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287 City Of Wisdom (subscription Required)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

words exceede 5100As for those who are more talented than her, she generally ignores them, because they are better than her, unless she can catch up, otherwise she always feels shameless.

     Su Yu smiled, nodded, and walked over there.

     Many students were also looking at him, whispering.

     "This is Su Yu?"

     "It looks pretty gentle, why kill so many people."

     "Very fierce, everyone be careful."

     "I heard that we specialize in killing geniuses, and we kill geniuses when we see them. We are all geniuses, everyone be careful..."


     Su Yu didn't bother to pay attention. These students in Daming Mansion all had a broken mouth and talked a lot, so they could chatter with anyone they met.

     Going to the front, there is a big table.

     Add Huang Feng, 10 people.

     4 Lingyun, 8 vacated, logically 12 researchers, but two less.

     This is the faculty of the entire polytheistic literature, and there is also a dean.

     Huang Feng smiled and said, "Su Yu, let me introduce you!"

     With that said, I introduced 9 other people to Su Yu, 6 men and 3 women, all of whom looked young.

     But there are a few who are probably not too young.

     Soon, Huang Feng specially introduced a man and a woman, both young and handsome.

     "You need to focus on getting to know these two!"

     Huang Feng smiled and said, "These are the two youngest students of the dean. They have not been in school for a few years. This is Junior Brother Hou Liang, the youngest son of Director Hou of the Yuqiang Department! This junior is named Yunzhi, the daughter of the princess. "

     The eldest princess is talking about Zhu Tiandao's eldest daughter.

     Zhu Tiandao's two daughters, this Yunzhi is Zhu Tiandao's granddaughter.Boys vacate the sixth layer, women are stronger, vacate the seventh.

     This is also a line of polytheistic literature, the two most outstanding in these years, are young, less than 30 years old, and are considered to be of Bai Feng's generation.

     Hou Liang smiled and said, "I have seen Junior Brother Su!"

     Without calling his classmates, Hou Liang is now an assistant researcher, and Su Yu is also a researcher. He doesn't regard Su Yu as a student either.

     "Hello Junior Brother Su!"

     Yunzhi also smiled and said nothing.

     Su Yu nodded slightly, greeted him, he knew these two people.

     The Eight Horses of Tiandu Mansion.

     He asked about these eight horses a little bit, these two are among them, there are also a few others, the big fat man Zhu Hongliang, the dressed up animal Bai Jun is born, and there are some from the War Academy.

     They were all students from the colleges, and Zhu Hongwen was not counted among them.

     The so-called eight horses... are eight aristocratic family juniors, the kind of strength and reputation.

     Unexpectedly, the two were in Polytheistic College.

     Of course, there is also Su Yu who knows, and Zhu Qingyan, the eight princesses of the Zhu family, is also one of them.

     Zhu Hongliang and Zhu Qingyan are also in the Civilization Academy, but not in the Polytheistic Literature Department. One is in the Animal Taming Department and the other is in the Puppet Manufacturing Department.

     Su Yu didn’t talk much. On the table, several other people looked at him with interest. One of them was the oldest and strongest elder who reached the 9th level of Lingyun with a smile: “Junior Brother Su, here comes the Daming Mansion. Then don’t be cautious. To be honest, you have introduced several exercises, and we are all interested. "Soul Devouring Technique", "Combining Aperture Technique" and "Jing Yuan Jue" are all interesting. I looked for a moment, There are some shadows of ten thousand clan exercises."The old man is Wen Zhong and he has followed Hu Xiansheng for many years. He is not too young, he is close to 300 years old. He is too old and the mountain and the sea cannot be integrated. I am afraid that the mountain and the sea are hopeless.

     Wen Zhong didn’t care much about it, and he smiled: “I looked for a moment, Jing Yuan Jue and Soul Eater, which were probably adapted and converted based on a family of exercises, but I saw a lot of exercises in combination with the method. shadow!"

     The old man exclaimed: "To tell the truth, it takes time to deduct and reform, including letting me do it myself. It takes a few years. I think I can get it out. But it fits the tricks, very Exquisite, the first version is still mediocre. In the second version, I have seen the shadows of the Red Frogs, Flying Eagles, Humans’ "Mixed Techniques" and other racial techniques..."

     Having said that, I wondered again: "But the main body, I think it is not this, but a conversion of a powerful race. I can't infer what kind of race it is for a while..."

     As he said, the old man hesitated: "It feels a bit like the talent of a powerful race, but I'm not sure, the Tianlong clan... this clan is naturally strong and easy to get in touch with it. This shouldn't be a talent skill?

     He was lost in thought, and Su Yu was shocked!

