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304 180 Magic Orifice, Fur Ball Advances (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Baidao Pavilion.

     Su Yu was in a good mood. Although it took a long time, he could absorb a lot of willpower, but it was a bit boring. He didn't know the sea secret realm and just opened it for you.

     Here, you have to suck while killing the demon.

     Of course, Baidao Pavilion has an advantage, no one will interfere with you.

     You want to suck, kill how many demons, and suck how much willpower.

     After the 25th level, Su Yu no longer beheaded aggressively. In this Hundred Dao Pavilion, he found more and more that it was not as simple as a simple killing and passing through.

     At this moment, 25 off.

     Su Yu's physical body no longer shot, but the divine text broke out.

     And the enemy is no longer a monster.

     It's divine writing!

     Yes, divine writing is the enemy.

     It is interesting!

     In the void, the divine texts are fighting each other, this is the empty area, the divine texts are all second-order, so is Su Yu.

     At this moment, each piece of divine writing is in the sky fighting.

     Thunder, blood, fire, murderous...

     Su Yu's divine writings were split, and they were fighting one by one.

     With a bang, a divine text burst.

     In the void, there is the lingering rhyme of divine writing.

     Su Yu to bare one's fangs is really magical. He suspects that this is King Da Ming and the others. It really filled a lot of divine writings in it. At this moment, those divine writings were crushed, and a lot of divine writings came out.

     He absorbed it, as if it were real.

     There is indeed some progress in his own divine writing.

     "Fantastic place!"

     Su Yu regrets that he shouldn't kill monsters below, simply absorbing willpower, absorbing vitality, how can he absorb the lingering charm of the gods!This place will give you different support as you show different strengths.

     This is the real teach in line with the student's ability!

     "Can't play too fast..."

     Su Yu continued to search for patterns and stuck checkpoints, which would not work on ordinary floors, but one thing is possible, delay!

     Slowly, click to break those divine texts.

     In this way, Baidao Pavilion will continue to replenish the power of the gods.

     Let those divine texts have combat effectiveness.


     Drag to Baidao Pavilion no longer provides power, and let the god text be crushed, at this time, the utilization rate is maximized.

     It took Su Yu to pass the customs very slowly.

     Not in a hurry!

      At this moment, he really understood what the old man at the door said, it was really not the purpose to break through the level, the purpose was to learn what he needed in different levels.

     Otherwise, even if you are invincible, what's the point of entering the 100th floor instantly?

     Of course, for Invincible, these are not needed either.

     With a bang!

     A divine text, without power at the moment, was crushed again.

     Su Yu looked regretful, and quickly murmured: "It seems that the more divine texts I show, the more divine texts I fight with. I should show them all. In this way, the next level should be able to meet more The divine text!"

     In the sea of will, the small hair ball is also moving.

     It wants to eat too!

     "Don't come out, you come out, maybe you treat me as an animal trainer, then it will be troublesome!"

     As a beast taming system, I might not give me divine proficiency, so I would lose a lot.

     As for the benefits of the animal training system, Su Yu doesn't care.He now needs the lingering rhyme and willpower, and these two are more important to him.


     Outside, Su Yu's speed through the barrier was too slow.

     Slow, if he can't make it to the top 100, he won't make it to the ranking.

     At this moment, he has reached level 25, but his name has disappeared, leaving many people speechless, and I don't know which level Su Yu has reached!

     The bonfire party is still going on.

     A student saw Niu Baidao and shouted, "President, which level did Su Yu have broken through? Why doesn't it feel so enchanting? Is it impossible to fight in actual combat?"

     Demon, didn't that go up to the ground?

     Where's Su Yu's name?

     Why is it gone?

     This is barely passed, still struggling?

     Niu Baidao rolled the eyes, I wish his name appeared first, which means that kid, he passed the test very quickly, and he didn’t get any benefits at all. It was good!

     As a result, this bastard was dragging it all the way, probably because he thought he had found something good and was squeezing the wool.


     Baidaoge may suffer heavy losses next!

     Fortunately, that guy is not strong enough. If this is the sun and the moon, then maybe another five generations will be given to him.

     Niu Baidao didn't say much. Looking at Mr. Yun, Mr. Yun smiled, grabbed a mirror from the void and glanced at it, and smiled: "It's on the 25th floor!"

     "25th floor!"

     Some students were stunned: "I have vacated the area around the triple level. If you talk about strength, it is really strong! It feels...not worthy of such a reputation!"

