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300 The Strongest Wanshi In History (seeking Monthly Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The eyebrows are shining!

     With the help of the essence and blood of the Simo clan, Su Yu quickly opened up.

      all around, a lot of vitality is coming.

     not enough!

     Su Yu shook his hand, a large amount of vitality liquid appeared, very rich, and continued to absorb it.

      still not enough!

     This acupuncture seems to penetrate the other 359 acupuncture points. At this moment, it is absorbing vitality madly. Su Yu seems to have become a bottomless pit, constantly absorbing energy!


     Just when Su Yu opened the last trick.

     At this moment, outside the Yuanshen Research Institute, countless vitality gathered towards the Yuanshen Research Institute.

     Like a dragon!

     The vitality gathers, and the irrigation flows down.

     After a while, Niu Baidao and Hu Xiansheng both appeared, looked upward and the vitality gathered, Hu Xiansheng raised his eyebrows slightly, "Is this...breaking?"


     Niu Baidao frowned, is it breaking the boundary?

     Not very similar!

     Is it resuscitation?

     He is somewhat skeptical, is Su Yu opening his 360 Yuan Aperture?

     Is it like opening 360 yuan?

      If so, this guy is invincible, how terrifying, the vision might radiate thousands of miles!

     Niu Baidao didn't say much, hand grasps, the gathered vitality quickly liquefied, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into droplets of vitality droplets, dripping towards the institute.

     At the door, Suan and Zhuanshan Niu absorbed furtively.

     Niu Baidao glanced at them, and the two big demons trembled with fear.

     Seeing that Niu Baidao didn't speak, the two big demons glanced at each other, and the cowardly starved to death!

     Keep sucking!chance hard to come by, don’t suck, don’t suck.

     Niu Baidao didn't care about them, seeing those vitality liquids spilling, and vitality gathering, hesitated for a moment, sigh, it was a waste!

     The next moment, with a wave of his hand, a large amount of vitality liquid was spilled over there, and he sighed: "It is time to bring Zhao Li to the secret of vitality. I don’t know that the old king is dead, can be used or not. Secret Realm of Vitality."

     Hu Xiansheng corner of the mouth twitches, Lao Wang...Deputy Governor of the Academy.

     He is also a strong person in the Sun and Moon realm, of course, he rarely appears at ordinary times.

     Lao Niu is now looking forward to the death of Lao Wang to transform the secret realm!

     I can really think about it!

     "Su Yu is absorbing, right?"

     Hu Xiansheng hesitated: "This is too much!"

     So many kinds of gas-liquid, for the air to absorb, are already saturated!



     Su Yu didn't care about that much, a lot of vitality liquid was absorbed, and he also sensed the influx of vitality from the outside world, knowing that it might be the strong who took the action, he didn't care about it, and continued to absorb it.

     At this moment, the eyebrows are completely opened!


      a loud sound, in the mind shock!

     The next moment, between Su Yu's eyebrows, a faint red flame appeared, which was the symbol of Primitive Demon Race's.

     The red flame flashed away.

     At this moment, 360 Acupoints are all open.

     Light up!

     One, two... Su Yu, who had already closed his orifices, quickly separated all the closed orifice points.

     Turn into 360 acupuncture points again.

     At this time, one after another acupuncture point is lit!


     Sort!It seems to be an active association. Just as Su Yu guessed at the beginning, he does not need to actively derive. These 360 acupuncture points have been associated and lit up one by one!

     20, 30, 40...

     Su Yu's breath is extremely strong!

     This is Wanshi!

     Su Yu at this moment is like an ancient monster, with great arrogance, and vaguely, a flame rises!

     At this moment, outside the door, several old people and Wu Lan arrived, and the water people and shadows also appeared.

     Wu Lan couldn't see Su Yu, but she felt the powerful aura and the sense of oppression in the training room. She looked at Wen Zhong and said strangely: "Brother Wen, is Su Yu in it?"

     Doubt about life!

