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274 Lao Zhu Shot (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"God skill?"

     Above the sky, the Blood Fire Demon God who hadn’t said anything before looked at Su Yu and slowly said: “Shen Jue, Yuan Jue, I have heard that there are in Ten Thousand Realms. And Wen Jue... even if there is, it is only in some legends. Mentioned in..."

     The demon god looked at Su Yu with a strange look in his eyes, "Whether the exercise is strong or not, in fact, it is important to say that it is not important, and it is not too important! What is even more curious about this seat is that you inherited it, or How did you get it?"

     If it is inheritance, is it inheritance of relics, or another way?

     For example... it was inherited from a very strong strong man!

     And if the ruins are inherited, then the ruins here... are extremely horrifying!

     He looked at the mountain wall, the sun and the moon in his eyes turned, is this the ruin?

     He didn't care too much before, but most of the ruins discovered by the human race can only make people stop the sun and the moon. For him, the ruins of the sun and the moon are of little use, but what about the invincible ruins?

     At this moment, the Blood Rakshasa had rushed to his side, and no longer shot the old Tianma and the mountain antelope. At this moment, he quickly spread the voice: "Master, in case a long night is fraught with dreams!"

     Time to kill!

     Kill all these people and take Su Yu away. As for this relic... it doesn't need to be opened for the time being, just find a chance to open it again, or make a fortune today and run away.

     The demon god ignored him, first fell on Su Yu, and soon looked at Ji Xiaomeng and Li Minyu.

     A faint smile appeared on his face: "Lan Lan and Ji Hong?"

     These two are interesting!He also without rubbish, hand grasps, grasping Ji Xiaomeng, very fast, with a bang, Ji Xiaomeng burst out a powerful Will Power, but this big hand has no hindrance.

     Well, Will Power is okay to deal with Shanhai, but the difference in dealing with him is too big.

     Big hands cover the sky!

     Following this willpower, it seems to have penetrated into the void, and after a while, a groan came from the void.

     With a bang, the void burst!

     "Ji Hong..."

     The devil murmured and smiled, "It's time to go, Ji Hong realized!"

     Blue sky also realized!

     Here, the two sun and moon gods possess their bodies, and the demon gods do not matter what their purpose is. This honor should be a long way from here.

     He scratched Ji Xiaomeng's spiritual protection body, the next moment, regardless of Ji Xiaomeng and Li Minyu, he will still be useful.

     After all, Single Hand Cover The Heavens, catch Jin Yuhui and Zhao Tianbing again!

     Kill the two Sun and Moon!

     The two screamed and shot at the same time, Jin Yuhui's divine writing broke out, Zhao Tianbing also showed a long sword, the long sword is extremely powerful and shocking.


     The loud noise continued, and the surrounding mountains were leveled.

     Jin Yuhui yelled: "What are you still stunned? Kill him together!"

     This blood-fire demon cult guy wants to kill them all!

     Sun and Moon Five Realms!

     With such strength, even in the Great Summer Palace, few people can win the opponent.

     This blood fire god cult, this time really had its blood, and the powerhouse of the blood fire demon clan sneaked in.I thought that against Su Yu and the others, a Sun Moon was enough and to spare, but in the end, he actually attracted so many strong people.



     Zhu Tiandao is ready to shoot.

     Director Hou said in a voice transmission: "Palace Lord, are you waiting? I think Jin Yuhui might continue to look for help..."

     Shall we keep fishing?

     It's all here anyway!

     "No, let's go fishing anymore. I have finished fishing the Sun and Moon in Daxia Mansion, but it's not easy to start!"

     Zhu Tiandao said with a smile: "Also, it's time to close the network, and not to close the network... I am worried that there will be trouble, and it is already very troublesome now!"

     After all, Zhu Tiandao escaped into the void and said: "Don't go, and preside over the big formation for me, don't let it go, block all news, cut off all communications!"


     Director Hou didn't say much, he quickly manipulated the large formation, and the entire star fell into the mountain, now covered by a layer of gray mist.

     This is the formation talisman made by King Daming!

     Sun-Moon realm, unless you reach the seventh level or above, don't even want to run.


     Stars fall within the mountain.

     The war is still going on. At this moment, those mountains and seas are also hesitant, who to deal with?

     Want to join forces?

     Just now everyone still kills and can't make a deal, is it right to join forces at this moment?

     Will it be traitorous attack?

