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301 Thanks Again, Governor Niu (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Bai Feng is depressed, Su Yu can ignore this.

     The 360 acupoints began, and now he is thinking about the casting method. In addition, the divine acupuncture is open. It is almost mid-February. He hasn't opened much divine acupuncture, and he has only 115 now.

     The distance is 180, and there are a full 65.

     Know the sea secrets!

     Unless the Sea of Consciousness Secret Realm is opened again, the Sea of Consciousness Secret Realm needs a lot of Tianhe Sand, even if the Daxia Mansion really sends him the Sea of Consciousness Secret Realm, Su Yu will not be able to get enough Tianhe Sand.

     At Daming Mansion, Su Yu also asked, yes, but very few.

     Without him, Daming Mansion received very little every time in Xingyu Mansion.

     Some are also used up.

     But soon, Su Yu had a new way.


     Research Institute.

     Su Yu was studying several sets of body casting methods he had just obtained. When he talked about the sea of knowledge, Jin Sheng said strangely: "Go to Baidao Pavilion! Go through the barriers! As a civilized master, don't you meditate and practice by yourself every day? A waste of time! Going to the Hundred Dao Pavilion, as a spiritual teacher, you will definitely get a lot of willpower gifts!"


     On the second day of school, Hu Xiansheng said this.

     Su Yu wanted to go there at first, but he was too busy recently, he forgot.

     At this moment, when Jin Sheng said that, he was somewhat surprised and said, "Can Baidao Pavilion unlock the mind?"

     "of course!"

     Jin Sheng nodded and said: "We people don't really like to practice, and it's difficult to open our minds. Daxia Mansion has the Sea of Knowledge Secret Realm, and our Daming Mansion also has the Baidao Pavilion, which is no worse than this Sea of Knowledge Secret Realm!""Of course, the premise is that you can break through more levels."

     After that, Jin Sheng smiled and said: "The Daxia Mansion hasn't told you to send you the sea of consciousness secret realm. Can you still pass on your practice?"

     "Bring for a few days!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Don't stop Yuan Qingdong, brew up first, let Shan Shenwen force him to subsidize, not to subsidize, what to pass!"

     "Junior Brother is really..."

     I don't say the word "heart black".

     Yuan Qingdong provokes you, and it's bad luck.

     Su Yu smiled, but his face turned a little gloomy.

     "What happened?"

     Jin Sheng is strange, how does this kid change his face and change his face?

     "It's all right, Uncle Feng Qi's business."

     Su Yu has only seen Feng Qi on one side, and it doesn't matter how deep his feelings are.

     But that day, at a critical moment, Feng Qi came forward to rescue him. This was love.

     I thought it was just anonymity, but later I learned that, not only that, Feng Qi also has hidden status, it was the undercover agent from the Six Wings Sect, and Shi Boan inserted it.

     As a result, the identity was exposed!

     Now, there is news from Daxia Mansion that Feng Qi is unknown whether alive or dead. I am afraid that the sun and the moon are chasing and killing him. Uncle Chen Yong already left the school, ready to rescue, and even has revenge.

     The strong man who killed Wu Jia's parents came from the Six Wings.Upon hearing this, Jin Sheng hesitated for a moment, still said: "I have also heard about it, leave it alone! This is a trap, definitely a trap! You can't control or control the trap that lures you out! Junior Brother Su, In the past few days, some people have been trying to sneak into the entrance hall, and several lurkers have been killed by the guards of the school...you can't mess around!

     He sternly said: "It's too obvious, the news spread too quickly, not against you, or against Chen Yong! Sun and Moon chased Feng Qi, if he really wanted to kill, he would have killed it a long time ago, but it hasn't been until now. It's not normal to kill the opponent!"

     He didn't want Feng Qi to die, but it was not normal.

     A Sun and Moon chased him down, but Feng Qi narrow escaped several times, and every time News Leak came out with a rough address.

     This is not a trap what is?

     Now that the news has reached Su Yu's side, Jin Sheng admonished: "You are too weak, it's useless if you go, there will be the sun and the moon to chase after you! You can't even ask for help..."

