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264 Farewell (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Yuanshen Institute.

     Su Yu complexion turned white and walked down from the upper floor.

     Wu Lan curiously said: "You Nan Yuan sent you a letter for help, which was sent from the mission office just now."

     As she said that, she looked at Su Yu strangely, "What are you doing? You're almost a white face!"


     Su Yu said in his heart, of course, he also sucked a lot of blood, got used to it.

     Did not answer, took the mission letter she lost, Su Yu glanced at, smiled, and said: "Go and send me a mission, gather a few teammates, and go to Nanyuan behead monsters and eliminate demons with me! "

     "do you need?"

     Wu Lan said strangely: "Kill yourself, you could kill before, but now you can't?"

     "There is strength in numbers ."

     "Then I'll go too..."

     "No need to!"

     "Why? I want to go!"

     "You are too weak!"


     Wu Lan's face collapsed, and the nostrils that had not been seen for many days rose again, coldly snorted, with a look of dissatisfaction, turned and left!


     So angry!

     As he walked out, he hummed: "If you look for other people, they are also weak!"

     She is not weak in willpower, she is almost ready to go, OK!

     The physical strength has also reached the five-point level.

     Of course, the fifth layer is a bit weak, but she is a warrior, a civilized division, and will soon be the sixth layer.

     Su Yu smiled and said, "You don’t need more than ten people. Nan Yuan and the university will give some rewards. Personally, I will also give them extra rewards, 10 points of merit for one person. of.""I want to go too!"

     "You are too weak!"


     Wu Lan didn't say anything, and walked away. She was rejected the second time. She was so angry.

     Su Yu smiled and didn't care.

     When she left, Su Yu sat on the sofa and fell into deep thought. After a while, Xia Huyou entered the door and said, "You just got off the mission at the mission station?"

     "So soon you will know?"


     Xia Huyou is not at all polite, how many things can Daxia Mansion keep from him?

     "You go out now..."

     He thought of the last time, cannot bear saying: "I think it's still a bit risky!"

     Su Yu greeted him to sit down and smiled: "Don't say this, just ask, are those two reliable?"


     Xia Huyou nodded and said: "Don't be funny, it's weird if you are not reliable! What's the matter, I am also a prince-level figure of the Daxia Mansion, and my father is not worried about finding someone who is not reliable.

     "How strong is it?"

     "One mountain and sea has seven layers, and one mountain and sea has six layers."

     "Weaker than I expected."

     Su Yu speak bluntly, you prince, even the guard of the mountain and sea peak did not get involved, is this still invincible descendant?

     Look at the Yunhu clan, Xia Qing is a fart!

     The descendants of the mountain and sea peaks!

     They also made a mountain and sea triple power protector!

     By comparison, you are too miserable.

     Xia Huyou was speechless, "If I go out, there will naturally be Sun Moon Guardian Dao, I am in Daxia Mansion, why do I need such a strong person? Sun Moon enters Daxia Mansion, I can barely hide from my father, what am I afraid of!"Is there a sun and moon stronger than his father?

     Kill you in the air!

     "Seven mountains and seas, six mountains and seas..."

     Su Yu was lost in thought, but he was actually not weak, or very strong.

     If you are afraid, there are too many people from the other side.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu said again: "Arrange some dragons and guards along the way. You don’t need to be too strong, but you have to arrange some. It's okay to be far away from me, but you must startle them, and you can’t let Shanhai attack me before I reach Nanyuan. , Or to say that shocked the single divine writing system, as for the ten thousand clan religion, just come!"


     He looked at Su Yu and frowned, "Are you sure you can really pull a snake from its hole?"


     Of course I am sure!

     Too lazy to reply, Su Yu casually threw a jade charm to him, "The two are cleared! Including debts, both are cleared."

     "Why are you so clear!"

     Xia Huyou took the jade symbol glanced at, eyes flashed, smiled, said: "Is it 36 holes again, or complementary to the previous one. To be honest, how many sets do you have?"

     After finishing speaking, he said with joy: "This thing has become a system, 72 holes, enough for me to cultivate to the mountains, seas, sun and moon. I don't need to change the exercises halfway. It's very good. A group of strong people will emerge, you guys are really good!"