     With all kinds of worries, these people did not take action. At any rate, there are two sun and moon, how can they die so easily.And the Blood Fire Demon Clan also said lightly: "Join me in the Blood Fire God Sect, then you can be immortal today, Jin Yuhui, today You these people, still want a good ending? I just need to release some images, you will be How will it end? Unless you are sure to keep me! Is it possible?"

     He smiled and said: "Don't worry, you don't need to be with me. You continue to be your governor, your pavilion elder, and the blood and fire god will not drive you until the critical moment. If it's someday, your powerful strength will be enough to kill you. When I am, I will take the initiative to return the image to you..."

     "Bloodfire Demon Race, can provide you with everything you want..."

     He is bewitching them!

     At this moment, can you kill me?

     If it doesn't work, you can only rely on Blood Fire God Sect!

     In fact, he also expects these people to take refuge, many people, this time making a lot of money, one sun and moon, many mountains and seas, if these people can be gathered, the strength of the blood fire demon in the human realm will skyrocket!

     "Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends !"

     He kept making moves, suppressing Zhao Tianbing and Jin Yuhui, and the two of them kept bleeding.

     Both of them are Sun and Moon First, but he is Sun and Moon Fifth, or Sun and Moon Fifth of Demon Race, who are already good at fighting, even if they join forces, they will not be against him.

     "You can't escape..."

     The blood fire demon god laughed: "Outside, I planted the blood fire demon formation. Ji Hong sensed something, but it will take a long time for him to arrive. Even if he does, it will take time. Even if he informs the Xia family, the Xia family also needs it. Time, Daxia Mansion is still far away from here!"

     "The time I gave you is running!"Daxia Mansion is thousands of miles away from here, and it will take some time if the other party has the powerhouse of the Nine Suns and Moons to come.

     The blood fire demon god said coldly: "What's more, the Xia family is here. It's hard to say who to kill! The big deal is that once I'm gone, what about you? The Xia family doesn't move you on weekdays. It's not that you are afraid of you. It’s nothing more than a single god-style strong man, but now, with solid evidence, can you still escape death?"

     He smiled and said: "If you say that Su Yu slanders you, then the Xia family is still hard to judge, but here, the three Xia family are here, do you think the Xia family will believe you?"

     Jin Yuhui's face was gloomy, without saying a word.

     The blood fire demon said quietly: "Yu Hong, you have joined forces to kill those Xia family envoys. This is not what I forced you to do, but what yourselves needs to do and save your life!"

     Hu Hao shouted: "Yu Hong, do you really want to do this? Join the Wanzujiao completely? Not joining Wanzujiao, even if it is a capital crime, will not harm your family. Once you join Wanzujiao, even the descendants will be implicated, you guys really ignore it?"

     If you don't join, these guys will die too.

     If you don't join, even if you are guilty, even if you die, the family will generally not be implicated!

      Whether it is true or false, there are still some differences among all ethnic groups.

     Yu Hong's eyes are chilling!

     What Hu Hao said, she didn't care at all. She was really dying, so she could care about any family and other things!

     She doesn't want to die!

     At this moment, Yu Hong spoke, "President Jin, will the sun and the moon come to help?"

     Yes, then wait.

     No, she needs to make a choice as soon as possible!Jin Yuhui didn't say a word. When he saw Zhao Tianbing, he contacted a Sunyue, but he didn't know where the other party was now, and then the communication here was completely cut off.

     He didn't care either, thinking it was the demon god who did it.

     Now, he can't contact the other party, don't know if the other party is on the way or is almost there.

     Seeing that he was silent, Yu Hong complexion changed again, suddenly, with a bang, kill Xia Wen!

     Xia Wen's face was cold, "You really want to completely join the Ten Thousand Clan Cult, Yu Hong, you really are cancerous, and the Xia family shouldn't leave you behind!"

     "You go underground and talk about it!"

     Yu Hong coldly snorted, shouting: "I don't do it yet! It's all dead, I want to survive, do you really want to die?"

     In the distance, the Demon God laughed!

     The laughter shook the sky!

     "The right choice! Jin Yuhui, who are you waiting for? Within the Daxia Mansion, there is a single divine text, there is still one Zhou Mingren is not weak, if you ask for help, if you guessed it correctly, it should be the one from the Dashang Mansion Guy, it takes a lot of time for him to come, unless he is nearby at the beginning, I think it's impossible..."

     The devil laughed!

