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283 First Entered The Ming Dynasty Civilization Institute (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Anping calendar year 351, January 15th.

     The opening day of each university.

     The half-month holiday has passed and a new semester begins.

     Daming Civilization Academy, an incomparable gigantic institution.

     Early in the morning, the school that had been quiet for half a month boiled and became noisy.

     In front of the huge and magnificent gate of academy, at this moment, it is also unusually bustling with noise and excitement. In the air, huge bird puppets land, and on the ground, there are swift beasts rushing. When they arrive, they quickly become one by one. Iron block.

     One by one students began to enter the school.

     "Bai Jun is born!"

     Below, someone saw a figure on a bird in the sky, and suddenly shouted, excitedly: "Bai Junsheng broke through to the sky, really amazing!"

     "So handsome!"

     "Don't shout, he's vacated because his body emptied, his willpower is still nurturing, what's so great!"


     Everyone, you and me, soon, a handsome young man landed, the birds disappeared, and Bai Junsheng was full of smiles, brilliant.

     Just after landing, in the distance, a chubby young man, Zhu Hongliang, laughed and said: "Bai Junsheng, you are all in the air, you should go to the war college! Your Bai family is a warrior, you run into a civilized college Why, are you afraid of death? Say, are you afraid to go to the front?"

     Bai Junsheng's face turned dark!

     He hummed: "You are afraid of death. Who in my Bai family says there is no civilized teacher? My cousin is a civilized teacher!"

     Zhu Hongliang said with a smile: "Where is your cousin on the battlefield of the heavens, why don't you go? You are also in the air, go!"

     "..."Bai Junsheng was speechless, angrily said: "I will go sooner or later!"

     The two were crying at each other, and at this moment, someone shouted: "Zhu Jiu, did Su Yu come to Daming Mansion? What about people? Will he come to our school? Why haven't I seen anyone yet!"

     Zhu Hongliang smiled and said: "Of course it's here, can this be fake? It's long, it's just average, don't expect it, it's useless to expect it, a very boring guy..."

     "Strong strength!"

     Zhu Hongliang laughed and said: "Strength is strong, but our civilized division does not rely solely on strength. I think he is more like a warrior, with few methods. Sure enough, what Baijia taught is the warrior style."

     As he was talking, someone behind him chuckled and said, "Your Majesty, it's not too good to speak ill of someone behind your back."

     Zhu Hongliang complexion stiffened!

     Damn it!

     When did this guy touch him?

     Turning his head to see, Su Yu looked at him with his hands on his back and smiling.

     Zhu Hongliang suddenly somewhat embarrassed, and at this time, it seemed that someone recognized him and hurriedly shouted: "Come on, everyone, Su Yu is here!"

     "Su Yu is here!"

     "Come and see!"

     "The murderer is coming!"

     "Don't shout, people are still there..."


      chickens flying and dogs jumping!

     Around, there were more and more people, one by one looking at Su Yu strangely.

     Human too!

     There is no more nose and two eyes, so why are they so powerful?

     "You said, would he see people upset and be hacked to death with a single knife?"

     "Be careful, everyone stay away from him.""Don't be afraid, we are crowded!"


     Su Yu is very tired, I am a living person, this civilized master of Daming Mansion, is a bunch of lunatics.

     He even sensed that many teachers were also in the crowd, watching the excitement at the moment.

     What to see?

     If I knew it, I would sneak into the school.

     I was thinking, over there, Bai Feng’s cousin, Bai Junsheng suddenly said, "You are me, Su Yu, that nephew?"

     Su Yu glanced at him with no expression, Bai Junsheng seemed a little stiff, his eyes...not very friendly.

     "I'm Bai Feng's younger brother. I call your nephew. Isn't the seniority problem?"

     Bai Junsheng is a little guilty, no problem ah!

     According to seniority, you are me nephew.

     Why do you look at me like this?

