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262 Not Fragrant Anymore! (Seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Yuanshen Institute.

     Time flies, in the blink of an eye, December 22nd.

     In the past few days, Su Yu didn't go out much, except for the guys from the Shan Shenwen department who went out to get sick.



     After 18 days from breaking through to the fifth layer of Wanshi, Su Yu broke through the triple layer and entered the eighth layer of Wanshi with 128 joints.

     128 synthetic acupoints, explosive power comparable to 320 acupoints.

     Coupled with martial arts coordination, at this moment, the explosive power of Su Yu's physical body has reached 400 points.

     Strong explosive power, strong Long-term Use Capability, and Su Yu's physical body, relatively speaking, there is almost no shortcoming, a total of 332 Kaiyuan Apertures.

     According to the exercise method, with the strength of the physical body alone, Su Yu can fight with the higher the level of the warriors who practice the yellow-level top-level exercises, and can fight the eighth-level battle.

     Cooperating with willpower, Su Yu at this moment, to have no time for civilities against the weak who vacated the Nine Layers.

     This is the strength that a genius should have!

     There are many enlightenment, high consumption, and strong combat skills. If so is not as good as those at the bottom, the genius will not be called a genius.

     In the secret room.

     Su Yu opened his eyes and the sound transmission note flickered.

     "Zhou, I went to find Sun!"

     In a short line of words, Su Yu eyes flashed. Did you go to Sun Xiang when you got the news, or go to Sun Xiang for daily chores?

     no reply.

      pondered for a while, Su Yu walked out of the secret room.As soon as he entered the hall, Wu Jia screamed: "Junior Brother, you are out! heard? Nan Yuan has had an accident recently, the monsters over there are crazy, and the wild monsters are running around. Now Nan Yuan dare not go out... "

     There are still a few people in the hall at the moment.

     Zheng Yunhui said in surprise: "Nan Yuan monsters? Those wild monsters in the wild? The wild monsters are generally not strong, and the vitality of Nan Yuan is not strong, what's going on?"

     Wu Jia shook his head and said, "I don't know!"

     She really didn't know, she just heard.

     "But don't worry, Junior Brother, there is no big monster attacking the city."

     Su Yu nodded. Naturally, he would not attack the city, nor would he have the courage to attack the city, nor would he be able to attack the city, because Nan Yuan might have a strong presence now.

     Hu Zongqi and the others were just tossing in the wild near Nanyuan.

     The news is a bit exaggerated.

     On the Nanyuan side, the Xia family suspected that he had a ruin there, so there was no movement?

     The big demon went to Nanyuan to siege the city...that was looking for death.

     It was a little chaos in the wild, and now the people of Nan Yuan probably didn't dare to leave the city rashly.

     Thinking about returning, Su Yu frowned and said, "There is a demon in Nan Yuan? Has anyone died?"

     "I do not know."

     Su Yu nodded slightly, "I understand, I will go back and ask."

     Wu Jia hurriedly said: "Junior Brother, do you want to let the Academy help to solve those monster races, after all, Nan Yuan is your hometown."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Not for the time being, still does not know the situation, Daxia Mansion should also be in charge."

     "Daxia Mansion..."Wu Jia said speechlessly: "I heard that Long Wuwei went several times, strangling some monsters, and then left. Just after leaving, those monsters ran away again, unless Long Wuwei was stationed there. Otherwise Nan Yuan will be blocked!"

     Su Yu nodded, "I understand, Nan Yuan itself is too weak, there is no way, there are only two people in Tengkong now."

     Liu Wenyan left, and now only Long Wuwei Shi Chang Xia Bing and Nan Yuan City Lord Wu Wenhai were in the air.

     The two vacated. When Su Yu left, they both vacated the second tier, but now they are dead.

     Moreover, both of them are warriors, even if there are thousands of city guards, it is a bit difficult to deal with those wild monsters.

     Nan Yuan... is too weak.

     So weak, many people would rather open a few mines at random in the suburbs of Daxiafu, be a small landlord than go to Nanyuan. Without him, the concentration of vitality is too low, and practicing there is not friendly to Tengkong at all, unless Buy the vitality liquid on a large scale, otherwise there is no way to maintain daily practice.

     There is no way to maintain even daily cultivation, let alone strengthen oneself.