     Cut Lingyun!

     The result has been ground on the 25th floor!Mr. Yun didn't bother to take care of it, and at this moment, someone in the crowd hummed, "You go up to the 25th floor and try!"

     No one else, Wu Lan.

     Those who retreated from the 17th floor were also wondering why Su Yu was so slow!

     Look at her, how fast.

     Being able to reach the 17th floor, the strength is not weak, in the cultivation, it can be regarded as top-notch, but Wu Lan said nothing, who makes Zhu Hongliang taller than her, unhappy, the fat guy looks very stupid.

     The result is higher than her ranking!

     Although this Baidao Pavilion is not ranked by force, it is a fact that people are higher than her.

     The student who was talking chuckled and didn't say much, and continued to eat and drink, forget it, no matter what, Su Yu is secondary, and the bonfire party is important.

     On the 25th floor, everyone is amazing!

     No one was surprised when it was replaced by Su Yu.

     When Su Yu is on the 25th floor, it is news. When he reaches the 25th floor, it is not news.

     It's just a little strange, really slow!

     And Lao Yun touched his beard and whispered, "This little guy can bear temperament, young people, few people can bear temperament, even if they know that there are some benefits, but reputation is often Heavier than benefits."

     It takes a long time to pass through the barriers. If you don’t make it to the rankings, you can’t make a hundred. People can’t see your name. Would you like it?

     The more genius you are, the more you care.

     Su Yu's good luck, lingering endlessly.

     Niu Baidao smiled and said: "Forget it, Baidao Pavilion this was originally so good for the students and teachers, so you can polish yourself, wait and see, if this kid can really reach the 40th floor... then there is really invincibility. Stance!"No one said that he was invincible at the time of Liu Wenyan's kind of genius, only that he had hope to inherit the mantle of five generations.

     The Five Dynasties are not invincible.

     In the nurturing stage, he praised people's invincible posture. Most of them were ridicule, or simply ridicule, but there was no need to do so. He was sincere. When Su Yu reached the 40th floor, he had an invincible attitude.

     Invincible was not as good as him when he was young!

     Old Yun nodded, and said nothing.

     Being invincible does not mean that you can be invincible. This is normal. It is amazing when you are young, and it may not be necessary when you are old.


     Su Yu at this moment, who cares about others.

     26 floors.

     Su Yu once again encountered a lot of divine texts, mountains of daggers and seas of flames, illusions, icebergs, shocks...

     Various characteristics burst!

     This is also an opportunity for Su Yu to see the characteristics of various gods!

     Very valuable!

     Defense, slow play, consumption, control...

     Su Yu is manipulating the divine text, play slowly!

     Drag, continue to drag, drag it to Lord Bai Dao once to replenish the power of God.

     He had never been to the War Demon Realm of Daxia Mansion, but Su Yu felt that this Baidao Pavilion had integrated the effects of many secret realms, such as War Demon Realm, such as the Secret Realm of the Sea of Consciousness, and even had the effect of the secret realm of vitality.


     Su Yu had this idea again, this thing is really a super baby.

     With a bang, another divine text was broken, and Su Yu absorbed a lot of divine text.

     Jie and Beast, these two divine texts are not second-order divine texts, at this moment, Su Yu mainly cultivates these two divine texts.

     absorb!Su Yu could feel that in the space of beast characters, the space expanded and the tenacity became stronger.

     Second-order divine text!

     This is the harvest!

     What's more unsavory than the ranking?

     What's the ranking!

     Divine text enters the second level, and multiple divine apertures are opened. This is the harvest.

     Not only that, Su Yu at this moment also took out the essay of will to read!

     Outline a new divine text for me!

     The more divine texts, the more divine texts appear on the next level. Now that you have outlined it, you can also take the opportunity to absorb the remaining rhyme of the divine texts and let the divine texts advance!

     What a great opportunity!

      10 million by all means can't miss it!

     The "Time" martial arts that almost caused turmoil in the Secret Realm of Vital Energy, there is not much impact here, because the Hundred Dao Pavilion is much more stable than the Secret Realm of Vital Energy.

     "Draw me a Space Divine Text!"

     Su Yu prayed. Although the storage ring is good, this thing can be taken away or lost.

     How can there be divine writing!

     I've watched "Time" so many times, why can't I comprehend the divine texts about time and space.

