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303 Pass (see Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Standing in front of Baidao Pavilion, Su Yu looked for a while those lists.

     Quickly asked: "Can you bring your own beast in?"

     "It's okay, but you have to include the mount space, so that you can count as your own beast."

     Zhu Hongliang replied, Su Yu nodded slightly, that's good, that's right, without guarding the beast, the strength of the beast taming system is greatly reduced, which does not conform to the purpose of repairing all kinds of art.

     He has a sacred writing about beasts, "beast".

     However, it was still a Tier 1 and couldn't bring a flying monster.

     Su Yu just asked, it doesn't matter too much, he is going to bring in Xiao Maoqiu, and Xiao Maoqi... this guy can be raised in the sea of will, not an imperial beast, but a divine writing.

     Raised in the sea of will, Su Yu is not afraid of it. The little guy can't make a fuss. If you don't behave, the golden album can instantly knock it out.

      Takes a light breath, Su Yu didn't say much, and walked towards the entrance.

     Zhu Hongliang hurriedly followed, and curiously asked: "How many floors can you reach? Also, if the number of floors is not high, there are too many people, and up to 100 names are displayed. You are faster. This is ranked according to clear speed. , Your time is not fast, even if you pass the level, it may not be able to show your name."

     Su Yu smiled, not too concerned.

     Now he does not use these to show himself.

     Behind her, Wu Lan also be eager to give sth a try. She is also going to try this time to see how many levels she can reach.

     Any civilized teacher who arrives at Daming Mansion will be very interested in Baidao Pavilion.

     The entrance.An old teacher who was about to lose his teeth was guarding the door. He saw Su Yu and Wu Lan and yawned: "Go in by yourself, go in and leave a name, let Baidaoge remember your breath, and then how many levels you pass Baidaoge will know it by itself."

     After finishing speaking, he looked at Su Yu again, "Don't just break through the barriers to break through the barriers. That's boring. The role of Baidao Pavilion is not just for barriers, but you can experience it yourself."

     "Thank you, teacher!"

     The old man didn’t care either, shot a look at Wu Lan, then looked at Su Yu, and said: “After entering, Baidao Pavilion will divide you into different areas according to your own judgment. On the way, if you have some Change... For example, if you are caught immediately in the Divine Literature System, you will enter the Divine Literature Test. If you are in the Beast Taming System, enter the Beast Taming Test. Later, Baidao Pavilion will make adjustments to choose the space that suits you best."

     Su Yu accident, so advanced?

     This is the Celestial Civil Soldier?

     It feels extremely intelligent!

     "Do you want to collect money?"

     Wu Lan asked, the old man curled his lips, "The students of this institution do not accept it, and foreign residents have to collect money! The members of the institution can challenge three times a month, all for free, but if you want to enter more, you will have to charge. After all, maintaining Baidaoge requires a lot of resources. "

     very good already!

     Three times for free, period of one month, some people may not come three times.

      rich and arrogant!

     With a sigh of emotion, Su Yu showed his ID card, without saying anything, and stepped into the entrance.

     The old man didn’t care too much when he saw his name. He knew Su Yu, so what?

     In front of the Baidaoge gate, he witnessed too much.Five generations have come, people like Zhou Polong have come, people who seek realm have come, and the blue sky of the past has come...

     Some are alive, some are dead, and he... is still the gatekeeper of Baidao Pavilion.

      generation after generation!

     Today's Su Yu is so evil, so what?

     Let's talk about the top one hundred floors!

     Su Yu entered, Wu Lan quickly followed in, Zhu Hongliang hurriedly leaned in front of the old man, to bare one's fangs smiled: "Old Yun, how many levels do you think Su Yu can break?"

     "About 40!"

     The old man yawned and said: "This place, the main test of the gods, of course, a strong physical body also has advantages, but the talented blood can not be used, without the talented blood, he is also a top-level genius, the 40th floor is difficult... but there is certain Hope."

     "Floor 40... Then you have to fly into the air realm evildoer, fly into the air and fight Lingyun, right?"

     "Roughly the same!"

     The old man replied at will and said with a smile: "Why, your Highness will continue to try the 20th floor?"

     "I'll forget it, now I can't deal with the monster beast that soars into the sky."

