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272 Zhan Lingyun, Sun And Moon (see Monthly Ticket Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Su Yu!"

     There was a roar!

     The genius student of the Barbarian Bull tribe was killed, the Fox tribe Baice was killed, the Tiger tribe Xia Qing was killed, the Ironwing Bird tribe Zhanfei was killed, the Flying Wolf tribe teenager was killed...

     It's all dead!

     Including Chen Chen, who was planning to capture Su Yu, was also quickly beheaded by Su Yu.



     Su Yu, a nurturing state, is so easy to kill and fly.

     And the 5 guardians, now the Ironwing Bird clan, the Yunhu clan, two mountains and seas of the Barbarian Bull clan and the Fox clan were besieged and killed by three great monsters, and Ling Yun of the Flying Wolf clan is also being killed by the water people. , Shadow these few besieged.

     In the blink of an eye, the situation is shocking!

     When I arrived, there were 12 students in addition to Su Yu.

     Today, after leaving Zhou Hao, 5 Wanzu practitioners died, and Chen Chen died, leaving 5 people left.

     Ji Xiaomeng, Li Minyu, a teenager from the Tianma tribe, a teenager from the Panther tribe, and the ewe from the mountain antelope tribe.

     The chaos has begun!

     Yu Hong and Lao Zheng besieged Hu Hao sent by General Manager Hu, and Xia Wenxiawu fought the two patrons of the Jiutian Academy, the three big monsters dealt with the three old foxes, and the old Tianma and the old goat were dealing with the Blood Raksha.

      evenly matched!

     At this moment, large arrays rose up outside, blocking the void, and the sky was grey.

     Su Yu easily killed a few people, looked at the other students, and smiled, "A few, please report to the house and take a look! Yu Hong, these traitors, colluded with some guys from the ten thousand races and wanted to kill me. Want to kill the protector of the Xia family, what do you say?"

     Ji Xiaomeng said innocently: "I really came to the show!"Su Yu looked at her and smiled, "Miss Ji, did you really come to the show?"


     Ji Xiaomeng grieved: "I won't lie!"

     Su Yu laughed again, "I'll give you a knife, what do you think?"


     Ji Xiaomeng looked innocent for a long while, when she saw Su Yu walking towards her, somewhat scared, she pointed to Li Minyu and said, "Well, I admit, I came for her!"

     Li Minyu didn't move or say anything.

     Ji Xiao dreamed that Su Yu was still staring at oneself, walking towards oneself, and hurriedly said: "Indeed, my father said, there should be a sun and moon behind her, very probably may be blue sky, so let me stare at her, really Yes, I didn't lie to you!"

     As he said, he said miserably: "We are a group, don't kill me!"

     "Blue sky?"

     Su Yu looked at Li Minyu, and at this moment, Li Minyu's eyes changed. In the next moment, she was no longer young, her temperament changed slightly, and a voice came from her mouth: "Don't get me wrong, I'm just watching the show."

     Su Yu looked at Ji Xiaomeng, then at Li Minyu.



     There are the sun and the moon behind the two. Is this the trace of the blue sky that Director Ji found?

     Su Yu said lightly: "Whether it is the blue sky or Director Ji, you two, don't mix with me. What I want to kill is the powerhouse of the single-shenwen family, not you, you have to make trouble...whatever! "

     He is crazy!

     Of course, a little bit of capital.

     It's not that he has no backing right now. A Riyue Jiuzhong is waiting nearby, taking action at any time. He is not afraid of these two guys unless they break through to the invincible state!The two of them didn't come, but there should be a touch of spirituality attached to Ji Xiaomeng and Li Minyu.

     Su Yu was surprised, and said: "What is Li Minyu's relationship with you?"

     He asked about the blue sky.

     Li Minyu smiled, "Student."


     Su Yu Ning Mei, Li Minyu has a teacher, or is a Shanhai Pavilion old, who is the blue sky?

     Still say, the students who secretly accepted.

     Well, he is too lazy to care.

     I felt it for a while. It should be just a touch of divine thought. It would be useless to kill it. On the contrary, it offended a sun and moon. There is no need to offend until the situation has stabilized.

     As for the other party being the leader of Si Demon, what does it have to do with yourself?

     The Xia family doesn't care, the search for the realm doesn't matter, the temple of the god of war doesn't care... I'm just ass!

     I don't have the strength to manage!

     With the strength, I killed them all with one blow!

     Sure enough, all those who followed this time had problems.

