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306 Tianyuanqi Extraction (seeking Monthly Pass Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu and Niu Baidao talked a few words, and they also saw the chairs and tables on the periphery, the fruits and peanuts, the traces of the campfire, and it seemed that someone was preparing to continue the campfire!

     Those who went in on the 12th, it was getting dark now, it was all on the 14th.

     Two and a half days, not three days.

     But over the past two days, Su Yu has gained a great deal.

     In a good mood, he didn't bother to say anything to these salted fish Daming students.

     Keep on bonfire!

     Su Yu still had a lot of things to be busy at the moment, so he didn't stay too much. He greeted several teachers and quickly walked towards Zhu Tiandao who was waving over there.


     Zhu Tiandao looked up and down Su Yu.

     After a long while, he laughed and said: "Is the harvest not small?"


     Su Yu also laughed, "Palace Lord, King Daming is really a celestial scholar, this Baidao Pavilion is really precious!"


     Zhu Tiandao also replied the same words, and quickly laughed: "It was not built by my father alone. There were a lot of powerhouses who participated in that year, all of them were Peak Powerhouses of various ways."

     Randomly said, Zhu Tiandao looked at him again for a while, and asked: "Isn't vacated yet?"


     Su Yu explained: "The casting method has not yet been determined. When the casting method is confirmed, I will vacate! The physical body and willpower are vacated together, and the physical body can be cast several times."

     Zhu Tiandao nodded slightly, this is what many people pursue.

     At the time of the Daxia Civilization Academy, Zhan Hai, the top 100, wanted to take the two together.Floating, manifesting, strengthening the physical body, and then casting the physical body, the physical body will be strengthened twice.

     However, Zhu Tiandao thought a bit then said: "You Mortal Body Strength, coupled with the strength of willpower, if you vacate together, you have to choose a good place. You can't break through anywhere. Be careful to break through. Without willpower, without vitality, you are stuck in the middle."

     Su Yu looking thoughtful, nodded slightly.

     This is it!

     He breaks through and consumes no less vitality and willpower.

     Zhu Tiandao said again: "Not only that, it's better to cast the body under the environment of Tianyuanqi..."

     Su Yu glanced at him with a look of expectation.

     The palace lord said so, is there such a good place?

     "It's actually best for you to go to the God Realm, Devil Realm, and Immortal Realm!"


     Su Yu is speechless!

     Zhu Tiandao said with a smile: "Just kidding, I don't actually go to these places, there are two places, the Temple of War or the search for the realm. There are actually small areas like this, or I will take you to the search for the break?"

     Su Yu condensed his eyebrows: "Palace Master, can this work?"

     Zhu Tiandao nodded, "It is certainly possible. It is not theirs to seek the holy land of the realm. My Zhu family also has a share. Of course, my Zhu family has no world-shaking genius, and I don’t bother to break the ground on weekdays. If you want, I can send you there!"

     Su Yu hesitated and said, "The main reason is Tian Qi and strong willpower?"

     "Correct."Zhu Tiandao nodded and said, "Especially Tian Yuan Qi is of great help to the body! Casting the body with the essence and blood is actually to use the Tian Yuan Qi in the essence and blood! Why is the blood of the gods and demons popular? Because of their essence and blood Inside, Tian Yuan Qi is extremely rich, and other essence blood, such as some garbage essence blood, 99% is garbage, 1% is Tian Yuan Qi, then the cast body is cast... you swallow 100 drops of essence blood, nothing is too big The effect is that you have to burst yourself, and the acupuncture points are contaminated..."

     This Su Yu saw it himself and nodded and said, "I also found out about this, Palace Lord, is there anyone in Daming Mansion to extract the Heavenly Origin Qi from these essences and blood, and then use the Heavenly Origin Qi to cast the body?"

     "It can't be extracted."

     Zhu Tiandao shook his head and said regretfully: "Many people in Daming Mansion are doing it, but the heavenly vitality is absorbed by those gods, demons and monsters and turned into strength. This thing and the essence and blood are one. You split the heavenly vitality, the essence and blood. It's also abolished, the essence and blood are abolished, and the vitality is gone...This is contradictory and there is no way to neutralize it."