     Su Yu is very moisturizing while reading a book while controlling the divine text.

     The pressure of 20 levels is not too great for him.

     His willpower is really strong, with more than 100 divine orifices open, he can absorb a lot of willpower at all times, strengthen himself, and strengthen the sea of will, which is not inferior to some Tiankong Ba Jiǔ.

     Open to 180, it can definitely be comparable to Lingyun."Time" opens, and Su Yu reads and comprehends carefully.

     Since learning the third level of time, his emphasis on this technique has dropped a lot. Looking at it today, there are some vaguely new gains.

     "Time" shouted very hard, and it gave Su Yu a general feeling.

     But look again today... vaguely, he seems to have made a mistake.

     "Time...This name is not for nothing. I only care about the explosive power of the acupuncture point, and ignore the speciality of the acupuncture point. Just like the Soul Eater, the 36-hole Soul Eater is nothing, and may corrupt the other This is the key, the key to strong willpower!"

     "The key to time, the more than 100 supporting points is that it can speed up and slow down time, slow down the enemy's movements, and speed up one's own movements. This is the mystery of time!"

     Su Yu found that reading a book during the battle made his mind more active!

      The "Fire" character divine text began to rise, burning the lingering rhyme of those divine texts, and let him striving to improve to comprehend and understand.

     Su Yu at this moment is extremely serious.

     Gradually, a god text took shape!

     Not his Space Divine Text of yearn for sth even in one's dreams, but the word "slow".

     Shenwen quickly began to take shape.

     The text from the invincible will, once formed, is the first-order pinnacle.


     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly. As soon as this divine text took shape, he realized it carefully, and his heart shook again. Jin Sheng was right. When there are more human divine texts, every time one increases, other divine texts become stronger.

     At this moment, because he was particularly concerned, he clearly felt that other divine texts had become slightly stronger.The change is not too great, but he is sensed!

     As soon as the "slow" divine text came out, Su Yu also discovered its special effects. In the void, other divine texts obviously moved a little slower, the sea of fire was not so fast, and the iceberg was not taking shape so quickly!

     The 11th divine text is formed!


     Su Yu suddenly shot and kicked it out. This kick was very slow, but the god in front of him did not escape, but slowed down. Su Yu gave it a light kick and the kick exploded!


     Su Yu smiled, he seems to have realized the true meaning of time!

     This exercise is interesting.

     It's not simply explosive power. This martial skill with Special Effect is probably not worse than the Heavenly Sword, but it has less resuscitation. Before he got the Xia Family's Heavenly Sword, he never paid much attention to it.

     "Time... the martial arts of the silkworm king."

     This is what Hong Tan told him that the martial arts created by an invincible realm expert named Miecan Wang is very strong.


     And just when Su Yu took out "Time" again and realized a divine text.

     Double Holy House.

     Temple of War.

     God of War Mountain.

     The Silkworm Killing King was teaching his followers, suddenly he turned his head to the south and raised his eyebrows slightly. "Time" was opened again, as if he had some understanding, he was further south!

     In the old days, it seemed to be in the Daxiafu area.

     Today, it seems to be in the Daming Mansion area.

     The eyes flickered slightly, who?

     It’s not far from Daxia Mansion to Daming Mansion, but in recent days, he has become more famous. From Daxia Mansion to Daming Mansion, there is a guy named Su Yu!

     "Su Yu..."The King of Silkworm raised his eyebrows, wouldn't it be the kid who got his "Time"?

     Hard to say!

     There are many people between Daming Mansion and Daxia Mansion, not necessarily Su Yu, he didn't care too much about Su Yu, he just heard the name vaguely, he didn't care whether the other party would have time martial arts.

     I heard that the Xia Family's Heavenly Sword will be used.

     Posing your lips, the Xia Family's Heavenly Sword?

     What the hell!

     King Daxia also relied on his strength to be stronger, a brash man, how can my time be exquisite!


     The teenager who was also studying "Time" suddenly called, "Master, what are you talking about?"

     The Silkworm Killer said casually: "I didn't say anything, properly cultivate! Don't learn from your brother, you are not good at learning skills. I went to Xingyu Mansion and was hacked to death!"

     The young man is heavily nodded, "No, if I go to Xingyu Mansion, I will definitely win honor to Master!"

     The Silkworm Killing King said casually: "Life is the first! Time is the essence of Master's martial arts. The lethality and speed are first-class. At the peak, one step at a time! The distance can catch up, and the lost time can be caught up. Isn't this the real life-saving jerk, but unfortunately... few people can understand!"

