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276 Daxia Fengyun (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

December 30.

     Anping calendar 350 years, the last day.

     Everything that happened in Daming Mansion, everything that happened in Xingluo Mountain, had been completely spread.

     Next to the top 100 building.

     Wu Jia was angry, disappointed, desperate, frustrated, and his emotions were close to collapse. The scenes of the falling stars were played again and again.

     She has a hoarse voice, roaring, roaring!

     "Don't Daxia Mansion give me an explanation to my junior brother?"

     "Doesn't Daxia Civilization Academy give me an explanation to my younger brother?"

     "You just forced him away, let him to leave one's native place, esp. against one's will, let him homeless and miserable?"

     "Sunyue killed him, Shanhai killed him, how can my junior apologize to you?"

     Wu Jia shouted oneself hoarse, her voice hoarse, and she still shouted: "He is nurturing, and the method he deduced is not hidden at all. I gave it to the Xia family. Is that what the Xia family did to him?"

     "He also gave the Soul Devouring Art to the Xia Family, and even Wen Jue to the Xia Family, did the Xia Family ignore everything like this?"

     "Xingluoshan's ambush, that many people, so many traitors, no one in Daxia Mansion found it?"

     She roared, roared!

     Junior brother is gone!

     A person, going south alone, to leave one's native place, esp. against one's will, left the Daxia Mansion where he had lived for 18 years, abandoning relatives, friends, teachers, and going to another country.

     Daming Mansion... That is yet another Grand Mansion.

     A government is separated, a world is separated, and a country is separated.

     In Daxia Mansion, how many people will talk about Daming Mansion?

     Now, the younger brother left alone.She saw Junior Brother behead Zhou Pingsheng, she saw Junior Brother vomit blood, and saw him being chased by the Mountain Sea God Rune. Of course, Li Minyu didn't see it behind his sword.

     At this moment, Wu Jia was angry, desperate, painful, and screamed: "This huge Daxia Mansion, no one is the master for us? My junior's father is still on the front line of the Demon Squad, fighting the enemy, you exactly like this to him Is it?"

     "Is the Daxia Mansion really corrupted to this step?"

     "Then our belief is anything else?"

     "still there?"

     Wu Jia shouted, all around, countless students and instructors gathered, no one said a word, and bowed his head in shame.

     The single-to-many dispute has actually developed to this point.

     Several elders, even Governor Sun and Moon, personally came forward to kill Su Yu, and also colluded with the guardians of the ten thousand races. If it weren't for the palace master of the Daming Mansion, killing all those people, it would be a great joke.

     Su Yu was killed by Human Race!

     "Don't you be ashamed of practicing the Harmony Method?"

     Wu Jia screamed sternly, "Why did no one say anything about the same-tier dispute? Zhou Pingsheng and these people took action personally, and Yu Hong and other traitors colluded with ten thousand clan religions, why no one mentions it now?

     "It's been one day period, why doesn't Daxia Mansion have any movement?"

     "He Zhou Mingren is a half-step sun and moon, he is extremely important with a single line of divine writing, should I die if I have multiple lines of divine writing?"

     Wu Jia's tears couldn't stop dripping, "Why no one came forward! No one said that this is not compliant!"

     "Can you even be okay with colluding with ten thousand ethnic religions?"

     "If so...then I will vote for this patriarch, sooner or later one day, I will retaliate against you, for sure..."She was crying and roaring.

     Who will decide for them?

     Who will be the master for the younger brother?

     Is it just because the younger brother is a person of polytheistic literature?

     In this way, can you ignore all the credits of the younger brother?

     In the audience, someone said solemnly: "Sister Wu, don't talk nonsense about this! You won't be talked about by people and get revenge! This Daxia Palace will inevitably give us an explanation and the entire Daxia Palace!"

     A strong Lingyun yelled coldly: "Naturally give it! The struggle between odds and many, that is infighting, that is competition, not regardless of costs, kill geniuses, if you dare to take action in the Sun and Moon realms, then kill it all. Up!"

     "Who has no family, and who has no descendants? Regardless of the rules, the sun and the moon kill the nurturing. You can kill today, and I can kill you tomorrow!"

     "Collaborating with 10,000 ethnic religions is even more die without regret!"


     The people of Daxia Mansion are sturdy, and it’s a matter of no concern to oneself.