     Of course, there are a few that are okay, such as those from the Tianma tribe, dim-wittedly, it’s a real experience, it’s a trip to the mountains and water.

     Su Yu didn't bother to care about the two people anymore, let Xiao Maoqiu stare at them, and then quickly looked at the Tianma youth and said: "You three, get together and stare at each other. Be careful that there are people from the Ten Thousand Races! "

     The Tianma youth looked at him, did not recover, and was somewhat scared.


      to kill people like scything flax!

     Several people in Xia Qing were killed at once, and he was really scared.

     Su Yu coldly shouted: "Hurry up! Do you want to die?"

     The three dared not speak, the little ewe, the little black panther, and the little Pegasus gathered together one after another, tremble with fear.words exceede 5100At this moment, Su Yu shouted: "Zhou Pingsheng, do you want to hide your trash, dog stuff? Don't you dare to come out? This time, I was just to kill your dog stuff. I didn't expect to catch so many big fish!"

     Su Yuchang laughed and said: "Yu Ge, Li Ge, Qiu Ge, Tang Ge...and Zheng Ge of Dashang Mansion! What a big show, five mountains and seas, I want to know, there are people today After running away and spreading it out, can several old patrons survive?"

     "You are so brave, betray the human race, betray the Daxia Mansion, five patrons, colluding with the Ten Thousand Clan to murder students, so brave!"

     "There are three mountains and seas in the Xia family at this moment, I see how you respond!"

     There are five mountain and sea patrons, three mountain and sea guardians, two Lingyun guardians, and three ten thousand people teaching mountain and sea, two more than previously calculated, that is, the two from Jiutian Academy.

     Full of 11 mountains and seas!

     This time, one pot was served, enough for them to drink one pot!

     Su Yu shouted and shouted again: "Zhou Pingsheng, come and kill me! Trash things..."

     At this moment, there was a slaughter in the periphery.

     Zhou Pingsheng didn't have time to pay attention to Su Yu. When One-Eyed was proved to be Su Yu's person, he received Yu Hong's order to kill those people that One-Eyed brought!

     How can I care about Su Yu!

     At this moment, those who are strong in Sanjiao brought by One-Eyed are also depressed.


     This Demon Eye Clan actually belongs to Su Yu!

     It's useless to justify, only killing!Zhou Pingsheng these people are not weak, they are all in the Lingyun realm. There are seven or eight Lingyuns in total. They have to deal with a few Lingyuns and add some flight. In addition, a large array has been arranged before. At this moment, the large array rises and intercepts them, and the killing explodes.

      rivers of blood!


     And on the periphery.

     Jin Yuhui appeared, did not enter the battlefield, but set up a large formation on the periphery, casually killing those prosperous teachers who escaped by chance.


     Today, one don't even want to leave.

     It is troublesome to leak anyone.

     The governor of Jiutian Academy!

     Half-step sun and moon strong!

     Whether those Lingyun or flying into the air, in his hands, they are all killed by a palm.

     Not far away, Zhao Mingyue appeared, staring at him silently.

     Jin Yuhui didn't care either, Zhao Mingyue said coldly, "Are you not afraid of the Xia family finding it?"

     Jin Yuhui calmly said: "What's wrong with me? What did you do? I was killing the patriarchs, Tang Yunfei and Qiu Yunhua betrayed, I came to chase them, is there a problem?"

     Have it?


     Although I have not taken action now, it is also to prevent the 10,000 ethnic groups from escaping.

     He looked at Zhao Mingyue, calm and indifferent, "It's you, what are you doing? Just now, it was a person of the single gods, what did you kill the other party?"


     Zhao Mingyue coldly snorted, "Jin Yuhui, at this point, are you still sophistry?"


     Jin Yuhui smiled, "Why did I argue? Zhao Mingyue, what did I do? My dignified head of the Jiutian Academy came out to pursue the two rebel patrons, shouldn't it?

     "you……"Zhao Mingyue can't compete with him, and is somewhat angry.

     Jin Yuhui didn't make a move!

     Just killing those who fled.

     But, you said he came to arrest Tang Yunfei and the others, who would believe it?

     But he is half the sun and the moon, the head of the Jiutian Academy, high position, heavy authority, he does not take action, no one has evidence to catch him, kill him, even Zhu Tiandao will not kill him rashly, otherwise he will seek the realm and the temple of war. Must be held accountable.

     Unless He personally took action!

     Jin Yuhui ignored her, smiled, and continued to block the Quartet, ignoring Zhao Mingyue.

     If you dare to attack me, I dare to kill you!