     Zhu Hongliang shook his head. He has no interest in trying now, shot a look at the entrance of Baidao Pavilion, and smiled: "I'll go find someone to bet on how many floors Su Yu can enter, and run streaking if he loses. Old Yun, what do you think Can I win?"

     Old Yun was helpless, "Don't fight with Bai Junsheng all day long, Zhu family, the situation is bigger!"

     Zhu Hongliang laughed and said, "I have a big structure, but... I am not the palace chief, my brother, I don't need to care too much."

     Lao Yun didn't bother to care about him, leaning on the chair and continuing to read, just let you make trouble.


     Inside the Baidao Pavilion.A faint flower appeared in front of Su Yu's eyes and appeared in a Dark Dimension.

     With a slight movement, a wall appeared in front of his eyes.

     Leave the name wall.

     Su Yu smiled and didn't care. He waved his hand and left his name. Even if he used a fake name, these people in the Five Dynasties left real names, and he didn't need to pretend.

     The name remains, the darkness disappears, the wall disappears.

     After a while, a small space appeared in front of Su Yu's eyes, which looked like a study room.

     There are many books in the study room.

     "Find a text of will!"

     This line of words flashed in front of him instantly and disappeared quickly.

     This is the content of the assessment.

     The divine light in Su Yu's eyes flickered slightly, and the next moment, hand grasps, a book covered by illusion, was caught in his hands.

     too easy!

     On the first level, it is impossible to assess the difficulty of those who are just entering the cultivator, and it is a little bit illusory.

     For Su Yu, see through something at first glance.

     Taking the book in his hand, Su Yu was slightly surprised. Is it a real will, or is it Virtual Goods?

     Turning the pages of the book glanced at, more unexpectedly.

     It really feels like a text of will!

     it is true?

     The academy is generous. This means that every student who passes the test will give a copy. Of course, it's only in the world, but it's worth dozens of points of merit.

     Su Yu glanced, shook his head, very rubbish text of will.

     Great tactic!

     Of course, for ordinary students, it can be regarded as blessing in disguise.After reading it again, there is really nothing special, but the essay of will is correct. Just after Su Yu read it, saw a flash, and the second layer arrived.

     "Real? Unreal? Find the entrance to the next level!"

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, illusion?

     This is because I quickly broke through the illusion, so Baidaoge once again set the illusion assessment for himself, or is it exactly like this originally?

     At this moment, there are many things in front of him. This is a small village, and Su Yu is standing at the door of the village.

     Entrance to the next level?

     This illusion is a bit low-level, not as powerful as his own illusion.

     Su Yu smiled, the word "blood" broke out in an instant, manufactured another village, this space trembled slightly, after a while, the two villages disappeared at the same time, and a staircase appeared.

     Su Yu waved his hand and the ladder was broken by him. The next moment, he saw a flash and appeared on the next floor.

     The illusion is too weak, and the stairs are also fake. If you really go up, you may be trapped.

     The next few floors are filled with illusions one after another. Su Yu is also helpless. He is not an illusionist, so why do he bring so many illusions to himself.

     When the ninth floor was reached, Su Yu stopped using divine writing to fight, the illusion just came out, his willpower burst, and with a bang, force broke the illusion!

     In the blink of an eye, I entered the tenth floor.

     And this time, it was not an illusion.

     "Kill the monster beast!"

     Having just demonstrated his strength, he soon encountered the task of killing monsters. Sure enough, Bai Dao Pavilion was constantly adjusting what Su Yu had encountered. It was very powerful.

     The next moment, in front of him, a fire dolphin rushed forward.Probably has the strength of the pinnacle.

     The 10th floor, this is also an intermediate point of nourishment, the pinnacle of Qianjun, is not a weak assessment.

     Su Yu's willpower exploded, the "Thunder" divine writing flashed, and with a bang, the fire dolphins burst.

      all split up and in pieces!

     The fire dolphins just exploded, the space changed a little, and the next moment, a ray of pure willpower appeared!

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, is this the reward for every 10?

     Where did it come from?

     Provided by Baidaoge?

     No longer thinking about it, this is a good thing, Su Yu quickly began to absorb it, and in the blink of an eye, that wisp of willpower was absorbed.