     Su Yu nodded again, he also felt too difficult.

     Thinking of this, he said: "Palace Master, how did the Tian Yuan Qi in Yuan Guo preserve that day?"

     "This...it's hard to say, if you need it, I will send you one or two later."

     Your home anything else?

     Su Yu was somewhat surprised, he asked Zhu Hongliang, and Zhu Hongliang said no.

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "This thing, there are many gods and demons realms, and there are also many immortals, but the human realm is not without. As I said, there is one region/place in the search realm and the temple of war. In fact, there are also Tianyuan fruit trees. We invincible families, Every time we wait for Tianyuanguo to bear fruit, we can get some.""Tianyuan fruit trees bloom in three years, bear fruit in three years, and mature in three years. It takes a total of 9 years. A Tianyuan fruit tree bears 36 fruit at a time. There are two trees in the search realm and three in the Temple of War. 180 fruit in 9 years ."

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "Some invincibles without descendants, they are too lazy to ask, some families stationed in the search realm and the temple of war will ask for more. My Zhu family, I can probably divide two in 9 years."

     Invincible family, only two pieces in 9 years!

     In fact, very few!

     However, it took a long time, hundreds of years of opening the mansion, if according to the time, the Zhu family can also be divided into sixty or seventy.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu suddenly said: "Does this Tianyuan fruit tree exist very early?"

     "On the contrary, 300 years ago, King Great Qin and King Great Zhou joined forces and infiltrated the fairy world, seized some Tianyuan fruit trees in the fairy world, and then transplanted them back."


     Su Yu was dull, why did he go to the fairy world?

     Isn’t the fairy clan neutral?

     Why not go to the gods and demons race?

     After guessing what Su Yu meant, Zhu Tiandao laughed: "In fact, it was also for testing. There are many reasons, so it is inconvenient to say more. In addition, the existence of the fairy clan is a good thing or a bad thing. There are some relationships. Of course, the immortal clan is not kind, because the leader of the immortal clan is slightly weaker than the leaders of the gods and demons. In recent years in retreat, the immortal clan probably meant to delay time..."

     Su Yu nodded slightly, thought a bit then said: "Palace lord, their leaders are all half emperors, right? What strength is half emperor? Since there is half emperor, is there a real emperor?"

     "No……"Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "Half emperor...this is what we say, they don't recognize it, but some ancient tribes do recognize it. According to the records and statements of some ancient tribes, there was once an emperor in the human race!

     After all, he smiled and said: "So other All Heavens and Myriad Realms, no matter how strong they are, they can only be called half emperors!"

     Zhu Tiandao happily said: "Human race is very strong, this is recognized, you can see the ruins! It was experienced a major ruin, which led to the decline of the strength of the human race, the former emperor and those invincibles have disappeared, and may die. , Maybe to explore the unknown world..."

     Zhu Tiandao obviously knows a lot more than Su Yu. When he talked about this, he sighed: "Those people may all have suffered a crisis or died, but when they are leaving or dying, they don’t do nothing. The battlefield, the passage of the Ten Thousand Realms, was blocked. It is a pity that the blockade was broken more than three hundred years ago, and then there is a human crisis!

     Su Yu nodded, he had actually heard this guess.

     The human environment has been once brilliant!

     Extremely brilliant!

     One World Center!

     There is no suppressing power in the human realm. I heard that it has something to do with it. It’s not that the human realm does not have it, but the strong human realm has canceled it. As the core of the ten thousand realms, the place where the heavens worship does not need to use suppressing power to suppress those Thousands of people who come to worship.

     It's a pity... the glory did not continue.

     Without discussing this, Su Yu quickly said: "Palace Master, I'm not going to search for the realm or the Temple of War, so as not to cause some trouble, Tianyuan Guo, if had, just give me one. I will do some research and analysis."

     "That's OK!"Zhu Tiandao didn't force it. It might be a bit troublesome to search for the realm. Tianyuanqi is rare, and it is the best holy place for cultivating juniors. Those invincible descendants are not enough.

     Allowing Su Yu to be an outsider to grab the opportunity may cause some trouble.

