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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After discussing with Xia Qing, Su Yu began to prepare for his departure journey.

     In a short time, he is definitely not coming back.

     Without certain strength, this time he was ready to pit a big one again. When he came back, that would be ask for trouble.

     "If I kill a few Shanhai, Uncle and others..."

     In the secret room.

     Su Yu takes a deep breath, then betray a multi-sacred text!

     If I leave this time, maybe I am no longer a student of the polytheistic literature.

     "The article of will is going to be brought, and the others seem to be nothing else."

     Su Yu packed his things, some research materials left by Bai Feng, some tips left by Liu Wenyan, some texts of will he bought before...

     It’s not too much, but it’s valuable.

     In addition, it is some materials compiled by Wu Lan and the others. All these things are compiled on a jade symbol.



     In the reference room.

     Su Yu threw a copy of the jade talisman to Wu Lan and said with a smile: "Help me sort out the information and enter all of it into the jade talisman."

     "The jade charm looks troublesome..."

     "Easier to carry!"

     Wu Lan is speechless, these all are basic information, what do you want to bring?

     Although puzzled, they started to help sort out. Some impatients said: "Then what time do we deduced the magical method!"

     She still has great ambitions!

     The last time the "Double Wu Harmony Method" was released, she became famous in the world. Recently, she was walking a little bit, and she was excited when she heard that so and so was going to exchange "Double Wu Harmony Method".It's just a pity that it is not called Wu Lan's Co-Aperture Method.

     Double Wu... There are many surnamed Wu.

     Thinking of this, while sorting out the information, she whispered: "Su Yu, deduct a magic method, I'm still the leader of the attack team, right?"

     Su Yu smiled and did not answer.

     Wu Lan said again: "If the performance comes, can I add a word to the exercise?"


     "Add a'lan'!"

     Wu Lan joyfully said: "Added, the two methods of He Yuanqiao and He Shenqiao are Wu Lan!"

     That's awesome!

     In the future, people know that she Wu Lan deduced it. Although she doesn't know what she did, she seems to have sorted out the information.

     Su Yu laughed and nodded, "Okay."


     Wu Lan was overjoyed, and she got more vigorous in her work.

     Su Yu is somewhat regretful, just flicked a few free labor, now it's fine, forget it.

     Soon, Wu Lan sorted out the information, and Su Yu took the Yufu and looked at it, nodding, yes.

     The information of Daxia Mansion may not be available in Daming Mansion.

     He doesn't care about the exercises, these basic information are important.

     After thinking about it, Su Yu threw a jade charm to Wu Lan, "Take it, when you are paid for these days, in addition, this thing can be given to Elder Wu, but apart from Elder Wu, no one else is allowed to spread it. !"


     Wu Lan has forgotten that there is still this one, and took it over and looked for a moment, "Disha forging grammar?"

     What garbage name!After reading it carefully for a while, not to accept as correct said: "The technique of opening 72 divine apertures is the same as the "Ten Thousand Writings". Why do you practice this?"



     Can't you look more closely?

     Is this comparable to Wan Wen Jing?


     "Oh... basic..."

     Wu Lan dazed for a moment, looking at Su Yu, Su Yu calmly said: "You can cultivate to the end, 72 divine orifices are enough, don't rush to advance to the sky, open the orifice 72 under the sky, and soon you can cultivate to the 9th layer of Lingyun."

     As for more, such as 108-holes, it is actually not suitable for people like Wu Lan.

     The talent is not weak, first-class, can open 108 holes, it is too time-consuming.

     In terms of combat effectiveness, the gap is not particularly large.

     72 Divine Apertures are enough to allow people to practice continuously, and the Wanwen Sutra a rank.

     Wu Lan stared at her blankly, Su Yu didn't care about her, and continued: "No spreading is allowed, at most it can only be passed on to your aunt and grandma... Forget it, your sister's side...whatever, others can't."

