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267 Continue Fishing (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Not mentioning the one-eyed and blood moon, the giant mountain has exposed its whereabouts, which is also part of Su Yu's plan.

     Let the enemy know your hole cards!

     Of course, it's best to expose it a little bit more so that the enemy is happy and feels that you also have other cards, and they have discovered something deep.

     The shadow and the water man are the second trump cards to be exposed.

     Now Shanhai dare not explore him directly, he may not have discovered these two guys. When these two guys are also exposed, the enemy will feel that you have no cards, hands tied and wait to be captured, and you can only wait to die.

     Use shallow things to hide deep things.

     This is what Su Yu will do!

     Is to lure the enemy into the bait!

     If you don't get the bait, where is the excuse to kill?

     If not, the two strong men sent by Xia Huyou will only protect Su Yu, but will not take the initiative to help Su Yu kill.

     If you don't take the bait, if the Tianma tribe is helping the human race, then it will not take the initiative.

     These neutrals can all take this opportunity and get on the battleship.

     These are what Su Yu needs to do.

     Can't scare the enemy away!

     And if the other party doesn't take the bait, it's hard for the Zhu family to help out. Can the old man of the Shan Shenwen family come out for a round?

     Before attacking Su Yu, the other party even said shamelessly that it was okay to protect Su Yu.

     "You have to let them shoot me!"

     This is Su Yu's purpose!

     Moreover, he doesn't need the weak to take action. He needs Shanhai to take action on him personally. This is Su Yu's ultimate goal.

      lend sb a knife to kill sb!Of course, Su Yu needs to grasp the preciseness of this, otherwise he will play it to death.

     If there is a single divine text, it is better if there is a sun and a moon to make a move. The premise is to wait until Xingluoshan, then the Zhu family can make a right and proper move against the opponent.

     Su Yu is betting, betting!

     Blogging is an information gap!

     Few people know that they are planning to go directly to the Zhu family this time without paying them back. Otherwise, with the character of the Zhu family, unless you hit the city of Heaven, you will be too lazy to care for you.

     When he really took refuge in Daming Mansion, the news spread, and all the calculations today were empty.

     He is betting on a poor perception!

     In the eyes of the strong in the Great Xia Mansion, Su Yu would not take refuge in other big houses. Other big houses were so weak, without backing, and unfamiliar with the land. Su Yu hasn't suffered a big loss now, why should he run?


     Team, continue on the road.

     Su Yu was thinking about this, thinking about it.

     There must be danger.

     However, if you don't risk any danger, it's impossible to drag a few people into the water.

     Taking risks is for greater gains!

     Shanhai, this is not enough.

     He wanted to know if Ling Yun would make a move, such as Zhou Pingsheng!

     What does Ling Yun need to make a move?

     The mountains and seas that need the other party are all entangled, and there is no chance to attack oneself. At this moment, you can't kill yourself in the air, you can only come to Lingyun, who is the most likely to attack?

     Zhou Pingsheng!He Lingyun Seventh Layer, in the eyes of others, he can kill himself steadily, and the opponent and himself hate deeply. As long as he has the opportunity, the opponent will definitely attack him.

     The mountains and seas on my own side cannot be spared. Evenly matched is the best, so as to lure Zhou Pingsheng and Lingyun into action.

     Only have a chance, put them to catch everything in the one net!

     Is Zhou Pingsheng coming?

     Shiyouba Jiǔ is here!

     He is the middle contact between Xia Qing and Shan Shenwen. He hates Su Yu, he will definitely come, but he doesn't know where he is hiding at the moment.

     Su Yu continued to move forward, all the way forward.

     At this moment, there are fewer attacks.

     Because someone is gathering those who are strong in scattered education, such as one-eyed.

     Of course, there's some left fool, still walking alone, ambush Su Yu in front, and in the end, there is only dead end.



     With a stab, the guy who was ambushing inside the trunk was killed. Su Yu's face was calm, looked doesn't look forward to the bloody trunk, there is a mountain over there.

