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289 Words Exceede 5100
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Daming Mansion.

     Su Yu's research institute, the second day after taking over, ushered in a big figure in the research field-Wen Zhong!

     Wen Zhong is too familiar with this institute, more familiar than his own.

     When Hu Xiansheng was in the Spatial Relocation team, he was the right-hand man. In the blink of an eye, he entered the research institute again.

     The only difference is that the institute has changed its owner.


     Inside the institute.

     Wen Zhonggang entered under the leadership of Su Yu, and suddenly cast his gaze on the little furball who was playing with the little animals. His eyes were first suspicious, then curious, then contemplative... and finally somewhat astonished!

     "This...this is..."

     Wen Zhong looked at the little hair ball and looked at Su Yu in surprise, "This is an ancient race?"

     Su Yu looked at him, Wen Zhong quickly said: "It is an ancient race that has been passed down for countless years of civilization!"

     Su Yu shook his head, "This is not clear, but it should be a race that has just appeared on the battlefield of the heavens, and my master only captured it not long ago."

     Wen Zhong exclaimed: "It's a good baby. This body... is somewhere between illusions. It looks a bit similar to divine text. It should be aimed at the sea of will or ancient beasts in divine text."

     Su Yu nodded, Wen Zhong's eyes were vicious, he should have never touched Xiao Maoqiu.

     It's not easy to see some abnormalities at a glance.

     Wen Zhong sighed with emotion and didn't say much. He followed Su Yu upstairs and said as he walked: "Then at this stage, what is the direction you most want to develop?"

     "360 Yuan Aperture."Su Yu thought a bit then said: "I'm thinking, after the 360 Yuan Apertures are gathered, can a loop be formed automatically, or do I need to deduce it by myself, if it is to deduce the 360 Yuan Aperture combination..."

     Su Yu somewhat of a headache said: "That's too difficult to deduct, it's as difficult as heaven!"

     There are countless ways to succeed in the 36 yuan orifice group, let alone 360 yuan orifice.

     Wen Zhong nodded, "This is indeed a difficult problem. First of all, it is very difficult to gather 360 yuan orifices. Of course, I have mastered a lot of the orifice positions over the years. After all, I have been researching, and I can compare it with yours later. , If it fails to actively form a big cycle... the difficulty will skyrocket!"

     Having said that, Wen Zhong laughed again: "Difficulty is very difficult, but according to our speculation, the formation of One Heavenly Circulation, Zhou Tian 360 Aperture, will inevitably have some laws. In fact, it is difficult to master the Acupoints and derive the exercises It will be lowered! For example, if you give me the 144 orifice of the Heavenly Sword, you can deduce the route of operation without the need for exercises."

     Wen Zhong smiled and said: "A powerful exercise method uses acupuncture points in a regular manner. Knowing the acupuncture points, and then deriving the exercise method, the difficulty is much lower, because it contains many laws. You don’t have to worry too much, just Cost Required some time."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "If you really find it, then I will bother Brother Wen!"

     Soon, the two went up to the third floor.

     There are models on the third floor, puppet models, which were not prepared by Hu Xiansheng, but by Su Yu himself. They were all those models sent by Zhao Tianbing.As soon as he saw these models, Wen Zhong was delighted to say: “There are many types of puppets in Daming Mansion, and they are fine enough, but there are not many strong players in the forging system of Daming Mansion, so they can’t create top-quality puppets. You puppet model. , I am afraid it came from Zhao Tianbing of the Great Zhou Mansion."

     "Brother has a good vision!"

     Wen Zhong laughed, slightly smug, that is, his vision also isn't bad.

      also without rubbish, he picked up a puppet and said with a smile: "This is a Yuanqiao puppet, it is very delicate, Su Yu, in fact, if you have found more than 350 Yuanqiao, it doesn't matter if you can't find the Yuanqiao later, you can try it. Deduct the position. I said that the more you master the meta-aperture, the more obvious the rules will be. You may deduct the position. Of course, the risk is not small.