     Wu Qi actually doesn't need to learn, but only 72 divine orifices. Of course, he has a few more different divine orifices and has a deeper background.

     Just like Su Yu opened 320 Yuan Aperture, even if it is not a system, the strength is much stronger.

     Wu Lan still looked at him puzzledly, "Last time you gave me a magic opening method, is this a set?"


     With that said, Su Yu thought a bit then said: "For the time being, the 36 orifices become one, don't rush the 72 orifices into one, unless I break through Lingyun, or I make you legal, you are legal again."The deduction of this exercise may not be to the extreme. When you go back and try it out, you can try it.

     Wu Lan looked at him, and it took a long while to get bored and said: "You want to fire me?"


     Su Yu smiled and said: "Student Wu Lan, that is the most work, the most powerful, much better than Xia Huyou and others, there is no need to expel you if you fire them."

     "then you……"

     She somewhat suspicious looked at Su Yu, "Then give it to me now, if I have done meritorious service in the future, what rewards me?"

     Su Yu laughed, co-author you are considering this.

     "It's okay, definitely also has other."

     As he said, Su Yu smiled and said: "Keep it carefully. It's best to destroy it after reading it... Forget it, it's not necessary."

     When I arrived at Daming Mansion, I might promote this.

     Of course, it is hard to say.

     It's just two sets in one, and it's just as powerful, not five sets in one.

     The biggest advantage of this thing is that it allows students to quickly resuscitate during the nurturing stage, and then quickly enter the airborne heights, or even the Lingyun realm. For many people, it can save decades of time.

     In fact, it is also terrible!


     Wu Lan was not too excited, so she took it.

     I will fight harder in the future!

     Last time I took a magic trick from 5 questions, now I have 72, and the remaining 71 are not before. If you tackle 355 questions, you can get it. So, my task is very heavy!

     With Wu Lan thinking about this, I still have to overcome 355 problems so that I can get all of them. It is my salary, not Su Yu.Seeing her thinking, she was distracted. In a daze, Su Yu smiled and turned away.


     I gave Wu Lan two sets of exercises, and when I arrived at the library.

     Su Yu gave three sets!

     I didn't give four sets, four sets are too strong, not necessary.


     Su Yu took out a few jade charms, "This is the exercise method for strengthening the body, which can quickly open up the body. This is the Jingyuan Jue, the exercise method that can purify the vital energy. This is the top version of the method of the Qi, and the sister also has... "

     He took out a set of exercises.

     They are all treasures worth several cities!

     Chen Yong, on the other hand, sat still and remained silent for a long time.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Uncle Master should be happy for me. Palace Master Zhu of Daming Palace came to talk to me personally and gave me everything I want. Uncle...I am very happy. Of course, here, I am also very happy! "

     "In Daxia Civilization Academy, I know a lot of people, Master, Master, Master Zu, Teacher Zhao, Senior Sister, Teacher Huang... They all gave me very big help!"

     "This time, if I leave, I may leave uncle uncle you in trouble, and ask uncle uncle to forgive me."

     Without a word, Chen Yong suddenly got up and turned back to the house.

     After a while, without speaking, he handed Su Yu something.

     A slate!

     "Take it!"

     Su Yu looked familiar.

      somewhat suspicious looked at Chen Yong, and Chen Yong said calmly: "Take it away! The multi-sacred texts are gone! But remember, the Daxia Mansion is the root of the multi-sacred texts, and here, a person has emerged. A strong man with multiple divine writings! And the most important thing is this stone monument, the divine writing combat technique monument!""It's not that each person can form divine art combat skills on their own, whether they are split or not, combined combat skills are not that simple!"

     "Splitting method with divine text template, this is the best choice, the fastest choice!"

     Su Yu has been stunned!

     This...the monument of divine writing and combat skills!

     This is the root of the polytheistic system!

     Uncle, he removed this!


     Chen Yong calmly said: "Take it away, I am not going to accept any more disciples! Your senior sister is still weak, your master... it is enough to have you, so Daxia Mansion has no room for the survival of the multi-divine literature. There is no future, take you to Daming Mansion!"

