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278 Su Yu Enters The House (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After chatting with Director Hou a few words, Su Yu felt happy.

     For the New Year's Eve, there is someone speaking with me, and my mood is much better.

     Although I have a little bit of confidence in Daming Mansion..., but I think that Zhu Tiandao is also in Daming Mansion, or Sun Moon Nine Layers, is also a civilized teacher, is it also very powerful to kill people?

     What's the matter!

     It can only be said that there are some salted fish in Daming Mansion, not all salted fish. The Director Hou is also the sun and the moon, shouldn't it be quite good?

     Director Hou chatted with him for a while, and then said: "Su Yu, you don't actually need to go to the government office. It's the same to get a research institute for yourself."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Forget it, it's not convenient to do it privately. Besides, I actually lack a lot of things, so I still have to study."

     This is the truth.

     Su Yu doesn't feel that he knows everything now, he is still far behind. Others don't say that students like Hu Qiusheng in Daxia Mansion have much more knowledge than Su Yu.

     Director Hou also laughed when Su Yu said so.

     fair enough.

     Soon, he said again: "Do you want me to take you to Tiandu Mansion now, maybe you can see the prosperity of Tiandu Mansion."

     "Forget it."

     Su Yu shook his head and smiled: "Come over slowly. By the way, you can also familiarize yourself with Daming Mansion. If the director wants to go back, he can go back. Really, in Daming Mansion, who dares to provoke me now? What about monsters."

     Director Hou didn't answer the conversation, you didn't go to Tiandu Mansion, I'll go ass.

     If you go back, the palace lord will not kill me if something goes wrong on your way.Since Su Yu was not interested in going to Tiandu Mansion now, Director Hou didn't mind chatting with him, and quickly said: "I don't want to talk about civilized divisions. We are also aware of some problems. In terms of combat strength, the civilized divisions of Daming Mansion are not Dominate."

     "Of course, there are many types of civilized teachers in Daming Mansion, which is incomparable in Daxia Mansion. In Daxia Mansion, divine and literary teachers are the mainstream, and there are few other factions."

     Su Yu nodded, this is true.

     In Daxia Mansion, whether it is single or polytheistic, they all play a leading role in different periods. Other factions such as tame animals and cast soldiers are subordinate.

     Director Hou smiled and said: "Don't you think that King Daming is a civilized division. Our fighters in Daming Mansion are weak. On the contrary, there are more types of civilized divisions, more theories involved, and more factions, so our fighters are stronger! "

     "In Daming Mansion, there are three extremely powerful legions."

     "Ranked first's, Ming cavalry!"

     Su Yu nodded, "I heard that the army riding on monsters and beasts is a cavalry, not many in number, but it is extremely powerful. In the battlefields of the heavens, it is also a front-line army, rumored to be able to compete with Dragon Wuwei. "

     "Long Wuwei?" Director Hou shook his head and said, "If you are talking about Long Wuwei's Mingwei, then you are looking for death against the Da Ming Iron Cavalry. Long Wuwei is the strongest dark guard, and there are many dark guards. Tengkong is almost the beginning, that is the elite of Daxia Mansion."

     Su Yu nodded again, he still does not know the dark guard before, and he didn't know it not long ago.

     Xia Wen Xiawu is actually a manpower of the dark guard, very strong, mountain and sea.

     The old man of the Sun and Moon in Nan Yuan was also a strong dark guard."I have a small number of Ming cavalry, only 5,000 people, flying into the air as a pawn, Ling Yun as a centurion, a thousand captains of mountains and seas, set up three generals, the sun and the moon! Fully armed, armor, weapons, magic runes, The pill and mount equipment are all first-class!"

     Su Yu said in shock: "5000 vacated?"


     Director Hou proudly said: "This is a force comparable to Longwu's hidden guards, and it is also the accumulation of the Daming Mansion for more than 300 years. To be honest, in the army of warriors, the ranking is also the forefront of existence, not weaker than Longwu. Wei is not weaker than Da Qin’s Iron Eagle Guard."

