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296 Solicitation, Secret Discussion (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Things continue to ferment.

      At the same time, the big houses began to spread the "Yuan Shen Wen Jue" one after another, and the Daqin Mansion and the Daming Mansion quickly began to promote the highest version of the method of combining acupuncture, known as the exercise method to completely suppress the repulsive force of the acupoints!

     Daming Mansion, there was an upsurge of exercises in an instant, and several universities in the Ming Dynasty war, after getting the exercises, almost didn't laugh.

     The two-level combination method of elementary and middle school, Daming Mansion has not been spread yet, and the result is not used, and the highest version is directly here, open 36, said many, was not many, saying that less is not too much, but almost can be skipped Ten Thousand Stone Realm!

     For the warriors, this is much better than the "Yuan Shen Wen Jue"!

     And when the Daming Mansion promoted this technique to the outside world, it was not just empty talk, but an example. Zhou Hao of the Great Xia Mansion practiced the "Thousand Mountain Jue", claiming to be unable to enter the ten thousand stone top-level technique!

     Now, less than three months after practicing the highest version of the Aperture Method, he easily broke through to the Ninth Level of the Wanshi!

     Today Zhou Hao is very famous in Daxia Mansion.

     On February 3rd, the Daxia Civilization Academy had just come out of the top 100 list. Zhou Hao defeated Jiang Mu in the ring. He entered the school for more than half a year and officially ranked first in the top 100. Constantly wooing him.

     Because Zhou Hao is a genius of the warrior road, Zheng Yunhui's grandfather even went to talk to Xia Yuwen several times, not to delay Zhou Hao's future.

     Zhou Hao may be the next Huang Teng to go to the war school.

     Of course, Xia Yuwen just ignored it.

     Even "Qianshan Jue" can be easily closed, showing how effective this combination method is.And the first batch of practitioners who practiced the Beginner and Intermediate Aperture Method, now they have completed the resuscitation one after another. Some guys who overlap the Acupuncture Points have already completed for a while, this period of time, the number of warriors in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm Big increase!

     In the folks, there were many fighters who practiced the "Thousand Mountain Art" in order to be strong. Today, there are also some such fighters who have quickly started to practice the method of combining abilities. Then, there may be some who practice Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique. Top ten thousand stone realm.

     Along with the results of the Harmony Method, the name of Su Yu continued to spread in the human environment.

     "Shuangwu Heqiao Method", "Yuan Shen Wen Jue", "Yuan Shen Jing Yuan Jue", "Yuan Shen Soul Eater Jue", successively many sets of exercises called "Yuan Shen", in some big houses Shelves in the school.

     Su Yu's fame has increased!

     The conflict between Su Yu and Da Xia Mansion has also been spreading and is widely known.

     Many people laughed when they heard Su Yu. The single divine text of Daxia Mansion, blind as a bat (figuratively), must do stupid things and kill Su Yu. Now Su Yu is forced to leave Daxia Mansion. , Ran to Daming Mansion.

     Almost all of Daming Mansion’s exercises are authorized to spread for free, and Daxia Mansion’s exercises, apart from the difficulty in spreading, are also hindered by Su Yu, which is also self-seeking.

     If Su Yu is still in the Daxia Mansion, then all the techniques of today will be given priority to the Daxia Mansion.

     How can it be so!


     Yuan Qingdong did not stand up for a long time, did not apologize, and of course, did not talk nonsense again. In the past few days, he has been very low-key.

     But low-key is useless!

     Low-key, Su Yu does not authorize the Three-University Government exercises. Now, the students of the Three-University Government cries of complaint fill the roads!Not only the "Yuan Shen Wen Jue", including the highest version of the method of Harmony, has not been authorized to the three universities at this moment.

     "Let outsiders get out!"

     Such a call, more and more emerge in the Three University Mansion, cannot be restrained.

     And the Xia family did not make a move for a long time.


     Daming Mansion.

     Su Yu is actually a little strange. He has been talking with Master Xiahou for a few days, and the brewing time is enough, but the Xia family doesn’t seem to have the intention to relieve Yuan Qingdong. He said before. He can cancel those restrictions on Yuan Qingdong.