     Even if your brother makes trouble in Daxia Mansion, it is useless. If you dare to attack me, I can naturally kill you!

     Zhao Mingyue frustrated!

     Too frustrated!

     This bastard, at this moment, she a little admires Su Yu. Su Yu has brought out too many powerful people, and let these people take action against him and against the Xia family. Therefore, Yu Hong, these people are now casually killed.

     But Jin Yuhui can't!

     This one came running open and aboveboard, even if you know his purpose, you can't help him.

     Not as strong as him!

     Jin Yuhui smiled and stopped paying attention. He won't end until the last moment.

     If it ends, then... spare no one!

     Killing all those people, naturally there is no evidence.

     Zhao Mingyue was coldly snorted, gritted his teeth, and the spear emerged, and he was about to fly to the depths to join the battle and kill those guys.

     Since there is no benefit here, then go kill!

     As soon as she left, a strong man with an illusory face suddenly came!Zhao Mingyue's spear trembles, and the killer retreats, and he vomits blood, shouting, "Wang Ming?"

     Ask Wang Ming of Dao Academy!

     At the beginning, she had shot against them in the Eighteenth Middle School. She knew each other!

     Wang Ming didn't say a word, didn't admit it, didn't deny it, and attacked quickly. Unstoppable Sword Qi, a "Sword" Character, was extremely powerful, stronger than that day, and Zhao Mingyue who killed Zhao Mingyue kept going backwards.

     Jin Yuhui smiled, and suddenly said: "Su Yu colluded with the demon clan, murdered the mountains and seas of the human ally Yunhu clan, and killed many students. The crime is unforgivable. Several members of the Xia family, do you want to protect Su Yu?"

     Hu Hao, who was constantly vomiting blood, beaten by Yu Hong and Zheng Ge, suddenly yelled: "Jin Yuhui, you fart! Yunhu they already betrayed..."

     "Which eye do you see that they betrayed?"

     Jin Yuhui said coldly: "I only saw them. They killed the strong Scorpion Cult. They were the heroes of the Ten Thousand Clan Cult. Su Yu's big monsters killed him, Hu Hao, seeing is believing, your eyes Are you blind?"


     Hu Hao is extremely angry!

     Knowing that he was talking nonsense, at this moment, he couldn't refute it.

     Yunhu and the others, haven't attacked Su Yu yet.

     This still belongs to the ten thousand races. If this belongs to the human race, such as Jin Yuhui, he didn't attack the human race. Who can do anything about him?

     Even knowing that his mind is impure!

     "President Jin..."

     Over there, Xia Wen shouted: "Since you want to capture the traitors, don't come and kill these two people!"

     Are you trying to catch the traitor?

      kill(ed) them!Jin Yuhui said indifferently: "The situation is unknown, I have to prevent people from fleeing, wait a minute!"

     Wait, then!

     At this moment, he was brilliant and suppressed the audience.

     People like Yu Hong became more excited.

     Jin Yuhui was here, although he didn't make a move, but his momentum was overwhelming.


      At the crucial moment, Jin Yuhui will definitely make a move.

     After a while, Zhou Pingsheng and these people killed those who are strong in dispersing education, Zhou Pingsheng no longer hides at this time, and loudly said: "President Jin, we already kill the patriarchs!"

     "Keep your merits, return to Daxia Mansion and reward again!"

     Jin Yuhui said indifferently: "Su Yu instructed the big demon to massacre the allies indiscriminately. At this moment, the situation is unknown. Go, arrest Su Yu and send it back to the Daxia Mansion for confrontation. Don't hurt his life!"

     He said high-sounding!

     Don't kill Su Yu, I just don't know the situation, I only saw you killing the students, and now let someone arrest you!

     In the distance, Su Yu sneered, "Gu Gou fly camp! Jin Yuhui, if you shoot directly, I still look at you a little bit, somehow it looks like a palace chief, a little bit of the sun and the moon, now... nausea!"

     Jin Yuhui remained unmoved, he was a mere genius, no matter how talented he was, he would not care too much.

     Whatever you scold and say.

     It doesn't matter!

     Soon, you will die.

     "If Su Yu resists, Execute without any mercy!"

     Jin Yuhui said softly again, Zhou Mingren also flew towards Su Yu with 6 Lingyun Realm, also without rubbish.

     These people are all Lingyun realms drawn from various university houses.And at this moment, someone secretly wanted to rescue, Su Yu didn’t know the situation, and didn’t care about it. He didn’t want Zhu Tiandao to take action at this moment, and shouted violently: "It’s just right, I killed all the waste, I see you Jin Yu Hui can't make a move!"