     It's almost dawn.

     Galloping all the way, this evening, Su Yu and the others walked five or six hundred miles, and at this speed, they could reach Nanyuan in more than ten hours.

     One night, the other people were exhausted, and many of them were covered with blood.

     Zhou Hao was also covered in blood, walked to Su Yu's side, and said in a deep voice, "There are mountains in front. It is better to lie in ambush where there are mountains. Do you need a detour?"

     "Five mountains and seas, no, six mountains and seas, in Daxia Mansion, what detour!"

     Su Yu directly refuted!

     Why do you detour?These guys will protect themselves to the door of the ruins. In that case, how good is it to use their power to kill some patriarchs and accumulate more merits for themselves?

     I don't know where the lair of the Ten Thousand Clan Sects is, otherwise they will take these guys directly in, and these guys will not let themselves die before the site of the ruins is exposed.

     Just so simple!

     The temptation is temptation, they didn't want to kill themselves now.

     Of course, Su Yu wanted to kill them.

     Seeing that it was about to enter the mountain road, Su Yu said: "Several seniors, there are mountains ahead, and there are still some dangers. Let's take a short break. Which senior is willing to explore first?"

     In the void, a silhouette appeared, and an old man opened his mouth and said: "Let me go and see!"

     Mountains and seas!

     Su Yu can sense it, recognize it, and recognize the other party.

     The guardians of the Ten Thousand Races entered the country and naturally there was information left. There was no information that the Xia family could not grasp, and there was no information that Xia Huyou could not obtain. Of course, that was the basic information.

     "The guardian of the Tianma tribe."

     Su Yu recognized the opponent, not a word or movement, the Tianma tribe may not be the enemy, of course, it's hard to say at the moment.

     "Senior is the protector of which race?"

     "The Pegasus!"

     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "The predecessors are careful. Although they can fly into the mountains and seas, the mountains are not the battlefields of the Tianma clan. The bloodthirsty guys before, might be in ambush. It is best to bring someone who is good at the mountains. The powerful warriors went to explore together."In the void, someone smiled and said: "The little friend is worried, we are here, how dare the other party attack and kill us? In the blink of an eye, we can rush to rescue.

     Su Yu said helplessly: "I'm just afraid that the other party will lure the tiger from its domain in the mountains......"

     In the void, the old man stopped talking.

     The strongman of the Tianma tribe said with a smile, "Okay, fellow daoists of the Iron Wing tribe, how about together? You are good at flying, and you can spot some lurking spots in time to avoid being really ambushed. That would be a shame!"

     "it is good!"

     Iron Wing Clan, this time only one Ling Yun Nine Layers came, but he was not too worried.

     According to what I said before, there will be no strong people who will take action without the ruins.

     Check it out and make a look.

     The void trembled slightly, and the two powerful men flew towards the mountain.

     Su Yu didn't say much, sat down, got some food from Suan, and started to eat alone.

     "You just eat this?"

     He was eating, and the Tianma youth came and said strangely; "Can't you not eat good food?"


     Su Yu doesn't want to pay attention to him, I may not like what you eat.

     "Su Yu, is it useful for you to open so many acupuncture points? With your talent, if you don't open so many acupuncture points, it may be long ago!"

     Su Yu smiled lightly and said: "Take the air? I killed a lot of the air, is it useful?"

     Well, there is nothing to say.

     Over there, Xia Qing also brought some things and walked over, and handed some food to Su Yu. Su Yu waved his hand and said: "Yourselves eat, go out, don’t eat anyone’s food, only eat your own best. This is the basic law of survival..."This hasn't even finished his sentence, the hand of the Tianma boy stiffened a bit, and he still wanted to get something to eat in Xia Qing.

     Xia Qing smiled and didn't mind. He didn't give them food anymore, stroked the scattered hair, and asked, "Brother Su, isn't it far from Nan Yuan?"

     "If it goes well, I will be there at night."