     Su Yu smiled and said, "I’m Bai Feng’s Sensei's student, but... Except for the relationship between the teacher and the student, Bai, everyone else should be on their own terms!"

     I don't want to confess many uncles!

     Bai Junsheng is somewhat embarrassed, "boring."


     Su Yu was also speechless. He found that the civilized masters of Daming Mansion might really lack some social beatings. In Daxia Civilization Academy, those students saw talented students, top 100 students, who didn’t give way obediently, to retreat three day's march .

     Watch the fun?

     Look at the other party, believe it or not, let you make an appointment, I hit you injured badly with many teeth knocked out!

     But fortunately, it seems that these people are also watching the excitement, and they don't seem to have any bad thoughts. After watching the excitement, they will probably disappear later.

     Su Yu was thinking, the next moment, he will experience fickle of these guys."Everyone, go and see, the big ball in the biological garden has three small balls..."


     "Give birth? Male or female? Three, I'll go. Last time I bet that five were born!"

     "Go and see..."

     Beside Su Yu, Zhu Hongliang was also interested, and he was about to run away. After thinking of something, he hurriedly turned the head and looks to Su Yu and said, "Will you go? The big ball is a very beautiful bear beast, which gave birth to a baby cub. I think I can only give birth to one head last time..."

     On the other side, someone shouted: "I don’t care about this, I only care about who did this big ball hook up with, and who the fathers of the small balls are. Let’s go together and check. I suspect it’s that. Big bear!"

     "Nonsense, I guess it may be the flying tiger, who often plays with the big ball..."


     In Su Yu dumbstruck, a group of people ran frantically in one direction, for fear that they would be too late to see.

     In the blink of an eye, most of the people at the gate of the university ran away.

     At this moment, there are fewer people at the gate of the academy.

     A lot less!

     Su Yu has a sense of desolation as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves. He was still looking at me just now, talking about me, how about people?

     I am not as popular as that big ball bear?

     "A bunch of weird flowers!"

     Su Yu was helpless, but fortunately, the next moment someone comforted his injured heart. A petite and lovely girl came over with a bright smile and joked: "Don't pay attention to them, they are all like this, brief period of enthusiasm."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "It's okay."

     Fortunately, somebody finally started talking, I still want to ask how to get to Polytheistic College.Just thinking about it, the girl took out a lot of things and said with a grin: "Student Su Yu, I think you have no riding beasts. I have all kinds of species, flying in the sky, running underground, and water. Everyone travels here..."

     "I have this too!"

     In the next moment, several academies that have not left yet stepped forward to sell them.

     "Student Su Yu, do you like to drink? I have a magical since wine machine, which is very cheap. You can taste all kinds of wines, not worse than our wine world!"

     "Stu Yu, what does it mean for drinking? I have a beautiful puppet girl who can transform at any time. You can be of any race you want..."

     "Vulgar, classmate Su Yu is not you. The geniuses from Daxia Mansion are all Battle Madman, classmate Su Yu, I have a portable arena, and once you leave it, you can compete with others at any time!"

     With that said, this person really threw it down, and a ring appeared, and the student said loudly: "This thing is a good thing, it has a defensive cover, and it can't be broken when it is airborne. Of course, if the student Su Yu customized the advanced version, Mountains and seas can't be broken!"

     "It can be used as a defensive cover in the wild!"

     "Multifunctional effects, capable of fighting, self-protection, and other special functions can be customized if you need to customize it!"


     Su Yu is a bun at the moment, looking at the ring in a daze, is this all right?

     Really interested...

     He just got interested, the next moment, someone shouted: "This is not good, look at mine!"

      crash sound, an incomparable gigantic map appeared in the air."The human environment exploration map, marking all the cities and places of the human environment, the super navigation system, the good things necessary for home, and the human environment, you can't lose it anywhere!"

     Good stuff!