     There is no successor!

     This method of mine wasn't purposely used to kill. It was naturally inferior to the Xia Family's Open Heaven Sword in terms of lethality and explosive power, but the focus of time was not this.

     Step out, the years go by, no matter how fast you are, no matter how explosive you are, can you hit me as time goes by?

     I kill the silkworm king, and the dragon silkworm king who fights hides in his own dragon silkworm realm every day. How can I have an undeserved reputation?The middle-aged sighed with emotion, and quickly laughed: "Learn hard, there is a guy who has learned my time, and seems to have some feelings. If you don't learn well, you still can't follow the wild road, you are embarrassed!"

     "Master, who is it?"

     "How to know, I got it by accident. If you encounter it in the future, you can try the other person's water."

     After all, King Miecan no longer mention this.

      Inherited cultivation method outside, if you encounter it, if you look at it right, it is a cheap master and apprentice. If you don’t see it right, then just ignore it. There is no need to pay too much attention to it.

     The teenager was somewhat curious and didn't ask any more, and continued to practice.

     Xingyu Mansion, this is the next goal.



     At this moment, Su Yu has reached the 29th floor.

      He has cultivated the Tribulation Character divine writing to the second order. At this moment, except for the "slow" word divine writing just outlined, he has reached the second order for the other 10 divine writings.

     And the "slow" character divine writing also gave Su Yu a lot of feelings.

     Sometimes, when you look slow, it may not be really slow.

     The slowness in your eyes does not mean the slowness in the eyes of the enemy.

     Weaken the enemy's speed, so that the enemy can't keep up with your rhythm, that is fast!

     At this moment, Su Yu was playing.

     The "slow" word divine text weakens the opponent's speed, a small hammer, hits it with one hammer, the divine text of Baidao Pavilion is compressed, and it is flat!

     Expansion hammer!

     The function of this hammer is not to kill, not to explode the gods, but to compress!

     After the compression, Su Yu found that, after a while, Baidao Pavilion's divine text was stronger again, and Baidao Pavilion added more strength!Because this squashed divine text was compressed by the expansion hammer!

     "So funny!"

     Su Yu seems to have discovered a new toy, and he's enjoying it. Can I beat this divine text, and finally hit the third rank?

     More than divine writing!

     Su Yu was still thinking in his mind, I used this little hammer to hit the small hair ball, can I hit it to the point of promotion?

     The small hammer compresses the sea of will and willpower. When the sea of will and willpower are strong enough, it can be used to hit the divine text, which also has a lot of help to the divine text, compressing and stabilizing the realm.

     In addition, it can help people get rid of some impurities.

     The small hair ball has swallowed too many divine texts, has it been digested?

     Are there any impurities remaining?

     "Little Maoqiu, do you have any indigestion when you absorb divine text?"


     In the sea of will, Xiao Maoqiu said: "What?"

     "I didn't finish it, another point impurity, understand?"

     "a little bit……"

     "It's okay, I'll give you a few hundred hammers later to ensure thorough digestion!"


     "Don't be afraid, it's cool after fainting. I hammered you a few times last time, didn't you sensed?"

     Xiao Maoqiu seemed to be thinking, and after a while said: "Okay!"

     There is a little truth to it, and it's cool after the dizziness is over.


     Su Yu's isn't that a joy, playing with it... The 30th floor is here.

     All the divine texts on the upper level were shattered by him, and Baidao Pavilion no longer added it.

      somewhat regretful!Baidao Pavilion is not persistent enough, it should have been consumed by yourself, and he may not have consumed yours.

     He felt a little bit about the situation that Teacher Zhao Li said at the beginning. I may not have beaten anyone, but I can kill you and have great endurance!

     Su Yu's willpower is much longer than an ordinary flight.

     Many minds, quick recovery.

     Strong compression, strong background.

     The 30th floor, this layer, is considered to have entered the high-heavy field of flying.

     This layer is just a divine text!

     It is a second-order advanced divine text!

     The only characteristic also made Su Yu very interested, shocking!

     One hit collision!

     Su Yu Shenwen trembled, and she trembled!

     Shaking constantly!

     In the space, Su Yu was constantly shaking, and those divine texts were also shaking, which made Su Yu realize that when he was hit by the expansion hammer, you were shaking!

     This divine text is interesting!