     Just as Su Yu wanted to say something, Jin Sheng said in a low voice; "I know that the palace lord and the palace commander value you very much! If you really ask, they may take action and come forward to rescue, but...the moment they leave, Daming Mansion There are not a few sun and moon left! Lure the tiger from its domain in the mountains, you should understand this!"

     Can Su Yu beg for someone?


     Zhu Tiandao and Niu Baidao will most likely agree, but if they leave, the Sun-Moon defense system of the Daming Mansion will be flawed.

     Zhu Tiandao, the sun and the moon are ninefold.

     Niu Baidao, seven layers of sun and moon.This is the current Daming Mansion, the two strongest. As for the War Academy, the head of the Daming Mansion War Academy is not strong, and the mountain and sea peaks, there is no way, the change is fast, and the death is fast. The other group of warriors, most of them are in Battlefield of the heavens.

     The sun and the moon like Director Hou are not grand.

     Once the sun and the moon raided the Daming Mansion and the two left again, it would be difficult to defend the Daming Mansion.

     Su Yu nodded, he is not stupid, Uncle Feng Qi has not been killed until now, maybe it was luck, or maybe... it was indeed a bait.

     Su Yu wants to catch them to Daming Mansion, why don't those people want to catch Su Yu and leave?

     Even if Su Yu is afraid to leave, someone will definitely go.

     Chen Yong!

     If Chen Yong is the bait, how does Su Yu decide?

     Should he ask for help?

     Who are you looking for?

     Zhu Tiandao or Niu Baidao is probably the best choice!

     Su Yu silent for a while, said: "Did Yuan Qingdong deliberately? Brother Jin, do you think he deliberately revealed the identity of Master Feng Qi?"

     "It's hard to say!"

     Jin Sheng shook his head and said: "Not so sure, but he knows the grievances between Chen Yong and the Six Wing God Sect, and also knows Feng Qi's identity. There is a high probability that Feng Qi was arranged by Chen Yong, but he just exposed Feng Qi to go. The thing to save you... The Six Winged God Cult before him probably didn't know his identity."

     Feng Qi is identity exposed, and Chen Yong is contacted. No one knows that he is an undercover agent.

     Did Yuan Qingdong guess it before?

     Ten have Ba Jiǔ!

     That being the case... this guy is not related to Ten Thousand Races, or lend sb a knife to kill sb.The probability of it being related is small. The descendants of the invincible family are generally not so stupid. If you leave the handle of so big to someone to catch, that is lend sb a knife to kill sb!

     When Yuan Qingdong went to Daxia Mansion, he was ready to deal with Chen Yong.

     This is inevitable!

     Hong Tan retreats, Chen Yong enters the mountains and seas, does not deal with whom Chen Yong deals with, and eliminates the source of the polytheistic literature in Daxia Mansion.

     Today, Chen Yong still went.

     Even if you know it may be a trap!

     Feng Qi is his friend. For his business, he has been dormant in the Six Wings Cult for many years. The purpose of the two parties before was to find an opportunity to join forces to kill the power of the Six Wings Cult. In fact, a lot of them have been killed over the years.

     Chen Yong secretly took action and joined forces with Feng Qi to kill a lot of guys. The group of people who killed Wu Jia's parents back then, only one envoy is still alive.

     As a result, as soon as Feng Qi's identity was exposed, it was not an accident that those people were discovered instantly.

     The Six Wings Cult probably also wanted to kill Chen Yong to avoid future troubles!

     Su Yu sighed.

     No leisure!

     "Use the exercise method, I don't know if I can change a few Sun and Moon to make a move..."

     Su Yu murmured, his strength is not good, and it's okay to fight Lingyun, Shanhai didn't count on it, and Riyue was killed in seconds.

     It's no good to come out by yourself, except to ask for trouble, to increase the burden on the uncle.

     However, I cannot do nothing myself.

     Maybe you can use the exercise technique to trade for a few Sun and Moon!Jin Sheng thought a bit then said: "I'm afraid it's difficult. The spread of the exercises used to be solved with money in the past. Now we have to let the sun and the moon make a move... The strength of the Six Wings is not weak, and it is probably second only to the original Gods and Beginning Demon Sect."

     This is a great teacher!

     Teaching China, Sun and Moon more than one!