     Zhou Mingren, there is a high probability that he will not come, because the other party is really retreating to break the sun and the moon, not to mention that a lot of people in Daxia Mansion are staring.

     The real strength of the sun and the moon will come, and only the nearby Grand Merchant Mansion will come. After all, the Grand Merchant Mansion already has a senior citizen participating in the war.

     How long will it take that person to come?

     Jin Yuhui complexion changed. At this moment, he was constantly suppressed by this demon, wiping out his vitality and willpower. After a long time, he suddenly sighed, "Kill! Kill Hu Hao and the others!"When these words came out, people like Yu Hong, Lao Zheng, Li Gelao, Tang Yunfei, Qiu Yunhua, and Wang Ming were relaxed.

     At this point, they seem to have no choice.

     Jin Yuhui sighed and planted.

     Unexpectedly, I will be planted here today.

     Today, the blood and fire demon god took the handle, I am afraid it will be difficult in the future.


     The blood fire demon god laughed!

     Conquering one sun and moon, several mountains and seas at a time, this transaction is so worth it!

     The key is Su Yu!

     At this moment, he stepped up his offensive, and the instantly killed Zhao Tianbing continued to bleed and broke through a number of peaks.

     In the distance, Su Yu frowned.

     Lao Zhu ran away?

     No way!

     Time to shoot!


      at the same time.

     In the void, Zhu Tiandao frowned, looked at the guy in the way, gritted his teeth and said: "What are you doing?"

     Xiahouye face was gloomy, "The Xia family will kill!"


     Zhu Tiandao was dissatisfied, "This is the site of my Daming Mansion!"

     "Xia Family is here to kill!"

     Master Xiahou gritted his teeth, just to kill the Xia family!

     damn it!

     Tolerated time and time again, these bastards, they betrayed by saying they betrayed!

     Kill Su Yu... he guessed it.

     He just didn't expect that the other party easily agreed to join the Blood Fire God Sect.

     "Xia family come to kill?"

     Zhu Tiandao thought for a while, nodded, "OK!"

     As he said, with a wave of his hand, the big waves flowed, and the next moment, Master Xiahou was swept away and plunged into the air.Zhu Tiandao pouted, "Go fuck off, pick peaches, dream! It's all mine!"

     Xia Xiaoer still wants to fight with me!

     When you arrive at Riyue Jiuzhong, the strength of Riyue Bazhong is almost the same as you call Xia Longwu!

     My favor has not been sold yet, so you started it. Su Yu saw that your Xia family came to help, but my old Zhu didn't come. This changed one's mind, what should I do if I ran back?

     Can he fly the duck that he got?

     "Old man, don't come back, just stare at the Xia family. Xia Longwu or King Daxia are coming here. Stop me. Your son has made a fortune this time!"

     He sent a message to his old gentleman's.

     Don't come back, stare at the Xia family.

     The Xia family wants to pick peaches, this is not good!

     This time, the Daming Mansion wants to show favor to the adults. Although killing so many mountains and seas, I am afraid it is a bit troublesome, but...what are you afraid of!

     Daming Mansion, barefoot, afraid of this?

     Anxious King Daming, click, click, even your ancestral grave of the single god text family has been dug!


     The next moment, Zhu Tiandao's figure flashed.

     The devil was still laughing, laughing and laughing, complexion changed, and suddenly turned around. Behind him, a middle-aged figure appeared, looking at him, and smiling.

     "Thank you, my Daming Mansion is too poor and lacks the corpses of the Sun, Moon and Gods..."

     As he said, with a big hand, several divine texts emerged, and the sun and the moon broke out in the eyes of the demon god. However, with a blink of an eye, this divine text confined him on the spot.

     With a bang, the sun and the moon shattered in the eyes of the devil.

      stared wide-eyed looked at Zhu Tiandao, his eyes were full of horror, "Zhu Tiandao! You Daming Mansion...""Daming Mansion eliminate demons and protect the dao, it is still very positive!"

     Zhu Tiandao interrupted him, we are not salted fish, don't talk nonsense.

     At this moment, everyone was stunned.

     Zhu Tiandao!

     Zhu Tiandao of Daming Mansion!

     Zhu Tiandao of Sun Moon Nine Layers!

     Zhu Tiandao smiled, the divine writing flowed, and the strength of Sunyue Jiuzhong was undoubtedly revealed. In the blink of an eye, the opponent was imprisoned, the gap was 4 levels, the invincible descendants, it was no problem to deal with these people.