     After talking about business matters, Zhu Tiandao thought for a while and reminded: "The little hairy ball you brought...Try to be careful. If you go to the battlefield of the heavens, try not to leave the Eastern War Zone. There is someone behind this little guy."

     If you have a background, it’s best not to bring it out.

     If you go to the battlefield of the heavens, it is better to keep it.

     Su Yu nodded, in the sea of will, Xiao Maoqi didn't pay attention to it, lying on the small hammer, looking at the depths of the sea of will, it couldn't see the golden album, but it could feel that it was the most fragrant!

     The fragrant people want to drool!

     Don't eat this, don't leave!

      what year or month it will leave after eating this.


     After a brief chat with Zhu Tiandao, Su Yu also asked about his own harvest.

     Recently, the spread of "Yuan Shen Wen Jue" is not small, and all the major governments have begun to spread it. The number of people who exchanged for the first volume has reached 40,000, and the number of exchanges for the second volume is only 10,000.

     Many people exchange all the same exercises, book by book.

     A volume of 50 points is exchanged for 50,000 volumes, for a total of 2.5 million points.

     According to the division, Su Yu can divide 40%.

     That is 1 million points of merit!

     Sure enough, the most profitable thing this year is to create exercises!

      Without other exercises, Su Yu can collect this money for many years!

     1 million points... terrible.However, Zhu Tiandao still explained: "This thing needs a process, one by one. At the moment, I'm afraid that there is nothing to be done. Take it back together. If you need it, you can advance some advance with the Daming Mansion..."

     Su Yu waved his hand, "No, this will be settled by the end of the year. I will settle the settlement with Daxia Mansion first! At the beginning, I have negotiated with Daxia Mansion. Every time the Co-Aperture Method is spread, I will be awarded 1 point of merit. Many. I’m afraid that it’s spreading to no less than a million people. If one person is counted as one point, I also have a million points of dividends!"

     Su Yu will not forget Xiahouye.

     One point of merit is very rare!

     At the beginning, I didn't understand the rules of dividing, and I almost gave it to the Xia family. If Su Yu made a million meritorious services, Xiahou Ye could earn ten times or higher, that is the least, and the authority authorized by the major authorities may have also made a fortune.

     There are more warriors than civilized divisions!

     It stands to reason that it is time to divide the money.

     So after calculating, Su Yu is not short of money, not at all!

     It just hasn't arrived yet!

     Zhu Tiandao laughed, "That's true. Xia Xiaoer has made a lot of money because of this combination method, but... it's the end of the day. When the highest version came out, he didn't get the authorization. The other two The influence of the edition has greatly reduced."

     Su Yu didn't say anything, in fact, he didn't necessarily reduce it much.

     The low-level version requires 18 resuscitation, and the advanced version requires 36 resuscitation. Not everyone can easily resuscitate 36.

     Sometimes it is not the stronger the better, but the easier the better.

     You have to find Xiahouye for settlement!Without asking him to settle the settlement, this guy can pretend to be deaf and dumb to death. The Xia family has no money. Su Yu has heard about this. He lacks money and has to raise so many troops. That is where Xiahouye can get it.

     As for getting so much money, why use it? Of course, it is buying a lot of blood!

     Extract a lot of heavenly vitality!

     Su Yu definitely can't spend it all alone. If you can't finish it, you have to do it. What's more, if you want to cultivate your own power, how can you do it without money?

     What if there is no resources?

     The key point is that he has to keep a pet. A small hair ball is enough for him to drink a pot!

     Thinking of this, Su Yu thought of the three big monsters again, and said: "Palace lord, I have to trouble you and Daxia Mansion to mention that the three big monsters will be sent to me earlier. I promised them. , To send them back to the battlefield of the heavens, even if not now, I will not grow fat eating one's words!"

     It will be sent away sooner or later!

     "Okay, I'll mention Xia Xiaoer later. It's better to talk about it again. The "Yuan Shen Wen Jue" hasn't been negotiated yet. I'm afraid Xia Xiaoer wants to talk to you.

     The rest of the Daxia Mansion has been negotiated, but the Three University Mansion has not yet been negotiated.

     This matter must still be discussed.