     Su Yu nodded without saying much, and quickly began to point red dots on the puppet, which were the positions of the acupuncture points he controlled.

     Soon, Wen Zhong's face changed slightly.


     At the end, Wen Zhong exclaimed: "346! Just rush to this. You may know more exercises than me. You have seen more and you can see clearly. Have you all started?"



     Wen Zhong praised him, exclaim in astonishment, he was really a genius, he had opened 346 yuan orifices. The outside world thought that Su Yu only opened about 300, although this is more than 300, it is far beyond the outside world's imagination.

     Wen Zhong looked for a while, and started to point red dots one by one, and said: "I don't have as many Yuanqiao positions as you, but a few are different..."

     Soon, he pointed out 7 different red dots.

     "Only 7 are different!"Su Yu narrowed his eyebrows slightly, and that was 353. Wen Zhong should be considered as a knowledgeable person, but in the end he only knew 7 different acupuncture points more than himself.

     Wen Zhong quickly said: "If you don't mind, I can take this and ask a few people for you. They are all experienced and knowledgeable, such as our Chief Niu, such as Chief Hou, and they all... A very knowledgeable senior."

     After speaking, he said: "Including the governor of the War Academy, the warrior knows more about Yuan Qiao, and you can also go and consult."

     Su Yu hesitated: "Are they willing to give pointers?"

     "Don't worry, it's not a big deal, and it doesn't involve other secrets..."

     Wen Zhong smiled and said: "You haven't met the governor yet? You can take the opportunity to visit one or two. If there are some difficulties in the future, you can also find the governor to solve it."

     "Then...I bother brother!"

     "It's okay, your combination method has benefited me a lot!"


     The two exchanged for a while, and Su Yu also thought about it. It was time to ask, don't be afraid of losing face, you actually don't have a face to speak of, come to Daming Mansion originally to strengthen yourself.

     Since there is a chance, then go and ask.

     Su Yu didn’t delay, and he didn’t say any time to do the research. It just so happened that it’s almost time for dinner now. Wen Zhong smiled and said, “Then choose a day instead of hitting the sun. Now go to the governor and bring a few bottles of good wine... Brother, to survive in Daming Mansion, brother teaches you something to prepare some good wine! There are not many people in Daming Mansion who are not good at wine. Sometimes a bottle of fine wine is worth tens of millions of merits, which is better than spending money."

     "understood!"Su Yu smiled, "Maybe I can also outline some divine texts of brewing good wine."

     "Then it will be interesting. The wines brewed by different gods are different, unique and unmatched are the most precious!"

     The two talked and laughed, and Su Yu shouted: "Wu Lan, do it yourself for dinner..."


     Over there, Wu Lan was still looking up information in the data room, and she didn't care about him at all, so she didn't care about him after she had dealt with it.

     Wen Zhong smiled when he saw it, and walked downstairs with Su Yu, and smiled as he walked: "Red Sleeve: Increase Fragrance, the younger brother is also elegant. Also, doing research alone, in the end still a bit lonely."

     Su Yu smiled helplessly and didn't say much.

     Maybe in the eyes of these old people in Daming Mansion, all the same.

     But in fact, when Wu Lan reads, she ignores herself at all!


     On the way, Su Yu bought a few bottles of good wine in the store in the school. The price is not expensive, but it is not cheap. It cost him 10 points of merit.

     At this moment, the sky is dark.

     Wen Zhong smiled and said: "The governor just came back, and probably won't go out in these two days. I have to do some things about the school. I should be at my own house now..."

     Walk along the magnificent (of houses, scenery etc) magnificent Xuefu Garden. In front of you, there is a small bridge with flowing water, and there are faintly soothing music sounds in your ears.

     After walking a while, Su Yu was surprised that there is actually a big lake in the school!

     Pretty big!