     While speaking, Su Yu said, "Remind several seniors to be careful, especially the one on our side. Now that mountains and seas have appeared, I am worried that someone has guessed something!"

     Xia Qing nodded not a word or movement.

     He opened his mouth and said: "Brother Su, I'm still in the Daxia Mansion now. There is still security protection. It is not safe after leaving the mansion. Brother Su, we will kill the demon. We will not leave the mansion? The border is in trouble if you leave the house."

     "It depends."

     Seeing everyone else listening, Su Yu smiled and said, "Nan Yuan is close to Daming Mansion. Under normal circumstances, he would not leave the mansion. However, if the chaos breaks out from Daming Mansion, it may need to be dealt with. Of course, if you think It’s not safe. It’s okay to stay in Nanyuan."

     Several people were talking, suddenly a violent collision of vitality broke out in the mountain ahead!

     The void trembled, and several Taoist protectors appeared one after another and looked over there solemnly.

     "Damn it, that bloodthirsty guy!"

     A middle-aged man with some black hair on his face shouted in a low voice, somewhat anxious.

     The old man of the Yunhu tribe quickly said: "Don't be messy, it's okay, just himself, can't beat that old horse!"

     After that, he said quickly: "Waiting for the time being, God asks for help, let's talk about it, you can't leave people here!"He said it, but he sneered in his heart.

     Old Tianma was killed and pulled down!

     Just save some trouble!

     At this moment, the two mountains and seas fought together in an instant, and the blood moon burst out and injured each other, but the old Tianma was powerful. At this moment, the two were fighting each other, and the mountains and rivers were broken.

     After a while, the bloody moon flees, because at this moment a huge mountain suddenly appeared!


     Jushan shout loudly, and the old Tianma is also unambiguous, and swiftly chased after him in the direction of the bloody escape!

     Yunhu several people secretly sighed, what a pity!

     I almost forgot about the giant mountain!

     On the old Tianma's side, it's all right.

     Just as I was thinking about it, in this brief moment, in the sky, the strong iron-winged clan who was still flying and watching the battle suddenly screamed pitifully sharply!

      at the same time!

     A beam of shocking light rises!

     With a puff, it penetrated directly through the head of the iron-winged bird, and with a bang, the other party recovered the prototype, a bird of incomparable gigantic, and then the headless bird fell directly!


     "Damn it!"

     At this moment, several mountains and seas were shocked, and the strong Yunhu clan fled away!

     Su Yu hurriedly shouted: "Keep people here, be careful!"

     As soon as these words came out, the strong Yunhu clan shook slightly, and the speed was slow. At this moment, the strong who burst into the sky-shaking beam of light floated in the air and took away the huge headless bird in a blink of an eye. Escape disappeared!

     "Damn it!"

     Old Tianma and Jushan quickly rushed to that side, and then, the old Tianma roared: "Demon pupils! Damn it, asshole, you dare to kill Human Race allies in Daxia Mansion and seek death!"too fast!

     They didn't expect that there was a second mountain and sea in the mountains!

     The magic pupils are also good at fantasy.

     This hidden guy was extremely powerful, hiding from other people, suddenly burst out, and instantly killed a Lingyun Jiuzhong!

     At this moment, chasing lost the blood moon, and the one-eyed escape without trace.

     Old Tianma and Jushan pursued them for a while, and soon both of them rushed back.

     And at this moment, beside Su Yu, that Zhanfei, his face pale!


     This scene happened so quickly that he didn't expect that his protector died.

     Under the eyelids of the 6 mountains and seas, they were killed!

     Jushan arrived, his body became smaller, looked at Su Yu, and said in a low voice: "Sorry, I couldn't stop the other party..."

     Su Yu waved his hand, frowned, looked at other people, and said solemnly: "Two mountains and seas!"

     He looked at Zhanfei again and apologized: "Sorry, Brother Zhan, I didn't expect this to happen either..."

     Old Tianma muffled and said: "It has nothing to do with you, it is my mistake. I just want to chase the bloodthirsty race, but I didn't expect a guy to hide! Damn!


