts me so much, Qing is a little overwhelmed by favor from superior!"

     Su Yu smiled bitterly and said helplessly: "I like to speak frankly, and so do I... The Yunhu clan who fancyed the Green Princess is not strong, and the school really wants to have a strong clan of gods and demons, and I dare not trust it."

     The more he said this, the more relieved Xia Qing was.

     Correct!My Yunhu clan is not strong, very weak, so you can rest assured us.

     "I understand what Brother Su means. Even if you want to go, even if there are students from ten thousand races, I will help you find a few small clan members. There are big clans in the sun and moon realm. I will ask Brother Su for instructions!"

     Su Yu nodded, a little embarrassed: "Sorry, this... I actually don't mean anything else, I just want to be more stable. Please forgive me, Princess Qing."

     "this is necessary!"

     Xia Qing smiled and said: "Brother Su really has no calculations, careless, but I have to worry about it. I have to decide whether to go, lest I get into trouble. Brother Su is thoughtful and considerate for our safety."

     Su Yu is considered to be normal!

     Just so carelessly running to the ruins, she has to be scared.

     That is looking for death!

     Either death or trap.

     Now Su Yu is ready, the Nan Yuan crisis, he wants to return, issue a mission, take over the mission himself, bring a great mountain and sea monster, and then bring her, the little princess, to go together...

     This calculation has been very thoughtful.

     The motivation, purpose, and safety of leaving the government are all guaranteed. Most people will not indulge in flights of fancy. Even if they encounter some crises, the two mountains and seas can easily solve it.

     Xia Qingpan is calculated, and if you do it yourself, you probably won’t be able to do so comprehensively.

      The identity of including yourself is all within Su Yu's calculations.As she was thinking, Su Yu thought for a while and said: "Princess Qing, since I trust you, I also said that there is a shame on the front. Everyone is a friend. I don’t want to be unhappy afterwards. I will make 10,000 contributions and A mysterious soldier is not to say that it depends on favors. If the young princess sees something, she also hopes not to spread it out. The multi-sacred literary line is in decline, but my master should be able to advance to the sun and moon soon!"

     He stared at Xia Qing with scorching eyes, "Sun Moon Realm, I really try my best, regardless of costs, Princess Qing should also understand that Yunhu clan can't afford it!"

     Xia Qing didn't care, but was more at ease.

     Turnip sticks, all come with a set, this is in line with the characteristics of the human race.

     Give sweetness, no threat, that is completely without the demeanor of genius.

     Threat, this is normal.

     Xia Qing smiled and nodded, "Brother Su trusts me. If I don't want to go, I just refuse it and keep it secret for Brother Su. Since I agreed, of course not do anything to make Brother Su misunderstand, just like Su Brother said, my Yunhu clan is weak and I want to have a long-term alliance with the human race!"

     Su Yu relieved!

     He bowed his hand, "Don't mind the green princess, I also talk about some possible accidents first, not for whom, when it succeeds, I will apologize to the green princess!"

     "It's okay!"

     "A lot of green princesses!"

     Su Yu smiled, looked at the time, and stood up and said, "Then I will leave. Recently this period of time, the princess pays attention to the mission of the mission station. I will not come to inform you again, lest you be seen by others. As for Other 10,000 ethnic students...After waiting for someone to sign up, we will gather together on open and aboveboard, and I will see if I want to tell them.""Okay, this is safe!"

     Xia Qing nodded, smiled and watched Su Yu leave.

     When he left, he was lost in thought.

     Su Yu is not a reckless man, the calculation is clear.

     Two mountains and seas, that is really enough.

     The key lies in yourself, how to choose?

     Do you want to tell Shan Shenwen a series?

     Or should I give Su Yu a favor this time?

     Xia Qing also had a headache, wavering, and her heart was a little swayed. This was a difficult choice. Really made friends with Su Yu, and helped Su Yu this time. She and Shan Shenwen will probably have to tear their faces in the future.

     "Second grandpa...you said, what should I do?"

      An old man flashed and said in a deep voice: "Everything listens to your highness! As Su Yu said, even if we find the ruins, we may not be able to get them, but if your highness obtains some inheritance, it may not necessarily need to occupy the ruins. Who will cooperate There are both pros and cons. Your Royal Highness decides for yourself, and your Royal Highness only orders things!"

     Xia Qing didn't speak any more, sitting on the sofa and fell into deep thought. Should I tell Shan Shenwen Yixi?

     Su Yu brought a mountain and sea. I'm afraid I don't know about the single divine literary department. Now, except for the multi divine literary department, the huge colleges probably know it by themselves?
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