     This situation is what he wants.

     The only thing he didn't expect was that Jin Yuhui didn't make a direct shot, which did not meet his expectations.

     This is the big fish!


     The catch of Jin Yuhui is more important than Yu Hong.



     Zhu Tiandao dazed for a moment, he understood what Su Yu meant.

     He wants to solve it by himself?

     Stop it!

     Your kid is talented, there are three of the 7 Lingyun and Lingyun Qizhong, and the rest are in the early and mid-term.

     You have to wait?

     Are you afraid of killing yourself?

     At this moment, everyone like Yu Hong can be killed, but Jin Yuhui is not easy to start, but in Zhu Tiandao's view, it is almost there and it is time to close the net.


     Su Yu didn't care about anyone.

     At this moment, he, soaring high into the air, soaring into the sky.

     Today, I will kill Lingyun to show you!

     I can kill Lingyun. Can you guys resist such a threat?

     The stronger he is, the greater the threat to Shan Shenwen.

     Can kill Lingyun now, who can hold back?

     Half-step sun and moon will not work!

     The sun and the moon couldn't help it!

     Such evildoers, don’t kill now, wait till at what time?

     And Su Yu just used himself as a bet.Of course, you have to trust Zhu Tiandao and the Zhu family enough. If the Zhu family is also afraid, today... he is completely finished, and he is not able to deal with the sun and the moon for half a step.

     With a long knife in hand, Su Yu's momentum is getting stronger and stronger!

     Vaguely, it can be comparable to Tengkong Nine.

     Zhou Pingsheng is slightly frowned, even if it is comparable to Tengkong Jiuzhong so what?

     Do you think you can kill us?

     The distance between the two sides getting closer and closer!

     At this moment, Su Yu's aura was in full swing, and the next moment, a cloud of air exploded!


     A loud shout, mixed with a powerful attack of vitality, shakes the Quartet!

     Su Yu's body is like the wind, whizzing past!

     The long sword appeared, the thunder was everywhere, and it was slashed out!



     Su Yu passed through the air, gasping for air, his body was broken by the strong vitality, and blood flowed out.

     In the void, the seven Lingyun realms that were surrounding him, one of them looked at him, showing incomprehension and confusion... with a bang, his body exploded!


     Quartet, suddenly stagnate for a moment.

     Even if two Lingyun died before, this situation did not happen.

     "Kill... Ling Yun!"

     Nurturing nature killed a Lingyun with a single knife, no, not nurturing, but the explosive power of Lingyun realm!

     "Innate blood!"

     At this moment, someone thought of it, horrified in the extreme.

     Yu Hong was also shocked, Jin Yuhui on the periphery shrank, "The talented blood of Lingyun Realm!"

      how can it be!

     ...More peripherally, Zhu Tiandao swallowed and looked at Director Hou, "Have you seen Lingyun Realm talented blood?"


     Director Hou is also dumbstruck!

     Damn it!

     If this is brought to Daming Mansion by Su Yu, will Daxia Mansion invade Daming Mansion?

     Nourish your sex and kill Lingyun!

     If this is to get tens of thousands of drops of talented blood, wouldn't it be...isn't it an army, it can be regarded as an army of ten thousand people, this...this can kill the sun and the moon!

     Damn it!

     Can the army kill the sun and the moon, absolutely disgraceful?

     Of course, they can also see that the burden is very heavy, and Su Yu's nine-thousand-stone nine-layers are a bit unable to hold it, but they can definitely hold it in the air!

     There are those with Lingyun Realm, or those with Mountain and Sea Realm?

     Are there mountains and seas, or sun and moon boundaries?

     Damn it!

     Director Hou's eyes were sharp, and he looked at Zhu Tian and said, "Palace Master, you must accept it, you can marry a daughter!"

     Didn’t it mean that only the essence and blood of Ten Thousand Stones were researched in the first line of polytheistic literature?

     Why is there Lingyun blood!

     If Daxia Mansion knew this, death would not let Su Yu go!

     This kind of research is really enough to change a big battle, and even create the myth of killing the sun and the moon in the air. Of course, there is more air and more blood.

     Ten thousand people vacated and became Lingyun. Can you kill the sun and the moon?

     Maybe it can!

     too terrifying!

     Everyone knows the talent essence of the multi-sacred text, but no one knows, they have all studied to this point!


