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265 Go South (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Time passed a little bit.

     Its daybreak.

     December 26.

     Daxia Civilization Academy, just as in the past, nothing special happened, unswerving from start to finish.

     In 4 days, the 350th year of Anping calendar ends.

     At the end of this month, the university will take a half-month holiday to let the students go home and reunite, and classes will not continue until mid-January.

     In the past few days, many students have packed their things and are ready to go home for the New Year.

     They are all cultivators, and they don't have too long vacations.

     Four days later, it was the New Year's Pass and the opening day of the Daqin Mansion. In the past years, on January 1, Daqin Mansion opened the mansion, thus establishing the Anping calendar.

     Yuanshen Institute.

     In the hall, a few people started talking about going home for the New Year.

     When it comes to this, Wu Jia said with a grin: "Junior Brother, are you still coming back to celebrate the New Year? Nan Yuan's uncle is not at home, will you not spend the New Year in Nanyuan?"

     "To do the task, three or four days is enough, right?"

     Wu Jia looked at Su Yu, who had just come downstairs. Her parents had died early, and she spent the New Year with Chen Yong all these years.

     In previous years, Shizu would be with him, and Bai Feng would not go home too much. It would be too far to go back home and would come together to celebrate the New Year.

     Many people in colleges are like this, and those who travel a long way will generally not go back.

     This year, Su Yu's first year in school.

     Uncle Master is no longer in the school, Master Zu is in retreat, and now Junior Brother is going home too, she somewhat wants Su Yu to come back for the New Year.

     Going downstairs, Su Yu said with a slight smile: "Sister, there is a high probability that you won't be able to come back. They are all cultivators and have to get used to being alone."He said jokingly, Wu Jia didn't care, and said somewhat regretful: "Don't, do your task quickly, and you will be back soon. Nan Yuan and Da Xia Mansion are not too far away, riding on Earth Dragon The beast will be back in one day."

     "The target of the earth dragon beast is too big."

     Su Yu smiled, looked at a few people in the lobby, and said: "The day the Yuanshen Research Institute opened, I invited everyone to eat. After today, the Yuanshen research has been closed for a few days. Of course, you can continue to stay here. Stay, but I'm out of the door..."

     "At night, let's have another meal together!"

     Disperse food.

     Few people have no opinion.

     Wu Jia and Wu Lan began to discuss what they would like to eat at night.

     Hu Qiusheng was silent, Jiang Mu said nothing, Xia Huyou was not there, and Zhao Ming was not there...


     In the blink of an eye, it was dark.

     Living area, restaurant.

     The atmosphere was still warm, Su Yu raised his glass and said, "I will have to hurry back to Nanyuan to perform the task later, this glass of wine to everyone!"

     He toasted and drank!

     "Thank you for your help!"

     "Thank you for your support until now!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I entered the Daxia Civilization Academy, and the tubaozi entered the city. I didn't understand anything. It was your help that made me stand firm here, taught me a lot of things!"

     "Thank you everyone……"

     Drink a glass of wine again!

     Cup after cup, Su Yu, who rarely drinks, had one cup after another tonight, with a smile on his face.

     Gradually, several people realized some abnormalities.

     "Brother..."Wu Jia looked at Su Yu, "You have to go out later, so don't drink so much."

     "It's okay, the cultivator, the cultivator, this little wine is nothing."

     After Su Yu finished speaking, put down his wine glass and said with a smile: "That's it! It's a good time to be full of wine and rice, everyone, meet again if fated!"

     Abandoning these words, Su Yu picked up a small bag, got up and left.

     A few people just thought of getting up and giving away, Su Yu waved his hand and stepped away.


     Walking out of the institute, Su Yu turned around, and several people walked to the door.

     Su Yu waved his hand again, stepped into the air, and rode on Su Yu's back.

     At the moment, the golden light is not so rich, but a little earthy gray.

     Su Yu carried the small backpack on his back, with a long knife in his hand, not much to say, and when he tapped with his feet, Su Yu ran quickly and left the place in the blink of an eye.


     Wu Jia called, but Su Yu did not stop.