     But the Xia family hasn't come to him yet.

     Su Yu didn't bother to manage, at this moment, he was recruiting staff.

     I've been talking about it for many days, and today, Su Yu began to meet these old people.

     Drunk Star Building.

     Top floor.

     Su Yu and Wen Zhong arrived together. When they came in, there were already four old people, three males and one female, all very old, old and gray-haired, and their temperament was elegant.

     "Junior Brother Jin, Sister Kong..."

     Wen Zhong greeted several old people. Wen Zhong was bigger and almost 400 years old, and these old people were younger than him, but they were also about 300 years old.

     As for the strength, they are not considered strong, with two flying sevenfold, one flying eightfold, and one ninefold.

     Tengkong Realm, in fact, can't live for that long, warriors said, Tengkong Realm actually only has a life span of one hundred and fifty years, and the civilized division must live longer.

     Most of the vacancies of the warrior's Tao are hundred and fifty years old.

     Ling Yun is more than two hundred years old.

     Shanhai would theoretically live more than three hundred years old.Of course, these are warriors, their bodies are beginning to decline, and the sea of will has withered long ago. Civilized divisions can generally live longer because of their strong will power. If they don't fight much, they live longer.

     But the 300-year-old vacated...this is really about the limit.

     The limit of Shouyuan!

      time is limited!

     Several old people actually showed some age spots on their faces, and even sensed some decadent aura, which is a manifestation of the end of life.

     Su Yu was a little emotional when he saw the old people.

     More than them, Wen Zhong... In fact, there are not many lifespans. Fighter Ling Yun can live more than 200 years old. Even if Wen Zhong is a civilized teacher, he is Ling Yun Jiuzhong, how long can he live?

     Some old people in Daming Mansion are all dead soon!

     Not only these people, including Dean Hu Xiansheng, would have spent their lives without entering the sun and the moon.

     These old people should not have participated in many wars, or have barely fought, otherwise, they would not live so long.

     However, Su Yu didn't think there was anything wrong. He had read the information of several people. It was not that you had to participate in the war to make a contribution. The four elderly people in the airspace are not low in their contribution to mankind.

     Jin Sheng, Tengkong Jiuzhong, one of the creators of Wenmingzhi, can now preserve the gods of mountains and seas, although there are many methods now, but at the time, civilization was the only means. Without civilization, there would be no such mountains and sea gods today. The text remains.

     Kong Yuxian, Tengkong Bazhong, expert in willpower extraction, some of the pure willpower filling laboratories nowadays, she proposed that year, and she was the first to discover the use of Tianhe sand.Wei Qi, Tengkong Qizhong, the creator of Di Class Qi Method "Return to Yuan Jue", there are still many people practicing this method.

     Cao Hui, Tengkong Qizhong, the creator of "Nine Stars Casting Method", this casting method is also used by many flying fighters. The casting effect is not too strong, but the casting process is simple.

     The four elderly people have made great contributions in their respective fields.

     The Academy is not stingy with Heaven and Earth Treasure, and has continued to live for several people for many years, otherwise, even if they don't fight, these people will almost die.

     Now, the university recommended these four to Su Yu, with a glimmer of hope.

     I hope that Su Yu can continue their lives and give them some opportunities to break through.

     Entering Lingyun, maybe a few people can continue their lives for some years.

     To enter Lingyun, a civilized master needs more than 37 levels of willpower, third level of divine writing, and opening of the divine orifice before entering Lingyun, but these few, the willpower is reached, the divine orifice is also activated, but the divine writing... Did not reach the third order.

     Without him, the divine texts outlined by several old people are too much to be adequately contained.

     Some old people in Daming Mansion, after vacated, live longer, and often think of various sorts and varieties, to outline the divine writings of various sorts and varieties, not to become a polytheistic one, but sometimes they need some divines. Text cooperation research.