     The Quartet was shocked.Su Yu didn't care about this, and smiled. At this moment, he was extremely fast. He looked at Zhou Pingsheng and sneered, "I really treated me as a soft persimmon! Zhou Pingsheng, when I killed Zhai Feng, he said Before, I committed suicide, today, you are waiting for me to kill you!"

     When the words fell, the body was shaken.

     Disappear instantly!

     When Zhou Pingsheng saw the heart turned cold, he shouted: "Get together!"


     be quick!

     Damn, what is this?

     Su Yu showed something when he killed someone last time, and this time it was even more terrifying.

     Su Yu of Lingyun realm's strength was even more terrifying.

     Just finished speaking, a wind blew across the void.

     In the wind, Su Yu instantly recovered his body.

     In front of him, a strong Lingyun man, roared, the god text appeared, just about to suppress Su Yu, a small hair ball appeared, biting the god text!

     Xiaomaoqiu is not Lingyun. If so, it would immediately swallow the opponent's divine text wordless and uncommunicative.

     But now, it's a bit short.

     Seeing the void, the divine text appeared in an instant, and then, with a squat, it was bitten off by Xiao Maoqi!

     With a bang, the divine text exploded, and the small hair ball was blown away!

     It still couldn't swallow it, and had to force it to bite.

     The divine text exploded, and the opponent's body shook, Su Yu cut out with a knife, and snorted, Person's Head Drops To The Ground!

     Second Lingyun!

     At this moment, a divine writing appeared behind him, Zhou Pingsheng's, but the next moment, Zhou Pingsheng quickly retracted the divine writing, his eyes showed surprise!

      what is this?

     Divine text was crushed!The divine text is somewhere between illusions. Unless the opponent is too strong and is broken, it cannot be broken, but now, he was crushed to pieces by a small thing, and he took the divine text back in shock.


     In the blink of an eye, Su Yu killed the second Lingyun.

     The remaining 5 people gathered together.

     As for Su Yu, his face turned pale, and Xiao Maoqiu jumped on his head again, disappearing into the void, no shadows can be seen.

     "Ling Yun... so weak!"

     Su Yu smiled, and a lot of essence and blood suddenly appeared in his hand, "I will let you see today, how amazing is my talented essence and blood, which is a lot of divine writing!"


     Essence in the stomach!

     Su Yu disappeared instantly, and in the distance, Jin Yuhui saw divine light flashes in his eyes and shouted, "Behind!"


     Zhou Pingsheng exploded with a divine writing behind him, but he was crunched and took a bite, it is extremely painful!


     At this moment, Su Yu was almost like a transparent person, and his figure appeared slightly.

     He smiled, disappeared again in an instant, and the voice rang: "President Jin is experienced and knowledgeable, I want to see how many talents you can see!"

     The divine light in Jin Yuhui's eyes flickered, and he could see through Su Yu instantly!

     At this moment, Su Yu is actually a clone!

     "Be careful, doppelganger!"

     He reminded again, "The real body on the left..."

     Puff!The other five Ling Yun couldn’t see Su Yu at all, somewhat alarmed and afraid. At this moment, the one on the left quickly swung his knife and with a bang, Su Yu was repulsed, but on the right, Su Yu appeared again, a sabre slash down, With a bang, one person's arm was cut off!

      All around, at this moment, the mountains and the seas are involuntarily fighting, one by one dumbstruck!

     One player fights 7 Lingyun!

     This is not the key, the key is that Su Yu has too many methods.

     Invisibility, avatar, transforming wind, transforming water, empty escape, earth escape...

     In this short instant, Su Yu showed off seven or eight talents!


     If you encounter such a person of the same rank on the battlefield, it is clear that you will be killed!

     This...is the function of talented blood?

     This is terrible too!

     More than just watching the mountains and seas, Jin Yuhui was also stunned, Zhu Tiandao also a look of sluggishness, is this okay?

     Me... Am I making a lot of money?

     Of course, the premise is that Su Yu can bring this technology to Daming Mansion and is willing to make talented blood for Daming Mansion.

     "Sun and Moon Essence... If you give me a hundred kinds of Sun and Moon Essence and Blood, I will dare to be invincible..."

     Zhu Tiandao murmured, no, give me invincible blood!

     I will get the invincible essence and blood, let the old man do it, and you will get me a hundred drops of invincible essence and blood talent skill. If I encounter invincibility, it is possible to fight back!

     This is terrible too!

     There are no restrictions. Any kind of essence and blood can be used. Isn't this scary enough?