     Just as Su Yu wanted to speak, another person shouted: "That's too bad, who would lose it in the human world? Look at me, the super trap, throw it into the wild, and instantly attract countless monsters to grab it..."

     "Don't be nonsense, suicide is good for your thing!"

     "Nonsense, my baby is a treasure to a student like Su Yu who is incomparable..."

     "Don't take it out!"


     Just as he said, the next moment, in the academy, more than ten monster beasts suddenly rushed out and killed a round ball that the man took out, his eyes all red.

     In the air, a Lingyun instructor yelled: "Take it away, who are you? Put it away, Do you trust me, the Beast Taming Academy has stepped on your Manufacturing Academy!"


     A mess!

     Su Yu left quietly, this is Daming Civilization Academy?

     Really messy!

      However... It's really fun.

     Those things are very interesting and creative, let alone, if there are too many people and too messy, he really wants to buy some back.

     The last little ball that attracts monsters is a good thing.

     Just a little out of control!

     If this provokes the big demon, it will be troublesome!

     Of course, the effect of the orb was mediocre, and it attracted some little monsters, and Su Yu's water man and shadow were not affected.

     Mess!But it is not the chaos of Daxia Civilization Academy, or full of vitality.

     The students here are so full of vitality.

     Su Yu entered the Ming Academy of Civilization and walked forward in a low-key manner. Along the way, he saw everything.

     Someone grows flowers in a school...

     Yes, plant flowers.

     When Su Yu passed by, the flower suddenly swallowed at him. The girl who planted the flower was a little annoyed: "I rented this piece of land. I am not allowed to leave. I plant something. I will lose money if I step on it! "

     Su Yu was speechless, apologized, and left quickly.

     After walking a while, there was a pond in front of him. Someone was fishing. Seeing Su Yu, he hurriedly greeted: "Classmates, do you fish? Those who exercise willpower can also exercise their arm strength. There is an orange fish underneath. , The game of willpower, confrontation, is better than the text of will!"


     Su Yu refused, went around and continued on.

     Along the way, that can be seen in various situations. This Daming Civilization Academy is really too energetic.

     He even saw a few trainees debugging a machine, a very large machine, and suddenly the machine burst, and the exploded trainees were rolling everywhere, head and face filthy with grime.

     These people weren't startled, on the contrary was happy, one by one, they continued to debug the next machine excitedly.

     He saw that there was an old man wandering around. He took a closer look. It was not a stroll. The old man, stepping on a hot wheel under his feet, was moving quickly. Seeing Su Yu, the old man smiled and said, "Children, where are you going? Do you want to buy? A hot wheel, a day trip to Daming Mansion!"

     "No, thanks!"Su Yu thanked him, but the old man didn't care, and continued to wander around on his hot wheels.


     Su Yu wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead. This Daming Civilization Institute... is really interesting. Interesting he is somewhat skeptical. Is this a playground?

     Soon, a huge courtyard gate appeared in front of him.

     "College of Polytheistic Fusion!"

     There were a few large characters engraved with flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy. Before entering the huge gate, someone inside was yelling: "Go, the big ball has a baby, go and see!"

     The next moment, a few students ran out in a hurry, and the leading one, the fastest runner, almost hit Su Yu.

     When I stopped, I saw Su Yu and hurriedly said: "Classmate, Da Yuanqiu has a baby, did you go to see it?"


     It's so energetic. The polytheistic literature of Daxia Mansion is great bitterness, deep hatred. As a result, the students in Daming Mansion are going to see bears and beasts giving birth.


     In this place, can I really recruit a group of people and kill them back to Daxia Mansion?

     "I didn't see..."

     "Oh, let's go see it, do you want to be together?"

     "No thanks!"

     The few people ignored him, ran quickly, and ran for a while. Someone wondered: "That was... Su Yu?"

     "Is it him?"

     "Oh, after watching the big round ball later, come back to see Su Yu, there is nothing special, anyway, people are here, sooner or later you can watch, big round ball gives birth to a cub, but chance hard to come by!"