     There is only one Sun and Moon in Old Zhu's family, and King Daming has good things, so naturally he will also be provided.

     Zhu Tiandao's strength is not weak, even among the nine layers of Sun and Moon, he is not weak.

     Compress, compress, recompress...

     The body of the demon god, smaller and smaller, reached the extreme, with a bang, the body exploded, and it recovered in the blink of an eye.

     In the Sun and Moon realm, you can Rebirth from a drop of Blood.

     Unfortunately, it's useless.

     One in the blink of an eye, the demon god was obliterated seven or eight times, the next moment, a rumbling sound, an illusion appeared, and a bright moon fell from the sky!

     This is the illusion of sun and moon death!

     Zhu Tiandao is very relaxed, smiled, hand grasps, grabbing the fleeing blood Raksha into his hands, the sun and the moon rotate, with a bang, the blood Raksha will collapse and die instantly!

     Once again, Yun Fei of the Shenlong Sect was caught by his probing hands. At this moment, Zhu Tiandao had the world in his palm.

     Caught Yun Fei, he glanced at Su Yu, and smiled: "Su Yu, what he did is beautiful! This time, I did catch a lot of big fish. The Xia family dare not clean it, but the Zhu family dare!"

     After all, with a bang, Yunfei squeezed."The guy from the Ten Thousand Races is dead..."

     In the blink of an eye, two mountains and seas and a five-layer demon god of sun and moon fell!

     Close to the invincible strong!

     Su Yu was also dazzled and somewhat intoxicated. Is this Riyue Jiuzhong?

     The sun and moon five demon gods, who used to be unruly and overweening arrogance, were so easily crushed by him?

     All dead!

     However, it hasn't been long since Zhu Tiandao played.

     Ahead, Jin Yuhui's eyes changed, and he quickly said: "Thank you Palace Master Zhu for your rescue! Killing the Sun and Moon Demon God, in order to draw out the Sun and Moon Demon God, we also spent a lot of energy..."

     There, Yu Hong trembled and quickly said: "Thank you Palace Master Zhu, we have received the news a long time ago. We thought we could take down the Demon God, but we underestimated him and almost fell. Fortunately Palace Master passed by here... "

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said, "Passing by?"

     "Not passing by."

     He looked at Yu Hong, then looked at Jin Yuhui and several others, and said with a smile: "Where did I pass by, I will come before you guys come, right, Su Yu?"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Yes, the palace lord is wise! Under the plan of the palace lord, this time the traitors of these human races and the remnants of the ten thousand tribe religion to catch everything in the one net, the name of the palace lord will be spread to everyone territory!"

     "So so so."

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "I couldn't catch the sun, moon and ba Jiǔ, I also have some disappointment, this blue sky, probably knows that I am here, running fast, but it's a pity, otherwise kill him, Daming Mansion is really famous. Up!"

     Zhu Tiandao always had a smile on his face, and people like Yu Hong changed color.

      What does it mean?Even Hu Hao couldn't help but shout: "Su Yu, you are..."

     Su Yu calmly said: "Thank you seniors for your contribution! However... I won't accept favors. This is the fault of the Daxia Mansion itself. There are a lot of traitors. You Daxia Mansion should contribute too. No one, I too Won't die!"

     He thanked, but did not remember favors.

     Of course, not all.

     Such as Zhao Tianbing, such as Feng Qi invited by Chen Yong, such as Zhao Mingyue who followed in secret...

     These people, that is the favor.

     Several members of the Xia family...including Xia Wen and Xia Wu, it is enough to remember Xia Huyou's favor once, and he doesn't owe others.

     Including the three great monsters of mountains and seas, that is also for oneself to survive, Su Yu does not owe it.

     Su Yu calmly said: "Daxia Mansion is in such a mess. This time, Daxia Mansion should thank me, and the Lord, for helping Daxia Mansion clean up some dross. I really want to say credit to Daxia Mansion. Contribution is not small!"

     This is also true.

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "Yes! Those guys in Daxia Mansion, none of them are reliable... I'm the Daming Mansion!"

     But at this moment, from a distance, Zhao Mingyue flew quickly and looked at Su Yu, her eyebrows narrowed, "Su Yu, what do you mean..."

     "Senior Zhao...Students have come to the gate of Daming Mansion!"