     In front of the Yuanshen Research Institute, Wu Jia looked at Su Yu's away back in doubt, and suddenly said, "Is he... still coming back?"

     She didn't know what Su Yu was thinking, but just... he said meet again if fated.

     In front of the door, several people were silent.

     Hu Qiusheng was silent, and Xia Huyou didn't say a word.

      At this moment, he was also thinking, is this just a time to pull a snake from its hole?

     Not necessarily!

     Su Yu... are you leaving?

     At this moment, he reacted and became sober.

     Some are bored, some don't know what to say.

     ...At this moment, in the Xiuxin Pavilion, the Saint Wantian overlooked the Daxia Mansion and sighed again when he looked at the figure that shuttled through the school.


     At this moment, the inspectorate, Huang Lao's expression is cold, next month, the university will be evaluated!

     Malignant tumor, clean it up!


     At this moment, Zhao Li was in the research institute, beating a weapon again and again, dripping with sweat, silent.


     At this moment, in the library, Chen Yong closed his eyes, his body was tumbling and fluctuating several times.


     The gate of the university.

     All 12 people arrived.

     Some are riding a horse running towards the clouds, some are walking alone, and some are riding other monsters.

     Su Yu glanced at him and didn't say much, Su Yu stepped forward, Su Yu sat still, and shouted in a low voice, "Go! Go!"

      shouting lowly, Suan ran quickly.

     Behind him, a group of people followed, very fast.

     The Tianma boy stepped out one step, follow closely behind sb or sth, smiled and said: "You are great, this seems to be a 狻猊, you actually have a 狻猊 as a mount!"

     "Our Tianma race is faster than it, but not as powerful as it..."

     Su Yu was silent.

     The Tianma teenager felt a little boring and didn't care, and glanced at a calf hanging on Sushou's body, and said strangely: "This is...Zhanshan cattle? Did you bring a Zhanshan cattle?"

     Su Yu continued to be silent.

     He didn't take the white raccoon and left it to the senior sister, and Huo Crow didn't take it, but left it to the uncle.

     He took all the remaining 4 great monsters.Of course, there is a God Devouring Hairball that no one else can see at all. It is lying on Su Yu's head at this moment, but in invisible status, this thing is the same as the divine text, invisible, no one can see it.

     The Tianma youth talked a lot, and Su Yu ignored it, staring at Perception Jade.

     In the city, under the night, pedestrians are still hurrying.

     Su Yu this group of people hurried to the road, and the pedestrians gave way.

     This should be a certain college. Talented students have teamed up for a mission. Many people saw the signs of a civilized college in them, and they stepped aside, and they didn't know which genius was traveling.

     The mounts are all extremely fast. Those who don't have mounts dare to move forward alone, and Su Yu is also very fast.

     Not long after, the dividing line of Daxia Mansion's inner city crossing appeared.

     Su Yu stopped Su Yu and looked back.

     Vaguely, you can still see the set up on high Xiuxin Pavilion.

     Vaguely, one could still see the brilliant lights of the City Lord's Mansion.

     After all these years, meet again if fated, cherish it!

     Su Yu muttered silently in his heart, turned around, and shouted: "Out of town!"

     Raise the white robe!

     Tonight, Su Yu is out of town!


     "Su Yu is out of town!"

     "Su Yu has left Daxiafu City!"


     The news spread and spread.

     Su Yu is out of town!

     Characters who cultivate their nature and cut into the sky, geniuses, evildoers, and those who have created the right way.

     And at this moment, all the 10,000 ethnic religions and all the strong have received a task correction.

     "Capture Su Yu, reward 50,000 contributions!"

     "Kill Su Yu, reward 30,000 contributions!""Evaluation of combat power, seven-fold in the air! Recommendation, important level, mountains and seas! Hazard Classification, Lingyun!"

     "I have left Daxia Mansion, the route, to Nanyuan!"


     Information was quickly corrected, prices rose, and Su Yu’s Individual Level rating was directly raised to Tengkong Seventh, the danger level is surging, and the importance is mountain and sea.