      At this moment, Su Yu also shook his head. Daxia Mansion is 28 cities, strictly speaking. It is better to say that it is 27 cities. Nanyuan is a township-level existence, but it is too remote and located at the border. The geographical position is still important. , Only then built a city.

     In the Tianshui city next door, the deputy commander of the city guards all vacated, and the city lord started with Lingyun.

     Su Yu was thinking, Zheng Yunhui looked at Su Yu and said strangely: "Su Yu, is there any treasure in Nan Yuan? No treasure, why is the big demon attacking your Nan Yuan City? There is no benefit."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Then I don't know."After speaking, he said, "Forget it, let me make a newsletter and ask, I hope it can be connected. After all, Nan Yuan is my hometown, and my house is still there. See if you need some help over there."


     Zheng Yunhui dazed for a moment, the house?

     That place in Nanyuan...Xiaoyangya place!

     Can a house, even a villa, be worth tens of millions?

     Is it worth hundreds of merit points?

     High probability is not worth it!

     Su Yu is still thinking about Nan Yuan's house, and Zheng Yunhui is speechless.

     Su Yu didn't bother to pay attention to him, took out the communicator, thought about it, and called the palace chief.

      After waiting intermittently for a while, the communication was connected.


     The old governor’s strong local accent made Su Yu a little dazed, and quickly said with a smile: “The governor, it’s me, Su Yu!”

     "Su Yu...oh, it's you kid, Lao Liu has quit, your kid has never called back from a communication, and thought you forgot the school, did you develop it, forgot it?"

     The old governor joked, and quickly coughed: "Little Ayu, Lao Liu, they didn't have anything to do with them, you, stop making trouble, well, obedient!"


     Su Yu was lightly sighed, and the old governor murmured: "Don’t lie to me, I’m No matter good or bad is also the head of Nanyuan Academy, the news of Daxia Mansion, most people have not heard of it, I can still find out, you kid ... Really capable! Really capable! Really give us a face! Take the air... The city lord is not your opponent anymore, the city lord also said in the last meeting, you come back now and give you the help of city lord...

     "President, you're joking."The old governor laughed and said: "You really want to come back, what's wrong with being a city lord! That's worthy of him, Wu Wenhai!"

     Amused, and then exhorted: "Little guy, if you have talent, then properly cultivate, obedient! You are still young, you will win if you die of them..."

     Su Yu laughed, "Okay, I listen to the prefect! Prefect, has Nan Yuan been attacked by the Yaozu recently?"

     "That's not the case, it's just a bit of trouble. I can't get out of the city. There are many wild monsters running around outside the city. Recently, the city guards are cleaning up..."

     "Need Want my help ma?"

     Su Yu quickly said: "As far as I'm concerned, it's just a trivial matter. If it doesn't work, I will send a task to some classmates to help. By the way, I will earn some merits. Look at Long Wuwei and the army. No missions..."

     "You want to come back and help?"

     The old governor hesitated for a moment, suddenly said: "What's wrong with Karma?"

     He suddenly said a local language in Nanyuan. Next to him, Zheng Yunhui and Wu Jia who were listening to their conversation did not understand them. They were a little depressed. This local language was more difficult to understand than a foreign language.

     Speaking Wanzu language, maybe you can understand it.


     Su Yu smiled and said: "Just ask the governor if you want to help."

     He heard what the old governor meant and asked him there's nothing about it trouble and danger when he went back.

     The old governor heard him say, silent for a while, and quickly smiled: "Okay, you are a powerful man of our Nanyuan, so, I will ask the city lord to send a task to your civilized academy, and you will take it. Now, I can make some merits, just come back to see the big guy, and I have time to tell the little guys in the college some experience...""That's all, Governor, then I'll hang up."


     The old governor complied and hung up the communication.


     Nan yuan.

     Middle school, the governor's office.

     The old man pulled his beard and muttered vaguely, Lao Liu, Lao Liu, you ran away, leaving behind a mess.

     Su Yu, what is going to come back suddenly?

     He also heard that the kid was ruthless and killed the Number One Genius of the single god text series!

     People shouldn't hate you?

     At this time, I was running everywhere, between Daxia Mansion and Nanyuan, thousands of miles away, and there was wilderness everywhere, which caused a lot of trouble.

     No matter how strong Daxia Mansion is, it can't even level the wilderness.