     "That's true too!"

     Several people ran away, the sound was not small.Su Yu's heart is tired, what the hell, I am not as good as a bear beast.

     Walked into the courtyard gate, birdsong and fragrant flowers, beautiful environment, small bridge and flowing water.

     We were walking, and a moment later, a middle-aged woman came over and said with a smile: "Su Yu?"

     Su Yu bowed and said, "Hello teacher!

     This is the teacher!

     Lingyun Realm strength!

     Su Yu is vaguely sensed.

     The middle-aged woman smiled and said: "Don't be too restrictive, and don't be too polite. We don't have many people in the first department of the gods, and everyone is familiar with it. My name is Huang Feng, and Ling Yun Sanzhong, and I am also a junior researcher. To be honest, we are at the same level. The dean is already waiting for you."

     "Thank you Teacher Huang!"

     Su Yu followed behind her and walked forward. Huang Feng smiled as he walked: "Do you think there is a big gap between Daming Civilization Academy and Daxia?"


     Huang Feng smiled and said: "Normally, there is War Madman in Daxia Mansion. We fight every year. In fact, there are not many battles in Daming Mansion. When a war breaks out, the warrior has priority. Civilized divisions generally don't go on the battlefield."

     "It’s okay to carefree and without worries, or if you forget to fight, you’re in danger. Daming Mansion has been in peace for too long, and the definition of civilized academy is different from Daxia. The same is true for our governor. President Niu is the first governor, he founded Daming Civilization Academy is defined as research talents. Unless Daming is in danger, the responsibility of civilized teachers is to create, research, and decipher!"

     "Daming Civilization Academy is a supplementary institution, non-combat department institution!"

     Su Yu nodded and understood very well that the first generation of the governor was still there, subordinates follow the example of their superiors. With today's Daming Civilization Academy, it's normal."Thank you teacher for answering questions!"

     Huang Feng smiled and said, "But, as I said, if you forget the battle, you will be in danger! This point, Commander Niu actually knows, so the Ming Dynasty Academy of Civilization also has a combat system, the divine literature is a combat system, and the polytheistic literature is even a combat system. The pillars in the middle!"

     Su Yu nodded again.

     Seeing that he didn't say a word, Huang Feng laughed and said, "Do you think that we have many gods and literature, and we may not have much fighting power?"


     Huang Feng smiled and said: "Normal, but what you see is not everything. In fact, there is a lot of divine writing, and the combat effectiveness is still very strong! Including our dean, actually not as weak as you seem... Many years ago, you Daxia Elder Hong, from the palace, came to the Daming palace to communicate with the dean, and then he lost."

     Su Yu was surprised, didn't believe somewhat, looked at Huang Feng, Huang Feng smiled and said: "Indeed, you can ask someone you know. The polytheistic literature is a combat system, but it doesn't mean that you can only fight. Some special skills. , Can also determine the outcome! The dean’s main divine text is a Space Divine Text, which reverses the space and moves around. The old man Hong chased the dean six hours. In the end, he was exhausted, and his vitality and willpower was excessive consumption, and he gave up!"


     Su Yu don't dare to believe and said: "The dean is the god of the space department?"

     "Yes, otherwise, the dean will not have the thought of studying Spatial Relocation. It is because of this that he will have this thought. Hey, it has also delayed cultivation, otherwise, I am afraid it will soon be in the sun and moon."Huang Feng said, and smiled: "Civilized masters don’t necessarily have to kill them. If so, why not cultivate warrior’s way? The strength of civilized masters lies in mystery and changes. I have seen some images, your talent, blood, and changes in every way, this is the means of the civilized master!"

     "And people like Hong Tan, Bai Feng, and Chen Yong, including many civilized teachers from Daxia, actually some to invert root and branch!"