     As a result, there are more and more divine texts, lack of willpower, and can't be cultivated. Most of the divine texts are first-order, a few are second-order, and third-order divine texts can hardly be cultivated.

     There are many divine texts outlined by these few, as many as Jinsheng. I heard that there are more than 30 divine texts outlined.With more than 30 divine writings, he is not too focused on accumulation. Some divine writings are even mutually exclusive, very messy and messy. How can they be promoted to the third rank?

     "I have seen a few teachers!"

     Su Yu bowed slightly, several old people also smiled, Jin Sheng white hair white beard, smiled and said: "Don't be too polite, there are people who comprehends certain knowledge faster than the others, whoever attains shall be first! Junior Su too! No need to call our teacher, they are all person following the same Dao, and communication is the main thing today."

     Kong Yuxian, I’m afraid he was really beautiful when he was young. When he’s old, he looks good. He smiled at this moment and said, "Sit down and talk, Brother Wen, I haven’t seen you in a few days, but it looks like in high spirits. Look. Come to the method of resuscitation, you are perfectly contented."

     Wen Zhong smiled and said: "It's okay! Several junior apprentice brothers and sisters, you look a bit older these days, don't be too tired."

     Several people all smiled.

     He asked Su Yu to sit down, Jin Sheng was not polite, and said: "The governor and President Hu have both talked to us. I hope we can go to the Yuanshen to do some assistant work. In fact, we are all older. The energy is not as good as before, Su Yu, the direction of your Yuanshen Aperture research is not consistent with our research direction. Brother Wen is an expert in this area, we are not..."

     Wen Zhong interrupted: "If you don't want to work, just tell me, what excuses!"

     Wen Zhong smiled and said: "Junior Brother Su, Junior Brother Jin has been focusing on the separation and extraction of divine texts since he created the history of civilization. For hundreds of years, the research on the characteristics of divine texts has also to Daoist alchemy)."After speaking, he paused and said: "In the past five generations came to the Ming Dynasty Academy of Civilization, and I discussed this knowledge with Junior Brother Jin. Later, Hong Tan introduced the integration of polytheism and the transfer of characteristics...It is not that I belittle Hong Tan. Most of the preliminary work in this area is the result of Junior Brother Jin, and the Five Generations should have gained some inspiration from Junior Brother Jin."

     Su Yu was shocked by the accident. The Five Dynasties talked to Jin Sheng about this?

     Jin Sheng laughed and said, "Brother Wen has made a serious statement. When the Five Dynasties came, I was just inspired to talk nonsense and babbling nonsense in front of the Five Dynasties. How can I achieve any results."

     After that, Jin Sheng said with emotion: "Five generations are Heaven-blessed genius! Later, Hong Tan introduced the feature transfer, the combination of gods and texts, and I realized that the five generations are much deeper than I thought. Focusing on cultivation, on the one hand, you can calm down and study. If the Five Generations are immortal, the first true nihility enemy civilized master in the human realm must be him!"


     The Five Dynasties were actually younger than him. The Five Dynasties died more than 50 years ago. At the time of death, they were a hundred years old. They were more than a hundred years old. They came to that point. They looked bigger than Xia Longwu today. Want to get to this point is much more difficult than the fighters.

     "Brother Jin, have you been studying this all these years?"

     Su Yu curiously asked: "Then do you have any results in this area? Brother don't get me wrong, I don't mean to question it, that is, curiosity and interest, divine text extraction, characteristic transfer, divine text combination...this is also our polytheistic literature An area of great interest."

     He is really interested in this!Jin Sheng smiled and said, "Yes, I almost forgot. You are also an expert in this area! Over the years, when it comes to the results, the results are actually not great. The divine writing is too mysterious. The biggest point is that a relatively special situation has been discovered... …"

      he paused and said: "I have outlined a lot of divine texts, some of the gods, the demons, the immortals, and the humans..."

     "I found that the gods of these races of the Protoss are more independent, while the gods of the Human Race are more complementary!"

     Seeing Su Yu listening carefully, he smiled and said, "Let’s put it this way, why is the god of the gods so powerful? Because it is independent! In other words, these gods are one word for one god, but why are the gods of the humans weak? Because it is complementary!"