     That coercion, separated from the secret room, caused a great sense of oppression on her. If Wen Zhong were not around, she might not be able to approach.

     Wen Zhong eyes flashed, nodded, somewhat joyful, somewhat astonished, even if he didn't see Su Yu, he guessed what happened at this moment, suppressed excitement, and whispered: "It's him, he's penetrating Zhou Tianqiao acupoint!"

     At this moment, the indoor coercion is getting bigger and bigger!

     Jin Sheng said in a speech: "Brother Wen, this guy...If this is really done, the physical body does not need to be cast, it will probably be comparable to the seven cast of the physical body!"

     Leap into the air, cast flesh, exchange vitality, wash marrow and forge bones.

     Nine castings of flesh!

     One heavy one!

     Of course, like the resuscitation method, there are differences in the methods of casting the flesh, and there are also differences in consumables.

     This thing, varying from person to person.

     Look at resources, talents, exercises, and time.Wen Zhong nodded, at least.

     Terrible Su Yu!

     What kind of research genius is this guy, he is a thug of the Fighter Dao, in Wen Zhong's opinion, Huang Teng and Qin Fang, people of the same rank, may not be able to defeat Su Yu.

     "Will he vacate today?"

     Jin Sheng asked again, Wen Zhong shook his head: "I don't know, he may not have enough blood..."

     "Didn't Daqin Mansion give a lot?"

     "Look at this kid's own. He hasn't determined his own casting method yet. It's okay to enter Tengkong now, but the casting method has not been determined yet, I am afraid he will stop at Tengkong first!"


     They were talking, and Su Yu was also vaguely sensed at this time.

     Into the sky!

     Of course, he didn't do that, it was unnecessary.

     At this moment, his 360 acupoints are all opened and connected.

     A new set of exercises is in operation!



     At this moment, Su Yu is only a nine-thin tier, and the acupuncture points that were previously closed have been broken up by him.

     Now, the acupoints are closed again!

     This time, Su Yu sensed differently.

     When he ran 36 Heqiao acupoints, he found that he didn't need it!

     Naturally, the acupuncture points began to converge.

     He thought of what Hu Qiusheng and the others said in Daxia Mansion that day. The acupuncture point is broken. When the acupuncture point is complete, it will naturally merge and merge without much repulsion.

     Today, it was verified!

     "So that's how it is!"Su Yu smiled. When the 360 Acupuncture Point was turned on, the acupuncture method was already useless!

     Wanshi has nine layers and one has 40 acupoints.

     At this moment, naturally, 40 acupoints merge.


     One thousand stones!

     The number of acupuncture points has been reduced to 321!

     How strong is this Wanshiyizhong?

     There are 40 acupuncture points in the merged orifice, and for these 40 acupuncture points, because of the combination of the orifices, 1 orifice is comparable to the power of 5 orifices. On that day, Su Yu has 16 orifices, and the power of 1 orifice is comparable to two and a half orifices. the power of.

     40 apertures turned into one aperture, the power is even comparable to the ordinary 200 apertures!

     After combining the know-how, one know-how is comparable to a set of magic tricks!

     In the blink of an eye, the second level of 40 orifices closed!

     Wanshi Erzhong!

     Su Yu's strength skyrocketed again and the number of acupoints was reduced to 282.

     The third step continues!

     More vitality liquid is consumed!

     Su Yu took out all the vitality liquid in the storage ring, but the outside world, Niu Baidao, continued to provide the vitality liquid, and the vicinity of the Yuanshen Research Institute had been blocked at this moment.

     Su Yu, is this breaking the boundary or is he doing?

     How do you feel the speed of swallowing the vitality liquid, amazingly fast!

     It takes vitality to get together.

     A lot of vitality!

     And Su Yu's physical body was constantly being strengthened in this process.

     There is no casting method, it is naturally strengthening.

     Wanshi five, six...

     high speed!

     In the blink of an eye, Wanshi Kouzhong!