     The first time you pass, the rewards are very generous.

     Next time, Su Yu can choose Coming Back Anew, or he can choose to continue the previous level. However, even if Coming Back Anew passes the level for the second time, the reward is very small. Su Yu has seen the introduction.

     A wisp of willpower was absorbed, and Su Yu did not move. After a while, a wisp of willpower appeared in the void again.

     This is aimed at nurturing. Nurturing passively absorbs willpower. One strand is actually enough.

     But obviously, not enough for Su Yu.

     Soon, the second strand appeared, and the third strand...

     Appears every 5 minutes, and Su Yu can only stay here for an hour.

     Su Yu didn't worry, and waited slowly.

     Absorb and rejuvenate.

     The willpower is very pure, but the amount is not large, but after 10 strands, Su Yu's 116th divine orifice is gradually showing signs of opening.

     When the twelfth ray was absorbed, the sea of will tremble, and the 116 divine aperture opened.

     Good luck!After passing 10 levels, a magical aperture was actually opened. Baidao Pavilion was indeed a good place. Su Yu just thought, his body flashed, the space in front of him disappeared, and the 10th floor passed.


     At this moment, outside, on the crystal monument.

     10th floor: Su Yu

     Su Yu's name appeared on the 10th floor, and the ranking is not high, but a little behind. He is not too fast.

     After passing the customs, the stay time is not counted.

     At this moment, someone saw the name one after another, and someone soon said: "Su Yu has entered the Hundred Dao Pavilion, this guy is finally here!"

     "Can you break through dozens of floors?"

     "Who knows ne!"


     The instinct to watch the excitement reappeared, and many students ran over and began to watch the excitement, to see how many levels Su Yu could pass through.

     On the 11th floor, Su Yu's name disappeared in a flash.

     In the blink of an eye, the 12th floor passed.

     Because of force breaking through the barriers, Su Yu's next encounters were all missions to kill monsters. He killed those monsters that were not able to reach the sky, and he killed extremely fast.

     13 floors, 14 floors...

     His name gradually began to move forward.

     By the 18th floor, Su Yu has already ranked first.

     "So fast!"

     "Is this guy going for a walk?"

     "He is a divine teacher. I'm afraid all the monsters I encountered on the 18th floor were all the monsters of Wanshiba Jiǔ, right? Kill?"

     Everyone is also stupefied, knowing that you are good, but No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also No matter good or bad is also important."On the 20th floor, he has to meet the Tengkong Monster Beast, he doesn't kill that fast, right?"

     "You can't use the talented blood here, he probably has to fight to kill him?"

     The practitioners were discussing in a low voice. Gradually, outside the Baidao Pavilion, someone began to sell chairs and tables. Several practitioners with special divine writings began to shout, "It takes a lot of time for Su Yu to break through. The big guy sat down and watched. , Made in divine writing, green and natural, a set of chairs and tables, a merit point!"

     "Would you like wine?"

     "I have tea!"

     "Fruits, fresh melons, eat them now!"

     Some students planted trees right now, and in the blink of an eye, the trees grew and began to bear fruit and sell fruit!

     The gatekeeper Yun Lao put down his book and sighed.


     Every time, a little famous guy comes to pass the level, these bastards come here.

     He just wanted to speak, when a plate of fruits was brought to him.

     "Old Yun, fresh, eat more!"

     Old Yun rolled the eyes, grabbed a peach and ate it, let alone, it tasted good.

     With a whisper in my heart, bribe me!

     Am I that kind of person?

     Just thinking about it, the melon seeds were served. After a while, the wine seller sent a bottle of wine, and the tea seller sent a pot of good tea...

     Old Yun ate and drank, dispelling the idea of driving people away.

     Feel free!

     And the students didn't care, they were too familiar with the process.

     In less than a while, in front of Baidaoge gate, tables and benches rose out of thin air, forming a circle.

     Someone who came here was not at all surprised, and laughed and said, "Who broke through?"It's all the same!

     There were celebrities who went through the barriers. Everyone was like this. The biggest one was when the five generations came, and all the people from the school came. They all ate melons outside the Baidao Pavilion and ate the time of departure.

     "Su Yu!"

     "How many levels have you reached?"