     Su Yu bowed and thanked him: "Senior came to help this time, Su Yu can't thank sb enough! If I still recognize me, I will be a student of the first department. If I don’t recognize it, it’s not Now! How unfair is Daxia Mansion!"Su Yu shouted: "Single Shenwen One Element suppresses dissidents. It is no longer suppressing, but to kill to the last one! Even so, no one cares, no one asks! Mountains, seas, sun and moon shot me, if this is still suppressing, There was no murder at the end of the day!"

     "President Wan said the rules, the Xia family said the rules, but now... how many people abide by their rules?"

     Su Yu said coldly: "If this is the case, then I will enter the Daming Mansion! I sent out the combination method, the soul-devouring method, the basic literary tactic, and even the divine literary combat technique split method discovered by the master, Xia The family also knows what the result is? My teacher, hasn't been punished to the sinner camp! He is a sinner, ridiculous?"

     What pioneer camp!

     Just a bunch of sinners!

     Su Yu coldly shouted: "Geniuses like my master are all sinners! In the so-called war zone of the Xia family, killing a person is a sinner? All killing is a dregs. This is a sinner? Just stand side by side with the bandits and the murderous crazy demon. ?"

     "Said it is to protect the polytheistic literary element and prevent those people from killing... ridiculous!"

     Su Yu calmly said: "It's ridiculous! We encountered a crisis, encountered a killer, and didn't see the Xia family come to preside over justice! Since we are all here, let's be clear, what Xia Jia defends is the invincible betrayal, and we Why? You can’t discover the realm of the Temple of War, and don’t care if you find it, then why let us bear all this?

     "Has anyone presided over justice for the polytheistic literature?"

     "Justice is in the hearts of the people, no one knows that there is a problem with the death of the five generations?"

     "Too many people know!"

     "And even if you know it, still condone!""The Xia family is the backer of the polytheistic literature, and the Daxia Mansion is the root of the polytheistic literature. The five generations are dead, and the Xia family has contributed. That should be!"

     Su Yu said lightly: "The death of the Five Dynasties is complicated. I don’t know more. The only thing I know is that the Five Dynasties killed an invincible of all races. This is enough. Even if the Five Dynasties are more selfish, even the Five Dynasties were arrogant. and despotic, he died on the battlefield, not behind!"

     Su Yu said loudly: "I just want to know that the Five Generations died on the battlefield and killed a hostile invincible. Is he a hero?"

     "If it is counted, then it is the responsibility of the whole human situation to protect the multi-divine literature today! It is not the human relationship!"

     "Does the Xia family want to rely on protecting my teacher Liu as a favor?"

     "Just forget it!"

     Su Yu shouted: "My teacher, they can bear it, I can't! I don't think it's a favor, and I don't think I owe them! Protecting heroes, sheltering the descendants of heroes, isn't this what the human situation should do? Do, which strong man dares to fight on the battlefield!"

     "If so, why bother to fight, for whom? For a group of vested interests that you don't know?"

     "If so, then let the Ten Thousand Clan break through the human state!"

     Su Yu shouted violently: "All the races know that they value talents, they all know that they are close to the hearts of the people, and they all know that heroes are killed on the battlefield, and my human race, how do you do it?"


     silent.Su Yu sneered, "So, I don’t owe the Xia family, nor the Daxia Mansion. In fact, my father is still in the Suppression of the Demon Army, helping the so-called guardian of the human race and the Daxia Mansion, even if he is weak. Fighting in the Quartet, now, Daxia Mansion treats the descendants of heroes like this. Is this the Human Realm Mansion?"

     "In that case... the student betrayed today!"

     "Su Yu, you dare to question the Xia family, question the human condition..."

     At this moment, Jin Yuhui cursed: "Everything has cause and effect, and the multi-divine literature has brought countless disasters to the human environment..."

     Before he finished his words, Zhu Tiandao's probe caught him!

     Jin Yuhui roared, the divine text broke out, but he was invincible. He was caught breaking a lot of divine texts, and in the blink of an eye, he was caught by Zhu Tiandao.

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "All right, don't say anything! To be honest, the human environment is chaotic, the Temple of War God and the search environment are not doing anything. Everyone can see this. I don't bother to scold it. I don't know it. Why are you talking about this! My father is still the second in command of the Quest Realm. I think the Quest Realm and the Temple of War are not reliable, you traitor, what else are you talking about at this time."

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and looked at Su Yu and said, "That's right, but... People are somewhat selfish and selfish, and it's useless to curse. I think I can change everything by myself! The weak are prey To the strong is the same in the human realm. As for the protection of the human race and human realm that was promoted, there was a bit of sincerity more than three hundred years ago. Now they are all slogans, don't take it too seriously!"