     After thinking for a while, a whisper appeared in my heart. Not to mention, this time of demon chaos, in the eyes of his natives, it was actually abnormal. He also went out once before. Those demon races, somewhat flustered, meant to run around. Not too serious.

     It may have been blown up by a strong man, but in fact it would have dispersed after a few days, but the news spread so badly that it reached the Daxia Palace soon.

     Su Yu also made a special call to ask!

     Do you care about this little thing?


     With a sigh, the old governor no longer thinks about it. The kid wants to come back. Or, if he wants to take this opportunity to come back, go to Wu Wenhai by himself and give him a chance to come back. Just say that Su Yu must come back. Is this enough?

     "Like Lao Liu that bastard, talking half way... I'm so smart because I'm so accustomed to talking as your master and disciple..."The palace chief himself praised himself. For more than 40 years of communication, he is also familiar with Liu Wenyan's way of speaking. As soon as Su Yu said, he guessed Su Yu's thoughts. Little guy, I hope you don't make trouble about what happened.


     In the hall.

     Su Yu put away the newsletter and said with a smile: "It's nothing serious. If it doesn't work, I'll go and solve it."

     After all, before Zheng Yunhui could speak: "Yun Hui, help me purchase a batch of vitality liquid in the past two days. Recently, I have been too lazy to go to the secret realm for training. Buy more, preferably the vitality liquid condensed in the mountains and seas. I purchase it in advance. How about authorizing the Jing Yuan Jue to your Zheng family?"

     Zheng Yunhui just wanted to ask him something. At this moment, he immediately ignored what he had just said, and hurriedly said, "How about 1,000 drops? That's enough! The vitality liquid of the mountain and sea boundary, although it is also the vitality liquid, has a higher value. I got five or six thousand points of merit, did you authorize the Jing Yuan Jue in advance?"

     "Nonsense, I still care about such a small exercise?"

     Zheng Yunhui is overjoyed, okay!

     Finally got it!

      also without rubbish, quickly got up and said: "Then I will get the vitality liquid, you guy is rich and arrogant now, and you don't go to the secret realm anymore, you actually want to use the vitality liquid to cultivate, it's a luxury!"

     When the words fall, people have run away.

     Hu Qiusheng, who had just come downstairs, also heard this, glanced at Su Yu, gently takes a deep breath, and said: "Su Yu, can I help you?"

     These days, Su Yu is not too concerned about the institute.

     The deduction of the exercises that are in harmony with the body is not mindful.

     I don't care about Yuan Shenqiao's affairs.Even the instruments that Zhao Ming got back only arrived a few days ago. He didn't pay much attention to it. He glanced at it and left.

     At the Yuanshen Research Institute, Su Yu seemed to be only for the rapport.

     Hu Qiusheng sees in the eyes, remembering in his heart, thinking of what grandpa said to him a few days ago, at this moment, he is also a little sad.

     Walking down the stairs, he said again: "Su Yu, if you need help, you can speak."

     Su Yu glanced at him, smiled, and nodded: "Brother Hu is righteous, then I'm not welcome, and I don't want you for nothing. The 36 magical basic literary tactics start plan, and 10 Lingyun realm destructive runes. !"

     Hu Qiusheng's eyes changed, "Can you tell me?"


     Su Yu calmly said: "Brother Hu is only allowed to practice, otherwise, it won't be 10 Lingyun-level lethal runes!"

     "it is good!"

     Hu Qiusheng didn't say any more, "I will give it to you tomorrow, but you don't have the willpower to vacate. It is very difficult to inspire these runes..."

     "It's okay, I have."

     He has the willpower to vacate the air!

     Of course, it's not that the willpower is fully accumulated, but the quality is comparable to that of the sky, not even the initial stage of the sky.

     It's just 10 magical runes, which is very valuable, but compared to the basic tactics, even if only he can practice it, it will also make a lot of money.

     To Hu Qiusheng, Su Yu was not so generous.

     It was just a deal with the Hu family. It was not too deep to talk about friendship, but Hu Qiusheng had paid a lot in the Yuanshen Research Institute after all, and Su Yu didn't like to make people lose money, and repaid ten times!

     Hu Qiusheng no longer said more, and left straight away.

     ...After dealing with a bunch of chores, Su Yu came to Wentan Research Center again.

     I haven't been here for many days, and there is no one here, and it seems a little deserted.

     Detention area.