     Nine tricks!At this moment, Su Yu, only the merged nine orifices were left, the light in his eyes burst, and the wall was broken with a bang!

     One hole is comparable to the power of 200 holes!

     Su Yu at the moment, the power of 9 orifices, even reached the power of 1800 orifices.

     And the warriors who have cultivated the top-level exercises of the heavenly ranks, all of them have their abilities together, and when they reach the Ninth Layer of Ten Thousand Stones, their strength is about 400 wards.

     After that, enter into the air and upgrade one by one. Every time you cast your body, your strength is about 10%.

     Floating into the sky with nine layers, stacking up nine times, nine cast flesh, the power is close to the power of a thousand orifices.

     This is the warrior!

     Taking Qianjun as an analogy, the top fighters who fly into the sky can reach the power of a thousand holes in general.

     Of course, some people don't just cast the nine-fold physical body, their strength is stronger.

     But like Su Yu, Wanshi possesses 1,800 orifices power, which is far beyond the ordinary nine-fold flight!

     Unparalleled combat power!

     At this moment, Su Yu felt that he was no weaker than when he broke out when he swallowed those Ling Yun's essence and blood. In other words, he had Ling Yun's explosive power at this time!

     Lack of some means, lack of some speed, Mortal Body Strength is slightly worse than Lingyun, but the explosive power is really achieved!


     Su Yu waved his hand, slammed his fist, and punched out, and the explosion sounded through the institute.

     Vaguely in the flesh, there is a tendency to actively cast.

     To be vacated!

     Su Yu frowned slightly, not in a hurry.

     Why are you flying!

     The casting method has not been selected yet, although he has many powerful casting methods in his hands, it may not be suitable for him.

     Not urgent!He is still Wan Shi Jiu Zhong, he may have the hope of blasting Ling Yun's Wan Shi Jiu Zhong, such Wan Shi Jiu Zhong, is he not good?

     I am not in a hurry to increase my lifespan, so why do I break through!

     Going out to investigate, yes, Su Yu has no signs of being cast, and he is still in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, and can kill... that's so fun.

     Push the door and walk out of the training room.

     The moment he opened the door, Wen Zhong was okay. Jin Sheng and the others seemed to be on the verge of an enemy. They encountered ancient monsters. They burst out of will, retreated, and looked at Su Yu, with the “Cannot bear” shock and horror in their eyes!

     Damn it!

     Su Yu's aura hasn't receded yet. At this moment, it gives them the feeling that what kind of cultivating stone is, this is obviously an ancient monster.

     Wen Zhong also changed his eyes, shocked, and said with a dry throat: "Success?"


     Su Yu nodded and smiled: "After opening 360 Apertures, everything went smoothly. As I thought, it became a big cycle! It's a pity...I still didn't find the Origins Aperture, but I'm sure, there must be!"

     Wen Zhong doesn't care about this anymore. He just wanted to ask questions. Wu Lan asked strangely: "Are you better again? Can you beat Liu Hong?"

     Su Yu smiled, "Liu Hong is Lingyun, he is also a civilized teacher, with a lot of methods, and the hidden depth...no need to compare with the civilized teacher."

     To compare, you have to compare the fighters.

     The means of a civilized master sometimes beyond expectation may restrain you. Su Yu's speed is not fast, at least not as fast as some extremely fast flying, he is the kind of strong boxer.

     You are close to me and hit me, Lingyun I hope to blow you up!If you don't get close, just run, and his little hammer can't stun the opponent, it will be difficult to kill the opponent.

     So at this moment, Su Yu wanted to kill the real Ling Yun, but he was a bit close.

     The worst is the means to defeat the enemy's speed!

     Little Hammer is very strong now. If you go down with a hammer, you will feel dizzy in the air. If you look at it in Lingyun Realm, it will make you feel dizzy and difficult.

     Wu Lan did not ask again, Wen Zhong cannot bear saying: "Can it be spread widely?"

     "Probably not!"