     Six people, Shanhai, actually let people kill a Lingyun Kunou under their noses!

     The old man of the Yunhu clan looks ugly at this moment!

     One dead!

     Although it was not a mountain or sea, one died before this place was reached, which was beyond his expectation.


     At the same time they were depressed.


     The two middle-aged people looked at each other, you look at me, I look at you.After a long while, one of the stronger middle-aged translators said: "Why is there another mountain and sea, boss, do you want to make a move?"

     They were arranged by Xia Huyou.

     Brothers, brothers.

     The boss frowned and said, "No action! Huyou said, he is only responsible for protecting Su Yu's safety, unless Su Yu lets us take action, otherwise...all the rest will be ignored! Besides, there are now some inseparable enemies!

     He can't figure out the situation!

     Only know a little. Those who listened to Su Yu this time, their task is to protect Su Yu, and everything else can be released. Even if a guy from ten thousand races appears, that's the responsibility of others.

     The strong middle-aged man was a little depressed, and once again transmitted the voice: "Boss, our goal who is it? Su Yufang is a single-shenwen series? Do you feel someone is following it?"

     "might have!"

     The boss didn't say much, sighed in his heart, and cast his eyes on Su Yu in the distance. All of this today is thanks to this gift. I am afraid that this is the one who has died here today.

      the young will be redoubtable in the years to come ah!

     The death of this iron-winged bird clan is not his calculation, right?

     Suddenly two great monsters of the mountain and sea realm appeared!


     More rear.

     Yu Hong and Lao Zheng also frowned. Yu Hong said in a voice transmission, "Are those two guys taught by ten thousand people?"

     "you ask me?"

     Old Zheng is speechless, I have to ask you about this, I don't know.

     Yu Hong didn't say a word, a sound transmission note appeared in his hand, and the sound transmission asked for a while.

      After a while, he opened his mouth and said: "It's still unclear for the time being. There are many powerful people who come today, and some don't know each other."Old Zheng nodded without further questioning.

     It's better not to be involved in this matter, who knows who Yu Hong is asking.

     "This guy from the Iron Wing Bird clan is too weak to be killed so easily..."

     Lao Zheng is a bit contemptuous, No matter good or bad is also Ling Yun Jiuzhong, he is dead if he says he is dead!

     These weak races are really not strong!


     On the other side, Blood Rakshasa asked: "Blood Moon, what are you doing? Let's act together, what are you doing?"


     Blood Moon also quickly spread the voice, "Stupid! Just asked you to cooperate, why not cooperate? Of course, you have to kill a few guys, do you have to wait until the ruins, and then go desperately? Stupid! Six mountains and seas, do you think we have hope. Win? While they are protecting those people, look for opportunities to kill each one, Blood Raksha, do you have a brain problem?"

     Bloody Moon quickly said: "I have already contacted a fellow daoist, and work together! On your side, open the public channel, and I will chat with several other daoists. If the ideas are different, then we will do our own things and wait. So, how stupid, while they need to be distracted to protect those geniuses, killing a few counts, blood Rakshasa, are you all idiots of the blood fire?

     Blood Moon in turn challenged and asked, "Don't let your stupidity delay big things! Blood Raksha, if you don't want to do it, then give up. No wonder you blood fire weaker and weaker are caused by you!"

     He scolded it happily!

     Rake back, you don’t work hard!

     If you work hard, you might be able to kill the old Tianma together just now.Blood Rakshasa was speechless. After a while, a public channel appeared in the sound transmission.

     Soon someone sent a message saying: "Friends of the bloodthirsty family, want to talk to us?"

     "Yes! I'm wondering, did you ever seize the heart of the relics, or did you have a plan? The six mountains and seas on the opposite side, several Lingyun, do not weaken their power at this moment, do you have to wait until the final battle?"

     "Capturing Su Yu is the most important thing!"