     Encountered a master!

     Really master!

     Yes, his acupuncture method incorporates the methods of many races, but it is a method of ten thousand races. Acupuncture points are completely different from those of human races. He switched it, adjust one's head and turn one's face, to be honest, Su Yu is completely complete Can't discern anything.

     This Wen Zhong could see a lot, even some shadows of the Tianlong clan.It should be noted, there are only two types circulating on the market today, but there is no highest version. Of course, both types of Su Yu have made some simplifications. The second type is actually the Tianlong Clan’s talent fusion method.

     This Wen Zhong is very knowledgeable!


     Just as Su Yu was about to speak, Wen Zhong recovered his calmness and smiled: "No, let's call brother, the way to study, each person has their own speciality, each person has their own speciality. Certain knowledge faster than the others, it’s all for Taoism, meaningless high or low."

     Su Yu takes a deep breath without being polite, and quickly said: "Brother Wen, what you said is correct. The method of co-presence is indeed based on reference. I am an integrator, not a creator..."

     Wen Zhong smiled and said: "Don't be unduly humble! There are so many acupuncture points and so many exercises, don't we know? Know! But why no one can integrate new and useful exercises? Every acupuncture point has its own The unique effect depends on whether you can discover the same 36 orifices. You may use different operation methods to give birth to different exercises and different effects. You can’t say that we use the same acupuncture points, the exercises you create. You copied me, right?"

     Huang Feng smiled and said, "Brother Wen, the topic is off the mark."

     Wen Zhong smiled and ignored him. He looked at Su Yu and said, "I heard that your original purpose of establishing the Yuanshen Research Institute was to study Yuanshen Aperture, right?"

     Su Yu nodded.

     Wen Zhong smiled and said, "Then you can communicate with me. I have been studying these years. Baihao Hao did you know?"

     "I know, my master's ancestor."

     "Yes, Bai Feng..."Wen Zhong smiled and said: "Bai Feng is also a genius. In the past, I thought about accepting him as a student, but Bai Feng didn't like it. He even wanted to go to the place where the Five Dynasties were to take a look. He wanted to go a different way..."

     "Brother Wen, do you also call it the Five Dynasties?"

     Su Yu was surprised, Wen Zhong smiled and said: "The world of polytheism is a family, everything comes from the Daxia Mansion, one generation created polytheism, three generations brought to greater heights, and the five generations set the peak...Of course, it really needs to be based on polytheism. To count, the five generations are only three generations."

     He didn't say much, and quickly said: "You know Bai Hao, Tian Hao fought before his death, and burst out with a powerful force. Ling Yun Jiuzhong killed Shanhai Qizhong. I have studied for a long time these years..."

     Wen Zhong thought a bit then said: "Actually, there is one thing that I am puzzled about. According to your statement, Yuanshenqiao is a critical point between Yuanqiao and Shenqiao, the critical acupuncture point, but... Tianhao Hao is a fighter!"

     Su Yu condensed his eyebrows and Wen Zhong smiled and said, "When you proposed this concept before, there was no such thing as Yuanshenqiao. I originally named it'Zhou Tianqiao'!"

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly and said, "Brother means that there are 360 yuan orifices, the formation of Zhoutianqiao acupoints, not the yuanshen acupuncture I mentioned."


     Wen Zhong nodded, and soon came interested and said: "But I think what you said is reasonable, and Tianhao Hao actually didn't open the 360 acupuncture point. Maybe his Zhou Tianqiao opened the 180 orifice? Or 270? "


     The two started discussing quickly. Others saw the in full swing they discussed, but they were a little bit unable to intervene.On the table, another middle-aged male voice transmission Huang Feng said: "Sister, Senior Brother Wen was discussing with this kid, do you think this kid has a few brushes?"

     Huang Feng said with a smile: "There must be some. You will know when you listen to Su Yu. I didn't see it in other aspects. I didn't understand it. But I can compare to you if you don't know it, let alone he knows it. Too many, I looked for a moment, at least 320 or more, he is this kind of person, in fact, it is a practical school, we can only be regarded as a theoretical school."

     "Not only that, Su Yu picked up those exercises at will. This kid, there are 800 exercises without one thousand."

     Huang Feng still agrees with Su Yu. It's not a idiot. It's hard to talk about other aspects at the moment. It's an expert in the warrior's way.

     For a civilized teacher, proficiency in one aspect is enough.

     How can there be so many perfect people!

     Su Yu is so young too!

     Su Yuzheng chatted with Wen Zhong, and someone outside the door smiled and said, "It's all here!"

     The next moment, Hu Xiansheng entered the door.

     "Hello Dean!"