     Su Yu didn’t tell a lie, and laughed: “Some extremely talented people have money at home... the kind of big money, maybe you can! First repair the "Nashen Kaikai Secrets", open 126, and then use the "Nashen Kai Kai Secrets" to go. It takes hundreds of to resuscitate... it will probably cost money..."

     Su Yupan calculated, "It should be around 50,000 merits!"


      quiet and noiseless!

     Fuck you fuck!


     This is not Anping coin, it is merit.


     Su Yu continued: "And it takes a lot of time. It's definitely not as fast as I am. This is certain. There is hope in about three years!"

     He is fast, not just relying on talent, but on resources.

      Another point, he could practice at the speed of Qianjun in Kaiyuan, Qianjun used the speed of Wanshi, and Wanshi even cultivated at the speed of Lingyun, which was brought by the album.

     Others have to follow the prescribed order!

     At least three years!

     "Three years?"

     Several people in Wenzhong shook, this time is not long, really, even short!

     In three years, if it can be like Su Yu, open 360...

     Isn't that...Thinking of this, Wen Zhong said in a solemn voice: "You want to pass the "Nashen Kaikou Secrets", are you afraid that other people will know about it, and go open 360 Yuanqiao?"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "At this stage, I am not going to tell you the last few tricks. Whoever wants to try it can do it by himself!"

     Even if you know where you are, you don’t know where the specifics are. You have to experiment. Tongtianqiao is okay. You can try it. You won’t die a large number of people.

     In a short time, Su Yu was not ready to teach it.

     This does not affect anything!

     After the spread, the cheap ones are only some big families, who have the resources, at this stage, spend tens of thousands of meritorious resources to open up, only some invincible descendants have this capital.

     Why should Su Yu spread it out!

     At this stage, he will not pass it, and no one will.

     Unless in the later stage, someone makes him think it can pass.

     The merits of around 50,000 are given by the big family.

     Of course, it's better to have something like the Secret Realm of Vitality, otherwise it would almost not be enough for Su Yu to consume so much Vitality Liquid today.

     Su Yu stopped talking and stepped downstairs.

     Opening the door, looking at Niu Baidao and Hu Xiansheng outside the door, he smiled and said, "President, Dean, thank you! Come in for a cup of tea!"

      lips sealed and not saying anything other things!

     There are 360 Kaiyuan Apertures, none of them exist.

     I do not say, you are not easy to ask.


     Outside.Niu Baidao looked at Su Yu for a long time, smiled, and said: "Then go in and sit, Lao Hu's Four Season Pavilion environment is pretty good, now it's cheaper for you."

     By his side, Hu Xiansheng was speechless.


     He also looked at Su Yu for a while, a little sigh, and muttered: "Pseudo-civilized master!"

     Are you still a civilized teacher?

     Screw you!

     Which civilized teacher is like you!

     At this time, Su Yu, even if he used the "yin" word to cover it up, it was difficult to hide the explosive power.

     Looking at the skinny, Hu Xiansheng was sure that some fighters in the air, fighting with Su Yu, might be blown up!

     You need top-level genius to cast your body a dozen times!

     Otherwise, Su Yu would be able to kill if he vacated normally.

     "Wan Shi Jiu Zhong?"

     Niu Baidao smiled as he walked in the door and said, "Is the casting method determined? If not, I have a few more sets here, pick one, they are all good, the strongest set, cast 27 times, one heavy three casting! "

     Hu Xiansheng shook his head and said: "The body is cast too many times not too much effect. Later, the effect is weaker, but it consumes more resources. The cast body is generally based on the essence and blood! For example, the ordinary nine casts , You have to cast about 10 drops of blood of the same rank..."

     He looked at Su Yu and said with a toothache, "I am afraid that your physical body now has the basis of seven or eight castings. You have to vacate the seven or eight layers of blood. If you use the blood of gods and demons to cast your body... , Put together a hundred drops of essence and blood, finished the work, and entered Lingyun."