     "Without my permission, no secrets are allowed!"

     Su Yu calmly said: "Of course, it's okay if you really want to spread it out. It's up to you, and it's up to you."

     this is mine!

     The ownership is mine!

     I don't care, but I didn't allow it. Your Xia family will be passed on, and if there is some affection, then it will disappear.

     "rest assured!"Xia Huyou didn't care too much. He spread the word, and after that, he got a lot of things out, "The essence and blood you want, your appetite is getting bigger and bigger, and Lingyun wants essence and blood. What are you going to do?"


     Su Yu said perfunctorily. Xia Huyou didn't say anything. Soon, the sound transmission note flickered. He picked it up and looked at it. He smiled and said, "Someone has taken your task."

     "So fast?"

     Su Yu didn't even receive the news, Xia Huyou smiled and said, "Zhou Hao picked it up, this guy, interesting, is it too short of money, or do you want to go out and kill the demon?"

     Zhou Hao?

     Su Yu was startled slightly and said with a smile: "It's okay, I have chosen someone, and I have to screen again."

     Don't harm the innocent!

     Of course, if the single Shenwen first series dare to accept, they are considered powerful!

     This task is mainly for the students of the ten thousand races.

     Xia Huyou didn't say much, and quickly said, "Then I still have something, go ahead, and then notify me if you have something on your side. By the way, you really have a killer on your side. The next trouble is not small, so it's better to go straight. Just enter the Xia Family Research Institute..."

     Su Yu glanced at him, didn't Master Xia Hou say?

     This guy, still does not know?

     Is he still thinking about how to avoid being retaliated after returning on your own?

     no need!

     Su Yu sighed in his heart, no need for it.


     Xia Huyou is gone.

     In the school, Su Yu’s mission did not cause too much disturbance. In the eyes of many people, this was just a normal mission. As for the single-shenwen one-line report on the recovery of Yu, many people thought, this has not yet left the Great Summer Palace. , Revenge ass.How can there be such a bold man in the Shan Shenwen series?

     Even if you want to report to Recovery Yu, you should have to wait until Su Yu leaves the Great Xia Mansion.

     10 points of merit, not less.

     This is an extra bonus. In addition, the reward for killing monsters is returned to oneself. Such a task is also considered a rich reward.

     In the beginning, this task was not a big deal.

     However, when Xia Qing took over the task, the task became obvious.

     According to the regulations of the academy, without the participation of the human race, the students of the ten thousand races are not allowed to participate in activities and tasks alone, and they can follow the participation if they do not leave the college, but the human race is there.

     When Xia Qing took over the task, he didn't say much.

     Soon, there was a hearsay spreading that Xia Qing took up the mission because on the one hand he and Su Yu were friends, and on the other hand, he was also trying to prove to the human race that these ten thousand students are friendly and will help humans kill the monster race.


     The most widely reported word is the word friend!

     This is also a kind of momentum!

     Su Yu is really dead. It has nothing to do with Xia Qing and the others. They are all Su Yu's friends, so they can harm Su Yu?

     And Su Yu did not stand up to deny anything.

     You say friends, then friends.


     December 25th.

     Anping has a 350-year calendar, the last challenge period for the top 100 list.

     Outside the top 100 building.

     Next to the top 100.

     On this day, many students came, almost all of the top 100 students arrived, and Su Yu, too.

     He did not go to the stage or say a word.

     He stood silently behind Wu Jia.

     No one said anything.Many people are thinking, who dares to challenge Wu Jia?

     At this time, I challenged Wu Jia to snipe Wu Jia, and the conflict between singles and multiples was intensified. It seemed that it started from the top 100 list until Su Yu killed Zhai Feng and intensified this contradiction to the peak.

     As time passed, some people came to the stage to discuss, but no one challenged Wu Jia.

     There is Su Yu, unless not wanting the life.

     Otherwise, if you challenge Wu Jia with the front foot, Su Yu may be targeted by the back foot.

     This time, almost no one came from the Shan Shenwen series.

     Coming will only be even more embarrassing.

     Until late at night, no one challenged.

     Wu Jia kept the top 100 ranking.

      exactly like this easy!

     No one dares to challenge!


     late at night.