     Huang Feng smiled and said, "You might think Daxia's civilized division is stronger, but you really have to fight against it. That may not be the case. Daxia civilized division may not be able to win in the same level. Of course, there are more battles and faster progress. Without a doubt, there are twice as many civilized divisions in the mountains and seas in Daxia. This is related to the number of battles."

     Su Yu nodded slightly.

     Huang Feng led him on, and said: "I'm telling you this, just want to say, what you learned at Daxia Mansion, what you see, may not be all of the civilized master! Don't eyes obscured by a Single leaf, don’t think that the civilized masters of Daming Mansion are really impossible to withstand a single blow. Once this impression is formed, it is difficult for you to learn some useful things in Daming Mansion!"

     Huang Feng said with a serious face: "You came to Daming Mansion, not just for refuge, right? If you are for refuge, now you go back to Daxia Mansion, Daxia Mansion will not do anything anymore. I am afraid that the single Shenwen First Element will not dare to target you , You come to Daming Mansion, I think you still have your own ideas, want to get something, right?"

     Su Yu nodded, "The teacher is right."

     "Then you have to recognize yourself, don't think you can kill Ling Yun so you don't care about anything."Huang Feng calmly said: "The talented blood is a foreign object. The things created by other civilized masters are also foreign objects. If you can kill Lingyun, other nourishment is fine. Don’t say anything else, there are people who specialize in Daming Civilization Academy. In the Poison God Wen, a student once poisoned Ling Yun. Of course, it is not as passionate and shocking as if you force killing the other party. Is there a difference between poison death and force killing?"

     Su Yu thought for a while and shook his head, "The same, the purpose is to kill."


     Huang Feng smiled and said: "You can recognize this. That's great. Unlike some guys in the Great Xia Mansion, who are contemptuous at first, such insignificant ability, dissenting religious sect, these stupid guys always feel that they can only be strong. Killing can highlight a person’s strength, a person’s talent...Isn’t this talent that can be cultivated to poison Lingyun? Isn’t it powerful? Why do you have to think that only you are the orthodox!"

     Su Yu said: "The teacher is right, the teacher can rest assured, I can recognize myself, I am still very weak, I don't think anyone is weak, even if I am nurturing, there is no chance to kill me, I understand that."

     Huang Feng smiled, "Don’t be too self-effacing, you are very strong. This is a fact! Strong talent and strong combat power are all facts. No one denies this. You can come to the Ming Dynasty Academy of Civilization, which is what we want to see. If you get there, learn from each other and use others' strengths to make up for one's weak points (idiom from Mencius). This is what everyone should do, not just reject it, which is very bad."

     After that, Huang Feng said again: "Do you know why the Daming Mansion rarely participates in the dispute between single and multiplicity? Because our civilized teachers in Daming Mansion are actually excluded as a whole. Civilized teachers from other big governments feel that we are ignoring one's duties. I don’t think we are our own...""In that case, Daming Mansion is happy and quiet, too lazy to care about them!"

     Su Yu said in surprise: "Other big houses are similar to Daxia House?"

     "Most of them are similar!"

     Huang Feng explained: "Even in the search realm known as the Holy Land of the Civilized Master, in fact, these years, the mind is not in research, but in combat. The strength of combat power indicates the strength of the Civilized Master! But I ask you, you Researched out the method of fusion, can the effect of this fusion method match a mountain and sea?"

     Su Yu nodded, "I think it can!"

     "That's what you think, but in the eyes of the public, you are still a student with a nourishing nature. Have you become a senior citizen?"


     Su Yu was silent.

     "Elder Ge, at least you need the strength of the mountain and ocean realm. Of course, Lingyun can do well under special circumstances, but what about you? Can you become Elder Ge? Someone suggested that you run for Elder Ge?"


     "Why?" Huang Feng said with a smile: "Because you are not strong enough! In the eyes of many people, your combination method is powerful, but you are not strong enough! Therefore, you are not qualified! But in Daming Mansion, you... has hope!"