     Jin Sheng said again: "The so-called complementarity is the gathering of your two human divine writings. You will find that the divine writings are a little bit stronger than a little bit stronger than a single one, and three are stronger... Of course, I only outlined 6 human divine texts..."

     Jinsheng hesitates again: "According to my deductions and guesses, human divine texts are progressively powerful! In other words, when you outline more than 10 human divine texts, or more, then your divine texts are strong. In fact, it is not weaker than the gods and demons."

     Shaking his head and sighing, "However, it takes too long to outline more than 10 human divine texts! This is the first point and the second point. You will find that when you outline more human divine texts, it will be similar to other divine texts. Some repulsive force."

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, and Jin Sheng said again: "I have also heard some rumors that the mountains and seas break the sun and the moon, and the gods and demons repel the human race and make people unable to enter the sun and moon. Actually it is not!""Someone conspired and thought it was a curse by the gods and demons, and that's not it!"

     Su Yu said with an unexpected look: "No? Impossible! Brother, the gods and demons repel human race. This is a personal experience of some mountains and seas! In the past 50 years, the difficulty of entering the sun and the moon has increased sharply..."

     Jin Sheng smiled and said: "I know this, of course, I will talk about my personal understanding! I think, in fact, the gods and demons race did not put any curse, the cost required is too great, not worth it!"

     "I think it should be like this. It's not that the gods and demons reject the human race...Of course, it may be the case at the peak of the sun and moon, but in the early stage, in fact, it is not.

     Jin Sheng's eyes glowed and said: "fifteen years ago was a dividing point. Fifteen years ago, there were very few human wills and very few people sketching human divine writing. Back then, the mainstream was the gods and demons divine writing! With the development of the generations, the human will have increased, and the cultivators more or less 50 years ago have cultivated some human gods."

     Su Yu was a little surprised and hurriedly said: "What you mean is that the sun and moon of the year, because they did not outline the human gods, they could be promoted smoothly, but now the peak of the mountains and seas has a few human gods outlined, so it is The human race rejects these gods and demons, not the gods and demons, and rejects our human race!"


     Jin Sheng smiled and said: "You really understand! That's easy to say! I think so, because judging from my personal experience, it is actually the divine literature of the human race that is exclusive!"he thought for a bit said: "In fact, I have always wanted to do one thing, collect information, and see if those guys who are stuck at the peak of the mountains and seas have some human gods, if they are stripped of human gods, can these people Advance to Sun Moon?"

     Jin Sheng regretfully said: "I heard people say that it is best to strip off the gods and demons. In fact, this is also OK, but... Thus, many people’s combat effectiveness will have a great decline, which will actually cause a decline in the strength of the civilized division, and the loss will be too great. In this case, it is better to try to strip the human gods. After all, for many people, the outline of the human gods is just an accident, and it will not help them much..."

     Su Yu's heart was shaken at this moment.

     Jin Sheng went the other way, inferring that the human gods are exclusive!

     But Su Yu is somewhat recognized!

     Because, that day, he outlined other racial divine texts and was destroyed by the Jin sè atlas. If the atlas is a divine text, is it the human divine text?


     It’s not that the gods and demons reject the human divine writings, but the other way around. The human divine writings reject the gods and demons divine writings. When some mountains and seas are promoted, the divine writings are repelling them. Everyone subconsciously feels that the gods and demons are repelling them. Divine text is more powerful.

     And the divine writing of the human race, a single outline, is very weak.

     Su Yu took a deep breath, looked at Jin Sheng, and nodded: "Brother, I actually agree with your statement! I also think that the gods and demons are cursing all their will...the price is too great! The powerhouses who were promoted to Sun and Moon 50 years ago may have not outlined the human gods, or rarely...If you have the conditions, you can check it out."Jin Sheng smiled bitterly: "There is no way to check the sun and the moon 50 years ago, only those invincible, or some sun and moon peaks, not many in the middle of the sun and moon, such big people, where to contact a few, including 50 years later. The same is true at the summit of mountains and seas. God texts are secrets. If you ask, others will not tell you."