     One last thing for the Polytheistic Literature Department, Su Yu sent Wu Jia home and went to a restaurant by himself.

     The restaurant in the university.

     In a private room, all the students who took the task this time have arrived.

     12 people!

     With Su Yu, 13 of them are all students.

     Among them, there are 8 students from the ten thousand ethnic group.

     a lot of!

     On the one hand, there are many people on Xia Qing's side. On the other hand, there are some ten thousand students who want to go out. Seeing that Xia Qing has taken the task, some people have come to take it.

     There are 8 students from Ten Thousand Races and 4 from Human Races.

     When Su Yu arrived, both sides were as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly.

     Human race students ignore those ten thousand race students.

     The four human students are not weak.

     Zhou Hao is one of them!For the other 3 people, Su Yu also knows two people, one is Li Minyu, the fourth student in the top 100, of course, now second.

     The number one today is Jiang Mu.

     The battle between Su Yu and Zhai Feng was a private battle of life and death. He didn't make the top 100 list, so the ranking was the same as before.

     After Jiang Mu, it was Li Minyu. As for the original second, after Zhan Hai was promoted, the opponent was promoted and vacated on the battlefield of the heavens.

     The other person is Ji Xiaomeng.

     Su Yu was surprised, don’t know why this woman will come here.

     Really unexpected!

     This is Ji Hong's daughter. It will be very troublesome if she dies halfway.

     Ji Xiaomeng, Li Minyu, Zhou Hao, apart from these three, Su Yu is the last person who is not familiar with him, and seems to have never seen him before.

     Seeing Su Yu’s view, this young man with a little yellow hair stood up and smiled: "Student Su, introduce myself, my name is Chen Chen, the 345th student, ranked 65th in the top 100 list, the physical body is ten thousand stones, the peak of nourishment, from Beast Taming Academy!"

     Su Yu accident, top 100 students.

     Chen Chen quickly smiled and said: "This time, I was also going to find some suitable monsters. Originally, I was going to go alone. I heard that Junior Brother Su had a task here, so I took it."

     "Senior Chen has bothered!"

     Su Yu smiled, Chen Chen also smiled, and said directly: "Junior Brother Su, the crisis in Nan Yuan is not too serious. There is a word I still want to say, these ten thousand students... it is better not to bring them together, who Know these people What does it mean!"As soon as this was said, several students from the Ten Thousand Races looked at him one after another. They were all covered under the cloak. They could not see anything, but they could feel anger!

     Chen Chen not to accept as correct, "These guys are also monsters, we are going to kill the monsters now, who knows if someone will suddenly feel pity, this must guard against!"

     "Senior Chen..."

     Xia Qing said coldly, "These don't bother seniors. If Brother Su is here, we naturally listen to Brother Su!"

     Chen Chen smiled, ignored her, and looked at Su Yu again: "Junior Brother Su, you are the genius of the human race, Peerless Supreme Talent, and Daxia Mansion has fought with the ten thousand races for many years, so be careful, and there is no need to do something bad. Fame!"

     Su Yu nodded with a smile, soothed: "The seniors have been worrying too much. Nowadays, the policy of Daxia Mansion has changed. The human race and the ten thousand races are not both hostile. There are too many races. Our enemies must be clearly distinguished. The original ally has become an enemy, that’s not good."

     As soon as these words came out, a cloak student at the Ten Thousand Clan Academy quickly said: "Yes! Our clan has been in alliance with Human Clan for many years, and Daxia Mansion has also been in alliance with us for many years. You should not provoke!

     Su Yu looked at it unexpectedly and smiled: "From the Tianma clan?"


     Hearing the voice, he was still a male, and he quickly said: "I belong to the Tianma clan, and our clan has had a good relationship with the Daxia Mansion for generations. If Chen's words spread out, I am afraid it will also make our Tianma clan chill!"

     Chen Chen didn't say a word, this Tianma clan... it's not easy to mess with, it's unnecessary.

     On the other side of Dragon Wuwei, there is another Tianma Guard.

     Indeed, it has been in alliance with Daxia House for many years!Of course, in the eyes of many people, it is a mount for many years.

     Su Yu is also an accident, has doubts, are the people of the Tianma clan too?

