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288 Yu Bo (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In order to quickly set up the institute, Su Yu started recruiting soldiers and buy horses.

     From Hu Xiansheng's side, we have to take some information about the elderly that he is going to recommend.

     The research institute still needs some manpower.

     Although Su Yu can use the essence and blood by himself, open the orifice points, and push back the exercises, but that way, some things are too difficult to cover, and proper cover is still necessary.

     Today, he has actually exposed a lot of things and even made people contact the heritage of the ruins, but at least no one knows it so far. He has an atlas in his mind.

     Very amazing album!


     At the same time that Su Yu was enjoying the rare peace and started to build the research institute.

     Daxia Mansion is still ups and downs.

     The turmoil of Shan Shenwen's attack on Su Yu gradually passed. At the cost of killing many mountains and seas, Daxia Mansion calmed the turmoil.

     But some things can't be forgotten by killing a few people.

     The outbreak, exposure, and publicity of the single-to-multiple controversy have all made the people of Daxia House remember in their hearts. Su Yu’s escape is now hidden in people’s hearts, but if it’s someday, Su Yu will make a big noise, and it will soon be let go. People think of this fled genius.

     Daxia Civilization Academy.

     This semester of civilized academies has become more and more quiet, cold, and even dead.

     Many old patrons died!

     There are also many Lingyun realm researchers who have greatly damaged the strength of Shan Shenwen's first element.

     And the polytheistic literature series, without Su Yu, without Bai Feng, without Hong Tan, and now it is also lifeless, even Wu Jia doesn't go out much, let alone Chen Yong, who has always liked living in the library.

     January 16.Su Yu is preparing to recruit staff.

     At this moment, downstairs in the library attic, a guard leader said loudly: "Chen Ge, the senior academic meeting, please also Chen Ge to participate!"

     "Not going, not interested."

     Upstairs, Chen Yong's faint response came.

     The guard leader hurriedly said: "Old Ge, the new deputy governor has arrived. Chief Wan means that all those who are not in retreat will meet and recognize people."

     "Just say I'm closed."

     "Old Ge..."

     The commander of the escort was also anxious. "President Yuan meant that he also wanted to get to know everyone. In addition, he might want to talk about Su Yu."

     After a while, Chen Yong went downstairs.

     Looking at the commander of the escort army, he said lightly: "Vice President Yuan talks about Su Yu? What can I talk about? People are gone, what else to talk about?

     The guard leader bowed his head. Since the last time he broke through the mountains and seas, the curator Chen has been low-key and scary. But seeing you today, I always feel a little heart palpitations, and whispered: "Old Ge, I don’t know what to talk about. To know."


     Chen Yong frowned slightly, and said as he walked: "Did Chief Wan said something?"


     "Where are Palace Chief Xia Changqing and Su Ziming?"

     "I didn't say anything."

     Chen Yong stopped asking, his face recovered calm, and walked towards Xiuxin Pavilion.


     After a while, Xiuxin Pavilion old meeting room.

     A veteran, one after another at this moment.Of 36 Shanhai Pavilion elders, three died. Now Chen Yong is promoted, and there are 34 Shanhai. However, many of them are not in the school, or in the retreat, the number of Pavilion elders still seen by the academy is only about 20.

     Chen Yong arrived, but none of the governors arrived.

     Seeing Chen Yong coming, the meeting room was also very quiet.

     Fang Ge from the first line of Shan Shenwen was also there, and it was extremely quiet at the moment. In the past, there were 8 old people from the first line of Shan Shenwen. Now, Zheng and Ma are in the pioneer camp, Zhao and Zhou are in retreat, and three died. , He was the only one left to support the Shan Shenwen Department of Daxia Civilization Academy.

     In the blink of an eye, there was a sign of decline in the single Shenwen series.

     And all this is because of Su Yu alone.

     Chen Yong didn't say hello to other people, minding one's own business, sitting down, sitting at the end, without saying a word.

     After a while, the door opened, and the Saints of Ten Thousand Heavens arrived.

     In addition to Wan Tiansheng, Xia Changqing, and Su Ziming, there is also a very young man who looks very young and thin, with a soft smile on his face.