     At least he was in the Daxia Mansion and rarely saw such a big lake, but he was still in the school.

     At this moment, you can see a small island in the middle of the big lake. Wen Zhong smiled and said: "The governor lives on the small island. This island was named Yuexin Island by the governor..."After that, Wen Zhong suddenly shouted: "Old tortoise, I've picked up!"

     As soon as his voice fell, the surface of the lake rolled, and the next moment, a huge tortoise appeared.


     Su Yu dazed for a moment, somewhat astonished, some... small accidents.

     Spin the turtle!

     Su Yu asked Xia Huyou to buy the essence of this thing for a long time, but he never acquired it.

     This is considered a neutral race.

     Tortoises are also not warlike. They are found on the battlefields of the heavens, but they are rare in the battlefield. They are rarer than the gods and demons. They are not powerful strength and few in number, but the opponents do not appear on the battlefield.

     Even if the passage is opened, it still sticks to the border of the tortoise and does not go out.

     Here, he actually saw a rotating turtle.

     Still alive!

     A little bit of induction, slightly astonished, the kind that is not weak.

     This huge rotating turtle shot a look at Su Yu, his huge eyes moved, and a voice came out with a smile: "Xiao Wen, this is a newcomer? I have never seen it before."


     Wen Zhong smiled and said, "Old Tortoise, send us to Yuexin Island. Is the governor here?"

     "I'm here."

     Wen Zhong stepped up into the air and stepped onto the back of the rotating tortoise. Su Yu also hurriedly stepped up into the air. As soon as he stepped on this back, he felt a sense of heaviness. Su Yu stared at the tortoise on the back glanced at, Wen Zhong smiled: "This is a tortoise that was taken in by the governor during the opening of the mansion. It has been in the academy for more than 300 years now. If you go to Yuexin Island, the old tortoise can pick you up, otherwise you can easily be regarded as an intruder."Under the seat, the Tortoise swiftly swam towards Yuexin Island, and smiled at this moment: "Xiaowen is here, otherwise I am not everyone to pick up the old turtle. Since the newcomer is here, there is no benefit?"

     Wen Zhong smiled, "Junior Brother Su, give it a bottle of wine, Old Tortoise, remember the breath of Junior Brother Su. Maybe you will come often in the future."

     Su Yu didn’t say much when the whirl turtle laughed, and threw a bottle of wine out. The next moment, the bottle was suspended, and the smell of wine came out. The old tortoise swam and drank, a bit critical and said: "Not too good. But it's still reluctant, newcomer, what do you always stare at my tortoise shell?"

     Su Yu smiled, didn't care, and said: "Senior..."

     "Just call me old tortoise, no need for seniors."

     Su Yu didn't answer, and continued: "Senior, if I remember correctly, in the records of the Tortoise clan, the defensive power is extremely strong. I want to ask, is this a talent, or is your body made by the casting method strong? Incomparable."

     After that, he said: "Compared with the iron-eaters, does the Tortoise clan have stronger defenses, or are the iron-eaters stronger?"

     Rotary tortoise dazed for a moment, the next moment he smiled and said: "This is not comparable, our strong defense is actually a kind of talent, and the natural tortoise is strong, the iron beast... That should be related to the casting method."

     Su Yu knew it, without hiding it, and said directly, "Is Senior Ling Yun or Shanhai?"

     Some did not see it.

     "For the first time in the mountains and seas."

     Su Yu bared his teeth, too, he was taken in by the governor when he opened the mansion. After more than three hundred years, he entered the mountains and seas for the first time... it was normal, but actually weak."Senior, do you have a weak period, the essence and blood you have left or something, you can trade with me... I actually searched for the essence and blood of the spinner for a long time..."

     Xuangui sighed: "Sensed, your body is too rich in essence and blood, which reminds me of a person, Hong Tan! Your line is studying talented essence and blood, right?"


