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312 The First Appearance Of The Vision (seeking A Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

PS: I got up late, sorry!

     February 24.

     Tiandufu, Battle Dragon Terrace.

     Early in the morning, someone rushed to this side one after another. Today, Su Yu is here to teach "The Revelation of the Primordial Spirit", by the way, cast a body, break into the sky.

     In Battle of the Dragon Terrace, it is said that in the past, the King Daming and the Dragon Clan were invincible. They fought here and defeated the Invincible Dragon Clan. After that, the Daming Mansion was established here. As for the rumors that are true and false, I am afraid that only the generation of the open mansion The old man got it.

     Battle Dragon Terrace, a huge platform on one side, at this moment, is surrounded by Heavenly Dao Army and even iron cavalry guards.

     Several strong people in mountains and seas are checking the sky above and earth below to prevent being trapped by the layout.

     Outside, the crowd is increasing.

     All around Zhanlongtai, except for a passage, were crowded with people.

     The crowd boiled and the noise continued.

     "Su Yu hasn't come yet?"

     "What does Su Yu look like? I didn't see him clearly in the last image."

     "Is "The Revelation of the Primordial Spirit" expensive?"

     "He cast his body, what kind of blood he used to cast his body, do you know?"

     "At least you have the blood of the gods and demons!"

     "Then he will not be promoted with willpower, or is he promoted purely physically?"

     "Who knows this!"


     There was constant discussion.

     It is the habit of the people in Daming Mansion to watch the excitement and see the wonder. Among the crowd, there are old people and children, most of whom are experienced. They even bring their own small horses and are ready to stick to it.

     Every time there is a genius breakthrough, it is a festival and a party.However, in the past, some geniuses made breakthroughs. In fact, they didn't look much. They just broke through lightly and easily, and they couldn't see why. Of course, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that everyone is busy.

     The Heavenly Dao Army checked again, and a commander-level powerhouse said loudly: "Everyone, the old rules, don't squeeze into the dragon platform. Researcher Su is the top expert in the field of research. Body, that's very dangerous, don't squeeze into the forbidden circle, otherwise... the Dao army will take action that day!"

     "Relax, whoever doesn't understand this, whoever squeezes in is a bad person!"

     "Yes! Master Liu, are you old and unfamiliar with Su Yu? Researcher Su is a member of the Daming Mansion. You always talk to him. The exercises are spread in the Daming Mansion. It's cheaper. Anyhow, your family, right? ?"

     The commander looked speechless and shouted: "Less nonsense, isn't it cheap enough?"

     "That's cheaper and better!"

     A group of people heehee haha, who don't want to spend less money.

     It's cheaper, that's better.

     As he was talking, someone in the distance laughed loudly and said: "You guys are right, but I have forgotten this. Since I entered the Daming Mansion, I should give back to the place and my fellow villagers. Starting today, my Yuanshen Institute’s exercises , In Daming Mansion, it’s all 20% off! Anyone who bought it before or spent more money can get it back from an institution of higher learning or exchange agency. I will subsidize the excess money!"

     Very loud!

     Countless people looked sideways one after another, and they saw a young man on the side of the passage, riding a golden demon, extremely dazzling, walking towards the Zhanlongtai.Su Yu was riding on Su Yu, and when everyone saw it, he smiled and said: "I am Su Yu, and the preferential exercises will be completed in a few days. In addition, I have been influenced by my father since I was a child and worshipped soldiers, Daming If you are a member of the army, you will get a 30% discount for the exercises!"

     At this moment, everyone knew who was talking.


     Really cheap?

     At this moment, the old people who had just opened their mouths to tease the commander suddenly overjoyed and shouted loudly, "Master Su is righteous!"

     "Researcher Su's atmosphere!"

     "As expected of the genius of our Daming Mansion!"

     "Good person!"

     "The one I changed before can actually be returned, and the one I eat can still be vomited...this amount of belly is not ordinary!"


     A group of people got excited and offered a 20% discount, which was quite a lot. For example, the highest version of "Acupuncture Method", now the Exchange Price is not too high, only 50 points of merit, but 50 points of merit, really counted as money, there are also 1-2 million now.

     A 20% discount will save you a lot at once.

     An old man said excitedly: "Master Su, is the soldier's discount, is it for active duty or retired?"

     This person is much older than Su Yu, but it is not embarrassing to call the master.

     People this was originally so Master!