     After talking with Zhu Tiandao, Su Yu didn't linger anymore, called Wu Lan, and walked towards the institute together.

     On the way.

     Hearing that Wu Lan had only reached the 17th floor, Su Yu thought for a long time, then calmly said: "You are a researcher, research-oriented, and it is normal that you are not good at getting through the barriers!"


     Wu Lan is too lazy to care about him, it is better not to comfort him.

     You are also a researcher!Su Yu laughed and said: "In fact, it is already very good. If the 20th floor is to break through the level by strength, at least it corresponds to the top three of the top 100 in Daxia Mansion. The 19th floor is about the strength of the top 30 of the top 100. The 18th floor, the top 50. It looks like. Being able to go up to the 17th floor and rest in the Daxia Mansion, is also a top 100 student!

     Wu Lan said depressed: "Are the top 100 strong?"

     I did not think!

     In Daxia Mansion, she almost made it to the top 100, which has been in the past few months.

     "Everyone's strength is also improving, it's normal."

     Su Yu looked at her, in fact, she has not progressed slowly, and now she has reached an eight-fold level, with a full body storage of more than 95%. This strength was not bad before, of course, now she is weak.

     Su Yu smiled and said, "You don’t need to repair the God of War Secret. I suggest you change it to "Nashen Kaikou Secret." Isn’t it just to spend money? You don’t have any money. Buy more ground fruit, 500 merits, buy him There are thirty or fifty pieces, fifty or sixty tricks for him, the "Nashen Kaikou Secrets" is not much difference completed."

     Wu Lan rolls her eyes!

     That was worth tens of thousands of feats!

     I'm stupid!

     Where did so much money come from!

     The Earth Element Fruit can resuscitate, but only one or two at a time, the cost is 500 merit points, the later, the weaker the effect.

     Su Yu smiled upon seeing this: "Just buy it. If you don't buy it, there seems to be a lot of it on my side. If you don't use it, it's wasted. I'll give it to you..."


     "When the dividend is good."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "The Yuanshen Institute has made money, and has made a lot. As the leader of the tackling team, it is normal for you to pay 10,000 to 20,000 merits.""There is a Yuanshen Wen Jue!"

     "That thing is worthless, now you can change it with a hundred merits."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "The same is true of the method of co-aperture. Now the merits in exchange are not high. If it is not spread out, this thing is still valuable. If it is spread out, it can spend dozens of points and a hundred merits, what's the use?"

     After that, he said: "Not only you, but I also make up for other people. I didn't expect to pass the highest version of the method of resuscitation so quickly, including Jiang Mu and Xia Huyou. I will have them later. Some compensation!"

     This is the truth.

     At the beginning, he didn't expect that he would pass things out so soon, even though they mentioned that they learned a few months ago, but now they can look at it again... it's not worth it!

     Now, they have invested a lot of things that can be exchanged with dozens of points of merit, and they have spent a lot of energy.

     There are also Zhang Hao and Hu Zongqi from the Mutual Aid Association, and Su Yu will continue to give some compensation in the future.

     In fact, learn in advance, that is the advantage.

     However, Su Yu felt that he had treated him badly. He was a person with clear grievances and grievances.

     As for Wu Lan, who came to Daming Mansion from a thousand miles away, Su Yu would not treat her wrongly.

     Di Yuan Guo, he does have a big box.

     I don't need it myself, it's wasted.

     That box, let alone a hundred!

     Hundreds, worth 50,000 merits, but Su Yu is going to keep some, maybe it can be used by his own father later.

     Of course, Tianyuanguo is actually the best.

     The core of Tian Yuan Guo is Tian Yuan Qi, if it can extract Tian Yuan Qi, Earth Yuan Guo is nothing.

     However, the cost of extracting Tian Yuan Qi is probably not small.The essence and blood of the airborne realm can only extract the heavenly vitality. A drop of airborne essence and blood, even if it is waste, is of no low value. If it is too wasteful, the content of the heavenly vitality is too low, and you may have to purchase some advanced blood.

     This is where money is spent!

     Wu Lan didn't care what Su Yu was thinking, but when he heard that all of him had to make up for it, only then was she grinning from ear to ear and said, "Then can I get so many yuan fruit?"