     If you can outline, with one blow, the enemy's divine text will shake, willpower shake, and the sea of will shake, coupled with a small hammer, double superimposed effect, even the body will be affected.

     At this level, Su Yu continued to spend a lot of time. Originally wanted to check the level, but found out that he didn't seem to give himself this opportunity. The opportunity to check the level should only be given at the limit of each realm!

      Despite this, still great gains!

     This layer gave Su Yu 3 hours of willpower, and when the divine text was broken, it also provided him with a lot of divine text after rhyme.

     The "slow" character divine writing began to advance towards the second rank.

     And the divine orifice, opened a full 120.It opened 5 more gods than when it came in.

     This is already amazing!


     Outside, one day and one night in the past.

     At this moment, it is the morning of the 13th.

     The bonfire party is over!

     Some students, why should they go?

     But there are still people here. At this moment, one night, someone suddenly said: "I'll go, I finally reached the 30th floor!"

     Every 10th floor, few people.

     At this moment, there were not many people on the 30th floor, and Su Yu finally reached the 30th floor and left his name.

     This Baidao Pavilion keeps its name, and only records your highest level.

     For example, Ye Batian, if one day there are 100 people on the 100th floor, and Ye Batian is replaced by these people, his name will disappear.

     Or Ye Batian broke through Invincible, and if he came and went again, Invincible would disappear.

     But obviously, the name Ye Batian will not be eliminated.

     On the 99th floor, Zhou Polong, if he reached Invincible, and walked again, his name would disappear.

     On the 30th floor, the seventh watershed is vacated.

     With the names of some old people left behind, Su Yu can also get in the old people who haven't broken through.

     On the 30th floor, the onlookers were also interested. Not long after, someone came again, laughing and saying, "Is there anyone betting, I bet Su Yu can go to the 38th floor!"

     "I guess the 35th floor is dead! Does he consume a lot?"

     "Definitely consumes a lot of money!"


     Everyone, you said a word, and soon bet on it.

     Daxia Mansion likes to bet on merit points, but Daming Mansion is not the same. There are not many merit points. The bet is all kinds and sorts!Those who lost streaking, jumping into the river, women's clothing... all kinds.

     Not far away, a courtyard is upstairs.

     Niu Baidao did not continue to stay under Baidao Attic, but ran here. In the courtyard building, several elderly people were drinking tea and eating breakfast.

     An old man smiled and said, "Old Niu, how many floors do you think he can reach?"

     "40 floors!"

     Niu Baidao said confidently: "He can drag it to the present. Everyone knows that it is not expensive. I think he has gained a lot and may not consume anything."

     "I guess he has 39 floors, and 40 floors may be difficult!"

     "Bet or not?"

     Niu Baidao smiled and said: "Pharaoh, bet, if you lose, you go to the battlefield of the heavens to kill a sun and moon, or you are beaten to death, I will collect your divine writing, your divine writing, I guess It can really evolve into a sea of knowledge secret realm!"


     The old man scolded and said quickly: "Don't bet on this, it's boring! If Su Yu really reaches the 40th floor, I will give him some good things, and I gave him my copy of "Guiyi Jue", he may have some gains."

     "Guiyi Jue", the special exercise method exclusively used by Deputy Governor Wang, is not a divine method, but it is conducive to the unity of divine orifice and plays some auxiliary function.

     Niu Baidao laughed and said, "You will give something. This thing is worthless in our opinion. It may be a little enlightening for that kid. He derives the exercises. I guess it is not exactly what relics and inheritance. I am in his cooperation. In the method, I saw the shadow of Wen Zhong's "Rong Key", don't tell me, the ancients would "Rong Key", this kid should have added a lot of things by himself, even if there is no inheritance, I think the achievement will not be low. "Several old people nodded, and they actually saw it.

     Someone from the outside world said that Su Yu relies on inheritance, so I can change it... nonsense.

     The weak don't feel it, the strong see something.

     A few people did not speak any more, drank tea, and continued to watch.

     And Su Yu, who was also very stable all the way, continued to disappear on the 30-layer list in super slow time, did not appear, and did not leave his name, maintaining an extremely slow speed and moving on.


     39 floors.

     The "slow" word god text has been promoted, second-order!

     At this moment, Su Yu no longer showed a powerful divine writing, but a powerful combat power. He wanted to continue to encounter monsters on the next level and continue to check the level.