     Rumor has it that a guy from the Six-Winged Protoss came to the Human Realm in person, just like the demon god that day, lurking into it, such a great religion, once confronted, is very dangerous.

     "Other big houses, it's really trash, you can't strangle them!"

     No peace in the rear!

     Jin Sheng smiled and said: "Don't be angry, they actually strangled a lot. Otherwise, they didn't sneak in sneakily, but a large-scale invasion! The sun and the moon are lurking, and it's hard to find."

     "Then Sun and Moon of the Six Wings Sect appeared this time, why no one would kill them?"

     Su Yu is still dissatisfied, the rear is not safe, no one cares?

     "Yes, Yuan Qingdong!"

     Jin Sheng said quietly: "He said it himself, he will come forward to rescue him, he is also the sun and the moon, he said to go, the sun and the moon are also every turnip to its hole, everyone else has a task..."

     "Those people believed him?"

     Su Yu is unable to complain!

     Believe it?

     Believe it!

     This guy is obviously not at ease!

     Jin Sheng comforted: "Don't worry too much, Yuan Qingdong will really take action if he meets the opponent's Sun and Moon! This is not a trivial matter, everyone knows that he really will meet the enemy Sun and Moon, he absolutely will Shot."

     "So he almost never met!"

     Su Yu is weak, Jiǔ!Knowing that this guy is disgusting, he has bad intentions, but he can't help it, annoying.

      If it's not enough, Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Brother, you said Director Hou can solve the other party?"

     "You want to ask Director Hou to come forward?"


     "It's hard to say, you can try. If Director Hou leaves, it won't be too much trouble."

     Zhu Tiandao or Niu Baidao did not leave, in fact, the impact was not too great.

     Su Yu nodded slightly, go back and try, whether Feng Qi or Chen Yong, Su Yu doesn't want them to have trouble.

     You have to work harder!

     That bastard Yuan Qingdong, sooner or later he will make him look good.

     Is Riyue great?

     There is also his own master, who has not broken the barrier so far. It is easy for Jin Yuhui to promote, but the master is still a real polytheistic one. How can it be so difficult?

     Every time I take a slow shot, Su Yu is also helpless.

     Forget it, Master slowly retreat.

     Su Yu didn't think about it anymore. This was pressured beforehand. The only thing he could do at the moment was to find someone for help. The other thing was to strengthen himself. It was not enough to strengthen himself. He had to strengthen some friends.

     There are some things, I may not be able to come forward.

     For example, now, his strength is not weak, but he dare not leave the Daming Mansion, he will die.

     In Daming Mansion, nothing else friends.

     This can't work!

     You have to get some of your own talent!

     Thinking of this, Su Yu glanced at Jin Sheng. Jin Sheng was also busy at the moment, not busy with anything else, but studying Xiao Maoqiu.

     "Brother, this little hair ball has eaten a lot of divine writing, but it has been unable to advance. Why?"Jin Sheng has a deep research on divine writing. He has been studying this little guy the past few days.

     Before he could speak, Xiao Maoqiu blinked, childish voice saying: "It's not delicious!"

     The food was not good, so I didn't qualify!

     When it's delicious, I will be promoted!


     Su Yu is not polite at all, "Last time you ate all the divine writings of Wentan Research Center, it turned out to be empty!"

     "Not fragrant..."

     Su Yu was speechless, thought a bit then said: "Brother, you have a lot of divine writings. Because of the many divine writings and mutual repel, it is difficult for you to cultivate divine writings. It is better to eat some of Xiaomaoqiu and let you advance to the third grade. Level, then you can enter Lingyun."

     Xiao Maoqiu also blinked at Jinsheng at this time, feeling edible.

     Jin Sheng laughed, "It's not easy for me to toss those divine writings, you still have to eat it for me? But You said it right, there are many divine writings, races are mixed, and rejection is big. If you really want to eat some without side effects, it is actually helpful. Yu was promoted."

     Su Yu thought he had agreed, and didn't want Jin Sheng to shake his head and say, "Don't eat me, I still need divine writing to cooperate with the research!"

     As he said, Jin Sheng smiled and said, "This little guy didn't eat enough, he didn't get promoted, and he didn't eat well."