     Su Yu nodded, thought a bit then said: "In fact, the best way is to find someone to try, find a mountain and sea peak, and see if the other person has human divine writings, peel it off, and see if the other person has hope of entering the sun and the moon. ."

     Stripping off the gods and demons will lose too much to them.

     The mainstream of human cultivation is the gods and demons, once they are stripped away, their combat power will drop by half!

     This is also the reason why Daxia knows the rejection and still cannot make a firm resolution and abolish the gods and demons. Once it is abolished, it will be a big trouble.

     However, it is possible to abolish the human gods!

     At least, for many people, human divine writings are almost useless, but sometimes they are sketched accidentally, just by the way.

     The main divine text, very few people would choose the human divine text.

     Su Yu thought for a while, and suddenly looked at Wen Zhong and said, "Brother, is our school stuck at the peak of the mountains and seas? Since Brother Jin said that, I think we can actually try..."

     Wen Zhong was speechless, "Junior Brother, do you think Shanhai Peak is the people in the death row camp? Just try? First, it is difficult to strip the divine texts, second, after stripping the divine texts, you will backfire yourself, and third, the Shanhai Peak may not trust you."

      how can it be how can it beSu Yu thinks about it, too, it's a pity, in fact, you can try it, provided that the little hairy ball you raise is promoted to the mountain and sea, and help swallow it.

     In fact, there is still one way, a combination of divine text combat skills!

     However, it seems that this split combination can only reach Lingyun at present. Shanhai may be difficult to split. The information left by Bai Feng has said that he is still experimenting. Afterwards, Chen Yong and Hong Tan have actually tried it, which is more difficult.

     Of course, Liu Wenyan is special. On the one hand, he has powerful divine art, on the other hand, he has divine art combat skills, and on the other hand, his own strength is currently only vacated, and he can also be split and combined.

     I don't know if the teacher has deduced any more powerful methods recently!

     Su Yu is somewhat regretful. Bai Feng is not here. In fact, he has less fun. If Bai Feng is still there, it is interesting to see the teacher startled to fall the chin. In addition, Bai Feng does often suddenly have a thought, put forward some terrifying insights.

     Su Yu was thinking, Jin Sheng smiled and said: "The gods and demons may allow the human race to enter the sun and the moon... it is not possible, it is for sure! Because most or all of the previous civilized teachers rely on this to enter the sun and moon! But I guess that the human race cannot enter the domain of the invincible civilized division, it should be related to the human divine text!"

     Wen Zhong frowned and said, "There is no way to verify this! There are not many civilized masters who use human divine texts as the main divine text. According to your opinion, it is difficult to enter the sun and the moon... It seems to be the same. ..."

     "Exclusivity!"Jin Sheng laughed and said: "No one will outline all human gods, even if some people use human gods as the main gods, but they will definitely outline gods and demons, as a result, to a certain point, there will be exclusiveness! Human gods Actually very strong!"

     Jin Sheng also said: "According to some ancient rumors, the human race is actually dominating in the ancient era. If so, that can actually be explained! Some people have guessed whether the human divine texts have been sealed? I think it is not. Weak but strong, not always strong. The increasing strength of the divine text conforms to the character and laws of the human race, and everything is regular! When the human race outlines enough human divine texts, the divine text will definitely be stronger!"

     Su Yu kept nodding and said: "That's right! I agree with Brother Jin's words. I have never felt that my divine writing is weak, and when I sketched enough divine writings, I also felt that the divine writings grow more and more. It’s powerful, it’s getting easier and easier to advance... it didn’t cause me too much burden.

     When these words came out, Jin Sheng looked at him unexpectedly, "Junior Brother meant..."

     "What I have outlined are all human gods!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Not many people know, but I really only sketched the human divine writings! Now, the sketched divine writings are just 10, which is incremental... Some weak feelings, the enhancement is not too obvious, but I I found that the divine text is not weaker than the divine and devil divine text. I don’t know if it is a special case or all the same.

