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307 Food Iron Seventy-two Cast (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Boshan cattle essence blood requires a large amount of Boshan cattle essence blood.

     Of course, if not, you can change it to another one. Cost-effectiveness is a problem, and it’s a big deal.

     Can extract the vitality of the sky, probably no one minds spending more money.

     Some things are really not a question of money.

     If the human race's Tianyuan Qi is sufficient, Tianyuan Guo will not become exclusive to the invincible descendants, and there will be no need for two Invincible Experts to sneak into the fairy world to seize Tianyuan fruit trees.


     February 15th.

     Su Yu got a Tianyuan fruit from Zhu Tiandao.

     Lao Zhu's these things are not rich either!

     The younger generation needs to use it, and rewards the heroes to use it, and there is not much reserve.

     Can give Su Yu a piece, that is the value of Su Yu.

     This is a golden fruit.

     Not big, fist size.

     At this moment, the fruit peel is golden, with a slight sense of transparency, inside, the dragon-like heavenly vitality is swimming.

     In the laboratory.

     Several old people came here, all of them looked strange. Most people in Tianyuanguo only heard the name, and saw nothing.

     Living for a long time does not mean you have seen it.

     I have never seen a big family like Wu Lan.

     Wu Lan looked at it and said, "This stuff is also available in the Xia family, but it seems to be very rare. It can save Kaiyuan time. Kaiyuan generally takes five or six years. If you use this, you can quickly Kaiyuan."

     Su Yu curiously asked, "Xia Huyou is useless?"

     If it was used, it would have been renewed a long time ago, and it will not be a waste of money until later.Wu Lan shook her head and said: "I don't know, the Xia family doesn't seem to use these. Kaiyuan is also a process of accumulation. Kaiyuan is too fast, and it may not be a good thing. At that time, focusing on enlightenment will reduce the accumulation of a lot of knowledge. of."

     Different families have different education methods.

     Some people are willing to cultivate a young monstruous talent genius. Some people don't want their children to focus on cultivation when they are young. Instead, they are instilling other knowledge and more time to learn and experience.

     If Kaiyuan is completed at the age of seven or eight, I am afraid that most of the energy will be devoted to Kaiyuan later.

     Of course, at this point varying from person to person, Su Yu is not good at judging anything.

     He observed carefully, and realized that a Tian Yuan fruit contained Tian Yuan Qi, which was probably comparable to the Tian Yuan Qi extracted from 50 drops of Sky Essence Blood. These 50 drops refer to the strength of the Iron Wing Bird in the early stage of the flight.

     A drop of 20 points of merit is at least worth 1,000 points.

     Of course, Tian Yuan Guo could not be so cheap.

     This thing is priceless and cannot be bought with money.

     "You can extract a Tianyuan fruit at 1000 points...This is an iron-winged bird. If you use Poshan Niu, you can also save the cost of one in four. Between 700-800 points, you can extract the amount of a Tianyuan fruit. ."

     However, Tianyuan Fruit is suitable for Kaiyuan, and it is also suitable for casting body, but the demand is too large. One Tianyuan Fruit is about the same amount of Tianyuan Qi provided by a drop of Primordial God Clan or Primitive Demon Race's blood.

     Is it easy to get the Tianyuan Fruit, or to kill Primordial God Clan and the Beginning Mozu to fly into the air... this depends.To kill a Primordial God Clan in the sky, extract at least 10 drops of essence and blood, which is comparable to 10 Tianyuan Fruits. This is not a good comparison. Anyway, it is extremely difficult.

     Wen Zhong looked for a while, looked at Su Yu and said, "You are not going to use this to cast your flesh?"

     He looked at Su Yu, shook his head and said, "The amount required is too much! Even if it is just nine castings, not 100 pieces are not enough, 100 pieces...you go to rob the search realm or the temple of war, there is hope that you can get it."

     Currently, there are only 5 Tianyuan fruit trees known in the human environment, and 180 fruit trees have been produced in 9 years.