     This is the essence of all races in one!words exceede 5100A loud sound, Hu Hao’s body was badly mangled or mutilated by her divine text, Lao Zheng’s giant beast divine text also burst instantly, again a loud sound came, Hu Hao’s physical body all split up and in pieces!

      While all split up and in pieces, I can’t help but feel a little sad, fucking, Su Yu is right, I can’t hold it!

     If I knew it, I would believe you!

     It's so bleak!

     At this moment, a touch of sword light shot at Zhou Pingsheng and the others. As Zhou Pingsheng was about to defeat the sword light, Jin Yuhui shouted: "Retreat!"

     That is the magic rune sword light!

     It's not Su Yu!

     This magic rune was obtained by Su Yu from Zhai Feng, but today, it was used as a feint.

     Zhou Pingsheng backed up quickly and snorted. A person beside him was suddenly seen by Su Yu, a sabre slash down his head.

     Su Yu frowned, disappeared quickly, and retreated.

     Jin Yuhui!

     This bastard thing, after all, is half a step of the sun and the moon, you can see it clearly, Su Yu can't hide from him, if it weren't for Jin Yuhui, he would have killed several guys under the seventh layer.

     And now, only three Lingyun realms have been killed!

     Jin Yuhui quickly said: "Idiot, form a circle, block the square, not one drop of water can leak out!"

     The four Lingyun quickly formed a battle.

     Quartet blockade!

     Su Yu hit the barrier suddenly, and several people shot at the same time, but Su Yu was already vanish from sight, the next moment, he appeared 100 meters away, his face was pale, and he grinned.And over there, Yu Hong and Lao Zheng exploded Hu Hao’s body, just about to continue their shots, killing his willpower, shattering his will, and over there, Xia Wen roared, and a loud sound came again. Tang Yunfei's body was instantly blasted by him, Xia Wen's face was pale, and he quickly left the battlefield and killed Yu Hong on their side, while in the distance, Hu Hao quickly began to recover his body.

     Civilized masters of the mountain and sea realm, the flesh is broken, most of them will not die directly, and they can forcibly merge the flesh.

     The words of the warrior... There is a high probability that it will fall directly.

     This is the power of the civilized division!

     Hu Hao recovered in front of his body, but he was extremely weak. Seeing Xia Wen's aid, he smiled miserably: "It's over, I've destroyed my body, regret one's past deeds!"

     I knew I believed Su Yu and brought a few friends with me!


     The flesh is dead!

     The sun and the moon are hopeless!

     "Just fix it!"

     Xia Wen roared, what do you scream, just fix it again, starting from Qianjun, now there is a method of rejuvenation, it is not that difficult, it took decades to fix it, still nothing!

     Yu Hong and Lao Zheng both roared and roared, and they just paid a big price, but they still failed to kill Hu Hao. Tang Yunfei's waste was actually beaten by Xia Wen.

     And Xia Wen, also the Seventh Mountain and Sea, at this moment, fighting them alone, both sides were seriously injured, but evenly matched.

     And at this moment, a blood-curdling screech came!


     Su Yu suddenly disappeared, and this time, instead of attacking Zhou Pingsheng, he attacked and killed the powerful flying wolf clan who was being surrounded.Four Great Monster Beasts were besieging the flying wolf, Su Yu suddenly joined, Xiao Maoqi burst a divine text in one bite, Su Yu's vitality broke out, the strength of the Lingyun realm was undoubtedly revealed, and his wolf waist was cut with a knife!

     The other four monsters even took advantage of his illness to kill him!

     Almost instantly, the shadow penetrated the flying wolf's head, the water man absorbed all the blood, and a stubborn claw slapped his claw, and the mountain ox stepped on it with a hoof!

     With all the shots, in the blink of an eye, Ling Yun Jiuzhong of the Flying Wolf tribe was besieged!

     Su Yu panted, looked at Zhou Pingsheng over there, and smiled: "5 vs. 4, we are 5, you are 4!"

     Not fun?

     I have more people!

     Although Suan and Zhuanshanniu are very weak, they are just flying into the sky, right?

     Zhou Pingsheng was silent, his face was sèyīn!

     Su Yu, it's too difficult to deal with.

     Can't find, can't kill, his Lingyun realm strength, so is Su Yu, it is difficult for him to capture Su Yu's whereabouts when the gap is not big!

     Su Yu, has grown to this point!

     Even if it is caused by talented blood, but the opponent has it, he doesn't, this is the gap.

     Wars everywhere are still going on.

     Su Yu's side was actually at a disadvantage.