     A few people accidentally!

     All outline the human gods!

     And 10 have been outlined!

     This guy is really genius.

     How big is this?Jin Sheng instantly became interested, "Junior brother, can I go to your research institute? I actually study a lot of things, you want to derive the spiritual method, in fact, I have also studied it, and it will definitely help!"

     Su Yu laughed, "Brother can come, seek but fail to get!"

     The old man is easy to hook up!

     Take a look, just chat and hook up.

     Moreover, I also provided myself with a way of thinking, is that the human gods reject other gods, rather than other gods rejecting human gods, this is still very different!

     Jin Sheng was just guessing, there was no evidence, while Su Yu was a little sure, because his other race gods were crushed!

     In fact, you can find a mountain and sea peak to try!

     Maybe you can ask Zhu Tiandao. Of course, the premise is that Xiao Maoqiu can reach the mountains and seas. If the mountains and seas are not there, the self-breaking divine writing will have backlashes, and it is not a good way to have backlashes.

     Daming Mansion, there are probably many such old people stuck on the top of mountains and seas.

     If you can enter the sun and the moon... Daming Mansion is stronger, and you are in the Daming Mansion, and you have a little more protection.

     It's time to cultivate small hair balls!

     That guy, he has been playing crazy recently. He is playing with a group of little rabbits and puppies every day. If he doesn't properly cultivate, he doesn't have good food, it's not good!

     Next, Su Yu began to discuss with several other old people.

     For the elderly who study exercises, Su Yu is good at this and he is good at talking.

     Whether Shenqiao or Yuanqiao, he can talk freely.Although Su Yu has not touched on the body casting method, he also has great interest. After chatting with Cao Hui for a long time, he also got the "Nine Star Body Casting Method" gifted by Cao Hui.

     While getting the casting method, Su Yu was actually thinking about a problem.

     He opened a part of the Atlas of Tengkong Realm, which actually had a casting method.

     Essence can be turned on!

     Can I start the casting in advance now?

     If you can cast yourself in advance, what is the difference between yourself and Tengkong?

     You can try it out!

     Including the Nine Yuanqi Reforms, he actually opened some, and he opened the album of the Lingyun Realm, which actually included the Nine Yuanqi Reforms.

     Su Yu has no shortage of techniques!

     What is missing is a good exercise method, a exercise method that suits him best!

     After going out in the morning and chatting with a few old people for 5~6 hours, Su Yu stopped dry mouth and tongue.

     Get it done!

     The old people were indeed very knowledgeable, and they did not really admire Su Yu, but they felt that Su Yu was indeed not a idiot, and had made achievements in some fields. Su Yu was evaluating them, and they were also investigating Su Yu.

     In the end, all four of them agreed to work in the Yuanshen Institute.

     In terms of treatment, the requirements are not high.

     So far, the Yuanshen Institute has reached 7 people, 5 elderly people, Su Yu and Wu Lan from outsiders.

     The first difficulty that needs to be overcome is to deduce the matching exercises, martial skills, body casting methods, and nine transformations of the combined orifice method. It is hoped that a complete system can be formed and spread in a large range of human conditions.


     Su Yu at this moment is focused on research.At the same time, as his fame skyrocketed and his fame expanded, several exercises that he promoted were circulated and their importance was recognized. Su Yu's fame was no longer limited to the human race.

     Just when Su Yu recruited several old people.

     Ten thousand ethnic religions.

     A high-level stronghold.

     At this moment, underground, a hall, projections appear one after another.

     No one actually came, but many projections.

     All fuzzy!

     "The original leader has also arrived, and the beginning demon leader has also arrived..."

     In the main hall, someone laughed and said: "Since the two leaders are here, let’s talk about Su Yu! Whether it’s "Yuan Shen Wen Jue" or "Hui Qiao Method", everyone should know that it is a treasure, a treasure, Good thing! Su Yu is so courageous, I dare to spread this!"