     Su Yu directly opened a few cages. The big demons, Su Yu, Zhuanshan Niu, and Bairi, were somewhat astonished, so they were released directly?

     They all thought they were completely forgotten!

     These days, Su Yu didn't come too much, but fortunately, he left a lot of vitality liquid, which was more generous than before.

     When Su Yu walked out of the cage, she was still a little uncomfortable, shaking her head, staring at Su Yu, "Master Su, is this going out?"

     "In a few days."

     Su Yu smiled lightly and said, "Shan, you and Zhuanshan Niu will serve as mounts for me. Take turns. It's dangerous outside. Don't run around."

     Sui looked at him suspiciously, "Do you not need to restrict me?"

     It is a warrior and a powerful person, and has no divine text to be restrained. Does the Forbidden Demon Ring give itself one?

     Su Yu smiled and said: "No need, too expensive!"

     Susu was speechless, still a little uncomfortable.

     Just let me out?

     Is there any restriction?

     Why am I so silly!

     Su Yu, this guy is not that kind of good-hearted person, how cruel, he almost starved them to death, before releasing the water man and the shadow, it was also various means to restrain them.

     Does this look down on me, or look down on me?

     A pair you want to run, whatever you mean!Su Yu was too lazy to say, taking out a small seal from his arms, and beckoning: "Stretch your head over and be killed if you don't want to go out. Stamp you with a stamp. If you stamp it, you will be a mount, otherwise you will be killed as a wild monster! "

     Suan is a little uncomfortable, but still sticks out her head obediently.

     The huge mouth was close to Su Yu's head.

     I really want to bite to death in one bite!

     Su Yu looked at it like a smile yet not a smile, stamped it, a small seal, and left a divine mark on its head, which is the sign of the mount.

     "Want to bite me?"


     Sui denied it.

     "You can try, don't watch you vacate Kunou, but you have been imprisoned here for many years, I think I can beaten to death while still alive you, believe it or not?"

     I don't believe it.

     Last time you beat the old bull, it saw it, and it vacated the strength of the fourth and fifth tiers.

     Still a top 100 race!

     Su Yu smiled and was too lazy to talk.

     "Quickly restore vitality, I will provide you with some strength liquid, high quality in the next few days."

     These guys have to be taken away.

     Whether you die on the road or take it to Daming Mansion, you have to take it away.

     To stay, it is also dead and wasted.

     Hong Tan was in retreat, Chen Yong wouldn't care about them, Wu Jia didn't dare to come...I left by myself, these guys are really unattended.

     As for the rebellion... a few vacated, and the opposite is the opposite.

     He didn't say anything, he stamped both Zhuanshan Niu and Baili, and quickly looked at the little furball in the cage.

     Xiao Maoqiu is also looking at him.Glancing at each other, Su Yu smiled and said, "Do you want to devour my divine writing?"



     Su Yu smiled and said, "Are you sure?"

     Xiao Maoqiu might have caught his eye on his album, this guy is really courageous.

     "Little guy, in this way, I will hammer you 10 hammers, and you bite me how is it?

     Xiao Maoqiu's eyes turned a bit, 10 hammers, one bite?

     It seems okay!

     "it is good!"

     Su Yu smiled, give it a try, try this guy can be used or not. If you can't, you can't restrain it, then throw it to the uncle, if you can restrain it, if you bring it, it will be a killer.

     A small hammer appeared in his hand.

     Su Yu opened the cage directly, and the little hair ball flew out cautious and solemn.

     "Don't even think about running, there are two Lingyun realms on my side. You can't fly out of this research institute, understand?"

     Xiao Maoqi is faintly discernible, floating in the air, and screaming: "Don't run... Fragrant!"

     Su Yu smiled, picked up the hammer, and smiled: "Then I hammered you?"



     As soon as it replied, Su Yu hit with a hammer, and Xiao Maoqiu's eyes were looking at it, not too worried. It was a half-hidden one, and vitality attacks were generally ineffective against it.

     Similar to the existence of divine text.

     It feels...something is wrong.

     Just thinking about it, there was a boom!

      The faintly discernible little hairy ball was directly smashed out of the previous Special Mode and turned into a real body.

     Eyeballs are rolling around!Not thinking about it, but a little dizzy after being smashed, Su Yu didn't bother to care, banging down!

     Bang bang bang!