     Blood Rakshasa has beaten the Pegasus and Laoshan antelope with blood, if it goes on like this, Blood Rakshasa can win.

     On the side of Yu Hong, Yu Hong is indeed strong. Xia Wen, who had been killed by her team with Lao Zheng, continued to bleed. Hu Hao recovered his weak body and ran to find Tang Yunfei, who was also battered. The two faced off with willpower. !Tang Yunfei was not weak. He fought Wu Yuehua that day, and was poisoned by Wu Yuehua. Wu Yuehua was the peak of the mountains and seas, and he could only rely on poison, showing the other's great strength.

     The seven-tier divine teacher of Shanhai was originally stronger than those divine alchemists, but unfortunately the Xia Wen he encountered was also stronger, and he was not qualified to protect Xia Huyou, and this was how his body was cut.

     At this moment, fighting against Hu Hao, who had the same body burst, was evenly matched!

     Once Blood Rakshasa wins, the whole battle will change.

     Besides, there is another Jin Yuhui who has never shot.

     On the periphery, Zhao Mingyue and Wang Ming of Wendao Academy also fought to the heart, and the blood of killing flew wildly, but they still couldn't win the other side, and the battle continued to erupt.

     And the core of everyone's sight is Su Yu!

     All relics!

     Talent Essence Manufacturing Method, Aperture Combination Method, Soul Eater Technique, also... Basic Writing Technique!

     At this moment, those strong-eyed powerhouses could see that Su Yu had opened his divine orifices, many, even more than 36!

     Otherwise, his willpower is not strong enough, even if he has the talented blood, it will be difficult to hide from those Lingyun!

     And Su Yu did it, which means that his strength of willpower is probably comparable to those who took off!

     Such an evildoer does not die, and it is hard to rest assured!

     "President Jin, what are you waiting for?"

     Yu Hong roared again and killed all these people, lest a long night is fraught with dreams, don’t you understand?

     What are you waiting for!

     At this point, do you think you can get out?Jin Yuhui ignored her, looked around, and said coldly: "Which friend is in the dark, Jin has been aware of it for a long time, is the enemy or friend, how about coming out?"

     Yu Hong was an idiot, he didn't bother to pay attention.

     Do you think I'm sure, I won't shoot?

     But not sure, I dare not take it easily!

     There are still people in secret!

     Very strong!

     The sense of crisis from his half-step sun and moon realm!

     "President Jin, it's been a long time!"

     At this moment, a rough man appeared and laughed.

     "Oh it's you!"

     Jin Yuhui sighed, "Why bother, you have gone to another country decades ago, and now you have a place in the Great Zhou Mansion. Why do you still need to participate in the Great Xia Mansion dispute?"

     The rough man smiled and said, "I also can't do anything about it, my junior, send me a message. If you don't come back, you will expel me from the master's door!"

     After that, he looked at Su Yu in the distance and said with emotion: "A genius! You didn't enter my junior's door. It's a pity, it's no wonder that junior wants me to save you!"

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, the next moment, he said uncertainly: "Are you... Zhao Tianbing?"

     "Boy, isn't it good to call Lao Tzu by his name?"

     Su Yu was embarrassed and still could not hide his shock.

     The governor of the Great Zhou Foundry Academy!

     Four generations of big apprentices!

     Cast a series of powerful characters!

     Decades ago, I rushed to the Great Zhou Mansion and had been in the Great Zhou Mansion for decades, and finally became a guest of the Great Zhou Mansion and the governor of the Zhubing Academy!

     The real big shot!The status is even much higher than Jin Yuhui of the Great Xia Mansion, because he can build a land-level civilian soldier, because he is a big man in the casting department, and a big man who has entered the sun and moon realm!

     Such a big man is also the capital of Zhao Li's madness.

     The four-generation inheritance is unbroken!

     Although Daxia Mansion is weak, in Dazhou Mansion, his senior brother is a big man.

     Now, he is here!

     Su Yu was in agitated mood for a while, and suddenly he didn't know what to say. It turned out that Teacher Zhao knew it a long time ago. Otherwise, his senior brother would have come from the Great Zhou Mansion not so quickly!

     Zhao Tianbing!

     At this moment, the rough Zhao Tianbing smiled and said: "Watching a good show, Daxia Mansion...It's really messy, even messier than Dazhou Mansion, but it's almost the same. Big brother doesn't talk about second brother, hey, this has been proved Dao guy, it's trouble!"