     For the entire human environment, five years of output is probably enough for Su Yu to cast his body nine times.

     Unless Su Yu's father is the emperor of the human realm!

     Otherwise... wash and sleep.


     Su Yu smiled and said: "Just take a look, there is still one wondering, what is the difference between Tianyuan Fruit and Tianyuanqi? Tianyuan fruit trees are planted in places with Tianyuanqi, so why not directly absorb Tianyuanqi, but plant trees What?"

     This Wen Zhong knew, and said with a smile: "Tian Yuan Qi is relatively powerful. If you cast your body, you can use it directly, but Kai Yuan's realms can't be used. Be careful to explode! Tian Yuan Guo converts Tian Yuan Qi into a gentle type. It can be used for Kaiyuan. Humans don’t have much celestial energy. In fact, it’s too wasteful to give people a body. It’s better to cultivate some geniuses for Kaiyuan."

     Su Yu nodded, powerful and tyrannical, Kaiyuan couldn't hold it.

     The Tianyuan Qi extracted by myself didn't feel so tyrannical and powerful. In other words, the album might have undergone a conversion, similar to the role of the Tianyuan fruit tree.

     Is the violent type, turned into a mild type.

     "That day's vitality, is there somewhere somewhere?"Su Yu wondered: "Why are there in the Holy Land, but not in other parts of the Human Race?"

     Wen Zhong shook his head. On the side, Cao Hui, who had developed the Nine-Star Casting Method, smiled and said, "I have done some research and verification. There are many places where Tianyuanqi exists, not just the holy land of human state. Of course, there are many holy places of human state. , This is the key!"

     "There are also places like this in the great worlds of Gods, Demons and Dragons, and the heavenly energy is constant."

     "In fact, Tian Yuan Qi exists everywhere, including the Yuan Qi we use, which is also converted from Tian Yuan Qi."

     Cao Hui explained: "The vitality between Heaven and Earth is born naturally in the world of heaven and earth. Naturally, it is the vitality of heaven. But there are humans, monsters, and creatures. Soon, these vitality will Contaminated and turned into pure vitality, so the essence and blood have heavenly vitality, even if the opponent does not exist in the realm of heavenly vitality."

     Su Yu nodded and asked, "Then why can some places preserve the vitality of heaven?"

     "Under normal circumstances..."

     Cao Hui paused and said: "I have some speculations, I don't know the true or false, unconfirmed! Let me simply say that there may be two places where the vitality of the sky is born. The first is the core of the realm! The second is , Invincible falls to the ground!"

     "The core of the realm, a place where vitality is extracted and purified. It is normal for this place to have a long-term existence of a large amount of vitality. The second type is the fall of invincibility. Invincible has already involved some natural law domain things, such a strong person. Death will lead to the extinction of organisms in nearby areas, and there will even be some confusion in time and space, and the rules have caused some places to have the conditions for the preservation of Tianyuanqi.Wen Zhong raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, "Junior Brother Jin...what kind of search realm and the Temple of War?"

     "The former is more likely!"

     Jin Sheng explained: "The Double Sacred Mansion may be the area where the core of the human realm is located. Of course, this core may not be easy to find. As for the latter, it seems that there is no invincibility falling there."

     Jin Sheng said, and said: "Of course, it’s not certain. There may be invincibility falling there! In fact, some ancient ruins may have some fields of heavenly vitality, and some ancient ruins may be where families and sects are. Or similar to where our university is now, where there are some people who are sitting, such as the invincible sitting, it is possible to form the realm of Tianyuanqi.

     He also said: "In the realms of gods, immortals, and demons, Tian Yuan Qi is generally born based on these two conditions."

     Su Yu nodded again, gaining insight.

     These old people really know everything!

     Here, just ask any questions. In most cases, you can get answers.

     "That Human Race Two Great Sacred Grounds, are there some people who directly cast their bodies with Tian Yuan Qi..."