     At this moment, he was facing a nine-fold monster beast flying into the sky.

     Some familiar, it seems that he is still one of the top 100 races.

     No, very familiar.

     Break the mountain!

     Broshan cattle family!

     The opponent is strong, Su Yu is not weak, the divine text combat skills are revealed, and the combat skills outlined by 11 divine texts are all second-order divine texts, which are extremely lethal.

     Various characteristics erupted, and the speed of the Pangshan Cattle repeatedly decreased.

     And Su Yu's body is also extremely powerful.

     Fighting for more than ten minutes, this time no longer ambiguity, one blow blasted the opponent's head.


     The Poshan Niu exploded, a large amount of vitality and willpower spilled, Su Yu continued to resuscitate, at this moment, resuscitated 122.

      Absorbed, after a while, the 40 layer arrived.

     As soon as it arrives, the wind hits!

     Su Yu's heart condenses!

     Ling Yun!

     Stepping away from the air, I looked closely, and I was familiar with it, "The white raccoons?"Su Yu accident!

     Naturally, he knew that this race had existed in the Wentan Research Institute before, but it was left by him and left to Wu Jia, and Huo Crow was also left by him, on Chen Yong's side.

     This race is a clan of civilized divisions, with one characteristic, fast!

     This thing, Lingyun first, the speed is probably comparable to Lingyun third or fourth.

     The real Lingyun is in trouble!

     Su Yu laughed. It just so happened that he learned the "slow" divine prose, otherwise he would be very threatened by the white raccoon family. Even if he was strong and too slow to keep up with the opponent, he would be Killing life.

     Fortunately now, he just had some understanding of "Time" and sketched the "slow" character, which is just right for him to hone his combat skills.

     In space.

     Two shadows fight, Su Yu is slow, but Su Yu of the white raccoon is also slowed down by him again and again!

     Expansion hammer, "slow" divine writing, "blood" illusion, "thunder" and thunder, "killing" awe, "war" is full of...

     Each piece of divine writings is at play.

     At this moment, Su Yu looked a bit like a civilized teacher.

     And he didn't use the Heavenly Sword, but used the combat skills of "Time", the void of kicking became the field of time, time revolved, and the white raccoon kicking kept showing up!

     After fighting for 8 minutes, Su Yu shouted loudly and cut it out!

     The sword light broke out!

     With a puff, he cut off the white raccoon's head, and Su Yu also had some blood marks on his body, which were all left by the white raccoon's claws.

     A fragment shot away, Su Yukuo's hammer was already waiting.

     With a slam, the fragments fell.Su Yu was overjoyed, it was time for the checkpoint again.

     This level can stay for 4 hours.

     And this time, the willpower overflowed, not once every 5 minutes, but every 1 minute. It was the strength of the Lingyun realm. Su Yu overjoyed at unexpected good news!

     Damn it!

     Having made a fortune, the purity is higher than that of the sea secret realm, and the intensity is stronger.

     I suck!

     Suck crazy!

     One strand of Lingyun Realm's willpower is difficult to open a divine aperture, but five strands are almost enough to open one.

     In 5 minutes, Su Yu can activate a divine orifice.

     Amazing fast!

     And at this moment, in the sea of his will, the little hair ball ran out furtively, and it wanted to suck!

     It smells so good!

     Suck it together!

     Suck crazy!

     After one hour, Su Yu failed to activate 12 divine orifices, but fully activated 8 of them, shot a look at the little hairball that he absorbed, and was too lazy to say anything.

     Let's do more cards for a while!

     This time, he felt that he could unlock 180 divine orifices.

     The 40th floor, this is only for the enchanting evildoer of Zhan Lingyun.

     As for the Lingyun Realm... Su Yu doesn't know if Ling Yun has passed the 40th floor card, even if there is, for Ling Yun, the willpower may not help much, and there are times when it is saturated.

     Lingyun's resuscitation is not that simple, unlike the cultivation of so easy.

     The stronger, the harder it is to resuscitate.

     Checkpoints are not too meaningful.

     But he is of great significance.

     "Maybe here, you can solve the problem of Xiao Maoqiu's promotion!"Su Yu thought in his heart, on the 40th floor, at the Lingyun level, if you store a little more willpower, maybe you can help Xiao Maoqiu advance. Of course, the premise is that he is almost there.

     At this moment, Su Yu had 130 resuscitators, which was 50 short.