     He judged it and said: "This kind of tribe should have been undocumented before! It should be an ancient tribe, flying to Lingyun. If you are a warrior, you need to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones. If you are a civilized master, you need willpower and god. Wen and Shenqiao reach the standard."

     "This guy can be regarded as a civilized teacher, or even as a divine text. As the divine text advances, it will be promoted."

     "It's a bit difficult to advance by swallowing."Su Yu hurriedly said, "Brother, how do you make it advance?"

     Jin Sheng hesitated for a moment, he said: "Yuyang, sentiment! You take it to the Baidao Pavilion, and then keep turning on your "fire" divine writing, in Baidao Pavilion, find a place with the strongest willpower, If you are willing to... you can even let it consume a part of the "fire" divine text, and then you can restore it yourself. In this way, it has a high probability of being promoted!"

     Su Yu, here is the condition for blessed by heaven!

     Without Su Yu, Xiao Maoqiu is too small and has too shallow perception of practice path.

     It is difficult to advance!

     If you want to enter Lingyun, you can do it. In decades or even hundreds of years, as time goes by, Naturally possible to advance, but not now.

     This family is strong when they live a long time.

     How big is the little fur ball!

     "Swallow the sacred text of the word'fire'?"

     Su Yu bared his teeth, this is using my divine writing as nourishment!

     And Xiao Maoqiu said excitedly: "Fragrant!"

     Jin Sheng laughed and said: "In its eyes, the natural divine text is fragrant, which is stronger than the divine text outlined in the later period, and in the natural divine text, the fire of enlightenment and the fire of inheritance are more helpful to it!"

     "Junior Brother Su, you really trained this little guy to Lingyun, you won't lose!"

     Jin Sheng smiled and said: "Now, in the same situation as me, many people are stuck in the sky and the Lingyun realm, such as...Senior Wenzhong! His divine writing is one aspect, and the other is divine incompatibility."

     "This little guy can swallow the divine writings, or the kind of wordless and uncommunicative, which is more suitable for some guys who are close to the lifespan. At this time, the broken divine writings are looking for death and die back!""I see Junior Brother, I'm not reconciled to stay dormant all the time, if you want sth done well, do it yourself, at the price of this, maybe you can get some people's life..."

     Jin Sheng and Su Yu have also been in contact for a few days, old becomes wise, and you can generally see some of Su Yu's thoughts.

     Less than only when absolutely essential, this kid doesn't want to ask for help, but wants to solve it by himself, afraid of owing favors.

     Jin Sheng also said: "Junior Brother has no shortage of techniques, merits, some special skills, strength, talent, fame... everything that should be here is here, there is only time!"

     "But for many old guys, what is missing is chance, an opportunity!"

     "Rather than wait to die, it is better to fight!"

     Su Yu nodded slightly, did not say anything.

     This is true.

     Jin Sheng said this, but Su Yu thought of the three great monsters, Cyclops, Giant Mountain, and Blood Moon.

     These three are still in Daxia Mansion now.

     Su Yu asked once, and Zhu Tiandao also replied, waiting for the invincible sealed memory, at least to seal the divine literary division method, and about Su Yu's 180 divine resuscitation.

     Sealing these two points, the others are fine.

     Daxia King hasn't come back now, so he probably needs to wait.

     Jin Sheng is right, if you want sth done well, do it yourself.

     Asking people again and again, it is all favors.

     He begged Zhu Tiandao to do something, and there were some things that actually didn't need to be done by the Palace Master. The key was that Su Yu couldn't find someone to help.

     The more favors owed, the harder it will be to repay it in the future!


     Taking things down one by one, Su Yu was also busy.

     Baidaoge, have to go.

     Xiaomaoqiu must advance.For the casting method, you have to consider which method to use, or simply deduced it yourself. He has Primordial God Clan and Mozu casting method. Su Yu also turned it on with his blood and looked for a moment, try it, and generally know the situation.

     More cheating!

     It's not that it's not strong, it's very strong, it can really be 36 cast.

     The key point...what the hell, these two races of cast bodies, according to the insights given in the album, first, Su Yu can directly open the cast bodies with his blood, and second, he has to go to God and Demon Two Worlds to collect Primitive Tianyuan Qi casting body, third, or countless Tianyuan Fruits can be used as casting body material.