     As soon as he asked this, Wen Zhong interrupted: "Don't think too much, the Tianyuanqi field will not be allowed to enter casually. If the Tianyuanqi is wasted, it is easy to pollute the Tianyuanqi. Under normal circumstances, an invincible family In 50 years or so, there may be a quota. On average, about 1 person enters the casting body a year. That also means that within 50 years, this family cannot be assigned any Tianyuan fruit... This is the price, and the invincible family is the threshold. "

     Su Yu was slightly moved, but Zhu Tiandao said that if he went, he could apply.In 50 years, more than ten Tianyuan Fruits were distributed. This is a price to be paid.

     In 50 years, the Zhu family can no longer let people cast their bodies a second time.

     For this opportunity, Su Yu himself rejected the sketch in light shades.

     Before this he was not very clear!

     I thought that the descendants of the invincible family could go anywhere.

     Seeing that he was thinking about things, Wen Zhong smiled and said: "You can go to the Palace Master to try. It seems that the Zhu family hasn't sent people to cast their bodies in the Holy Land for some years. The Zhu family generally uses the blood of gods and demons to cast their bodies. Under normal circumstances, The number of castings is not much, the blood of the gods and demons is enough."

     Unless you cast your body many times, go to the Holy Land and use this method to cast your body.

     Rather than casting one person, it is better to divide the Tianyuan Fruit. Tianyuan Fruit is rare. Sometimes the blood of the gods and demons can kill people. The balance between the two depends on the needs.

     Su Yu smiled, shook his head and said nothing.

     Forget it!

     No need!

     For the sake of the vitality of the sky, it took the Zhu family's 50-year opportunity, and the favor owed too much.

     Besides, I have a way to extract it.

     At this moment, Su Yu also understood a lot of things. Next, it was time to extract Tian Yuan Qi and extract a lot!

     Su Yu looked at Yuan Guo that day, and suddenly said, "Several brothers, I feel a little special about the peel wrapped around Yuan Guo this day. Can a few brothers imitate it?"As soon as these words came out, Wen Zhongshi laughed and said: "The eyesight is good! I thought you were just staring at the Tianyuanqi in the fruit. This peel is actually a good thing! It can preserve the Tianyuanqi. If the peel can be manufactured in large quantities, it is actually sealed. The best method for some treasures! This thing is natural, it is not easy to copy, but if something can be researched, there is still hope..."

     As soon as his words fell, Su Yu pierced the peel. When the Tian Yuan Qi was overflowing, he waved his hand and the fruit fell in front of Wu Lan, and Tian Yuan Qi poured into her mouth instantly.

     Su Yu said casually: "A few tips, don't waste it!"

     After that, I took away the peel, and ignored Wu Lan's wide-eyed eyes, and didn't care about the ambiguous eyes of several senior brothers. He smiled and said, "This peel, please study it and see if it can be copied! Use this Things, to seal up some treasures, the vitality will not pass away, and it can even seal up willpower, very useful things."

     Several people nodded, Wen Zhong thought a bit then said: "This is ok, let's try it. It just happened recently that nothing else is a particularly important task."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "How much money needs to be spent, even if several seniors say, things that can be solved with money are not a problem!"


     I'm about to make a big payment soon!

     Tian Yuan Qi is used on its own, that's nothing, but once it is used by outsiders in the future...it is the best way to fake Tian Yuan Guo.

     Tianyuan fruit is less, but not without.

     The amount taken out at one time was not large... Some people doubted whether there was a Tianyuanqi holy place in the ruins controlled by Su Yu, and there were Tianyuan fruit trees in this place.Su Yu was wondering, is it possible that there are other relics?

     Also, those Kaifu Invincibles all walked out of the ruins, are the ruins still there?

     Or, after the sermon, the ruins were destroyed?

     This is hard to ask!

     I asked, those Invincibles might think that you are trying to prove the truth.

     The old people didn't say anything, they soon started to get busy and took away the peel. As for Su Yu, he was so wasteful and gave this stuff to Wu Lan... Forget it, whatever floats your boat.