     This news is not spread in one sect.

     But in Daxia Mansion, most of the Ten Thousand Races have received the news.

     At this moment, in Daxia Mansion, the patriarchs of the ten thousand races were shocked and greed broke out.

     Too high!

     Kill 30,000, capture 50,000!

     There have been such rewards, and they are aimed at a mountain and sea boundary!

     Now, it is a cultivator, although the other is a genius.

     One stone caused a thousand waves!

     Messed up!

     Caibo touches people's hearts, even knowing that the capture and killing of Su Yu is bound to be extremely dangerous, but this huge wealth still messes up countless people.

     From Daxiafucheng to Nanyuan, it is a thousand miles away.

     There is a long stretch of wilderness in the middle, kill Su Yu...

     No one said in the news that Su Yu was surrounded by eight Wanzu practitioners.

      The people at Information Transferring also directly ignored this.

     Of course, the real senior level knows it, but a group of cannon fodder does not need to know.

     Go try the water!

     Go find the way!

     It's best to be able to find out how many hole cards Su Yu had when he went out.


     North Wind City.

     Not far from Daxia Mansion, at this moment, on the wall of Beifeng City, two silhouettes flicker, a man and a woman.The old woman is Yu Hong.

     And the male old man comes from the big business mansion.

     Looking at the Daxia Mansion in the distance, the old man smiled and said: "I didn't expect that, hey! The mere cultivating of nature has caused such a big disturbance!"

     A cultivator, Shan Shenwen of the Daxia Civilization Academy, didn't even need a face, so he directly asked him for help.

     Yu Hong smiled lightly: "Old Zheng, isn't he simply nurturing, killing the nurturing of Tengkong, is he still nurturing? If he rises, he will be Liu Wenyan of fifteen years ago. No, it's scarier than Liu Wenyan. After all, he couldn't get into the air, and he... hardly any difficulty!"

     "Kill him, not only because he made us lose face, but the polytheistic literature, no leader is allowed! Su Yu's incident spread, and now, all the major houses have the polytheistic literature. Some changes, I think their hope is coming!"

     In the front, Liu Wenyan gave them a little hope.

     Now, it is not Hong Tan, not Liu Wenyan, but Su Yu that gives them hope again.

     A Peerless Genius has risen!

     In Daxia Mansion, a genius who has bravery and stratagem once again appeared in the polytheistic line, who is enough to lead the polytheistic line.

     Let Daxia Mansion's Shan Shenwen series suffer a lot!

      a single spark start a huge blaze!

     Killing Su Yu is selfish, hateful, and resentful, but one thing is extremely important. This guy cannot be allowed to rise and become a mental Pillar of polytheistic literature, otherwise, there will be turmoil in the future.

     Is this still nurturing?

     What to do when it's airborne?

     What should I do when I reach Lingyun Mountain and Sea?I can't think about it. Once I think about it, that's trouble, and the rise of Su Yu also makes the polytheistic literature that has been silent for many years, and some signs of ashes burn once more.

     Yu Hong said, and whispered: "Old Zheng, everything is for the human race! The multi-divine literature cannot rise up and cannot become the mainstream, otherwise the human race will suffer from heavy losses. The immortal clan who blended with these have said that in order to advance, the slaughter of the multi-sacred literary family is slaughter too much, and it is provoking the struggle of the world..."

     She solemnly said: "It is not someone's personal decision to suppress the polytheistic literary element. We are only trying to gain more development time for the human environment, instead of letting the polytheistic literary element rise now, repeat the tragedy again, and let the invincible fall. ..."

     She said high-sounding!

     And Lao Zheng, also nodded slightly.

     This is also a kind of self-comfort, self-guided strategy.

     Some people just use it as an excuse, but some really such think that the rise of the polytheistic literature means that it has angered several strong clans, even if they vaguely understand in their hearts, the several strong clans seem to be somewhat dreaded and the polytheistic clans rise... But compared to the war that is likely to break out quickly, this is directly suppressed by countless people.

      Drinking poison in the hope of quenching one's thirst, the word everyone knows.

     Know so what?