     Screw you!

     Tian Yuan Qi, Tian Yuan Guo, Su Yu knows.

     It is between Heaven and Earth, the purest kind of vitality, born naturally, without any pollution, the human race can easily open the body in the Kaiyuan realm with a Tianyuan fruit.

      It should be noted, the Kaiyuan realm cannot be actively cultivated, and it can be enlightened.

     Tianyuan fruit is extremely rare.

     Some aristocratic families may exist, but they are all extremely valuable. Di Yuan Guo is not uncommon. Di Yuan Guo Su Yu himself has a large box, which was used for resuscitation after Kai Yuan.

     An earth element fruit can probably rejuvenate one or two.

     And Su Yu judged, using the casting method of the gods and demons to cast the flesh, it would consume countless days of vitality.

     The blood of the gods and demons... Su Yu at this moment also vaguely felt some sense.

     The human race casts its body with essence and blood, and what it extracts is probably the Tianyuan Qi inside their essence and blood.

     Everyone has Tianyuan Qi!

      more or less only!It is related to living environment and strength. Why do Primordial God Clan and Primitive Demon Race's blood work best?

     Because the two races live in different environments.

     Both the Primordial God Realm and the First Demon Realm can give birth to Tianyuan Fruit, as you can well imagine, the gods and demons who live there have been nurtured in the Tianyuan Qi since childhood. Their essence and blood are cast in flesh, how can they not be powerful!

     The effect is of course first-class!

     But where can Su Yu get it!

     Go to the beginning of the devil world or the primitive gods to grab?

     After all, it’s better to use the essence and blood of these races, or not use the essence and blood of these two races, other gods and demons and other races, in fact, the essence and blood also contain heavenly vitality, but it is too messy, it is best to extract!

     "Tian Yuan Qi, Tian Yuan Fruit, essence and blood extraction..."

     Su Yu wondered how to cast himself.

     Its practical essence and blood are good. The essence of blood is absorbed by the album, which is actually to extract the heavenly energy from the essence and blood for self-absorption and help oneself build.

     "Then if I take the essence and blood of other races and then practice the casting methods of the gods and demons, can I also extract the heavenly energy? Help me practice those multiple casting methods?"

     Su Yu really hasn't tried this.

     The body casting method does not involve the primordial orifice, but the body casting method and the gong method are still very much related, and need to cooperate with the acupuncture points to transform the vital energy.

     The human race swallows the essence and blood, it has to use these casting methods to mobilize some acupuncture points to decompose the essence and blood, and provide Tian Yuan Qi for itself.

     In other words, the warriors who have opened 36 holes, give them the blood of the gods and demons, in fact, they have to be polished slowly!

     For example, own father!Daxia Mansion gave him 10 drops of God Race essence blood. If he used this god and demon essence blood to cast his body, it would take countless time to polish, digest, and decompose a drop of god and demon essence blood into Tian Yuan Qi.

     The so-called casting method...

     At this moment, Su Yu could see that it was a way of using the acupoints to decompose the essence and blood, or Tian Yuan Qi!

     On this point, Su Yu asked Cao Hui, who created the "Nine Stars Casting Method".

     It is the method used by the acupoints!

     How to use the orifice points to quickly and effectively decompose the essence and blood, with high utilization rate and fast conversion rate, this is a good casting method!

     As for the number of casts, the difference between 36 casts and 9 casts is also very simple. The 9 casts of the body casting method, as the body 9 is cast, the subsequent extraction of the decomposed heavenly energy will hardly help the body, and the conversion rate is too low. , Because the body is too strong.

     And 36 cast is to be able to maximize the efficiency, use these acupuncture points to continue to decompose the essence and blood, and create a large amount of Tianqi.

     Looking at things and looking at the essence, Su Yu, as his knowledge grows, he sees more and more exercises, and he has personally experienced it. He has a deeper understanding of exercises than ordinary people.

     Many civilized teachers can only be regarded as theoretical schools, and Su Yu is a practical school, and he can try every technique.

     Cao Hui, who created the "Nine Stars Casting Method", has not really experienced many casting methods, and Su Yu, in just a few days, experienced more than 30 types of exercises, all of them, this is not Cao Hui If he can try, he has to cultivate himself.