     After speaking, he said: "Other universities have this too, but remember, ours is the strongest! The stone monuments of other universities can only be said to be average, with few templates and few options. We have a lot of them, and they have powerful magical combat skills ."

     "Uncle, that master's side..."

     "do not worry about it!"

     Chen Yongdan smiled and said: "Your master, failed to develop the polytheistic literature, that is a failure. Before he retreats, he actually gave you the position of the pulse master instead of me, then you are qualified to deal with it. This thing. Okay, take this thing away, Zangshu Pavilion...what a fart!"

     He burst into foul language!

     Without the Sacred War Skills Wall, what is the library?

     He doesn't care!

     I won't give you what you want, nor will I give it to Su Yu!

     He looked at Su Yu and said with a smile: "Take it! Whether you leave a thought, or develop a polytheistic script in Daming Mansion, keep it for yourself. With this thing, you have the capital to establish a sect, otherwise ,difficult!"Su Yu's hands trembled a little, holding the stone tablet, remained speechless.

     "Take it away, don't lose it!"

     Chen Yong handed it over to him, and said: "our nearby, you don't have to worry! Your master is about to get to the sun and the moon anyway, they dare not really annoy us, if they annoy us, that's either the fish dies or the net splits!"

     "As for me... you don't have to worry."

     He looked at Su Yu and said with a smile: "Your master may have told you something, don’t mind, I’m practicing the method of co-presence, and I don’t want to die so early. I had this idea before, abandoning the physical body, civilized The division advances and kills some opponents."

     "However, the Harmony Method has given me the opportunity to grow my body!"

     Chen Yong eyes flashed and said: "If I can resuscitate 144, then reconnect, and my body enters the mountains and seas, then I... the civilized division can enter the mountains and seas in an instant!"

     Su Yu shocked!

     Shanhai Kunou!

     Chen Yong said with a chuckle: "So no need to be worried about me, no need to be worried your senior sister, I will not act rashly. I will have the capital when my body enters the mountains and seas, even if I encounter the sun and the moon, Will die!"

     Su Yu unable to respond.

     Uncle... His words surprised him.

     Shan Hai Jiu Zhong!

     Really tolerable!

     Chen Yong smiled lightly: "Don't be afraid of implicating us, don't think about betraying the multi-sacred literature, lest you will be criticized in the future, you are not qualified to come back, you are forced to leave the Daxia Mansion, you are innocent !"

     "I don't know What do you want to do, but... Don't be too rushed, it really annoys me. I break through and kill a few mountains and seas. The Saint will not kill me with a high probability, but will punish me to the pioneer camp , Little things!"

     Be correct!Su Yu should not bear the stigma of defecting.

      to have sufficient reason to send troops!

     In the future, if he really returned, it would also be right and proper. Otherwise, he would be a genius at the Ming Palace, and that would be a dispute between the Dafu.

     Chen Yong didn't want to cut his back!

     After saying this, Chen Yong picked up the jade charms, "I have accepted these things, so don't refuse them!"

     Stele, take it, take it away.

     After that, he said: "In addition, the single Shenwen one series, you want to make a move, killing two Shanhai Qizhong is hopeless, too risky, Sun Xiang and Yu Hong... Sun Xiang, I will help you stay, you will help me kill Yu Hong !"

     Chen Yong eyes flashed, "Your senior sister's parents had an accident. I was attacked back then and must have something to do with her! If you can't ask anything, then kill her! Sun Xiang... just let it go, take it slow!"

     Su Yu nodded!

      The baleful intent broke out!

     The death of Sister Sister's parents is actually related to Yu Hong!

     "Uncle, she is taught by ten thousand races?"


     Chen Yong calmly said: "She wasn't, if she really had been, she would have died long ago! But if I had a good guess, she sold our whereabouts and information back then, just guessing, but I am sure that she participated! These years, I I suspected her a long time ago!"