     Entrap yourself?

     Not so much!

     The Tianma clan has been cooperating with the Human for many years, and now several mountains and seas of the Tianma clan are staying in Longwuwei. If this is found out, it will be dead!


     His mind quickly turned, Yu Guang glanced at Xia Qing and the others, his heart moved slightly.


     Xia Qing deliberately pulled a few students from the Ten Thousand Races who were not involved to join?

     Want to share the pressure?

     Also, with the participation of people from the Tianma clan, even if the Daxia Mansion is dissatisfied with the students of the ten thousand races, but this guy of the Tianma clan, if it can prove that Su Yu was killed by the ten thousand clan...the others are Naturally no problem.

     To punish Xia Qing and the others, do you want to punish this Tianma teenager?

     Punished, can the Ma family be willing that day?

     Working for the human race So many years, a human genius died, but they did not kill them, but they punish the genius of their race. Can they agree?

     Can you not be angry?

     Both Xiahouye and Xia Longwu will not so do!

     "The mind turns fast!"

     Su Yu sneered in his heart, but let alone, this trick should work well.

     Of the eight ten thousand students, how many belong to Xia Qing's group?

     This Su Yu is still unclear!

     Including the young people of the Tianma clan, he is not completely relieved, who knows if he is pretending to be loyal.

     Here, besides him 12, Su Yu is not at ease!

     Including Zhou Hao!Don't put your life in the hands of anyone, including the three-headed mountain sea monster who reached an agreement with him.

     Without sufficient restrictions, don't trust the unfamiliar guys.

     It also includes Ji Xiaomeng, the ghost knows what's going on.

     You, the daughter of the Director of Yuqiang, came to pick up my task, feeling harbor evil intentions.

     Su Yu also without rubbish, directly said: "Several people, I am someone who has something to say! This task does not seem to be difficult, but it is not difficult, but one thing is that I registered with the Ten Thousand Races Church and I was afraid If the other party takes advantage of me to go out and attack me, it may be dangerous. You should think clearly about this!

     Su Yu pointedly said: "I don't know if they have such courage, but there are still dangers! Of course, our nearby, the students of the ten thousand races should be protected by strong people. I am not too worried about them. The safety of others...no guarantee!"

     He looked at the four people, and Zhou Hao said dullly: "They want to kill you too. When they kill you, I will run, can I?"


     "That's fine, in the wild, I am very capable of survival!"

     His words are somewhat self-confident.

     Su Yu didn't care either. This guy grew up in the wild, and he still had some money to survive.

     Looking at the other people, Li Minyu smiled and said, "I participated, just for this. I also want to encounter some people who teach ten thousand races. I want to advance to the air!"

     "The courage is not small!"

     Su Yu calmly said: "The other party really wants to kill me, I am afraid that Ling Yun will start, are you sure it will help you in the promotion?"Li Minyu smiled and said: "In case something happens, if you encounter it, you are more dangerous than me. If you don't meet it, then go and kill some monsters and see if you can meet a suitable opponent and help me advance!"

     Su Yu didn't care about her, looked at Chen Chen, Chen Chen smiled and said, "I am a trainee of the animal training department, and I have the ability to survive in the wild."

     Su Yu looked at Ji Xiaomeng again. Ji Xiaomeng said with a grin: "Don’t worry, I’m fine! I’m really in danger. I will move it. My father gave me a mover. I can move it away. , I just want to see what the demon chief is like..."

     Su Yu smiled, Chen Chen also smiled: "Is it necessary to run that far? There is it!"


     Xia Qing was furious!

     Su Yu didn't care about them, but looked at Ji Xiaomeng and moved the talisman... Isn't Ji Hong too much to spend?

     If you can't afford it, you can give me some!

     He knew that when he encountered an attack, he would move himself instantly, as far as the level of the spell was.

     This is made by a master of the Space Department, and the price is extremely high!

     Really willing!

     Just to see the monster?

     Your family is so rich!

     Is Ji Hong embezzled?

     He also informed of the danger. Since several people didn’t quit, he was much lazy and said, to open the door and see the mountain and said: "Danger, I said, of course, this is a dangerous situation, not dangerous, then our task It's very simple, when you arrive in Nanyuan, kill the demon!"