     "Dean early!"


     The students greeted one after another, and others on the table shouted "dean" or "teacher" one after another. This was not so much an academy as it was Hu Xiansheng's private gym.

     Because Tengkong and Lingyun were both taught by him!

     "Sit down, everyone!"

     Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "This year we have two more geniuses in our college, worthy of celebration! Needless to say, Su Yu, everyone knows! That is Wu Lan, a genius student of the Daxia House, "Double Wu Heqiao Method" "One Wu in "..."In the hall, Wu Lan listened, with a little guilty conscience, the old man laughed so wretched!

     Hu Xiansheng said a few words with a smile, and said in a serious tone: "The new semester has begun. This meeting is one of two geniuses! Second, everyone has to work hard. If you don't work hard, we will go broke!

     Hu Xiansheng sighed, "Big guys have to work with a common purpose! Baidaoge still has to break through, otherwise the college will run out of funds! All year round, what's the use of such a small amount of funds? Everyone should work hard. you're good and I'm also good, how good is it to do most seminaries together?"

     Su Yu didn't say a word, but Hu Xiansheng looked at him and smiled: "Su Yu, do you know Baidao Pavilion?"

     Su Yu nodded, "During the opening of the mansion, King Daming called on many civilized masters to crafted together to assess the building at the request of the governor! It is so magical and precious than the secret realm. Daming Mansion does not have a top 100 list, but a Baidao Pavilion ranking. The ranking is not simply based on strength, but on the ranking of Baiyi Baidao!"

     Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "Indeed so! This is also a manifestation of fairness. Otherwise, how can those civilized divisions with weak combat effectiveness become famous? How to stand out among one's peers and how to obtain sufficient resources? Is this fair? For alchemy, then take the test. Refining alchemy and taming beasts, then test beast taming... Baidao Pavilion was built on this basis!"

     "The same is true for the students and the teacher!"

     "The Baidao Pavilion has a total of 100 floors. The nourishment can enter the first 20 floors, the first 40 can be vacated, the 60 before the Lingyun, the 80 before the mountains and the sea, the sun and the moon can enter the 100 floors..."Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "A vacant tutor cannot enter the 21st floor, no benefits, no rewards, no wages, no merits throughout the year! Enter the 21st floor, and get 210 merits that year, and so on, enter the 30th floor, You can get 300 merits that year, enter the 31st floor, then add 50 points to the first floor, to the 40th floor, you can get 800 merits a year!"

     "This is your personal achievement, and the academy will allocate the same merits to the academy. This is the source of the academy's extra merits."

     "Of course, there are many rules in it. You can read more. You are new here and you can try from the first level. Every time you break through the first level, there are some rewards. This is extra. For example, you, just arrived. , Enter the tenth floor, you may get some other rewards..."

     Su Yu nodded, he saw this, but only entered the mansion yesterday and didn't have time to try.

     Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "The Baidao Pavilion is an assessment of the students, and an assessment of the teachers, including me! For example, I, Shanhai Qizhong, Shanhai enters the 60-80th floor, I am a mountain and sea high, at least to enter 71 Level, otherwise, I don’t even want to take a dime from the university!"

     Su Yu curiously asked, "Dean, is this Baidao Pavilion difficult?"

     "This...it's hard to say, personal experience is different."

     Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "For example, the animal trainer, he may encounter some professional assessments in the Baidao Pavilion, such as the animal training. The Baidao Pavilion is considered an illusion, but it is not. It is half virtual and half real. This thing is very precious. In fact, it is a top-ranked civilian soldier, and it is also the most precious treasure of our Daming Civilization Academy and even Daming Mansion!""Some people are not weak, but you can enter. Baidao Pavilion may make some judgments. For example, the master of the gods, fighting is the master, and will let you kill, then it will be troublesome. It is difficult for you to kill. Quite high, but if you are an alchemist, you may still be nurturing, but you can refine alchemy to levels above 20..."

     Su Yu nodded, understand!

     Amazing treasure!

     It feels fairer than Daxia Mansion’s top 100 list. Of course, the fighting needs seem to have been weakened. Daxia Mansion actually has some alchemy lists, but outsiders almost don’t know about them except for the people in this college.

     "Dean, that is to say, an academy, no one goes to Baidao Pavilion, then there is almost no other extra income for the whole year?"


     Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "So our polytheological colleges have very little rationing. For example, this semester, rationing 30,000 points of merit, is actually an integration of last semester, a reward given!"

     Forty-four students usually wander around on several floors and more than a dozen floors. On average, each person is on the 10th floor, which means 100 points of merit, and 44 people, which means 4400 points of merit.