     "Of course, you are the leader of the tough team!"

     "Then I will switch to "The Revelation of Primordial God"?

     She had heard Su Yu said that after she learned this technique, she would soon regain consciousness.

     Su Yu nodded, "This technique is very good. After you have practiced, if you feel that the lethality is not strong enough, you can even find the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique to repair. The follow-up resuscitation will be fast, and the resuscitation will be fast. Go to Wanshi Jiuzhong! Otherwise, you will be so polished yourself, and you won't be able to reach Wanshi in a year or two.

     "I am a civilized division, not a warrior..."

     Wu Lan didn't care much about this, and quickly said: "I want to be promoted and vacated! Invincible among the same rank, I'm definitely not good at it. It's not bad to be promoted earlier..."

     "You haven't done much, right?"

     "Eight have been opened!"

     Su Yu is speechless, open this point, why are you eager to advance.

     But it’s not too slow. Giving her the exercises actually means over two months and over two months. It’s not too slow if she has 8 divine orifices.

     It was right soon, probably not without Devour Will power.

     "It's better to open at least 72!"

     Su Yu still persuaded: "When 72 are fully opened, I will be able to reach the Lingyun Realm soon!"Wu Lan said with a headache: "But I don’t get promoted. My willpower is too weak and my work efficiency is too low. I recently found that I can’t stand it anymore. I have outlined 6 divine texts. It takes too much willpower and distracts my attention. Up."

     Outlined 6 divine texts?

     So fast?

     Su Yu was slightly startled, Wu Lan said depressed: "It's strange, when I arrived at the Daming Mansion, my sketching of the divine text became faster, and my practice was also fast every night. I just looked for a moment the text of the will two days ago, and I sketched it. Divine writing."

     Why do you outline so much!

     She didn't want to outline too much.

     And Su Yu was slightly sluggish, and roughly understands the influence of the "Fire" character of the divine writing!

     He didn't feel it clearly, but Wu Lan had gained a lot.

     This is because the willpower can't keep up with the consumption, causing her to be a little distracted and unable to concentrate on reading. This is very common and requires a lot of treasure resources to supplement, otherwise it will not be said that the multi-sacred literature will eat money.

     This is only 6 pieces, to 10 pieces and 20 pieces, it is even more troublesome.

     My senior sister Wu Jia also sketched a lot, so I don't like reading...cough cough, there is no other way, so distracted, I don't have the energy to read it.

     "First boil a period of time, and later I will find a way!"

     Su Yu reassures that not everyone is their own, because there are more divine writings and a heavy burden.

     For example, Jin Sheng has too many divine writings, but in fact the burden is very large, and the delay in entering Lingyun is caused by the divine writings.


     Back at the research institute, Su Yu locked himself in the training room.

     "Tian Yuan Qi, Body Casting Method, Yuan Shen Aperture."Su Yu muttered, Yuanshen Aperture, you have to try it yourself, associate 180 Yuan Aperture, open 380 Yuan Aperture, whether it can make this thing appear automatically.

     In addition, the 180 divine orifice is opened and there is no self-contained cycle.

     Does this mean it hasn't reached the limit yet?

     There are also 360 divine orifices?

     Forget it, even if there were 360, Su Yu didn’t have the mind to wait. There were too few races that cultivated the magical orifices. Now, he has discovered the five exercises of the Five Elements Clan and opened 180 magical orifices. He still does not know that the year of the monkey can only be completed by the month of the horse.

     It is impossible to stay in the nourishment for a lifetime.

     No matter how strong the nourishment is, there are limits.

     At this moment, Su Yu was almost at his limit, and at the limit he could fight Lingyun.

     "The 180 divine aperture opens the connection, I won't directly manifest willpower, am I?"

     I'm a bit worried, forget it, let's get the vitality first.

     How to save is a big problem.

     Divine text...

     "What kind of divine text can quickly preserve the vitality of the sky without spilling?"

     Taking out a drop of essence and blood, Su Yu wanted to try, whether his existing divine writings could preserve the vitality of the sky.