     "I have a natural advantage in the conversion of acupoints... After all, I have a lot of resuscitation, but this efficiency is not as good as the efficiency of using essence and blood!"In the secret room.

     Su Yu suddenly have a thought, maybe I can make good use of the atlas, use the atlas as a transfer extraction machine, and use the atlas and my own acupuncture points to create a lot of vitality!

     "I can not use these Tian Yuan Qi, but gather and collect them, and even make Tian Yuan Fruit by myself!"

     Su Yu's eyes are sharp!

     Is it possible?

     Maybe you can try it yourself!

     The more at this time, the more it can reflect the Residence of Profoundness and a lot of things in the atlas, which actually needs to be developed by yourself.

     "If I have a lot of Tianyuan Qi, I can practice any body-building method, and I can provide others with some, or even fake Tianyuan fruit for sale?"

     "Is it possible?"

     Su Yu thought of this, and suddenly stopped thinking about it, took out a drop of junk blood, iron-winged bird, he had a lot of iron-winged bird blood.

     This thing can only be opened at least when empty.

     The casting method can only appear in the airspace.

     A drop of the iron-winged bird's essence blood swallowed in the air, and the "Nine Casting Method of Iron Wings" was opened.

     Su Yu didn't care either. At this moment, this casting method was quickly working.

     Su Yu feels a little bit!

     It has something to do with Iron Wing Bird's "Na Yuan Jue". The acupuncture points opened by the "Na Yuan Jue" seem to be spilling at this moment. Gradually, Su Yu sensed something different!

     That faint air circulated in the body, and then began to blend into the flesh, strengthening one's flesh!

     "Really so!"

     "Tian Yuan Qi! Tian Yuan Qi is strengthening the physical body, and the casting method is actually matched with the resuscitation method!"No wonder, there will be a series of exercises.

      Not the same type, the casting method may not be completely matched, the efficiency is reduced, and the conversion rate is reduced.

     "Can you extract the vitality of these days?"

     "Nine Casting Techniques of Iron Wings" is too rubbish, using this method to cast the body, nine times, it is the limit, Su Yu is not interested in practicing this.

     Keep trying!

     A little bit of heavenly vitality spilled out of the orifice again, Su Yu tried to force these heavenly vitality out, and gradually, some heavenly vitality was forced out by him.

     As a result, he just left the physical body with a puff, like a gas spilling in the air, the next moment, it turned into ordinary vitality!

     Su Yu eyes flashed, is this Tian Yuan Qi?

     Leaving the essence and blood and body, quickly turned into ordinary vitality?

     How did the gods and demons preserve the vitality of these days?

     You can extract this without running the exercises. The problem now is preservation!

     Once it can... Su Yu can't imagine!

     What the hell, the essence and blood of a garbage race like the fire dolphins can extract the vitality of the sky, even if they extract very little, the value of the two cannot be equal at all.

     What kind of gods and demon essence blood do I need to extract a large amount of Tian Yuan Qi from the fire dolphins essence blood, this is not difficult to obtain, is it not enough?

     When the time comes, it's not like how to cast one's body!

     "Save Tian Qi!"

     Su Yu's eyes flashed, how to save it?

     He was thinking, outside the door, the small hair ball suddenly hit the door, the next moment, it directly penetrated the secret room door and entered directly.

     Su Yu complexion changed!Xiao Maoqiu didn't wait for him to get angry, and hurriedly said: "Smell, fragrance! The smell of our house, fragrance!"


     Su Yu was startled slightly, Xiao Maoqiu eagerly said: "Fragrant, sweet, gone! It's gone!"

     "Tian Yuan Qi?"

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, Tian Yuan Qi seems to only exist in some powerful realms. It seems that there are also in the human realm, but I heard that there is such an area in Two Great Sacred Grounds, which is very rare.

     Xiao Maoqiu's family too?

     Yes, doesn't it say that its father is called Half Emperor?

     Fuck, this Devouring God Race, is it really a powerful realm?

     "Aren't you devouring divine text and willpower? Tian Yuan Qi can also eat it?"