     Wu Lan is in a big deal, Tian Yuanguo is dead to give her a few tricks, too wasteful, it is better to use Di Yuanguo, Su Yu, this guy is very rich!


     Su Yu doesn't care about those.

     Wu Lan sat in a closed loop, and Su Yu didn't care about her. As she walked, she took out a special sound transmission note.

     "I want to talk to the Xia family, will you come this time?"

     After transiting for a while, in Daxia Mansion, Xia Huyou squinted, smiled, and replied, "Ms. Su, do you miss me?"

     "Stop nonsense!"

     Su Yu quickly replied, "If you come, you have something to do. Of course, the benefits are indispensable!"

     "Tell me."

     "Make a sale, but don't want to be known."

     "Small things, any business, Daming Mansion can't do it, they came to me..."

     Su Yu smiled. It's not that Daming Mansion can't do it, but that the blood circulation in Daming Mansion is not as much as that of Daxia Mansion. Daxia Mansion is slaughter too much and has a large amount of blood.

     In Daming Mansion, the reserves are not enough, and you can't go to Zhu Tiandao for everything.

     The direct exchange is too bad!"Poshan Niu Essence..."


     Xia Huyou did not expect that after Su Yu arrived at the Daming Mansion, he was still thinking about the blood of the Poshan Niu!

     This is not to stop the Poshan Niu clan to death!

     How did people offend you?

     "How much?"

     "Don't want the low-level ones, just start off in the air, and those in the early and middle stages of Lingyun will do, unlimited! Cheap!"


     At this moment, Xia Huyou stood up instantly, fucking!

     What does unlimited mean?

     "How much is the unlimited?"

     "As much as you want!"

     Su Yu quickly said: "Don't talk nonsense, give me a price, you guys have a lot of channels, also... Your channel should go through the Xia family, but I don't want Master Xia to know that this batch of blood flows to me. ..."

     "Fuck off, so big, how can it be I don't know!"

     Xia Huyou is speechless, aren't you kidding me?

     "You son of the palace master, don't have any channels of your own?"

     "Yes, but you want too much, how can it be that simple!"


     Daxia Mansion, Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Xia Huyou got up, wandered around, and asked, this guy wants so much blood, is it not possible to use the blood of Poshan Niu?

     Not to mention, the effect of Poshan Niu's body is not bad.

     Many people can't use the blood of the gods and demons, and under the final compromise, there are also those who choose to use the blood of the oxen.

     "The vacated period will be divided into the first, middle, and third grades, and give you the lowest price, 50, 80, and 100 points. Lingyun is more expensive. According to the junior high and late stages, 300, 500, 1000 points."In the late Lingyun period, it's 1000 points!

     Su Yu is also speechless, go grab it.

     However, No matter good or bad is also among the top 100 races. In the late stage of Lingyun, Poshan Niu is no easier to kill than the genius of the murderous race. It can be regarded as the weak mountain and sea of the small race.

     Killing a mountain bull, earning ten thousand points of merit, is still in a dangerous area like the battlefield of the heavens, there are many procedures in the middle, and it is not too expensive.

     Su Yu can't use it now, but he can wait until his physical body enters the sky and consumes the essence and blood of Lingyun's late stage not a big problem.

     Su Yu hasn’t tried too much, so he tried the effect of Poshanniu’s blood in the initial stage of its flight. After thinking about it, he replied: “I will get some for everything. I can’t wait for a rank to kill. Give me 100 drops for each. ...The few points in the later period of Lingyun, let's try 10 drops."

     "So much? This is 113,000 merits, are you sure?"

     Xia Huyou was shocked, I go, What are you doing!

     Try the water, you just ordered hundreds of thousands of meritorious blood!

     That also means that for each level, at least 10 or so oxs must be killed!

     Did the Poshan Niu family provoke you?

     Su Yu also hurts, so expensive!

     However, after calculating it, it was okay. Calculating 800 points of merit for him to exchange for a Tianyuan Fruit, he could finally extract more than 100 Tianyuan Fruit.

     More than 100 Tianyuan Fruits will sell you more than 100,000 meritorious services, do you want it?