     Su Yu laughed loudly and said: "It's all the same. The exercises are not for making money. They charge a fee. That is for everyone to have a threshold, knowing that you have spent money, and that you can pay attention to the things you spend money, and you can take care of it! Of course, The research and development expenses still have to be supported, and the price cannot be too low. If it is too low, the researchers will not want to study, and the exercises will not be reformed and renewed!"

     "That is that is!"With Su Yu's assurance, the old man was also overjoyed. Obviously, he might be a retired sergeant.

     At this time, Su Yu also rode Su Yu to the large platform two or three meters above the ground in front of him.

     At this moment, Su Yu just stepped onto the stage, and forms fell in the air.

     "Palace Master!"




     Seeing a strong man that appeared, everyone suddenly exclaimed, feast one's eyes on, there are really many strong men defending the way.

     Look at Su Yu again, no way!

     These old people didn't say much, they appeared and shocked the Quartet, and soon continued to escape into the void.

     And Zhu Tiandao did not leave. At this moment, full of smiles, said with a smile: "I heard Su Yu's words just now! The blessing of Daming Mansion! Su Yu's practice of exercises, the price is already extremely low, and now it is for Daming Mansion. A huge discount, I hope the soldiers of Daming Mansion will not let down Researcher Su's painstaking efforts!"

     Zhu Tiandao said, and then quickly said: "Today, Su Yu preached publicly. It was also specially invited by me. To understand questions and answer questions, I will show everyone his techniques so that everyone can see clearly, understand, and better go. Practice!"

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "Su Yu may not be strong, but he deduced the exercises, and he has cultivated to the peak. The stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy). I hope everyone will cherish this opportunity. More Su Yu can appear!"As he said, the voice changed, and he shouted: "I know that some people are raped, they don’t see the human race, and the Daming Mansion is good! Daming Mansion has always not mixed these, we have ourselves...but ten thousand clan religions, everyone shouts and beats. If you encounter it, you will kill it! Recently, the Ten Thousand Clan Religion has suspended Su Yu’s mission and rewards even up to a million points. I know that these people may be lurking today. It’s okay. I’m just telling you that in Daming Mansion, yes. If Su Yu started, he would be an enemy of King Daming and the Zhu Family of Daming Mansion, irreconcilable until death!"

     Zhu Tiandao's voice spread all over the place, shouting: "The Zhu family has opened the mansion for more than three hundred years, protecting one party, the people are peaceful and happy, some moths, don't want to destroy the tranquility of Daming Mansion, today is also a warning, want to kill Su Yu's rape, think carefully! "

     Deterrence and stand.

     The Zhu family shelters Su Yu!

     Su Yu has an accident, irreconcilable until death!

     The Invincible Family rarely made such a statement. At this moment, Zhu Tiandao gave such an attitude, under the public place with numerous people.

     On the stage, Su Yulang said: "Thank you, Lord Palace!"


     The two talked for a while, and the people in the audience were quiet for a moment, and soon cheered loudly.

     There is such a master, isn't that great?

     Shelter the genius, shelter the people.

     And Su Yu didn't say much, his voice was loud, and he said: "Today, I will be speaking on "The Revelation of the Primordial Spirit". The 126 yuan aperture is opened. According to the level, it belongs to the intermediate level of the sky!"

     "There are 90 more points than the common "Qianjun Jue". Of course, after the training is completed, the strength is not comparable to "Qianjun Jue"!""Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, not everyone can practice, it is difficult, lack of talents, insufficient resources, often open up to 20 or 30, and then unable to move forward, does not have universality, does not have universal cultivation techniques, how spread?"

     On the stage, Su Yu was not in a hurry to cast himself.

     Loudly said: "Then why do I want to promote "Nascent Revelation", because it is simple! Cultivation speed fast!"

     He looked at the people below and saw a lot of people, both the strong and the weak. When Su Yu's acupuncture points moved, 14 acupuncture points on his body lit up, extremely dazzling, "Everyone, who has opened these 14 acupuncture points? These are the 14 acupuncture points in the first layer of the "Nashen Kaikou Jue", without too many secret acupuncture points, I believe someone should have opened it!"

     He showed very clearly, and 14 acupuncture points lit up.

     All stone realms can be combined, or they can be separated, depending on your needs.

     Seeing his 14th orifice light up, the crowd made a little noise, and soon someone said loudly: "I'm on!"