     "I understand!"

     Chen Yong smiled and said, "can you do it? If it doesn't work, give up!"

     "It works!"

     Su Yu gritted his teeth, as long as the operation is correct, it will do!

     "Those big monsters, together can probably fight her, are you sure?"


     Su Yu nodded, "It's not just them, there's some left Shanhai.""Outsiders can't be trusted! Not even those demons are trusted!"

     Chen Yong calmly said: "Those monster races, there is a high probability that they dare not betray. Of course, they are really betrayed. Nothing else! Your master, it is not true that you will not leave behind. If you don't betray, you can betray. You crush this..."

     He took out a jade talisman and handed it to Su Yu, "This is not to kill them, but to make them crazy. Once they are crazy, Daxia Mansion will instantly make a move, and the great demon mount will betray and will definitely die!"

     "At that time, the Daxia Mansion powerhouse took action. Of course, it can also protect your safety, but at that time you can no longer do some small actions. Daxia Mansion is now closing one eye."

     "I know!"

     Su Yu took this again, and Chen Yong smiled again: "Do you need to take away some texts of will? If you are interested in Cangshuge, just take it! Without the divine text war skills wall, I lost the position of the director of Cangshuge. It's not a pity at all! Whatever you like, just take it!"

     This is an atmosphere!

     Tens of thousands of essays of the will, worth several cities, you can take whatever you want.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Forget it, I can't use it, and I really took it away...I'm afraid that someone will do me wrong."

     "Hehe... so too."

     Chen Yong laughed, "then forget it."

     Speaking of this, he said: "We people can't leave. If we leave, we will easily cause more troubles, so we won't cause you trouble! You take care!"

     "Yeah! Thank you Uncle!"


     Waved his hand, somewhat downhearted.

     Su Yu didn't get entangled and left quickly.When he left, Chen Yong was silent for a while, a sound transmission note appeared in his hand, and a message was sent out after a while.

     He closed his eyes, calmed his mind, and his killing intent gradually faded.

     Su Yu can't bear it, I can.


     On this day, Su Yu wandered around, just as in the past, when he met a strong man of Shan Shenwen, he automatically greeted him, disgusting.

     This disgusting behavior made the strong man of the Shan Shenwen family wish not to go out now!

     Time also passed day by day.

     Su Yu was not idle either, on the one hand preparing for leaving, on the other hand he did not relax his practice.

     One more strength, one more guarantee.

     Not in the Secret Realm, about 5 days to close 16 orifices, complete a promotion.

     On December 15, 11 days after the celebration day, Su Yu was promoted to Wanshi Seven!

      Not surprisingly, before the 25th, he could complete the last two reconciliations.

     He couldn't find all the 360 acupuncture points, and Su Yu was still resuscitating, but as the acupuncture points opened more and more, he was almost out of reach.


      at the same time.

     On the Nanyuan side, there was a small-scale chaos. One time the whereabouts of Ten Thousand Clan Religions appeared, and the other was the chaos of the wild monster race.

     These are all tasks that Su Yu sent to the mutual aid association.

      quest reward is very rich!

     Whether your family has done it, done it yourself, or hire someone who is not afraid of death... there are a lot of mutual help points rewards.

     The rewards are also very interesting.

     Magic method!

     Basic essay!

     It's even the top-level version of the combination method.There were not many people in the Mutual Aid Association, but Hu Zongqi's family was in Tianshui City, not far from Nan Yuan, and there was no need to take risks. Someone in the family went to the vicinity of Nan Yuan and drove away a few monsters, which was a huge threat to Nan Yuan.

     As for Nan Yuan's Dragon Wuwei team, if you can kill it, you can kill it.

     Generally, Nanyuan people don't leave the city. If you leave the city, it's not big to be careful to avoid problems.

     However, it did create some problems for Nan Yuan.

     At this moment, Nan Yuan has not yet asked for external assistance, and is still within the controllable limit.