     At this moment, he finally had a chance to show off, and he smiled and said: "Lieutenant generals, everyone is equipped with mounts, based on the one-horned Taurus, charge into battle, triumph in every battle!"

     "One-horned Taurus?"

     Su Yu glanced at the stupid cow who was eating on the side. The mountain cow quickly raised her head, a little innocent, and quickly said: "There are many cows, one-horned Taurus, I know, the long horns are sharp, the charge is first-rate, but the ranking does not count. High, really want to divide, ranking in the top 1000."

     This is also very good!

     Su Yu is somewhat astonished, and in Daxia Mansion, he really didn't pay much attention to it.

     There is actually such a cavalry in Daming Mansion!

     Director Hou was proud, and smiled: "This is the first, elite corps! Second, the conventional army, the heavenly army..."

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, Director Hou lightly coughed, and whispered: "The name changed decades ago, doesn’t Daxia Mansion have Longwuwei? The Xia Mansion is accompanied by Longwuwei, and our mansion is also important The face..."

     understood!Seeing that Xia Longwu changed his name, he changed his name. The Heavenly Dao Army can be regarded as the existence of the Suppression Demon Army.

     "There are also a lot of heavenly soldiers, 500,000 soldiers, regular military equipment, and it is considered a second-rate top army. If there is not much difference between the strength and the Demon Suppression Army, but the fighting spirit is slightly worse, so the Demon Suppression Army is generally regarded as a first-class army now. "

     "Third, the Ming Army, that is, the government army, the number is quite large, 500,000. Like the Heavenly Dao Army, the government army is stationed in the Daming Palace. It is equipped with conventional services and has less fighting spirit, but the equipment is top-notch!"

     He said several times that the fighting spirit is a little bit worse, and Su Yu couldn't help but say: "Director, the fighting spirit is poor... isn't the Daming Palace fighters weak?"

     "It's not a bad fighting spirit..." Director Hou said not so well. He thought about it and said: "It's more... relying on foreign objects to fight true blade and true spear. There is always a little futility. Our Daming Mansion is a bit criticized. Before the battle, the civilized division of Daming Mansion will give out a lot of everything in disorder to the military..."

     Director Hou smiled bitterly: "Just say that in the first battle three years ago, the Heavenly Dao Army encountered a protoss ten thousand guards. At that time, the two sides fought fiercely, but the civilized division of the garrison did not know where to turn out something. , Released hundreds of millions of flying insects, almost swallowing both sides, the two armies of trouble fled one after another, until now there is still a dead place, countless flying insects swallowing everything, are sweeping the battlefield of the heavens, I heard that there are invincible Go to deal with..."

     Very helpless.

     Director Hou was also speechless. The Daming Mansion was not weak, but his opponents had a headache after the war, and Daming Mansion himself also had a headache. Some civilized divisions in the garrison would often do strange things.For example, the bug was almost swallowed up by the Heavenly Dao Army, and it didn't distinguish between the enemy and the enemy.

     Su Yu did not say anything, the three strong troops, Comprehensive Strength Evaluation is not weak, that is, the fighting spirit is not strong.

     When fighting, I prefer to rely on foreign objects and wait for the civilized master to bring out the treasure to fight.

     "Does the Daming Mansion have many enemies on the battlefield of the heavens?"

     "This..." Director Hou thought for a while and said: "It's hard to say that the battlefields of the heavens are rather chaotic. You can roughly divide them into four major war zones, East, South, West, and North. The Terrans are stationed in the Eastern War Zone, and the Protoss In the Western War Zone, the demons are in the Southern War Zone, and the immortals occupy the Northern War Zone..."

     "Of course, this is a general division, and each other clans is mixed in these war zones."

     "Fighting in the battlefields of the heavens generally has three purposes. First, destroy the enemy! Second, find the ruins! Third, invade the tribe!"

     The first one knew, and the second Su Yu was somewhat surprised, "There are relics in the battlefield of the heavens?"

     "Xingyu Mansion is, do you know this?"