     "It should be 20 levels, don't worry, they are fast through the levels, but they stay for too long every 10, what should everyone do!"



     Outside, bustling.

     The 20th floor.

     Su Yu did encounter a monster beast, and it emptied a heavy one. This is a test for the divine writer, kill it!

     Su Yu was not in a hurry to kill this monster, but was thinking.

     From the 10th floor to the present, he has been killing monsters.

     The definition Baidaoge gave him at the moment was probably a divine writer who was good at killing, so the assessment was all these, it was not important.

     The important thing is to break the illusion and see the essence!

     The monster beast in front of me, bare fangs and brandish claws, Su Yu doesn’t care. The probing hand presses its head, the monster is struggling, but Su Yu, who is ten thousand stones and nine-fold, presses a monster beast in the sky, doesn’t have any difficulty.

     Grabbing its head, Su Yu looked up and down, this is a colorful tiger.

     It doesn't matter, the important thing is, how is this guy constituted?

     Every time you kill, it dissipates directly, obviously not real, but composed of illusions or other things.

     "It's a mixture of vitality and willpower."

     "So every time I kill, there is some strength and willpower spilled, which is regarded as a reward..."Su Yu judged it and analyzed the situation clearly.

     "No, there may be some phantom attacks. The other party uses talent skills... Someone has performed memory imprints! This is a memory extraction method. Branding, I kill, the next person will come, and it will soon be formed again. ."

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, then I killed this monster and intercepted the other's memory imprints. Can I reshape it later?

     Killed, it is considered successful.

     If you successfully pass the level, the 20th floor will reward you with a lot of willpower, and then I absorb it. If I reshape this guy, will it be considered successful again?

     Extract memory imprints, which ordinary people cannot do.

     Su Yu is okay!

     Of course, Bai Feng is very good at this if he is not skilled enough, but now that Su Yu has powerful strength and willpower, the extraction difficulty is reduced.

     He grabbed the monster and looked at it carefully.

     There should be a mechanism for Baidaoge to distinguish whether the barrier is successful.

     How to count success?

     How to count as failure?

     He thought of the words of the old man at the door, Baidaoge's breakthrough was not to break through the barrier, the purpose of the barrier was to gain benefits.

     Relying on the strength to be stronger than this monster, Su Yu held down the opponent and looked at it a little bit.

     Soon, some abnormalities were discovered.

     Touching his chin, Su Yu was lost in thought, interesting.

     Have to experiment!

     No hurry anyway!

     A punch shattered this monster's head, and a light flashed away. Su Yu Shenwen had been prepared, his willpower broke out, and the small hammer appeared. With a bang, he clicked the light off!With a slap, a small crystal-like fragment fell to the ground.

     At this moment, the monster was killed, the willpower and vitality overflowed, and a large amount of vitality and pure willpower appeared in the entire 20th floor.

     Su Yu quickly absorbed these vitality and willpower, and there was willpower spilling out again in the void.

     This time Su Yu didn't care, picked up the fragment, his eyes moved slightly.

     After a while, Su Yu took out a few drops of vitality liquid and put the Crystal Fragment in it for nourishment. Gradually, a multi-coloured tiger took shape again, but lacked some vitality and lacked willpower!

     Su Yu's eyes flashed once, and with a probing move, the willpower that spilled out of the void was compressed by him and stuffed into the Crystal Fragment. In the blink of an eye, the roar again!

     Just like at the beginning, a multi-coloured tiger appeared again, bare fangs and brandish claws!

     Su Yu's eyes brightened!

     Sure enough, this fragment is the core part of sealed memory. As long as this thing exists, it can be continuously reshaped with vitality and willpower. Even Su Yu cannot withstand the fragment.

     "Not needed at all I go to Extraction Memories, as long as I can catch and shoot down this fragment, I can continue to reshape..."

     "If you don't absorb vitality, you can reshape it with a part of willpower."

     This part of willpower is about as much as the willpower that spills every 5 minutes. On the 20th floor, Su Yu can stay for two hours and can spill willpower more than 20 times.

     In one of them, it was enough to recast the multi-coloured tiger.

     "In two hours, will I be expelled?"

     "Or, after two hours, if I kill another one, I can stay for another two hours?"Su Yu felt his chin and thought, and a multi-coloured tiger appeared again. Does this Baidao Pavilion pass by himself?