     Anger is boiling!

     The Shan Shenwen series dare to do this. Is there still a bright time on this day?

     At this moment, outside the school gate, a large number of people gathered.

     The roar is loud!

     "Hand over criminal ringleader, main offender!"

     "Severely punish Shan Shenwen one series!"

     "Slay the traitor and return my majesty to Daxia!"

     "Civilized academies are banned, and civilized divisions will be dispatched to the army!"


     The entire Daxia Mansion was boiling and roaring at this moment.

     When someone organized a crowd to protest, the three major civilized universities were surrounded by angry crowds!The head of the Jiutian Academy has gone, the old man of the Taoist Academy has gone, and the old man of the Daxia Civilization Academy has also gone to many old men...

     These big men who set up on high colluded with the demons, killed geniuses, seized opportunities for geniuses, forced Su Yu to leave his hometown and did not dare to return to Daxia Mansion. This is a shame!

     Hundreds of years of battle!

     The Daxia Mansion fought for hundreds of years and killed countless sergeants. The Ten Thousand Clan Sect who had only been killed did not dare to rise up and preach in the Daxia Mansion.

     Today, faith has collapsed!

     They are killing people of ten thousand races, and high-level civilized teachers are colluding with those of ten thousand races!


     Turbulence within the institution.

     Outside the academy, Chen Hao hid in the crowd and shouted: "Seriously punish the mastermind behind the scenes!"

     "Children of heroes, kill if you say you want to kill them. My Daxia Mansion has a million soldiers fighting on the front line, but the rear is forced to go far away. Who dares to fight the heavens again?"

     "Is there no one in the Demon Suppression Army who is leading Su Yu?"

     "The Centurion Su Long is still fighting on the front line, does he know that Su Yu was forced to leave by ambush?"


     Loud roar, echoed by countless people, questioned and questioned again and again!

     About Su Yu's father, Su Long, was also mentioned.

     Veterans return!

     At the age of nearly 50, in the nine-fold realm, the Daxia Mansion called on a paper, and ignored his son who had not yet participated in the higher education examination, and went to the front!

     When he was young, he was fighting for Daxia Mansion, and when he was old, he was still fighting for Daxia Mansion.

     Now, his son was killed by his own people because of his talent!

     Where is the law of heaven?There are a million soldiers on the front line of the Daxia Mansion, but there are tens of millions of retired officers and soldiers and tens of thousands of armored soldiers in the rear!

     Today is Su Yu, who is tomorrow?

     Who would dare to fight for Daxia Mansion?

     In the crowd, some veterans, eyes were red, ignoring the persuasion of some old officers, and roared: "Where is the demon army? Where is Long Wuwei? Raised the Daxia Civilization Academy, razed the nine days and asked! "


     "Don't kill criminal ringleader, main offender, don't kill the main offender, you must not agree to it!"

     A group of old people, ripped off their shirts, riddled with scars, roared: "We are fighting for the Great Xia Mansion and the heavens for the human race. We have no back injuries and never take a step back!"

     "Now that our descendants have suffered this injustice, where is the Lord?"

     "Is this the way of raising soldiers that Daxia Mansion has inherited for more than 300 years?"

     "In the past, I was proud of Daxia Mansion. Today, I am ashamed of it!"


     There was a cry of blood and roar, and the veterans tore their clothes, riddled with scars.


     Extreme anger!

     We are fighting on the front line, just to hope that Daxia Mansion is better, that future generations can live a good life, and that this human race is stronger!

     Today, the descendants are in the rear, but they have been ambushed by countless strong men.

     Is this still Daxia Palace?

     "Where is the Lord!"

     The veterans shouted, shouted, shouted Xia Longwu!

     They want an explanation!

     Thousands of soldiers must give an account.

     Ahead, someone yelled: "Master Xiahou has already come forward to explain..."

     "Let him go!"Some veterans roared, "We want General Xia Long to come forward! We want King Daxia to come forward! In the past, Daxia Mansion was peaceful and comfortable. Today, Xia Xiaoer comes to power, and Daxia Mansion will fall!"

     "Has Xia Xiaoer led soldiers? Has he ever fought?"

     "Jackals of the same tribe!"

     "Where is the Lord!"