     Blood Moon questioned a few words, and many people replied: "Blood Raksha, what do you think? In fact, we are also curious. It's not a matter of waiting."

     The Blood Rakshasa also replied through sound transmission, "I know you have doubts, everyone listens to me, this time Su Yu's goal is the ruins. It may not be necessary to catch him now. You can let him take us to the ruins instead of beat the The grass to scare the snake, several times down, has already made him worry, I am worried that if it goes on like this, he will give up this visit to the ruins."

     The information everyone received was different, he knew that Su Yu was going to the ruins.

     What others wanted was to capture Su Yu alive, and then ask where the ruins were.

     Therefore, he can understand the choice of Blood Moon, but he is helpless. It may affect their plan now. He can only say again: "We can only make a choice if we discover the ruins. Otherwise, even if we catch Su Yu, he will still May not tell us where the ruins are! Fellow Daoist Blood Moon, don't mess around again!"

     After speaking, he asked, "That fellow Daoist from the Demon Eye Clan, is Daoist Blood Moon's friend?"

     "do not know!"Bloody Moon said perfunctorily: "I did it before, just like you, he found it himself, I think he is more reliable than you, kill some strong people, weaken the opponent's strength, I think it is feasible, just join him Cooperated once!"

     Blood Rakshasa was also helpless, and quickly said, "Can I still be contacted? If this continues, Su Yu will be forced to give up this opportunity to go to the ruins. Then, if we want to find the ruins, the difficulty will be greatly increased!"

     Bloody Moon said unceremoniously: "Don't tell me, you concealed important information, and blame us? Blood Raksha, disband if you don't want to cooperate. If you want to cooperate, then get the full support. It's not that easy for the 6 Shanhai to solve! Starting to kill 6 mountains and seas and seize the relics, I feel that the hope of catching Su Yu is greater. What do the other fellow daoists think?

     "Yes, it is much easier to catch Su Yu than to kill 6 Shanhai. Attack them a few more times. In order to protect the genius of their clan, some people may give up and move on. This is our opportunity!"

     Some people began to question the Blood Rakshasa, and the Blood Rakshasa knew their thoughts and quickly said: "Everyone, we still have allies..."

     "Mountain and sea?"

     "Not bad!"

     Bloody Moon said directly: "Who? I think I should give up cooperation. With so many mountains and seas, how to distribute the relics? It's better to do their own things. Who is lucky, who catches Su Yu."

     Blood Raksha quickly said: "The other party shouldn't make relics."

     "Someone believes what you said?"

     Bloody Moon said something, and suddenly thought of something, and quickly said: "You don't talk about the single divine text, do you? Unless they want to kill Su Yu, otherwise, no people of ten thousand races will give up the ruins!"

     "Not bad!""How many people? Be careful to be hacked, Blood Raksha, your choice makes me very uneasy, the guys of the Shan Shenwen family are not reliable, maybe it is to cooperate with the Daxia Mansion to destroy us!"

     Xueyue questioned again, after finishing speaking, he directly quit the channel, then crushed the sound transmission note and disappeared.

     He ran away, and at the moment, Public chat box, the other strong men did not say anything.

     All somewhat concerned!

     Cooperate with Shanshenwen?

     Don't want the other party to relic?

     They are also worried about being hacked by the other party!

     "Blood Raksha, your choice... also surprised us, your trump card is them? In this case, we might as well cooperate with the bloodthirsty tribe and the demon pupil tribe fellow, and it is better than the single divine text! "

     The remaining two mountains and seas are also questioning.

     This time, the Ten Thousand Clan Religion came to 3 strong people in the mountain and sea realm.

     The Blood Rakshasa is the strongest, so they are willing to cooperate. But now if you talk about cooperation with the single god text, it is better to cooperate with the two ten thousand races just now, both of which are taught by the ten thousand races, the public enemy of the Daxia Palace, As for selling myself.