     If you or he chooses dozens of casts, this god and demon can't be killed.It costs hundreds of drops of the blood of the gods and demon...Fuck, don't you say that you want Primordial God Clan and Primitive Demon Race's blood to cast your body.

      In that case, you have to kill dozens of people, maybe a hundred!

     Hu Xiansheng didn't dare to think about killing so many, Daqin Mansion was probably the big one.

      Primordial God Clan and Primitive Demon Race's guys, the number is not too much, what Su Yu wants is not the ordinary kind, usually you have to vacate about nine layers.

     Killing so many, people's Sun Moon and Invincible may be killed.

     Obviously, Niu Baidao also thought of this and coughed dryly: "Jiuzhu is actually quite good. Entering Lingyun or even the mountains and seas early, the flesh is weak... Forget it, if you Jiuzhu, your physical body will not be weak. Civilized division together."

     Don't recommend too strong casting method!

     He was afraid that Su Yu was really heartbroken, and ran to cast his body dozens of times. He was in trouble at that time.

     Who provided him with that many Gods magic blood?

     Or Primordial God Clan and Primitive Demon Race's!

     Zhu Tiandao has a headache!

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I'm not in a hurry!"

     It's not in a hurry.

     Can fight Lingyun, what is he anxious.

     Take it easy!

     The strongest 27 cast?

     This is not too strong!

     I have to cast my body at least 36 times!

     If the casting method is divided into Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow, the 9 times are the first class, and the 36 times is the heavenly rank.

     I'm sorry if I don't get a high-level casting method.

     If you cast it once, if it can increase by 10%, even if the effect is weaker in the later stage, Su Yu thought for a while... when he arrives at Tengkong Jiuzhong, he may really be able to fight the mountains and seas... the weak one.

     Of course, hard to say.The mountain and the sea are unified, and after the unified acupuncture, the vitality is still nine changes, he may not be the enemy.

     But at that stage, he was sure that fighting across tiers was not a big problem, and it would not be difficult to vacate the nine-fold battle against Lingyun nine-fold, right?

     The stronger the strength, the harder it is to fight across tiers.

     In the weak period, it is not difficult to fight a thousand stones, and many geniuses can do it.

     In the strong period, Lingyun fights the mountains and seas, which is rare, unless the Lingyun 7th layer and above, the mountains and seas are the first and second layers. This kind of cross-level may occur. The name, even if he died after the war, left a strong mark in the history books.


     Top floor.

     Four Seasons Pavilion.

     Just three people, Su Yu, Niu Baidao, and Hu Xiansheng.

     Drinking tea, the tea leaves were left by Hu Xiansheng himself.

     Drink in the mouth, some are not taste.

     After a moment of silence, Hu Baidao said, "Do you want to study Space Formation? This is really easy to use, escape first-class..."

     He found out that Su Yu studied one thing, and soon produced results.

     I don’t know if it’s a heritage. Is there a Space Formation heritage?

      ancient era, right?

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Dean, I don't have this ability now."

     Hu Xiansheng regretted, Niu Baidao smiled and said, "Don't listen to the old nonsense, Su Yu, last time you had to fight the life and death battle with that Shan Xiong, the kid didn't say anything. Are you going to continue the persecution, or just forget it?"

     He actually wants to see what Su Yu's current strength is.

     Shan Xiong's strength is not weak, it is really weak, and he can't sweep the same level of polytheistic literary system in various big houses.After thinking about it, he said: "Or forget it, you were eye-catching, but now it's not worth it to lose. It's nothing else to win."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Whatever, if he dares to come, I will do it. If he doesn't come, then forget it!"

     Speaking of this, Su Yu said: "Palace Master, if I cast a flesh body, can I use stronger blood to cast it? For example, the Sun Moon Realm..."

     "Don't be afraid of death, just try it!"


     Niu Baidao said amusedly: "Your physical body is not weak, you can barely use the Lingyun realm, and the mountain and sea realm can support you to death!"