     They didn't listen, they pushed all their faults on Xiahouye. Xia Longwu was not like this when he was there. Why is it so now?

     Xia Longwu conquered the heavens, and the slain patriarch did not dare to raise his head. Why did this happen?

     Will Xia Xiaoer govern the world?

     At this moment, everyone is angry, Daxia Mansion's persistence, faith, belief, all split up and in pieces this time!


     City Lord's Mansion.

     That huge roar and roar came into the mansion again and again.

     Palace Lord's Hall.

     There are a lot of strong people, and Lord Xiahou lives high in the hall, not say a word.

     Xia Xiaoer...

     It turns out that no one knows, but everyone doesn't talk about it.

     Master Xiahou smiled, leaning on the huge seat, not say a word.

     Below, there are more and more strong people.

     Shanhai Council!

     This is a mountain and sea-level assembly, senior government officials of various universities, mountains and seas of various departments, mountains and seas of the military, mountains and seas of all parties...Anything that can come will come.

     50 people, 60 people...100 people, 200 people...

     Much inconceivable!

     This is Daxia Mansion!

     The top three powerful cities!

     When the old Tianma and the old mountain antelope walked in, they trembled and frightened!

     This is the strength of Daxia Mansion?And the other each clans who walked into the clans, were also splitting their liver and gallbladder!

     The earth-shaking breath is impacting everyone.

     The Sun Moon Realm is here too!

     General Zhao, General Hu, Director of Discipline, Commander of Dark Guard, General of the Mansion, Old Lady of Wu Family...

      one after another The strong come.

     Xia Yunqi, Hu Ping, Zhao Mingyue...These people have also arrived.

     Saint Wan Tian, Zheng Ping, these people have stood in the front a long time ago.

      one after another strong!

      very many very many!

     Some were complexion turned white, some had a miserable face, some were extremely angry, and a few military powerhouses were already angry enough to kill people at this moment. They stared at those powerhouses with single divine writing, wishing to tear them apart!

     In Daxia Mansion, there are millions of soldiers on the front line!

     The reserve forces in the rear are even more numerous!

     This matter is completely upset. Once the military's mind is turbulent, if you encounter it at this moment in Daxia Mansion, there will be a big problem!


     Soon, outside the hall, a strong mountain and sea came in, knelt down on one knee, and said loudly: "Hou Ye, Zhou Mingren, Hong Tan... a total of 16 Shanhai, unable to come, are in retreat!"

     The 16 Shanhai are still in retreat, unable to leave.

     Master Xiahou tapped the seat lightly, and there was a clanging sound, smiled and said: "It doesn't matter if you close the door, you can't come, you can't force it."

     At the next moment, someone will report again, "Give Lord Hou, the ambassadors of the Dazhou Mansion, the Dashang Mansion, and the Daming Mansion are here!"


     Xia Houye smiled and said: "It has become a joke of the heavens, it doesn't matter, go on, and all watch the fun, there’s no problem!"He smiled brilliantly. Below, a strong man is heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     Daxia Mansion is a super big somersault this time!

     Su Yu alone, a pair of images, caused the entire Daxia Mansion to fluctuate, even involving hundreds of millions of people and soldiers.

     Today, the soldiers are so angry that all civilized divisions are involved.

     To close the three strongest civilized universities!

     Level the universities!

     This is appalling.

     "Report, report to Lord Hou, seek out the realm, the messenger of the Temple of War, see you!"


     Master Xiahou smiled, "Go on! Is there anyone else coming? Is there anyone from Ten Thousand Races? Are we people, isn't the relationship between someone and Ten Thousand Races is good? Summon a few, and come together!"


     No one said anything.

     These words, Zhu Xin!

     After a while, the messengers from the big mansion, the envoys from the search for the realm, and the messengers from the Temple of War came.

     "Find a place to stay and watch the excitement, all watching."

     Master Xiahou smiled, looking down, there are countless strong men.

     This is Daxia Mansion!

     In terms of strength, the two Daming Palaces may not be comparable.

     At this moment, another person entered the door without saying a word. He found a place to stand, holding his arms, and coldly looking around.

     Zhao Li!

     Master Xiahou smiled and didn't care. The descendants of the four generations, the top casters, were qualified to come even though they were not mountains and seas.

     Before long, another person entered the door, and the breath broke through the mountains and seas immediately after entering the door!