     Blood Rakshasa is also speechless. I didn’t wait for me to finish talking. I would have known that it would be better not to open the Public chat box. At this moment, I quickly said: "Blood Moon Daoist is too anxious. Stupid, how can I cooperate! I have mastered something, and I dare not turn my face over there, otherwise, if it leaks out, the blow to them is also incomparable gigantic!"

     "What do you master?"

     "I won't talk about this, the two Taoists can rest assured!"The two stopped asking, but yes and no were too relieved. They planned to find Blood Moon and Demon Eyes and talk about cooperation. The four mountains and seas, even if Blood Raksha had any thoughts, they would be able to resist.


     The Blood Moon is making trouble, and Su Yu, still grave expression at this moment!

     Looking at Zhanfei, he said solemnly: "Brother Zhan, sorry! The iron-winged senior has fallen...Unexpectedly, the other party is too courageous! Currently already two mountains and seas have appeared. It seems that some of my News Leaks are out! "

     After that, Su Yu looked at the others and said in a deep voice: "I thought about it for a bit, you can no longer make fun of everyone’s lives. Withdraw! Withdraw! Back to the school, I didn’t do this task, and only halfway away. A guardian died!"

     As soon as he said this, Xia Qing's hearts jumped!

     Can't help but want to curse!

     Who are you scolding?

     Of course it was the guy from the trash iron-winged bird clan, so weak, he was actually killed, Su Yu seemed to be frightened, damn it, he wants to go back!

     Then this time, isn't it doing useless work?

     Xia Qing turned to Zhanfei, and couldn't go back. Go back, then waste all one's previous efforts!

     I'm all here, and I'm going back this time. Even if Su Yu wants to go out next time, he won't necessarily look for them again. The only chance is this time.

     Zhan Fei suppressed the grief and anger in his heart, endured the pain, and said: "Brother Su! I don't want to go back, my clan elder has fallen, I want to avenge him! Those two guys will definitely not give up and will reappear. ..."

     Zhan Fei looked at the other guardians and said with grief: "Zhan Fei wants to ask a few seniors to help me once and get revenge on me. My Iron Wings will never treat a few seniors!"He doesn't want to go, nor can he go.

     Although the clan elder was killed, but now he said he was leaving, Xia Qing and the others would never let him go.

     Therefore, he could not go, and he was able to take revenge as an excuse to hold Su Yu and move on!

     Su Yu not a word or movement, sneered in his heart.


     Kill if you kill, dead is dead, you and Xia Qing are in the same group, now you can't go!

      Not surprisingly, several apologists will promise to help you get revenge.

     Sure enough, the next moment, the Yunhu old man quickly said: "This is a must! bastard thing, dare to kill people in front of us. If you don't kill those two guys, you will not stop!"

     Several other guardians also echoed a few sentences. Whether they wanted it or not, the other party was killed under their noses. Since Zhan Fei said so, he can solve it.

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment, somewhat difficult, and soon gritted his teeth and said: "Okay! Then go on! A senior has fallen, and now I return without any achievement, I am not reconciled! The seniors must be careful next, whatever happens must not leave rashly!"

     Sneered in my heart, you will suffer next!

     Kill each one!

     Of course, he said again: "Ji Xiaomeng, you guys can withdraw. I will ask Senior Jushan to send you back. You are not the target that the other party is staring at. They can’t rashly attack you..."

     Several people looked at each other and shook their heads.

     Su Yu didn't say anything, but looked at Zhou Hao again and said, "Zhou Hao, can you go? If you go, I will let someone take you back!"Zhou Hao looked at the others and shook his head, "I am not afraid if they don't leave. They want to kill you anyway, and the main target is not me."


     Su Yu smiled, all right!

     It's all so dangerous, Ling Yun is dead, you guys are still not leaving, if you say it is to experience...Go fuck off, who is stupid.

     do not care!

     I reminded time and time again that if these people stayed alive or not, he didn't care, and his responsibility was fulfilled. Then, when these people were killed, he did not sympathize at all!

     At this point, anyone who doesn't go has a purpose.

     Since he came with a purpose, death is not worthy of sympathy!