     It is not surprising that Hong Tan has been here, not to mention that this is still a generation of governors, more than three hundred years ago, this turtle doesn't know at all how many big people it has received.

     "Do you want to study my talent skills?"

     Spin tortoise smiled and said: "My talent skill is defense, tortoise shell defense, you don't have tortoise shell, it may not be suitable for you."

     Su Yu nodded and said: "I understand this, but extracting talents and taking a look may help me."

     "Essence and blood in the weak hour period... how can it be will extract the essence and blood and keep it in the weak hour period. If you want to change it, I can condense a drop of essence and blood and give it to you, but you seem to be peaceful and murderous. I encountered my kin in the battlefield of the heavens, please kill less."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Senior has misunderstood. I just sketched the sacred text of the word'kill', and there is no Heart of Slaughter."


     Rotary tortoise is silent, it lives for a long time.

     Don't lie to the old turtle!

     It's a natural killer!

     Su Yu said again: "Now it's still difficult for me to extract the essence of the mountain and sea. For the time being, please don't worry, seniors, don't worry, please mention any requirements of the seniors. A drop of blood will hurt seniors' vitality. If seniors asks, I will see if I can meet them. senior."

     "Besides, you can come to me if you need it."Xuangui didn't ask for anything, and Su Yu couldn't provide what it needed. It was just thinking that this person would go on the battlefield of the heavens in the future, and still does not know how many murders he would do.

     During the conversation, Yuexin Island arrived.

     At this moment, Niu Baidao did not rest in the mansion in the island, but set up a large table outside the mansion. At this moment, the stream flows without stopping, each puppet that looked like a real person, was serving him food!

      very many very many dishes!

     The table is tens of meters long. At this moment, Niu Baidao is tasting one by one, regardless of Su Yu and Wen Zhong and others, complaining: "No, this taste is not done right, it is not the taste I ate in Dahan Mansion!"

     "needs improvement!"

     "This dish is okay, it has the charm of Daqin Mansion..."

     Niu Baidao was eating, turning his head to look at the two and saying, "Try it together?"

     "I have seen the governor!"

     "You're welcome!"

     Niu Baidao didn't say much. They continued to eat, and the puppets continued to serve food. Niu Baidao smiled and said, "This is for the next Universal Foods Festival. It will be the Universal Foods Festival in a few days, Xiao Su Yu remembers. participate."

     Su Yu wondered, What the hell?

     Wen Zhong explained with a smile: “Every year on January 28th, it is the All-Food Festival of the university. Of course, there are too many festivals in the university, so don’t care too much. There are also the Hundred Flower Festival, Wine Tasting Festival, Colosseum Festival, Moon Festival, Fairy Syllable ..."


     Su Yu feels that he really needs to study it carefully, Daming Academy is really good at playing, and these everything in disorder festivals.As if he knew what he was thinking, Niu Baidao smiled and said, "strike a balance between work and rest, cultivate the mind, the heart is too tired, and everything is not smooth, tranquil and even-tempered, everything goes smoothly."

     After Niu Baidao finished speaking, he smiled and said: "People exactly like this, if things go well, they have a pleasant journey! If things are not going well, everything is not good! Daxia Mansion cultivates one’s body and Daming Mansion cultivates the heart, it’s not a way, nothing Else right or wrong, the choice is different."

     Su Yu nodded, "Teached!"

     Niu Baidao pressed his hands and said with a smile: "Eat something, live forever, always a little bit of pursuit, unmotivated/unselfish, that is a saint! Desire for good food is also a kind of enjoyment, I ask you, conquer all races, work hard Is cultivation just for asceticism? Wrong, just for more enjoyment!"

     Su Yu said solemnly: "Enjoy, in my opinion, is also a future thing."

     He didn't agree with some things. Of course, it didn't mean he was against it. He just didn't want other's way to impose on himself.

     Niu Baidao also doesn't care, continuing to eat, Wen Zhong also began to eat, smiling and watching the two argue.