     No one wants to break out a war sweeping across the world at this moment!

     Chengping for more than three hundred years, sacrificing polytheistic literature, is it not good to continue Chengping?

     For the gods and demons race, a hundred years or even a thousand years is not a big deal. Even if a war breaks out, is it not possible after a hundred years or a thousand years?

     Have to actively ignite that fuse at this time?Lao Zheng nodded again and said, "He brought a mountain and sea?"

     "Shanhai Sanzhong!"

     "It's down to the capital." Old Zheng said with a smile: "But those tens of thousands...5 Shanhai, 3 Lingyun, this is no small trouble."

     "Don't worry, they can’t contribute too much."

     Yu Hong said indifferently: "Of course, there are a few guys who want to stop, the old guys of the horse clan will definitely take action that day, and the mountain antelope clan...they will probably take action."

     Old Zheng nodded slightly, looking in the direction of the Daxia Mansion, he suddenly said: "The ruins inherited by Su Yu, do you think they are the invincible ruins or the sun and moon ruins?"

     Yu Hong shook slightly and turned to look at him.

     Old Zheng calmly said: "He must have inherited the ruins. This point, anyone with a discerning eye can be able to discern! This time, I probably went to the ruins too. If you don't tell me, I also know. Yu Ge, you can't promote the Xia Mansion Single God literary system. Profit?"

     "Do you want anything?"

     "If the ruins are in the Daxia Mansion, we probably won't be able to get anything. I don't ask too much. If there is a Sun Moon Shentan in the ruins, we also want a few places in the Dashang Mansion..."

     Yu Hong looked at him coldly, "Are you loot a burning house?"

     "Old Yu Ge misunderstood!"

     Old Zheng smiled and said, "It's all my family. Besides, it's also a risk in Daxia Mansion. Mortal danger, is it because of my family, you don't want to give anything?"

     Yu Hong was silent for a while and said: "Everyone wants to advance to Sun Moon, even if there is Sun Moon Shentan, they may not be able to enter a few people. So, if you can enter more than 3 people, how about giving you a place?"

     "can!"Old Zheng smiled, perfectly contented.

     that's enough!

     Being coldly snorted in the red heart, you know that you are greedy.

     Without saying this, she quickly said: "Trying to find a way to disperse them, it is best to separate these guys from the Tianma clan, attack and kill Su Yu, and fish out the mountain and sea behind him. So far we have not found any trace..."

     If Shan Hai hides whereabouts, it will be difficult for them to find out.

     If there is a special skill, unless you show up, you can only let Sun Moon and Invincible come to check.

     At this moment, all they have to do is to stir the muddy water!

     The water is muddled!

     Lao Zheng nodded and asked, "Does the Ten Thousand Clan Sects of Daxia Mansion still dare to dispatch on a large scale?"

     "There are always courageous people who want to make a fortune!"

     Yu Hong smiled and said: "What's more, the news is not only spread in the Daxia Mansion. In the first two days, some of the surrounding big mansions and the Ten Thousand Clan Religion received missions, 50,000 contributions, 50,000 merits..."

     Yu Hong sneered and said: "With so many merits, Shanhai has the opportunity to striving to improve. It is only Su Yu and Hong Tan that need to be dealt with in retreat. There is no doubt about this. Without Hong Tan, do you think others would be afraid?"

     "Then Zhao Mingyue their side..."

     "rest assured!"

     Yu Hong quickly said: "The last time they had an imperfect fusion of gods and texts, their injuries were not healed."

     "Where are Chief Wan and the Xia family?"

     "President Wan will not leave the school, and the Xia family... Lord Xiahou will leave the city? No!"

     Lao Zheng said uneasy: "You still have to be careful, we have the idea of destroying the ruins of Su Yu, and other people probably have counted..."Yu Hong nodded and chuckled softly: "Don't worry! We will arrange it!"

     "That's the best!"

     The two chatted for a few words, and the figure disappeared in the sky.

     I hope to find the mountains and seas guarding Su Yu, or find more cards, Su Yu, really brought a mountain and sea border?



      wind whistling sound!