     If you vacate, the level below the 30th floor is 10 points, and the level above the 30th floor is 50 points.

     As for Lingyun, the level below the 50th floor is 50 points, and the level between the 50th and 70th floors is 100 points.

     Counting it down, these Lingyun's annual income is actually not low.

     If you can climb to the 60th floor of Lingyun Limit, the 31st to the 50th floors are all 50 points, the 51st to the 60th floors are 100 points of merit, 2000 points of merit, plus 300 points for the first 30 floors, and a year’s income will also have 2300 points of merit Up.

     Daming Mansion still has a lot of support for civilized institutions.For example, a strong man like Chen Yong, in Daxia Mansion, without other additional rations, would not get much merit in a year.

     "It seems that you have to carefully examine the rules of Baidao Pavilion. Earning a little is considered good. You can't just sitting and eating, one can deplete even a mountain of wealth."

     Su Yu thought in his heart, Hu Xiansheng didn't mention this anymore, and continued: "Baidao Pavilion, everyone has to break into it. It is necessary. If you don't break into the building, everyone has no income. It is not possible to count on the family! The other is that some universities issued Everyone strives to accomplish what they can accomplish and gain some merits..."

     As soon as this remark came out, someone at the bottom became anxious, "Dean, can we fight for more easy tasks? Every year is those tasks that are very difficult. Either we will clean up the wild monsters, or we will arrest the patriots. Everyone... This is all about the warriors, how should we do it! Look at other academies, how easy the tasks are, maintain the roads, repair the flower beds, provide some wine, and repair the riding beasts... Countless times easier!"

     Someone complained for a while!

     We want these tasks too!

     Hu Xiansheng sighed: "Aren't we a divine literary master? We are still the most powerful polytheistic literary scribes. The purpose of the academy is also to give us divine literary masters more combat effectiveness. There are also many combat tasks."

     Above and below, Su Yu and Wu Lan both look at each other in dismay.

     Is this task difficult?

     Isn't it difficult?

     The tasks for the students should be some simple tasks of arresting and killing them. In fact, they are not uncommon in Daxia Mansion. Of course, Su Yu didn't take it, except for last to go to Nanyuan to clear the monsters.It is difficult to hear what the students mean. Should I pick up some Daily Quests, such as repairing riding beasts?

     Su Yu was still in a daze, and Huang Feng said: "Junior brother laughed, our school, there are not many combat missions, most of them are matching missions that match the gods."

     Su Yu smiled and nodded, each person has their own speciality, maybe you are right.

     It is not easy to cultivate a civilized master. Letting the magical pill master to fight may be using a talented person in an insignificant position, although the magical pill master he knows, such as Wu Yuehua, seems to be a Battle Madman.

     It was noisy, and Hu Xiansheng didn't care. He quickly sent everyone a jade symbol and smiled: "This is our task for this semester. Everyone must finish it before the end of the semester! All done, This semester can be at ease, otherwise, we will have to be criticized by the university!"

     "Mission Completion, there are also rewards, don't let this look everyone!"

     After Hu Xiansheng finished speaking, he looked at Su Yu again and said with a smile: "Su Yu, your Yuanshen Institute has just opened, do you need to recruit some people from the academy?"

     Create some opportunities for you to make money, otherwise many students will not be able to support their cultivation.

     Su Yu smiled and said, "I don't need it for the time being, if I need it, I will post a task!"

     "okay then!"

     Hu Xiansheng is somewhat regretful, stingy!

     This kid, so rich, can't bear to pluck his hair.

     "Then that is the end of today's school meeting, let's go away!"

     "Su Yu, stay for a while!"Su Yu was somewhat surprised, but still nodded, and glanced at Wu Lan over there. Wu Lan ignored him either, minding one's own business and left, Su Yu laughed, so she didn't have to worry about it.


     After everyone else had left, Hu Xiansheng said, "That’s it. Didn’t you tell the palace owner before, do you need some manpower to help? The kind of knowledgeable kind, there are many old people in the school now, do you want to choose? How many will study with you?"

     Su Yu thought for a while and said, "Senior Brother Wen counts?"


     Hu Xiansheng was speechless, "Wen Zhong? He Lingyun nine layers, not weak..."

     "Senior Brother Wen is not weak, but when he gets older, Shanhai may not have hope. If my God-Aperture Method comes out, Brother Wen may be able to get a pavilion near the water first and enter Shanhai. What does the dean think?"

     Hu Xiansheng fell into deep thought, and Su Yu said: "I just had a few conversations with my brother, and I found that my brother has studied Yuanqiao and Shenqiao in depth, but he spends too much time on these. Care about it, now that you are getting older, if it goes on like this, it won’t take a few years before you have to sit down!