     Niu Baidao smiled and said, "For you, it is a future thing, but it is a current thing for me. I am over 400 years old and will soon be over 500 years old. How long will my life be? I eat and drink, don't tell me it's not should it?"


     "That's not it."

     Niu Baidao wiped his hands, sat down, greeted Su Yu to sit down, and smiled: "Little guy, relax, the day hasn't fallen yet! Don't really think the sky is falling, we people are still enjoying it!"

     "The human race is very strong and invincible. The sky is really going to collapse. Do you think there is still internal fighting?""The threat of the gods and demons race, everyone knows, also sees in the eyes, but why are you still fighting? Because it's not yet time..."

     Niu Baidao laughed and said, "Human race has great potential. Many people actually hope to prove invincible, but the timing is wrong, the time is wrong, they are all dormant!"

     "I know what happened in Daxia Mansion, and I also know about your two teachers."

     Niu Baidao smiled and said, "Going to the battlefield of the heavens is not a bad thing! Don't worry too much!"

     Su Yu nodded and said nothing.

     Niu Baidao said again: "Your top priority is to manage your own affairs and improve yourself without worrying about others! It is a good thing to have a sense of crisis, but don't think that only you can save this human race..."

     Niu Baidao plays with the taste: "When the imminent danger of this human race is really reached, only you can save it. In my opinion, there is no need to save it. The huge human race, there are countless strong people, but I can only rely on you, Su Yu... It's over!"

     Su Yu shook his head, "When I was in a middle school, including when I was a child, I thought it was great, to fight for the human race, and fight for justice! Now, I don’t think about this, what I think is for my relatives and my friend. , For my commander, go to fight and destroy the enemy!"

     Human thoughts will change!

     When he was a child, he was passionate, ambitious, and fought for the human race...this is the idea instilled by his father.

     When he really entered the civilized academy, his mentality had changed again and again.

     "that's enough!"Niu Baidao smiled and said: "Fight for the people you want to protect, that's enough! For the human race, for the human realm, and space! The human race is not everyone worthy of your shelter. This is actually normal. Angle! And, is the human righteous?"

     He smiled and said: "Not necessarily! The gods and demons invade us, we invade the small clan, in fact, we are not different, and we don't need to put gold on our faces, the weak are prey to the strong, why do we mean justice?"

     Niu Baidao picked up the wine that Su Yu had brought, opened it, took a sip, and shook his head, "Generally, bring some treasures next time, don't be too mean!"

     "We people, to study, decipher, and fight... In general, for fame, for profit, to protect the family, very few people are unmotivated/unselfish, really unmotivated/unselfish, they are not humans, and saints have something to ask for."

     "Like you, if you come to deliver wine today, you must have something to ask for, right?"


     Su Yu also smiled and nodded, "President, I'm here to beg you to show the right path!"

     "I say!"

     Niu Baidao laughed again, drinking wine, lazily said: "Ask, I know, I will say."

     Su Yu took out the puppet, Niu Baidao glanced at, and quickly said, "Ask me the location of the acupuncture point?"


     "I know 4 more, and I don't know the others."

     After all, 4 red dots were spotted in an instant. So far, Su Yu has mastered the positions of 357 acupuncture points.

     Niu Baidao thought a bit then said: "You want to open 360 Acupuncture Points. This is not a small difficulty. The last three... You have time to go to Bai's house to ask. In the past, Tianhao Hao had a lot of resuscitation, and he may not reach 360. Aperture, but some secret acupuncture points should have been opened.""The White House..."

     Su Yu hesitated: "I am Bai Feng Sensei's student, and the Bai family should also know it, but Bai Junsheng saw me and never asked me to visit the Bai family. Is it wrong for me to go?"

     Niu Baidao smiled and said: "Young man, don't worry too much! The Bai family doesn't invite it, just go by yourself! In addition, it's best to get some results in the near future..."