     After smashing it seven or eight times in a row, Xiao Maoqiu was dizzy and fell to the ground with a bang.


     All around, Zhuanshan Niu and Suan were okay, and the white raccoon, who walked in divine writing, shrank his neck and curled up to one side, so afraid!

     That hammer... is actually a special magic skill!

     What a strong Strength of Vibration!

     The God Expansion Art was originally used to oscillate and compress the sea of will. Every hammer blow is a compression of the sea of will and willpower. Unless you often endure it, the first time you are attacked, you absolutely cannot withstand it.

     Su Yu also without rubbish, stepped forward and picked up the little fur ball that fell on the ground, squeezed it in his hand and played with it, and laughed.


     It seems that this endurance is also limited.

     Expansion hammer is not a divine text.

     She squeezed Xiao Maoqiu, Xiao Maoqiu's eyes blinked and woke up faster than Su Yu expected.

     Upon waking up, Xiao Maoqiu's voice was somewhat astonished: "It's amazing, can you hit me every day?"


     A few big monsters were speechless, but Su Yu was surprised, "You felt?"


     Xiao Maoqiu said with joy: "The more you can hammer, the more powerful!"

     Su Yu nodded, this is a fact.

     The God Enlarging Art is a method of helping people, not a method of killing people. Of course, when used to kill people, the effect is first-rate.

     There is nothing wrong with the little fur ball, which means that this guy's willpower is already very strong.Normal vacated and was hit by his seven or eight hammers. He didn't wake up so quickly, and his willpower was not strong enough. It was normal to be hit by him directly.

     It's hard to restrain!

     Su Yu thought in his heart, this guy seems a little hard to restrain.

     Thinking of this, Su Yuwen Bing appeared.

     The next moment, a somewhat illusory knife appeared.

     Xiao Mao's eyes brightened!

     Su Yu didn't bother to pay attention to it. This was his divine art combat skill. Of course, it was just a phantom, and it had not been completely outlined. At this moment, all 8 divine texts were in it.

     This phantom knife instantly merged into the civilian soldiers.

     Sacred text combat skills, including 8 sacred texts, integrated into the sword.

     Su Yu looked at Xiao Maoqiu, "Give you a bite, what you said is incense, isn't it this?"


     It looked at Su Yu, not this.

     "You try this first!"

     He wanted to try, the 8 gods and the gods of the combination of the gods are all second-order gods, can this guy bite.

     8 second-order divine texts, plus civilian soldiers, plus combat skills, what about it, can it be considered a third-order divine text?

     Xiaomaoqiu also simply bite at the military sword!

     With a creak, there is no change in the Wenbing Knife, but the divine art combat skills incorporated into it is a tremor, Su Yu's willpower is shaken, and there is a sense of severe pain!

     Damn it!

     This guy didn't hurt the civilian soldiers, he actually bit the magical combat skills directly!

     At this moment, Su Yu's divine text combat technique template constantly oscillated, dispersing the power of the small hair ball, and after a while, the piercing force dissipated.Su Yu squeezed the small fur ball and threw it aside, "One bite is enough!"

     Xiao Maoqiu looked at Su Yu, and Su Yu also looked at it, thought a bit then said: "The second-order divine writing can probably be bitten off by you, but the tingling feeling is too strong. Master did not say that you can be wordless and The uncommunicative devouring?"

     This kind of intense pain will make people wake up all at once, and feel that they are not too aggressive.

     "That's swallowing...this is biting!"

     Xiao Maoqiu argued, feeling somewhat wronged, you said you want to bite.

     "Then you can devour it..."

     He just finished speaking, Xiao Maoqi disappeared, Su Yu hurriedly swept away with willpower, this guy is invisible, not invisible, but a kind of talent, which can be manifested and not manifested just like the divine writing.

     The next moment, Xiao Maoqiu appeared.

     Su Yu glanced at his own magical combat skills, no response, no lack of magical writing.

     Little Mao Ball appeared, blinking, "Swallowed!"


     Su Yu cursed, he is a liar, you swallowed wool!

     Just after scolding, beside the white raccoon, suddenly screamed!

     The voice is extremely sharp!

     "My "escape" Chinese character!"


     Su Yu: "..."


     Xiao Maoqi quickly ran behind Su Yu, his voice was immature, and he whispered: "You are all tied together and can't be swallowed. I'm still young and weak. It's easier to swallow..."