      He smiled and quickly said: "As for the third one, it's very simple. Some small clans sometimes make mistakes and open the way to the battlefields of the heavens. Once they are discovered, strong clans will invade, although These small races generally have restrictive and suppressive forces, but they have little effect."

     Director Hou explained: "For example, some small clans occupy a realm, but in this realm, the strongest is only the mountain and sea realm. The sun and the moon of the gods and demons race in, and they are all suppressed to the mountain and sea, so what? "

     You are not strong enough, I suppressed, I still do you!

     Easy to win!"These small worlds often have some rare treasures, and even some people will directly refining a world. Therefore, in the battlefield of the heavens, once those small people are discovered, even if you close the passage, they may be breached. Invasion, so in the battlefield of the heavens, the ordinary small clans will depend on some strong clans, pay annual contributions, and pay tribute to the big strong clans!"

     Su Yu silent for a while said: "Is Human Race too?"

     "Yes, Human Race will also invade some small realms."

     Director Hou smiled faintly: "Otherwise how to maintain the expenditure of these countless troops? Killing alone is not enough! The big houses have invaded some small circles..."

     With this, Shadow opened his mouth and said: "It’s like this. In the past, my Shadow Realm had been invaded, but my Shadow Realm was strong, and my suppressive force was strong. The demons lost 3 Sun-Moon Realm, one Invincible offensive, repelled by our clan, and then recognized the independent status of the shadow world."

     "Isn't the Shadow Race a top 100 race?"

     Su Yu asked: "Does anyone dare to invade?"

     Shadow faintly said: "Top 100... is actually a collective term. Generally, Invincible King sits and is regarded as a top 100 race. Even if it is ranked in the top 100, it is considered to be invincible. Only Shadow Ancestor is invincible. , Not strong among the top 100..."

     So people dare to invade!

     It's not your human race, more than 300 years ago, so many invincibles suddenly appeared, and the invading races were almost beaten.Director Hou smiled and explained: "On the battlefield of the heavens, races with invincible existence can generally be independent. Even if the strong races of gods and demons, including human races, are invincible, they can invade the world and suppress Powerful ones can generally hold you down a rank."

     "Invincible entered, and it was also suppressed into the sun and the moon. An invincible person sits in town. You must at least let 10 invincibles attack, be suppressed into the sun and the moon and besiege you before you can hope to capture it. It is not worth it, and the loss is too great. ."

     Therefore, invincible races are strong races.

     People's strength is not as good as you, you can return to this world, you can attack 10 times the price, not worthwhile.

     "The Human Race..."

     Su Yu frowned and said: "There are so many invincible human races, even if there is no suppressing power, the other party will lose a lot, why do you have to keep staring at the human race?

     "This may be related to some ancient rumors. In addition, some relics of the human environment, including some inheritance, are also coveted by major races."

     Director Hou explained: "Do you covet it if you can give birth to dozens of invincible ruins at one time?"

     "Not coveted."


     Director Hou is speechless, don't speak if you can't speak.

     "The relics of the human environment have definitely not been developed. Some powerful relics may not have been revealed so far. At this point, you say that the strong are not coveted. Circumstances are normal."

     "In addition, it is said that there's some left special things in the human environment have a lot of temptation to the strong races of gods and demons, so these years, they have been staring at us."Su Yu nodded, thought for a while, and asked: "I have always been curious about one thing, Chief, is there any oppressive power for our human race to go to other realms?"

     If other people are not in the human realm, how can the human race go to other realms?

     "That's why another human race was attacked, no."

     Director Hou smiled and said: "The human race is special and the human realm is also special, so this has also become an important reason for other races to fear us and suppress us. If your human realm enters other realms, there is no suppressing power. I don’t Suppress your human race, isn't your human race dominated by the heavens?"

     Shaking his head and sighing, Director Hou said helplessly: "Human race loves peace, and will not easily attack other big races, why bother!"



     At this moment, Su Yu somewhat understood the reason why the gods and demons race could win over many allies.

     Damn it!

     Your human race is invincible into other realms, or invincible. Doesn't this make those top 100 races worry?

     I must be worried!