     "Slap in the face!"

     Niu Baidao smiled and said: "You, it's best to make a bubble from time to time, don't let Daxia Mansion forget you, not to attract anyone's attention, but to let the world see that you Su Yu is not exhausted. They are all forgetful. When you are exhausted, many people will feel that it doesn't matter if you lose you!"

     "At this moment, you, who take your head from time to time, will pierce people's hearts again and again, making people remember you, know your existence, and remember your existence......"

     Niu Baidao laughed and said: "It is still useful to be famous! The more famous you are, for many people, it is a shift of the balance of weight. Now, because you have lost a sun and moon, some people are not the parties involved. From the perspective of bystanders, you will feel that you are too much, this little thing can't bear?"

     Su Yu condensed his eyebrows: "Is it a trivial matter to kill me by the sun and moon?"

     "Because they are bystanders!"

     Niu Baidao smiled and said: "It's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter! For another thing, now a genius in the Great Zhou Mansion is chased by a sun and moon. This genius is looking for someone to take this sun and moon. Anti-kill, from your perspective, how do you see this matter?"

     Su Yu thought for a while, "Anyway, it doesn't hurt, and it's nothing. In fact, it's okay if you don't kill. It's better to send to the battlefield of the heavens to kill the enemy."correct!"

     Niu Baidao laughed and said: "You are very good at it, this is very interesting! This is the bystander! So now there are a group of people who it's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter, and think that Jin Yuhui shouldn't Kill, even if you go to the Pioneer Camp, it is a good knife to kill the enemy! And you, now want to reverse this impression, let people know that this stupid bird Jin Yuhui is going to kill you and deserves to die!"

     Niu Baidao laughed and said, "Kill you, that is guilty of terrible crimes! wicked beyond redemption! Some of the most irritating invincibles that were originally neutral have been offset. What about him, how could Su Yu die? a bunch of Idiots! It can even change the impression to the point where you are more important than an invincible!"

     Niu Baidao smiled brilliantly, "Weak strength is nothing. Weak strength does not mean that you can't do something! When you are valued by some Invincibles and feel that you are worthy of changing to an Invincible... It’s no longer a trouble. You don’t need to do anything. Someone will cut off some people’s heads and send them to you, telling you, Su Yu, don’t mind, these people are idiots, we kill him, you come to check the heads The standard of cutting is not standard..."

     Su Yu looking thoughtful, "Then... the matter of the separation of the divine text... Does the prefect know?"

     "this is not OK!"

     Niu Baidao said directly: "This is not possible! This is not to attract the attention of Invincible Human Race, but it will attract the attention of Invincible Human Race!"Niu Baidao did know, and said directly: "The combination method is okay, but that thing can't, at least not at the moment! Ten thousand races are very jealous of the multi-sacred texts, we can see this, it may be against the divine texts. Technology related...may be related to Zen Dao Invincible, of course, everyone is now pretending to be unaware."

     "Don't provoke the ten thousand races at this time. It doesn't make any sense. What you have to do is to establish your own reputation and prestige!"

     Niu Baidao was teaching him, and Su Yu kept nodding.

     "You can come up with a technique that fits the gods, or even a basic essay of 36 gods... spread it in Daming Mansion. Remember, don't pass it to other big mansions, so let people come to you!"

     He smiled and said: "No, you authorize the Zhu family to ask them to ask Palace Master Zhu, you don’t have to worry about them! You will be your researcher, this is enough, the Zhu family will try to protect you, and other people, time and time again Being scammed, I will think about it, it's all a good thing done by his Daxia Mansion Shan Shenwen..."

     After speaking, he said: "Or, you set a limit. There are many gods of the gods and literary schools that can be spread, but if not, you can't spread! Put the single gods and literary schools on the opposite side of everyone, right, don’t Involving the entire Shan Shenwen series, it is positioned in Daxia Mansion!"