     You can't grab it!

     And according to the budget, so much is enough for Su Yu's body to be nine casts at most!

     He is the Golden Swallowing Beast!

     Of course, if he didn't swallow gold, he wasn't so strong. If he didn't swallow gold, he wouldn't be able to fight Lingyun.If you want to become strong quickly, how can you do without spending money!

     Some invincible descendants may not spend less money than him, and as a result, their combat power is not as good as him, so they enter the Heavenly Origin Qi Holy Land to cast their bodies once... This is what money can't buy, and those invincible descendants are not as powerful.

     It was his own money that Su Yu was in pain, but he was willing.

     "Yes, if it doesn't work, you can double it for me, I need a lot!"

     "Too much!"

     Xia Huyou had a toothache, and he had to kill dozens of Poshan Bulls flying above the sky. Unless he had a battle with the Poshan Bulls, he would have this opportunity. Otherwise, in small-scale battles, there would be no chance.

     "Then I don't care. If you can't get it, you can help me get some iron-winged bird blood... Or Yunhu clan, do you have this? Didn't Daxia Mansion happen to be the Yunhu clan going to war?"

     Yunhu's is actually pretty good too!

     "This... is there, you want?"


     "That's OK, this is much simpler than Poshan Niu, you want 1 million points of merit, I will get you all!"

     Xia Huyou looked relaxed. This is really true. The Yunhu clan has not disappeared. They ran a lot, and ran to the site of Flying Tiger. Daxia Mansion is not good enough to take another shot. Low, there are invincible people in the clan.

      Despite this, in these days, at least 5,000 Yunhus have been killed. The Yunhu clan who killed them all want to grinding the bone and scattering the ash of Xia Qing. Of course, they have no chance!

     "Be more secretive, Fatty Xia, if you reveal it to me, let's not deal with it in the future..."

     "Trivial matter!"Xia Huyou quickly replied, "Well, that way, if my second grandfather goes to Daming Mansion this time, I'll go with him and take things with me! Besides, you bastard is not authentic, and you turn your head to give God almost free The trick is made public..."

     "Fuck off, the second set I gave you, the second set that can be made public is different, I feel a little bit of it!


     Okay, Xia Huyou is not good to say anything, and quickly replied: "I'm at Wanshi Jiuzhong, and I will soon be casting a flesh. Do you want to buy some god and devil essence blood? This is not a good way."

     "No need!"

     Xia Huyou pouted and shook, is this Daming Mansion providing the blood of the gods and demons?

     Forget it, too lazy to manage.

     Su Yu's strength has also improved a lot, and he is probably ready to cast himself now.

     After thinking for a while, he said: "Let me say one more thing. Your uncle has recently gone out. He is a mountain and sea. I can't control it. But your senior sister, I will take care of you. You can rest assured... This is not the key. The key is, you guys pay attention to yourself. Recently, there is news that the blue sky may be eyeing you, it's up to you, that guy to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost, be careful! "

     "Blue sky?"

     "Yes! That's him! Last time his student, Li Minyu was exposed... Later, I went, guess what? The guy in Lantian is really bold and has been hiding in the university. You guessed that Lantian might have been disguised. Who?"

     "Don't guess, who, just say it!"

     "Zhao Ming!"


     Su Yu was silent for a long time, and then replied: "You didn't tease me?""What are you doing! Li Minyu was exposed, and Teacher Zhao Ming disappeared and disappeared! We just suspected him, not sure! But...the suspicion is very big! Fuck, when I think of being in the Yuanshen Institute, I often follow He played cards together... shiver all over though not cold!"

     "Ms. Zhao Ming is not a teenager in the school, right?"


     Xia Huyou was also amazed in the information discourse, "You said it's not terrible! The leader of the referee of the top 100 building! The backbone of the neutral faction! He has been with us for so long, speaking of it, no one really doubted him Even if Li Minyu is exposed, no one suspects him... probably he left by himself, I guess, there is a high probability that he will come to you, otherwise, if he doesn't leave, no one will notice the abnormality.