     Chen Yong!Easy to enter the mountains and seas, not say a word, as if it was just eating and drinking water. I found a place to stand without saying a word.

     Master Xiahou remained silent, still waiting for something.

     After a while, someone came.

     This time, not one person, but a group of people.

     There are mountains and seas and Lingyun.

     Mr. Huang, these people did not come alone, but came together. Not only did they come, they also followed an incomparable gigantic monster.

     The monster's breath shook the sky.

     The next moment, regaining his human form, a white-haired old man crouched on his back, but his aura was still strong, even overpowering General Zhao, who was in the Sun and Moon realm.

     "Second generation mount!"

     Someone sent a message, shocked, the second-generation mount is still alive, and is now in the neutral system. Today, the neutral system even invited him out. This one hasn't shown up for a long time.

     The sun and the moon are seven!

     The real top powerhouse, the top pillar of the Daxia Civilization Academy!

     The mount left by the second generation!

     Ahead, Wan Tian Sheng bowed slightly, the old man ignored him, stepped forward, and walked to the front, lightly coughed, "I have seen Lord Hou, the old man is harassing!"

     "You're welcome!"

     Master Xiahou smiled and said, "Even you are out of the mountain. Today is really lively!"

     "Have to come."

     The old man lowered his head, bent over, and coughed again.

     Many elders from the Neutral Department personally came to ask him to come out and preside over justice, so he came out.

     The old man didn't say much. The old Sun Ge glanced at the crowd behind him and smiled. At this moment, the old Sun Ge was already extremely pale.Want a big incident occured!

     "Are you all here now?"

     Master Xiahou smiled and said, "Well, that's this thing. Everyone probably knows and saw it. You probably heard the voices from the outside. You want me to say that this is not a big deal. Su Yu, this guy, is petting. Pride, dare to release this image, damn it! Today, soldiers entered the Daming Mansion, captured Su Yu, killed Zhu Tiandao, load of hogwash, dare to slander my Daxia Mansion, this matter is resolved!"

     "Zhu Tiandao is also reckless. Without our consent, he killed the Chief Jin of the Sun-Moon realm, and the few elders in Hong, reckless, it should be killed, it should be punished, it should be destroyed!"

     "It just so happened that everyone was there, let's go, we will enter the Daming Mansion together, kill Su Yu, and destroy Zhu Tiandao, probably no one will talk about this!"


     No one said anything.

     Xia Houye smiled and said: "What happened? My Daxia Mansion is the best at war, to be honest, the small Daming Mansion, pointed by the soldiers, broke through in one day, grabbed him Zhu Tiandao, cut his head, he How could King Da Ming? My father, King Da Xia, could also take action and cut him off, how could it not be happy!"


     Xia Houye smiled again: "What happened? Why don't you say anything? The little one, Su Yu, is what thing! He is also worthy to slander our mountains, seas, and the sun? He dare to spread rumors, so that people don't kill, so why keep it? "

     "My Daxia Mansion has been inherited for hundreds of years, so should I apologize for Su Yu and explain to him Su Yu?"

     "Is he worthy?"

     Master Xiahou laughed and said, "This guy spreads rumors and slanders, turbulent people, he should be killed! He is taught by ten thousand races, I say that, does anyone have an opinion?"

     "...""Is this no one has an opinion?"

     "Sun Xiang, Wang Tong, Qian He...you guys, now, gather your hands to capture Su Yu. I will be in the Pit of Ten Thousand Clan and have his head beheaded!"

     The few people who were named trembled and dared not say anything.

     "What happened?"

     Master Xiahou smiled and said: "Several Shanhai, can't do this trivial matter? He Su Yu can only kill Lingyun, but can also kill Shanhai? Daming Mansion dares to intervene, we are all here, kill them, what are you afraid of!"


     At this moment, Manager Hu whispered: "Master Hou, let's talk about business. This is no small thing. Now all the messengers of the government and the Two Great Sacred Grounds are here, Master Hou should talk about business."

     Xia Houye smiled, looked at the envoy of seeking realm, and said with a smile: "Zhou Yun, did you hear the voice of the outside world? Banning major civilized institutions, what do you say about seeking realm?"

     "Master Hou..."

     This messenger said solemnly at this moment: "It's just that a few people make mistakes, not everyone is wrong, how can we make a general statement!"