     The gods and demons have come to kill, one for 10, people dare not.

     Your human race is here, one on one is fine!

     That will not destroy your human race!

     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Are most of the top 100 races now are ours enemies?"


     Director Hou smiled and said: "There is no way, we don't want it, but Humans are inherently special, so what can be done to destroy Humans? Therefore, many big houses now behave kindly, lest others think we want to invade. Daxia Mansion has fought so hard, can you not be targeted? A mansion that is too aggressive is easy to be targeted."Until today, Su Yu didn't understand how terrified the Human Race was!

     No wonder, ten thousand races often cooperate and do not give the human race the birth of invincibility.

     Everything comes from fear!

     The Terran also has allies, but there are generally invincibles, and they are unwilling to ally with the Terran. Without them, the Terran has enough deterrence and suppression power against them, which will make these invincible races worry.

     Powerful gods and demons are powerful, and the key is that they are not willing to replace you with 10 invincibles.

     For Terran, you don’t need 10, you will be in trouble if you enter two!


     Director Hou talked with Su Yu for a long time.

     Talking about Daming Mansion, talking about the human realm, talking about the battlefield of the heavens, and talking about other great realms.

     He has been to many places. Director Hou is actually very old. He looks young. There are not many other people in the Daming Mansion, and there are many old people. Many strong people who opened the mansion with King Daming are still alive.

     But Daxia Mansion is different. For many years, there are many powerful new generations.

     The strong men of the older generation have died many battles.

     Daming Mansion, Chief Hou, Chief Niu, including some other sun and moon, were mostly born in the early days of the opening of the mansion. In the past few decades, no strong people have been born.

     It’s nice to say it, it has a deep background, but it’s hard to say, yellow does not reach green.

     In fact, Daxia Mansion is also true, but the so-called yellow does not reach green in Daxia Mansion refers to the new generation, the real new generation, such as those under the age of 50, while in Daming Mansion, it has to be extended for 50 years. Count the new generation strong.


     On the last night of the 350th anniversary of Anping, Su Yu spent chatting, rushing away a lot of homesickness.

     351, January 1.On this day, Su Yu set off again, heading towards the Tiandu Mansion.

     Regarding Su Yu, the Daxia Mansion, and the dispute between Shan and Duo, it also began to spread throughout the people.

     "Daxia Mansion is ruthless!"

     "Just yesterday, a large number of powerful people were killed, and a large number of people in the mountains and seas died..."

     "Tsk tsk, there are so many strong people in Daxia Mansion, so many kills, there are still a lot!"

     "I heard that Su Yu, came to Daming Mansion, this guy was also ruthless, and killed so many mountains, seas, sun and moon all at once..."

     "What is the sun and moon?"

     Some people were surprised. Some old people laughed and said gossiping: "The sky above the sky is the sky, and the sky above the sky is the mountains and the sea. Only by breaking the mountains and seas can you see the sun and the moon. The strong!"

     Like Su Yu back then, many young people have never seen anything in the world, and they don't know what Sun and Moon are.

     Of course, on the Daming Mansion side, Ling Yun and Shan Hai are generally clear. Unlike Su Yu, Nan Yuan is too remote and too weak.

     While walking on the road, Su Yu smiled as he listened to the discussion in his ear.

     The Xia family was ruthless.

     Of course, it wasn't for Su Yu, the Xia family had to thank Su Yu because Su Yu handed them a knife!

     Without Su Yu's reason, the Xia family wantonly beheaded those guys, I am afraid it will cause the whole human environment to reprimand and oppose!

     But now, because of the image, the entire Human Realm's single-shenwen series have shut up, no one speaks, even if there are some criticisms, they only talk secretly, no one publicly criticizes Daxia Palace.

     The killing was so ruthless, not many people said anything, this is not the style of a single god.Not to mention the single Shenwen first department, who dare to kill like this on weekdays, the entire civilized division field must rebel and oppose it!

     Now, Sun and Moon have betrayed, colluded with the Demon God, and there are more than a dozen mountains and seas who betrayed. Such a large-scale rebellion would only be underestimated by the Xia family if they did not kill.