     Shan Shenwen has been quiet recently.

     very quiet!

     There was no way not to be quiet. Su Yu was wandering outside all day long, and the people who caught them were sick. When they met Su Yu, these people were also annoying, but there was nothing to do with him.

     Now, Su Yu doesn't have a life and death challenge, and troubles him. That's cultivating.

     Who is going crazy to trouble Su Yu!

     Since Zhai Feng's death, Huang Qifeng and others have been terrified, and now they are almost invisible in the college.

     December 20th.

     There are some unassuming news circulating in the Daxia Civilization Institute. Recently, the wild monsters have been flooding, and some border towns have been tortured, and the South Head of State bears the brunt.

     Nan Yuan is too weak!

     Long Wuwei went to the Qing Dynasty and suppressed it once, but they were all demons who were not too strong. When Long Wuwei opened up once, it was all money and military expenses.

     In the past, when encountering this kind of trouble, the general best choice was to let the university dispatch.

     Low price!

     Give the students some trials!This time, most of the restless monster races were in the stone realm. Of course, there were also a few demons in the sky.


     Wanzu College.

     In the villa where Xia Qing is.

     Xia Qing looked at a few people and said softly: "Su Yu has started to act, a few, we are all small groups, chance hard to come by, is to help Su Yu once, get some rewards, and get a multi-sacred writing. The goodwill of the department is to make the Shan Shenwen first department. Now it’s time to choose!

     "Wait for departure, then comes without enough time!"

     Xia Qing looked at a few people, all from small clan, not strong, usually with a mountain and sea protector, and some with Lingyun realm protector.

     She looked at the white strategy of the fox clan, "If you make a statement with the Shan Shenwen elementary school, now I have to tell Su Yu's strategy. I don't think the Shan Shenwen elementary school has reacted at all."

     Bai Ce nodded and smiled: "Normal! Su Yu is not one drop of water can leak out! If he didn't tell you in advance, you know he is laying out, step by step let himself be rational and clearly structured out of the university Bring a great demon of mountains and seas, plus your side, two mountains and seas, if the Shan Shenwen first series underestimate him, send out a few Lingyun, even a mountain and sea... Maybe they will be planted in his hands. , Suffered heavy losses!"

      Under normal circumstances, there is a high probability that there will only be a mountain and sea.

     After all, no matter how enchanting Su Yu is, it is only comparable to flying.

     Bai Ce thought for a while, if Su Yu didn't inform Xia Qing in advance, could they see anything?

     Su Yu can actually riot the demons outside Nanyuan!

     This alone was unexpected.At that time, Nan Yuan was in a mess, Su Yu hung up on the mission and returned to Nan Yuan to rescue. It was normal. He had the power to fly into the air and he could also play a role in setting the trip to Nan Yuan.

     Who would think more?

     Bai Ce said something, and then said: "I don't want to be an enemy of Su Yu, this time I sold him...If he really died, we will be in trouble."

     Next to him, a trainee from the Iron Wing Bird clan said in a low voice, "We didn’t kill it, and it’s not just us! I think it’s better to take one or two unknowing guys with him. He is going to die and he will be killed Taught, we have no reason to let the Taoist protect him..."

     After that, he said: "The Ten Thousand Races Sect is coming. I think it’s better to take a few guys who are close to the Ten Thousand Races. They will naturally fight against the Ten Thousand Races. Enter, kill Su Yu, so that it won't appear abrupt!"

     Then he said with a smile: "Su Yu took his own risk and organized the team, but he was killed by the people of the ten thousand clan religion. That is his own arrogance. No one can blame it!"

     After speaking, he smiled and said, "Even if Invincible Expert looks back in time and watched the scene, we can’t find out what’s wrong. We had better not act in person. The protector is also the guardian. There may even be people of ten thousand races. Stopping the people of the Ten Thousand Clan Religion... That's also trying to help, but unfortunately I can't catch it, have no alternative!"

     He calculated clearly.