     "Don't fart!"

     Master Xiahou leaned on the chair and said, "It's useless to say anything! It's just a waste to ask you to be a messenger! You and the two guys from the Great Zhou Mansion just shut up, don't do business every day, there is a lot of shit. ."

     "Master Hou..."

     Xia Houye said calmly: "Let you shut up and didn't hear? Jin Yuhui has a close relationship with you. I suspect that you are the main messenger. Come, pull down, cut off your head, and use the envoy of seeking realm to sacrifice the flag to comfort the people. ! Express the sincerity of Daxia Mansion!"


     No one moved.

     Xia Houye said lightly: "I speak, it doesn't work?"Zhou Yun thought he was joking, the next moment he was shocked!

     A Sunyue came in, grabbed him directly, grabbed him and walked out.

     "Master Hou... Master Xiahou, you..."

     Master Xiahou calmly said: "Go, kill them in front of the people, just say that the Xia family will deal with them one by one, first kill the mountains and seas, let them calm down, and say that this is one of the main messengers, go!"


     The sun-moon realm powerhouse walked out, then Zhou Yun, his expression completely changed, and shouted violently: "Dare you, I am..."


      a loud sound, the strong man in the sun and moon realm, he vomited blood with one palm.

     In the audience, the strong from all quarters are afraid!

     "Master Hou, this..."

     The others were also stunned!

     Master Xia Hou said indifferently: "The affairs of the Xia family, take your time and solve it a little bit. This guy has long seen him displeased. He is provoking What the hell. I really don’t have any evidence? I’m not happy when I'm asking for it. Let them go to my father. Let’s talk! Let’s live a little better, and I’m not sure who is next!"


     It didn't take long.

     On a huge square, the strong sun and moon sounded everywhere, and a huge screen appeared, all around, all people, and there were also people on the screen, people from 28 cities!

     "Master Xiahou ordered Zhou Yun, the envoy of the search for the realm, and the Seven Seas of Mountains, behind the scenes, encouraged Jin Yuhui to rebel. The evidence is conclusive and decisive! Killing him to sacrifice the flag, Daxia Mansion will not ignore it, but there is a minor generation, secretly destroying, Collaborate with the religions of the ten thousand races, ruin people's hearts, cut them!"


     There was a muffled sound, and blood shot tens of meters tall!

     Head fall!At this moment, everything is silent.

     The next moment, the voice shook the sky: "Good to kill!"

     "Master Hou Yingming!"

     "I know that a bastard deliberately instigated my Daxia mansion to rebel, it should be killed!"

     "Beast, you should kill!"

     "I don't know what I'm looking for, I should ask for an explanation!"


     Countless people shout, scream, kill, kill well!

     The Xia family did not disappoint, so he used the Shanhai Seven-layer Sacrifice Sword as soon as he came.

     The sun and moon powerhouse said loudly: "This is just the beginning. In the past few years of the Xia family, the slaughter is too much. The tens of thousands of people who have killed are terrified. Unfortunately for the Xia Family, they want to make the Daxia Mansion unwilling to fight again. Taking advantage of the palace lord’s retreat and wanting to overthrow the Daxia Mansion, everything is vain. This time, the Xia Family will surely put things right!

     "The matter of Su Yu is not a trivial matter. Lord Xiahou has sent a letter to the Daming Mansion, thanking the Lord Zhu for his assistance. The matter of Su Yu, the Great Xia Mansion must have an explanation, everyone waits patiently. The Xia family has been in charge for 350 years. Disappointed?"

     Beginning with the beheading of a mountain and sea, these words quickly spread and won the approval of countless people.

     Who is the Daxia Mansion afraid of?

     Even the messenger seeking the realm was cut!

     The attitude of the Xia family, as you can well imagine, we are not afraid, whoever makes trouble or betrays you, the Xia family will kill!

     Killing ordinary people does not reflect the Xia family's determination!

     Killing the envoy of seeking realm, killing the envoy of the holy land, such big people are killed, how can the Xia family let go, indifferent, will inevitably give everyone an explanation!


     Palace Lord's Hall.The roar spread all over the hall and died.

     Was killed!

     be terrified!

     The messenger seeking the realm was really killed.