     The breath is still vaguely overwhelming the Ten Thousand Heavens Sage.

     Sun and Moon!

     Several people sat down. The Sun-Moon Realm powerhouse sits on the left side, and also presses Su Ziming. The first person on the right is Xia Changqing, representing the Xia family.

     Everyone was very quiet, even if a few governors came, no one answered the conversation.

     After a while, someone came in, Ji Hong!

     Ji Hong entered the door quickly, not saying anything further, directly picked up a paper order, and quickly said: "In search of a realm order, I hereby appoint Yuan Qingdong as the first deputy governor of the Daxia Civilization Academy..."The former first deputy governor was Zhou Mingren, but today Zhou Mingren has not gone out from closure. Last time, because of Zhai Feng's people, the position of the first deputy governor was also cancelled.

     After Ji Hong finished speaking, he didn't stop, he came and went in a hurry, and said quickly: "Yourselves discusses in charge of the affairs, the Chief Ten Thousand Mansion is exhausted, goodbye!"

     Ji Hong came quickly, and went faster.

     In the blink of an eye, he disappeared in Xiuxin Pavilion.

     Yuan Qingdong was somewhat surprised, "This Director Ji... is really busy."

      Smiled, Yuan Qingdong said with a smile: "Everyone, it's an honor to come to Daxia Mansion, to be able to come to the Civilization Academy, and to take on such an important task, some overwhelmed by favor from superior!"

     very quiet!

     After a while, Shanshenwen's Fangge veteran smiled and said, "It is our honour for the Yuan Palace Chief to come."

     Yuan Qingdong raised his eyebrows slightly, smiled, but stopped talking.

     People in Daxia Mansion... really arrogant.

     Is this repelling him?

     In the past years, Wan Tian Sheng came to take over as the governor, and he has not heard of rejection.

     Wan Tian Sheng, who has not spoken, said indifferently at this moment: “Don’t gossip, Deputy Governor Yuan Qingdong is a strong man in the Sun and Moon realm. Daxia Civilization Academy was the top three strong university in the past, but now Shanhai Quite a lot, but the sun and the moon are none..."


     Many people were lightly coughed, Wan Tiansheng didn't care, and continued: "Now, finally, there is a strong man in the Sun and Moon realm, which can be regarded as supporting the facade of the Great Xia Civilization Academy!"

     "As for what Chief Yuan is in charge of... it's Zhou Mingren's original business, mainly in charge of the Theological College!"Saint Wan Tian simply confessed and said with a faint smile: "President Yuan, leave the rest of the time to you, you are new to the city, talk more, and let everyone know you, want to know more."

     Yuan Qingdong smiled and said: "Thank you, Chief Wan, many of you here, in fact, know me and have communicated with me. There's some left Elder Ge once went to seek further studies and is even more familiar with it."

     "I came here for the first time today and didn't say much. The biggest change in the recent Daxia Civilization Academy is Su Yu's defection..."

     As soon as he said this, Chen Yong looked at him without saying a word.

     In the crowd, several old men slightly frowned.

     An old man with a bad temper said directly: "President Yuan, the word defect, it's better to take it back! With great difficulty is over, when you come, do you have to find something to do?"

     The old man had a bad temper and was not polite. Frowns said: "This was originally so shame, the sun and the moon are dead, and I still mention these! Are you here to do business, or to find fault, if you find fault, let The Xia family will talk to you!"

     Yuan Qingdong was slightly frowned, before he had time to speak, below, Huang Lao was lightly coughed, and smiled: "President Yuan is probably tired from the journey, and he hasn't woken up yet. Let's stop the meeting of the old pavilion temporarily. Let's talk about it when the Chief Yuan rests ..."

     Yuan Qingdong frowned again, "Everyone, I know that you are not willing to listen, but...some things are better to explain! I said defecting, not just looking for trouble, nor deliberately looking for trouble. I think some people actually understand. But I don’t know..."

     He looked at Chen Yong.

     Chen Yong said nothing.Yuan Qingdong said indifferently: "This time, Su Yu left. If you look at the cause and effects alone, you are a part of the Shan Shenwen family. It's time to lose one's head through material greed, it's time to kill, and to die!"