     "Now, the great powers of the gods and demons are also aware of this matter, although it has not affected the invincible domain... But, if it goes on like this, the power of the majors will inevitably skyrocket in the years!

     He just said this. On the throne of the original leader, an illusory figure interrupted: "Don't talk nonsense! Whether the human race is strong or weak, we traitors don’t need to think about it. We are all for interest……"

     Over there, the projection of Master Shimao Lantian smiled and said, "Benefits? No, we are also to save the human race! Primitive, you are too selfish!"

     be quiet!

     The original leader ignored him. Blue sky is a neurosis. Everyone knows that every day he advertises himself as for the human race. Everyone knows that.Lan Lan didn't care, and quickly said: "I know what you want to do, but Su Yu can't kill. I want to capture him alive, and even pull him into our camp! We need such a genius, this kind of person!"

     "Master Shima, you know how difficult it is to catch alive in Daming Mansion!"

     "I know, isn't this challenging?"

     Lantian smiled and said: "Catch the live! Someone wants to kill him, I won't agree! I want to catch the live, convince him to join us!"

     No one paid any attention to him, and soon someone said, "The strong clan of the gods and demons, the price is not low! Killed Su Yu, and even willing to give out some Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid as a reward, everyone, come here today, just to talk. Whether or not to join forces to raid Daming Mansion and kill Su Yu, one or two Sun and Moon may not be able to do it, so they have to pull a snake from its hole, threaten the east and strike to the west..."

     Sun Moon Xuan Huangye!

     After entering the sun and the moon, the best treasure to strengthen the power of that hole, the special product of the strong family of gods and demons, is extremely precious!

     As far as Sun and Moon are concerned, what treasures and exercises are not as good as these treasures that can enhance their own strength.

     "Assault on Daming Mansion?"

     Someone has a weird voice, drifting without a resting place and said: "Daming Mansion is not weak. The Zhu Tiandao of the Nine Suns and Moons is not easy to provoke, everyone, it is too dangerous! I am not interested in a surprise attack, assassination, then you can try! "

     "Then assassin! But I want to remind you, don’t be stupid and die. Under the mountains and seas, don’t try to assassinate Su Yu. He killed Zhou Pingsheng that day. Although he used the talent Blood Essence Strength, he was not weak. Don’t be stupid again and again, give him time, if you want to kill, you must kill!""Furthermore, Su Yu has been following a few monster beasts. Among them, the water spirit has the strength of Lingyun Seventh Layer. Pay attention to this!"


     Someone keeps providing Su Yu's information, don't beat the grass to scare the snake, go assassin if you are not sure. If you fail and die, it's okay. It's easy to arouse the vigilance of the Daming Mansion. The first assassination has the greatest chance, but it will be difficult later!

     "The task should not be released anymore. This matter can only be received within the respective internal communication, and the mountain and sea realms can receive the task. Don't spread it again... Of course, you can appropriately increase the reward for Su Yu in Easy Quest, so as not to go too far. Be quiet, attract attention!"

     They chatted, the phantom of the blue sky suddenly collapsed and disappeared, and smiled faintly: "You kill, I want to convince him to see who is faster!"

     When the words fell, the phantom disappeared completely.

     As soon as he left, someone cursed: "This guy is crazy! I really consider myself a saint!"

     Convince me!

     Su Yu is now valued by the Daming Mansion, with a high status and a high status. Why should he take refuge in your Beginning Demon Sect?

     I really thought everyone was a lunatic you!

     Joining Ten Thousand Races Sect is for the benefit. What kind of family and country sentiments come from? For the human race ...... for the human race, you go to the battlefields of the heavens to confront the enemy!

     "Don't worry about him!"

     The original leader said indifferently: "You guys, you have to act freely, but it's best not to involve other people, and don't swarm into the Daming Mansion. The Daming Mansion may have recently deployed inescapable net waiting for us to get the bait. Everyone thinks about it before going. !"

     After the words fell, the phantom of the original leader quickly collapsed.

     "This guy... really mysterious!"Someone sighed, the original leader, there are probably not many people who have seen him in person.
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