     Su Yu ran quickly, while Su Yu was extremely vigilant, and his white robe was flying in the dark.


     Su Yu raised his hand. In the rear, a few running students were also panting. The Tianma teenager looked around, cannot bear saying: "Su Yu, you run slower. Why are you doing so fast? I want to travel to the mountains. Water!"

     This is a trip to the mountains and water, this is life-threatening!

     Su Yu ignored him, looked around, and said solemnly: "Seniors, don't take action when encountering enemies under the clouds, let them in, just so, I want to take the opportunity to sacrifice a knife and kill a few people who are unable to tell good from bad. Fool, sacrifice the flag for this!"

     In the void, someone soon laughed and said: "Little friendly courage!"

     The Tianma youth was still at a loss. Several corpses were thrown down from the void. Someone heard a voice: "It should be a spy from the Ten Thousand Clan Sect. He is very courageous. I thought we didn't find it."

     The Tianma teenager was overjoyed, "Is there still an idiot spying on Ten Thousand Clan religion?"

     What a courage!

     Are you afraid of death?

     Su Yu was not surprised at all, afraid of death?

     Tens of thousands of feats, placed in front of those guys, the wealth is touching, and I want to try it for fear of death.

     Adding the single divine text to push the wave and add to the billows behind it, maybe it hides some important information, and people will naturally be tempted.In other words, I am a religion of ten thousand races. Killing one nurture can get tens of thousands of meritorious deeds. Even if I know it is dangerous, I really need this money. Can I not want to try?

     If it is done, then it will really be rich!

      It should be noted, a big money-eater like Su Yu, who has eaten countless resources, has not eaten 50,000 meritorious services until now. Of course, all the research is not a small investment, it will be calculated separately.

     Su Yu didn't say much. Turning around, he looked at everyone and said, "Since everyone is going out to practice, you can't take a little risk. If you encounter an enemy, you will deal with the airborne, and I will deal with the airborne! The sword is not bloody. How powerful!"

     Li Minyu smiled and said, "Do you dare to come under the ten thousand patriarchal religion?"

     She thinks not.

     Su Yu can kill even in the air, dare to die in the air?

     "There are always idiots!"

     Su Yu not to accept as correct, there are always some idiots who think they can guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits, and the fisherman catches both. This is not unusual.

     In such a big world, no one can be smart.

     After trimming it for a while, Su Yu took a sip of water, looked around, and said, "Going forward here is a wasteland. Be careful, everyone!"

     When the words fell, Suan continued to move forward.

     Others followed suit.


     After half an hour.

     Su Yu slashed out, and the ground quickly stained red. The next moment, all around, some people shot out one after another.

     The long knife is flying in the air!

     Surrounded by a circle, in the blink of an eye, dozens of more corpses were added.

     Su Yu glanced, disregarded, and calmly said: "It's not the people of all ethnic groups, the local bandits!"

     The rhythm of hunting for death!On weekdays, I probably robbed some caravans. Today, these idiots have kicked the iron.

     The strongest is also a ten thousand stone ninefold realm.

     With this strength, it is safe to rob some caravans, but they were killed by Su Yu if no one else shot against them!

     But the other people looked at Su Yu, their eyes changed.

     What a killing intent!

      Several tens of people, Su Yu didn't frown even if he killed them all in an instant.



     Several protectors are also communicating with each other at the moment.

     "This Su Yu has a serious killing intent, and he has many divine writings. As expected, he is a killing madman."

      Several tens of people were killed instantly.

     Su Yu should know that these people were not from the Ten Thousand Races, and they were killed. Even if they were caught, they would generally not be beheaded.

     Someone said with a smile: "Kill and kill. A genius can't grow up without experiencing life and death, nor can he grow up without experiencing killing. But this kid is really too serious about killing. He said before that he would give it to others in the air..."

     No one answered the call, probably because Su Yu felt that these people might not kill(ed) them, direct and straightforward a little bit, and kill them all so as not to waste time.

     Several people were chatting, and suddenly someone spoke through a voice: "Recently, the wilderness monster clan, why are there riots everywhere?"