     Take it personally... Then it was found out, it was just looking for death.

     No need to do it yourself!

     Just act!Su Yu is counting on them. They don’t do anything, or simply do their best to deal with the real people of all races. This is still useful to the human race. The big deal is to kill several people of all races. As a hero, the human race can to kill the donkey when the grinding is done?

     Let Shan Shenwen's First Element deal with Su Yu!

     They just have to act!

     You have made a good deal of the single divine text, and you don’t have to take the responsibility. Even if the Invincible Expert is here, just check it out. You can look back in time, but you can’t see anything. You can’t find the single divine text.

     What to do with them?

     The young man from the Iron Wing Bird clan said again: "If it is Su Yu luckily not die, it has nothing to do with us. Again, we have done our best!"

     He sneered, "Su Yu, this beast, is full of the blood of our clan, including the first round of competition, using the blood of our clan. Anyway, I can't be with him!"

     It wasn't that I didn't notice it last time, it was just not easy to turn my face.

     Su Yu, this beast, using the essence and blood of his clan to cultivate, is unforgivable!

     Xia Qing also sighed: "I originally thought that he is friendly to the ten thousand races, but in fact it is worthy of wining, but last time... he talked about the contempt of the subdued big demon, not to accept as correct. From the bottom of his bones! The reason why he said that to us was probably just to highlight his own difference and want to get the support of Chief Ten thousand!"

     She was also a little disappointed, Su Yu, maybe she didn't really think that these monster races were friendly.

     Bai Ce nodded, "Normal, multi-shenwen first line... From the Five Dynasties, it can be seen that the blood on the hands of the multi-shenwen first line for killing ten thousand races is more than other factions!"During the period of the Five Dynasties, because of the need for cultivation and the consumption of resources, there were really many killings.

     At least it is much more than the single-shenwen series!

     The polytheistic literature is a group of violent elements.

     Su Yu's previous friendliness was abnormal, and now it seems that it is only to win over Xia Qing to help, otherwise, what can be done.

     "Hong Tan was also bloody. I heard that there were countless killings. In the Wen Tan Research Center, there were not ten thousand but eight thousand dead people..."

     A few people say a word to me, and then look at each other. In fact, they already have decided, just give yourself an excuse.

     One series of single gods, even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse!

     Besides, the Great Zhou Mansion is the key and the core.

     People like Hong Tan have the same attitude towards the Ten Thousand Clan, in fact, the same as Xia Longwu, kill!

     The tribe blends and kills the tribe.

     The big clans blend and kill the big clans.

     Take a look at the Shan Shenwen series, which has risen for 50 years. In fact, there are not many killings. At least the external attitude is more negative. Internally, it will not be evaluated.

     As a foreigner, several people have own calculations in the heart.

     No matter how friendly the polytheistic system is, it may be a disguise, but the current strength is weak and it has to be done.

     Xia Qing silent for a while, "How many have decided?"

     Several people looked at each other and nodded.

     There is a decision!

     Xia Qing glanced at everyone, plus her, a total of 5!

     "At that time, find two or three guys who are close to the human race. Don't reveal anything. Those guys will make an all-out effort when they meet the Ten Thousand Race Sect in order to please the human race..."Xia Qing takes a deep breath. Here, surrounded by mountains and seas, she is not afraid of others hearing it.

     Quickly said: "We didn't act on Su Yu. We only watched, watched, and acted, making Su Yu mistakenly believe that we are also allies... This is the greatest help to the Shan Shenwen First Element!"

     Bai Ce pondered: "Will the single Shenwen First Element make a move?"

     Xia Qing smiled and said, "Do you think it will?"


     Bai Ce nodded, he would definitely, if they didn't kill Su Yu, they couldn't hold their heads up and couldn't avoid Su Yu forever.

     Even if I take a risk out of desperation, I will try it.

     "That's not it!"

     Bai Ce said again: "Will the academic institution intervene? We are all able to discern, where is the academic institution? What about the Daxia Palace?"