     As the Lord of a Prefecture, Zhu Tiandao at the moment said such a thing, and the spread out, I am afraid it is also shocking.Zhu Tiandao didn't care too much. Jin Yuhui kept coughing up blood and said with a smile: "You are the chief of the Daxia Mansion, the Sun and Moon powerhouse, and the execution of you this kind of person should be handed over to the Daxia Mansion and Seeking Realm... "

     Su Yu frowned and said nothing.

     And the next moment, Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "But my father is the second in command of the search realm, you know? My father said that he can be executed, so he can, and Daxia Mansion doesn't care about them!"

     Having said that, he smiled and said: "Daming King Order, Jin Yuhui betrayed the human race and invested in the blood, fire, and demon sect of the ten thousand races, to be punishable! Cut!"

     As for the order of the Daming Mansion, it doesn't matter, it's his father, he just said casually, how?

     Bang a loud sound!

     The sun and the moon are shattered, and a bright moon falls!

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said, "All right, the sun and the moon! I have done a great job!"

     After that, he looked at Su Yu and smiled and said: "Who else, call the name, click one, kill one, trivial matter, kid, even if the search realm and Daxia Mansion attack my Daming Mansion this time, I will protect you. Don't worry, my Daming Mansion treats my own people, then one word-good!"


     Su Yu laughed and bowed, "Palace Lord is wise!"

     Infiltrating the Daming Mansion... As for Zhu Tiandao, it was enough to give himself money.

     Zhu Tiandao ignored it. At this moment, people like Yu Hong were already crazy and fled frantically!

     Zhu Tiandao walked in the sky, grabbing a person casually, "Is this the nine-day Tang Yunfei? It's time to kill!"


     Burst, fall!

     "Qiu Yunhua... I know you, you should be killed!"


     Everyone is trembling!Every mountain and sea was killed, shocking people.

     Jin Yuhui is dead, Tang Yunfei is dead, Qiu Yunhua is dead...

     Zhu Tiandao killed each mountain and sea!

     Su Yu watched from below without saying a word, just watching silently.

     Lao Zheng was killed, Li Ge was killed, Wang Ming of Wendao Academy was killed, Old Bull of Barbarian Bull was killed, Old Fox of Fox was killed...

     In the end, Zhu Tiandao caught Yu Hong, looked at Su Yu, and smiled: "I think you are full of resentment towards her, do you want to kill her?"

     At this moment, Yu Hong was full of horror, "No, no, Su Yu, don't kill me..."

     Su Yu calmly said: "Say, my senior sister's parents were killed, is that you whispered the news back then?"


      a blood-curdling screech, Zhu Tiandao pinched her body began to burst, Yu Hong pointedly said: "It's not me, it's... it's Zhou Pingsheng, yes, it's him, he is about the same time as Chen Yong, he is jealous of Chen Yong... It was he who informed the Six Wings Protoss that the people of the Six Wings Cult attacked Chen Yong and the others...

     Su Yu said lightly: "Six Wings Cult?"


     "Got it."

     Su Yu nodded slightly, smiling: "Palace Lord, kill her, I'm afraid she will dirty my hands..."

     What this said!

     Zhu Tiandao is speechless, I kill, am I not dirty?

     With a bang!

     Yu Hong burst, everything was obliterated!

     So far, there are Yunhu, Manniu, Old Fox, Yu Hong, Li Gelao, Lao Zheng, Tang Yunfei, Qiu Yunhua, Wang Ming, Shenlong Sect Yunfei, Scorpion Scorpion Red Dust, Blood Fire Sect Blood Raksha, and two Sun and Moon, Jin Yuhui and Blood Fire Demon God.12 mountains and seas!

     Two sun and moon!

     Plus countless Lingyun and Tengkong Realms!

     Everywhere is silent!

     At this moment, everyone was silent. With this kill, Daxia Mansion was killed, many mountains and seas and one Sun Moon Realm, the loss was too heavy!

     In addition, 6 guardians of the Ten Thousand Race Academy died.

     Five ten thousand students died!

     This is also trouble!

     And at this moment, the void was trembling, Xiahouye complexion was ugly, broke through the big formation, and walked out.

      glanced at Su Yu, has not spoken.

     Looking at those strong men who died, Master Xiahou didn't say a word.

     At this moment, the strong alive are all on the side of the human race.