     Everyone was slightly surprised and did not speak again.

     Yuan Qingdong said again: "But this time, in fact, everyone knows that some things were premeditated in advance! Palace Master Zhu’s action was premeditated, and this point without a doubt. Of course, this is not Su Yu’s sin. I have no reason to say that Su Yu is defecting, he contacted the palace lord of Daming Mansion, that is his ability..."

     "But one thing, have you noticed?"

     He looked at the crowd, "The things that Su Yu played were actually cut off. I currently cannot get some original video records, but I have checked some remnants, and I have also been to Xingluoshan, and there are some insignificant ones. Find……"

     After that, he waved his hand and a silhouette appeared in front of everyone, "Everyone, do you know who this is?"

     When he said this, many people looked at his image.

     Then, his face became a little strange.

     Yuan Qingdong smiled, "I think many people know each other! In the past, Feng Qi, a genius of the Daxia Civilization Academy!"

     "Isn't he dead?"

     Someone was surprised.

     Yuan Qingdong squinted and said with a smile: "It's just death! In fact, the search realm has long been eyeing him. After this person died fraudulently, he went incognito, and he secretly took refuge in the Ten Thousand Clan Sect and joined the Six Wing Sect! "

     As soon as he said this, someone looked strange.Yuan Qingdong smiled and said: "This man is a big leader of the Ten Thousand Clan Sect. His status is not low, or even very high. He has strength in mountains and seas. He was a genius of the Daxia Civilization Academy in the past, and his combat power is even more extraordinary. Ordinary mountains and seas four or five layers may not be able to beat him..."

     He had a faint look in his eyes, and said with a chuckle: "But this time, we actually found his trail in Xingluo Mountain! Not only that, but there is evidence that Feng Qi was a helper called by Su Yu to ambush the defected Li Ge... "

     Yuan Qingdong smiled, looked at Chen Yong, and said quietly: "I think Chen Ge always knows this person, Feng Qi, you should be no stranger? Feng Qi is a member of the Six Wings Sect, this is also solid evidence! This time Feng Qi made a move to protect Su Yu. I have reason to suspect that there are some tricks in it! Su Yu, kill Jin Yuhui and other people, ambush the leader and vice leader of the blood fire sect, slay the dragon sect and the scorpion sect. People, what is it for?"

     "Could it be that it was to clean up the opponent for the Six Wings?"

     "Has Palace Lord Zhu been used?"

     "Su Yu's position, what exactly is it? Who is he doing for?"

     "Where did some of the techniques he inherited come from? Was it a relic or was it given to him by the Six Winged Protoss?"

     "Is his name of genius true, or does Six Wings Cult need this genius name?"

     "If it is inherited from the relics... this point is not coveted, it is his that is his, but I still hope that he can make it public, rest assured, I will not covet his relics, and even suggest that Daxia Mansion and Seeking Realm arrange someone to come Protection, Su Yu successfully inherited the ruins for him... But if it is not the ruins, where did it come from?"Yuan Qingdong smiled and said: "Chen Ge, this matter is the first thing I need to catch when I come to Daxia Civilization Academy! This is not a trivial matter, because Su Yu has caused many changes to occur, and even the Daming House The Xia Mansion is involved, including the Great Zhou Mansion and the Great Shang Mansion!"

     "We have to pursue the investigation, the investigation continues, the facts cannot be quibble!"

     Yuan Qingdong's face was cold and said: "A guy who may be a lurking genius of the Six-Winged God Sect has even received the attention of the Daming Mansion. This can't be the case, it's vague!

     The other Elders couldn't say anything at this time, and their faces were a little ugly.

     Huang Lao cannot bear saying: "Feng Qi is a member of the Six Wings Church. What about the evidence?"


     Yuan Qingdong smiled and said, "Of course there is, everyone, please see..."

     Soon, he released a video of Feng Qi and some people from the Six Wing Sect, but Feng Qi did not reveal his appearance.

     Old Huang frowned and said, "How to prove that this is Feng Qi? The figure is somewhat similar..."