     Even if you drive 5 in an hour, it will be more difficult later, about 10 hours, like three rounds.

     Three rounds, there is no change here, right?

     After that, he can accumulate enough willpower for Xiao Maoqiu to make it advance.

     In the blink of an eye, four hours were almost here.

     Su Yu had a total of 150 enlightenments at this time, and it was amazing!


     And the outside world.

     Old Yun's face twitched, fuck!

     How much willpower did this kid suck?

     At this moment, Baidao Pavilion looked faintly sad, it wouldn't be enough, this place can be absorbed by the sun and moon for a long time, so Su Yu has nourished the sex, how much is this?

     5 hours, 6 hours...

     Old Yun's complexion gradually changed. What hell, Ling Yun didn't suck as much as Su Yu. It all caught up with a mountain and sea unscrupulously absorbing willpower!

     8 hours!

     Is this the third round?

     This kid hasn't come out yet!

     At this moment, the second Lingyun-level monster beast should have appeared, right?

     Can't this kill you?

     At this time, it was getting late.

     The bonfire continues!

     Zhu Hongliang, they are all there, and they are also amazed: "God, I have stayed for more than 30 hours, and I am still in the 40th level. Isn't the 40th level the pressure of the Lingyun Realm? This guy broke through inside?"

     He guessed that Su Yu might have broken through to the sky!The possibility is great!

      as a result, it can be explained.

     Su Yu was originally a genius, and when he broke through to the sky, he might be able to fight against the demon who first entered Lingyun

     There are not many lists on the 40th floor. Su Yu’s name appears several hours and disappears several hours.

     And this time, it was not the three or four rounds they had imagined.

     In the blink of an eye, February 14th.

     In the morning, Su Yu entered the 40th floor for 20 hours.

     At this moment, Niu Baidao and several people arrived.

     The look is strange!

     What is he, what is Su Yu doing?

     20 hours, from front to back, it's 6 rounds!

     This time, 3 Lingyun-level monsters should appear!

     Can this guy hold on?

     Several hours have passed, 24 hours have passed, 4 monsters!

     He's still holding on, why?

     Do you need so much willpower?


     At this moment, Baidao Pavilion.

     Su Yu shouted violently: "Mao Ball, stop one for Lao Tzu!"

     It's 4 white raccoons!

     Su Yu was already covered in blood. At this moment, in this space, the willpower is also terrifying. Su Yu hasn't absorbed it for a long time, and is ready to use it to promote Xiao Maoqi.

     And Xiao Maoqiu also knows that this is for himself.

     At this moment, it is also full of strength.

     Entangled with a white raccoon!

     The other three white raccoons were so fast that they snorted and drew a blood mark on Su Yu's face. Su Yu's flesh exploded, and with a bang, it shook the opponent away!

     The power of the small hammer at the moment is incomparable gigantic!so much for long time, he finally turned on the 180 divine aperture.

     However, it is not coherent yet.

     At this moment, only three sets of exercises are coherent, and the remaining two sets are not.

      Despite this, Su Yu at this moment is also powerful and terrifying.

     Sacred combat skills broke out!

     The civilian soldiers who did not reach the Profound Stage had some vague signs that they couldn't bear it this time. With a chuckle, passing through the sky, the characteristics exploded, and with a boom, they pierced a white raccoon!

     "Force me!"

     Su Yu gritted his teeth, the fourth set of literary tactics began to be related, 144 divine orifices burst out, and the route started running again!

     Very powerful!

     At this time, he was somewhat unable to suppress, and he wanted to enter the airspace at any time!

     Too strong!

     Amazing willpower!

     Su Yu is unwilling, wait, what anxious!

     Cast body first, then enter.

     It's best to choose the casting method. When entering the civilized division to vacate, the physical body vacates at the same time, which can quickly help him vacate the casting body.

     He still needs some time to gain vitality.

     As for the divine text... it doesn't matter much.

     Eleven divine texts are barely enough, split it, reorganize divine text combat skills, and advance with 11 divine texts, the same is true.

     With 11 divine texts, all of them may be able to enter the third level.

     At that time, he was really powerful.

     Su Yu make an all-out effort, Yuan Aperture erupts, Divine Aperture erupts, four sets of exercises combinations, the expansion hammer is infinitely powerful, and a white raccoon with a hammer explodes!

     Over there, Xiao Maoqi also squeaked.

      to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost!With a crunch, it shattered the illusory divine text of the white raccoon. The white raccoon family is a civilized teacher, and the simulation here is also very real.