     As for the Wanzu practitioners, Su Yu saw a few complexion fluctuates. He probably wanted to leave, but he was embarrassed to say.

     For example, the boy of the Tianma clan is no longer at ease at this moment, a bit tangled.

     That girl from the mountain antelope...Well, let's call it a girl for the time being, the shofar is really ugly, and the other party is also entangled.

     The tangled ones may not belong to Xia Qing's group!

     Su Yu is too lazy to care, don't leave, don't be weird if you die!

     "Then move on, Senior Giant Mountain, you continue to hide nearby, don't be tracked by the other party, hide your whereabouts and give a deterrent!"

     "it is good!"

     The giant mountain quickly disappeared!

     And Su Yu looked at the old man of the Yunhu clan again and apologized: "This is the senior of the Yunhu clan, right? The Yunhu clan is extremely fast. Senior, can you check the route in front of you to avoid being caught? ambush?"

     The old man of the Yunhu clan was reluctant, but at this moment, the guy from the iron-winged bird clan who was good at flying died, he was indeed the fastest.After thinking about it, he didn't say much, he disappeared quickly, he was fast, and now he was prepared, and he wouldn't be ambushed so easily.

     It’s better to stay away!

     It just happens to be convenient to contact people, that bastard, it's okay after saying that, why are there two mountains and seas who will kill them?

     The old man of the Yunhu clan is also angry!

     Although the guy from the Iron Wing Bird clan is not strong, everyone in the group is suddenly killed, and he is also somewhat concerned. Is it a single line of breaking faith and abandoning right, and want to solve them together?


     The old man of the Yunhu clan left soon.

     Tianshui City.

     It's not too far from Su Yu and the others at this moment. In a large courtyard, Zhou Pingsheng frowned as he held the sound transmission talisman.

     Chuanyin explained: "Misunderstanding, the mountain and sea that made the shot came from a foreign government. I haven't contacted before and caused a misunderstanding. Next, I will solve this problem."

     After explaining for a while, Zhou Pingsheng cursed, waste!

     I was careless, and a Ling Yun died, so I am embarrassed to question me!

     Without saying much, he walked to the depths of the compound quickly, and after a while, he whispered outside the door: "Old Li, the other party is about to reach Tianshui City, but the Ten Thousand Clan Religion is a bit troublesome..."

     "Don't tell me!"

     Inside, Li Ge’s voice came, and his voice said indifferently: “I don’t know anyone who teaches by all races, Ping Sheng, contact yourself!”


     Zhou Pingsheng was annoyed!

     Pretend to be your horse!

     At this time, I came to this set. It was really detected. Do you think you can escape?

     Think carefully...maybe it can.If Su Yu is unsuccessful, even if he is caught, there is a high probability that he will be dispatched.

     You can contact Ten Thousand Clan Religion... After being caught, Su Yu will die, he will die.

     Zhou Pingsheng hates it!

     At this juncture, these people are still thinking about retreat. It's no wonder that the Shan Shenwen family has repeatedly suffered, and they have considered too much, too much!

     People like Li Ge were all at the point of tearing their faces and killing people, and people like Li Ge were reluctant to come forward and let themselves come forward to contact Ten Thousand Races.

     He is so angry!

     He is low in strength, but not low in status. He is Zhou Mingren's disciple, and the Ten Thousand Clan Sect has caught his handle. Of course, he is not afraid of Shan Shenwen.

     If something really happened, he would be dead, and Zhou Mingren would also be implicated.

     But Yu Hong and Li Ge old, may not be implicated in.

     Unless caught by the scene, everything can be denied.

     "One by one, at this point, I'm still thinking about self-preservation...If something happens to me, don't you all want to run!"

     Zhou Pingsheng cursed in his heart, but he responded: "I understand, Elder Ge, then I will be busy!"



     Zhou Pingsheng turned around and left, still unable to conceal his anger. If it weren't for killing Su Yu, he wouldn't hold the pot.
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