     Su Yu is looking thoughtful again, this governor... really interesting.

     But it makes sense!

     Niu Baidao smiled again: "Nowadays, the chaos is actually seeking realm, a civilized division, not a warrior. I think you can win over the warriors, win over the civilian class, and even spread it to everyone for free. It is more important, but it is not troublesome. , Some exercises that you can practice...""Of course, if the Aura of the Primordial Spirit comes out, you spread this out, tut... everyone has to call you the father of the Primordial Spirit!"

     Niu Baidao smiled more and more brilliantly, "People's hearts are exactly like this reversed! At that time, you are justice, and what you Su Yu say is justice! It is the moral high ground! Whoever targets you is a traitor! The Invincible Human will kill you. That is an absolute traitor. The general trend of the people is that you must kill if you kill, and you must kill if you don’t! Even if someone opposes... whoever opposes, whoever opposes is a fellow traitor!

     Niu Baidao smiled brilliantly, his old face was about to bloom, "Young man, you are a wise man, otherwise you will not come to Daming Mansion! And as a wise man, don't honor a bull's horn. You have to be invincible to kill invincible? Who? It's stipulated? Who said it? Are you tired from holding back? Don't you endure tired? The more genius, the easier it is to honor a bull's horn, such as Liu Wenyan, they live very tired!"

     "Liu Wenyan's whole family was killed almost there by accident. Was it an accident? This is hard to say! He was holding back, he didn't make a noise, he didn't talk, and a child who couldn't cry, how could there be milk for him!"

     "Does the Human Race know the merits of the Liu Family?"

     "A few people know, most people don't!"

     "And these few people don't say anything, because a matter of no concern to oneself..."Niu Baidao shook his head, "Genius, don't cry, just thinking about revenge and hard work by yourself, this is not a smart person! Lack of great wisdom! He has to cry, so that tens of billions of human races will know, his Liu family For the human race, how much has been paid, and what kind of injustice has been suffered in the end! The general situation is threatened and invincible. If Liu Wenyan had issued a call for action decades ago, there were many people who knew him, now... forget it Well, few people know him!"

     "And you are different, you now are a popular genius, you have to make your reputation higher than the other day, and by then, reputation can be murderous!"

     Su Yu's eyes gradually brightened!

     Yes, what he thinks is that he is stronger, to help the teachers and them, to solve the secret invincibility.

     But Governor Niu is right!

     How long does it take for me to reach Invincible?

      What year or month does it work?

     Fame can kill!

     He killed Jin Yuhui and the others this time because of his fame. If he were an insignificant soldier, would Zhu Tiandao kill Jin Yuhui for him?


     He wanted to make a difference. What he did before was actually right. Taking advantage of the situation and borrowing the knife, he killed two sun and moon and more than a dozen mountains and seas.

     "Thank you Governor, Su Yu has been taught!"

     Su Yu is sincerely grateful, Chief Niu... the beacon of life!

     It's not a scheming, this is a shameful plan, the general trend!

     The premise is that Su Yu is good enough to let the whole human environment know him and value him!Niu Baidao drank the wine and said with emotion: "Just understand, don't think about it anymore. Daming Mansion is a good choice for you. Here, some people will protect you, and they have the courage to protect you. Of course, they also have the strength to protect you. You! Young man, incarnate yourself as justice, whatever happens must not learn from some people, be an enemy of the world, the world is wrong, I am right, even if you are right, you are also wrong!"

     "Since you can’t fight against the people of the world, lead them. Ordinary people, including many powerful people, don’t understand. They just follow the trend, and you can become this torrent of waves. Anyone who opposes you Yes, they are all your enemies, they are all enemies of the people of the world, this is the way you have to go!"

     Su Yu kept nodding!

     Really taught!

     Niu Mansion is really good, with these words, pushing aside clouds to see fog!

     Teacher Liu should have come here to ask for advice, maybe today is the result of completely different!
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