     In the blink of an eye, three of the four white raccoons were killed, and the small hairball end was swallowed up by it.

     In the end, only one is left, Su Yuda heave a sigh of relief!

     It's done!

     But at this moment, Su Yu complexion changed and inwardly cursed!

     "Stupid hairball, it's over, you and he didn't intercept the debris!"

     That's it!

     The fragments were not intercepted and could not be stuck. After this time, 4 hours later, Su Yu had to leave the check.

     Fortunately, 5 of them came, and Su Yu could not stop it.

     In the blink of an eye, he killed the last white raccoon.

     After a while, willpower overflowed in the void again.

     Su Yu glanced at Xiao Maoqiu, Xiao Maoqiu blinked his eyes and looked at him, Su Yu gritted his teeth and said: "If you can't advance, you can run away successfully, I will never finish with you!"

     With so much willpower, and so strong, Su Yu couldn't be tempted!

     Killing so many white raccoons before and after, it's cheaper for this guy.

     "Don't run, it's delicious!"

     Xiao Maoqiu hurried back!

     Su Yu is coldly snorted, eat a fart, it's true that you promoted me. He gritted his teeth, and the "Fire" character appeared. At this moment, it is very dazzling, Xiaomaoqi looked at him, it smells good!

     "Come, eat, save me some roots, after eating, we will continue through the barriers and make up for me!"

     Xiao Maoqiu rushed up, Su Yu just wanted to speak, saw a flash, and yelled: "Fuck, spit out a little bit for me, hurry up, spit a little root!"

     Fuck!It's all swallowed!

     The second-order divine text was too easy to eat for Xiao Maoqiu, and Su Yu didn't stop it, so he swallowed it all at once, Su Yu didn't feel much.

     At this moment, Su Yu realized the sorrow of his opponent in the future.

     As soon as the divine text came out... it was gone!

     It's strange not to vomit blood!

     Little hair ball reluctant to part, still spit out a little bit... Fragment!

     Su Yu's meat hurts, how long will it take to make up?

     No, I have to continue to break through the level later!

     At least it must be restored!

     Otherwise I can't live!

     This Hundred Dao Pavilion, you have to dig to the end!

     And the next moment, Xiao Maoqiu showed some changes all over, as if a fire was burning it!


     Xiao Maoqiu screamed, "I'm going to eat these things..."


     Su Yu shouted once, with so much willpower, it’s for you.

     Promote me after eating!

     It's not in vain that I have been fighting here for so long, haven't you seen my whole body hurt?

     Xiao Maoqi got the instructions and quickly absorbed it!

     A lot of willpower was absorbed by it in the blink of an eye.

     "Smash me with that..."

     Su Yu got it!

     In the next moment, use a small hammer and smash it at the small fur ball!

     Bang bang bang!

      time and time again, time and time again!


     At this moment, the outside world, Niu Baidao took a breath!


     4 Lingyuns were killed?

     What the hell is Su Yu!In addition, a large amount of willpower was absorbed instantly, and at this moment, the entire Baidao Pavilion was really a little depressed.

     Together, Su Yu and Xiao Maoqiu really absorbed no less than a Sun Moon.

     People smoked the sun and the moon, and it was enough if they were full, but Su Yu was good, but it was gone after sucking, no more!

     "It's a big loss!"

     Niu Baidao was depressed, and Yun Lao also had a headache, "It's comparable to the sucking of a guy who has just entered the sun and the moon, this kid, is this still nurturing?"

     What should I do when I get to Tengkong Lingyun?

     "Or this time, he will not be allowed to come in the future!"

     Old Yun said, Niu Baidao didn't care, maybe it wasn't Su Yu who smoked it alone, could it be that gadget?

     Su Yu, this bastard is really cruel!

     Treat Baidaoge as a free nutrition machine!

     The curse in the heart is still somewhat curious, but Su Yu himself?

     How many tricks did you get?

     Have you entered the air?

     Can you restrain it?

     This guy is really going into the air, I am afraid it is also terribly scary.


     At this moment, Su Yu didn't care about that anymore.

     The little hammer keeps hitting the little fur ball!

     Xiaomaoqiu dizzy, full of flames, and some signs of promotion, this guy has eaten too much willpower and lingering charm, and eats more than Su Yu.

     If you don't advance, Su Yu can't afford it!
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