     "Eat..." Xiao Maoqiu hurriedly said: "You can eat it, and you can become stronger if you eat it!"

     Tian Qi, it can also be eaten.

     It can't find a place with strong willpower to promote it, and if it is placed in a place with strong Tianqi, this thing can also be promoted.

     "Fuck off, I haven't!"

     Su Yu frowned, he couldn't save it, so he could get this for Xiao Maoqiu.

     Thinking of this, eyes flashed, "Mao Ball, do you know how to save this thing?"


     "This thing, as soon as it touches the outside world, it spills and turns into ordinary vitality. How to preserve it, you know?"

     Xiao Maoqiu blinked, and said, "Eat! Give it to me, you can save it in my stomach."

     Su Yu glanced at it, and suddenly said: "Understood! Divine Text! Between the illusions, Divine Text should be able to store this thing!"

     Xiao Maoqiu may not lie!It is somewhere between illusion, maybe eaten, it can really be preserved, of course, by this companion pitted eaten, may not be able to get it back, Su Yu was too lazy to care about it, but provided himself with ideas.

     God text!

     Maybe it can be saved with divine writing!

     Once you solve the problem of the preservation of Tian Yuan Qi, and then use Tian Yuan Qi to practice the powerful casting method, it is completely no need to be worried that casting a body requires a lot of blood.

     Of course, you need to vacate the blood to open the casting method of the atlas, which is also a considerable expense.

     I have to make money!

     Those exercises have been sold, and the money has not yet arrived.

     "Make money, make a lot of money, train small hair balls, and then find a way to conquer a few strong people... You have to have talents under your hands, and then you don't need to ask for help... Maybe, the mutual aid association should continue to appear!"

     Su Yu eyes flashed, there is a mutual aid association, or an extinction meeting.

     This time, try not to reveal your identity and assign tasks, such as killing some bastards, or even doing things you can't do on the face!

     "I can even form a sect of ten thousand races!"

     Su Yu's eyes flickered again, of course, the kind that people don't know, use some thugs, traitors, to solve violence with violence!

     Isn't your Six Wings Cult trying to kill my uncle?

     How about I let this sect raid your lair?

     People who see you will kill them. In order to grab territory and faith, it's not that complicated. Who made your Six Wings Cult be targeted by the human race, of course I want to loot a burning house!

     Alone, no matter how strong you are, there are some things you can't do.For example, if he wants to kill Yuan Qingdong, he needs evidence, needs reason, and guards against invincibility!

     But... Yuan Qingdong was killed by the Ten Thousand Clan Sect?

     Thoughts flashed in Su Yu's heart.

     "I am willing to abide by the rules, but some people do not!"

     "Use rules to restrict me again and again, without restricting those people, this shouldn't be!"

     "They can kill people in the name of Ten Thousand Races, I... why not?"

     Su Yu looked at Xiao Maoqiu, this thing, when used well, is a treasure.

     Maybe we can conquer a group of strong ones!

     The premise is that it is best to be controlled.

     Even some guys wicked beyond redemption can be subdued.

     At this moment, Su Yu's thoughts gradually changed. Why did he come to Daming Mansion?

     Isn't it just to make yourself strong?

     The power is strong too!

     Set up a mutual aid association on the bright side, and open a sect of 10,000 races in secret, and both bright and dark, black and white, can do something.

     At this moment, he actually has this condition.

     As Jin Sheng said, Su Yu actually has this hole card to do something.

     "Is this the potential meaning of Brother Jinsheng?"

     Su Yu was lost in thought. Could it be that Senior Brother Jinsheng, under the command of the governor or whoever, secretly gave me an idea?

     It must be so!

     I understand!

     There is a high probability that it will be the governor. The governor Niu taught himself the prevailing situation last time. This time, Brother Jin hinted that I will be the governor of old becomes wise!

     Thank you governor!


     "Snee!"At this moment, Jin Sheng upstairs sneezed. He was getting old, it was useless!

     A little embarrassed!

     As for the hint...what the hell?


      at the same time.

     Niu Mansion frowned on Yuexin Island, who is thinking of me?

     It felt a little complicated, not like a calculation, but thinking about it that was not a calculation made him vaguely uneasy.

     What did i do?

     who is this?
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