     Killing so many people, even if someone is dissatisfied, they have to hold back.

     "Xia Xiaoer is a good method. It turned the situation around in an instant and cleared a group of disobedient guys."

     Su Yu laughed, Master Xiahou still has a few brushes.

     Of course, it may be Xia Longwu's decision.

     At the moment in Daxia Mansion, people in Daxia Mansion don’t think that slaughter is too much, but the people in Daxia Mansion don’t think that slaughter is too much. Instead, they be fired up. They kill it well and beautifully. People in Daxia Mansion are very proud!

     They felt that it was all the bad things that these rat shit did, not their Daxia Mansion. Now, the spearhead is no longer directed at the Xia Family. Instead, they have tried their best. Recently, they are frantically cracking down on the Ten Thousand Clan Religions in the Daxia Mansion.

     In the past two days, more than a dozen strongholds were destroyed, hundreds of people were arrested, and the journey of beheading was started again.

      has to say, it is useful for the Xia family to raise some ten thousand sect strongholds. If something is okay, cutting down a few ten thousand sects will let the people put the fire out.

     There are also reasons why Ten Thousand Clan Sects dare not spread in Daxia Mansion.

     Too many people died, and they died too miserably.

     This is the closest big city to Tiandufu, and the next big city is Tiandufu!

     It's about 500 miles away from here.

     Su Yu walked down from Susu, Su Yu was puffed with gray, and he did not shine at the moment, and pedestrians did not care too much.Su Yu walked into a restaurant, and after the Chinese New Year, the restaurant became popular and lively.

     At this moment, there is actually Storyteller inside.

     As soon as Su Yu went up to the second floor, he heard the old man gave a shock, and said with excitement: "Say it is too late, then it is fast, Su Yu reversed the universe, and killed Zhou Pingsheng with a single move..."

     On the second floor, some diners were listening, and someone interrupted with a smile: "Don't talk, what do you know about the thunder?"

     "Nonsense, don't listen to it if you don't want to!"

     This Storyteller said excitedly: "Why don't I know? I was near Xingluoshan that day, Su Yu yelled, can't I hear it?"

     "Nonsense, I remember you were telling the story that day!"

     "You are carrying a bargain!" Storyteller said angrily: "I was in the 36th Mansion, Dream Tourist Realm. Can you hide the large and small human situation from me?"


     Everyone laughing heartily, the Storyteller didn’t care. He quickly said a paragraph, and then said: “He Su Yu is probably already in Tiandu Mansion now! There is a storm in Tiandu Mansion! Those who come from Daxia Mansion are all killing embryos! Lingyun, an eternal talk! I heard that Su Yu does not kill people for a day, his hands are itchy! Everyone, there are children in the Tiandu Mansion, hurry up and let us know, Su Yu, who is eight feet tall, to kill people like scything flax …… "

     "Lao Zhang, how do you know he is eight feet tall?"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Although the image doesn't show his face, you can see the height, it's just a normal person."

     "This young-one understands what!"

     The storyteller laughed and said: "That is his Transformation Technique. I have seen him in real life, his height is comparable to Giant Race..."Su Yu laughed, okay, I don't know.

     I am eight feet tall, I to kill people like scything flax, OK.

     This Daming Mansion is really idle, this is a nonsense story, a group of people are still listening.

     The image probably spread throughout the human environment. These people may have seen it, and they still have to listen to the story fabricated by Storyteller.

     We all know it is fake, but just love to listen.

     The storyteller didn’t care about him, and continued: "The matter about Su Yu, end here, let’s talk about it again when he kills the Tiandu Mansion! Let’s chat again today with Bai Junsheng, one of the eight masters of the capital. The day before yesterday, I entered the sky and reached Sanzhong in an instant. The day before yesterday, I was clamoring to catch up with my cousin Bai Feng. Yesterday I knew that Su Yu was Bai Feng’s disciple. Today, I said I was Su Yu’s uncle. Zhu Hongliang, one of the eight horses, Zhu Hongliang wants to fight back, and Bai Junsheng loudly roared, "My nephew is Su Yu, you dare to fight back, it's hard to save your life"... Tsk tsk, scared Zhu Hongliang run away..."