     In this battle, too many people died in the Shan Shenwen family, which was beyond Xiahouye's expectations.

     Zhu Tiandao didn't care about this, and said lightly: "Lao Xia, since you are here, let's talk about it, what about these people? Now, there are some news that can't be spread, you know!"

     Master Xia Hou ignored him. First he looked at the three big monsters of Su Yu, then at the old Tianma and the mountain antelope, and said dully, "The five big monsters...My Xia family is not an unreasonable person, come here. , You need to seal up a part of your memory, know more, die quickly, you know!"

     The big demons didn't dare to make any rebuttals. There was Zhu Tiandao and Xiahouye. They knew a lot and died quickly. They knew that.

     Xiahouye didn't directly seal their memories, but stunned them, and said in a low voice: "Let Invincible come to seal the seal, so as not to be cracked!"

     After all, look at other mountains and seas.

     "Hu Hao, Xia Wen, Xia Wu, after going back, retreat for healing!""Comply!"

     Several people hurried out!

     "Zhao Mingyue, Feng Qi...you two..."

     Xia Houye frowned and said: "They are all from the multi-sacred text, don't I need to say anything more?"

     Zhao Mingyue said in a condensed voice: "Don't worry!"

     Xiahouye didn't say much, and finally looked at Zhao Tianbing, this was a big trouble!

     Zhao Tianbing was also depressed when he saw him, thought a bit then said: "In this way, I swear in the name of my junior brother, if I pass it out, how about my junior brother blew himself up?"

     Xiahouye: "..."

     Zhu Tiandao: "..."

     Zhao Tianbing said helplessly: "Why do you look at me like this? My junior is now my dearest, and I have no descendants. I am the sun and the moon. Invincible can hardly block my memory. There is no way. I can't let me commit suicide, right?"

     And Su Yu smiled at the moment: "Uncle Zhao, I believe you, let alone, nothing else can't be said to others."

     Zhu Tiandao and Xia Houye are too lazy to talk to him, nonsense!

     You are secure in the knowledge that one has backing, but some things really cannot be passed on now.

     Master Xiahou looked at the water people again, and said lightly: "These guys are not strong enough, kill them, lest they leak the news..."

     狻猊 shiver coldly!

     Damn it!

     To die?

     "No need to!"

     Su Yu smiled lightly and said: "This matter will not bother Master Hou, I will take them to Daming Mansion. In Daming Mansion, these guys can't get through any storms!"

     "Are you really going to Daming Mansion?"Xiahouye sighed: "Now, these people have been killed. This time, the Xia family will also clean up a group of people and deter a group of people. The Daxia Mansion will be much better than before..."

     "No, thank you Lord Hou!"

     Su Yu didn't say much, he said everything that should be said.

     Daxia Mansion, I will not stay.

     At this point, the people at both ends of the first mouse did not end well!

     Zhu Tiandao smiled cheerfully, glanced at Su Yu, smiled brilliantly, that's right!

     Xia Houye sighed again and looked at the students, "Lantian may know..."

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "It's okay, it's not too much to know. Divine consciousness was broken early. When Su Yu broke out to split the divine text combat skills, his divine consciousness was broken. I don't know what is behind, he is a student... You take it away, or I take it away?"

     "I'll take it away!"

     Xia Houye said, looking at Ji Xiaomeng, and said solemnly, "Did Ji Hong find something?"

     If not, how could he let his daughter focus on Li Minyu?

     To be honest, Xia Houye doesn't know at all, Li Minyu is related to the blue sky.

     Also, Ji Hong knew it, but didn't even say, this guy What are you thinking about ne?

     Ji Xiaomeng pitifully said: "Grandpa Xia, I don't know, how about you seal up my memory, and then let my father keep it secret, don't kill me, okay?"

     Master Xiahou has a headache, so hesitate.

     Ji Hong belonged to the Xia family...well, when the sun and moon came, the Xia family had no control over Ji Hong, and was too lazy to control it.

     You have to talk to Ji Hong about this matter.

     So many people died in one day, so you have to find a good reason, a good excuse...He just thought, Su Yu calmly said: "What to do, I can't control the Daxia Mansion! Palace Lord, I want to make some videos public. I don't want certain people to be promoted as heroes, saying that it is to destroy the patriarchal religion And die!"

     He looked at Master Xiahou, if you dare to do this, I would dare to make the video public and slap your Xia family in the face!