     After all, 14 acupoints were also lit up.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "This big brother, I will teach you how to connect the acupoints and run the exercises easily. You can try the 14 tricks to open the first layer of the "Nashen Kaikou Recipe", absorb vitality, and see how fast it is!"

     The man was overjoyed and hurriedly squeezed out of the crowd and walked to the front.

     And Su Yu didn’t hide it. The 14 acupoints were lit up and connected one by one so that everyone could see clearly. Su Yu smiled and said, “The first level, it’s okay to tell everyone directly. Of course, it’s true. It’s best to follow the narrative of the exercise method to get resuscitation!"

     In the audience, the middle-aged man followed Su Yu's movements and quickly began to associate the acupoints.

     This person is in the Great Realm, with nine important factors.But a lot of resuscitation, it is a coincidence, opened the first 14 acupoints.

     Su Yu demonstrated that it was only related to the acupuncture points, but I quickly learned it.

     After a few minutes, the 14 acupoints suddenly flashed brightly, and in the blink of an eye, the first rebuild was completed!

     Su Yu smiled and said, "This eldest brother, you can try to absorb vitality now and open the acupuncture points to see."

     This person was also unambiguous and quickly began to absorb vitality.

     Around, the cultivators at the Qianjun level and above could feel that in the blink of an eye, wisps of vitality gathered towards him. This middle-aged man was also overjoyed and horrified: "So fast, at least three times as fast!"


     three times?

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, how can it be so fast, I thought it was a trust!

     Turned around and thought... roughly understands!

     This guy used to practice not the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, but the ordinary Yellow Rank or Profound Rank Cultivation Technique.

     That speed, of course, is very slow.

      The Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique is much faster than these weak techniques. The rising speed of Hu Hao in Daxia Mansion is only 10%. That is because the previous cultivation's technique is stronger. It may be the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique given by the Xia family. 10% stronger power method.

     For middle-aged people, even if they practice ordinary Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, they can improve a lot.

     Around, those people were shocked!

     As for Su Yu, at this moment, he was also in a daze. He always felt that increasing the speed of resuscitation was real, but it would be good to double it.

     But... he forgot a little!

     In other words, many people have forgotten a little.The people used to practice Huang-level and Xuan-level techniques. For them, the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique has been improved a lot. The "Strengthening Technique" is still built on the basis of the heavenly rank. It will be improved again. That said, the speed of improvement can be more than doubled!

     Not only Su Yu thought, at this moment, Zhu Tiandao was also slightly startled.

     This is not a trust!

     It's ordinary people, he knows that.

     He also thought of a lot in an instant, a little surprised, he also forgot, in other words, he had never experienced the speed of cultivating low-level exercises, at this moment, listening to the other party said that, he was also slightly stunned.

     So much improvement?

     They have been thinking from a high-level perspective. The people they met have at least practiced the 72-knife "God of War". As for the lower level, they are not too clear about the cultivation speed.

     Today, I got it!

     And the middle-aged man under the stage, at this moment, there are almost eyes brimming with tears of excitement, vitality is constantly gathering at him, at this moment, a hole on his body that was about to open, suddenly, a slight shock, the next moment, burst of light , It's on!

     The middle-aged was overjoyed and shouted: "Quite soon, I got the hang of it. I thought it would take at least 10 days to open it... Actually it's open now. This technique...Master Su, at what time comprehensive Promotion, I must buy a set!"

     The people around were also shocked.

     Someone whispered, some shouted: "That's my next door, Old Chen, Old Chen, you confiscate the money and tell lies?"The middle-aged cursed: "Speaking of your uncle! It's not my turn to collect money! There must be someone who has opened these 14 tricks. It is not too difficult to see. They have practiced "Qianjun Jue", "Tiger Cardiac Sword" and "Zhen". "Fist of the Earth" should be open, don't believe yourselves try!"

     At this moment, the crowd was a little sensational, and someone shouted: "Old Liu, have you ever practiced, try it, hurry up!"

     "Old Huang, you come!"


     On the stage, Su Yu smiled without interrupting.

     Soon, some people in the audience also started these 14 tricks. Before watching the excitement, they were too lazy to blend in. Now, they started to try, all a little excited.

      so formidable?

     It's not difficult to associate acupoints!

     Soon, seven or eight people were successfully associated.