     Hu Xiansheng sighed, "Yes, Wen Zhong is actually not weak in foundation and aptitude. He has been behind me for hundreds of years, and he has not entered the mountains and seas. Now his body is old, and the sea of will gradually degenerates as time goes by. If it goes on like this, the mountains and seas are hopeless, maybe you will have to sit down in a few decades!"

     Thinking of this, he looked at Su Yu and said, "Can you let him into the mountains and seas?"

     "do not know."Su Yu calmly said: "I am just cultivating nature, the method of being in harmony with my mind, and the concept of only one. I haven't carried out research and development. I can't guarantee this!"

     Hu Xiansheng thought of Su Yu’s Fire of Civilization, hesitated for a moment, and nodded: "Okay, I will persuade Wen Zhong. He has gradually fallen into a bottleneck over the years. After developing the "Integration Technique" in the past few years, he will continue No research..."

     Su Yu dazed for a moment!

     What the hell?

     "Fusion Technique"?

     He knows this!

     When he deduced the combination method, he also learned it. Human race has two good combination methods. One is called "Comprehension Method" and the other is called "Combination Method" and 24!

     Speaking of "Fusion Secrets", the effect also isn't bad, which is comparable to Su Yu's first version of the combination method, but Su Yu's first version opened 18 tricks, 6 less than "Fusion Secrets" Aperture, so the new method of co-aperture comes out, everyone is more willing to practice Su Yu's version.

     Doesn't it mean that "The Fusion Technique" is a waste!

     On the contrary, Su Yu got a lot of inspiration in this exercise, including the operation and derivation of the later 36 orifices. In fact, they all borrowed from this exercise. After all, this is a human exercise and more in line with the human. Some habits.

     Su Yu was really taken aback, and quickly took out a book from the storage ring.

     Soon, I turned to the title page and saw the name of the creator of "Fusion Jue"-Wen Zhong!

     Su Yu quaked slightly, I said, how do I feel familiar!

     It turned out to be this one!

     This is also considered a great figure!Hu Xiansheng didn’t care, and smiled: “Why, I thought I lied to you? Wen Zhong has been focusing on the research of Yuanqiao and Shenqiao over the years, and he is considered an expert in this field, but Wen Zhong gave up his heart when you came out with the method of combining the aura In fact, before then, he is also improving the "Fusion Technique", but unfortunately, before it succeeds, your version came out. I heard that you still have a version of 36 tricks, is it true or false?"


     Hu Xiansheng thought a bit then said: "You want Wen Zhong to work for you, but it's actually not difficult. It depends on whether you are willing to do it. Let him observe that version of the method of holistic art, and he will work for you to death!"

     For Wen Zhong, the method of co-orientation is a century of creation and a century of hard work. As a result, the results of his century are not stronger than those of Su Yu in a few days.

     At this moment, Su Yu realized the meaning of Wen Zhong's words before.

     In the first edition, Wen Zhong said that if he gave him time, he could also think about it. It was very ordinary.

     Although Su Yu didn't say anything before, he felt that this old man... was a little bit suspicious.

     But at this time, knowing that the other party had produced "Fusion Technique", Su Yu could only say that the other party was really not bragging.

     I have also learned from his practice!


     Su Yu also agreed happily, and hurriedly said, "Then I will go back and talk to Senior Brother Wen, and the dean also helped me talk about it. I'm afraid Senior Brother Wen is unwilling. After all, he is the strongest of Lingyun Jiuzhong."

     After that, he suddenly moved slightly: "Dean, is Senior Brother Wen the Elder Ge?"

     "Honorable!"Hu Xiansheng said casually and said with a smile: "It was made by the "Fusion Technique". At the beginning, most of the human races used this, so he has done a good job and became the honorable patron... As a result, you have this method As soon as he came out, he didn't have the face to see people. You slapped loudly."

     Su Yu shook his head and said, "Senior Wen is the real strength, but I am different. I stood on the shoulders of Senior Wen and the others, and processed them later. There is still a big gap!"

     Su Yu felt that Wen Zhong was really a good candidate.

     Even if some exercises are developed in the later period, in the Daxia Mansion, there is still teacher Zhao Li who can help in the deduction, but here, Su Yu thinks Wenzhong is a good candidate, more suitable than Zhao Li, because Zhao Li is not in this area after all. Expert, Wen Zhong is!

     Sure enough, there are not many strong people on the Daming Mansion side, but Su Yu discovered that this place may really be the City of Wisdom, the city of creativity. Here, he may be able to absorb enough nutrition to develop himself and become strong. Yourself.
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