     "This Daming Mansion, doesn't want to prove Dao, how quiet, broke his head, Zhu Tiandao doesn't care about you!"

     With a sigh of emotion, the Great Zhou Mansion was also in chaos.

     He's better, he's a big man in casting soldiers, otherwise, he would be troublesome in the Great Zhou Mansion.

     Now, when he arrived at the Great Xia Mansion, he found that the Great Zhou Mansion seemed to be okay, not to the point.

     All crazy!

     Dozens of mountains and seas are fighting here, and even Jin Yuhui, who is half a step, has come out, this is the governor of a university!

     Jin Yuhui eyes flashed, "You have only entered the sun and the moon for a few years, do you want to blend in?"

     "I have come, will you give me a chance to leave?"

     Zhao Tianbing smiled and said, "But, can you stop me? The divine literary master is strong, but I'm not weak when I build a line of soldiers!"After that, Zhao Tianbing smiled again: "In this way, I will take Su Yu away. You hit you, I don't care, how about it?"

     No one said anything!

     Su Yu is the key, you have to take it away, you are telling a joke!

     No one can leave today!

     Letting go of one is a catastrophe!

     At this point, the number of strong people who have appeared has reached 24, and 23 of the mountains and seas. One of them is half-step Sun and Moon, and the other is Zhao Tianbing, the real Sun and Moon.

     The star fell on the mountain. At this moment, the outer circle was wrapped, and the inside was already sky and the earth turning upside down.

     Monster Race, Ten Thousand Clan Religion, Shan Shenwen One Element, Xia Family Protector, Su Yu's Protector, Feng Qi from Chen Yong, Zhao Tianbing from Zhao Li, Zhao Mingyue who followed...

     The strong like the forest!

     People like Little Pegasus have been stunned, the weak Black Panther clan, the whole clan can hardly gather so many strong people!

     The sun and the moon appeared, and a large number of mountains and seas fought, and this was placed on the battlefield of the heavens, and a war of extermination could be fought!

     Zhao Tianbing looked at Jin Yuhui and said with a smile: "If you don't agree, then I will take action. Anyway, they are all traitors. Kill each one...Old Jin, will you stop me?"

     Jin Yuhui's eyes flashed, after a while, his breath changed slightly, "Zhao Tianbing, there are some things, I still have to think twice!"

     At the next moment, his spirit changed, and he sighed: "The multi-sacred literary series...very powerful! The sacred-text fusion system is still very powerful!"


     A round of the sun and the moon rise, and the sun and the moon rotate in the eyes.

     Jin Yuhui, Sun and Moon Realm!Jiutian Academy Jin Yuhui, the first person in the human world to embark on the integration of the gods, is one of the pioneers of the integration of the gods and literature, in the past, he stole the results of the polytheism, and he was in the gods and literature integration. Together, they have gone far!

     It's hard for others to break through, it's not hard for him.

     He is a weakened version of the multi-sacred texts series, 8 divine texts have become a system, breaking the restraining power of the gods and demons!

     At this moment, Jin Yuhui advanced to the Sun Moon Realm!

     Zhao Tian has turned into soldiers!


     He really may not be an opponent, he may not be an opponent, he may not have done professional fights, he is not Zhao Li, and he can't expand his magic.

     The staying power... can only be said to be average, the same level does not have much advantage.

     After entering the sun and the moon for a few years, he was just entering the sun and the moon for the first time.


     At this moment, everyone's eyes are on these two people, sun and moon against sun and moon!

     This battle involved two Sun and Moon realms!

     Su Yu is also dignified, Zhu Tiandao... It's still not easy to kill now, Jin Yuhui, Old Sly Fox(es), doesn't take the initiative to take the initiative. Now it is the sun and the moon, Zhu Tiandao can't kill it easily.


     On the periphery, Zhu Tiandao was also speechless.


     Both Sun and Moon are here. I thought that a few mountains and seas would be enough, but now it is really troublesome.

     "Palace Master, do you take it now?"

     Director Hou asked, Zhu Tiandao pondered for a while, gritted his teeth, "Wait again, fishing, continue! Jin Yuhui can't kill Zhao Tianbing, Zhao Tianbing has appeared, don't kill him, the news leaks, they will all die, waiting for them to ask for help. See who will come again!"Just waiting for your help!

     See, if you can ask for one sun and moon, and two sun and moon, you can be sure to obliterate the other. Generally all the same when the level is similar!

     Maybe I can catch one this time!


     Zhu Tiandao fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms, Lao Tzu is going out!

     Play the big one with you!
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