     In the next moment, these people began to absorb vitality, and then they kept making a big fuss: "I'm going, really fast!"

     "Triple? I think it's five times faster!"

     "What kind of exercise is this, so formidable, can I get a hang in a few days?"


     It's a sensation!

     More than one person, many people said the same, obviously, this practice really accelerates extremely fast.

     And on the stage, Su Yu smiled and said: "Everyone, the speed has increased so fast, not all because of the reason of "Nascent Revelation", this is only the first stage, the reason is fast, because this is the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, actually For the first layer, it is about 10% faster than the same Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, and the second layer is 20% faster...After you have cultivated to the ninth layer, the speed is twice as fast as the same-level exercise method. You will be able to complete the cultivation of the Aperture-Harmony Method soon, and quickly step into the Ten Thousand Stone Realm!"Su Yupan calculated, and smiled: "Starting from the first step, opening 126 orifices, and then opening 18 orifice points for the resuscitation method, 144 orifices, it takes about one to two years. Of course, it consumes a lot of vitality. Everyone must be prepared!"

     Despite what he said, no one cared anymore, everyone was ecstatic!

      Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique?

     We haven't!

     We only have Huang Jie and Xuan Jie!

     We don’t know how fast the sky level you said, we only know that this set of Cultivation Technique is really fast!



     Not only those people, some people tried it silently, but were shocked.

     Outside the city.

     Some people have received the transmission at this moment.

     "The "Nascent Revelation Technique" is terrible. It is three to five times faster than the Yellow Rank Cultivation Technique cultivation speed. The on-site verification is absolutely true!"

     "The resuscitation is simpler. Someone at the scene resuscitates it instantly!"

     "Within one or two years, you can enter Ten Thousand Stones, complete the Aperture Technique, and in two or three years you can create a nine-tiered Ten Thousand Stone fighter!"

     "My lord, it's terrible!"

     "In the future, all the army of the big mansion may be this kind of Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique cultivator!"

     "My lord, once this technique spreads, the strength of human-level fighters will definitely skyrocket!"


     At this moment, those strong men received messages from their subordinates, shocked!

     A person may be wrong or judged wrong, but they all say that. Obviously, the exercises that Su Yu promoted today are simply shocking.

     ...Not only these people, but some envoys stationed in Daming Mansion, at this moment, passed the sound transmission talisman to pass the matter back to the Mansion!

     Send someone to talk right away!

     Talk about the spread of exercises!

     The effect is great!

     They also saw that many people were on the scene and saw the ordinary people. They absorbed a lot of vitality in the blink of an eye. The efficiency and speed of this method of absorbing vitality is really too strong!

     The conversion rate is also high!

     All of them have unique visions, and you can see how great the benefits are.

      As a result, in the future, just as those spies of the Ten Thousand Cultivation Cultivation said, the human realm is a group of 10,000-stone nine-folds who have practiced Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique. The explosive power can reach the point where it is close to 200 orifices.

     This kind of ten thousand stones and nine layers is not worse than those with 36 resuscitation and 9 cast flesh!

     Everyone can fight higher!

     At this moment, the voice of Zhanlong continued.

     "Master Su, at what time spread the exercises?"

     "Master Su, you can try all of your resuscitation, absorb vital energy, and give us the insights to make an all-out effort, how fast is the absorption of vital energy..."



     And Su Yu laughed too, no matter what, he didn't expect the effect to be so good.

     Su Yu didn't say much. The next moment, Orifice 126 opened, and smiled: "Then I will show it to everyone!"

     When the words fell, the surrounding vitality quickly rushed towards him!

     Daming Mansion's vitality is still rich, at this time, a lot of vitality swept in!

     Very fast!Su Yu didn't absorb it, and in the blink of an eye, he condensed a drop of vitality liquid in front of him!

     Look at dumbstruck!

     "This...this is if you succeed in cultivation, don't work, condense the vitality liquid every day, and sell the vitality liquid to make a fortune!"

     "It takes a lot of vitality... everyone, Daming Mansion won't be emptied by us in the future?"

     "Who knows ne! I want to fix it anyway!"


     Su Yu made an all-out effort, and the speed at which he started the "Nascent Revelation Technique" was too fast!