     Su Yu is speechless, Really?

     Bai Junsheng?

     People from the Bai family?

     Zhu Hongliang... Is it possible that he is still from the Zhu family?

     The so-called Eight Horses of Daming Mansion, will not so boring?

     Who is your nephew!

     In the audience, some diners laughed and said, "What is Zhu Hongliang afraid of, hit him! Isn't he Zhu Hongliang has a great monster of mountains and seas? Release him and hit him Bai Junsheng!"


     Many people the whole room roaring with laughter!

     "Don't make trouble, Zhu Hongliang, the big demon of mountains and seas, only knows to eat, but don't do anything else. You let his big demon hit people? It's okay to be beaten by someone!

     "..."Daming Mansion, once again let Su Yuchang see.

     What big monster?

     Is it so difficult to make a flight?

     And this Zhu Hongliang couldn't even fight Bai Junsheng, probably not what kind of strength, was it the mountain and sea monster that he conquered, or the family?

     Just thinking about it, my heart suddenly moved slightly.

     Just listen to the storyteller and laughed: "Speaking of this great monster of mountains and seas, I have to say a few words, don’t look at the strength not what kind of, you can’t beat people, but you have a strong defense! Eat a lot, hard skin and thick flesh , I saw that a sun-moon realm might be cut down with a single sword, the big demon called out and went on to sleep, uninjured!"

     "It is precisely because of this that it is judged to be the Great Demon of Mountains and Seas, that is enough! Don't say, if this Great Demon can beat people, then it is not mountains and seas, it is the sun and the moon!"


     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, this is not an iron-eater, is it?

     The defense is invincible, the offensive power... is almost zero.

     He had wanted Xia Huyou to look for it before, but it didn't happen. It was almost invisible on the battlefield of the heavens, and the number was too small.

     This stuff, Su Yu was looking for it, because if his body emptied into the air, he had to cast his body, shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones.

     The body of this iron-eater is almost invincible.

     Maybe it's some kind of talent or some technique.

     The casting method is also extremely precious.

     "Mountain and sea?"

     If it's Shanhai, it's a bit stronger, Ling Yun's is not bad, he can try to swallow his blood.

     After listening for a while, Su Yu shook his head, finished the meal, got up, and went downstairs with 狻猊.

     Soon, Su Yu rode away on Su Yu.But at this moment, on the second floor, there was a sudden exhalation sound, and a diner complained: "I said old man, are you stupid! You dare to stand up? Isn't that Su Yu? I was scared to death. Sora is murderous. Fortunately, I didn't go wild. If this is the Slaughter Restaurant, aren't we finished?"


     The storyteller was also depressed: "I can see it, don't I shift the topic right away? By the way, he even flattered him, saying that he killed Zhou Pingsheng three ways to kill the enemy, killing the enemy beautifully, If it weren't for me , All of you must die, his murderous crazy demon, his ability to not kill is all my credit!"

     After that, the storyteller wiped his forehead and said: "I didn't say this specifically, Bai Junsheng said that it was his uncle, I see his suffocation is boiling, this Bai Jun is finished, immortal and disabled, let's ask someone to bring a letter. Let him run, this guy bullied my granddaughter a few days ago, but this was killed by Su Yu, that's not appropriate..."

     "You old man, your eyes are so dark!"

     "This is lend sb a knife to kill sb. Forget it, Su Yu just went to Tiandu Mansion, and he might not dare to kill. No matter good or bad is also his teacher’s cousin... murderous crazy demon. The sky has changed!"

     "It's not that exaggerated, it's just to nurture."

     "Bullshit, do your family members kill Lingyun?"


     There is a sound of inhalation, too, this is how to nurture, this day the capital is going to be messed up.