     Su Yu regrets, all right.

     Otherwise, if it is cast with the essence and blood of the Sun and Moon realm gods and demons, there will probably not be much blood.

     A drop of blood may be cast several times!

     Seeing his expression, Niu Baidao smiled and said, "Su Yu, I think it's better to build less. It's not that you are not allowed to build the foundation of invincibility. The point is that invincibility did not do what you did when you were young. Like the Five Dynasties, Sun and Moon are invincible, but if you follow the prescribed order, you may be invincible directly."

     At this moment, he said this easily.

     You may be the same as the fifth generation!

     In the Five Dynasties, Ye Batian, a villain recognized in the human realm and even in the world, Peerless Supreme Talent.

     Even if Liu Wenyan's cultivating abilities had been vacated in the past, no one said that he could compare with Ye Batian.

     But today, Niu Baidao, the prefect of a generation of school, said this in front of Su Yu.

     Terrible kid!

     Su Yu shook his head, "Actually, my battle experience is not too good..."


     Screw you!

     What is battle experience?

     Does fighting every day count?What a fart!

     Su Yu Insufficient experience?

     Killing so many monsters, that many people, and often cross-step fight, some people may not meet once in a lifetime, and Su Yu, when he went south, killed a lot of Lingyun, is this not a battle experience?

     Of course!

     Not only is it to be counted, it is also the most practical and dangerous accumulation of battle experience.

     Su Yu is not the kind of cultivator who walks up completely by retreat.

     Killed a bunch of people, this is battle experience.

     Niu Baidao is too lazy to complain, strictly speaking, their battle experience may not be as rich as Su Yu, of course, at this stage of Su Yu, this kid can be regarded as a role to kill people like scything flax, otherwise Daming Mansion will Call him murderous crazy demon.

     After chatting for a few words, the two of them stopped talking and left soon.

     But Su Yu was lost in thought.

     Cast body!

     How do you cast yourself in the air?

     Casting nine-fold flesh?

     Or cast more?

     Choose the casting method yourself, which one is better?

     For body casting, the main thing you need is essence and blood. If you want to do it yourself, I’m afraid you have to choose the blood of gods and demons. Normal gods and demons are not good enough. The best are Primordial God Clan and Shimozu. Cast body, about 10 drops of blood.

     Of course, with the garbage casting method, you can cast your body with 10 drops of fire dolphins in the air.

     That thing is worthless, it's all over the street.

     It really doesn't work, you don't need blood, just use a little bit of energy to fool around, and cast a body that can barely exchange blood and forge bones, that's nothing.

     But Su Yu, naturally would not choose these.

     "trouble!"Su Yu murmured, besides, there are divine orifices. I have to turn on all of them as soon as possible. Even if the Yuanshen Apertures have opened 360 Yuan Apertures, it doesn't have much sense.

     Divine Aperture had indeed grown stronger, and the small hammer had to be able to stun Ling Yun before he had the capital to kill Ling Yun.

     "Battlefield of the heavens..."

     If you can use money to buy the blood of the primitive gods and demons, Su Yu doesn't want to go to the battlefield of the heavens at this stage, but if you can't buy it... then it will be troublesome.

     "Make money first, figure out a way to purchase these gods and goblins essence blood, let's talk about it!"

     He doesn't want to go to the battlefield of the heavens now.

     It's not afraid, it's too much trouble.

     If he goes and his identity is exposed, that would be great, and all races will be happy. It is not good to kill you in the human realm. In the battlefield of the heavens, the sun, the moon, and the invincibility will all come out, and the problem is not big.


     The Yuanshen Institute, the vitality has changed, this news can't be kept.

     Not long after Su Yu's resuscitation, there were rumors outside that Su Yu may have broken through to the sky!

     Of course, in the end is it not, currently unconfirmed.

     Whether Su Yu was in the air and whether there was a breakthrough, in fact, everyone was not surprised. This guy had a problem if he didn't enter the air. He had already killed Ling Yun.