     And Su Yu quickly said: "As for the promotion of the exercises, if everything goes well, next month, Daming Mansion will promote it first! As a researcher of Daming Mansion, I will naturally give priority to Daming Mansion. As for the price, it will not be too expensive. "Yuan Shen Wen Jue" is actually much more precious than this technique. I only priced 100 merits. As for "Yuan Shen Kai Jie", the price should be around 80 merits, and Daming Mansion 20% off, maybe around 60 merits!"

     Su Yulang said: "The exchange in the army should be around 20 merits!"

     "In addition, some colleges can talk about buyout dissemination and dissemination of college students. Many freshmen have no money. For example, the basic version of "The God of War" is distributed for free. It’s to let the "Nascent Revelation Secrets" spread and benefit everyone!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "This is just the beginning. I believe that the future Yuanshen Research Institute will introduce more exercises to satisfy everyone's cultivation, make everyone stronger, and let everyone spend less time to become stronger!"Su Yu's voice is loud: "Including the techniques of combining the gods, including the Yuanshen's orifices that directly cross the Kaiyuan realm, we are all deducing. Maybe soon there will be results. A few years later, when he is 10 years old, he will practice at the age of 12, Shi, 15-year-old Tengkong, 20-year-old Lingyun, 30-year-old mountains and seas, will become the norm!"

     "Human environment, everyone is a mountain and sea, the sun and the moon, eternity are hard to say, mountain and sea, everyone can make it!"

     Su Yu’s laughter spread all over the place, "Trust me, believe in the Yuanshen Institute! Today, the promotion of "Nashen Kaishu" is one of the first, and the second, today I want to cast myself into the sky, and I have vaguely discovered where the Yuanshen Aperture is. , I hope I can take this opportunity today and discover the Aura directly. Once it succeeds...the world's cultivators will all benefit. Palace Master Zhu and his guardian came for this reason. The reason why I chose to cast my body publicly is also Let everyone see if there is any!"

     After Su Yu said, he threw out a ring and zoomed in quickly. Su Yu smiled and said, "I won't show you the specific body casting process. I'm afraid I will use too much blood of the gods and demons, everyone jealous!"


     There was a lot of laughter in the audience.

     Don't care too much about this, just see the result.

     All of them are somewhat agitated!

     Yuan Shenqiao, can you find it?

     How powerful is Su Yu behind the casting?


     At this moment, Su Yu entered the ring and opened the formation. People outside could see his figure in general, but could not see clearly.

     Su Yu takes a deep breath, sits down cross-legged, also without rubbish, quickly takes out a big ball, which is big, and the ball wraps itself.

     Then, some blood of the gods and demons was taken out.Fool around for a while, lest everyone see anything later.

     At the next moment, Su Yu started to run the 72 cast iron, a large amount of Tian Qi was absorbed by him in the ball.


     At this time, secretly.

     Niu Baidao quickly spread the voice to several Sun and Moon, "Get ready! Once Su Yu is successfully cast, he will start the vision immediately. It must be more lasting. According to the original plan, the vision must be converged little by little. See it is fake!"

     Niu Baidao is a little bit careful and excited, currently already attracting a lot of people’s attention, Su Yu put forward the Yuanshen Aperture again, now, the guys who teach of all races are probably also itchy, I want to come here right now. ?

     Also somewhat worried, hesitated, and probably didn't dare to come rashly, all in the wait and see.

     Very good, give you some more!


     Daming Mansion is ready.

     And Su Yu quickly absorbed those heavenly vitality.

     According to his judgment, the first casting was not so fast, even if the vitality of the sky was sufficient, it would take several days.

     Of course, in these two days, he actually completed a part of the body casting himself.

     Just to complete a casting today!

     In order to be faster, Su Yu didn't mind making things bigger. At this moment, in the sea of will, 180 divine orifices flashed light, and Su Yu was casting his body while connecting with 180 divine orifices.

     He felt that with 180 divine orifices, there may be some changes in Yuan Aperture today.

     Yuan Shenqiao...maybe it will really appear.


     One by one, began to associate.

     360 yuan orifices, transformed into 9 orifices, are also shining with dazzling brilliance at this moment.Su Yu sensed huge pressure!

     The pressure of the sea of will and the pressure of the physical body, as the divine orifice continues to correlate, he feels vaguely as if it is getting through something.

     179 of them, in the blink of an eye, there are 1 left unrelated.

     "Don't have the willpower to advance to the sky first, right?"

     Su Yu thought for a while, it didn't matter, the divine writing was a little bit less, in fact it was nothing.