     The next moment, some diners laughed and said, "Why don't you care about him, what do we do if we eat ours? But let alone, Su Yu, isn't that ferocious? He looks pretty good...""Superficial, it depends on how people can look at the appearance, but then again, the length is okay, my daughter is also in Tiandu Mansion, if this is to be recruited home, tsk tsk, guard at the gate, Gods and Ghosts Back Away!


     Su Yu at this moment has already left, otherwise, he would have to beat a few to vent what he said to these people.

     The guy from Daming Mansion...boring enough!


     Suanhu ran all the way, several hours later, a big city stood in front of him!

      The walls of incomparable gigantic!

     Unlike Daxia Mansion, Daxia Mansion did not cast a city wall, but had a few openings and set up checkpoints.

     However, Tiandu Mansion has cast a city wall tens of meters high.

     Before Su Yu got close to the city wall, he saw astonishing matter, an incomparable gigantic, Fierce Aura monster, running towards the gate of the city!

     Su Yu was shocked, the monster attacked?

     Did not see the owner!

     Is this a wild monster?

     Just thinking about it, the huge monster beast actually stopped. A hole was suddenly opened where the belly was. The next moment, over ten people walked out of the belly of the monster beast. Someone turned his head and glanced at Su Yu and saw him riding. With Sui, Sui looks very small at the moment.

     Shaking his head, it seems somewhat sympathetic, so poor.

     Ignoring Su Yu, the leader made a probing move, and the huge monster beast shrank in an instant. The next moment, it turned into a small metal block and was carried into his arms by the opponent.

     "Brother Wang, we are in town!"The man greeted the guards, took the boys and girls, and left quickly. Su Yu vaguely heard someone say: "Did you see? The guy outside just now is from outside, right? Seeing us The riding beast seems scared, it's silly to want to run!"

     "Yeah, a foreigner, silly, riding a little monster. At first glance, it looks like a kind of no money. You probably can't afford a riding beast, so I went to the wild and caught a little monster.

     "very pitiful!"

     "Yeah, I'm not too old, it looks pitiful."



     Su Yu dumbstruck, fuck!

     Am I being despised?

     Am i poor?

     I'm sorry?

     The monster trash I'm riding on?

     Sui, the top 100 race, vacate the Nine Realms!

     You a group of nurturing, powerful, and a few Kaiyuan, you despise me?

     Damn it!

     Also, the riding beast is actually a puppet, damn it, I thought it was a real monster beast, it looked like it was real!

     Su Yu looked at the sighed saying, sighed saying, which seemed to be the same.

     Suan is so small, so gray, and looks so pitiful, she has no cards!

     Compared with that huge riding beast, it seems really useless!

     Below him, the suffocated eyes were lonely.

     Am i weak?

     Am I a wild demon?

     Believe it or not, I swallowed all of you in one bite!

     I emptied the nine-fold big demon. In the past years, I entered the Xingyu Mansion and killed the invincible inheritor's genius big demon. Do you think I am a waste?

     This guy from Daming Mansion really has no eyesight!Su Yu smiled, no longer thinking about it, riding Suan towards the city gate, interesting, this Daming Mansion is interesting.

      seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times!

     In Su Yu's eyes, this riding beast was a good thing, and he had to get one when he looked back.

     In the front, the huge "Tiandu Mansion" is hanging.

     The guards guarding the gates are not weak, but not so severe.

     As soon as Su Yu arrived, several people seemed to have heard some sound transmission. The next moment, the huge city gate suddenly opened!

     There is a side door beside the main entrance. Before, those people walked through the side door.

     At this moment, the front door opens!

     The guards who guarded the gate instantly seriously get up, "Master Su, please enter the city!"


     Su Yu smiled. Around, pedestrians cast surprised eyes.

     "Who, he opened the front door."

     "Mountain and sea?"

     "Is this Shanhai's treatment, or a senior researcher?"

     "Master Su...so young, I haven't heard of..."

     "It's not Su Yu, right?"

     As soon as he said this, it was quiet instantly.

     Su Yu, a genius in the Great Xia Mansion, has entered the Heaven Capital Mansion!

     Su Yu didn't care, got off the mountain and stepped into the city, takes a deep breath, Tiandufu, I'm here!
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