     The news began to circulate.


     At this moment, the battlefield of the heavens.

     In a dilapidated military camp.

     Bai Feng just received the news that this is the forefront of the battlefield of the heavens.

      The forefront of Eastern War Zone!

     In the dilapidated big tent, Bai Feng looked at the jade symbol in his hand, looked for a while, and quickly ran out, shouting, "Uncle, where are people?"After a while, in another big tent, Liu Wenyan walked out unkempt beard with some wounds on his body, said ill-humoredly: "What are you doing?"

     Bai Feng bared his teeth and said: "We seem to be exonerated! But we cannot leave the battlefield of the heavens, but we are now considered innocent people!"

     Liu Wenyan was surprised: "The Xia family did it?"


     As he said, Bai Feng to bare one's fangs said: "My apprentice did it! The letter from the brother finally arrived. It is said that the letter was brought by the person in front of it several times, but I did not receive it. It may be missed, Uncle, Su Yu ……Ran!"


     Liu Wenyan dazed for a moment, where did you go?

     "Go to Daming Mansion!"

     Bai Feng not to know whether to laugh or cry: "This guy, he killed Jin Yuhui, Yu Hong, Sun Xiang, Tang Yunfei... The mountains and seas who participated in the battle that day were almost killed by him to catch everything in the one net. It's over!"


     Liu Wenyan was dull, fucking!


     Bai Feng threw the jade talisman to him, and Liu Wenyan looked at it quickly, his eyes changed.

     After looking at Bai Feng, then at the jade symbol, he touched his beard and said: "Yes! Xiaobai, do you think... can you beat him now?"



     Bai Feng's heart was shocked, and he quickly coughed: "Definitely! I can beat Xia Yuwen's people, he is still a little short..."

     "He killed Zhou Pingsheng!"

     "That's an external force!"

     Bai Feng struggled, it was an external force, not to mention it, really better than strength, how could Su Yu be his opponent.Liu Wenyan smiled, just struggle, he was too lazy to say, and his smile faded quickly: "This kid is too public, it may not be a good thing! Daming Mansion protects him, I am still worried about trouble in the end! Other people, I don't Worry, the Zhu family can keep him. However... that guy that day, you know."

     That guy who attacked with a spiritual body!

     Su Yu's performance is so shocking, Liu Wenyan is actually worried about this.

     The other Yuan family and Zhou family are nothing. On the face of it, they dare to ask Invincible to trouble Su Yu?

     King Daming is not to be trifled with!

     Not afraid of these strong, but afraid of the invincibility hidden in the dark!

      who is it, so far there is no conclusion.

     Now, King Daming and the others are not in the human state, if that guy is in the human state... then it would be a big trouble.

     Even if this honor is not there, God and culture is present, can Zhu Tiandao stop it?

     It might work?

     But if you know that there is an invincible who is going to kill Su Yu, will the Zhu family still come out?

     Liu Wenyan said distressed: "This kid, we haven't been away for a long time, why is there such a big show!"

     It will take less than half a year to leave the human environment.

     Really toss!

     Bai Feng was also speechless, the boy's tossing energy was beyond his imagination.

     Gritting his teeth, thought a bit then said: "If it doesn't work, let him come to the battlefields of the heavens, here, the King of Qin is on the front line, at least that guy doesn't dare to mess around!"

     Liu Wenyan shook his head, "It's better not to. This kid is too much to toss, and he is not the kind of temper that can bear anger. Besides, let alone, it's not too safe here. That guy doesn't dare to move, but the opposite... The war has begun again!"Bai Feng didn't say another word, but his heart was depressed.

     Forgiven sins?

     Forgiven, even if I let myself go back, I don't bother to go back.

     What are you doing when you go back?

     That kid was so amazing that he actually killed Zhou Pingsheng, his teacher is not as good as his disciple, he was blind in the name of a genius.

     Everyone is a researcher, but I am an assistant researcher!

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