     "When you arrive in Nanyuan, you can form a team or separate, and we will talk about it when you arrive in Nanyuan."

     "The departure time is set for tomorrow night!"Su Yu said lightly: "At night, go quietly, don't be seen by anyone, so as not to add some trouble! Don't drive, it's difficult to drive, everyone prepare to run to the cloud!"

     "Also, I am the captain and listen to me on the road. If you don't listen...you should quit now, or I will just leave the disobedient before the time, and yourselves act!"

     "Any comment?"


     Zhou Hao promised happily, and Li Minyu also smiled: "Since we formed a team and took over the task of Junior Brother, of course it was for Junior Brother!"

     Xia Qing also said: "Brother Su will do it, let's listen to Brother Su!"

     Su Yu looked around and said again: "Danger, I warned! Bon voyage is the best. It doesn't go well. If you encounter danger, everyone is responsible for your own lives. Don't say I deceive you at that time! I really met the mountains and seas. It is not impossible to strike!"

     The Tianma boy said directly: "Shanhai What happened? We have 8, with 5 Shanhai, 3 Lingyun Jiuzhong's protectors, Su Yu, are you too timid?"


     Su Yu looked at him, you are either really innocent, or really stupid!

     You immediately exposed the wealth of the Wanzu students.


     He didn’t refute, the Tianma teenager continued: “We just went out to see and travel around the mountains and water. By the way, I will give you Mission Completion and gain a little bit of knowledge. Ten thousand people dare to come and kill them all! Do some merit!"He was a little excited and said: "I still want them to come! Killing a fellow of Ten Thousand Races, killing one, you can accumulate a lot of feats. In the future, if you enter Longwuwei, our Tianma clan can also be the leader!"

     Su Yu was speechless, your Tianma people were ridden!

     When can you be the leader?

     I really don't know this!

     He glanced at a few people and asked: "Are there any sects among your tribes?"


     Xia Qing quickly said: "If there are sects, they are all big clans. Small clans generally don't. The strong human races will not serve the small clans."

     Just so simple!

     The weak, and the traitors do not look down upon it.

     Bai Ce also smiled and said: "If there is such a small sect, it is usually to deceive some resources. Some small clans have been fooled, and later they dare not intervene."

     The big clan is not easy to deceive, the small clan wants to put a nail in the human race, it is not one or two to be deceived, it is normal.

     Among the 10,000 ethnic religions, there is a group of people who specialize in this!

     "That's the best!"

     Su Yu not to mention The single divine writing series is the religion of ten thousand races.

     Whether you understand it or don't understand it, or pretend to understand, that's the result.

     Those who come here must all be taught by ten thousand races!

     When you cannot kill, you are traitors!


     After having a brief talk with a few people, and asking about his name and strength, Su Yu didn't hold back and let the few people leave.

     He did not leave.

     Waiting for someone after walking a while, Xia Qing took a few people into the door again.

     Plus Xia Qing, 4 people.

     "Brother Su!"Xia Qing introduced once again: "The Fox Clan Bai Ce, the Barbarian Bull Clan Niu Zhen, the Iron Wing Clan flying!"

     After that, he said: "You told me to tell them before. I have made it clear to them, Brother Su, is our destination in Nanyuan?"

     "No, it's south of Nanyuan!"

     Su Yu didn't say much, looked at a few people, and said calmly: "It is Xia Qing's words, 10,000 points of merit, you escort me to where I want to go, don't ask other things, if you encounter an enemy, your protector will take action. Just stop it!"

     Then he said: "The four protectors are all mountains and seas?"

     Xia Qing said with a smile: "Three Shanhai, one Lingyun Jiuzhong, the elder of Zhanfei is Ling Yun, and the elder of Shanhai stays behind, but even though it is Lingyun, because he is a flying clan, to fight, to have no time for civilities!"

     "Ling Yun..."

     Su Yu silent for a while, "Ling Yun, 8000 points of merit, don't want to forget it!"

     Zhan Fei nodded, "Yes, our purpose is not for meritorious deeds, but for selling favors to Brother Su. This is the truth! I hope Brother Su can memorize this favor, which is better than meritorious services!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Of course! Brother Zhan's words are just what I want!"