     Waited for 5 minutes... no willpower was spilled.

     Su Yu laughed!

     Not counting!

      If the multi-coloured tiger is there, it won't be considered as passing by yourself!

     Unless this thing is killed, it will be considered as one's own pass, will overflow willpower, so to speak, when approaching two hours, reshape yourself and kill again, then can you always get willpower provided?

     Is this a flaw?

     Or is it... the chance left on purpose?

     Su Yu prefers the latter!

     Opportunities are for those who are prepared!

     Baidao Pavilion is very interesting, how many benefits it gets, depends on ability, luck, vision...

     Obviously, Su Yu's vision is not bad.

     The strength is also enough, ordinary flying, there is no way to shoot down the Crystal Fragment, but Su Yu can.

     After killing the multi-coloured tiger again, Su Yu launched a small hammer again to shoot down the fragments.

     The vitality and willpower spilled out again, this time Su Yu did not absorb vitality, but absorbed those willpower.

     After waiting for 5 minutes, the second ray of willpower appeared.


     Wait another 5 minutes, the third strand appears, continue to absorb.

     Su Yu just waited slowly, he was not in a hurry.

     When it was almost two hours, Su Yu blocked a ray of willpower, gathered those vitality, and forced it into the fragments again. After a while, the multi-coloured tiger came back to life!

     Just resurrected, Su Yu slapped him down!

     Shoot to death again!

     Vitality and willpower spilled again!Su Yu smiled, to bare one's fangs!

     Sure enough, this is okay. Doesn't that mean that you can spawn monsters here until the end of time?


      at the same time.

     Outside, Su Yu's name appeared on the 20th floor, then disappeared, and then reappeared after a period of time.

     In the next moment, someone cursed: "Fuck! Are you giving those geniuses every time? Several times, there are a few guys who often get stuck on the whole floor, they must have cheated!"

     Su Yu is not the first!

     Obviously, this is not the first time this has happened.

     In front of the door, Mr. Yun was drinking tea and leisurely said: "What is it called? This is the skill of others, do you think anyone can get the whole deck? It's okay, it won't be long. Baidaoge has an emergency mechanism. This guy gets stuck for three rounds. You have to be killed..."

     The students murmured, and someone shouted: "Teacher Hou, you have been stuck before, can you tell me how you got stuck?"

     In the crowd, Director Hou’s son Hou Liang was also there, and he smiled after hearing the words: “I’m going to observe by myself, but I can tell you? I told you, you may not be able to get stuck, but Mr. Yun is right. He got stuck for three rounds. Su Yu will have to regret it, maybe he will be beaten out of level 20."


     "Don't tell me, I have a chance to try!"

     Hou Liang laughed, why?


     After three rounds, Baidaoge activated the emergency mechanism, and a second flying beast appeared, and then another one in the fifth round. Then, one more one in one round, you go to the card!

     At the end of the card, there are so many monsters that make you afraid.

     Naturally you are stuck!Someone depressed and said: "The key is, how long is this card, how long is this guy going to stay in there?"

     "On the 20th floor, a round of 2 hours, and only the entire floor will work. He will be stuck for 3 rounds, which is only 6 hours.

     Old Yun was not in a hurry, and smiled, but Su Yu might be stuck longer.

     This guy is not weak!


     And Su Yu, at this moment, has already killed the fourth multi-coloured tiger.

     But Su Yu frowned, his willpower was still very pure, but...something was not enough.

     First, it appears once every 5 minutes, which is too slow.

     Second, the strength of willpower is very weak, probably just as if it is flying into the air. This is too weak for Su Yu to be absorbed by him.

     "The 20th floor is okay, can the 30th and 40th floors be ok? The 30th floor may not work, but the 40th floor will do?"

     Su Yu is not sure, the 30th floor will probably not work.

     At the 40th floor of the card, is it all the willpower of the Lingyun realm?

     It can absorb more!

     "But no matter how small the mosquito's legs are, it's meat, so suck the ones here first!"

      After a while, Su Yu continued to kill a multi-coloured tiger. The next moment he was slightly surprised, and suddenly a second one appeared in the void.

     "what's going on?"