     Su Yu was also shocked, Zhao Ming?

     Blue sky?

     Damn it!

     When he was in the Yuanshen Research Institute, he often dealt with Zhao Ming, and more than that, he knew Zhao Ming as early as the first time he played the top 100.

     Is this blue sky?

     Master Si Demon?

     If this is to kill yourself... it really is with no difficulty!

     No one found this?

     Su Yu swallowed, feeling a little scared, and looked downstairs subconsciously. I went to... Several old people on my side, no one is disguised by the blue sky, right?

     If this is... terrible.

     Is the transformation madman so hard to find?

     At the Daxia Mansion, King Daxia sometimes went back, but he didn't notice the abnormality?

     Is the transformation of the Sun-Moon Realm so terrible?

     Zhao Ming...Blue sky!Su Yu's eyes kept flickering. He still remembered that Zhao Ming said something when he went to the Blue Sky Research Institute for the first time, which was later the Yuanshen Research Institute.

     Zhao Ming said that "Blue Sky is a great man" and Chen Yong said it was a traitor.

     Zhao Ming didn't say much, but he still mentioned a few words outside of his words. The blue sky is a genius and an evildoer, a real bull, and traitors can't cover it all.

     Blue Sky Research Institute...This is also the first thing Zhao Ming mentioned.

     Su Yu's eyes changed!

     He is the blue sky?

     Zhao Ming has been enrolled in the mansion for decades, and Lantian has only been rebellious for 20 years.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu thought of Zhao Ming’s enrollment time. Zhao Ming himself once said that he enrolled 10 years earlier than Xia Yuwen. Xia Yuwen enrolled at the same time as Bai Feng. Bai Feng enrolled 9 years last year, in other words, time On the whole, it was almost the same. Just after the blue sky defected, Zhao Ming enrolled in school!

     Su Yu was speechless and spread the message: "That is to say, just as Lantian rebelled, he actually sneaked back to Daxia Civilization Academy?"

     "Yes, the matter of front and back, the blue sky betrayed, it was during the holidays, that is the same year, Zhao Ming enrolled in about a month later..."


     Su Yu is speechless, so fierce!

     You betrayed on the front foot, and ran back on the back foot, and you lurked for nearly 20 years.

     What is this guy doing at Daxia Civilization Academy?

     Daxia Civilization Academy is so good, is it worth your stay here for decades?

     Also, it's been lurking for so long, what are you running, wouldn't you really come to me?

     Some are scared!

     I didn't offend you either!No... I smashed the sign of the Blue Sky Research Institute. After all, I won’t be thinking about it because of this, right?

     I seem to have said a few words, people like Lantian should be killed!

     Did it provoke the other party?

     "Zhao Ming...blue sky..."

     This matter, Daxia Mansion probably won't make it public.

     Being lurked by the blue sky into the academy for decades, it’s hard to say, and it’s panicking to say it. The leader of Shimao has been lurking in your Daxia Mansion for decades, and you haven’t found out, is Daxia Mansion too weak?

     Su Yu takes a deep breath again. It’s really troublesome to have this kind of person. It’s so good to hide.

     "Fatty, is there a way to distinguish?"

     If it's not at all, it would be too much trouble.

     "This is hard to say, so, when I go back to Daming Mansion, I will talk to you in detail..."

     "You will not be replaced, will you?"

     "Fart, he is almost crazy. I have contact with my second grandfather every day, a powerful man of the sun and the moon, one or two times, even if he contacts every day, no matter how powerful he is, he must be exposed!"

     That's hard to say!

     Inside the academy, there is a Saint of All Heavens, which is not well hidden by others.

     But also, no matter how courage the guy was, he wouldn't dare to keep in contact with the strong Xia family, because the probability of exposure was too high.


     Su Yu didn't talk to Xia Huyou more, and soon after he left the research institute, he exchanged a batch of essence and blood.

     Anyway, I got the iron-eaters done, and I'll change a drop of blood.