     It's not that the Xia family can't do this!

     In other words, those in power may do so.

     In order to maintain peace in the territory, in order to stabilize the remaining strong single gods, in order to make the Daxia Mansion no longer turbulent, in order to prevent the public from knowing, they very possibly might propagate this way!

     These people all died in order to fight and fight with the religion of ten thousand races!

      the country prospers, the people at peace!

     As for the high-level knowledge, that is a high-level business.

     But Su Yu didn't want it!

     He wants to make it public, and he wants to spurned by all the Shan Shenwen series!

     Master Xiahou condensed his eyebrows, "The remaining people may not be your enemies. If you do this, the single gods of the whole world will hate you!"

     Your enemies, almost all killed this time!

     This matter, high-level officials will naturally receive news, why the trouble is known everywhere.

     Su Yu ignored him and looked at Zhu Tiandao, "Palace Master, can I make it public?"

     Zhu Tiandao also has a toothache, thought a bit then said: "Cut out some of the things that are not suitable for the public, and the others are free..."

     "Zhu Tiandao!"

     Xia Houye shouted in a low voice: "As a result, the people's heart is turbulent, everyone sees the inside of the human environment, it is so messy, you, thus, will make the whole human environment turbulent!"

     He that's right, the truth!Nowadays, a large number of people feel that human beings are one-hearted, human beings are one-hearted, to defend against foreign enemies!

     Therefore, the people of Daxia Mansion are strong and there are countless soldiers.

     But once this video goes out, it will collapse the faith of countless people!

     Zhu Tiandao shrugged, "Without destruction there can be no construction, what's up to me! Daxia Mansion is serious here, and my Daming Mansion is okay. The civilized teachers of my Daming Mansion are wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject. This generation, the whole government knows, what is my business!"


     Daming Mansion knows that our civilized masters like wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject. This is your Daxia Mansion, it has something to do with me?


     Master Xiahou is also as big as a cow!

     If this matter has been spread, Daxia Mansion will be subject to great fluctuations.

     At this moment, someone coldly said: "Second Uncle, bring someone back and spread it, it doesn't matter! Daxia Mansion also needs a baptism!"

     The next moment, the sound disappeared.

     Zhu Tiandao raised his eyebrows, and Master Xiahou sighed and stopped talking.

     Xia Longwu!

     His voice is here!

     Su Yu also narrowed his eyebrows slightly, Xia Longwu... Is he going to let him spread these videos?

      What does it mean?

     He thought Daxia Mansion would firmly oppose it.

     Master Xia Hou said no more, hand grasps, grabbing some people into his hands and disappearing instantly on the spot.

     "Su Yu, Daxia Mansion...you are welcome to come back at any time! Some things are not what you think, Daxia Mansion... also has the difficulties of Daxia Mansion."

     "Su Yu understands!"

     Su Yu said, "Look at Lord Hou, don't forget what you promised me before!"

     "Hey, it will!"Xiahouye's voice disappeared, unspeakably regretful.

     And Zhu Tiandao, when he walks, the next moment, face light up with delight, looking at Su Yu, smiling teeth are revealed!

     "Last time I said about my granddaughter, you didn't agree. I won't mention my granddaughter this time. I have a daughter who is not too old..."


     Quartet is quiet.

     Some people haven't left yet!

     Damn it!

     At this moment, these people are also a look of sluggishness, do you... need this?

     Lord of Daming Mansion!

     Su Yu also looked speechless, and said after a long while: "Palace Master, that...... Am I exposed too much this time?"

     "It's okay!"

     Zhu Tiandao didn’t take it seriously, "Your chance is yours, but... ahem, you can share some with others appropriately. It will benefit you and exchange benefits. If it doesn’t work, if you enter Zhu’s family, yours is ours. , The same, right?"


     Zhu Tiandao didn't care too much, and forced to give. If it's not good, he might not give it all.

     When you become Zhu's family, your own family, can you not give it?

     You gave birth to a son and daughter, can't you pass it down?

     We cultivators, can afford to wait, live long, what I can see in my lifetime, what are you afraid of!

     When you arrive at Daming Mansion, do you still want to run?

     The young one, can you still love women?

     It’s a big deal, I’ll give birth to a few more people. Anyway, they are all cultivators. If you live long, you can always give birth to one you like, right?

     When the time comes, you Su Yu's, that's my Zhu family's!

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and didn't care, he entered the Daming Mansion, it was the Zhu family!
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