     What mechanism is this triggered?

     Su Yu was also unambiguous, and quickly killed the second multi-coloured tiger, shot down the fragment, and waited again.

     Willpower continued to spill, Su Yu continued to absorb.

     After another two hours, kill again, and one more head, reaching as many as three!

     "Three flying monsters..."Su Yu smiled. Sure enough, this Baidao Pavilion has this corresponding mechanism, and the fragments are also specially left behind, but they are also reminding those who pass the level, stop before going too far.

     At this moment, he has already opened 118 orchestras.

     "You can kill it here. When you reach the 40th floor, you have to kill the Lingyun monster. If there are two heads and three heads... how can I kill it?"

     "Forget it, stay here for a period of time!"

     To squeeze the wool, you have to squeeze it to the limit.

     As for whether anyone did the same thing as Su Yu, there might be some, but if the sun and the moon came, Su Yu didn't think the other party would be so shameless, staying at this level of cultivation for a long time, and couldn't afford to lose that person.

     Not to mention the sun and the moon, it is Lingyun, even if he finds it, he probably has no face to stay for too long.

     Su Yu doesn't care too much, he this was originally so nourishment.

     It's normal to stay here longer.

     And the rewards for the first pass are many, and the next time, there will be no such generous treatment.

     For the second time through 20 levels, it was a little bit when it was killed, but there was no continuous willpower for two hours.


     8 hours, 10 hours...

     Outside, bonfire parties have begun at this moment.

     Forget it, got used to it.

     Anyway, there is nothing to do, partying, which is also a common thing in colleges. Everyone celebrates together. Once the celebration is good, you can appear a holiday.

     At this moment, people like Mr. Yun are somewhat surprised.

     12 hours!

     At least six rounds!On Su Yu's side, I am afraid that there are four or five flying beasts now. That kid alone, without talented blood, can face four or five flying beasts instantly, can this be able to hold it?

     Even if it can hold up and absorb so much willpower, it is almost there.

     This kid hasn't vacated yet, right?

     Mr. Yun was still thinking about it. The next moment, there was one more person beside him. Niu Baidao picked up the wine and drank it, cursing in a low voice: "This kid, shameless! Even this little thing will be stared at! Baidao Pavilion's biggest The reward is these pure willpower. Only with this can it be compared to the Sea of Consciousness Secret Realm in Daxia Mansion. Is he not ready to come out?"

     Old Yun smiled, "What is the urgency? One nurture is still on the 20th floor. No matter how much it absorbs, it will be like that! He can resist a few heads, dozens of them? Don't worry too much!"

     Niu Baidao thought for a while and nodded, "Yes, I'm afraid that this kid really hit the 40th floor, and then does the same, then the consumption will be too great!"

     "Level 40? Then Lingyun has to appear, can he catch the core? Caught, after three rounds, two Lingyun appear, he can deal with it? Innate essence and blood, shouldn't be used here, it is also the gains do not make up for the losses, what are you worried about?"

     Old Yun Serene smiled and said: "Old Niu, a lot of age, look at it, this Baidaoge still has a lot of willpower reserves. The top-ranking civilian soldiers have absorbed hundreds of years of scattered willpower, and they have long been filtered. Countless willpower..."

     "It's too expensive!"

     Niu Baidao sighed: "You don't know that Ye Batian sucked too much back then, that bastard, if King Daming was disturbed, he could suck up to nothing!"

     Old Yun laughed, this is true.But things happened decades ago, and after decades, Baidao Pavilion has a lot of reserves.

     As he was thinking, someone shouted: "Look, Su Yu's name is gone!"

     Old Yun smiled and said, "Probably I can't hold it anymore, that's fine."

     After a while, Su Yu's name appeared on the 21st floor, quickly.

     Niu Baidao was speechless, "This is not enough? This is enough to eat and drink, full of strength, ready to continue to do it! Back then, King Daming insisted on giving people a chance, I said no, he wouldn't listen. It's all right now, and some bastards often take advantage of it!"

     It consumes a lot, you know?

     Su Yu, I hope you don’t give me such a set on the 40th floor.

     "That guy, he can't deal with two Lingyun without his blood, right?"

     Is there hope at one end?

     This is hard to say!

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