     Yuan Qingdong interrupted: "The clues from the inside have been verified in the search environment. Let's put it this way, if Feng Qi dared to prove himself that he is not a member of the Six Wings, everyone will have an explanation for a misunderstanding. If he didn't dare, Feng Qi's fraudulent death was a big problem!"


     This is indeed a big problem!

     Including how Feng Qi returned to the human state is also a problem.

     Among other things, a genius cheated to die. In order to cultivate a genius like Feng Qi, Daxia Mansion did not spend less investment, including sending him to Xingyu Mansion. He cheated to die. This is a kind of rebellion.And Feng Qi helped Su Yu this time.

     Chen Yong calmly said: "That Chief Yuan meant to capture Su Yu and bring him to justice?"

     "It's too early to talk about capture!"

     Yuan Qingdong smiled and said: "But, I need Su Yu to come to Daxia Mansion to prove oneself pure! Isn't that too much? If he doesn't want to come, I can go. Su Yu just needs to explain clearly the relationship with Feng Qi. not a system problem."

     Chen Yong said indifferently: "There is nothing to say, it has nothing to do with Su Yu, I let Feng Qi go!"

     As soon as this word came out, the conference room fell silent.

     Chen Yong said indifferently: "Feng Qi is a good friend of mine. As for joining Six Wings Cult and even committing death, I arranged it! I was attacked by Six Wings Cult in the past. In order to investigate the truth and find an enemy, I asked Feng Qi to disguise. Identity, joining it, is there a problem?"


     Yuan Qingdong quietly said: "Even you are not qualified to arrange undercover ten thousand clan teachers, who did you report to? Undercover, you have to report! Otherwise, who knows if you are really taking refuge or pretending to be undercover!"

     "Reported to me."

     Wan Tian Sheng smiled and said: "All right, Lao Yuan, when you said Feng Qi, I just wanted to talk, you, your investigation is meticulous, Feng Qi passed by my side, he was in Xingyu Mansion. He was injured. When Chen Yong mentioned it, I thought it would be good to take the opportunity to let him break into the Six Wings Sect, so I made arrangements like this."

     Yuan Qingdong's eyes changed slightly, and he smiled softly: "so that's how it is! That said, I misunderstood!"As he said, Yuan Qingdong smiled and said: "Misunderstanding, then forget it, it turns out that Feng Qi is from ourselves... However... Feng Qi is probably a bit troublesome now. The fact that he assisted Su Yu should be spread. Once the Six Wings Sect receives news, Feng Qi’s identity may be exposed. I thought it was the Six Wings Sect."

     Chen Yong's eyes changed and said: "President Yuan, this news is not only did you know? How can it be leaked?"

     Yuan Qingdong said annoyed: "You didn't say it earlier, and you didn't report it to the search environment. We found Feng Qi's whereabouts before. We wanted to arrest him. The arrest failed, but his help to Su Yu was also leaked out. , I’m afraid it’s known... Hey, a misunderstanding, this kind of thing is inevitable in many cases."

     Yuan Qingdong said helplessly: "If you said earlier, there would be no such misunderstanding! Then Su Yu defected, it was also misunderstood. Fortunately, he didn't make it public. Otherwise, it would be troublesome. You must explain something to me next time. That's great!"

     Chen Yong nodded slightly, "Definitely, here on Brother Feng, I can only say seek fortune for oneself, no one knows where he is now."

     After speaking, Chen Yong sighed: "I was careless, I thought no one would find out where Feng Brother was!"

     Yuan Qingdong was also regretful, and quickly comforted: "Heaven helps the worthy, the mountain and sea realm dare not rush to fight inside the human realm, the movement is too big, unless the sun and the moon come out to arrest him, can we suppress the movement!"

     "Six-winged gods are not weak, their leader is Sunyue?"

     Yuan Qingdong sighed, "I hope the leader of the Six Wings will not come forward!"

     No one said anything!

     This Yuan Qingdong, as soon as he came, came to disarm him!None of them knew Feng Qi's identity, but Yuan Qingdong spotted him in the blink of an eye.