     Xiahouye calmly said: "The effect is good, I don't know if killing another Envoy of the God of War will make the Great Xia Mansion boil!"

     The messenger complexion blanches of the Temple of War hurriedly said: "Master Hou, I...I didn't do anything. I came to Daxia Mansion and everything obeyed Daxia Mansion, and I never overstepped the rules!"

     "Just kidding, am I that kind of person?"

     Master Xiahou smiled and looked at the envoy of the Great Zhou Mansion, "Then Zhou Yun, is it a member of the Zhou family?"


     "Does the Zhou family have anything to say?"

     "If Lord Hou has evidence, Zhou's family have nothing to say!"

     With a heavy face, the man raised his head and looked at Master Xiahou, "If there is no evidence, not only the Zhou family, but the world has something to say!"

     Master Xiahou smiled: "It makes sense!"

     "Come on, give him the evidence!"

     The next moment, someone walked in, took out a jade charm, and released some images, which were the images of Zhou Yun and some people contacting.

     "Su Yu's Aesthetic Method, and the highest version, it's best to get..."

     These are the words of Zhou Yun.

     Xia Houye waved his hand and wiped out the image directly, and smiled: "Is it enough? If it is not enough, I will take some more, but I can take out some more. I'm afraid some people will be afraid, are you afraid?"


     "Do you need me to put it again?"

     "Master Hou... Shengming!"

     This person didn't dare to say anything, and stepped back.Master Xiahou smiled and said lightly: "Don't kill a few mountains and seas, no, there is no way to quell the people's grievances! I don't want to, the Xia family is tolerant enough, and tolerant enough, but unfortunately, some people don't cherish it! Come, participate. The rebellious Elder Ge and the researcher Yi tribe ransacked their homes, killed their heads, and destroyed the clan! The tolerance of the Xia family is not consumed like this!"

     "Master Hou!"

     Someone hurriedly said: "calamity does not reach family ......"

     Master Xia Hou said lightly: "I used the resources of the Xia family, spent the funds of the Xia family, not doing business, colluding with the patriarchal religions, and killing talented students. Don't kill it now, keep it for the rebellion? Don't hate? Don't complain? "

     After that, he waved his hand and said: "Long Wuwei, go, ransack the family and exterminate the clan! Show it to the 28th city of Daxia Mansion, and show it to the major mansions of the Human Realm. The Xia Family treats traitors, what exactly is it means, what end!"


     A sun and the moon went out quickly, and outside, a large number of Dragon Wuwei dispatched.

     At this moment, a lot of people sweat all over the face, and many people are already in two wars!

     Master Xiahou smiled and said: "You are afraid? If you are afraid, you dare to rebel? Is my Xia family too tolerant of you? I know, many people are thinking that Xia Longwu is about to prove that you are not afraid of offending that many people...to be honest, afraid!"

     Master Xiahou laughed and said: "But even if you are afraid, you can't do this. This is to shake the foundation of my Daxia Mansion. You want my Xia family to perish!"Master Xiahou slapped the seat, banged, and shouted: "Don't take the tolerance of the Xia family as fear! As indulgence! Reckless! I tell you, tolerance and concession are limited! Longwu is not a big deal not to prove. After today, challenge the human world, Life and Death Battle, I would like to see, there are a few sun and moon that are not afraid of death!"

     "I have to force my Xia family to either the fish dies or the net splits, and fight you behind lord?"

     "What if there is an invincible platform!"

     "Which invincible wants to subvert my Xia family rule, subvert my Daxia Mansion, my Xia family knife, it is him!"

      a severe shout, resounding everywhere!

     Master Xiahou said coldly: "Come here, drag Sun Xiang out and beheaded!"

     "Master Hou!"

     Old Sun Ge was shocked, knelt down instantly, and said sternly: "Master Hou, this matter has nothing to do with me, and I did not participate! I admit, I admit that I knew this matter in advance, I was guilty, but I did not collude with all ethnic religions, no Take it, I just acquiesced, I am guilty, crime undeserved of death! Lord Hou!"

     "It's a crime undeserved of death..."

     Xia Houye nodded and quickly laughed: "But... now I need to kill a few guys with a few sacred writings to sacrifice the flag. It's you, Shanhai Qizhong, the position is high enough. Zhou Mingren remains in seclusion this time, he really doesn't know. Love, I can’t kill him if I want to, in that case... kill you, you must have an explanation, you can’t kill all outsiders, right?"