     If your willpower is emptied, you will also get a lot of benefits, and your body will get some opportunities to quickly absorb vitality.

     At the next moment, all 180 divine orifices are lit up and quickly connected!

     The association is successful!

     And the moment Su Yu succeeded in the association, the sky suddenly changed!

     Wind blows!

     The wind blows!

     In the sky, five faces appeared. Suddenly, rain fell, and immediately afterwards, the surrounding trees grew rapidly, there were traces of flames in the sky, and the earth was shaking...

      Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth!

     Five Elements Jue in One!

     At this moment, the five elements are officially united!

     Since the ancient era, the great post destruction, the five elements have been united for the first time!

      natural phenomenon!

     No, no unity.


     Above the sky, thunder sounded.

     In the dark, there seems to be what thing, and I pay attention to this place.

     And at this moment, all the people sensed some sense of oppression, looks up at the sky, one dumbstruck, what's the situation?



     Niu Baidao blinked and said, "You also made this, buy one get one?"That's it!

     At this moment, the Niu Hundred Paths are all sensed by the oppression that comes from in the dark. Is this... Really World Mysterious Anomaly?


     Niu Baidao swallowed, no way!

     Just started!

     Su Yu hasn't cast his body yet, hasn't entered the sky yet!

     Moreover, this is not right.

     I have never seen such a vision!

     In the sky, flames rise, as if coming out of thin air!

     The rain fell, only concentrated on the battle dragon platform.

     The trees continue to grow wild!

     The weapons tremble!

     Some people's weapons kept shaking and vibrating.

     On the side of the stage, Zhu Tiandao's eyes changed again and again, and the sound transmission Niu Baidao: "You did it?"


     Niu Baidao cursed in a low voice, I didn't do it, and I don't know how to do it.

     Gale getting bigger and bigger!

     The wind is whizzing by!

     Gang wind!

     Surrounding Su Yu, surrounding the small ring.

     "what is this?"

     At this moment, the people in the audience were also dumbfounded. Someone held their weapons and prevented them from flying away, saying loudly, "Palace Master, what's wrong?"

     Zhu Tiandao shouted: "Be quiet, don't make a sound, nothing, break through the normal phenomenon..."

     Normal your uncle!

     Everyone is dumbfounded, nonsense, how can there be a breakthrough in the sky?

     You tease us!


      at the same time.

     Outside the city.

     Every strong person frowned while looking at the Tiandu Mansion.

      What the hell?At this moment, they also saw, sensed, saw the fire in the sky, saw the thunder flashing, and sensed a faint sense of oppression.

      what is this?

     "World Mysterious Anomaly!"

     "Po Tengkong, there is actually World Mysterious Anomaly!"

     "Just started... haven't broken through yet?"

     "Just started, there is such a vision?"


      what is this?

     What concept?

     There was such a vision at the beginning of the sky, doesn't that mean...then it will be more intense!

     And as they expected, the flame is more vivid, Ice-Fire Fusion, rain and flame simultaneously exist!

     Outside the city, several strong men couldn't bear some, what's the situation?

     Do you want to check it out?

     This... this is too shocking.

     That worlds pressure gradually spread at the beginning. Is this a god-given chance or a god-given punishment?

      At this moment, the sound transmission spread all over the place, and quickly passed to the big houses!

     "Su Yu breaks through, World Mysterious Anomaly appears, Wind Fire Thunder [Lightning], trees grow wildly, weapons tremble..."

     "It's just at the beginning, Su Yu didn't break through, it seems to be brewing!"

     "My lord, I can't understand, many Sun and Moon began to lay out their defenses!"


     A message began to spread wildly.

     Outside the city, those strong men changed their faces one by one. What is the situation? Now, in Su Yu's area, there are sun and moon strong men starting to take off, and they are arranging defense lines.

     "Would you like to check it out?"

     Someone’s heart is moved, this situation has not been encountered for hundreds of years, why not go and see?With this kind of vision, perhaps there will be even greater changes next!

     Observing from the air, it's okay if the sun and the moon are not blocked. Now that the sun and the moon are blocked, the defense line is placed, and no matter how far you snoop, you will be discovered.

     It's much safer to look up close, or with the naked eye.

     "Or... sneak in and look at it from a distance. Now the sun and the moon don't have time to pay attention to us..."

     Some people's heart is moved, some people simply acted!

     Go see the situation!
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