     Chen Yongruo didn't admit it, even Su Yu was in trouble.

     It is useless to go to Daming Mansion if you collude with all ethnic religions.

     Now, Feng Qi is chased and killed, which is also a trouble.

     Chen Yong took a deep breath and slowly said, "Hope! Now that we have reached this point, I hope that the Daxia Mansion can still speak up for support. If Feng Qi is a member of the Daxia Mansion, the Ten Thousand Clan Sect must also consider it. The consequences!"

     Yuan Qingdong said quietly: "Now the Six Wings Sect has not yet determined Feng Qi's identity. If you such a saying, his identity has been confirmed. If Feng Qi has just explained it clearly now, he has passed by, Mr. Chen, that big Xia Mansion’s statement became a reminder!"

     Chen Yongdan smiled and said: "That's also fate! Chief, at the Great Xia Mansion, it's better for the Chief Laborer to explain one or two things, and make a statement. Although it may not be useful, it can be more or less deterrent, at least it can deter some people. Teach, don’t dare to rush in."

     "it is good!"

     Saint Wan Tian nodded, "This matter is easy to handle, I don't know the exact location of Feng Qi, I hope he can escape this disaster!"

     With that, Wan Tiansheng looked at Yuan Qingdong and said with a smile: "President Yuan, also has other things to say?"

     "There is one more thing..."Yuan Qingdong smiled and said: "That's right, there are some things, it's better to say it, curator Chen is now Shanhai, an old patron, according to the rules, the position of curator of Cangshuge... is not suitable for Chen Ge It’s getting old. It just so happened that the School of Divinity lost a few patrons this time, and Chen Ge was promoted to Shanhai. I think it’s the most capable people who do the most work, and leave the stall that Yu Hong had previously done to Chen. Elder Ge is in charge, and some of the resource allocation tasks of the School of Theology will be handed over to Elder Chen."

     This is a fat man!

     Of course, it's hard to say now.

     It was before!

     But now, Daxia Mansion is angry and cut a large amount of resource subsidies. Now the college is cries of complaint fill the roads!

     At this moment, responsible for the allocation and management of resources, if you can't eat a fox, you have to make a show!

     There are fewer points, everyone scolds.

     There are too many points...Don't think about it, there are not too many points!

     We have to leave the important position of Cangshuge!

     Chen Yong smiled and nodded, "Well, everything is in accordance with the rules!"

     Yuan Qingdong also laughed, and quickly said: "Then, according to the rules, the polytheistic literature has been banned long ago. The monument of the divine warfare skills should have been in the Cangshu Pavilion, and I asked Mr. Chen Ge to hand it in to the college..."

     Chen Yong smiled and said: "Shenwen war skills stele? This thing... My master took it away and brought it to the battlefield of the heavens and lost it!"

     His master, five generations!

     As soon as this remark came out, several old men gritted their teeth, their teeth hurt!

     Screw you!

     Su Yu just inherited the divine art combat skills, what you said... isn't this lie through one's teeth?

     Yuan Qingdong also dazed for a moment!He thought Chen Yong would refuse, resist, and find reasons, but... he couldn't think Chen Yong fooled himself so!

     "Then Su Yu..."

     "Su Yu's unordinary natural talent is his unordinary natural talent, learned by himself! Me too, and so is my junior brother Bai Feng..."

     Chen Yong laughed and said: "And my apprentice Wu Jia, they are all self-taught/made! If the Chief Yuan doesn’t believe me, I will recruit hundreds of geniuses to try and make sure that at least a few people can self-taught/made. Just give me a little bit time..."


     Screw you!

     Really lie through one's teeth and treat people as idiots!


     Who are you fooling!

     Chen Yong smiled and said, "If you don't believe me, the Chief Yuan will ask my Master, maybe Master will tell you!"

     Yuan Qingdong squinted his eyes and smiled: "Then forget it, if you lose it, then lose it!"

     He said and said: "Su Yu people are gone and entered the Ming Dynasty Civilization Academy. The student status at the Daxia Civilization Academy should also be banned. One student, two schools, this is not in compliance with the rules!"