     In fact, Su Yu was also worried, otherwise he would not bring the Great Demon of Mountains and Seas, and he was still pulling Xia Qing.

     Several people did not mention this point again.

     Xia Qing smiled and said: "That's none of our business, let's see how the single divine writing system works! If they are incompetent and can't do it, what do they do to us? If they have the ability, it is Naturally possible to do it. Xia Mansion did not intervene, or had no chance to intervene!"

     It doesn't matter if you can't make a single line of Shenwen, it doesn't matter, just watch the fun, and send Su Yu a favor by the way.

     "What about the ruins..."

     Bai Ce said with a faint look: "Really not intervening?"

     Xia Qing smiled and said: "If Su Yu is dead, what happened? What happened? Shan Shenwen tells us? We fish once, fish once and leave. The rest is theirs. Will they drive us? "

     Several people nodded at the same time, some yearning.

     Human remains!The foundation to create invincibility!

     This is the real treasure!

     Xia Qing didn't say any more. Soon, a sound transmission note appeared in his hand, and he smiled and said, "If you don't have any comments, then I will inform the other party!"

     Several people looked at each other and nodded again!


     Xia Qing sighed lightly, and soon, the sound transmission note flickered.


      at the same time.

     A sound transmission note flickered on Zhou Pingsheng's body, frowning, this was from the Ten Thousand Race Academy!

     Having said that, don't contact yourself for non-important things!

     Picking up the sound transmission note and looking at it for a while, Zhou Pingsheng's eyes flashed!

     Fierce light broke out!

     What a courage!

     At this time, he actually wanted to go out!


     Su Yu is going to find the relics and quickly improve himself!

     "He made trouble about Nan Yuan!"

     Zhou Pingsheng was also surprised, he couldn't think, and the other party was still ready, with a great monster of mountains and seas, he was a little afraid.

     Fortunately, the other party notified him in advance!

     Otherwise, if you are under negligence, if you underestimate Su Yu and follow by yourself, it is not dead!

     "This beast, probably thinks I will follow up alone! Want to take the opportunity to kill me?"

     He had to think so!

     He and Su Yu hate the most!

     Shanhai usually doesn't make a move. Su Yuzhen has gone out. He is most likely to follow. When a mountain and sea monster breaks out, he will definitely die.

     "Not only did I bring a great monster of mountains and seas, but also contacted Xia Qing. This is based on the two mountains and seas, but I am afraid of death!"Going out once, with two mountains and seas, Xia Huyou went out like this.

     This guy really valued himself.

     Of course, it is right to be worthy.

     He also knows how deep the single divine texts he offended.

     "Fortunately, I found out in advance..."

     Zhou Pingsheng is a little bit scared, if this is going to a few Lingyun, it would be the meat buns hit the dog!

     In the eyes, fierce light flashes!

     Zhai Feng is dead, no one dares to hit the top 100 list, his curator dream is shattered, and the most proud apprentice is dead, pit oneself a lot of feats... I myself this past half year, after meeting Su Yu, it was Not going well after another!

     In factions, the status has dropped again and again!

     Now that the master is in retreat, his position is even more worrying, and he almost becomes an invisible person!

     It's all caused by Su Yu!

     This beast must die!

     "Two mountains and seas? Ha ha!"

     A mockery!

     Su Yu, you are too young to believe that Ten Thousand Clan will help you, you actually believe that Xia Qing will help you, you are really too naive!

     The most Poisonous Woman's Heart!

     How did Xia Qing say that she is also the princess of the Yunhu clan, will he leave behind the Yunhu clan's interests for you?

     It's so beautiful!

     Making friends with you Su Yu, can it be compared to making friends with a single line?

     "Su Yu... this time you are dead!"

     Zhou Pingsheng laughed, got up quickly, and had to find Elder Sun Ge and the others, with a great demon of mountains and seas. It was difficult to deal with, but he was not enough.
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