     It's somewhat suspicious, have I been killed by an iron eater?

     Did that guy kill me if he knew how to eat?

     I do not know!

     Try it!Three small iron-eating beasts want to help them regenerate. It is not too difficult. The amount of three or five Tianyuan Fruits is enough. You can't give more. Extracting the essence and blood will consume a lot of money. Add another two Tianyuan Fruits. Up.

     The amount of seven or eight Tianyuan Fruits cost 7,000 points of merit.

     With 7000 points of merit, in exchange for a drop of the blood of the small iron beast, this business is of course lost to the grandma's house, but sometimes, money is secondary and there is no need to take it.

     Su Yu really wanted to forcibly extract a drop of blood from the little iron-eater, even if the big fat man was unhappy, the Zhu family would comfort him, and that was unnecessary.

     He owed the Zhu family a favor, and offended the big fat iron-eater. That guy was not weak, and the sun and the moon couldn't touch it. Even if the explosive power did not reach the sun and the moon, ordinary mountains and seas would definitely not be its opponent.

     There is no need to turn a friend into an enemy, and give him three children Kaiyuan himself, the big fat man has to thank himself.


     When he went to the Exchange Office of the Academy, Su Yu exchanged a batch of essence and blood at a high price.

     Fortunately, after he bought the research institute, he still had tens of thousands of meritorious deeds on hand, which was quite expensive.

     After returning to the research institute, after spending a whole night, Su Yu extracted all the blood that he had exchanged into Tian Yuan Qi, without delay, he quickly went to find the fat man.


     Beast Taming Academy.

     Today was not so lively. Su Yu searched for a while, but did not find Zhu Hongliang, but found a fat man who was alone, eating bamboo on the side of a hill, and not far from him, there was a huge white bear!

     This is the big ball in the mouth of others!Of course, the big ball didn't come over, and it was some distance from the fat man. Su Yu snickered. This is trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous?

     Or to cover one's ears whilst stealing a bell?

     Pretend not to know?

     The fat man who was eating bamboo raised his head and glanced at Su Yu. The next moment, Su Yu's voice sounded in his mind: "Here you are for the blood?"


     Just after Su Yu finished speaking, saw a flash, the fat man appeared in front of him, squatted on the ground, and continued to eat the bamboo. A muffled voice came: "You have enough Tianyuan fruit? At least three can be given to three small Ball casting base..."


     The fat man looked up at him, somewhat astonished, really?

     Three... a lot!

     Su Yu didn’t say much, “In my research institute, if you don’t worry, I will take three little guys to my research institute and extract a drop of blood by the way. It's not easy to explain, feed Tian Yuan Guo to the small ball...I will be scolded to death."

     The fat man glanced at him, and the sound transmission said: "Nothing to worry about, you can't run to the Daming Mansion, don't fool me, just use a little bit of earth yuanguo and say it is Tianyuanguo, I can see..."

     "of course!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "When dealing with me Su Yu, I will never suffer a loss for anyone who is well-intentioned! I extract the essence and blood, and I will give sufficient compensation, that... I would take the liberty to ask, this little ball, blood. Is it pure?"

     The fat man looked at him with slick eyes, and said, "Of course!"

     Sure, it is a super monster, and its bloodline is much stronger than that of the big ball, and the remaining small ball naturally inherited its blood."Then it's okay!"

     Su Yu also saw the three small balls running with their ass twisted, and smiled: "Then I will take them home now and send them out tomorrow morning. If you are not worried, wait for me outside the institute. Yes, no way to go in, after all there are many secrets."

     The fat man ate the bamboo for a while, and said through the voice transmission: "Okay...you are not allowed to lie, otherwise...I will get angry!"

     Getting angry, it's terrible!

     Su Yu smiled and nodded, this time everything is ready!

     Quickly ran over and picked up the three little bears. The big ball stared at Su Yu. The strength was not weak. Su Yu felt that Lingyun was strong, but Su Yu was not worried. Sure enough, the big ball was about to roar, suddenly Quieted down.

      glanced at Fatty, bear eyes are full of tenderness...