     At this moment, in the distance, a gray mist rose.

     A group of wild monster races seemed to be stimulated, and at this moment one after another came to Su Yu and the others.

     ...Su Yu looked at the monster races rushing from a distance, his eyes moved slightly, and he looked at the crowd behind him. Next to him, Zhou Hao quickly said: "Grey rhinoceros, the strength is generally from a thousand miles to the sky, and the strong clan in the wilderness One, there are many places, this is stimulated..."

     As he said, he said vigilantly: "Someone may have broken their nest secretly, be careful!"

     In the front, at least seventy or eighty gray rhinos rushed toward this side quickly. They were huge and had a strong impact. The leader seemed to have another gray rhinoceros in the air.

     Such a group can be regarded as a strong clan in the wilderness.

     After all, it is within the human realm, and the human race is also often purged and suppressed, and it is not easy to emerge into the air.

     Su Yu smiled, kicked Su Yu with his feet, and shouted: "Go!"

     Sui Su didn't say a word, and rushed towards the group quickly!

     Su Yu held a long knife in his hand, and the light on the blade was brilliant!

     Su Yu was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu and the group of gray rhinos met. The leading gray rhinoceros in the sky, with blood red eyes, saw Su Yu growled and slammed toward him!


      a blade light, illuminating the sky and the earth, with a chuckle, the gray rhinoceros's huge head was cut down by him!

      At the same time, Su Yu is soaring high into the air, grabbing a long knife, and slamming it towards a gray rhinoceros!


     The gray rhinoceros exploded and its huge belly burst, and a thin figure shot out from the gray rhinoceros belly, holding a short blade, and attacking Su Yu!

     Su Yu is coldly snorted, Zhenriyue!The second layer of "Time" is used in an instant, stepping down on the ground, stepping down, with a bang, directly stepping the thin figure into the ground, the ground solidifies instantly, with a bang, the thin figure bursts apart!


     An assassin hiding in the belly of an ordinary gray rhinoceros had a good hiding ability, but unfortunately, this guy couldn't stand his temper. He probed Su Yu, and Su Yu quickly sensed it.

     Stomped the opponent to death with one kick, a five-tiered assassin, who had assassinated a seventh-tiered assassin, was so easily beheaded by Su Yu at this moment!

     With a move, a dagger fell into Su Yu's hands, there is one more merit card.

     Su Yu smiled, the long knife flew in the air, thunder was everywhere, and a group of gray rhinos were electrocuted in the blink of an eye.

     At this moment, other people also rush forward one after another, starting to kill those gray rhinos.

     Several people kept watching Su Yu at this time, somewhat shocked.

     Ji Xiaomeng said strangely: "This is the Sky Realm? You trampled him to death? How did you find out?"

     "The belly is a little bigger!"

     Su Yu casually perfunctorily said that this gray rhino group is not weak in strength. If it cooperates with the gray rhinoceros in the sky, it can also fight against the sky seven. If you cooperate with that moment, the ordinary sky is attacked , That's normal.

     But he is not!

     "It should be taught by ten thousand races."

     This kind of deliberately coming to kill him, Jiyou Ba Jiǔ was taught by ten thousand races, Su Yu didn't bother to look at it.

     Just kill all enemies!

     He let those mountains and seas let these people in, also to sharpen the knife!What Su Yu of the Nineth Layer of the Stones wants to do now is to make his own several sets of exercises succeed during the killing. If there are more killings, it is naturally possible to advance. If the exercises can also be successful, then Su Yu The explosive power will be more powerful.

     This time going south is also a journey to strengthen oneself!

     Su Yuba shouldn't come with a few more powerful people!

     It's best to be the kind of guy who is flying in the air, without blood, and see if you can kill them!

     Others were killing, and Su Yu picked up a jade talisman and put the corpse of the gray rhinoceros in the sky into the jade talisman. This was a one-time storage jade talisman he bought with money. Let it go, let it go, this jade talisman will be useless.

     The space is not small!

     The corpse of the demon clan in the airborne realm turned around and extracted blood, and the price was not low.