     Chen Yong smiled and said, "Whatever, I don't have any objection! Then it's good to break this relationship!"

     At this moment, Wan Tian Sheng Youyou said: "Forget it, keep it! No matter good or bad is also a genius who walked out of the Daxia Civilization Academy, Chief Yuan, you are new and tired today, take a break ba, no need For a Su Yu, it’s not a big deal."

     "President Wan..."Yuan Qingdong wanted to say a few more words, Wan Tiansheng coughed: "I've been sitting for a long time, I'm getting older, and I can't stand it! Let's end the meeting. As for the induction banquet of the Chief Yuan, Lao Qi, you watch Arrange it, I won’t participate. Hey, I’ve been tossing about a few old cabinet meetings for a student, and there’s no need to hold a separate meeting for Su Yu next time. It’s a waste of time and everyone."

     After all, he got up to leave.

     Yuan Qingdong frowned and said: "President Wan, I still have something I haven't finished, including the three big monsters who helped Su Yu before. You can't easily send them to Su Yu. These big monsters have done a lot of evil in the past. Everyone thought they were all dead, but they were still alive. These great monsters had killed human races on the battlefield of the heavens..."

     "Including the few Lingyun and Tengkong Demon Races on his body, there are lives in hand..."

     Wan Tian Sheng coughed and said with a smile: "Just reform and start afresh, mounts, some things are punished, and you just need to be willing to work for the human race! Including the mounts that are now invincible, Chief Yuan, dare you say those mounts? Haven't killed anyone? At the beginning, each for his master, since you subdued the opponent and asked the opponent to be a mount, during the mount, you didn't stir up trouble anymore. This is considered to be separated from the past. Being a human mount is also considered atonement. !"

     After that, he smiled again: "Not to mention, that guy Hong Tan is also a black heart. He has been cutting meat and selling blood for many years. Now everyone knows that he provided some of the essence and blood before. I said how he Wen Tan Research Center I have been supporting it all the time...I won't mention this. If you really want to commit another crime, not only the mount will be punished, but the owner must also be punished!

     Yuan Qingdong frowned and said nothing.he couldn't think Wan Tian Shenghui took the invincible mount to say something, ugly, which powerful big demon had no life on hand.

     In the past, each for his master, the big demon was also strong, because it was strong, it was because it was stir up trouble in the battlefield of the heavens that it was noticed by Invincible. It killed a batch and conquered a batch...

     These mounts are not good people, and if you pursue them, you will have to pursue invincibility.

     Wan Tian Sheng minding one's own business is gone, Chen Yong also stopped/stood, and smiled: "President Yuan, then I will leave too! By the way, since I am in charge of the resource office, I will check the accounts later, hoping to get it right. Go, no... Then Dean Zhou will make it up, but if you can't make it, then I also can't do anything about it."

     Yuan Qingdong ignored it.

     The other patrons also got up and dispersed.

     When Huang Lao was leaving, he sighed and said nothing, but was somewhat discontented. As soon as this matter ceased, the Governor of the Yuan Dynasty came again, annoying.

     Su Yu is gone!

     If you continue to stay, it must be another chaos. That kid is not as tolerant as Chen Yong. If that guy is Elder Ge, he will have to turn his face at the Elder Ge meeting today.

     The elders left each other, Yuan Qingdong's eyebrows were frozen, and just about to leave, a voice came from his ear.

     "President Yuan, don’t be a knife. Your knife is not profitable enough. There is nothing left in the multi-sacred texts. It's ugly. The barefoot ones are afraid of wearing shoes? Died...My master has left the customs, it is the sun and the moon, and the multi-sacred language is the sun and the moon. I hope that Governor Yuan will not regret it..."

     Yuan Qingdong's eyes instantly sharpened, and he looked out the door.Outside the door, Chen Yong turned his head, with a faint smile on his face, and the voice transmission said: "Feng Qi had better live longer, otherwise...President Yuanfu should keep staring at me, staring at me to death, otherwise , Your parents, young and old, I...hehe..."

     Chen Yong smiled, turned and left.

     Yuan Qingdong said coldly: "Chen Yong, you are insane! Are you threatening me with my family?"