     Not far away, the white raccoon was going crazy!

     It was still watching the show just now!

     Still watching Su Yu and Xiao Maoqiu perform!I felt the willpower shook, and there was a what thing seemed to be drilled into my mind, but it didn't respond...When Su Yu asked, the little hairball appeared, and it looked again...Fuck, there is one less divine text!

     At this moment, the white raccoon is almost crazy!

     My divine text!

     "Give me back!"

     It screamed, no usual charm, no purity, only flustered and exasperated!

     My god text!

     There is no pain at all!

     Su Yu is also somewhat dull, looked at the little hairy ball hiding behind him, fucking!

     You swallowed it?

     Just swallow it?

     The white raccoon really doesn't feel anything, it just got into the sea of will at first, it has some induction, and the divine writing is less. If it doesn't feel something's wrong, I looked for a moment and probably didn't find it!

     "Xiangren, you let me swallow..."

     Xiao Maoqiu excused and threw the pot.

     Su Yu was speechless, I let you swallow me, but didn't let you swallow other white raccoons...well, just swallow it.

     "Can I go back if I swallow it?"

     "have eaten!"



     The white raccoon screamed and ate it, one of its divine writings was eaten!

     Su Yu drew his ears and said ill-humoredly: "It's not the main divine text, what is it called! It's just a second-order divine text, and it will take a few months to make it up!"

     All big monsters: "..."

     Go fuck off for months!A second-order divine text, even if the white raccoon arrives in the sky, it is not half a year or a year, don’t think about drawing a second-order divine text. The divine text must first be outlined, then complete, and then become a first-order divine text, and then cultivated Become a second-tier, can you make it back without a year or two?

     But I thought that Su Yu had only cultivated for a few months, 8 second-order divine writings, and several big demons were quiet.

     Can't compare!

     For Su Yu, it may have been less than a month.

     Su Yu looked at Xiao Maoqi a little strangely, "Can Lingyun swallow it?"

     "Like it..."

     He pointed to the shadow under his feet, and the shadow trembled slightly. The next moment, the shadow shook, and the little hair ball that was just behind Su Yu was shaken out. Feeling somewhat wronged, he said: "No, it has a strong will to defend against the sea. I came out..."

     There was a shadow voice, a little faint, and a little afraid: "My lord, its talent is so terrible. I didn't even notice it. If it wasn't for it to squeeze into the sea of my will, I didn't even feel its appearance. This guy has arrived in Lingyun. Realm, that is the natural enemy of civilized teachers of the same rank, this kind of race... has never heard of it before!"

     Su Yu nodded, he had never heard of it either.

     No record!

     This little hairy ball was caught by Hong Tan, and it is hard to say whether there is a second one on the battlefield of the heavens.

     Su Yu is also embarrassed, too dangerous!

     This guy, take it with him, don't he have to be careful every day, being swallowed by it?

     However, his own expansion hammer can hammer the opponent's appearance and hammer out of the sea of will.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu suddenly said: "You try to break into my sea of will..."As soon as he finished speaking, he felt that the sea of will was penetrated by what thing, just like the first time he saw it, Xiao Maoqi seems to have long wanted to eat him!

     And just as it was about to break through the sea of will, when Su Yu was about to hammer it out with a small hammer, there was a bang!

     In the sea of will, the golden album that has not moved, seems to have sensed the invasion, and burst out a streak of golden light!


     The little fur ball appeared, hit the wall, and slipped off the wall. It was dizzy and still squeaking, "It's not smelling anymore!"

     Su Yu laughed!


     This thing invaded the sea of will, and the album actually fought back, this was the first time.

     No, the second time!

     For the first time, when the divine text combat technique was outlined, the divine text combat technique template was directly crushed!

     No, the third time.

     The second time, it was Su Yu who sketched the divine writings of the ten thousand races and was crushed.


     Su Yu smiled, the golden atlas, repelling some things, the sea of his own will, it seems is not everyone that cannot be invaded, and some things that are not beneficial to him will be rejected.

     Little Hammer, Civil Soldiers, Human Divine Text... None of these things evoked a counterattack.


     Looking at Xiao Maoqiu again, Su Yu smiled brightly. Since you can't deal with me, there is no threat, but it is a good way to deal with other people.

     Devouring the god text... really powerful, the white raccoon is still in the process of collapse, and the god text is gone.
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