     I was fed dog food by two bears!

     Su Yu was also speechless, too lazy to look, and quickly disappeared into the Beast Taming Academy holding three small balls.

     Not long after he left, the Beast Taming Academy was in chaos.

     "It's over, the little ball was stolen!"

     "It's gone!"

     "I just seemed to see someone running away holding a small ball!"

     "Catch a thief, our college has entered a thief!"

     In an instant, the Beast Taming Academy started to make noise.

     At this moment, Su Yu has returned to the institute with three small balls.

     Enter the door, look at the three small balls, Su Yu chuckled, it's you!

     At a young age, they have hard skin and thick flesh. They still haven't grown up in the environment of Tianqi. This iron-eater clan is not an ancient clan, right?However, the opponent has a ranking in the top 100 list. As for whether it is an ancient clan, it is not clear whether this clan is invincible.

     Quickly grabbing one end, Su Yu roughly recognized that it was the last small ball No. 1, and it was you. Later, I will give you some delicious food, and then draw your blood. At such a young age, it is only more than a month. Probably don't know the pain of blood draw.

     Su Yu quickly got into the laboratory and began to draw blood, and instantly stuffed a small apple-like object into the small ball mouth. Sure enough, with food, this guy forgot everything and let Su Yu draw blood.

     Essence and blood extraction consumes a lot of blood, close to 10%, but Su Yu stuffed a lot of vitality in, and the little guy didn't care too much.

     Just enjoy it!

     More than ten minutes later, Su Yu extracted a drop of blood, the little ball that was still eating, turned his head and glanced at him, as if somewhat dazed.

     What did you do to me?

     Su Yu don't give a crap, and once again stuffed a ball into its mouth, instantly making it forget everything.

     But Su Yu ignored it, quickly left, entered the secret room, swallowed blood and opened the album.

     too weak!

     Just Kaiyuan Realm!

     If the casting method is not a natural skill, or basic Yuan Jue, then it will be a big trouble, and it will have to be vacated to come out.

     A drop of blood was swallowed without any response, it was too weak.

     Today's Su Yu can bear even Ling Yun's blood, not to mention this.

     In the blink of an eye, Su Yu felt a little nervous, must kill me!

     If you don't kill me... then you will be blind for so many days!Fortunately, the next moment, the golden atlas, slightly reacted, Su Yu overjoyed at unexpected good news!

     Finally there!

     I was killed by a bear!

     "Iron Eater (Kaiyuan First Heavy):

      Racial Skill: Seventy-two Casting of Iron Food (Essence and Blood Activation), Devouring Void (not activated), Sky Shaking (not activated)

     Basic Yuan Jue: Food Iron Jue (not opened)"

     Su Yu gave a slight shock, still has unused talent skills?

     Started based on strength?

     It's not important... The important thing is that I forgot one thing, and I need a drop of blood, damn it, I forgot!

     The small ball on No. 1 is no longer good, or go to No. 2 to get a drop!

     He is still a little happy, this seventy-two cast of iron food, this is the casting method, right?

     Natural casting method, the existence of talent skills!

     This... it's not unreasonable that this race of flesh is terrible.

     And, sure enough, the fat man is a liar.

     That swallows the void, shakes the sky, don't tell me, this is a decoration!

     Han Fatty definitely opened these talent skills!

     Maybe, this guy's destructive power is not weaker than his defense!

     Three talents!

     "72 cast... won't you really have to cast 72 times?"

     Su Yu is speechless, stronger than the casting method of the gods and demons?

     How many days will it take?

     After 72 casting, can I vacate the nine-fold to kill the mountains and seas?

     I feel... it's possible!

     I'm terrible!

     Su Yu sighed, my vacant nine-fold, maybe it can be seen at two levels higher, It should be noted, the stronger the strength, the more difficult it is!"I'm terrible!"

     Su Yu sighed again, keep a low profile, the next time you use force, you must keep a low profile.
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