     Zhanfei smiled, but his heart was cursing!

     He swallowed the blood of the iron-winged bird clan again!

     It's too rich, it should be in these two days, too much, it's time to kill, to kill!

     Su Yu said again: "The other ten thousand students..."

     Xia Qing explained: "That was volunteered by themselves, because we are not familiar with it, and we didn't persuade it. It's hard to say. If it doesn't work, you can separate in Nanyuan!"

     Su Yu nodded.Xia Qing said, "That Ji Xiaomeng is the daughter of the Director of Yuqiang, right? Brother Su, do you want to abandon her or she will be discovered by the other party, which is very troublesome."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Sure, when I arrive in Nanyuan, I will leave her behind. I can't do it now! Just follow along, lest it arouses her attention now and gets caught by Director Ji."

     With that, Su Yu slightly frowned, and sighed: "I'm still a little worried, the single Shenwen First Element will not shoot me? But there are many Shanhai and Lingyun, these people probably don't have the courage, unless seven or eight are sent Mountains and seas or sun and moon..."

     Speaking of this, Su Yu smiled and said: "Forget it, there is a high probability that it won't, unless you are crazy! There are a few safeguard (sth), except those crazy people who are taught by the ten thousand races, who dares to take action!"

     Xia Qing also nodded and smiled: "I don't think it will. Of course, it's better to be careful, Brother Su, be careful. Don't be too far away from us when the time comes. Our protector... generally not We were too far away, so we ran into trouble. Brother Su stayed with us."

     "Thanks a lot!"

     Su Yu bowed his hand and thanked everyone, "As for the merits, I will pay you 30% first, and I will pay the rest when I come back!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "What do you think?"

     "This is random!"

     Zhan Fei smiled and said: "You're welcome, we don't lack these. Come to Human Race, each family has given a lot of money."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Brother Zhan is open and bright!"

     "But a few people who should be collected have to accept it. This is a duty, and the love goes to the love! A few can help, and Su is very grateful!"As he said, Su Yu guaranteedeed: "Don’t worry, I helped Su Yu this time. Next time, I will introduce my Master! This time my Master will be able to reach the sun and the moon. Circumstances, also play a critical role in Human Race!"

     Several people hurriedly thanked each other and both parties acted on each other.

     After chatting for a while, Su Yu paid a deposit.

     More than ten thousand points of merit!


     The kind that Xia Huyou borrowed from there, and the ones that don't need to be repaid, were all money from the magic trick.

     It’s more true after paying.

     If you don't give money, it seems that the other party is going to go. That's not appropriate.


     Talking about late at night, separate.

     Arranged to gather together tomorrow night!

     Out of the restaurant, Su Yu left alone, hiding in the shadows, and walking all the way.

     For a long time, I walked to a research institute.

     Stopped under a big tree.

     The induction jade has been inducted for a while, and no one is paying attention, which is okay.

     After watching for a while, Su Yu was speechless for a long time.

     After standing for a long time, Su Yu was lightly sighed, and the students no longer said goodbye. It only increased sadness and failed the teacher's expectations!

      bowed down to salute!

     Bend over for a long time, got up, turned and left.

     I owe no one to this huge institution!

     Of course, some people's affection should be remembered, such as the old man in the research institute behind him, who did not ask for anything and passed on a superb skill of mine. I am very grateful!

     Teacher, I am leaving!

     Thanks until now for your care!

     Su Yu didn't look back anymore, and walked away.

     ...Soon after he left, an old man suddenly appeared where he was staying, look complex.

     "Too stubborn..."

     With a whisper, you quit the polytheistic literature and join my army forging department. I can protect you.

     You have just joined the Polytheistic essay series not long ago, even if you kill Zhai Feng!

     Not yet involved in those powerless battles!

     "It's okay... okay."

     With a sigh, unspeakably regret, inexhaustible helplessness, this ruined institution has become more and more boring.

     Good to go!

     PS: Push the book, "The Strong from Psychiatric Hospital" by Xinfeng Shadiao. This guy told me that a book friend punched in and gave me a red envelope. I don’t know if I can make some money and earn it for everyone. Split a fork, don't even think about dividing the money!
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