     Besides, there are rewards for meritorious deeds.

     Su Yu doesn't mind having more merit awards!

     In addition, there are rewards for killing a Ten Thousand Races religion. Just record it, and all the big houses in the human realm can exchange for rewards.

     As for the flight... Su Yu is not very interested.

     There is not much merit in killing one.

     Looking around, at this moment, the gray rhino group was about to be killed by other people. Zhou Hao's guy was extremely quick to kill, almost all Qianjun and Wanshi. When Zhou Hao encountered Zhou Hao, these gray rhinos were all looking for death.

     "Monster Riot..."

     "Come straight to me!"

     Su Yu's mind came up with a thought, was it the assassin hiding in it, or something else?

     He also read countless books and knew that some things would cause some monster riots.

     Is it among us that carry this thing on our body?So it caused the Yaozu riot?

     Or is it just the enemy's calculation?

     Xia Qing, did you bring this?

     Yu Guang glanced at these people again, Su Yu sneered in his heart, except for a few, the rest had problems!

     The 4 human races, except Zhou Hao, the other 3 people may not have any kind intentions.

     "This road is not peaceful, so good!"

     Su Yu smiled, whether it is not peaceful, true combat skills and murderousness, do not sublimate in the killing, do you expect to practice in retreat to invincible?

     Around the time, the blood gradually disappeared.

     Su Yu doesn’t waste the blood word sacred writing. The "blood" word sacred writing is really going to be promoted to the third-order. Although it is a bit burdened, it is a good thing. The third-order sacred writing has an effect on Lingyun. The illusion characteristic is still very nice's. !

     After the killing, the others stopped and were tired.

     Panting one by one!

     However, there were also a few fish catchers, such as Ji Xiaomeng, who fought a gray rhinoceros in the Qianjun realm for a long time, killed the other side, and squatted down to study. At this moment, everyone else had killed the gray rhinoceros.

     Su Yu also didn't bother to care about her, just don't make trouble, other things at will.

     Zhou Hao panted, with a lot of blood stained on his body, and said: "This is not far from Daxia Mansion. If it goes on like this, if it goes on like this, it will take us several days to reach Nanyuan!"

     The consumption is too great, and they have to recover, and they can't hold on forever.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "It's okay, killing the demon clan, this is our mission and purpose this time! Killing more, the reward is also rich!"

     Seeing that Su Yu was not in a hurry, Zhou Hao didn't say anything anymore.Sit down cross-legged and begin to recover.

     Others also began to quickly recover their vitality. As for Su Yu, he didn't consume much at all.

     In the void, someone spoke again: "This kid is really amazing, this five-fold, it's like killing a chicken... Is this still cultivating?"

     That's all right?

     Killing Tengkong gives them the feeling that it is easier than others to kill a huge stone!

     Of course, this is also related to Su Yu's strength reaching the Ninth Level of Ten Thousand Stones.

     Wanshi Nine Heavy, the peak of nourishment.

     Over 300 Kaiyuanqiao!

     What you are practicing is the top-level technique of the heavenly rank!

     Combat skills are also heavenly combat skills!

     Such Su Yu has already stood at a peak.

     "Old ghost Tianma, why don't you go ahead and check it out in advance, the five-tiered assassin who just vacated the sky, almost concealed it from me, go to a guy to explore the way..."

     "I'm going? I'm going, you are under negligence, you didn't take care of our little prince..."

     "Don't worry, there are mountains and seas in this place, how can it be well taken care of."

     "That's OK, I'll check it out..."

     Su Yu didn't care about the communication between mountains and seas, and couldn't hear it.

     Of course, he hadn't counted on these mountains and seas, and it would be good if he didn't directly play black hands.

     And not surprisingly, these mountains and seas will definitely be scattered one after another.

     It should be!

     Su Yu ignored those, stood in place, looked around, waiting for others to recover.

     The suffocated beside him glanced at him with big eyes, a little palpitating.This guy... this time it is experienced, is it so simple?

     No wonder I always wanted to kill myself, so murderous, the devil!
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