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, what do you mean?

     "Daming Mansion also has to respect some of the rules of seeking realm, but not all, our Chief Niu, sometimes doesn't like these rules, so Daming Civilization Academy has some honorable patrons!"

     Huang Feng smiled and said: "If you can create some powerful techniques, spread them, and benefit many people, you can become honorable patrons and enjoy the same rights as official pavilions. Of course, outside the Daming Mansion People may not recognize it, but Daming Mansion will recognize it!""Daming Civilization Academy now has 14 official patrons, but honor patrons also have 8!"

     "These people have different strengths, some are vacant, some are Lingyun, and even they are nurturing!"


     Su Yu shocked: "Nurturing?"


     Huang Feng smiled and said: "Of course, he is not young anymore, he is almost a hundred years old. He is an old man. He has no other ability and is weak. You and I can easily defeat him, but he has made a very important contribution. Thirty years ago, this man invented the riding beast storage technique! That’s what you see, the small boxes nowadays, before, the puppets were huge and inconvenient to carry, and so are the monster beasts. Since he invented the riding The beast storage technique can reduce the size of puppets without space ring or Space Divine Text. The beast-riding technology has quickly spread to the entire Daming Mansion... This is a contribution!"

     "Anyone can carry, travel, experience, travel, it is of great help, do you think his contribution is small?"

     Su Yu shook his head, "It's very big! At least I was tempted to see those riding beasts."

     "That's right, we rarely raise some monster beasts to ride, such as the running cloud horse, such as the earth dragon beast. It is unnecessary. Those things need to be captured, fed, and tamed, but we don't need it."

     Su Yu exclaimed: "Nurturing state... Elder Ge!"

     Really learned a lot!

     "Then this old man, does he really have the right to speak?"

     "Of course!" Huang Feng said with a smile: "At least at Daming Civilization Academy, this one has a lot of right to speak, and he also has a vote for the old meeting. Honoring all the same, no different from Shanhai. "Su Yu eyes flashed and said: "Then if I can get something good, do I have a chance too?"

     "of course!"

     Huang Feng smiled and said, "If you promoted the method in Daming Mansion, you have the opportunity to apply. As long as half of the other patrons agree, and the governor agrees, you can become a honor pavilion. The method is a brick as a door knocker, knock on the old door!"

     Su Yu swallowed, Elder Ge, still very good.

     At least they have the right to speak, and universities can mix everything with each other.

     Daming Mansion actually has such rules!

     This, I haven't seen it in the past few days.

     "Teacher, on the academic side, there's nothing about it. The high-level strong cannot challenge the low-level cultivator?"



     Su Yu was sluggish, and Huang Feng said lightly: "No need! Rules are restrictive, and some do not need to be established! High-level challenges you, if you don't want to pay attention to it, give up, give up, who will be idle Trouble with you? For example, if you are a cultivator and repeatedly insult Shan Hai, can Shan Hai have to bear it? It is normal to beat you. For this, you go to trouble Shan Hai and say that he is wrong?"

     "In colleges, this kind of thing usually doesn't happen. The other party really wants to challenge you. You give up. If you are wrong, then apologize and the matter will pass. You have to be stubborn, clearly wrong, and not admit defeat. If you don’t admit your mistakes and get beaten by someone, you deserve it!

     Su Yu nodded, "It's sometimes hard to tell right from wrong."

     "This is simple, and universities have an arbitration system."Well, finally got the rules, but it is a bit more humane than Daxia Mansion, and a bit less rigid.

     While talking, a huge building arrived.

     Level 6!

     Appearance Institute!

     Really straightforward, is this your future research institute?

     Su Yu looked up, and Hu Xiansheng also appeared at this moment, complexion turned complex, looking at Su Yu’s admiring gaze, full of aggrieved stomach, what are you looking at, this is mine, at least it is still mine now!
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