     The essence and blood are swallowed, and the album opens.

     The casting method is on!

     A faint ray of Tianyuan Qi radiated from the acupoints in the body, and Su Yu began to manipulate the divine text, enter the body, and directly extract it.

     The word "blood" enters the divine text, it is useless, this thing is good for dealing with essence and blood, but not very good for Tianqi.

     "Thunder", "War", "Knife"... these divine writings are not good.

     However, Su Yu soon discovered that there was a divine text to help!Somewhat surprised, the shadow barrier of the "yin" divine text forms a ball, it seems to be preserved!

     Also, the shadow barrier is to block the vitality from leaking.

     This vitality also includes heavenly vitality.

     The enchantment of "yin" divine writing can still have this effect. Su Yu was also surprised. He thought that if it is useful to say, it may be "beast" divine writing. There is space in this divine writing, maybe it can be saved Heavenly vitality.

     After experimenting with the "beast" divine text again, Su Yu sensed that Tian Yuan Qi can be stored in the monster space, the key is... can't take it out!

     "It's feasible to raise monsters!"

     Su Yu is looking thoughtful, and the beast character divine writing is the mount space. If a large amount of heavenly vitality is extracted into it, and the monster beast is raised, it will definitely have great benefits.

     "Since the shadow enchantment is okay, I'm saving it by looking for divine texts everywhere..."

     In his hand, a dark ball gradually took shape.

     This is the shadow enchantment. At first, when the "yin" divine text was first-order, the barrier that could be created was very small, and it could only cover some acupuncture points. Su Yu also felt that this divine text was very useless.

     Nowadays, Shenwen has been cultivated many times, and it has reached the second order. In Baidao Pavilion, it has even reached the second order peak.

     This time he left the customs, including Mr. Yun, it was difficult for them to notice his changes because the barrier became stronger.

     The "yin" divine writing of the second-order peak is much more useful.

     Su Yu thought for a while, turned the enchantment into an apple-sized sphere, and swallowed a drop of iron-winged bird blood again.

     Vacated!A drop of blood of the gods and demon, even the ordinary gods and demon, has a thousand points of merit in the blood of the airborne realm, which is too expensive and too expensive!

     Still a bargain for Iron Wing Bird!

     In the early stage of the flight, find a good channel, the price is cheap, 20 points of merit can be won by a drop, there is a big gap, even if the flight is in the late stage, a drop of 50 points is almost there.

     Of course, at 50 o'clock, you have to find talent like Xia Huyou.

     50 times the difference between the blood of the gods and demons, and the difference between Primordial God Clan and the demons, which is a hundred times the difference!

     If the extracted celestial vitality can reach one-fifth of the blood of the gods and demons, Su Yu will not lose money, but also earn, because the blood of the gods and demons is priceless, and the blood of the iron-winged birds is everywhere!

     Maybe the price is similar, but one is available everywhere, trading is simple, and the other is hard to find. The two are still different.

     Su Yu didn't think about it anymore. This time, the essence and blood exploded. Soon, the weak wisps of vitality were extracted by him, and finally injected into the shadow barrier through his fingers.

     Gradually, in the dark shadow enchantment, there is an extra flowing vitality like a hair.


     This is Tian Yuanqi!

     "20 points of merit, just a little change..."

     Su Yu also has a toothache!

     Before Xiao Maoqi broke through, he absorbed a lot of it, if it were counted, at least a thousand times the vitality of the sky!

     That said, I just sucked it casually, and I sucked 20,000 points of merit?

     Xiao Maoqiu sucked him at least 10 times...I dare not think about it!

     Forget it, some things are really not something you can buy.

     "How many days of vitality does that Tianyuan fruit have?"words exceede 5100Try again to see if it is more cost-effective at the beginning of Lingyun, or if it is in the later stage.

     "I'm sorry, who made you so fragrant!"

     Su Yu is very helpless, I don't want to, because of me, the Poshan Niu clan has died a lot, and there is no harm if there is no business, but you... really fragrant!

     The same essence of blood extracts the vitality of the sky, one drop of you can extract 4 times that of the iron-winged bird, the price is less than 3 times the difference, the price is too high!
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