     "It just so happens that Yu Hong and the others are not far away, you can still catch up..."

     As soon as he finished speaking, Sun Xiang broke through the air and ran straight out of the hall.

     With a bang!

     Outside the door, a sun and moon blasted out with a punch, which severely wounded him to the ground.

     "Catch it out and kill it!"Xia Houye calmly said: "If you don't kill a few big fish, how can everyone calm down? How can the civilians be angry? I don't want to see blood. Someone pushes me. Who is dissatisfied, can stand up!"

     No one said anything.

     Outside, Sun Xiang was arrested and went out. After a while, a shocking voice came!

      afford general satisfaction!

     Kill another mountain and sea!

     Xia Houye looked at the Saint Wantian and said lightly: "The imperial ruler of Ten Thousand Palaces is not strict, the Great Xia Civilization Academy is in chaos, the old Ge rebels, the students flee, the Commander Wan, you retire, the temporary acting governor. In addition, after a hundred years of fines, Daxia Civilization Academy’s funding has been cut by 70%! The annual supply of military vacancies remains the same, and there is no resources. Grab, kill, and grab yourself!"


     Saint Wan Tian bowed his head, took a sentence, and said no more.

     "Jiutian Academy and the elders of the palace are all rebellious, thoroughly investigated, cut resources by 90%, supply vacated, one person less, disband Jiutian Academy!"

     "Asked Dao Academy, Wang Ming rebelled, and Chief Liu failed his responsibility and cut resources by 60%!"

     Xia Houye said sentence by sentence, every time, some mountains and seas changed color.

     "Insufficient resources, make up for yourself! No matter how you get them, I have to make up!"

     Master Xiahou said lightly: "The Xia family's nourishment for more than three hundred years is not for you to return like this! Go to the battlefields of the heavens, to kill the patriarchs, to destroy the wild monsters, to fight, to snatch... I don't care about it! Raising a bunch of trash, instead of raising some traitors, it is better to feed the dog, and the dog knows to be grateful!"

     "In addition, the Tianma tribe and the mountain antelope tribe have great merits, and the two tribes can gain millions of meritorious deeds. The Yunhu, the fox tribe, and the barbarian cow rebelled. Long Wuwei sent troops to destroy the tribe!""The other ten thousand races, if you want to form an alliance, then be more steadfast. My Xia family will not treat allies badly or treat enemies kindly!"

     "The whole government has a single divine literature and one department. Regardless of the students and teachers, all resources are reduced by 30%. This is the evil of Jin Yuhui and Yu Hong. Whether you hate me or hate them, you can wash away this shame yourself! The students accumulate 300 merit points. , Lift the limit, vacate 1,000 points, 3,000 points above the clouds, 10,000 points in the mountains and seas, and the accumulated merits can be lifted!"

     "In addition, carefully check the three major civilized institutions, and then check out a few patrons. The patrons who participated in the war last time at the 18th Middle School are the main targets. Most of the betrayers this time are the patrons who participated in the war last time. I will investigate thoroughly, You these people, be good, be honest, and forget it, if there is a problem, cut it!"

     Master Xiahou smiled and said, "Tolerance also has a bottom line! Don't provoke the Xia family again and again! The envoy of the Great Zhou Mansion obeyed!"

     "Master Hou made it clear..."

     "Go back and tell Zhou Polong that this matter has nothing to do with him, and hand in a few mountains and seas to kill the Xia family, so as not to be ugly, whether you catch them yourself or the Zhou family, take a few out and let Daxia House. People calm down!"

     Everyone was stunned!

     Xia Houye smiled lightly: "That's it, give me an answer within three days, no answer, Long Wu made an appointment to fight Zhou Polong, he is not afraid of death, then go to war, afraid of death, then hand over a few people, I know, he can Hand it over!"

     After that, he got up and said as he walked: "Finally, Su Yu's father, Su Long, was promoted to commander, 10 drops of blood from the gods and demons, if Su Long died, 10 people from Shanhai, Sun and Moon, 3 people from the Sun and Moon. just like this way, gone!"

     There was laughter, and Grandpa Xiahou had disappeared.In the audience, everyone was speechless for a long time!

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