     "Encouragement? No, it was Chief Yuan that was enchanted. What did I say? I said I would take care of Chief Yuan’s family. What did I say wrong?"

     Chen Yong does not turn round, the sound transmission said with a smile: "I have nothing to ask for, my brother is on the battlefield of the heavens, my nephew is forced to leave, I am just an apprentice... it doesn't matter, Xiahouye promised, her parents Enter the Shrine of the Martyrs! If you are brave enough, just do it! As for me... I don’t need to worry about Governor Yuan! As a knife, you are not profitable enough, you can’t ignore the rules, you can try to kill me in the institution, or Try it in Daxia Mansion. If you are invincible, I am still worried about three points... Unfortunately, you are not."

     "Chen Yong! I think you are really mad!"

     Yuan Qingdong said coldly: "I said all this today in compliance with the rules. Whether it is Feng Qi or Su Yu, there were suspicions before and could not be removed. Yourselves did not explain. My suspicion is justified. You dare to threaten me. !"

     "President Yuan misunderstood, I didn't say anything!"

     Chen Yong's laughter remained the same, and after a while, people had completely gone.

     When they were all gone, Old Fang Ge whispered: "President Yuan, what should I do now?"Yuan Qingdong glanced at him and said faintly: "Chill! Reorganize the single-shenwen first series, remove waste, and leave the elites, and provide limited resources to those elites! Several Lingyun Nine Stages, focus on training, and strive to break through the mountains and seas. ! Taking over the library of books and searching for the whereabouts of the stele of divine art, Chen Yong easily gave up the library of books, the stele of divine art of war...may be taken away by Su Yu!

     After finishing speaking, he said coldly: "You stare at Chen Yong! Now, Daxia Mansion has many sacred texts, and he is the only one. Hong Tan retreats. His student doesn’t care, he becomes a mediocre person, and Lingyun can’t change it. What! It's a good thing that Su Yu is gone, otherwise, if you continue to mix in the Daxia Mansion, the multi-divine literature will surely ashes burn once more!"

     It's not necessarily a bad thing that Su Yu is gone.

     That guy is too talented, too strong to cause trouble, if he doesn't leave, sooner or later he will have to stir up some wind and rain.


     After speaking, Yuan Qingdong said again: "Now, don't worry about some trivial things like chicken feathers and garlic skins. I wanted to cut off Su Yu's return. I didn't expect Wantiansheng to speak out..."

     He squinted his eyes and quickly said: "No matter what he is, if he wants to hide, he will continue to hide! To the end, he will be a dead tiger! At the end of this year, we will start the election of Xingyu Mansion personnel. I don't care about everything else, this time. There are 20 places in the Daxia Mansion, with a single divine text, at least 5 or more!"

     Old Fang Ge nodded, "This shouldn't be difficult. Liu Hong and Hu Wensheng are both geniuses. They are now in Lingyun. There are also a few others who have great hopes to vacate. There are still nine days to ask some geniuses from Dao Academy, 5 places. Minimal!"

     "hope so!"Having said that, Yuan Qingdong smiled quietly: "In addition, the School of Theology has recently recruited another teaching assistant!"


     "Shan Xiong!"

     Elder Fang Ge complexion slightly changed, "He... he wants to join Daxia Civilization Academy?"

     "Why not?"

     Yuan Qingdong smiled and said, "It's funny, isn't that so? Maybe he will bring us some surprises!"

     Elder Fang was dumbfounded, "The Xia family..."

     "Xia Jia has just cleaned it up, is it not guilty to make another move?"

     Yuan Qingdong glanced at him, "Could it be possible that you still expect Xia Jiagao to take a look at you? At this moment, you still can’t see through? The Xia Family always supports Liu Wenyan’s group of people. They don’t take care of you, just lack I have a reason, don’t give the Xia family any reason to take action against you, fool, understand?

     Despite being scolded, Fang Ge did not refute and nodded.

     He also noticed that the Xia family is indeed a multi-sacred text. Once there is an opportunity and reason, it is shows no mercy to shoot them!

     Several old patrons, Yi tribe, this tragic situation, he still remembers.
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